What is Taharrush Jamai

Why most of the rapists, criminals, looters and molesters across the world lodged in jails are converting to cult islam, when muslim clerics approach them for conversion. Answer lies in the cult’s legalization and glorification of all crimes against humanity including rape, killings and loot. One such glorification is called Taharrush (تحرش) or Taharrush Jinsi (تحرش جنسي) in islam. Committing all types of heinous crimes against non-muslims is considered as moral acts by muslims. They are brainwashed since young age that they are superior to all non-muslims; Non-muslims deserve to be hated, raped and killed by islamists.

In Islamic countries, Taharrush (तहर्रूश) is widely known as Taharrush Gamea, Taharrush Khella and Taharrush Jamai (सामूहिक यौनाचार). It is blatant glorification of a dreadful and inhuman act of Gang Rape. Victim witnessing this filthy Islamic crime is raped by minimum 10 to 200 people. It is an organized rape crime where the victim is groped, molested and pushed by different sets of islamists, insulting her modesty. In Taharrush, group of men change as the victim is pushed by different sets of people to be molested by dozens of muslims in a sharing manner. It is done by forming concentric circles.

What is Taharrush?

How Taharrush Rape Terrorism Became Global Phenomenon

Some Islamic scholars say that Taharrush is simply an Arabic word for ‘harassment’ but does not mean Gang Rape. These are same bunch of muslim clerics who deny that Kafir does not necessarily mean non-muslims and Jihad is not killing Hindus, Christians, Jews and Sikhs.

Few Islamists partially admit that depending on the scenario, men have right to punish women so it is permissible ‘sexual harassment’ but not Gang Rape or Rape Game. If you notice their statements, you easily observe, they are admitting it indirectly without inferring criminally offensive terms like rape.

Muslims bury terrorists following Islamic ritual but slyly deny that the killed terrorist has no connection to islam similarly you find hypocrite muslims giving false statements about Taharrush; Taharrush has no direct link with islam, It was islamic practice in ancient times but not now, islam does not support it, Taharrush was kids play now distorted, Taharrush is a punishment for adultery, Taharrush is punishing women who disrespect modesty (according to uncivilized islam).

Muslim children in Madarsas are taught about punishing girls who divert from the path of islam to wear non-islamic clothes, eat non-halal food, work outside home and learn new skills. One of the mass imposed punishments include Taharrush, the punishment is subjected to non-muslims and muslim women. In most of the recent cases, 95% of the Taharrush victims were women who followed Hinduism, Christianity, Sikhism and Judaism.

Like endless types of Jihad (terrorism), Taharrush has different forms. According to the political scientist As’ad AbuKhalil. During a training session in Cairo in 2012, an anti-harassment group discussed 14 forms of Taharrush, including Group Taharrush or Taharrush Jamai (التحرش الجنسي الجماعى).

The legalization and open glorification of criminal acts is making this world a living hell for people who are surrounded by uncivilized islamists and muslims. Muslims wrongly think, they are serving anti-God allah devotedly by committing heinous crimes against non-muslims.

Taharrush Inspiration from Quran

Gangster Cult Islam Permits Raping of Non-muslim/Hindu Women and Sex Slavery

Islam considers a non-islamic country as Darul Harab – House of war.

Quran advocates that all muslims are consistently in war with each non-muslim (Hindus in our case). Their prime duty is to convert Darul Harab Bharat into Darul Islam country. Darul Islam means islamic state.

When gangster cult islam follower muslims are in minority, they indulge in soft Jihad. They are doing these major forms of Jihad since 800 years. Lack of knowledge of Quran and opaqueness of muslim society kept their modus operandi hidden and they were able to successfully divide Bharat into 3 parts. However with surge in information technology now these ONE BOOK SLAVES are exposed.

1. Ummah Jihad (deal only among themselves boycotting Hindus)
2. Population Jihad (multiply like rats)
3. Love Jihad (entrapment of Hindu girls)
4. Property Jihad (illegal occupation of Hindu property bribing bureaucrats)
5. Land Jihad (using prayer as a medium to capture government places)

Quran is not godsend. It is a terrorism manual of gangster cult islam. The verses of quran are filled with glorification of all crimes against Humanity – rape, violence, slavery genocide and loot. Terrorist Mohammed was involved in all sins against Humanity. Quran preaches muslims to consider mohammed as THE PERFECT MAN. If a terrorist is a perfect man for islam and muslims then how can sharing a locality with muslims will be ever safe for non-muslims (Hindus). Hindus are always in danger. Most of the inter-faith crimes occur against Hindus. Hindus are victims of riots and murder executed by muslims.

Jihad has many forms. Love Jihad is one of the tools of islam to increase population of muslims to realize their dream of Darul Islam (converting India into islamic nation). Muslims consider non-muslim women as commodity and sex toy – part of Khumus/Khums (booty).

Love Jihad Cases Facts: Muslim men allure Hindu women

Taharrush Gang Rape Jihad: Quran Verses, Hadiths, Mohammed’s Permission and Allah’s Approval

The sinful mindset that non-muslim women are inferior and created by Allah to be treated as Sex slaves, make muslim men orchestrate Taharrush Gamea. The quranic verses and hadiths mind conditions muslim men to ill-treat non-muslim women. Normalisation and open permission of gang rape in islam is the reason for Taharrush Gamea cases.

Taharrush Gamea Sex Slavery Case/Fact (SB 59:637)

साहिब बुखारी (५ ९: ६३७) – मुहम्मद ने अली को खालिद से खूमस (लूट का माल) लाने के लिए कहा। मैं अली से नफरत करता था। अली ने स्नान किया था (खुमस मे मिली गुलाम-लड़की के साथ बलात्कार क्रिया के बाद)। मैंने खालिद से कहा, ‘क्या अली नहीं दीखता है?’

जब हम पैगंबर के पास पहुँचे तो मैंने मुहम्मद से यह सब कहा, तब उसने कहा, ‘हे बुरैदा! क्या तुम अली से नफरत करते हो?’

मैंने कहा हाँ।’

तब मुहम्मद बोला, ‘उससे नफरत करते हो, जबकि उसे खुमस की लूट में ज्यादा का हक़ है।’

इससे साफ़ स्पष्ट होता है कि मुहम्मद ने अपने मुस्लिम लूटेरों को काफिर गुलाम लड़कियों के साथ बलात्कार करने की मंजूरी दी, क्योंकि इस बलात्कार प्रकरण में खुद उसका दामाद अली शामिल हैं।

गुलाम लड़कियों से बलात्कार करने का हक़ अली को था पर दूसरी शादी का नहीं क्युकी मुहम्मद की पसंदीदा बेटी फातिमा का पति खुद अली था।

Meaning: Sahih Bukhari (59:637) – “The Prophet sent Ali to Khalid to bring the Khums (of the loot booty) and I hated Ali, and Ali had taken a bath (after a forceful sexual act with a slave-girl from the Khums). I said to Khalid, ‘Don’t you see this (i.e. Ali)?’

When we reached the Prophet I mentioned that to him.

He said, ‘O Buraida! Do you hate Ali?’

I said, ‘Yes.’

He said, ‘Do you hate him, for he deserves more than that from the Khums.’

This clearly proves that Muhammad approved his men having forceful sex with women slaves, as this episode even involved his son-in-law, Ali. Muhammad had forbidden Ali from marrying another woman as long as Fatima (his favorite daughter) was alive.

Taharrush Gamea Sex Slavery Case/Fact (Umdat al-Salik)

उमादत अल-सालिक (रिलायंस ऑफ़ थी ट्रैवलर) (0९.१३) – शरिया के अनुसार, जब काफिर बच्चा या महिला को मुसलमानों द्वारा बंदी बना लिया जाता है, तो वे उनके पकड़े जाने से ही उनके गुलाम बन जाते है। एक पकड़ी गई महिला को यौन गुलाम बनाकर उसकी पिछली शादी तुरंत रद्द कर दी जाती है।

यह आवश्यक नहीं होगा कि वह लड़ाई की विधवा हो, जैसा कि आज कल के मौलाना कभी-कभी कहा करते हैं, इस सच को छिपाने के लिए।

Meaning: Umdat al-Salik (Reliance of the Traveller) (09.13) – According to Sharia, when a kafir child or woman is taken captive by Muslims, they become slaves by the mere fact of their capture. A captured woman’s previous marriage is immediately annulled.

This would not be necessary if she were widowed by battle, which is an imaginary stipulation that modern apologists sometimes pose.

Taharrush Gamea Sex Slavery Case/Fact (Al-Azhar)

२0१४ में, अल-अजहर (इस्लामी दुनिया का सबसे प्रतिष्ठित विश्वविद्यालय) ने घोषणा की कि मुस्लिम कभी भी महिलाओं को सेक्स की गुलाम किसी भी संघर्ष में पकड़कर बना सकते है। सुआद सालेह ने महिला होते हुए भी ऐसी घोषणा की थी, जो एक तथाकथित ‘उदारवादी’ महिला समझी जाती थी, जिसने यह उस समय कहा जब हजारों यज़ीदी महिलाओं का (ISIS के मुस्लिम आतंकियों के) इस्लामिक स्टेट द्वारा क्रूरता से बलात्कार किया जा रहा था।

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जब मुस्लिम महिला स्कॉलर खुलकर काफिर महिलाओं की बलात्कार का समर्थन करती है तो स्पष्ट हो जाता है कि मुसलमानो को काफिर औरतों से किये बलात्कार से कोई परहेज नहीं है, खुली छूट है इस्लाम और क़ुरान में।

Meaning: Al-Azhar (the Islamic world’s most prestigious university) in 2014, proclaimed that Muslims can capture women in battle for sex slavery.  The woman making the announcement was Suad Saleh, a so-called ‘moderate,’ who said this at the very same time that thousands of Yazidi women were being horrifically raped by the Islamic State terrorists.

When Muslim women scholars openly support rape of Kafir women, it becomes clear that Muslims have no problem from raping Kafir women, there is an open exemption in Islam and the Quran to rape Kafir (non-muslim) women.

Taharrush Gamea Sex Slavery Case/Fact (Yazidi Girl)

12 साल की यज़ीदी बच्ची की दास्ताँ: इस्लामिक स्टेट के मुस्लिम आतंकियों द्वारा बंदी बनाई गई 12 साल की एक काफिर यज़ीदी लड़की ने बताया कि उसके साथ उसका मालिक (जिसकी वह सेक्स दासी थी) बलात्कार करने से पहले, अल्लाह से प्रार्थना करता था

“उसने मुझे बताया कि इस्लाम के अनुसार उसे एक काफिर लड़की के साथ बलात्कार करने की अनुमति है। उसने कहा कि मेरे साथ बलात्कार करके, वो अल्लाह के और करीब हो रहा है।”

और सेक्स दासियो से भी पहले जबरदस्ती क़ुरान पढ़वाया जाता था उनके बलात्कार से पहले या उसके दौरान। जब एक यज़ीदी महिला ने एक खिलाफत के सदस्य से एक ७ साल की छोटी बच्ची का बलात्कार नहीं करने का अनुरोध किया, तो उसने जवाब दिया, “वह एक हमारी सेक्स की दासी है… उसके साथ बलात्कार करने पे अल्लाह के और करीब होंगे।

Meaning: A rape incident told by a 12 year old Yazidi girl. A 12-year-old girl taken captive by the Islamic State explained that her ‘master’ would pray Allah before he raped her-

“He told me that according to Islam he is allowed to rape a Kafir girl. He said that by raping me, he is drawing closer to Allah.”

“Other sex slaves have been forced to pray before the rape or recite passages from the Quran during it.”

“When a Yazidi woman begged a caliphate member not to rape a”7 years old little girl, he responded, “She’s a slave… and having sex with her pleases Allah.”

Taharrush Gamea Sex Slavery Case/Fact (SB 62:137)

साहिह बुखारी (६२.१३७) – मुहम्मद के आदमियों द्वारा महिलाओं के पति और पिता की हत्या के बाद, उन काफिर महिलाओं को सेक्स की दासियाँ बना दिया गया। फिर मुहम्मद की मंजूरी के बाद, मुस्लिमों द्वारा उन महिलाओं के साथ बलात्कार किया गया।

Meaning: Sahih Bukhari (62:137) – An account of women taken as sex slaves in raid by Muhammad’s men after their husbands and fathers were killed. The women were raped by muslims with Muhammad’s approval.

Taharrush Gamea Sex Slavery Case/Fact (SB 47:765)

साहिब बुखारी (४७:७६५) – एक महिला को एक सेक्स दासी लड़की को मुक्त करने पर, मुहम्मद ने फटकार लगाया। मुहम्मद उसे बताता है कि उसने किसी रिश्तेदार को सेक्स की दासी को भेंट दे दिया होता तो उस महिला को और बेहतर जन्नती इनाम मिलता।

Meaning: Sahih Bukhari (47:765) – A woman is rebuked by Muhammad for freeing a sex slave girl. The prophet tells her that she would have gotten a greater heavenly reward by giving her to a relative (as a sex slave).

Taharrush Gamea Sex Slavery Case/Fact (SB 34:351)

साहिह बुखारी (३४:३५१) – मुहम्मद पैसे के लिए एक सेक्स की दासी को बेचता है। वह इस प्रकार सेक्स की दासियों का व्यापारी (दलाल) था।

Meaning: Sahih Bukhari (34:351) – Muhammad sells a sex slave girl for money. He was thus a sex slave trader (pimp).

An ordinary person would become rapist and love jihadi filled with lust and dirty attitude towards women if he is daily reciting such verses, attending cult discourses and reading such sexual assault crimes repeatedly.

Quran, hadiths and islam make an ordinary person dangerous muslim criminal who is out to commit crimes against non-muslim women. Evil teachings become so internalized in muslim men that they treat their women also very disgracefully.

Gangster cult islam does not respect womanhood and modesty of a girl crossing animalistic limits.

Where Taharrush Muslim Rapists Attack?

Most effective places considered by Taharrush Muslim Rapists are:

1. Public gathering
2. Mass events
3. Protests
4. Mass movements
5. New year eve
6. Carnivals
7. Open shows
8. Riots
9. Other non-islamic festivals infiltrated by muslims faking as non-muslims

How to Avoid Taharrush Gamea Rape Happening to You?

Keep company of your spouse or any other trusted non-muslim friend whenever you visit crowded places. If your locality or country has considerable muslim population, better visit all gatherings with a large group of trusted friends. NEVER visit such places alone or in drunken state.

How to Stop Taharrush Gamea Jamai Rape done by Muslims

Why Taharrush Jamai is Legalized by Clerics?

Among muslim clerics of Arab and Islamic world, Pakistani Islamic scholars are more open in admitting that attacks is correcting unislamic behaviour of women like working outside, not wearing hijab, not obeying husbands/parents, making friends with non-muslims, discussing gossips, etc. They justify the acts of muslim gang rapists who are involved in Taharrush Jamai. The punishment process is deemed as an act of terrorizing women so that they follow path of modesty (as per islam), out of fear and shame, culprit women would not leave home again and wear hijab. Innocent victims are blamed but not the muslim molesters and rapists.

Taharrush Gamea in Europe (Sweden, Germany, England) and India

When the first incidents of women being assaulted by crowds of Arab men came out of Cologne, Germany, during New Years Eve, the news was suppressed. However seeing surge in  Taharrush Rape, the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) admitted, the alleged Arab rape game Taharrush (तहर्रूश) is now in Europe. The dirty game of molesting women was brought to Europe by the hordes of muslim refugees seeking asylum.

Taharrush Gamea in India

Later, the leaked reports proved that the police were unable to stop the disorder, as the little police staff was incompetent to deal with the massive gathering. As per the reports by NRW state, 516 criminal complaints had been registered out of which 237 of were of a sexual nature.

Taharrush in India

According to spectator, Taharrush Gamea got popular media attention in Egypt in 2005, when female protesters against the Mubarak government were sexually assaulted by plain-clothes muslim policemen. Many subsequent cases were political in nature, but not all: as Mariam Kirollos writes, in 2006 “Egyptian bloggers reported cases of group sexual assault in downtown Cairo, where large groups of men groped veiled and unveiled women, and in some cases ripped their clothes off.

There were also many cases of rape.

Taharrush Jamai in India

After the revolution in 2011, the attacks became more organised and aggressive. The following year, volunteer groups of men began patrolling parts of Cairo to protect women from collective assaults. These became horribly frequent: in summer 2013, in the ten days around the time President Morsi was deposed, there were 186 documented cases of mob harassment, assault and rape. It is believed that unreported incidents is double than documented cases.

Taharrush Jamai Rape in India

Heather McRobie, a journalist and academician previously based in Egypt, says some of the assaults in Tahrir Square were co-ordinated political attacks – the authorities wanted to make the square unsafe, and to drive out women. “Some were also opportunistic, like at a festival – lots of people, easy to get lost in the crowd, and muslim men can take undue advantage of that situation.

Reports from Germany inform that similar incidents have occurred in Berlin, Hamburg, Bielefeld, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Stuttgart. But it’s not only Germany that is suffering; other European nations such as Austria, Sweden and Switzerland have also reported similar Taharrush cases in hundreds. According to Holger Munch of the BKA, attacks can range from stealing belongings, to groping (molesting) and rape. The women who have come out and reported these incidents tell of the horror they have gone through. There are many who did not turn up to report horrific incidents. Due to advent of social media, awareness about Taharrush is now shared with the world.

Taharrush Jamai in India

How Muslims Execute Taharrush Rape Jihad in Europe (Germany, Sweden and Austria)?

Taharrush Infographic

Taharrush Gamea Infographic: How Muslims Execute Taharrush Group Rape Jihad Europe England
Step 1. Maximum three muslim men approach a girl Step 2. Another group approaches from behind, girl does not know. Step 3. Slowly muslim men approach from the side of a girl. Step 4. Men approaching at Step 2 starts groping and molesting. Step 5. Fake sympathizers approach girl consoling her, closing last escape passage. Step 6a. Group of men approaching behind her push a group of Step 4 that is groping her. Step 6b. More men approach from right side.

Taharrush (तहर्रूश) has 14 forms, in most of the forms, muslim men isolate the non-muslim victim by drugging or causing some harm or blackmailing or assaulting her.

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Taharrush Rape Jihad India

Rise in muslim population is responsible for hike in reported cases of Taharrush rape. Most of the Taharrush cases are reported from European countries. Being largest muslim populated non-islamic nation, there are similar types of Taharussh rape committed by neighbourhood muslims in subcontinent but MSM in India is corrupt, pro-islamic, leftist and Hinduphobic so they downplay all such cases and do not even cite them as Taharussh cases filled with guile and hatred towards Hindus. This is happening due to anti-Hindu ecosystem build by ever decadent political parties of India.

Taharrush in India

With rise in muslim appeasement policies by governments of India, the conviction rate for rape cases declined, no political party strictly handled the rape cases as mostly muslims were involved in India, vote bank politics ruined social life of Indians, the conviction rate for rape was 44 percent in 1973, 38 percent in 1983, 27 percent in 2009, 27 percent in 2010, 26 percent in 2011, 24 percent in 2012 and 27 percent in 2013.

Taharrush Jihadi in India
A 14 years old Hindu Dalit girl was Taharrush gang-raped by 3 Jihadi Muslims in Kaushambi

Taharrush in India is very slyly organized by muslims, these scavengers are part of the common life in the form of skilled labours or professionals like coach, teacher, barber, carpenter, driver and muslim cleric. Most of the cases are of Taharrush Jinsi (تحرش جنسي)

They keep close watch on the family background of the target victim then they establish contact with the victim, as they get chance to isolate victim, they kidnap and rape the girl. In 60% of the cases, a muslim goon dupes the girl tricking or drugging her, takes her to isolated place where his other muslim friends are waiting to execute the crime. Taharrush in India has also another aim of forcefully converting the victim Hindu girl into satanic cult islam.

Taharrush is in India Since Mughal Terrorism

All the Badshahnamas from Babar to Akbar are filled with incidents of Taharrush where muslim invaders mass raped several Hindu women and girls. Apart from Taharrush rape other forms of islamic terrorism recorded in History is given here. Similarly history of love jihad is posted here.

Ajmer Gang Rape was Mass Taharrush in India

Hindu Residents of Ajmer even today get terrified discussing about infamous Ajmer Mass Taharrush Rape cases, reportedly more than 500 Hindu minor girls were raped by muslim men in an organized manner. These serial Taharrush rape incidents were happening for more than 2 years but political clout suppressed the cases. The Ajmer rape incident had deep impact on dhimmi secular Hindus of the time, most Hindu families avoided making brides from the places in and around Ajmer. There was silent backlash in Hindu community that the victim girls are more than 2000 and only 500 odd incidents are documented while others are unreported due to social shame.

The Ajmer Taharrush Rape case is often compared with Rotherham Taharrush Mass Rape cases where reportedly over 1800 minor children were sexually abused by muslims.

Ajmer Sharif Dargah 1992 Mass Gang Rape Taharrush

In 1992, the Ajmer Serial Gang Rape Taharrush cases were one of India’s biggest cases of coerced sexual exploitation executed by organized muslim community. The incidents occurred in Kishangarh, Nasirabad, Khari, Kekri and Beawar and other parts of Ajmer, a city in the state of Rajasthan. The rape jihad ruined hundreds of young girls, some college students, mostly minor in schools. The news of the scandal broke after a local paper, ‘Navjyoti’ published some nude images and a story which spoke about school students being blackmailed by local gangs.

The Taharrush was planned, organized and executed by mosques, madrasas, dargahs and islamic associations of the area. Their main agenda was to rape and make Hindu women slaves then produce children from them to spread terrorism. The epicentre of Taharrush was Ajmer Sharif Dargah, the same mazar where even today dhimmi secular Hindus go to pay homage to a terrorist resting there in the form of rotten filth.

Most of the accused muslims were mainly from the clan of khadims (caretakers of sunni-sufi shrine) of Ajmer Dargah of Jihadi Moinuddin Chishti. Using all forms of threatening methods, case were stalled by police under political pressure, main accused Farooq Chishty was president of the Ajmer Indian Youth Congress, Nafis Chishty and Anwar Chishty were vice-president and joint secretary of Ajmer Indian National Congress. Eventually, 18 serial offenders were charged in the court. Eight were convicted for life, 4 among them were later acquitted in 2001, and most of remaining were set free after reducing their sentence to the jail term already served. It is said that to forcibly end cases Ajmer Dargah spent around 50 crores buying out political parties and police department. Modesty of innocent and minor Hindu girls were traded by brothel borns.

After several years only two victims pursued the Taharrush rape cases. Later one of them committed suicide out of continuous fear and shaming by local muslim goons.

Shameless Admission and Suppression of Taharrush Crime

“The accused were in a position of influence, both socially and financially, and that made it even more difficult to persuade the girls to come forward and depose,” says retired Rajasthan DGP Omendra Bhardwaj, who was then posted as the deputy inspector general of police, Ajmer.

Supreme Court noted in this case, “Unfortunately many of the victims who appeared as witnesses turned hostile and one can appreciate the reason why they did not want to depose against the appellants as that would have exposed them as well, and would have adversely affected their future life.”

Notice the observation of Supreme Court, they are appreciating the fact that victims should not come forward to punish muslim culprits legally. Supreme Court is deeply compromised by the corrupt ecosystem of Jihadi (secular) political parties of India.

Supreme Court in India shamelessly admit its helplessness to act against terrorist muslims but is over board to stop Hindus from unharmful celebrations; firing of festival crackers, navratri puja at nights, Mahakaal temple abhishek and Dahi handi celebrations. How can you expect justice? It seems Hindus have to become Dharm Yodhha themselves to save their sisters and girl child.

How Can You Expect Major forms of Terrorism – Love Jihad, Rape Jihad and Taharrush to be Known to common Hindu Girls, when Our Govt Shamelessly Makes FALSE CLAIM that Terrorism Has No Religion. Denial of islamic crimes for Vote bank is Killing our Hindu brothers and Sisters.

Lack of awareness among Hindu girls is the key to successful assault by muslim terrorists. Hindu girls are not taught by parents since childhood that THEY SHOULD NEVER BEFRIEND ANY MUSLIM GIRL OR A BOY. These so called muslim friends are trappers who push the Hindu girls into the hands of radical jihadis for Taharrush rape.

It lies on us to spread truth about all forms of terrorism invoked by neighbourhood muslims on us. Government is failing us but we cannot fail our own brothers and sisters, share this article with maximum Hindu brothers and sisters to save Hinduism and make Bharat terror free.

Taharrush Modus Operandi in India

The Taharrush is done by a large group of muslim men, it is a well planned blackmail operation, they target Hindu girls after months of due diligence and recce.

Ajmer Sharif 1992 mass rape exposes the purpose of existence of Mazars and Mosques. It also revealed the modus operandi of muslim jihadis. Initially a specific group of local influential men were targeting young girls. They would isolate one girl and forcibly take obscene images. Then they would blackmail the girl into familiarizing them to her classmates and friends. Eventually, other girls would be raped, sexually exploited and have their pictures taken. The cycle continued so forth. The gang continued to expand its operations and victimize an increasing number of girls. They photographed the girls in compromising positions, using the images to exploit the victims. Most of the girls were raped for continuous 1 year due to political patronage the local muslims got from Dargah and leaders.

Neighbourhood muslim terrorists used all dirty tricks of forced drugs, alcohol, video filming, threatening the Hindu girls that their family will be killed before mass raping them.

The most disturbing part of the horrific cases has been the quiet suffering of the victims. After the rape, most victims experienced harassment and threats, with no support from society or their families. According to police investigations, about 75 victims committed suicide, again this count is disputed by local Hindu families some stating the actual count to be above 200.

Ajmer Mahila Samooh, who tried to take up the victim’s cause, withdrew after receiving threats from muslim goons. Small time tabloids run by muslims were quite a sensation in Ajmer at that time. As if the mass exploitation of hundreds of girls was not enough of a blow to the town’s conscience, many victims were further blackmailed by these tabloids and local papers. Some newspaper offices were closed after it was known that muslim terrorists who raped Hindu girls started the newspaper to name shame the victims. They had access to the explicit images of the girls, and the owners and publishers sought money from the families of the girls to keep them hidden.

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Why and How Muslims Execute Taharrush Rape Jihad in India (Shareable Infographic)

How Muslims Execute Taharrush Rape Jihad India big
Uncivilized Islam, Anti-Hindu Media and Corrupt Legal System is Freeing and Inspiring Muslim Rapists

Islam and Taharrush is Root Cause of Rape Crime in India

There are multiple cases reported in India which has resemblance to organized Taharrush crime but leftist Indian media being corrupt to the core and funded by petro dollars never highlight the incidents as organized Taharrush crime. Like Ajmer Tahrrush Rape case was blacked out by media, to this day, they change names of the muslim rapists in heinous rape crimes. Muslim Mohammed Afroz, most gruesome rapist of all, who inserted rod in the vagina and took out victim’s intestine, was shown as Raju (Hindu name) in Jyoti Singh Nirbhaya rape and murder case. Similarly all the four rapists in recent Hyderabad Tahrrush Rape murder case of Hindu sister Priyanka Reddy were muslims but names of all three rapists were populated as Hindus, impostering fakery that three of them are minor so their original names should not be revealed. However the anti-Hindu media and corrupt police department never use muslim names for minor muslim rapists why hide islamic crimes and Taharrush epidemic by hiding religion of the  accused? why shame Hindus for the rape crimes committed by muslims? Corrupt media and police department have no answer.

Priyanka Reddy Taharrush Rape Jihad of Muslims Hyderabad

The corrupt ecosystem of India is anti-Hindu, slowly the ecosystem is forcing Hindus to ENACT THEIR OWN LAW and PUNISH THE CULPRITS on the spot as it is done in few of the Indian villages even today.

Recent incident of Taharrush is rape committed by group of muslims. Mohammed Pasha and his accomplices raped a Hindu girl Priyanka Reddy near Tondupally toll plaza.

The victim Priyanka Reddy parked her scooter near Tondupally toll plaza which got the attention of 2 muslim lorry drivers and their cleaners. They deflated her scooter’s tyre in her absence. After returning she noticed the flat tyre and made a call to her sister. Later, the accused on the pretext of helping, ambushed and pushed her into nearby bushes. The victim was raped by four men and then killed by smothering when she gained consciousness. The men loaded her corpse in the lorry and burnt her around 2:00 to 2:30 am, 30 km away from the toll booth near Shadnagar culvert on Hyderabad Outer Ring road. Initially reports were circulated that she was burnt alive. We cannot trust media and police department as they do dilute crimes committed by muslims in India.

The filthy islamic concept of commoditizing women as sex object to use her as sex toy made this Taharrush game very popular in muslim dominated areas and islamic countries; Egypt, Pakistan, Nigeria, Sudan with other Arab nations. Women are made victims regardless of religion however cases recently reported suggest that victims are mostly non-muslims (Kafirs). The horrific game again got global attention in 2013 during the uprising in Cairo’s Tahrir Square where local women and foreign journalists were assaulted by groups of men attending the protests against the Egyptian president. The terrifying Taharrush mass rape has encapsulated entire India slowly killing Hinduism and modesty of Indian womanhood.

It is high time we teach our Hindu girls to stay in large groups with Hindu brothers and attack muslim mans whenever they feel even slightest of danger from them. Attack is the best defence when your neighbourhood is filled with islamic scavengers.

UPDATE 29-02-2020: Delhi riots 2020 witnessed huge surge in Taharrush Gamea rape cases however gilt born media persons of corrupt MSM of India never highlighted the Taharrush Jamai Gang Rape cases to spread awareness about the danger Hindu girls are facing in Bharat.

Kaushalya Devi reportedly told to a Youtube Channel Bharat Shakti that, “We were surrounded by muslim mobs, they burned and destructed our temples, homes and Hindu shops. They were fully prepared for riots, they had petrol bombs, knives, stones, pistols and acid bottles. We were forced to remain hidden in our homes. We stayed without electricity and meagre water for 4 continuous days. Muslim terrorists got free run to cause destruction to Hindu establishments. We thought of them as neighbours, contributed in their religious festivals, adjusted in ramzan so that they could do namaz peacefully blocking our daily movements for a month. But the muslims are selfish and cunning people. They are backstabbers. We Hindus should have not trusted muslims. The most shocking aspect in all the riot incidents orchestrated by the Jihadis are MOLESTING AND RAPING MINOR HINDU GIRLS – these are same girls who respected them as Chacha or Bhai jaan but the same muslim goons stripped our girls naked, molested with them, some girls are not even speaking about it crying continuously. It seems they are being raped too. Their parents are not ready for medical examinations not letting us meet the daughters too due to prestige issue. These muslim neighbours literally took off all clothes of girls studying from 6th to 9th class and sent them home naked. Several marks on their bodies visibly prove the molestation by muslim rapists.

Why Hindus foolishly expect humanity from a cult that edifies a pedophile who raped 8 years 7 months old Ayesha as Rasul. He is considered as perfect man by muslims – they are told to replicate Muhammad’s footsteps in their life. Only a fool and insane Hindu would trust muslim ever in his or her life.

Hindus should forget about law. Democracy and legal system is so corrupt it takes ages to punish the culprit. The fragile legal system of India is encouragement for muslim terrorists. Its time to kill the pedophile muslim rapists on the spot. No one in the world can deal with terrorists invoking civil laws. US army killed millions of muslim terrorists in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan – IT WAS NOT DEMOCRACY THAT MADE USA CONTROL ISLAMIC TERRORISM – IT WAS BRUTE FORCE. Yes, Civic rules are for civilized people not for uncivilized inhuman neighbourhood muslim terorists. Few of them punished to death would invoke fear among other muslim rioters. Myanmar did same thing with Taharrush Gamea Rohingya rapists. They were killed, this invoked fear among other muslims and Myanmar was able to control the growing Gang Rape menace of islamists. Their #BoycottMuslimsEconomically also helped in drying off zakat funds utilized for islamic terrorism. They stopped buying from muslim shops, stopped hiring them as employees and terminated several muslims from their jobs.


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  • K R Chandran says:

    I wonder where were the Hindu organisations of Ajmer. VHP, Bajrang Dal, etc. RSS is anyway a rotten secularist, no hope from them.

  • Every Indian women should read it. They have been well protected and well fed since years. As these events were happening in India and Hindus were not even aware of this. Let’s protect our entire Hindu family as we only have one country to live and they have more than 100.

  • You know I always thought these were isolated events little did I know that it’s highly organised that too on a mass scale. I feel disgusted and ashamed because of our ignorance. In Europe too, women are violated because their men are useless and incapable of protecting them.I fear a similar situation in India.

    • © HariBhakt says:

      Simran ji,

      Awareness is key.

      Adharmic islam’s existence is based on hatred towards other panths and Sanatan Hindu dharma. The terror manual Quran shamelessly preach muslims to rape, loot, kill and deceit non-muslims.

      Equipped with immense information about opaque islam is first step in fight against all types of jihad.

      Media (press, print and electronic) is sold medium, only our efforts to share information can make us understand essence of Islam and it’s criminal activities.

      Without knowing enemy and it’s modus operandi, we cannot fight with them.

      Share all such posts among Hindus so that we all understand their approach and save our Hindu sisters and brothers.

      Secularism is a demon that is slowly killing Hinduism in Bharat. We already lost 58% of our land mass and 45% of Hindu population to Abrahamic cult in last 150 years due to ignorance.

      Knowledge keep us United. Read all such posts and share them as given below:


      Jai Narsimha

  • You know I always thought these were isolated events little it I know that it’s highly organised that too on a mass scale. I feel disgusted and ashamed because of our ignorance. Ino Europe too, women are violated because their men are useless and incapable of protecting them.I fear a similar situation in India.

  • Harsha Vardhan Reddy says:

    I want to know all criminal attributes followed by muslims, I will share to everyone i know

    • © HariBhakt says:

      Knowing attributes is not rocket science. All of GR and criminal IPCs are invoked for all types of crime they commit against humanity and women.

    • © HariBhakt says:

      Apologies sister, quickly responded, thought it was relative to attributions to IPCs.

      The links in the articles itself redirect you to several posts and modus operandi of love jihad and taharrush gamea. It cover all aspects of it.

      Share with maximum Hindu sisters and brothers.

      Jai Narsimha

  • krishna Vijayan says:

    Ajmer should be named as Rape Capital of India and the Congrel CM of Rajasthan as CM of nRape.