This post is for Hindus not for secularists or Gandhian eunuchs. If you think you are true Hindu and believe that like Tretayug and Dwaparyug, only Dharma Yuddh can save our Bharat and Sanatan Dharma then read further.



Sins of a coward mass leader has huge repercussions that deeply impact weakening Sanatan Dharma and cause death to millions of Hindus be it conman Gandhi or recent Gandhi slave Modi whose silence is islamizing Bharat too fast. In fact, rise of Modi has strengthened muslims more, their faith on evil allah increased manifolds and most of them have become ardent follower of quran and its terrorist teachings. If our intelligence bureaus, NSA and coward gandhian leaders are BLIND to this MAKESHIFT pattern then they are working for the demise of Hindu culture and Sanatan Dharma in India.

When in opposition Modi is 100% Hindu but in power Modi becomes 100% Gandhian. The chameleon behavior of Hindu politicians is killing Hindus and Hinduism in Bharat.

A Small Note to Narendra Modi

Remember, Modi ji one thing – KARMA never fails. An individual praying in temples and a person working for Hindus is different thing. Praying is selfish act for own gain – peace or purpose of praying. But working for Hindus CAN BE SEEN in LIVE ACTION and experienced if it is done for the Sanatan Dharma.

Do Karma for Sanatan Dharma. Do not pretend it. Karma never failed in case of Atalji, Arunji, Sushmaji and it will never fail for you too. Posturing for Hindus and ACTIVELY working for Hindus are two different things. If brother Kamlesh Tiwari ji was killed in any non-BJP state, your BJP leaders would have MADE IT AN ELECTION issue and talked about it to milk votes but NO ONE is talking about him nor raising any issue while he sacrificed his life for counter statement he made in support of RSS/BJP against terrorist politician Azam Khan and the same shameless RSS/BJP NEVER supported him in his time.

RSS/BJP has dark history of NEVER supporting brave Hindus who sacrifice for the cause of Sanatan Dharma or their party. Suresh Baghel was disowned by Sangh Parivar when he unsuccessfully tried to demolish kalank babri masjid with 28 dynamite sticks wrapped around his body. He faced 5 years in jail with no financial support to his wife and kid. He was completely ignored by BJP/RSS/VHP. Shivsena helped him to some extent but that was not enough.

Suresh Baghel tried to bomb kalank babri masjid with 28 dynamites wrapped in his body

We can cite hundreds of such incidents where BJP/RSS/VHP disowned our brave Hindu brothers and sisters.

Abusing power over deaths of thousands of Hindus without even having b@lls to admit openly that #IslamicTerrorism is the root cause of deaths in India, instead you shamelessly repeat that Terrorism has no religion … you are WRONG… Islam is terrorism, denial is not behavior of a true Hindu leader but a motor mouth coward who make BIG TALKS and does nothing for HINDUTVA. If you are not ready to accept problem but appease terrorist muslims you are in a way multiplying the problems manifolds causing danger to next generation of Hindus. DO NOT REPEAT MISTAKE OF GANDHI. You will pay for your sins. You can win hearts with rhetorics for some time but without REAL ACTION you cannot sustain that popularity among true Sanatan Dharmis, Hindus.

End of note to Narendra Modi


Listed below are some of the recent incidents when terrorist muslims of our neighbourhoods used satanic verses of quran to kill our brothers and sisters. Each incident reveal their modus operandi and preparation to decimate Hinduism from Bharat. Each of them are terrorists – Radical muslims kill while moderate muslims breed like pigs for population jihad then falsely claim that killers are not muslims, shamelessly attending funerals of terrorists, quietly financing their terrorism through zakat.

Read their pattern of operation so that you are prepared for adverse eventualities.

Reading about the incidents, you will know the pattern and methodology of islamic terrorism we all are facing in our daily life. Share the post with Hindu brothers and sisters. We have to be prepared to withstand this rising islamic menace.

They have simple modus operandi, first win trust then backstab. They are ALWAYS PREPARED to attack us. These terrorists are always armed and Hindus DO NOT EVEN have proper knife at home to cut vegetables. THINK ABOUT IT how much we have to prepare to curb this islamic menace from our society to lead a peaceful and terror free life. We are not dealing with SOBER humans but termites of humanity.

Read about the incidents and comprehend the dirty psyche of these muslim criminals residing in our neighbourhoods.


Our Hindu Brother Kamlesh Tiwari ji was killed, we cannot sit quiet, we have to take REVENGE of his death


HariBhakt announced reward of INR 10 lakhs to whoever kills the murderer terrorists in gruesome manner.

Cunning evil Muslims have simple process to prey on innocent Hindus. They befriend, behave like a brother to target Hindu, get close to him, wins trust and then kills him.

This modus operandi is taught to pigborn muslims in their terror manual quran. The same modus operandi is being used since 1400 years by these mlecchas.

Kamlesh Tiwari ji was killed for the same mistake that made this 2019 Shivaji lose battle to terrorist Afzal Khans of today. Hindus do not learn from history, Shivaji was great BECAUSE HE NEVER TRUSTED muslims. That is why he was able to kill terrorist Afzal Khan when he tried to hug him as a brother only to backstab him with a dagger. Wrong notions are published that Shivaji had muslim regiment – NOT AT ALL TRUE. He had muslim sevaks to serve muslim prisoners but never a mleccha regiment.

Shivaji never trusted these pigborns that’s why he was able to win every battle against them.

Evil quran to serve satanic allah allow muslims to lie, deceit, bluff even to the point of abusing mohammed or allah to win trust of Hindus. They are popularly known as kitman, muruna and Al taqiyya. This is how our brother Kamlesh Tiwari was trapped by Jihadi muslims. You can read the devanagri text from the news source below.

Kamlesh Tiwariji killed by muslim terrorists

Hindu brother Kamlesh Tiwari ji was killed by two muslim terrorists. Al-Hind brigade one of the factions of ISIS claimed responsibility of killing Kamlesh ji. Maulana Mohsin Sheikh, Faizan and Khurshid Ahmed Pathan are arrested for the conspiracy to kill Kamlesh Tiwari ji.

There is a big gang of muslims who killed Kamlesh ji. Making few arrests would not help. UP govt must act fast and push police administration to arrest kingpins like Owaisi and AIMIM leaders who openly threatened Kamlesh ji to the point of killing mercilessly. Owaisi also publicly danced like a roadside eunuch when he came to know about death of Kamlesh ji. There is definite connection to pigborn muslim leaders in killing our Hindu brother. Simply executing the killers will NOT INVOKE fear in these terrorist muslims.

Another proof that Hindus have to ACT ON THEIR OWN – we cannot rely on our coward GOVTS.

Kamlesh Tiwari ji requested for scaling up his protection to Yogi govt umpteen times but his pleas were not accepted. Instead his existing protection force was reduced.

Kamlesh Tiwari Killed By Muslim Terrorists

Why we cannot depend on our elected govt but we have to prepare on our own.

Prashant Patel tweets Kamlesh Tiwari protection

Hindus have to purchase arms and ammunitions so that in time of attacks from muslims we DO NOT HAVE TO wait for police. Police will take at least 15 minutes to arrive. By the time, it will be too late. To slice a throat or kill a person hardly some seconds are required. Only armed Hindus can survive the assault of neighbourhood muslim terrorists.

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Kamlesh Tiwari Killed by Muslim Terrorists

Shame on Hindus, What you did to avenge death of our Hindu Brother Pankaj Narang?

Dr Narang was celebrating Indian Cricket team’s victory against Bangladesh, along-with his brother-in-law and his son, in the courtyard of his house, by playing a match and next morning, they were all set to celebrate the festival of colours-Holi.

However a 40-year-old dentist, Dr Pankaj Narang was brutally killed by an angry muslim mob lead by a jihadi muslim woman Khatun Begum, mother of terrorist Nasir who initiated the assault with 10 of his associate muslim goons, on the night, in front of his innocent 8-year-old son, in west Delhi’s Vikaspuri area.

Hindus tweeted and busted facebook comments with anger only to silently sleep later and wait for another similar incident to happen so that they can again comment on social sites. Since 1000 years, there is no CHANGE in basic behavior of selfish Hindus. Pre-tech era they used to talk in closed doors now they speak in social sites but when it comes to ACTION every Hindu wants a Bhagat Singh or Nathuram Godse to be born in neighbourhood not in his home. We only care for our family and personal life ignoring muslim terror till the fire of islamic terrorism encapsulates our home. Wait for your turn because the map of Bharat is shrinking since centuries. Each one of us will meet same FATE if we do not retaliate.

Dr Narang killed by muslims delhi

Shame on You Modi, Siding Thief Tabrez Ansari but Ignoring Brave Hindu Ramalingam

Ramalingam, a brave Hindu supporter of BJP/RSS ideology and a native of Tamil Nadu’s Thanjavur district, was killed on February 5 by the terrorists of the Popular Front of India (PFI) and the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI). He openly asked them to not do jihadi activities of CONVERSION, stop HATRED and no NUISANCE around, causing harm to the peace in the area. His humble request was declined and instead he was killed by muslim terrorists.

Ramalingam of Tamil Nadu murdered by muslim terrorists

Shame on local political parties, Ignoring Brave Hindu Jithu Mohan

Kerala Junior football team Vice Captain Jithu Mohan was killed by muslims. The brave Hindu died in Ernakulam when a muslim mob doused petrol and set him on fire while watching him die. It was done because a muslim girl Shabana from Chunakkara was in love with him.

Jithu Mohan killed by muslim terrorist family in kerala

Jithu Mohan a degree student of SD College was the third victim of jihadi terrorism in Kerala in that short span of time, followed by Vishal at Chengannur and Sachin at Kannur.

Hindus shred Tolerance, Take Sword and Support Brave Hindu Dhruv Tyagi’s Sacrifice

Our Hindu brother, a Businessman Dhruv Raj Tyagi was stabbed outside his house in West Delhi in Sunday morning when he simply protested his 27-year-old daughter’s harassment by a muslim criminal Mohammad Alam. Muslim terrorist father Jehangir Khan (45) of the goon hold Dhruv Tyagi and allowed his jihadi son to stab the innocent Hindu multiple times to bleed him to death.

Before this, Dhruv Tyagi took his son Anmol with him to the house of the main culprit, Mohammed Shamsher Alam, near WZ block of Basai Darapur village to complain to his parents about his behavior of teasing Hindu daughters of the area.

But Alam’s father, Jehangir, instead of taking his son to task, started hurling abuses at Dhruv Tyagi. Alam and a few others from his group started thrashing Tyagi, threatening to kill him. Alam stabbed our brother Tyagi with a knife multiple times in the abdomen.

Hearing his father’s cries for help, Anmol Tyagi rushed in to save him and was also stabbed on the neck and abdomen. They somehow managed to free themselves and were admitted in the ICU of a private hospital. Dhruv Tyagi succumbed to his injuries.

Dhruv Tyagi killed by muslim family neighbour

Police arrested Mohammed Shamsher Alam, his father Jehangir, and two teenagers who were also involved in the assault. Alam had a prior criminal record – he was released from jail in an attempt-to-murder case, and was involved in other cases of assault in the locality. Why judiciary of India is so lenient towards muslim criminals that they release these terrorists so freely is a big question. Judiciary and our govt failed us many times when it came to protecting Hindus.

The Tyagi family said that it was a planned attack as the men were ready with weapons.

Cases of murderous attacks of terrorist muslims on Hindus in Modi’s resident city Delhi in short span of time:

  • Dentist Hindu brother Pankaj Narang was lynched to death right outside his home in West Delhi’s Vikaspuri by a mob led by a terrorist Muslim family (mother and 2 sons)
  • Aspiring air hostess, our Hindu sister Riya Gautam was mercilessly stabbed to death by a stalker Mohammed Adil (22) in East Delhi’s Mansarovar Park.
  • 25-year-old Hindu brother Sajjan Singh was stabbed to death by a group of 6 terrorist Muslims in a restobar in West Delhi’s Rajouri Garden area.
  • Kanti Prasad (40) our Hindu brother, was murdered by a mob led by his terrorist neighbour Mehboob Ali in East Delhi’s Mandawali area.
  • Ankit Saxena (23) our Hindu brother, had his throat slit by his terrorist Muslim girlfriend’s family in West Delhi’s Raghubir Nagar.
  • Sunita (35) our Hindu sister, was stabbed to death, and her husband and son left critically injured, in an attack by an islamic terrorist neighbour Mohammed Azad at Khyala in West Delhi.

So bad is the situation in parts of Delhi that there is a silent exodus of Hindu taking place from localities like Sundar Nagari and Brahmpuri. This is not happening in Delhi alone but nearby 1200 NoGo islamic zones in our country which are mini pakistans of India.

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Common Muslim Terrorists Near You – Know to Save Bharat and Hinduism

Hindus RISE and ATTACK, Today It is a Hindu Lassi Vendor Bharat Yadav Tomorrow victim is You

Bharat Yadav, along with his brother, were at their lassi shop in Chowk Bazar area when few muslims came to drink lassi. They were served lassi, when they were moving away without paying any money for the lassi, our Hindu brother Bharat Yadav simply asked for the payment. Terrorist muslims refused to pay for the lassi. These muslim goons went away only to return an hour later with a mob carrying iron rods, sticks and other weapons, and assaulted the duo brutally. All this happened in front of the police personnel posted in the area. As soon as the news of lassi vendor Bharat’s death came in light, the shopkeepers in the area closed their shops, came out on the road and demanded arrest of the perpetrators.

Bharat Yadav lassi vendor killed by terrorist muslims

Rise in numbers of Hindu deaths due to muslim terrorism is FAILURE of BJP govts. It simply SUGGEST Hindus that we have to TAKE ARMS, if the same justice system gives free hand to muslims to kill Hindus then same law applies to Hindus in retaliatory killing of muslims. Its time to assault the neighbourhood terrorists.

Hindu brothers must MARRY Muslim Girls, RETALIATION is the best defence of Kaliyug, Support All Ankit Saxenas of our Areas

NEVER TRUST ANY MUSLIM. Take support from Hindus.

Our Hindu brother Ankit Saxena was an epitome of what bhaichara with muslims can do to you. He used to angrily oppose to Hindu friends when warned about his blind trust and closeness with muslim people. He used to celebrate their festivals, most of his close friends were muslims. This closeness lead to his death as backstabbing is one of the traits of muslims.

A muslim goon marrying a Hindu girl is allowed by terrorist muslims but a Hindu boy marrying a muslim girl conspires them to kill a Hindu boy. This is real face of evil islam, a death cult that is curse on humanity (Google haribhakt 164 verses of quran to know truth). In case of Ankit Saxena murder, it was revealed that the girl Shehzadi’s family was vehemently against their daughter being in love with a Hindu boy and proceeded to kill him in a pre-planned manner by engineering a road rage incident. Ground reports too have highlighted the religious bigotry of the girl’s family with the mother being a staunch Muslim who had huge objections about inter-faith marriages.

 Ankit Saxena killed by muslim family

As seen in all the cases, entire muslim family is involved in terrorism and killing. They are groomed since birth to hate Hindus and enjoy all facilities on the taxes paid by kafirs. Akbar Ali, the terrorist father of Shehzadi, terrorist mother Shahnaaz, a juvenile younger brother and uncle Mohammad Salim were all arrested for killing Ankit Saxena.

Look at cowardice acts of a Hindu victim. Imagine the level of APOLOGIST SYNDROME deeply rooted in Hindus. A victim of islamic terrorism Yashpal Saxena father of Ankit Saxena fed the same terrorists who supported killing of his son by organizing iftar party. Instead of retaliation and spreading awareness this helpless Hindu is supporting muslims. SHAME ON US that we have to come to this level of submission. Last heard, he was running pillar to post to get 5 Lakhs compensation from Delhi govt. Chameleon Kejriwal who gifted sewing machine and 20,000 rupees to terrorist Mohammed Afroz, r@pist and murderer of Jyoti Singh (Damini r@pe case of Delhi) completely ignored his public promise of helping Yashpal Sharma.

BJP was last hope in the crowd of termite politicians but even they failed us.

Accept the fact. Islamic terrorism is the first profession and the duty of a muslim family. Islamic terrorism runs in the blood of a muslim family, as you can see the pattern in all the incidents. We are not dealing with only pakistani terrorists but almost 28 crore terrorists residing nearby us. Its time to socially and economically BOYCOTT muslims. Do not buy from muslim shops. Do no employ any muslim in your office or under you. Do not hire their cabs or rickshaws. Do not book their hotels. Completely boycott them.

Shame on govt, Distributing Scholarships to Terrorist Muslims on Hindu Taxpayers Money but Ignoring Victims of Love Jihad like Hina Talreja

Still we are waiting for a STRONG law on LOVE JIHAD

Murder of Hindu sister Hina Talreja is prime example of falling prey to Love Jihad – sweet talk, fake love and brainwashed syndrome.

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Heena Talreja, a Mirpur Resident met Adnan Khan Online and they both became friends Adnan Khan was living in Shahganj area. Adnan used to visit her regularly at a Hookah Parlour where she was working to make her ends meet, before this she was unemployed for some months. With no option left she continued with the job. According to co-workers, she was soft-spoken, convivial and a very helpful person.

With sweet talk and series of soft pleadings, Love Jihadi Adnan proposed her and she accepted his proposal against her mother’s wishes. Heena thought his love for her is true. Later, they got married at a Masjid, Adnan later formalized the marriage at a Registrar Office and started their life as a Married couple. Heena was also asked to convert to Islam, so she became Heena Khan for Adnan.

After satisfying himself lustfully, like all muslim love jihadis, he lost interest in her and preyed for another girl. Adnan got into another affair after 2 years and married another girl. Angry and shattered Heena Talreja (Khan) lodged a case of cheating against her husband with the Police. She wanted to divorce love jihadi Adnan.

As a true muslim, Adnan soon showed his evil colors. Adnan tried hard to convince her. She agreed to resolve all the differences over dinner at a Local Dhaba where they used to patronize.Adnan came along with his friend Khaled and another person. After a lavish dinner, they left for home and were driving through the sceduled area. In a remote isolated place, Khaled and his friend started gangr@ping Heena inside the vehicle. As pre-planned, Adnan laughed at her pleas, watched the crime as a mute spectator. He later shot her at Point Blank on the forehead and also inserted a knife in forehead twisting it deeper in the wound to ensure that she is dead.

Love Jihad Murder Heena Talreja killed by Adnan Khan

What Hindu brothers did to avenge death of our sister Heena Talreja?

Terrorist muslims took away her mobile phone and belongings before dumping her body near Punnau Village on a Highway near Kaushambi District and fled to Mumbai. Her body was later discovered. Mainstream news channels were busy making fake stories about her character to save muslims like they always do, completely ignoring her husband name and using her profession as a shield as if a girl who is working hard in a bar has no right to live life of dignity.

Even to this day, No media channel talk about the girl who lost her life in a dreadful way just because of a wrong decision to marry a wrong man of terrorist community. According to Sharia, a muslim is allowed to have more than 3 wives. Girls should understand that marrying a muslim man is like jumping in the well of fire.

Media dance to the tune of muslims because corrupt media knows that Hindus will not RETALIATE and keep mum after few days. Hindus RISE….AWAKE and ATTACK or PERISH.

Hindu Brothers so How Many Muslim Men You Will Tie and THRASH them to BLEED in retaliation to avenge our BROTHER Vikas Yadav

Our Hindu brother Vikas Yadav was brutally assaulted by a raft of angry Muslim men in Bindki town of Fatehpur district in Uttar Pradesh only because he daringly responded to the verbal abuse of terrorist muslim Shami Ahmed, a flour mill owner.

Vikas Yadav Lynched by terrorist muslims

They both got into a brawl that resulted in minor injuries to Vikas while Shafi sustained some injuries on his head. Following this, Shafi summoned a crowd of impassioned Muslims who tied Vikas to a tree and thrashed to bleed mercilessly for more than 20 minutes before the police intervened.

Deceit and lies are part of islamic teachings, terrorist muslims to hide their crime of beating an innocent man later falsely accused Hindu brother Vikas Yadav of robbing Shami Ahmed. The modus operandi to avenge custodian death of muslim thief Tabrez Ansari is not stopping. It will only stop when Hindus RETALIATE in aggression.

Are Hindus waiting for Their Own Sister to be Turned into Kiran Kumari to avenge her death?

Hindu sister Kiran Kumari (22), daughter of Pardeshi Karmali from Bhurkunda in district Ramgarh, Jharkhand, had disappeared from her workplace, a private nursing home. Various media outlets such as Dainik Jagran have reported that she eloped with Aadil Ansari, son of Asgar Ali, and both went to Ranchi where Ansari started putting pressure on her to convert. Before marriage he was fine of her being Hindu but post marriage the pigborn muslim showed his true identity.

When Hindu sister Kiran Kumari refused, Aadil along with his father, uncle and others slit her throat and threw her body into the Damodar river. Her body was found by Balidih police station, Bokaro district, as per Dainik Bhaskar report. As Balidih police were not able to identify her, they lodged a murder case against unknown persons and cremated her.

Later, Bhurkunda police traced Kiran’s call records and reached Adil Ansari who was arrested and confessed to the crime. Ansari used to make missed calls to various numbers, then talk sweet with them and this is how he came in contact with Kiran.

Hindu sister Kiran Kumari killed gangraped by muslim terrorists

Some media reported, the couple, then were told by the father-uncle that since the girl is a Kafir Hindu, she has to convert herself to Islam first. However, this demand was immediately turned down by the girl, after which the father offered to drop the duo to a nearest railway station so that they could head to Ranchi and live there.

However, the father-uncle took the couple to a jungle route via Rajabeda Halt where they took turns to rape the girl and later killed her in the bushes. Terrorist Adil Ansari, a love jihadi, was silent spectator to this ordeal of sister Kiran Kumari.

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Taharrush Gamea – Save Hindus Sisters and Daughters from Muslim Rapists

When will Hindus slice Tongue of all those who oppose Bharat Mata ki Jai and Vande Mataram to avenge death of our Hindu brother Chandan Gupta?

The members of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), the student of wing of RSS, were attacked while taking out the Tiranga Yatra on the Republic Day through a Muslim locality. The chants of ‘Vande Mataram’ and ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ are not liked by terrorist muslims of India. Nationhood is not concept of islam – it has two EVIL CONCEPTS darul islam and ummah – meaning islamic state and muslim unity. That is the reason muslim got annoyed hearing Bharat Mata slogans, some people of a terrorist muslim community sparked violence and killed our young brother 16 year old Chandan Gupta.

ABVP chandan gupta killed by muslim terrorists

ABVP like RSS did nothing to avenge his death. As discussed before, it is DharmaYuddh, we cannot rely on these shallow organisations for help, we all have to get united at local level and fightback against islamic terrorism of our neighbourhood. Do not wait for modi or BJP or ABVP,  Better to act or perish.

Later on few arrests were made but his death is awaiting avenge.

How a Hindu will feel if there is no reaction by fellow Hindu men if his family meets the same fate as Bandhu Prakash Pal?

Hindus lost their social worker brother recently. Three people belonging to the same Hindu family were murdered by suspected bangladeshi muslim terrorists of West Bengal. The gruesome killings also include an eight-year-old boy.

Slicing of throats (while chanting Halal verses in name of satan allah) can be seen in all the images.

Bandhu Prakash Pal Murshidabad Muslim Terrorism.jpeg

8 years old Angan Pal Murshidabad Muslim Terrorism

Beauty Pal Murshidabad Muslim Terrorism

West Bengal police created a fake narrative of Utpal Bahera’s insurance claim to save jihadi mamata banerjee from further losing Hindu votes.

Brother and relatives of deceased Bandhu Prakash family out of fear for their life made false claim that they were not associated with RSS or BJP. They do not want to die same painful death like our Hindu brother Bandhu Prakash Pal.

This is truth behind murshidabad triple murder of our brother’s family. Muslims wanted to build a terrorism breeding place (called mosque).

Gaurav Pradhan Murshidabad Triple Murders by muslims

As usual again shameless coward BJP/RSS remain silent on death of their fellow worker and his entire family.

How would you feel if your baby is killed like the Satanic Muslim Terrorists did with Tinkle Sharma, She was Just 2 Years old Raped and Killed to Death, Would you kill her killer or remain silent as you are now!

Images are so gruesome that we are not sharing them. Corrupt media initially tried to hide this news, a 2 year old toddler our Hindu baby Tinkle Sharma was abducted, raped & tortured, and mutilated by her 2 muslim neighbors terrorists Mohammed Zahid and Aslam (almost every other terrorist has name mohammed as if felicitating first terrorist who also founded this termite cult islam), and these islamic terrorists mutilated her body then dumped in a garbage bin. The body was discovered because a pack of stray dogs started gathering at the garbage bin, attracted by the decomposing body, and local people looked to see what was in the bin.

Twinkle Sharma Killed By Muslim terrorists

Traitor Gandhi stopped them here from migrating to pakistan in 1947, that is why these terrorist neighbourhood muslims are getting chance to kill Hindus, the terrorists chopped off her limbs. Her eyes were gouged out, before raping our Hindu baby.

Oh Hindus, do you have any shame left or you are remaining silent seeing series of deaths of our Hindu brothers, sisters and babies. Will you ATTACK these terrorist muslims and save our Bharat Mata for your children and Sanatan Dharma.

Hindu Brothers must take Revenge Like It was taken for our Hindu brothers Prashant Poojari and Vaman Poojary

Poojary was popular among the Hindus as a devote cow vigilante, but Muslims were against him for his ‘cow protection’ activities. As it always happens, local muslims kept close watch on timings of Prasanth, He was hacked to death in the morning near his flower shop.

An eyewitness to the incident 60 year old Vaman Poojary, a tender coconut seller whose shop was opposite Prashant’s shop, went missing. He was found dead on the next day. It has been alleged by Nalin Kumar Kateel MP from Dakshina Kannada constituency to which the town of Moodabidri belongs that witnesses were being threatened over international phone calls including those made from Pakistan and asked not to testify against the suspects.

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Ten muslim terrorists were arrested in connection with Poojari murder. Five of the terrorists were viz. Mohammed Sharif (42), a resident of Todar; Musthafa Kavoor (28), Mohammed Mustafa (25) of Kinnipadavu, Bajpe (27) and Kabeer (28) of Kaikamba were directly involved in the murder of Prashant Poojari and the murder of Vaman Poojari an eye witness of Prashant’s murder.

Muslim terrorist Musthafa, the accused number one in the murder of Prashant Poojary, died of stab injuries suffered during a clash with a brave Hindu prisoner in Mysuru central jail.

Prashant Poojary killed by terrorist muslims

Mustafa was attacked by Kiran Shetty, also an undertrial in a different case. Police confirmed that the avenger Shetty was a follower of Prashant Poojary, and a Bajrang Dal activist, in Moodbidri in Dakshina Kannada.

In two cases Musthafa Kavoor, the killed undertrial terrorist, had prominent role and was also the mastermind of Poojari killing.

However, other terrorists are still alive, so revenge is half-done. But taking REVENGE is possible even if the accused is in jail. Muslims openly support their terrorist idols proving that they all are terrorists.

Killing terrorists is NO CRIME, it is right for humanity and peace.

Muslims are Terrorists Proven Umpteenth Time, Terrorists deserve death

Lakhs of terrorist muslims of mangaluru attended funeral of terrorist Musthafa Kavoor who killed Prashant Poojary.

Terrorist Musthafa Kavoor funeral attended by muslim pigs terrorists

The incident reminded how lakhs of muslims in mumbai supported terrorist Yakub Memon and attended the pig’s funeral.

Terrorist muslims with Yakub Memon terrorist

None of the incidents should be seen in isolation. There is HUGE conspiracy of muslims to gradually islamize Bharat by 2035. They are working on a pre-designed pattern. Creation of pakistan, bangladesh and ghazwa e Hind deaths are part of that terror framework. They are successfully doing everything for their evil faith prescribed by terrorist mohammed for anti-god allah but what our Hindu politicians or common Hindu public are DOING???

NOTHING… where is aggressive retaliation.

Hindu brothers and sisters, please understand we are dealing with 28 crore potential terrorists who are ticking bombs they are eyeing to ATTACK us anytime, following terror manual quran. Either Ban quran or Ban islam or retaliate aggressively so that Hindus can invoke FEAR in these terrorist muslims.

We already lost 43% of our land mass to these terrorist muslims in last 250 years. We are losing Kashmir, some parts of UP, Major parts of Kerala and West Bengal, our Hindu Bharat is shrinking because we as Hindus have failed to RETALIATE and protect our Sanatan Dharma, Hinduism.

Recent incidents and similar dozens of incidents in couple of months have shaken our conscience.

In mere 10 days, under Yogi Adityananth, death became fate of our Hindu brothers:

October 8: Chaudhary Yashpal Singh (Deoband)

October 10: Kabir Tiwari (Basti)

October 13: Corporator Dara Singh (Deoband)

October 18: Kamlesh Tiwari (Lucknow)

Ending all EMOTIONAL connections, financial, manpower and moral support to BJP and RSS forever.

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How Muslims Hate and Spread Terrorism Against Non-Muslims/Hindus/Sikhs

As a proud Hindu we irreversibly vow, we will NEVER vote for BJP or support RSS but always work for HINDUS with Hindu organisations and people who GENUINELY care for Sanatan Dharma till last breath of their life. The stoic silence of BJP/RSS leaders for last 6 years in series of deaths have shaken our faith in our ONLY political party and system.

Better die as a fighting HINDU warrior than be a slave spectator and follower to coward leaders.

Hindus REMEMBER ONE THING: Muslims are cowards they can only come in MOB or with arms but we have seen million times a lone Hindu man or sister openly fighting with their muslim enemies without any arms. Imagine what will happen if Hindus get united and fight aggressively using ammunition.

You are not Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya or Shudra but only Hindu. Unitedly we can conquer the whole world. Stay united and mobify against jihadi termites.

Terrorist muslims are COWARDS because they EAT meat after slowly slicing throats of animals to give them painful death. When an animal die in distress it releases toxic fluids, the consumption of these toxic fluids make muslims cowards. Halal is making them cowards. When your enemy is coward then it becomes EASIER to prey. Hunt down all the neighbourhood terrorists who are killing our brothers and sisters.

How Terrorist Muslims Are Always Saved by our Corrupt Justice System

Stepwise Islamic Terrorism and its sustenance explained:

1. Trap and Kill: A muslim family win confidence of an innocent Hindu with their fake gestures – hiding their radicalism under moderate behaviour. Trapping the Hindu, they engineer staged rage to call mob and kill Hindu.

REASON: Hatred towards Hindus, property, money and his girl child.

2. Area becomes sensitive: The same police who was absent to protect Hindus comes to rescue muslims by cordoning off area and securing muslim goons giving them protection. In most cases the curfew like situation goes for months so that Hindus do not retaliate and attack culprit muslims.

REASON: Muslims are involved in black marketing, smuggling and criminal activities. They always bribe police with security money, to continue their illegal business. Police complements by protecting them.

3. Democracy stops retaliation: Legal system creates imbalance giving passage to terrorist muslim. Flawed democratic system stops reactionary measures of Hindus, forces them to follow Human Rights for those who are not human but terrorists and killers. Hindus follow law. Case is filed in the court and muslim culprits stay alive. No immediate death inspires other muslims too.

REASON: Corrupt politicians do not support Hindus. They think of their political party image over Hindu identity. They over-reach muslim terrorists to maintain FAKE global image of their party in the guise of maintaining reputation of India. World over Muslims are seen as Suspects or Terrorists by Israelis, Chinese, Myanmarese and US. Indian govt thinks about their SHALLOW gobal image over natives of India, Hindus. Minnow countries like Angola and Myanmarese control the islamic menace in QUARANTINED manner than our so called DEVELOPMENT friendly govt, who are DEVELOPING India to gift developed India to ISLAMIC RADICALS when Hinduism cease to exist due to apathy of government towards Hindu victims.

4. Hindu leaders/politicians compromise: Short term memory of Hindus. More than 400 channels and 10,000 media publications brainwash Hindus 24×7 to forget the gruesome incident. Anger re-emerge only when another incident occurs. Most of the Dharm gurus, Pandits and Hindu leaders are solely to be blamed who NEVER remind Hindus about CRIMES of muslim terrorists and HINDU UNIFICATION to cause harm to enemies. Instead they FORCE Hindus to stay with Muslims.

REASON: Low confident citizens can be easily controlled. They can be manipulated whenever needed. Empowered individuals cannot be ruled in transparent democratic system. Division of Hindus means more tenure to keep them engaged in infights and rule the country. HOWEVER IN DOING SO THEY ARE ISLAMIZING INDIA. ISLAMIZED INDIA WILL HAVE NO ELECTIONS AND DEMOCRACY BUT SHARIA. THESE POLITICIANS ARE DIGGING THEIR OWN GRAVE.

How Love Jihad is Executed and Managed By Muslims?

What is Future of Hindu Girls After Love Jihad?

How Neighbourhood Muslims Trap Hindu Sisters, Daughters for Love Jihad

Democracy cannot control Islamic Terrorism, It has CIVIC approach to PUNISH terrorists but TERRORISTS abuse CIVILITY to their favor

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How islamic terrorism expands and Aggression can eradicate islamic terrorism

What Happened to Recent Love Jihad Victims?

Start castrating testicles of muslim men who involve in love jihad

How Terrorism Cult Islam Managed to Islamize 57 Non-Islamic Countries

Islam is not religion it is anti-human gangster cult
ISLAM works like an organized CRIMINAL GANG – it has its own laws, set of anti-human beliefs, administration, Halal tax system and army of jihadis. It is not religion as it completely lacks spirituality of conscience, consciousness and soul. It is a cult comprising of creatures who are infected and mentally unstable as they work for ONLY ONE AGENDA in their life to HATE NON-MUSLIMS AND CONVERT THEM TO ISLAM thereby making this peaceful world a hell.

What Hindus Should Do?

Create an Ideal Situation Like a Warrior Does

Behave Like A Common Israeli or Myanmarese who attack in different areas of muslims if they find curfew like system imposed in one area. That is the reason that terrorist muslims are kept in control by Myanmarese and Israeli people. When govt is not like China or Japan towards muslims then who is stopping you to behave like Israeli or Myanmarese. Be aggressive and retaliate. Bhagwan Krishn is always with us.

You are used to killing. You ain’t saint. When cockroaches and termites come to your home. You do not feed them. You kill them to make your home pest free. Bharat is also your home. Treat motherland like your own home and Hindus as your brothers and sisters. Now use pest repellents and make India pest free.

Muslim insects must be terminated

Become Hindu Dharma Yoddha to Protect Bharat Mata and Sanatan Dharma

Hindu fighters to protect Bharat Sanatan Dharma from muslim terrorists

Boycott Muslims Socially and Economically

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Hindus Boycott Muslims Socially and Economically for Bharat

Jai Shree Krishn

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  • Hindus becoming Dharm-Yoddhas is good for the preaching but please enlighten me, how do you propose that to happen?

    1) By name-calling fellow Sanatanis as “Mlecchas” and “Zimmi”: you have been gracing me with that epithet.

    I know Math is not strong suit but if one goes by the Theory of Limits in Calculus, then your currently strategy will ultimately lead to DWINDLING RANKS, and gross dissatisfaction.

    2) By appealing to a politician like Narendra Modi.

    He’s a politician first and foremost. While some of the stuff he has done are extremely praiseworthy (I like the way he handled Kashmir problem by removing Article 370), his track record is not that spotless in many other areas.

    Modi has been unable to protect Mrs. Nupur Sharma from the repugnant threats of Islamist Jihadists worldwide. It makes me hang my head in shame that a fellow Sanatani sister has to hide from public just because of one video. And our government bows down before the Gulf states.

    The point is; Modi is a politician first and foremost. Depending on one person alone is not going to win you a fight for Dharma.

    If you want to win, you’ll need to get out of your cocoon and inspire other Sanatanis to be courageous and fearless. That is the only strategy I’d recommend.

    3) Appeal to Israel state

    While I deeply respect India’s warm relations with the Government of Israel, this is another appeal to authority which will not yield results. Israel will never fight our battles.

    We should fight our own battles instead of relying on Israel or any other third country.

    Do you even know what many religiously observant Jews think of Hindus? Please watch some of the videos online.

    The good thing is most Jews in Israel as well as US/UK are secular, and are positively inclined towards India.

    But again, appealing to THEM to solve our problems will never win you a war against radical Islamist terrorism across our borders.

    No COWARD can ever be a Dharm-Yoddha. All your strategies in this article are of a cowardly nature. That is the clear evident truth.

  • Rishi Bhatnagar says:

    Whatever is happening in India today is very dangerous.
    Satan worshipping Muslims are openly objecting celebration of our festivals.
    Hindus have to take up arms for self-protection.
    Jodhpur was attacked then Bhilwara was in fire. Muslims deserve Myanmar type solution.

    • Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

      Yes, Khangress made Hindus lazy and made muslim population to rise for their votebank. Hindus should take up arms and kill all the neighbouring muslims. Ladies/Children of Muslim community should not be spared. All muslims must be killed for better world peace

  • Sahil Pandey says:

    First of All I am feeling Great to see you spreading some awareness ! I have started to tell hindu mythological small children in my society so that they don’t get converted afterwards and i am also following your little advices and now ready to do anything to establish dharma.I am with you.But i had two questions to ask you if you don’t mind

    1.I am getting sexual intrusive thoughts in my mind about god?I can not control my thoughts?How can i stop this?

    2.THIS ONE MIGHT SOUND WEIRD: Somewhere on google i read that we can chant holy name like ram in toilet.Is it true?As you have a good knowledge about everything in hinduism…

    Jai shri krishn
    Jai maa shera wali
    Jai shree ram
    Jai bajrang bali

    • © HariBhakt says:

      First of all it is history not mythology.

      1) Avoid movies. Stop watching dirty content.
      2) If you are a saint, you can take it anywhere or else not. It is applicable to staunch devotees and saints.

      • Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

        Every movie industry is supporting Secularism. It can be seen in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada ,Bengali movie industries. This is the reason why Hindus are Secular. Government should promote more Indian and Sanathana dharmic culture in movies, news channels. Every industry is influenced by Western and Arabic culture, This is the reason Rape, Love Jihad cases are increasing.