Shukracharya Banned Drinking Wine For Islam, Muslim Slaves of Kauravas

Devtas (Gods) and Rakshasas (Demons) were fighting for supremacy over the three Lokas – Heaven (Aakash), Earth (Prithvi) and the Netherworld (Pataal) – they appointed their Gurus to mentor and guide them in the war. The gods appointed Angiras Brihaspati as their Guru and the demons (Asuras), made Bhargav Shukracharya to be their guiding Guru.

The war between the gods and asuras had started in earnest and both the priests were busy with their Yajnas and prayers to make their sides more powerful. Shukracharya, the Guru of the demons, would breathe life into the demons who died in the battle and make them healthy again. He could do so because he was an expert in the knowledge of Mrit Sanjeevani Vidya (the art of breathing life in a dead being). This Sanjeevani Vidya (knowledge) was making the (Rakshasas) Asuras stronger and they were giving tough fight, as they were not facing any casualties.

The gods on the other hand were suffering losses, as Brihaspati, their guru, did not possess the Sanjeevani Vidya. The gods and their guru deliberated on this drawback and decided that someone would have to go and learn this art of breathing life into a dead body from the Guru of the demons, Shukracharya.

It was decided that Kacha, the son of Guru Brihaspati, would go to the land of the demons to learn the Sanjeevani Vidya. Kacha went to Vrishparva, where Shukracharya had his Ashram (hermitage).

Kacha went on behalf of his father Brihaspati and Devtas to learn the secret of the Mrita Sanjivini mantra from Shukracharya, the guru of the Asuras. The idea was to help the Devas with the knowledge of this secret who were about to lose the war. Brihaspati also advises him to first impress Devayani (Devyani) in order to impress Shukracharya, who was very fond of his daughter.

When Kacha reached, He introduced himself to the Shukracharya, “Pranam, I am the grandson of Maharishi Angira and the son of Brihaspati, the Guru priest of gods. I implore you to accept me as your pupil. I promise to live the celibate life of a Brahmachari (student) and serve you for one thousand years.”

Shukracharya was pleased with the humility of Kacha and accepted him as his pupil. He said, “I will treat you as if I am treating Brihaspati and I will be honoured to accept you as my pupil.”

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Kacha started his studies and would keep the Guru happy with his behaviour. He would also take good care of the daughter of his Guru, Devyani. Time passed and Kacha became Shukracharya’s favourite pupil. After 500 years, the demons learnt about the real purpose of Kacha’s visit. They were incensed and feared that with the Sanjeevani Vidya, the gods would become more powerful. So they plotted to kill Kacha. Guru Shukracharya also knew this so he always declined Kacha’s plea to teach him Sanjeevani Vidya.

The Asuras attempted many times to kill Kacha, as he might be dangerous in future if he knows the resurrection vidya. Asuras would cut him into pieces, other times they sliced his body to pieces and fed to wolves, they also killed him and burned his body to ashes.
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Every time they kill him, Shukracharya revived him with his Sanjeevani Vidya on the insistence of Devayani. The Asuras were fed up seeing Kacha alive, after failing to kill him number of times, they finally decided to crush his remains and mix with alcohol. Guru Shukracharya developed traits of Asuras staying with them. He was fond of drinking alcohol. Asuras served the alcohol to the him. Shukracharya unknowingly consumed it, again on insistence of his daughter when he tried to revive Kacha, he got to know that Kacha was in his stomach. Shukracharya told his daughter that Kacha’s destiny is not stay alive, forget the episode and let the life continue. Devayani persisted and said “Kacha was harmless, he should not have been killed.”

Kacha came out tearing stomach of Shukracharya
Shukracharya drank alcohol mixed with crushed pieces of Kacha, Kacha came out after performing Sanjeevani Vidya tearing stomach of Shukracharya.

Left with no choice, He taught Kacha Sanjeevani Vidya and told him to come out. Kacha came out tearing his Guru’s stomach open and Shukrachaya died. Knowing Sanjeevani Vidya was the main purpose of Kacha, he revived Shukracharya using same Vidya and bought him to life. Shukracharya was angry that he had to reveal secret Sanjeevani Vidya that he got as a boon from Bhagwan Shiv after hardest of penances of thousand years. He repented that he should have not drunk alcohol that time. Being Guru and master of many secret Shastras, he knew that alcohol is bad habit, still he imbibed it staying with Asuras (Rakshasas), he felt very bad of himself. His bad habit cost him, revelation of secret Sanjeevani Vidya to enemy Gods. He pledged not to drink alcohol ever in his life.

Shukracharya was very angry that his bad habit of drinking alcohol made him lose his knowledge to a Devta bhakt. He pledged NOT TO DRINK ALCOHOL AGAIN and also made it mandatory for all Daityas who sought his teachings to pledge TO QUIT ALCOHOL forever.

Devayani was saving Kacha because she was deeply in love with him.

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Kacha starts his journey back to Deva loka when Devayani expressed her love for him and asked him to marry her. Kacha is shocked as he never shared same emotions with her, he states that she is a sister to him as she was the daughter of his Guru, equivalent to father according to Vedic Hindu Dharma. This infuriates Devayani, she cursed him that he would not remember the Mrityu Sanjivini Vidya during the time he needs it the most. In return, Kacha curses her that like she has bad character and her feelings are not in accordance to Vedic Hindu Dharma, she wouldn’t get a husband of a strong character.

During a fierce battle between the Devas and the Asuras, Kacha decided to use the Mrityu Sanjivini Mantra to bring back all the dead Gods to life but he failed, Devayani’s curse made him forget the important aspects to complete the revival process. Asuras (Rakshasas) again had an edge over Gods and efforts of Kacha went in vain.

Shukracharya would banish Asuras who secretly drink alcohol hiding from their Guru. Shukracharya did not want Kauravas and their muslim slaves to lose any winning edge in life against Vedic Hindus so he ordered Kurus to abolish  alcohol and intoxicated drinks in their tribes. Kurus added the same in Kuran (Quran) and called it Haram. Haram is derived from the word Hara which means destruction in Sanskrit. The first Haram object that could cause destruction to the purpose of harming devotees of Devtas was listed as Abstainment from drinking alcohol.


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  1. I am not convinced that Shukracharya is as evil as you say. He himself said to never become a mleccha. The reason he became the mentor of the Asuras is because the Asuras took shelter in his home, which had a protection spell by his father. The spell was too powerful for the Devas to break, who appealed to Vishnu, who used the Sudarshan chakra to break the spell. This killed his mother. He also hated Brihaspati because Brihaspati was favored by his father (Brihaspati’s father) despite him (Shukracharya) being a better astrologer. Also, when Mahabali was King (Mahabali was an Asura who was beloved), Vishnu came as the Vamana avatar. Shukracharya knew something was suspicious as he was Mahabali’s guru. I do not understand how somebody like this will betray his dharma. Something does not add up. Islam was founded well into Kali Yuga, like all other religions. Kali Yuga means everything becomes corrupted, so I can understand how Islam corrupted Vedic Hinduism and as a result inverted it. But I cannot accept, without more understanding, of Shukracharya being the reason

    1. © HariBhakt says:

      You are thinking from linear perspective.
      Shukracharya is negligible in front of Mahavishnu, Mahadev and Adi Shakti however his existence is to create different anti-Vedic cults (for Kaliyuga) and support negative forces asuras to maintain equilibrium.
      Daityas, Rakshasas, Pisachas, Asuras kill and eat people. They also commit adultery and mass rape of women. Ravana was Shiv Bhakt but he also never wanted Sages to become powerful and seek blessings of Bhagwan so he also killed countless sages and disturbed Yagna multiple times. He was also involved in raping women.
      Shukracharya supporting such terrorism activators should be deemed Not-So-Evil is wrong conception. Facilitator of killing millions of Vedic followers and Sages is very evil.
      Existence of positive energy is validated by presence of negative energy. When negative forces are behind destruction of positive forces then no one is stopping positive forces to annihilate negative forces, Read this:
      Universal concepts of Good vs Bad or Truth vs False or Positive vs Negative cannot be understood by linear comprehensions. You have to acknowledge other aspects and consider why such manifestations occur and why existence of Positive energy is important.
      Shukracharya is doing his duty and activities for the purpose he is created.

      Jai Shree Krishna
      Har Har Mahadev

    2. © HariBhakt says:

      Moreover without explicit support of superior forces like Shukracharya, no anti-Vedic cult like filthy islam could have had 1.8 billion followers.
      The most uncivilized (open advocacy to killing fellow humans, raping women and incestuous inbreeding for growing population) and unscientific with countless fake stories driven book, Quran, would never had this many crooks dying and suicide bombing. The verses itself are cursed and negative spell are casted on muslims. They are living zombies – organic bots – ready to be used by their masters (maulvis, maulanas/shadow govts global controllers).

      Shukrachaya does have more power than common people albeit he cannot harm Siddh Sages and Yogis of even Kaliyuga. And true devotee working for Dharmic karya of Mahavishnu and Mahadev can never be harmed by him.

      Regarding your apprehension about cults in Kaliyuga. Wait for thousands of more cults to be formed.
      Citing a reply to similar question:
      Many descendants of Kurus settled in middle east countries after migrating from Bharat.
      Shukracharya is known to create many demonic cults to harm Dharmic balance of the Universe.
      There will be many one figure gods and one messengers (the next one will be a woman) to diminish dharm.
      Many cults emerged and failed only Judaism, Christianity and Islamic cults sustained, but they all will diminish with time.
      Only Sanatan Hindu Dharma that has no beginning shall exist.
      Cults have beginning so they will end with passing time. Dharm is eternal.
      There are still many anti-Vedic cults in the world that is not popular among masses.
      After failing with many cults, Shukracharya found some success in Abrahamic cults – Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
      The Kaliyug is almost 5000 years old.
      After passing of next 5000 years, many anti-Vedic cults will emerge because first 10,000 years are golden age of Kaliyuga.
      Please google “HariBhakt Shukracharya” to understand connection of Shukracharya with abrahamic cults.
      No one is successful with first attempt, it do require many attempts. Shukracharya is not God even he blundered many times in different Yugas.
      After failing for 2500 years, next 2500 years witnessed some successful formation of abrahamic cults (anti-Vedic) by Shukracharya that had adoption from brainwashed masses.
      Do not forget, the mortal mentor of Kaliyuga is Kali, an asur himself. Rise of self-destructive negative forces like islam is part of the Universal design however Bhagwan Krishna openly recommended us through Arjun and Mahabharat war to use all tricks to decimate Adharmic forces to the point of their mass extinction – Over 150 crore were massacred in Mahabharat war. Read this:

      Jai Shree Krishna
      Har Har Mahadev

  2. Ashwin Kumar says:

    Why should not Hindus perform naramedh yajna against shukracharya and his slaves to kill them?

    1. haribhakt haribhakt says:

      Ashwin ji,

      Purushmedha Yajna or Naramedha Yajna is not done on living beings, it is the yagna process of last rites of a dead body.

      Jai Shree Krishn
      Har Har Mahadev

  3. There is no reference to Islam in any Hindu texts as Islam was introduced in the Kali Yuga, long after the time of Ravena ((Treta Yuga) and the Kauravas (Dwapar Yuga). Where did you get the idea of Muslims during any of those times? Do you think that you are justified to make such things up? It is Adharma to lie, let alone tamper with the ancient scripts. Remember, Bhagavan Shiva has made clear that those who pretend to be Dharmic but who, in practice, follow the path of Adharma will pay a terrible price. I understand your anger and frustration but it is not right to compromise a truth with such an untruth. Asuric pravriti (demonic nature) is common to people of most modern religions (e.g., the recent Thackeray family ref. the SSR murder case).
    Remember, Islam was not created in the form it is practised today as per the original Quran (the original Aramaic Quran has little in common with the modern Arabic Quran as it has been tampered with by greedy clerics lusting after power and wealth). Yet again the same with so called ‘Hindu’ communities who forcibly performed (or expected the ritual performance of) Sati and other obscene practices. And, yet again the same applies to a the society that supports caste by birth – it is Asuric by nature and definitely not adhering to the basic principles of Hinduism and these people therefore are not truly Hindus.
    Very few Brahmins exist as it takes a lifetime or more to understand and realise the Vedas, without which one cannot be a Brahmin. Once one has attained even a basic understanding and realisation of the Vedas, one is above chasing after wealth (recall Sudama), Hence, you may wish to consider replacI got the term ‘Muslim’ with ‘Asura’.

    1. © HariBhakt says:

      Jai Shree Krishn,

      You are reading the content without knowing the context with pre-conceived notions. Nowhere it is mentioned that filth islam is ancient cult. Read articles given in all the links of this article to comprehend it better. Without reading relevant posts, it will be difficult for you to understand.

      The reference in this article is correct. Shukracharya is father of allah and gangster cult islam and will also control thousands of other future cults that will be created to oppose Sanatan Vedic dharma, Hindu’ism.

      These future cults will also have inter-conflicts.

      Read all articles to understand the content. Islam is manmade gangster cult which will not see 2100th century and die soon.

      Jai Shree Krishn
      Har Har Mahadev


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