Hindu News on Citizenship of pakistani and Bangladeshi Hindus

There is sharp decline of Hindu population in Pakistan, presently comprising of hardly 1.5% while in 1947 it was around 26% of total population (In Some cities it was more than muslim population, for example, the population of Karachi, Pakistan in 1947 was 450,000, of which 51% was Hindu, and 42% was Muslim). The continuous forceful conversion, r@pe, killing and genocide of innocent Hindus in the hands of pakistanis led to massive decimation in Hindu populace over the decades.

Almost no Hindu holds any public position of significance in government, military, business, or society. Government regulations and laws shaped by Islamic Sharia injunctions discriminate against the Hindu minority as well as other minorities in Pakistan. Section 295-C of the Pakistan penal code mandates the death sentence for blasphemy against the Prophet or desecration of the Koran. Practising non-muslim rituals in Pakistan is considered act of blasphemy.

Dozens of fake blasphemy cases are pending in the courts, and the accused spend long periods in jails under brutal conditions once the accusation has been made, although most such allegations of desecration are the result of personal grudges. On March 24, 2005, Pakistan restored the discriminatory practice of mandating the mention of religious identity of individuals in all new passports.

With no choice many Hindus leave everything behind and take refuge in India. They leave behind everything in Pakistan but do not submit to the cruelty of islam. They deserve more than refugee status. Good sense prevailed and the government is planning to amend the Citizenship Act, 1955 to grant citizenship to Hindus from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh seeking asylum in India. The Centre proposes to change the definition of “illegal migrants” in the law and relax it for Hindus who came to India without valid documents on the grounds of “religious persecution”.

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The government also plans to bring a notification setting the cut-off date as December 31, 2014 for immigration and grant of citizenship to minority Hindus, officials said.

Earlier, India granted Hindus from Pakistan and Afghanistan long-term visa for five years and they were required to complete a stay of seven years to be eligible for citizenship. The government also plans to announce long-term visa facility for minorities from Bangladesh ahead of the Assam elections next year, officials said.

It is also proposed that an issue executive order under Foreigners Act, 1946 can be issued ensuring “continued presence” of Hindus in India, added officials.

Hindu Singh Sodha, president of Universal Just Action Society told ET that the body submitted a road map to the Modi government. “How can the government decide on a cut-off date? The situation in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan is not in anyone control,” he said.

The move to grant citizenship rights to minority Hindus is in consonance with BJP’s declared aim of positioning India as a refuge for Hindus fleeing persecution anywhere in the world, much like Israel’s stance towards Jews.
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