Reclaim Hindu Temples for World Peace - Mandirs of Bharat

Haribhakt since inception has been vocal about reclamation of all Vedic palaces, temples and structures. However, we have never seen Hindus vigilant enough to unite and launch agitations across Bharat. There are many reasons to this contagious lethargy.

Hindus are made to mug up fake history since childhood in islamized Bharat. Yes, we are living in islamized Bharat, we all need to come out of this farcical thought that we live in a Hindu majority country. Being majority does not help existence if the ecosystem is completely islamized.

Our political netas, kathavachaks, dharmgurus (leaving some) and trusted leaders (excluding few) always betrayed us since ages. They never invoked pride and confidence among Hindus about our glorious past. We miss Veer Ras motivation in our daily life.

We cannot expect modern governments who rely on western countries for economy to Hinduize our country. Development copying western policies is ruining Hindus and Bharat. No leader in this country has guts to implement policies to Indianize economy and daily life of Hindus. Not a single leader in the last 70 years, ever thought of revising our education and ecosystem to revive Hinduism. Not a single politician referred ancient timeless scripts to Hinduize our nation. In guise of non-Vedic development, we are heading to become next American state – devoid of nativity, morality, humanity, respect and swabhimaan. That is why we Hindus need multiple organisations who have only one agenda to HINDUIZE BHARAT in all spheres of life. We all have to breath Hinduism every moment to resurrect massive damage of 1000 years, we cannot rely on govts to make this revival. It is impractical to happen in current form of economy and ecosystem. So each individual Hindu has to become a Vedic Hindu in a true sense to balance power control against each Muslim Jihadi. Each muslim is involved in a jihad in all different forms – they only deal and help muslims in daily life, they wage jihad in increasing population, illicit business, land grabbing, education subsidies, corrupting history and mutual profession. Each muslim works for ummah and islamization of the world. Ghazwa-E-Hind* (Islamization of Bharat then world) is taught in the mandatory attendance of madarsas. Almost all muslims at young age attend madarsa once in a life to inject and internalize poisonous verses of quran in their mind. According to the well-known Islamic scholar Prof. Mushirul Haq in the year 1950, there were only 88 madrasas in India. Madarsas number rose to 5 lakhs in 2006 and their present number is far higher. With rise in global Islamic Jihad (terrorism) organizations in recent years, some Islamic scholars estimate this numbers to be around 11 lakhs in 2019. What we Hindus have to counter these breeding places of terrorism, not even a dozen Gurukuls to impart Vedic education, weaponry and skills of life to Hindu children. There were millions of meetings in  govts across all states in last 72 years, how many of them had an agenda to set up Gurukuls  – NONE.

Hindus and Jews will kill Ghazwa-E-Hind terrorists

The onus lies on us, each of us Hindus should become Gurukul in motion for our child and neighbourhood people. Share all information about current affairs relevant to Hindus, aggression, history, skills, glorious past, killing, deception and Hindu pride with fellow Hindu brothers, sisters to Hinduize our daily life.

(Ghazwa-e-Hind* is an Islamic concept originally proposed by terrorist mohammed as a prophecy or as claimed by radical islamists and clerics. Ghazwa means barbaric war. Ghazwa-e-Hind means a barbaric war of conquering India. After this war, all Idol worshipers will be murdered by the winning Islamic army. Conquering and Islamizing India will lead to islamization of the world. That is why world is looking towards Bharat to stop this islamic menace. Pakistan was formed inspired by the same evil concept.)

Kashi Vishwanath Temple Reclaim for Hindu Pride

India is Islamic Country?

How Brainwashed Hindus are Ignoring Islamized Life

We live in islamized Bharat and that is why we have:

1. Muslim personal law board based on sharia

2. Muslims can marry multiple women to reproduce like rats

3. Muslims can offer namaz on streets, platforms and public places

4. Muslims can chant anti-Vedic negative energy filled azans through loudspeakers 5 times a day

5. Muslims enjoy minority status even though they are 30 crores in population

6. Muslims are given full control of mosques and madarsas without policing by govts

7. Muslims can enjoy full night feasting and havoc in their festivals whether it is ramzan (30 days/night), Shab-e-Barat (full night) or moharram (street menace)

8. Chicken or goat meat shops serve halal mutton as 90% of them is controlled by muslims

9. There are more than 5000 muslim organizations (with pure Islamic names; Muslimeen, Majlis, Jamat or Muslim) unlike handful of Hindu organizations like RSS or Swadeshi manch who suffer from secularism

10. There are more than 28000 major streets, buildings, places and territories named after Mughal terrorists than Hindu kings

11. Muslims have over 1200 NoGo zones across Bharat, they are mini-pakistans or Islamic states where no police or govt has control – here each moment they live life as they want. How many such mini Hindu Rashtras are there in Bharat? None… shame on us Hindus.

12. Muslims can freely celebrate killing of our Hindu brothers like Kamlesh Tiwari ji on stating fact about mohammed in retaliation to Jihadi Azam Khan’s statement but no Hindu kills Owaisis or Zakir Naik or Maqbool Husain for openly insulting Hindu gods and goddesses

13. Muslim mobify and assault innocent Hindus but Hindus never get united in thrashing any criminal muslims even as a reactionary measure for existence

If we make you ponder over islamized Bharat, we can write a complete book over it.

Corrupt Brainwashed Education and History Made Hindus Second Class Citizens

Hindus in Present Semi-Islamized India

Compare the same situation with Hindus who cannot marry multiple women, do not have control on temples, do not have Dharmic laws, cannot chant on streets (recent incidents of Hinduwadi leaders detention prove this), We get only 3 hours’ time frame to burst Diwali crackers (over 1400 Hindus were arrested across India for a Diwali night in 2019 alone, these are reported incidents, we do not know other hidden arrests).

Do you still feel we are living in a Hindu majority country? that is why we request hundred times to share our posts and articles in social media sites, we all need to awaken sleeping Hindus before we all die due to neighbourhood islamic terrorism.

You might think how and why Hindus became so lethargic about slow and gradual islamization of Bharat, the main reason is we all are brainwashed since childhood about islam as a peaceful religion in reality the fact is islam is a death cult with history of genocides, loots, rapes and invasions. It is an evil political movement to islamize world and relinquish humanity.

Our history books are filled with lies and deception, from explaining about mohammed to Mughal invasions to freedom struggle. All historical events in books hide genocides committed by Muslims on Hindus. All hidden for the sake of tolerance, secularism and peace but tranquillity at the cost of further islamization of Bharat and killing of ignorant Hindus.

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We shrunk from Bharat Varsha to mere India – we lost over 14 countries in the form of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri lanka etc. We almost lost Kashmir, Kerala, West UP, Nagaland, Mizoram and West Bengal. We are shrinking because we are brainwashed with false doctrine daily by media and our education system.

A person becomes a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian or a Secular based on the upbringing we get. (Citing from another article How Hindus Can Reclaim Temples )

Citation starts:

Even today, Hindus are programmed since childhood to practice tolerance, silence, non-violence, morality, safety and career focus over their true existence and purpose of life. This made Hindus so lethargic and courageless that they timidly go into cocoon of self-protection without supporting their own brothers, when it comes to rescuing fellow Hindus from the hands of mlecchas (muslims/christians).

Hindu Upbringing compared to Muslims

Compare Hindus with muslims, mohammedans are taught since childhood to attend friday namaz, practice roza, be aggressive towards non-muslims, support fellow muslims, boycott Hindus and work for islamization of the world. Their mosque is centre of unification of muslims and directive place to direct them for next set of actions, to respond to every new development happening around in the world. That is the reason when recently 21 Rohingya terrorists were killed in Myanmar, over 200000 muslims in West Bengal marched showing support for them.

Unlike Hindus who hardly visit temples, as their modern temples do not invoke dharmic preachings, veerta teachings, aggression and directives to unify Sanatan Dharmis. At the most, it become a place to have darshan of idols and give donation to mandir trusts. While darshan and donation is necessary for sustenance of Dharma, devoid of teachings and aggression, Hindus are failing in their dharmic duty and slowly islamizing Bharat with their inaction, they have become selfish bots who only think of their personal and family life, so they easily fall prey to even weak enemies.

[ Google “Haribhakt Hinduism Under Threat” to know more ]

Hindu Upbringing compared to Christians

Compare Hindus with christians, almost all educational institutes in India are based on catholic principles of life. Their daily conductance are controlled by Church – holidays, routines, activities and teachings are in and around Christian culture. Christian kids since childhood are close to their teachings as most of the schools have Churches built within school complex or nearby it. Same Christian culture corrupt minds of Hindus since childhood, that is why teaching children in Christian school is dangerous for the existence of Hindu society.

The same christian kids when become adult indirectly help christian missionaries to convert more poor Hindus into their cult of christianity.

This is how since birth muslims and christians are following their cult as they are programmed to do so.

The two pronged organized attack from abrahamic cults are overtaking our Hindu society and is slowly killing Hinduism in India.

Unrealistic Traits of Hindu Society

The traits of tolerance, silence, non-violence, morality and personal safety towards enemies of Sanatan Dharma is the last thing this Kaliyug need if you really want to lead a proud terror free Hindu life. We are not living in an ideal world to have such morality virtues practiced in our daily life. Our moral values are seen as coward acts by our enemies.

Citation ends.

Hindu Rashtra Ke Swarajya Mahanayak Shivaji Maharaj Ki Jai

How Muslims Controlling our History Hide Atrocities of Islamic Terrorism

We can cite hundreds of incidents of our distorted history but we will cite an incident having monumental proof of Islamic terrorism of Kashi Vishwanath mandir. With this particular destructive event and fabricated stories postulated by historians and journalists, you will know how we are robbed off real history of Islamic terrorism of 1000 years.

Unveiling true facts of Kashi Vishwanath Mandir History

During the Ayodhya controversy, there were occasional statements in the Hindutva camp confirming (VHP) or denying (BJP) that apart from Ram Janmabhoomi, two other sacred sites should also be “liberated” from Islamic “occupation”: Krishna Janmabhoomi in Mathura and Kashi Vishvanath in Varanasi. Though the Hindu business community in central Varanasi has made it clear that it refuses to suffer the inevitable losses which would accompany an agitation in their densely populated neighbourhood, the liberation of Kashi Vishvanath is still on the VHP’s agenda. Therefore, some pro-islamic authors have tried to “do an Ayodhya” on Kashi, viz. try to make people believe that there never was a Hindu temple at the disputed site.

History of Kashi Vishwanath Temple

Islamist and jihadi sympathizer Syed Shahabuddin performed al taqiyya asserting that Muslims cannot possibly destroy any Hindu temple, because “pulling down a place of worship to construct a mosque is against the Shariat. Shamelessly he claims that “chauvinist” Hindutva propagandists and Sanghis talk about terrorism acts of Mughals which is not so true. But he deliberately forgets the basic premise, unlike Britishers who distorted history to hide their terror acts, muslim invaders publicized and celebrated all their terrorism activities in their Badshahnamas and chronicles. It is common part of Islamic terrorism, celebration and promotion of Jihad activities is done to inspire fellow muslims and invoke fear among victims. Similarly, even today Islamic terrorists spread beheading videos or claim bombing incidents releasing press notes to invoke fear among victimized citizens. Quran has all facets of Islamic terrorism explained and these terrorists follow quran as it is. Google “haribhakt 164 verses of quran” to know truth.

Arun Shourie confronted this concocted claim of Jihadi Syed Shahabuddin with the information given in the official court of islamic chronicle, Maasiri Alamgiri, which records numerous orders for and reports of destruction of temples. Its entry for 2 September 1669 tells us: “News came to court that in accordance with the Emperor’s command his officers had demolished the temple of Vishvanath at Banaras”. No one can deny monumental evidence even though deep lies were spread to veil atrocities of Mughal terrorism, even today, the strong Kashi Vishvanath temple wall is clearly visible as a part of the walls of the Agyanvapi mosque which terrorist Aurangzeb had built at the site after destructing original Kashi Vishwanath temple. [We call it Agyanvapi because masjid is not a place of gyan but propagation of jihad, agyan (ignorance) and terrorism].

In the face of such direct testimony, islamists practice al taqiyya by sometimes cunningly not challenging facts head on but using their pawns and distortians (actual history distorters), to better minimize or to somehow justify terrorism. Thus, Percival Spear, co-author (with leftist pro-islamic Romila Thapar) of the prestigious Penguin History of India, falsely writes: “Aurangzeb’s supposed intolerance is little more than a hostile legend based on isolated acts such as the erection of a mosque on a temple site in Benares.” But a perusal of the same Moghul chronicle thoroughly refutes this reassuring assertion with fact: Aurangzeb had thousands of temples destroyed. And other chronicles, diaries and documents concerning Muslim rulers in India prove that the practice was not a personal idiosyncrasy of Aurangzeb’s either.

Islamic Chronicles Proof of Hindu Temples Destruction

Paid Historians of Corrupt Media and Academia Hiding Dismantle of Mandirs

Chronicles not only have detailed mention about destruction of temples but also elaborate how precious materials from temples and idols were used to make flooring, steps and seats for the Islamic terrorist invaders. To insult Hindus, these muslim invaders broke idols and used them as final layer of steps all over entrance and exit points.

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As karma would have it, pressing his steps on one such stone terrorist Muhammad Khan Humayun slipped and died.

Therefore, a more promising way of defusing the conflict potential which the mosque at the Kashi Vishvanath site carries, is to justify the replacement of the temple with a mosque. Maybe the owners and users of the temple had brought it on themselves? Maybe Islam can be disentangled from this act of destruction in favour of a purely secular motive?

Story of Kashi Vishwanath Temple

Blindly taking side of erstwhile Islamic terrorist, another JNU distortian Prof. K.N. Panikkar offers his crackpot explanation: “the destruction of the temple at Banaras also had political motives. It appears that a nexus between the sufi rebels and the pandits of the temple existed and it was primarily to smash this nexus that Aurangzeb ordered action against the temple.” The eminent historian quotes no source for this strange allegation. In those days, Pandits avoided to even talk with Mlecchas, let alone to concoct intrigues with them. Numerous efforts by paid leftists are made to hide or dilute all terrorism activities of Mughal invaders. Under press of corruption, they never openly admit that Sharia, Jihad and poisonous quranic verses were responsible for so much hatred towards Hindus, Sikhs and idol worshippers that terrorists like Aurangzeb, Cruel Akbar and Barbaric Tipu broke thousands of major Hindu temples, additional to killing millions of Hindus and Sikhs. No crackpot explanation was given when asked, why thousands of temples were dismantled by same terrorist Aurangzeb under his regime, he became speechless.

Secular Hindu Historians Curse on True Identity of Hindu Temples

Other Islamic terror sympathizers known as secularists in India have spread a more sophisticated variation, now regularly reproduced in the media: “Did Muslim rulers destroy temples? Some of them certainly did. Following the molestation of a local princess by some priests in a temple at Benaras, Aurangzeb ordered the total destruction of the temple and rebuilt it at a nearby site. And this is the only temple he is believed to have destroyed.” This story is now repeated ad nauseam, not only in the extremist Muslim press and in the mainstream corrupt media but also in academic platforms by “undeservingly eminent and alleged historians”. It is repeated with approval by historian Gargi Chakravartty, who also ignorantly reveals the madeup source of this fake story.

She introduces the quotation as follows: “Much has been said about Aurangzeb’s demolition order of Vishwanath temple at Banaras. But documentary evidence gives a new dimension to the whole episode:” What follows is the theory not a documentary developed by B.N. Pande, working chairman of the Gandhi Darshan Samiti and former Governor of Orissa (yes, this anti-Hindu was governor of an State, we have such snakes reigning us):

“The story regarding demolition of Vishvanath temple is that while Aurangzeb was passing near Varanasi on his way to Bengal, the Hindu Rajas in his retinue requested that if the halt was made for a day, their Ranis may go to Varanasi, have a dip in the Ganges and pay their homage to Bhagwan Vishwanath. Aurangzeb readily agreed. Army pickets were posted on the five-mile route to Varanasi. The Ranis made a journey on the Palkis. They took their dip in the Ganges and went to the Vishwanath temple to pay their homage. After offering Puja all the Ranis returned except one, the Maharani of Kutch.”

“A thorough search was made of the temple precincts but the Rani was to be found nowhere. When Aurangzeb came to know of it, he was very much enraged. He sent his senior officers to search for the Rani. Ultimately, they found that the statue of Ganesh which was fixed in the wall was a moveable one. When the statue was moved, they saw a flight of stairs that led to the basement. To their horror, they found the missing Rani dishonoured and crying, deprived of all her ornaments. The basement was just beneath Bhagwan Jagannath’s seat. The Rajas expressed their vociferous protests. As the crime was heinous, the Rajas demanded exemplary action. Aurangzeb ordered that as the sacred precincts have been despoiled, Bhagwan Vishvanath may be moved to some other place, the temple be razed to the ground and the Mahant be arrested and punished.”

B. N. Pande is reconstructing a Hindi cinema scene, falsely passing it off as terrorist Aurangzeb’s reason to destruct Kashi Vishwanath temple.

Pig meat eater blood drinker respect terrorist aurangzeb

Yes, your thoughts are right as you are reading this, the story is very bizarre, to say the least. First of all, it has terrorist Aurangzeb go to Bengal. Fact is most of the muslim invaders sent their generals to fight the war, they never had guts to fight wars on their own unlike brave Hindu kings like Vikramaditya Hemchandra, Shivaji Maharaj, Sambhuji Raje and Maharana Pratap. In the extant histories of his life and works, no such journey to Bengal, or even any journey as far east as Varanasi, is recorded. Some of his generals were sent on expeditions to Bengal, but not terrorist Aurangzeb himself. There are fairly complete chronicles of his doings, day by day; could B.N. Pande or any of his quoters give the date or even the year of this remarkable episode?

Neither was Aurangzeb known to surround himself with Hindu courtiers as he never trusted any Hindu, being staunch follower of terror manual quran. And did these Rajas take their wives along on military expeditions? Or was it some holiday picnic? How could the weak Mahant kidnap a Rani who was there in the company of other Ranis, as well as the appropriate courtiers and bodyguards? Why did he take such risk? Why did the “Rajas” wait for terrorist Aurangzeb to take “exemplary action”: did they fear his anger if they punished the priests or destroyed the temple themselves? And since when is demolition the approved method of purifying a defiled temple, an eventuality for which the Shastras have laid down due ritual procedures?

Or was B. N. Pande recalling an incident about the cause of his birth, it is so deeply ingrained in his mind since childhood that he could never forget the ordeal his mother went through?

One question which we can readily answer is, where did B.N. Pande get this story from? He himself writes: “Dr. Pattabhi Sitaramayya, in his famous book, The Feathers and the Stones, has narrated this fact based on documentary evidence?!. So, we have to go one more step back in time to find this intriguing “documentary evidence”. Let us turn to this book, now hard to find, to see what the documentary evidence is, on which this whole wave of pro-Aurangzeb rumours is based, to dilute Islamic atrocities and no one has cared to reproduce or even just specify. This is what Gandhian Congress leader; another terrorist sympathizer Pattabhi Sitaramayya wrote in his prison diary:

“There is a popular belief that Aurangzeb was a bigot in religion. This, however, is combated by a certain school. His bigotry is illustrated by one or two instances. The building of a mosque over the site of the original Kasi Visveswara Temple is one such. A like mosque in Mathura is another. The revival of Jazia is a third but of a different order. A story is told in extenuation of the first event.

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“In the height of his glory, Aurangzeb like any foreign king in a country, had in his entourage a number of Hindu nobles. They all set out one day to see the sacred temple of Benares. Amongst them was a Ranee of Cutch. When the party returned after visiting the Temple, the Ranee of Cutch was missing. They searched for her in and out, East, North, West and South but no trace of her was noticeable. At last, a more diligent search revealed a Tah Khana or an underground storey of the temple which to all appearances had only two storeys. When the passage to it was found barred, they broke open the doors and found inside the pale shadow of the Ranee bereft of her jewellery.

“It turned out that the Mahants were in the habit of picking out wealthy and bejewelled pilgrims and in guiding them to see the temple, decoying them to the underground cellar and robbing them of their jewellery. What exactly would have happened to their life one did not know. Anyhow in this case, there was no time for mischief as the search was diligent and prompt. On discovering the wickedness of the priests, (terrorist) Aurangzeb declared that such a scene of robbery could not be the House of God and ordered it to be forthwith demolished. And the ruins were left there.”

“But the Hindu Ranee who was thus saved insisted on an Islamic Musjid being built on the ruined and to please her, one was subsequently built. That is how a Musjid has come to exist by the side of the Kasi Visweswar temple which is no temple in the real sense of the term but a humble cottage in which the marble Siva Linga is housed. Nothing is known about the Mathura Temple.”

“This story of the Benares Musjid was given in a rare manuscript in Lucknow which was in the possession of a respected Mulla who had read it in the Ms. and who though he promised to look it up and give the Ms. to a friend, to whom he had narrated the story, died without fulfilling his promise. The story is little known and the prejudice, we are told, against (terrorist) Aurangzeb persists.”

So now, we finally know where the story comes from: an unnamed mullah friend of an unnamed acquaintance of Sitaramayya’s knew of a manuscript, the details of which he took with him in his grave. This is the “document” on which these corrupt secularist journalists and historians base their “evidence” of terrorist Aurangzeb’s fair and (farcical) secularist disposition, overruling the evidence of archaeology, monumental fact and the cold print of the Maasiri Alamgiri, to “explode the myth” of Islamic iconoclasm spread by so called “chauvinist” Hindutva propagandists, who in reality always relied on monumental truths and proofs. Now you just try to imagine what the secularists and their mouthpieces in Western academe would say if Hindus offered evidence of this type of gibberish quality to them.

Demonic Islam is Still Winning But Hindus are Losing, Why?

Corrupt leftist controlled media, press, history, literary and religious discussions are hired by islamists to promote falsified and deceitful information to hide all Islamic terrorism activities that Mughal invaders orchestrated on Hindus.

Deception and lies form one of the pillars of Jihad in the forms of Kitman, Muruna and Al taqiyya. The Jihad of glorifying Mughal terrorism by concealing facts are done though corrupt Hindu historians and journalists, some of them bear Hindu name but are in real ricebag Christians.

All the basis of these false claims route to Islamic roots in the form of mullahs or madarsa teachers, who are epitomes of lies and deceit. But the front face of making such concocted information public are Hindus so that no one would doubt the authenticity. Hindus also readily accept such details without doing any research. Since childhood we Hindus are made to by-heart lessons, mug up theories to pass off in great marks but we are never programmed to do research. This caused immense harm to our civilization in past and damaging our present too. If continues, would make our next generations Hindu life horrible.

That was also the reason that complete control over Kashi Vishwanath by Hindus did not happen until few decades earlier – this is about management aspect not overall control. Hindus were sleeping for ages, in 1983 an act was passed to have some control over Kashi Vishwanath Mandir.

Kashi Vishwanath Temple 1983 act Benaras Varanasi

Reclaim Temple - Kashi Vishwanath Mandir act Benaras Varanasi

This is just one event of Islamic terrorism of destruction that conspirators known as eminent historians, journalists and academicians lied 100 times to hide facts from Hindus, they are still successful as Hindus are NOT DEMANDING or vociferously organizing movements about #ReclaimingAllTemples of Bharat. There are 60,000 such incidents of islamic terrorism in destruction of 60,000 Hindu temples – all hidden by Indian historians.

Arise Hindus, be aggressive or you will perish. Hypocrisy, deception, loot and rape has single synonym, ISLAM.

Please share the article with staunch Hindu leaders, dharmgurus, right wing social media influencers, activists and aggressive reformers.

haribhakt reclaim Hindu Temples
Few excerpts from Ayodhya, the Case against the Temple

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