Vidura Niti Vidura Neeti and Dhritarashtra

Vidura was created via cloning for Parishrami, a handmaiden of the queens Ambika and Ambalika, under the direction of the Sage Vyasa. The queens were the wives of king Vichitravirya, the father of Dhritarashtra and Pandu as well as the grandfather of the Kauravas and Pandavas.

With his large frame, powerful aura, blazing eyes, sagely clothes, long, knotted beard, and hairlocks, Vyasa developed a tremendous and terrifying appearance due to years of penance. Queens were afraid of Vyasa so sent the maid for the cloning process.

The Pandavas held the highest regard for Vidura as an advisor since he frequently cautioned them of Duryodhana’s plans to eliminate them. When Duryodhana planned to burn the Pandavas alive in the wax home, he intervened and forewarned them saving their lives.

Vidura was one of the brightest thinkers of the Mahabharata era. He was not only intelligent, but also tremendously gifted in philosophy. He was a great visionary. Vidura was blessed with knowledge since he took birth as the cloned son of Sage Ved Vyasa. He served as Hastinapur’s Mahamantri (in present age general secretary to PM). It is said about Vidura that he had the ability to anticipate circumstances. Vidura made an attempt to halt Yudhishthira from rolling the dice, but his attempts were fruitless. He was the sole one to speak out against Draupadi’s treatment at the Kaurava court, aside from the prince Vikarna. Duryodhana taunted Vidura angrily at that time, calling him unsupportive. Vidura had informed Maharaj Dhritarashtra on the outcome of the armed conflict even before the Mahabharata war.

Vidura Niti on Identification of People


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Vidura Niti is a thought provoking conversation between Vidura and Maharaj Dhritarashtra. The timeless lessons imparted by Vidura are just as applicable now as they were then. It is referred by many schools globally as part of people management program. Many difficulties may be avoided, and life made happier, if Vidura’s rules are followed in daily life. It has been mentioned in Vidur Niti how to understand certain persons based on their traits and behaviour. How to deal with such people or ways to avoid them. In addition to this, important details have also been provided on subjects like the proper and improper usage of money. Let us understand few of them.

Vidura Niti to Find a Smart Person

According to the Vidur Niti, a person must not speak in vain without being asked, and only after all of his deeds and decisions show results, one can learn about him. An intelligent one patiently hears what others have to say while attempting to learn the subject. The individuals attempt to achieve the task using their mind as opposed to applying desire or heart to it. Such persons have wisdom.

Vidura Niti to Avoid Unwanted People

There are certain type of people, from whom one should consistently stay away, as indicated by Vidur Niti.

According to Vidur Niti, it is wise to avoid those who are careless, lazy, furious, immoral, addicts, greedy, afraid, or lusty. Such individuals do not advance, and they do not also allow you to progress. They will give importance to their ambition before your considerations. All of these may lead to your major loss or even demise. Those who surround themselves with such people will always struggle in life and never achieve success.

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Vidura Niti on Most Atrocious Ways to Handle Money

According to Vidur Niti, two maladies of handling money causes financial problem – indifference treatment and wrong policy, waste money. Giving money to the wicked when they don’t need it is the first abuse of money, and withholding it from the deserving even when they need is the second.

Vidura Niti on Divinely Human Beings

Two types of people have been identified in Vidura Niti as having a position above heaven.

According to Vidur Niti, a person who has the capacity to forgive despite being strong and who donates to charity despite being in need. Such people reside above the heavens.

Vidura Niti on Eight Things That Make an Individual King or Winner

Eight traits have been described in Vidura Niti to be a successful person in any field. It is admirable to have these traits in a person; Knowledge, bravery, a subdued voice, politeness, self-control,  remembering others’ favours, nobility and charity. Anyone who possesses these eight traits command high respect in the society.

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