Vaimanika Shastra Vimana Ancient Aircraft Science Aeronautical Engineering वैमानिक शास्त्र - महर्षि भरद्वाज

The Vaimanika Shastra was reproduced in early 20th century, it was compiled using old Hindu texts. The manual is in  Sanskrit text and discusses about the science involved with the study, design, and manufacturing of airflight capable machines, or the techniques of operating aircraft and rocketry within the atmosphere.It is obtained by mental channeling, about construction of vimānas, the “chariots of the Gods.”

The existence of the text was revealed in 1952 by G. R. Josyer, according to whom it is due to one Pandit Subbaraya Shastry, who dictated it in 1918-1923. A Hindi translation was published in 1959, the Sanskrit text with an English translation in 1973.

Skeptics who make fun of ancient Hindu texts should note that US Air force and their secret intelligence units are already working on 7 physics bending aircrafts and 2 space crafts to travel within earth and inter-planetary journeys. Read about one of the crafts patent here.

Vaimanika or Vimanika Shastra

Vimana Shastra वैमानिक शास्त्र  Is Not Myth But Aeronautical Engineering Manual

It has 3000 shlokas in 8 chapters and was attributed by Shastry to Maharishi Bharadvaja, which makes it of purportedly “ancient” origin, and there for it has a certain notability in ancient astronaut theories.

Most of the knowledge given in Vaimanika Shastra on constructing aeroplanes, fighter jets were lost due to series of invasions happening in India. Nalanda University had original Vedic texts and Vaimanika Shastra which was destroyed when an illiterate muslim terrorist Bakhtiyar Khilji demolished the world’s most ancient University. It was later telepathically delivered to an Indian Sage by Rishi Bhardwaj.

[HB: In absence of detailed guidance on the preparation of Vimanas; A manual which can give insights from scratch is missing, even revival is not easy since it requires knowledge of several mantras, required during construction of aircrafts, which is not with modern Indians as they are blindfolded chasing western theories. So a study by aeronautical and mechanical engineering at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in 1974 concluded that the aircraft described in the text were “poor concoctions” and that the author showed complete lack of understanding of aeronautics. Even the Indian engineers of that time lacked deep insights of deciphering the mechanism described in Vaimanika Shastra. A true Sanskrit scholar with deep knowledge of mantras that can control all 5 senses, 5 elements of the nature is required to decode the actual mechanics of Vaimanika Shastra. HariBhakt]

Here is a list of some secrets from Vaimanika Shastra According to David Hatcher Childress :
> secrets for the construction of airplanes, how to avoid break them, cut them, set them on fire and destroy them;
> secret to immobilize the airplane;
> secret cloaking technology for the airplane;
> to listen to the enemy’s secret conversations in other places;
> recupereare secret photographs of the interior of enemy planes;
> secret to ascertain the direction of an aircraft approaching enemy;
> secret to lose consciousness to the pilots of enemy planes;
> secret of destroying enemy planes.

Vaimanika Shastra: How Pilots Operated Vimanas

The pilot has to learn 32 secrets from competent preceptors and only a person who has learned can be entrusted with an airplane, and not others. These secrets are so explained by Siddhanaatha:

1. Maantrika “as prescribed in Mantraadhikaara , invoking the Mantras of Chhinnamasta, Bhairavee, Vgine, Siddhaamba, it acquires the power to ghutikaa, paadukaa, visible and invisible, and other Mantras with powerful herbs and oils and effective Bhuvaneswaree Mantra, which gives spiritual powers, to build airplanes that do not break, can not be cut, can not be burned and can not be destroyed.
2. Taantrika “acquiring Mahaamaaya, Shambara and other tantric powers can be transferred to the airplane.”
3. Kritaka “studying architects like Vishwakarma, Chhayaaparusha, Manu, Maya and other (the pilot or a specialist) will learn how to construct airplanes of various models.” These first three secrets would be the objective of the manual, clarifying certain prerogatives which the pilot must meet . Like modern pilots aircraft , they too would have known of the construction technique, in order to know how to drive better and be able to do minor repairs. According to the text, thevimana would be indestructible, in connection with the materials available at that time (wood, iron, bronze, canvas, glass) and presumably there would be no need for a school with technicians and specialists who are able to build and develop the vehicle.
4. Antaraala “in the sky, in the atmospheric regions swept by the wind, in the clash of powerful currents at the edges, the plane unnoticed is likely to be crushed and torn to pieces. But being warned of the approach of such danger spots, the aircraft can be arrested and driven with caution. ” The text seems to indicate a possible vulnerability of the aircraft at high altitudes. In fact, over 12,000 meters, blowing very strong currents at speeds over 400 km / h, well known to military pilots during World War II . These currents were discovered only in the thirties , then, assuming that the text is genuinely old, the author had at his disposal for ultimate knowledge or worked fancy guessed it.
5. Goodha “as explained in Vaayatstva-Parakarana , using the powers Yaasaa, Viyaasaa Prayaasaa eighth layer of the atmosphere around the earth, you attract the dark content of the solar rays and can be used to hide the Vimana enemies. ” Davenport explains this secret saying that the human eye is unable to see light frequency bands above a certain threshold, risking the hypothesis that the vimana merely reflected light raysultraviolet or infrared ; ventures the hypothesis that thevimana could be intercepted by a kind of radar , to defend themselves from what should have been rendered invisible.
6. Drishya “by the collision in the atmosphere of the electric force and the force of the wind, it creates a glow glowing, whose reflection, captured by the front mirror of the Vimana, can be manipulated to produce a Maaya-Vimana or camouflaged Vimana. ‘ L ‘ author mentions only the possibility of a play of light that would alter the external appearance of the vimana. In the light of current knowledge, without specific references in the text, you might think about a phenomenon linked to the ionization of the atmosphere produced by the solar wind.
7. Adrishya “according to the Shaktitantra , through Vynarathya Vikarana and other powers in the heart of the solar mass, you can attract the forces of the ethereal flow in the sky and mix them with the Balaahaa-vikarana shkati the globe by air, thereby produce a white cover that will make the Vimana invisible. ” the author ventures no hypothesis to explain the secret. With the imagination could think of a cooling of the surface of the vimana such as to produce the condensation of the water vapor and then a sort of fog .

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Types of Vimanas As Described in Vaimanika Shastra

Tripura Vimana as per Vaimanika Shastra

Click on the image for an enlarged, readable view

Tripura Vimana Ancient Aeroplanes
8. Paroksha “according to the Meghotpatthi-parakarana , or Science of the Birth of Clouds, entering the second layer of summer clouds and attracting the power inside with a mirror of attraction force of the Vimana, and applying the Parivesha or alone, the Vimana, it generates a strength and paralyzing Vimana enemies are knocked out. ” Davenport connects to the secret storm clouds of which the old drivers would be able to use the electric charge.
9. Aparoksa “according to the Shakti-tantra , with the projection of the light beam Rohinee, things in front of the Vimana are made visible. ” According to the author, it would display device Infrared able to see in the dark.
10. Sanochka “as prescribed in Yantraango-pasamhaara, when theVimana is going at speed, with wings fully extended and there is a danger ahead, pressing on the seventh switch Vimana, its parts can be made to contract.” Davenport interprets the term as “contraction” and binds the secret to the possibility of the vimana to travel to two different speeds depending on the altitude, the aircraft would have had the opportunity to go out wings and tail to increase the lift. In case of an emergency could portray, with consequent acceleration upwards.
11. Vistrita ‘second’ s Akaashatantra when the Vimana is in the central air current in the first and in the third region of the sky, by actuating the switch in the eleventh section of the vimana, these expands conveniently. ” This secret would be the case opposite the previous one.

Sundara Viman as per Vaimanika Shastra

Click on the image for an enlarged, readable view
Sundara Vimana Ancient Aeroplanes

12. Viroopa parana “as stated in Dhooma Parakarana , producing 32 º type of smoke with the appropriate mechanism, charging it with the light of the heat waves in the sky and projected through the tube Padmaka Chakra Vyroopya the mirror, oiled bhiravee on top of theVimana, and turning it to 123 º kind of speed, it will give a fair and terrifying shape of the Vimana that will cause great fear in the viewer. ” the author, as for the next secret, think of a kind of smokescreen that terrify the population .
13. Roopaantara “as set forth in Tylaprakarana , preparing oils griddhrajihwaa, kumbhinee and kaakajangha and ungendone the mirror distorting the Vimana, applying the 19 º type of smoke and charging it with Kuntinee shakti in the Vimana, it will appear forms such as the lion, the tiger, rhinoceros and the snake, the mountain and the river that will confuse and amaze observers. “
14. Suroopa “attracting the 13 kinds of Karaka force mentioned in the Karaka-Parakarana , applying air heavy with snow and projecting it through the tube convector air-pinjula pushpinee to the mirrors in the front right side of the Vimana, and focusing them on the radius Suragha, appear to those who watch the Vimana a celestial damsel covered with flowers and jewelry. ” Davenport shows no signs of any interpretation, with a nice little ‘chance we could think of a laser capable of drawing a figure holographic .
15. Jyotirbhaava “as stated in Amshubodhinee from Samgnaa and 16 digitis solar splendor, attracting 12 º and 16 º digitis and focusing them on the strength of the air in the fourth section Mayookha path of heaven, and similarly, the attracting force of the ethereal splendor and mixing it with the splendor of the seventh layer of the air mass and then projecting these forces through the tubes of the Vimana on the section of the mirror-ghuaa garha will be produced a rich shine like the sun in the morning. ” To Davenport is a step that may obscure explained as the ability of the vimana to reflect, at a great height, sunlight illuminating a large area where it is already night.
16. Tamonaya “as described in darpana Parakarana through the mirror of the dark force, capture the power of darkness, pass it through the mechanism Thamo in the North-West of the Vimana, and turning on a switch, occurs at noon the total darkness of a new moon night. ” Davenport believes impossible to achieve such a thing, according to our notions, or a cancellation of the propagation of electromagnetic waves in the visible range of a vast area.
17. Pralaya “as described in the book of destruction, attracting the five types of smoke through the tube of the machine concentrator, in the front part of the Vimana, and immersing them in the cloud of smoke mentioned in Shadgarbha-Viveka , and pushing it by means of electrical energy, through the air hose from the five branches, destroying everything as in a cataclysm. ” He argues that the vimanacould produce a small tornado , it was therefore a weapon weather.
18. Vimukha “as mentioned in RgHridaya , projecting the force of Kubera, Vimuka and poisonous powder Vyshawaanara, through the tube of the mirror Roudree and operating the switch mechanism of the air, it produces a total insensitivity and coma. ” It would, according Davenport, a ‘ chemical weapon spread on the ground through a sprinkler.
19. Taara ‘stirring with ethereal forces 10 parts of air force, 7 parts of the force of water and 16 parts of solar radiance, and projecting, by means of the mirror in front of the star through the tube Vimana, it creates l’ appearance of a starry sky. ” One possible interpretation is that of a unit to achieve a kind of mimicry .
20. Mahaashabda vimohana “concentrating the force of the seven tubes of the Vimana, and turning on a switch occurs, as set out in Shabda-parakaashikaa , a crescendo of thunderous noise that shakes people fear, stuns and makes it insensitive. ” It would stun gun that produces an intense and continuous sound wave that can affect the nervous system.
21. Langhana “as set forth in Vaayu tattva prakarna , when you switch from one air stream to another, the Vimana faces baadaba the splendor of the sun and catches fire. To prevent the electricity and the energy of the Vimana be joint and center in the lively center of the Vimana, and turning on a switch, the Vimana will jump to safety. ” Step incomprehensible to the author, we must assume a reference to reentry into the atmosphere of a medium that is located to pass from an air stream to another (ie from outer space the Earth’s atmosphere); in this case, as is known, it creates a frictional force in capable of destroying half the steering wheel, then there would be a device in the most protected (nerve center) able to prevent it.

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Rukma Vimana as Described in Vaimanika Shastra

Click on the image for an enlarged, readable view
Rukma vimana found in ancient India: Vedic guide on aeroplanes

22. Saarpa-gamana “attracting dandavaktra and other seven forces of air, and adding sunlight passing through the center of the Vimana and zig-zagheggiante flip of a switch, the Vimana will take a zig-zag like a snake.” According to the author would be a series of rapid and abrupt changes of direction.

23. Chapala “when you see an enemy aircraft, using a switch in the center of power of the middle section of the Vimana to 4087 revolutions an hour atmospheric wave speed will be generated, which squasserà the enemy plane.” According to Davenport the vimana would been able to generate turbulence and then direct them to an enemy vehicle, the time of the atmosphere is a classical measure of the local time.
24. Sarvatomukha “when a formation of enemy planes comes to attack, use the switch in the crown of the Vimana, it shall be run with agility and face attacks from all sides.” It would be a maneuver to spin, which would have required some tricks (for example, the stations cardanicamente attached to the vehicle) to protect the crew and once again the text shows that the technology Vimana would control both the electromagnetic force that the gravity .
25. Parashabda graahaka “as explained in Sowdaaminee Kaala ,Science or Electronics, through the mechanism of sounds captor in the Vimana, you can hear the words and sounds in enemy planes flying in the sky. ” For the author it would be something like a radio capable of picking up the conversation of the enemy vehicle, or (even) a system able to detect the sound vibrations produced inside the enemy vehicle, such as a laser beam focused on the external walls to spy on the environment.
26. Roopaakarshana “through the photographic equipment of theVimana, you get a television image of the interior of the vimana enemies.” To Davenport this is pure science fiction, today maybe a little ‘less, thanks to the spread of the camera phone and similar devices.
27. Kriyaagrahana “turning the key on the bottom of the Vimana, it brings up a blank screen. Electrifying the three acids in the north-east of the Vimana, and subjecting them to 7 types of sun rays and passing the resultant force into the tube of the mirror Thrisheersha and making sure that the screen is in front of the mirror, and turning the key to higher all the activities that are going on on the ground will be projected on the screen. ” For the author it would be a monitor connected to a camera with zoom .
28. Dikpradarshana “turning the key on the front of the Vimana, the mechanism dishaampati show the direction from which the vimanaenemy is approaching.” Davenport associating it with a radar .
29. Aakaashaakaara “according to the Aakaasha-Tantra , mixing black mica solution with neem decoction bhoonaaga and ungendone the exterior parts of a Vimana made of mica plates, and exposing it to the sun, the vimana appear like the sky and become indistinguishable » . the author associates it with another device mimetic, but now the rest of the spacecraft using plates of mica and tiles made of ceramic material , which ungendole can change the color.

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30. Jalaada Roopa “mixing pomegranate juice, bilva or bael oil, copper salt, black smoke, liquid or granthica gugul, mustard powder and decoction of flakes of fish, and adding sea shells and powdered rock salt and gathering smoke solution, flooding of the solar heat that envelops the cover, the Vimana will appear as a cloud. ” Another trick to camouflage Davenport, put in the form of strange recipe.

shakuna vimana found in afghanistan is ancient aircraft
31. Stabdhaka “projecting smoke poisoned Apsmaara in the tube located in the northern part of the Vimana, and by downloading the mechanism Stambhana, people in enemy planes will be made unconscious.” For me, a ‘ chemical weapon with high penetration able to infiltrate into the enemy aircraft.
32. Karshana “when enemy planes come in strength to destroy yourVimana, putting on fire the Jwaakine shakit in Vyshwaanara-naal, or pipe located on the navel of the plane, and turning the keys of the two wheels 87 degrees, the hot Shakti enfold the enemy plane and burn it. ” The only secret that openly talking about the destruction of the enemy, according to the author may be a laser or missile arsonist.

“These are the 32 secrets that must be known by the pilots, according Siddhanaatha.» The end of the manual is typically oriental and reads like a sacred text. Today you can read the text as a technical manual, in which the maneuvers are quite conventional and well known, while very different seem to be the weapons of offense and defense. Wanting to interpret the letter we would be facing a highly advanced vehicles that have crossed the sky of India many centuries ago, for the supporters of ‘ extraterrestrial hypothesis , which consider the original text, it would be the description in terms of terrestrial alien vehicles, perhaps driven by human beings.

Vaimanika Shastra: Vimana Engine, Design and Ancient Aircraft Working Module

In 1991, the English portion and the illustrations from the Josyer book were reprinted by David Hatcher Childress in Vimana Aircraft of Ancient India & Atlantis as part of the Lost Science Series.

There are multiples thesis and PHDs completed on further researching on the chapters that he re-produced taking reference from Indian Sage Maharishi Bhardwaj.

According to Childress, the 8 chapters treat the following:

1. The secrets of constructing aeroplanes, which will not break, which cannot be cut, will not catch fire, and cannot be destroyed.
2. The secret of making planes motionless.
3. The secret of making planes invisible.
4. The secret of hearing conversations and other sounds in enemy places.
5. The secret of retrieving photographs of the interior of enemy planes
6. The secret of ascertaining the direction of enemy planes approach.
7. The secret of making persons in enemy planes lose consciousness.
8. The secret of destroying enemy planes.

US aeronautical engineers and scientists are already working on this propulsion technology given in the Vaimanika Shastra. The propulsion of the Vimanas according to Kanjilal (1985) is by a “Mercury Vortex Engines”, apparently a concept similar to electric propulsion. Childress finds evidence for this “mercury vortex engine” in the Samarangana Sutradhara, an 11th century treatise on architecture.

Vaimanika Shastra: Vimanas on Mercury Vortex Propulsion System

Childress did deep study on the Vaimanika Shastra, spoke with many Sanskrit scholars and spent time in deciphering its hidden technology. Here his experience on working with vimanas that are running on a mercury vortex propulsion system is re-produced with his observations. This system was developed by, created by Bill Clendenon, an inventor of the mercury vortex propulsion system.

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Clendenon explains that the Vimana was an ancient Indian aircraft, mention in various vedic scriptures. This was a machine driven by a now unconventional manner.

Vaimanika Shastra: Vimanas of Mercury Vortex Propulsion Engine

A brief on the workings of the mercury vortex technology based on Vaimanika Shastra is given here.

David hatcher Childress has explained a bit further, the theory of the mercury vortex technology. It is quoted by him as,

“Quote: The electromagnetic field coil, which consists of the closed circuit exchanger / condenser coil circuit containing the liquid metal mercury and / or its hot vapor, is placed with its core axis vertical to the craft.

Quote: A ring conductor (directional gyro-armature) is placed around the field coil (heat exchanger) windings so that the core of the vertical heat exchanger coils protrudes through the center of the ring conductor.

Quote: When the electromagnet (heat exchanger coils) is energized, the ring conductor is instantly shot into the air, taking the craft as a complete unit along with it.

Quote: If the current is controlled by a computerized resistance, (rheostat), the ring conductor armature and craft can be made to hover or float in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Quote: The electromagnet hums and the armature ring (or torus) becomes quite hot. In fact, if the electrical current is high enough, the ring will glow dull red or rust orange with heat.

Quote: The phenomenon (outward sign of a working law of nature) is brought about by an induced current effect identical with an ordinary transformer.

Quote: As the repulsion between the electromagnet and the ring conductor is mutual, one can imagine the craft being affected and responding to the repulsion phenomenon as a complete unit.

Quote: Lift or repulsion is generated because of close proximity of the field magnet to the ring conductor. Clendenon says that lift would always be opposed to the gravitational pull of the planet Earth, but repulsion can also be employed to cause fore and aft propulsion.” (David hatcher Childress (2000), p.180)

Vimana Shastra: Vimana’s Turbo Pump Engine and Its Working Module

The basic turbo-pump engine has four main sections: compressor, combustion, or heating chambers, turbo-pump and exhaust. Burning gases are exhausted through the turbo-pump wheel to generate power to turn the electric generator:

(1) Propellant tanks will be filled with liquid air (obtained directly from the atmosphere by on-board reduction equipment).

(2) Liquid air may be injected into expansion chambers and heated by the metal working-fluid mercury confined in a boiler coupled to a heat exchanger.

(3) The super heated M.H.D. plasma (or air) will expand through propellant cooled nozzles.

(4) The ship may recharge its propellant tanks with liquid air and condensate water collected directly from the upper atmosphere by the on-board reducing plant.

Important is that this mercury vortex propulsion model is invented for terrestrial flight only. The strange ball of light that is often seen by UFO like craft, is the ball of light that surrounds a craft is: the magneto-hydrodynamic plasma, a hot continuously recirculating air flow through the ship’s gas turbine which is ionized (electrically conducting). Magneto-hydro-dynamics (MHD) is described by Childress as an ionized gas that is passed through a magnetic field to generate electricity. (Childress (2000), p.182)

This effect of the ball of light makes the craft to appear alive and breathing. The reason why ships disappear from view is according to Clendenon: The ionized bubble of air surrounding the UFO may be controlled by a computerized rheostat so the ionization of the air may shift through every color of the spectrum, obscuring the aircraft from view. (Childress (2000), p. 181)

Here is a scientific view on the so called invisibility of an aerial craft. All these ideas are taken from an ancient manuscript the Vimana Shastra. In this manuscript there are many detailed characteristics about what could very possible have been mercury vortex generators. These mercury vortex generators could have been used in various types of vimanas.

Vimana Shastra: Risk of Mercury Vortex Propulsion System

Dangers of Mercury Vortex Propulsion

Clendenon points out the danger of this mercury vortex propulsion system. When the liquid metal mercury is heated, it gives forth a hot vapor. This hot vapour is deadly poisonous, because, he further stated “if the liquid metal mercury is made radioactive and heated sufficiently to emit radiation, any leaks in the mercury would, therefore, be a double danger to the crew and maintenance personnel of any vehicle powered by a mercury vapor turbine.” (Quoted from the book by Bill Clendenon and David Hatcher Childress, Mercury: UFO Messengers of the Gods, 1990, p. 85)

You Can Download Complete Vaimanika Shastra Here

Please feel free to download full Manual of Vimana/ Vaimanika Shastra Prakaranam

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