Allah is Slave of Bhagwan Shiv Here at SaryaTiwari Swayambhu ShivLingam

There are several historical incidences which happen to firm the beliefs of the future generation, and then such incidences are cited as prognosis when it starts matching with the future events. It happened when terrorist Mohammed Ghazni invaded Bharat (India) exactly 1000 years back.

Decimation of islam from the face of earth would happen when the kalma from the Shiv Ling diminishes.

Only time will tell, though recent global developments suggest so.

The anti-Vedic kalma is also diminishing fast in recent times.

Allah is Slave of Bhagwan Shiv and Hindus

Mythical allah insulted by Muhammad Ghazni Himself !

Thousands of Years Old Jharkhandi Shiv Ling

Sarya Tiwari is a place located, 25 kms from Khajani, Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh. The place is very famous for Mahadev mandir where a Shiv Ling manifested on its own thousands of years ago. The Swayambhu Shiv Ling is very powerful and has divine power to generate enormous positive energy. It is popularly known as Jharkhandi Shiv Ling.

Devil Allah is always Slave of Bhagwan Shiv

Terrorist Ghazni attacked Hindus at night and looted their belongings, killing hundreds of them. Mleccha mohammed tried unsuccessfully many times to break and denigrate self-manifested Shiv Ling.

Ghazni thought of a cunning trick which only a muslim who follows koran can think of – the idiot tried to affect piousness of Shiv Ling, little knowing that reverence of Bhagwan is omnipresent. He ordered inscribing anti-Vedic koran verse on the Shiv Ling so that Hindus stop worshiping the Shiv Ling at a mandir located here.Sarya Tiwari Swayambhu Shiv Lingam

The negative verse लाइ….लाहा….इल्लल….लाह मोहम्म….दमदुर्र् रसूलु….ल्लाह  in urdu format was inscribed on the Shiv Ling.

As per Vedas, Hindus cannot pray broken idols of Bhagwan but they can worship Shiv Ling even if it is broken into several parts. Terrorist Ghazni wrote verse on the Lingam, the carving of kalma made Hindus staunch towards their belief in Hinduism. An attack on dharma cannot be tolerated by proud Hindus.

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The purpose of Ghazni was to denigrate Lingam to stop Hindus from praying, reverse happened, as years passed by, Hindus started flocking to the temple. During months of Shravan, thousands of Hindus gather here to pray Shiv Bhagwan. The positive mantras cause decimation of negative energies whose mortal forms are muslims and their anti-god allah.

(A) Demise of Islam: Allah Is Slave of Bhagwan Shiv and HIndus Here

The issue of Ghazni insulting mythical allah begins here. As per islam, anti-god allah cannot be praised on Vedic beliefs or symbols. Dictum from locals assert that the more this Shiv Ling is worshiped, the removal of inscription from the Lingam would further diminish the presence of Asuras (anti-vedic people).

Dictum is based from the fact that worshiping Shiv Lingam and Bhagwan annihilates negative energies from the atmosphere, weakening the followers who abide the manmade cult rituals.

Would the removal of kalma from Shiv Ling due to Abhishek lead to the final death of islam?

Sarya Tiwari Swayambhu Shiv Ling

Legend emerged that allah is a slave of Shiv Lingam and Hindus here as it’s praise rests on the very Shivling which Mohammed Ghazni hated due to islamic leanings.

As per terrorism cult islam, allah cannot have features or images, it can only be praised in words through koranic verses. And here the praising was done on an eternal Vedic symbol of omnipresent Pranic energy that has no beginning and end.

SaryaTiwari Swayambhu ShivLingam

(B) Divine Intervention: No Roof to Give Importance to Omnipresence of Shiv Ling

Mosque or cult structure of islam requires dome or roof top. Islamic monuments has inscriptions, as muslims failed to devise any representational form of image for allah which could be unique yet altogether different from Vedic deities of 33 kotis. Infact earliest history of mecca suggest that allah was moon god of local pagans there, one of the 360 idols representing 360 days of a year.

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Sarya Tiwari Swayambhu Shivling manifestation

Left with no choice, islamists built dome structured mosques to house koranic praisings and claim it to be allah. However in Sarya Tiwari, Mahadev mandir has no roof top, clearly denying the existence of concocted theories of islam.

Here the praising is kept in open by nature itself, insulting the realms of islam, completely relying on the pious Shiv Ling.

As if Bhagwan Shiv himself denied it.

Whenever it was tried, construction of roof top for the Shiv Mandir failed. Bhagwan Shiv is worshiped in open space by his Bhakts.

Gorakhpur Sarya Tiwari Swayambhu Shiv Ling

Sarya Tiwari Shiv Ling is considered as one of the largest Swayambhu Shivlingams in India.

Based on these two facts (A) and (B), locals inform that the islam (including its god) is slave of Hinduism here.

It is the only place in the world, where Hindus and muslims worship together. Hindus worship Shiv Ling on Shravan parv and muslims the inscription during Ramzan.

Sarya Tiwari Swayambhu Shivlingam manifested

There is strong belief that Shiv Ling fulfills the wishes of devotees who perform puja following correct Vedic rituals.

The Divinity of Pokhare

Like all other Shiv mandirs, it also has water source, Pokhare, it is believed that local King was a leper, he got himself treated after Vedic ritual, touching the waters of Pokhare.

Since then devotees who suffer from skin ailments take dip on 5 Mondays/Sundays to cure their diseases.

Sarya Tiwari Swayambhu ShivLing

Allah is at Mercy of Hindus Here

Hindus can easily remove the kalma from the Shiv Ling here but they are witnessing fast decline of islam and allah. More muslims are leaving islam than ever before. There are more than 40% ex-muslims (secretly, they hide their hatred towards islam for fear of death in the hands of fanatic mullahs). Most of the islamic countries are seeing faster decline.

It is also believed by some, if Hindus wipe off the kalma then it may expedite further decline of islam and muslims.

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Devil Allah is Slave of Hindus

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  • Vimal raj says:

    Dear brother…..”you asked me which questions you are reffering to” i identified it and also explained the same questions in the below command boxes………..till now i did’t get any reply……this error was occured so many times….so, you rectified it quickly other wise you will get an bad impression on the questions asked by the viewers……

  • Vimal raj says:

    Dear brother….how do we identiy that we are doing our correct karma duty and we share or we do others karma duty?… said that in ancient mahabharata for some conditional reasons some hindus eaten non veg(fish)….god vishnu one of the avatars was also an fish and in vedas eating non veg is also an crime… the man can adopt there life with there suitable condition is an hindu….so how we can accept it…..

    • Radhe Radhe Vimal Ji,

      Our food decides our thoughts. Our ways of thinking relies on the food intake.

      Eating non-veg foods makes us tamsic and angry (true to the nature of carnivores animals).

      Anger burns the person so one day his eagerness to eat meat annihilates his immune system, pious thoughts and his kindness, thereby ultimately annihilating the person.

      If there is no other SOURCE of food around and person has no choice but only non-veg resource to eat then submitting to hunger, he or she may commit sin of eating meat.

      We all stay in urban or rural areas where veg foods are available in abundance, even if we all were forest residents still we could have accessed fruits and herbs. There is no part on the earth where habitation and natural foods are not in abundance. Human beings are giving birth only in such areas. It is our greed and search for expansive places that we migrate to different places and under circumstances we eat meat (or use the reason to do it).

      Any Hindu or for that matter anyone can stay longer and healthy with veg food without killing animal and thats how no sin will be committed.

      Infact, it is very very easy to lead a vegetarian life than stay alive struggling eating non-veg food.

      You can refer this post on non-veg foods hazards.

      Jai Shree Krishn

      • Vimal raj says:

        dear brother…..also explain the other questions which are left in the above box……and you left the command box of questions without explaining below…..

        • Radhe Radhe Vimal Ji,

          Which questions you are referring to.

          Can you please repeat the questions.

          Jai Shree Krishn

          • Vimal raj says:

            dear brother… we are identify that we are doing our correct karma or not….explain the symbol of aum or om representation(the three lines and the upper dot)….parabrahma is only one and in three forms or three idols(brahma,vishnu and siva)moksha is attain parabrahmam means why would we reject brahma for attain moksha….so not reject vishnu and siva….i hope you understand the questions…please explain in a way that i can easily understand…..

  • Vimal raj says:

    Dear brother… that what is meaning of going sanyasi,sadhus etc…..explain the symbol of aum(three lines,upper dot etc)….aum symbol creates all three letters indicates brahma,vishnu and siva….but siva and vishnu only give moksha means there was no necessary for symbol aum without brahma…..explain an easy way should i understand…..

  • Vimal raj says:

    Dear brother…..explain the 3 gunas(rajas,tamas and satvam)….satva guna represent leaving their families going sanyasam or doing good things without leaving the love,affection,lust?karma yogam and sankya guna is same or different…..

    • Radhe Radhe Vimal Ji,

      Sattva means Goodness, Raja means Passion, Tamas means Darkness.

      As our great Rishis have explained … we need all of these gunas in combined form, only balance needs to be maintained.

      If these three gunas are not there in combined form, you cannot hold your life and see things in harmony with each other, it will decimate.

      If it is only sattva, you cannot sustain anywhere for a moment except Satyaloka.

      If it is only rajas, it will not help you either as it needs support of Sattva to have right direction.

      If only tamas is present, you will end up motionless in dark state with nothing in your own control.

      All these gunas or qualities need to be present in all beings and everything around Universe to keep it going.

      Every action in this world is performed in combination of two or all three gunas or qualities. When separated each cease to loose its relevance.

      Karma Yoga is performing every selfless action in life without attaching to the fruits of it.

      To simplify the meaning of Sankya Guna for you. It is Combination of Bhagwan (omnipresent consciousness) your body (matter) and Jiva (atma within you). Giving importance to any single element would decrease value in the mind for the other elements, thereby causing problem. Moksha (liberation) is attained by maintaining balance of these elements by selfless bhakti and Karma Yoga.

      Jai Shree Krishn