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Brahman ब्राह्मण is one of the categories in Hinduism, part of the Varna* system. A Brahman gains knowledge studying Hindu scriptures under guidance of  a Guru. Brahmin performs duty as a Pandit, Rishi, Acharya and guardian of sacred texts across generations. In current scenario, as per Varna system – pandas, professors, teachers, trainers and coaches are Brahmans (not the one who abuses it as the profession for making money but eradicating illiteracy with selfless spread of knowledge).

[*Varna system- Your position is decided based on your Karma, not by your birth. A Shudra can become Brahman and vice-versa]

Shudra शूद्र is also one of the four social categories found in the Varna System of Hinduism. In current scenario, it forms the biggest part of Hindu population; workers, managers, clerks, executives and departmental heads are Shudras (All paid employees).

Brahmins or Brahmans dedicate their time and resource doing bhakti and giving discourses about history of deities. The in-depth analysis of the texts and its real meaning is comprehended by the Brahmins to pass the same knowledge to the masses through disciples.

But simply by learning Vedic texts, mastering its meaning and spreading information about them, can develop bhakti in you? No… it does not happen so. Confused, then let us know about an incident that will change your perception about bhakti (Faith) in your Bhagwan.

Can I Become A Bhakt Loved By Bhagwan Himself?

Narad muni roams earth and search for the haribhakts in every Yug (to this day), taking different forms he ask them questions and interacts about Bhagwan and his Bhakti. In the incident of testing faith, he is in Yatharoop, his original form.

An interesting insightful incident happened with Narad Muni, who was once asked by a Brahman: “Oh, you are going to meet the Bhagwan? Will you please ask Him when I’m getting moksha and meeting Bhagwan?”

“All right,” Narad agreed to ask this question. “I shall ask Him.”

narad muni with brahman

As Narad proceeded, he met a mochi (cobbler) who was sitting under a tree mending shoes, and the cobbler similarly asked Narad, “You are very fortunate to see Narayan whenever you wish so. You are going to see our Bhagwan after going from here? Will you please inquire of Him when I will be able to see him?”

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When Narad Muni went to the planet Vaikunth, he fulfilled their request and asked Narayan (Shree Krishn) about the Moksha of the Brahman and the cobbler, and Bhagwan replied, “After leaving this body, the cobbler shall come here to me.”

haribhakt cobbler narad muni

“What about the Brahman?” Narada asked curiously.

“He will have to remain there for a number of births.”

Narad Muni was astonished, and he finally said, “I can’t understand the mystery of this.”

“That you will see yourself,” Narayan smiled. “When they ask you what I am doing in My abode, tell them that I am threading the eye of a needle with an elephant.”

Test of Faith By Bhagwan

When Narad came to earth, roamed and then approached the Brahman.

The Brahman asked, “Oh, you have seen the Bhagwan? What was He doing?”

“He was threading an elephant through the eye of a needle,” Narad answered.

“I don’t believe such nonsense,” the Brahman replied. Narad could immediately understand that the man had no faith and that he was simply a reader of books. He merely read the books to fulfill his wish to know about given information, but never connected himself with the true knowledge.

Narad then left and went on to the cobbler, who asked him, “Oh, you have seen Bhagwan Narayan? Tell me, what was He doing?”

“He was threading an elephant through the eye of a needle,” Narad smiled.

The cobbler began to weep cheerfully, “Oh, my Bhagwan is so wonderful, He can do anything.”

“Do you really believe that the Bhagwan can push an elephant through the hole of a needle?” Narad asked.
“Why not?” the cobbler said, “Of course I believe it. Nothing is impossible for him.”

“How is that?” Narad was amused.

“You can see that I am sitting under this banyan tree,” the cobbler impressed Narad with his Haribhakti and beautifully explained, “and you can see that so many fruits are falling daily, and in each seed there is a banyan tree like this one. If, within a small seed there can be a big tree like this, is it difficult to accept that the Bhagwan is pushing an elephant through the eye of a needle?”

Jai Shree Krishna Bhakti

Faith is Belief

This is called Faith. Not believing without logic. It is validated by the creations which is seen by the Bhakts. Bhakt having complete belief on Bhagwan will question his own Bhakti but not Narayan. Complete faith is not subset of knowledge, it comes from within. It can only be developed thinking about Bhagwan in his creations. If Krishn can put a large tree within each of the little seeds, is it so astounding that He is keeping all the planetary systems floating in space through His energy?

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Although scientists may think that the planets are being held in space simply by nature alone, behind nature there is Bhagwan Narayan. EVERYTHING is acting under His guidance.

As Sri Krishn states:

mayadhyaksena prakrtih
suyate sa-caracaram
hetunanena kaunteya
jagad viparivartate

“This material nature is working under My direction, O son of Kunti, and is producing all moving and unmoving beings. By its rule this manifestation is being created and annihilated again and again.” (Bhagwad Geeta. 9.10)

Mayadhyaksena means “under My supervision.” Material nature cannot act so wonderfully unless the Bhagwan is behind it. No artificial or material things work on its own. It needs a doer, matter is inert, and without the spiritual touch there is no possibility of its acting. Matter cannot act independently or on its own. Bhagwan created man and planets and everything functions due to him. Like man made machines and knows how to operate it. Machines is intricately constructed, but unless a man runs that machine, it cannot work. And what is that man? He is a spiritual spark. Without spiritual touch, nothing can move; therefore everything is resting on Krishn’s impersonal energy. Krishn’s energy is impersonal, but He is a person. We often hear of persons performing wonderful actions, yet despite their energetic accomplishments, they still remain persons. If this is possible for human beings, why isn’t it possible for our Bhagwan?

Sun chanting OM. Planets rotating. Other space matters orbiting stars. Millions of Suns emitting light. Balance is maintained in all planets as they follow their Dharma. Who invokes dharma in them? How is this happening? When nothing happens without a doer? Who is doing this? When even a simple box lying on the ground does not act on its own, it needs a push by a person or by the strong wind to move then how can someone be skeptical like a Brahman that everything is moving on its OWN!

Ahankar that I m doing this, diminishes the Bhakti in a person, making him atheist later to repent it.

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We are all part of his leela we come to this earth and attain a lifestyle based on our past deeds and present Karma. Do your Karma like the cobbler and have complete faith on Shree Krishn that it is not you who is doing it but our own Bhagwan who gives life, is supreme soul and omnipresent. Become a selfless bhakt and lead a pious life to reach higher planets or attain moksha.
Incident shared by HariBhakt Swami Prabhupada from Bhagwat Katha in a book Raja Vdyam.

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  • Archie Jamir says:


    I am a Dalit or outside of Varna by birth because I was born outside Bharat (India) or a country contaminated by mlecchas-based belief but however, it’s not all. I can become Brahmin by studying the Vedas, do the Sattvic diet, never be Lakshmi-minded( Addicted to Money, Fame, and Name), Do Yogas, control yourself. I’ll give you an example: Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen and current Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella were born in a whatever varna because they are born in India. but now they are Vaishya because of their karmic action in their career this will same as Bill Gates born mleccha contaminated America however he was born outside caste because he is a mleccha (Foreigner) now he is a Vaishya when he starts a company with Paul Allen but I have a dilemma if I visit India, for example, a Brahmin never allow Shudra to read the Vedas because of Manusmirti or another Brahmin yells at People outside caste or Black people for never pass the line (parameter) of mandir and Allow fair-skinned or mleccha people ( Due to a stupid Aryan Invasion theory by Max Mueller) these both Brahmins are contaminated by Ignorance and Arrogance (Mada or Pride) but what if one of those will affect me ’cause I’m an Asian. These are my saying. By the way, I’m a Filipino, and I can be a Hindu by abandoning such teachings from the Catholic (Christianity but mleccha just like Islam and Judaism). The nationality is very temporary because when you migrate to a peaceful country or die you will be reborn in a different nation or an alien civilization which having similar to Sanatana Dharma or some Aliens have Mleccha Dharma depending on your doing (Karma) on this material universe.