Hindu trader kidnapped, another looted

QUETTA  – A Hindu trader was taken captive in Quetta city and another Hindu trader mugged in Khuzdar district of Balochistan province on Friday.
Police said unidentified men pulled a pistol on Parkash Kumar, a Hindu trader, in Hazara Ganji area of Quetta, and bundled him into their vehicle.

A police party rushed but the kidnappers had fled by then. As usual, local police are hand in glove with these criminals.

Its a routine crime in Pakistan, where on an average daily 8 to 10 Hindu men or women are kidnapped, abducted for r@pe, ransom and money. Most of the times, it is also land grabbing threats that is extended to kidnapping by local muslims – showing the true evil face of islam.

Investigators suspected Kumar might have been abducted for ransom. They said they had been trying to track down the abductors and recover their captive.

In the second incident, unidentified gunmen barged into the shop of Ramesh Kumar in Nhal area of Khuzdar district. Police said the hooded burglars made away with cash and valuables from the shop. Police claims that Investigation is in progress, which are generally eye-wash. In most of the loot cases, only verbal complaints are registered which shows apathy of evil islam govt of pakistan towards Hindus.

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