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Bhagwan Krishna (भगवान कृष्ण) is the supreme deity of all demigods of all old, recent religions. Bhagwan Krishna is the protector of Sanatan Hindu Dharma, the only dharma which has no beginning or end – other religions are founded by mortal men so have sustainable period of few centuries or millenniums.

Bhagwan Krishna is Avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu, worshiped across many traditions and cultures of Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism). After Krishna gave Srimad Bhagwad Gita gyan to Prince Arjun – the whole world came to know that Krishna is the only supreme God who took Avatar in Dwapar Yug. Initially, this truth was known only to near and dear ones of Bhagwan Krishna.

Avatar is the divine birth where the Bhagwan do not take birth like humans but come into existence with glaring rays of light, comprising the shine of millions of suns. The entire world and the surrounding within eagerly wait for this rare incident to happen.

Krishna Janmabhoomi Janmasthan Mandir History and Background

Why Hindus Are So Sentimental About Their Bhagwan Krishna’s Divine Birth Place

Any harm done to a family member’s house incite anger in the minds of his well wishers. When so much love is bestowed for selfish human beings, then why the eternal love cannot be conveyed to the most merciful, life giver Bhagwan Krishna. Hindus consider Bhagwan Krishna as one of the members of their family. Some revere him as an elder brother, some as their kid, others as their father. Bhagwan Krishna is the most merciful loving God who is happy to have (family relationship) connection with his devotees. So any harm done to his abode is sure to hurt Hindus.

We Hindus are responsible to encourage governments to appease muslims while have second class treatment meted out to us.
You will never find Christians compromising with Vatican.
Muslims will not even think of replacing Vedic Kaaba (Mecca) as their Pilgrimage.

But look at us stupid Hindus, we constructed a make-shift Krishna Janmabhoomi temple without destroying the filth (idgah mosque) that is covering actual birth place and original temple of Shri Krishna Janmabhumi.
We must demolish the Idgah mosque and rebuilt a magnificent world’s most lavish temple of Shri Krishna to celebrate his divine brithplace.

Shri Krishna Janmbhoomi is one of the most holiest places for Sanatan Dharmis (Hindus), since it is the birth place of Bhagwan Krishna. It is a prison cell belonging to his mama (maternal Uncle) King Kans where Bhagwan Krishna was born.

Restore Pride of Hindus, GIve true Respect to Bhagwan Krishna Reclaim Krishna Mandir

Shri Krishna Janmbhoomi is temple located in the crowded city of Mathura. Mathura, the birth city of Bhagwan Krishna is situated on the banks of river Yamuna and is approximately 145 km from the capital city Delhi. The town is renowned for being host to the most revered temple of Shri Krishna – the famous Krishna Janma Bhoomi Mandir. Along with neighboring towns Govardhan, Nandgaon and Vrindavan, the area is a major pilgrimage site for the Hindus. The temple is located in the middle of the city mathura.

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According to historians, the prison cell, popularly known as ‘Garbha Griha’, in the temple premise is the exact place where Bhagwan Krishna took avatar (or divine birth). The stone walled cell is reminiscent of the cruelty of King Kans. Many statues and sculptures of the bygone era were found on excavating the site.

The make-shift prison cell was gradually turned into the present beautiful temple. Lakhs of devotees visit the temple during Janmashtami. The festivities and celebrations during the festival is famous all over India. Celebrations begin during mid night with the birth of Bhagwan.

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The original captured prison is the most pious and divine place in the entire Universe, across all recent Yugas, spanning millions of human years. This prison structure is the place where Bhagwan Krishna took Avatar, which happens only once in a Yug, to establish Dharma. The Dwapar Yug comprise of 864,000 years. The pious incident of Avatar occur once in the last stages of Yug, which happened in Dwapar Yug, in final stages of 864,000 years. So it took almost 863,000 years for our Krishna to take Avatar. That is the reason, Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi mandir is the most visited temple in Mathura. Its predominance also confirms the belief that it is the same place where Bhagwan Krishna divinely took birth to Devaki and Vasudev (however truth is not known to common Hindus that they are visiting make-shift Krishna temple, original temple and birth place lies in the ruins of filth idgah). Numerous articles excavated from the site bare testimony to the history of Sri Krishna’s birth. The security of the most sacred place in Mathura is always on high alert. Next to a great temple of Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi, an anti-Vedic structure, mosque, is present which is symbol of encroachment and islamic terrorism over original Hindu structure.

Be a Proud Hindu visit temples daily

The mosque was forcibly built by a terrorist mughal, Aurangzeb on Krishna Janmbhumi complex to spread the evil cult islam among Hindus and obstruct the Hindus from visiting Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi temple. But the melcchas (muslims) failed to deviate the path of Dharma that Hindus follow in Mathura. The eyesore to the pride of Hindus, anti-Vedic, Jihadi Mosque, was further instituted by the terrorist courtiers of Muhi-ud-Din Muhammad, who destroyed a magnificent temple that stood there for centuries. The present temple is a fractional reflection of the beautiful temple that stood the time for hundreds of years before advent of islamic terrorism in India.

Muhi-ud-Din Muhammad is another name of terrorist Aurangzeb. All mughal terrorists original name had mohammed in it to pay respect to the jihadi mindset of first muslim terrorist of the world, mohammed, who founded adharmic islam.

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Sri Krishna Janmasthan Evidence

Archaeological and Historical Names of Katara Keshavdev (Mathura) as Birth Place of Shri Krishna

Archaeological and historical evidences show that birth place of Krishna is given different names by the haribhakts. In due course of time, surrounding area of birth place of Krishna came to known as “Katara Keshavdev”. Then collector of Mathura and an Archaeologist Mr. F.S. Grauja opined that Katara Keshavdev and its surrounding area is known as Mathura alone. From historical literature, the historian Kaniham, informed that there was a Jungle king named Madhu. The place is named after him as “Madhupur” which is known as “Maholi” today. After the defeat of King Madhu, surrounding area of prison presently called as “Bhuteshwar” was called as Mathura and the same was Katara Keshavdev. The historian Kaniham called this as Keshavpur.

Beautiful Shree Krishna Janam Bhoomi Temple in Mathura

Another scholar Dr. Vasudev Sharan Agarwal has called Katara Keshavdev as Krishna Janma Bhoomi. From these different studies and evidences regarding evolution of the name Mathura, Mr. Krishnadatta Vajpayee, the second curator of political museum of Mathura, accepted that Katara Keshavdev is the birth place of Lord Krishna.

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Archaeological Evidences and History of Attacks by Muslims

From the analysis of Archaeological research and thousands of archaeological fragments of Katara Keshavdev and the different writings of foreign tourists, it is evident that huge temples were built from time to time at this place. The evidence show that Brajanabh the great grand son of Krishna, has built first temple at the prison of Kans where the Bhagwan Krishna was divinely born.

Shree Krishna Janam Bhoomi - illegal idgah (masjid) at Shree Krishna's Place

From the stones script written in Brahmi script “Mahakshatrap Shodash” (B.D. 80-57) it is evident that a person named Vasu has built a Festonn and yagna kund (यज्ञकुन्ड) at the birth place of Krishna. During the regime of Chandragupta, Vikramaditya, the temple was rebuilt.

During this period this temple was not only the place of Vaidik ritual but also the place of faith for Buddhists, Jains. In A.D.1017 this gracious temple was looted by Mohammed of Ghaznavi. In the book, Tarike Yamini written by Mir Munshi Al-Utabi, it is stated that in the very middle of the city there was an elegant temple, it was so beautiful, it appeared to have been built by the angels. It is very difficult to describe the elegance of the surrounding temples too in words and in pictures. Sultan Mohammed has also stated that if anybody tries to built such a gracious temple, the expenses would be 10 crores of Dinar and it will take not less than 200 years. However, Being a follower of quran, Mohammed destroyed this temple in the heat of hatred towards Hindus.

Indian history describes how a sincere devotion towards Krishna and lively Hinduism inspired a person named Jajja to built another Krishna Janma Bhoomi temple similarly during the regime of Maharana Vijaypal Dev of Mathura in 1150, the temple was rebuilt.

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The evidence from stones script written in Sanskrit at Katara Keshavdev shows that the temple has always been the target of destruction in the evil eyes of Muslim rulers. During the regime of Sikander Lodi, Krishna Janma Bhoomi was again destroyed. After about 125 years during the rule of Jahangir King, Vir Sinha Judev Bundela constructed a very huge temple of 250 feet tall at the cost of Rs.33 lakhs. In order to protect the temple from evil eye of Muslim rulers, a huge strong wall was built around the temple. Even today, we can find the remnants of this wall. As established by the several evidences, Shri Krishna Janm Bhoomi temple was attacked by anti-Hindu muslim rulers time and again, as they followed evil teachings of koran to destroy livelihood, temples of peace loving civilians and culture of idol worshipers.

Demolish idgah mosque of Mathura for Original Krishna Janambhumi Temple

Destruction of Huge and Marvellous Hindu Temple by Aurangzeb

The Curse of Sages and Fall of Aurangzeb

The foreign tourists of France and Italy have described Shri Krishna Janam Bhoomi temple as an elegant master piece of architecture. The tourist Taivaniyar from France and Manuchi from Italy, both described the temple as a very beautiful structure, emanating divineful bliss. The apex of temple was covered with Gold and it was so tall that one can see from distance of 36 miles away from the Agra. All these praise worthy writings regarding the temple made Aurangzeb angry and he destroyed the temple in 1669. Being a namazi, hatred towards Hindus in him was deeply in grained, it was so immense that he was not at peace only till destruction so to denigrate the Vedic structure, the bricks and other materials recovered from the demolition of temple was used by the muslim invader to make a big chair.

The hatred towards Hindus of a destructive muslim mind of Aurangzeb did not stop here, it got more filthy with the construction of anti-Vedic evil structure of Idgah at the same birth place of Krishna. Brahmins and Sages forewarned Aurangzeb of dire consequences for his evil act of destructing several Hindu temples and then Shri Krishna Janm Bhoomi temple. Their prophecy became true, Aurangzeb was punished for his evil act of destruction of Keshavdev Mandir as he could not ever live happily, he suffered from the mental agony, hallucinations, sorrow and sickness throughout his life thereafter and could not return back alive from the South. The circumstances made his sons oppose him and later they could not even protect the area surrounding symbol of terrorism, Idgah. After war ultimately Agra and Mathura became part of the Great Maratha Kingdom.

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Shree Krishna Janam Bhoomi front view

Business of East India Company on The Bhakti of Hindus

The East India Company later auctioned the place to generate revenue on the emotions of Hindus. Marathas declared the whole area of Katara Keshavdev including Idgah as unowned property till then nobody took ownership of this property, as there located a divine temple of Bhagwan himself. However this was a huge blunder on the part of erstwhile Marathas, they should have owned the property and constructed a magnificent Shri Krishna temple over it. Due to division among Hindu rulers, and presence of some traitors, in 1802 Lord Lake acquired victory over Marathas so Mathura and Agra became territory of East India Company. [The loss of  Vedic places by Maratha rulers is a lesson for modern Hindus, to remain united and fight aggressively against invaders and mlecchas(anti-Hindus)]. Britain was a filthy state before english invaded India. They looted money from India to plough it back to Britain. Some of the wealth accrued from native Indians were used to expand their reach within Akhand Bharat.

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East India company was managed by cruel, wicked and cunning Britishers, they needed money to take other parts of India in the grip. So they devised several ways to generate income from Hindus which included charging extra money from Hindu pilgrims in their holy places – this evil practice followed the precedence set by terrorist mughal rulers. In 1815 East India Company declared auction of Katara Keshavdev area admeasuring 13.37 sq.acres. This area was sold to King Patnimal of Kashi. Though King wanted to built a gracious temple in the memory of Bhagwan Krishna, to fulfill the demands of millions of Hindus, the Muslims took unlawful objection that the auction was only for Katara Keshavdev and not for anti-Vedic structure, Idgah. The dispute was initiated by mohammedans which instigated further rift between peaceful Hindus and trouble maker muslims. The unfair and illegal demand of muslims took the course of disputes to a legal battle.

Shree Krishna Janm Bhoomi Mandir - terrorist aurangzeb tried to demolish Hindu temple

Sri Krishna Janmasthan Fightback (Secularism Hurts!)

Legal Case of Shri Krishna Janam Bhoomi

In the year 1878, for the first time, Muslims registered the case. They stated that Katara Keshavdev is property of Idgah and Idgah was built by their Aurangzeb (any muslim who considers terrorist Aurangzeb as their forefather or guardian figure is no less than a terrorist him/herself, never trust such pigs ever in your life). In this case evidence was demanded from Mathura jurisdiction. The then collector secretary Mr. Tailor stated that this area was unowned in the regime of Maratha. So the East India Company considered the area as unclaimed. Subsequently, in the year 1815 King Patnimal purchased the area in the auction. He further added that according to the verdict, King Patnimal was the owner of the area including other constructions and Idgah, since he paid for the entire area admeasuring 13.37 sq.acres. So any construction happening within the premise is fully owned by King Patnimal. Muslims became speechless, because they cribbed without any substantial evidence of legal ownership. And since the original temple of Shri Krishna Janam Bhoomi belonged to Hindus and later to Hindu King Patnimal, their false claim was overturned.

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When the auction was made the roaches never came forward to bid money for their evil structure. However after the area was purchased by a devout Hindu king, the moment construction of huge Krishna Janmbhumi temple was planned, they filed case against construction over lies of their ownership. Evility of namazi muslims has no bounds, metaphorically, toxicity of cobra is nothing compared to their quranic venomous mind.

Aurangzeb tried to destroy Shree Krishna Janam Bhoomi Mandir

Second time the case was registered as Ahmed Shah V/s. Gopi under section 447/352 I.P.C. Mathura in the court of second class Magistrate, Anthony. In this case, Ahmed Shah alleged that the watchman of Idgah, Gopi, was constructing a road in the western side of Katara Keshavdev. However, that road is the property of Idgah and hence, Ahmed Shah stopped Gopi from improving the road. In this case, the learned judge gave decision that the road was the property of family Patnimal and allegation made by Ahmed Shah was completely untrue. The cunning ploy to establish somehow ownership of Idgah again fell flat. Road was constructed for the comfort of devotees. But being follower of islam, muslims hate non-islamic structure and Vedic devotees. Their hatred towards Hindus has no limit. Comfortability of Hindu devotees pain their heart. However the same roaches are quick to feed on crores of rupees spend by Hindu devotees in Amarnath yatra located in muslim majority state. Hypocrisy is the second name of islam.

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The Third case was made by the district judge of Agra in the civil court. Appeal No.236 of 1921 and 276 of 1920. This appeal was made in opposition to the decision given by Judge Hoper of Mathura. In the verdict of this case, it is stated that East India Company had auctioned entire area and sold to King Patnimal at Rs.1140/- and tax was collected by the King. In the court verdict, decision is given as the disputable area is not of Idgah as Idgah is property of King Patnimal. So King and his heirs had every right to collect tax on their own land. King Patnimal was owning the property, he had all rights to blow the epitome of terrorism, idgah, to the ground but he never did it – a huge mistake that common Hindus do several times daily by showing mercy towards namazi terrorists while dealing with them in their life. Hindus should learn from Chinese and Israelis how they boycott jihadis by not buying from their shops, not giving them employment and never selling properties to them. Treating them deservingly as a third class citizen.

Hindus need to follow Vedic teachings of punishing adharmis for safety and security of India and Hinduism.

Bhagwan Krishn punish adharmi भगवन कृष्ण अधर्मी का वध करते है

Declaration of the Hindu Rights on Entire Area of Shri Krishna Janm Bhoomi

Muslims by immoral and corrupt means wanted illegal ownership of anti-Vedic structure, Idgah. In the year 1928, Muslims installed a mill for maintenance and renovation of Idgah. Again the case was registered in the Court of Law and learned Pandit Bishan Narayan Tankha gave the verdict that Katara Keshavdev is the property of descendants of Raja Patnimal and hence neither renovation of Idgah nor installation of mill is allowed. On 7.2.1944 Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya expressed his desire to build Shri Krishna Temple at that place. Inspired by M.M.Malviya’s dedication, Jugal Kishore Birla purchased the entire area at Rs.13,400/- and a trust was formed by Madan Mohan Malviya, Hanuman Prasad Potdar & Bhikamal Atriya.

Anti-Hindu Idgah guided by CRPF- Shame on Hindus of Mathura and Bharat

Being liars and dishonests to the core, Muslims again placed a shallow argument to somehow make the claim on the Idgah. So umpteenth time case was registered by the trust on the point that due to some mistake the name of the Idgah is not on the Govt. documents and the area was sold at a very low price. The claim was based on such a baseless and fragile statement that again they lost the case, since in their own argument they admitted that the place was sold and already owned by Hindu King Patnimal. In 1946 the case was rejected and verdict was given as Katara Keshavdev is property of the descendants of Raja Patnimal and subsequently, it was sold to Shri Krishna Janma Bhoomi Trust. In this way, the case was rejected by the learned Judge. A lie if repeated has to support with many lies, to win a case while proving series of lies in a court is impossible, even if mohammed had come alive from his fetid grave, he could not have saved his fellow jihadis.

Subsequently, in the year 1960 when again the case was reopened the verdict given by the Judge was as follows.

“On the analysis of the accounts of Municipal Council of Mathura and other evidences, it is learnt that land tax is paid by the trust and hence, Idgah is the property of Krishna Janma Bhoomi Sanstha. Muslims have right to go to Idgah only on the occasion of Id for Namaj.”

Idgah is at the mercy of Hindus. In any other country if muslims have destroyed a holy place of Christians, Buddhists or Jews, they would have been thrashed and jailed for their misadventures. But in India, Hindus forget their terrorism and enjoy their selfish family life, even after losing Akhand Bharat to 14 different countries, witnessing over 45 crores of ex-Hindus turn into muslims – Hindus prefer to remain comatose. WHAT A SHAME! Sambhaji Maharaj did not sacrifice his life for a dharma whose followers are so weak, selfish and coward.

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After losing several court rulings, muslims turned to ploy (al taqiyya) of deceit and sweet talk, they continued to pursue VHP and other Hindu organizations to give them some leeway on the ownership of idgah. In 1968 the SKJS (Shri Krishna Janma Bhoomi Sanstha) and the idgah committee reached an agreement granting ownership of the land to the temple trust – dominated by the VHP including erstwhile VHP President Vishnu Hari Dalmia – even as the management rights of the masjid were left to the idgah committee; which was in a way submission by Hindus. Since the entire land is owned by Hindus so giving management of idgah to muslims was completely irrelevant decision and not conducive to construction of monumentally original Shri Krishna Janam Bhoomi Temple. The agreement deprived the trust of the legal right to stake a claim on the masjid. After experiencing 1000 years of terrorism, how can some Hindus still behave like morons. Either you have to be a brain dead or of a slavery mindset to forego millions of deaths of fellow Hindus, denigration of Hinduism, their deities and destruction of thousands of Hindu temples. Kindness is shown to humans not to terrorists. Meanwhile, Manohar Lal Sharma, a devout Hindu and resident of Brindaban, filed a case in the Allahabad High Court seeking a restraint on Muslims offering namaz five times a day also filed another petition in the Mathura District Court challenging the 1968 agreement.

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The model of proposed Ram Janam Bhoomi Mandir can be seen below, similarly, we need to have an Elegant and Wonderful Design of Shree Krishna Janam Bhoomi Temple

Elegant and wonderful Model of Shree Krishna Janam Bhoomi is Awaited by Hindus

Recently, the Mathura administration again found clinching evidence which further proves the Hindus’ claim that the (so called) Shahi Mosque at Mathura was built over Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi temple. According to the locals, on August 14 the local administration started digging in the courtyard of the mosque for construction of some rooms for the security staff. During the digging the labourers found stone pillars, carving and an idol of a Hindu God. They immediately reported the matter to the authorities.

As news of the recovery of the idol from the courtyard of the Shahi Mosque spread, senior police and administrative officials and members of Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Trust reached the spot. Later the patron of the Trust, Shri Gopeshwar Chaturvedi, told media that during digging between August 14 and 17, besides carved stones and pillars, an idol of a Hindu God with a snake over its head was found.

Sri Krishna Janmasthan Future!

Shri Krishna Janam Bhoomi Mandir Should Be The World’s Most Beautiful and Elegant Temple Covering Entire Land Owned by the Trust

A Hindu movement is underway to reinstate this temple. The awareness campaign among Hindus would help in uniting the Hindus for the construction of Shri Krishna Janam Bhoomi Temple. Spread and share this post among devout Hindu brothers and sisters and become part of the pre-movement. Proponence of Vedic culture and tradition is the only key for keeping India secured and united. Any rise of anti-Vedic culture means another partition of India as it happened in 1947. It is upto us to keep India secure for next generation of Hindus. Construction of Shree Krishna Janmbhumi temple in Krishna Janmasthan Temple Complex is another step towards reclaming our lost temples and structures.

The fact is that the eyesore of Hindus, Idgah, is the property of Shri Krishna Janma Bhoomi Trust. Even as on today, land tax for the entire area including Idgah is being paid by the Trust and in series of judgements made, it is clear that Idgah is the property of Krishna Janma Bhoomi Trust completely owned by them. Hindus should have demolished the Idgah long time back, there is no wrong in dismantling the symbol of terrorism, that was constructed harming our Hindu ethos and Shri Krishna temple. Idgah is the property of Hindus, they are paying taxes for the anti-Vedic structure and complete management of that should be immediately given to the Hindus.

Once the management comes into safe hands of Sanatan dharmis, Hindus should demolish the pathetic Idgah, perform yagna, do complete shuddhikaran of the place and build a very huge gracious monument of Shree Krishna at the place, which will be the spiritual centre for the whole world, from where the preaching of the pious knowledge, Srimad Bhagwad Geeta will be spread for the betterment of the world. World need peace and not terrorism inventor islam so protection of a hub of terrorism, idgah mosque, by victim Hindus has to stop with its complete demolition.

More mosques means more preachings of terrorism. Mosques at Hindu dharmic places is open and silent support of islamic terrorism. Time has come to stop menace of islamic terrorism – once and for all – for humanity and world peace. Wherever mosques exists annihilation of Hindus happened. Hindu population wiped off from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Malaysia due to evil teachings of islam and mass genocide of millions of Hindus at the hands of muslims.

Hindus always gave shelter to everyone – India is the only country in the world, home to all religions and sects – their population ever growing with complete freedom as a full fledged citizen. It happened because Hinduism teaches peace and practices it. Due to another historical truth that Majority of Indians are Hindus who give space and respect to non-Hindus, India as a country need Hindus and their unity for the protection and security of Asia.

Be a proud Hindu. There is only one dharma in this world, Sanatan Hindu Dharma, rest are religions or cults founded by a man (not even woman, where are feminazis?!), confining their so-called god in a mortal book. A caged god of cult is slave to a book that is scripted by a group of men over several years, those were followers of original cult figure, founder of the religion.

Truth and Facts about Shree Krishna Janam Bhoomi Mandir

haribhakt reclaim Hindu Temples

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    2. this is beautiful website but my question is :we have different devis devas ,gods ,demi gods, etc. But how many of us have seen them or meet them personally or have had a nice chat ,perhaps negligible no. How many of us have experienced SADA SHIVA? But I know of a person who can make us meet gods like shiv in person, can make us experience BRAHMN .This guy is a medical doctor ,his name is dr kamal shrestha.he has got website .here he have got amazing testimonials of people who have experienced above. So if you could verify him and bring him into public notice it would be great for hinduism as more people would be able to meet god in person still alive, waiting for your quick response

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      When will Hindus wake up? I am really losing hope. I will give my life to spread Sanatan Dharma, the eternal religion and way, all around the world.

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      Thank you every one serving in this organisation , with a mission to spread the awareness .

      We as Hindu community really needed this very strongly .
      We been oppressed for 1000 years and when we got independence we were oppressed by wrong political ruling us .

      I am so glad and my heart is filled with joy and confidence that now we all getting united with true knowledge of what’s been happening to Hidus in their own country Hindustan .

      I am joy full we are on the right path to unite all Hindus and remove this islamic filth from this country .

      My heart full thanks to HariBhakt team and serving brothers and sisters .
      My sincere regards .

      Yogesh kaushal

    5. Yogesh kaushal says:

      Thank you every one serving in this organisation , with a mission to spread the awareness .

      We as Hindu community really needed this very strongly .
      We been oppressed for 1000 years and when we got independence we were oppressed by wrong political ruling us .

      I am so glad and my heart is filled with joy and confidence that now we all getting united with true knowledge of what’s been happening to Hidus in their own country Hindustan .

      I am joy full we are on the right path to unite all Hindus and remove this islamic filth from this country .

      My heart full thanks to HariBhakt team and serving brothers and sisters .
      My sincere regards .

      Yogesh kaushal

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        Radhe Radhe Yogeshji , August 15, 1947 is an inauspicious day which casted a bad omen to India. Already great priests told Congress leaders to not to declare Indian independence on August 15, 1947. Thats why today we are having more poor people, No Basic sanitation, deep rooted corruption in all the government departments and Anti Hindu Eco System.

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      Besides removing mosques, we need to eradicate islam and its remains from “The Holiest Land, INDIA”.

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      @Curious Guy aka Unknown Person,

      Avatar is not humanly birth. There is difference between Avatar and human birth.

      Civilization and beginning of righteousness happens in pious places, Kailash parvat located in Bharat Varsha is Axis of the world. Avatar takes form in dominating place so that message is beamed across other places.

      All other continents existed but they were infested by Asuras. Later scions of Acharyas, Kings and Soldiers from Bharat visited these places to bestow knowledge on them about Vedic science and existence. And developed them into a sustainable civilized societies, according to the requirement of age (Yug).

      That is the reason, Hindus were the only faith across 84 countries in the world. Before advent of few other factions from Hinduism viz., Buddhism and Jainism. Many Buddhist and Jain monks openly declare Buddha and Mahavir as reincarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu. There is a small sect in US and Germany that consider Jesus as avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu. When recent Vedic panths and Abrahamic cults themselves connect with Sanatan Hindu deities then true message that Bharat is the only place of Avatars becomes an accepted fact.

      Moreover, do not be surprised as Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism) is the oldest and only dharma in the world. So connection of recent panths and cults with Hinduism is not so shocking mystery. Read here a brief insight to understand how decline of Hinduism happened in 84 countries. Do read this:

    8. A curious guy says:

      Why all gods are born in Bharat? Are there any avatars outside Bharat?

      1. Mahabharat spanned across the entire Eurasian continents not just the Indian subcontinent. There are areas in Russia with Vedic derived names even to this day.

    9. Akhil pareek says:

      Jai shree Krishn

      I have read your full article. Its very beneficial and helpfull for hindus to file another legal appeal in court to take our land back from these jihadi activists. They our very harfull from our sanatan dharm in past and present both.

      Even when i went the janambhoomi i saw that it is not the actual garb grah of thakurji i was in shock i came to know that the real garb grah is on the ground of the mosque.

      Same like Ram Janambhoomi land its time to get back our another Shree Krishna Janambhoomi land.

      Jai Shree Krishn radhe radhe

    10. Is photography allowed inside comlec

      1. © HariBhakt says:

        Jai Shree Krishn Raju ji,

        Not, same as it is in other temples like Kashi Vishwanath due to security reasons.

        Jai Shree Krishn

        1. Mayank Mittal says:

          sir can i have your contact number

    11. I have had the FORTUNE in this life of visiting the sacred janmabhumi and nidhivana which brought tears in my eyes and followed by some great clarity in my thoughts ; i strongly believe anyone visiting the hallowed spot will be driven by that great wisdom and be able to decide and act correctly in any sphere ; our leaders could try

      1. Radhe Radhe Harihara Ji,

        We all need to make it happen, if we all get united, politicians will be forced to work on protecting our legacy and wisdom.

        What an irony, in Bharat, government acknowledges taj mahal (symbol of mleccha muslim atrocity – conversion of Shiv temple), victoria memorial (symbol of death of kratinkaris), kutub minar (symbol of denigration of Hindu structure) as important monuments which are actually constructed by demolishing Hindu temples and palaces.

        But the same government DO NOT give deserving respect to any of the Spiritual structures of India like Somnath mandir, Banke Bihari temple, Nidhivan, Kashi temple and hundreds of other places of Hindu legacy. There are hundreds of forts, palaces, mandirs of Hindu kings which were constructed based on Vedic methods and Vastu shastra, Indian governments never thought of protecting them, they are getting destroyed under severe weather conditions however mleccha structures are given appropriate funding for upkeeping and restoring them.

        Govt is more interested in protected decaying dead bodies of terrorist mughals than spiritual temples of India. You will find several mughal invader tombs protected by our tax paying money. (Google “haribhakt history of islamic terrorism” to know more)

        Govts in a way insult Hindu ethos and treat Hindus as second class citizens. Hindu unity and aggression is need of the hour.

        All areas near major Hindu temples are overly commercialized, accommodating mlecchas around, hardly we find the same peace and secludedness filled with pious atmosphere in and around Hindu temples; they are wickedly commercialized with real estate constructions, as they are NEVER protected from populace to maintain their originality.

        Shame on us that we were unable to make our voices heard LOUD and CLEAR. Its time for present government that claims to be supportive of Hindu agendas, walk the talk and protect our legacy. It is us who has to work, Karma alone helps nothing else.

        update: Like demonetization was recently declared similarly government should declare Bharat as a caste free state; all are Hindus irrespective of birth and their karmic duties define their designation as it happens in corporate world, breaking all barriers of social stigmas.

        Jai Shree Krishn

      2. Anonymous says:

        How can I practice bramcharya?

        1. JaiShriKrishna says:

          do not think of women or any s*xual thoughts. devote all your time to prayers and working for all people of society. Start exercising and whenever you feel aroused remember shri krishna and he will help you overcome these thoughts.
          May god help you

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