What is Bhagwa भगवा meaning

Sanatan Dharmis practice rituals which are scientific and in sync with the nature. Hinduism has ancient principles of respecting symbols, rites and sacred geometrical shapes with the sole purpose of leading life peacefully in accordance to the laws of Universe laid by the Bhagwan (god). भगवा (saffron) emerged from the word भगवान and signifies the presence of Bhagwan (god). Bhagwan is the biggest sacrificer, he practices penance, karm and morality to keep the Universe running. Bhagwa (Saffron) represents this sacrifice of Bhagwan (god) so Bhagwa (केसरिया) is direct connotation that Bhagwan is there in this world. Similarly, red (लाल) also conveys the purpose of sacrifice to lead the life and maintain balance in nature.

Saffronisation of Universe is Billions of Years Old!

What is Bhagwa?

How Hindus Started Using Saffron (Red) Clothes for Dhramic Rites

The billions of years old endless cycles of Yugs (satyug, tretayug, dwaparyug and kaliyug) has observed the acceptance of Saffron (भगवा) as the purest form of color representing penance, piousness and sacrifice. Sacrifice here NEVER is deemed sacrifice of beings or animals. It means sacrificing self-gratification, joyness, pleasures and mayic prosperity. It is like not getting wet even in deep water. In material world, it is highly possible of not attaching to things by practicing gyan. Everyone does so in daily life – when you travel by train or bus, you notice several places and people but you simply see them without getting attached to them, when they move away from your eyes, you do not feel attached, you notice other things instead as you proceed ahead in journey. Here you practice true gyan of seeing things, people and still not attaching to them. What you practice in real life is also part of sacrifice as per Sanatan Dharma, Hinduism. You have sacrificed because it is in your inner instincts to do so, we all are saffronised and we cannot keep ourselves away from it.

Meaning and Origin of Bhagwa Saffron - भगवा शब्द भगवन से बना है यह साक्षात भगवन का परिचायक है

This is just one incident of life, there are many others in which we behave as a saffronized individual sub-consciously, we just need to extend this saffronisation to entire life, scaling it to conscious level and seek non-attachment to the fruits of life. Practice selfless karma without hurting anyone or nature.

There are many historical incidents recorded in Vedas that signify the importance of Saffronisation (sacrificing for the good and establishing dharma).

In Satyug, Bhagwan Shiv told Amar Katha and Sacred knowledge of soul and Yog to Maa Parvati. Due to the reciting of Bhagwan Shiv about atma tatva Maa Parvati experienced immense detachment and deep feeling of sacrifice. Then filled with renunciation, Maa Parvati cut her vein with her nails, her blood colored her clothes and her shawl (chola). Here, chola in blood showed the significance of saffronisation (sacrifice). Later after several years, when Gorakshanath went to pay respect to Maa Parvati, she was filled with Mamtatv (ममत्त्व), feeling of motherliness. She was very happy to see Gorakshanath, she gave the chola to him since then all Sadhus and Sages started using Saffron and Red clothings for all dharmic rituals as it represent detachment and sacrifice.

Maa Parvati Gave Chola made from her blood to Gorakshanath and Saffron became clothing for all Sadhus, Naths and Sages

Saffron is respected by one and all in all the triloks – heaven, earth and hell. Saffron color has gigantic power to keep bhuta (भूत), pret (प्रेत) and evil spirits away. They are afraid of Saffron Chola (भगवा चोला) and stay away from Sages who wear it. Saffron (भगवा) is symbol of knowledge, wisdom, detachment, sacrifice, celibacy, truth, non-violence, mercy, morality, peace, decorum and dharma (fighting against adharmis/mlecchas). 

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भगवा saffronization of world is needed for peaceful and pious world

The Bhagwa variants worn by Naths

1. BHagwa Kantha (Saffron or Blood red in color) :-

This is a cloth which covers full body from neck to knee. Celibate and pure yogis wear this. Used for reciting mantra, Tantra, Maaran and stambhan mantras.

2. BHagwa Alfi (Saffron or blood red in color) :-

It also covers full body. The design is such that it has big pockets on both side. Open from both sides take out hands. Usually hermits and yogis (Tapasvi) use it.

3. Bhagwa Gaati (Saffron, blood red or white) :-

It is a single piece of cloth 8-9 meters long. It is worn in such a way that it covers chest, both arms are free, tied on waist and covers body till knees. It is easy for movements. Free roaming hermits, yogis wear this.

4. Bhagwa Kati Vastra (Saffron , blood red or white) :-

Piece of cloth, 1.5 to 3 meters in length. Tied on waist and covers waist up to knees.

5. Bhagwa Pancha Baana (Saffron or blood red)

This is a combination of turban, kati vastra, tunic or top. Senior priests, Peer etc use it. The cloth is worn without stitching.

The Variants of Saffron (Red) Chola for Sadhus, Naths and Sages

भगवा मंत्र - Bhagwa Mantra

Saffron and Red Sindoor (सिन्दूर) For Praying Bhagwan

Praying Bhagwan with Sindoor is ancient ritual in Hinduism which is replicated by several other recent religions which emerged from Hinduism. Bhagwan (God) is not only offered Sindoor (सिन्दूर) but their idols are wrapped with Sindoor Chola around their shoulders. Bhagwa Sindoor (भगवा सिन्दूर) represents abstinence, penance and sacrifice. Rambhakt Hanuman idols are offered Bhagwa Sindoor and in auspicious days, Sindoor is applied to the entire idol  reciting Sindoor mantra.

 सिन्दूरं शोभनं रक्तं सौभाग्यं सुखवर्धनम्।

शुभदं कामदं चैव सिन्दूरं प्रतिगृह्यताम्॥

Meaning: Red colored Sindoor enhances adorn, success, fortune and happiness. It fulfills all desires. O Bhagwan, please accept the offering.

Similarly, Bhagwan and Maa are offered Sindoor, the mantra while offering Sindoor is:

सिन्दूरमरुणाभासं जपाकुसुमसनिभम्।

अर्पितं ते मया भक्त्या प्रसीद परमेश्वरि॥

Meaning: We are offering the morning glory of Sun to you in the form of Sindoor. O Maa, please be happy and bless us.

The Bhagwa Sindoor (भगवा सिन्दूर) has strong spiritual connection, using it in dharmic rituals help in easily connecting to Bhagwan.

The pure Bhagwa Sindoor (भगवा सिन्दूर) also has positive effects on the body of a person who dons it on the forehead.

Mang Bharan (मांग भरन), Hindu women don Sindoor in the middle part of their head. It has scientific reason to it – It controls libido of woman. Sindoor also has mercury in it, this keeps hairs clean, killing lice and dandruff.

Due to heavy promotion of anti-Hindu styles of living in popular media, it is very sad that slowly this old ritual is losing its sheen in India, ironically, foreign women who marry Hindus are adopting, Mang Bharan, the donning of Sindoor on their head, knowing its scientific and spiritual importance.

Sindoor symbolizes health, intelligence, sacrifice and power of Maa Shakti.

Offering Sindoor and donning it on forehead improves life in positive manner. When Sindoor is applied on the idols it also protects and secures the idols.

According to advance color therapy which is based on Vedic science, Saffron color emits prosperity and happiness. Bhagwa (भगवा) color is soothing and gives calming effect to the eyes. Keeps mental balance and invokes feeling of satisfaction. It increases happiness and controls anger. Wearing Saffron clothes enhances a personality and the person wearing it commands confidence and splendor.
. भगवा - Saffron is color of Sun, Planets, Fire and Universal elements, how can you remove saffron from the divine elements
Other significance of Vedic Saffron color is its attribution and contribution to astrology of the World. It represents Jupiter (बृहस्पति) in astrology. It helps in gaining new knowledge. Saffron and yellow colors also help in spread of spirituality with the help of Jupiter.

Bhagwa is pious color and since time immemorial Hindu Sages and Sadhus pay obeisance to भगवा ध्वज (Saffron flag). The fire in Sun is also Saffron. Saffron symbolizes courage and bravery.

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Wearing Saffron, many Indian youth fought with invaders – mughals and britishers. Whether it is dharmic get together of Sadhus, staging flag on top of Hindu temple, decorating in festivals or auspicious occasion, colorful use of Saffron color defines the Vedic heritage of Hindus in the world.

Saffron is embraced by nature – sunrise and sunset symbolize the eternity of saffron in the form of reincarnation**. Fire purifies the element and Saffron color in fire purifies the body in funerary ritual. Donning Saffron clothes, Hindu Sages and Sadhus ventured into different countries – spreading Vedic knowledge.

The world came to know about real meaning of life with the help of saffronization. Every non-Vedic country has its own identity while Saffron is eternal sign of Bharat. To protect this eternal Vedic identity, Shivaji Maharaj and Maharana Pratap fought with muslim looters and invaders.

Bhagwa Saffron Denigration: Why Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs feel Offended?

Mahavir, Buddha and Guru Nanak ji all great souls embraced Saffron (Bhagwa) and made it part of their panths. It is very auspicious color in important religious ceremonies of all Vedic panths. That is the reason all were offended when Saffron (Bhagva) was ridiculed by some morons.

Saffron Bhagwa adopted by Sikhism Jainism Buddhism from Hinduism

Bhagwa Saffron Hatred Brigade

How Anti-Hindu Slaves of Western Lobbies and Muslim Vote Seekers Disrespected The Great Saffron

A slave of vested western economists and US lobby erstwhile home minister Chidambaram to demean great heritage of Bharat and to remain in good books of terrorist muslims had coined a new term of Saffron terrorism. While in reality, Saffron is saving the world peace and humanity. India’s peace keeping force believe in message of Saffronisation “Seva Param Dharam” (सेवा परमो धर्म). The contribution of India’s Saffronized approach is huge and tops the UN chart of contributors list in terms of saving lives, rebuilding cities and providing medical treatment. India never attacked any country to annex their territory because its value is based on Saffronized tradition. Hindus are tolerant and very brave people. They strongly believe in Saffron values and that is the reason, Hinduism is the only dharma that sustained since millions of years. It was slight movement away from Saffronized values that Bharat was ruled by terrorist muslims and christian britishers. But Chidambaram proved to be Jaichand of modern India and ridiculed the greatest heritage of mankind and Hindus.

Disrespecting Saffron is insulting the sacrifice, courage and bravery of Great Hindu Kings who fought for the protection of Saffron values and humanity.

भगवा ध्वज - Greatest Hindu Kings protected Bharat and Bhagwa Dwaj

Rahul G*NDhi, Sushil Kumar Shinde and Chidambram openly propagated false theories around Saffronization. These boot lickers of british ideologue have least knowledge of great Vedic past and bark in front of foreign media to portray themselves as staunch servant of anti-India groups.

There are still so many political parties in India that go to any level of appeasing terrorist muslims – Calling Hafeez Saeed with “Ji” and Osama as “Sahab” are some of the anti-India gratitudes which were showered by congress men.

If anti-Hindu congress supporters have guts can they remove saffron from the blood flowing through their veins, can they stop rising and setting of the Sun. Can they remove the birth of planets and stars which attains saffron color before achieving their formation.

And most of all, Saffron is the upper most part of our national flag, signifying the sacrifice and love for Bharat Mata, how can these anti-nationals dare to demean Saffron which is crown color of our national flag ?

If respecting Saffron of national flag is terrorism then what will you call green/crescent star muslim flag which is reason for killing, torture and millions of death the world over – an epitome of peace ???!!!

And if it is so then according to their sick logic green color represents islamic terrorism and white showcases forceful christian conversion in Indian flag …!!!

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Time and again the slaves of western economists and lobbies disrespected the Saffronized Indian culture, little knowing the fact that it is Saffronized soul of Hindus which allowed them to live, speak and freedom, otherwise in any other country spitting venom against traditional values would have lead to death of such people like it happens in islamic and fanatic christian states.

भगवत्व - Meaning and Power of Saffronization ruling the Universe

The people around the world respect Hindus for upkeeping the oldest wisdom and paving right path for future generations to come. Hindus are the protectors and proponents of Vedas, they preserved the knowledge which helped many modern scientists and physicists to find out new resources for sustenance of mankind. Saffron is also one of the greatest values and divine color gifted by Bhagwan (God) himself for the humans, which inspires life, invokes positivity, gives body to the immortal soul, keep heartbeats pulsating and soothes mind.

We all feel, sense and breath Saffronized atmosphere, no one can escape it so it is better to embrace it and work for the world peace.

(**minor update to this old post: We are not into anti-Hindu bollydawood movies but one of our readers told us that a dialogue in Tanhaji took inspiration from this article. We saw her comment last February and highlighted here at request of another reader.)

यज्ञ Yagna and Saffron

यज्ञ (yagna) purifies the atmosphere, establishing connection with Bhagwan. When we offer something to the Saffron fire, it accepts and makes it more pious. Saffron fire in यज्ञ (yagna) is considered as mouth of Bhagwan.

Saffron Bhagwan Tilak Protects from Negative Energies and Ghosts

Return to your Roots - Apply tilak on forehead and wear saffron clothes to become successful person

Bhagwa Saffron Connects to Sun When Applied on Forehead After Vidhivat Puja

What is Bhagwa Saffron meaning

Saffron Bhagwa Dhaari Yoddhas Decimated Mughal Terrorists and Ready to Terminate Jihadists and Islamists of Today

Time Has Come for Each Hindu Brother and Sister to Become Bhagwa Yoddha to Protect Hinduism and Bharat

Hindu fighters to protect Bharat Sanatan Dharma from muslim terrorists

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    1. vajradharmurthy says:

      Nice article. Its quite amazing to know that all of the symbols and colors associated with Hinduism has a deep meaning and significance with our daily life. Adding an interesting article that elaborates on the significance of Saffron in Hinduism.

    2. dziner_sakshi says:

      no sacred book teaches terrorism, its the fact that people have manipulated it in a wrong way…and lets also not gorget the ways brahmins treated peopple in medieval times by making rigid laws which just suited them,for their ulterior motive. thats when buddhism and jainism emerged, because people were frustrated with the tantrums of pandits just to get the exclusivity of them being able to offer prayer to deity. God doesnt ask all this, he wants a loyal devotee who just surrenders himself in service of God.
      not every1 is capable of doing all the rituals,so doest it mean that we should stop praying?? i dont believe this.
      and lets not mix individualism with spirituality..every human being is diff.
      spirituality if a wider connotion as compared to religion and i am a spiritual person.
      i agree that Krsna took avatar to punish the evil but he doest tell to say bad to any religion. the path to God is same – pray (bhakti) and people do it in many diff ways. those who wear red jholas,chant mantras in sanskrit and basically dont evn know the meaning of them also exist in todays world.
      and this is kaliyug, and what is happening was meant to happen. no1 is here to punish any1, God has his own way of doint hings and all the deeds (good or bad ) are paid back manifolds.
      and if u are talking about koran teaching terrorism,pls read what all lead to such rituals – the invasions, the wars, massive killings during kings times.


      1. Radhe Radhe Sakshi Ji,

        Google “164 poisonous verses of koran” to know truth about terrorism and its origin.

        Please understand this – Hinduism is not same as Islam. And anti-god allah cannot be compared to any god. Islam is developed reversing rituals and principle of Hinduism. So your logic that the path to god is same is totally wrong.

        Also there are black sheeps in every community. You need to comprehend this fact that atrocities of Brahmins was overly exaggerated while terrorism acts of mughals were concealed glorifying them as GREAT or SULTAN or Emperor. And this was done by britishers and some ruling parties of India who were against Hindu culture of India.

        Can you share reference links which highlights the atrocities committed by Brahmins. Try it … You will find none. Do not spread false legacy of concocted historians. Instead preach Unity among Hindus – there is no caste system in original Hinduism. Check this link – https://haribhakt.com/secrets-revealed-how-non-hindus-population-multiplied-in-india/#Varna_System_and_Caste-ism

        Jai Shree Krishn

    3. i read the above interesting facts of saffron in hinduism and they are quite good (for spiritual awakening).
      however, there is something i would like to suggest – the use of strong negative words gives a bad impression..if u r a strong believer of God, dont criticise any1.. whatever ppl do, the way they behave, what they talk is all God’s plan. its because they are not blessed to think in good terms the way blessed people do. no,doubt hinduism is the oldest religion survived but it too has its negatives thats why it gave birth to many subsequent religions which people are following.
      since we, those who believe in the almighty, we believe that God is 1, we should not discriminate among with people of other religion. osama was too a person of God but cos of his bad karmas he was what he was. we can just say that he was not blessed enough.
      in today’s busy world, not many people believe or follow spirituality.

      and since this blog is all about hinduism, Bhagwad Gita tells us about karma and reincarnation too. so what goes around,comes around.
      my humble request to the writer here is not use harsh words against anyone. u are following the path of God,so please feel blessed and not show down others.


      1. Radhe Radhe Sakshi Sharma Ji,

        Thanks for your feedback and sharing your subjective observation.

        Whoever is born in anti-Vedic cult is due to past deeds of his previous lives. Similarly, being born in a human yoni is once in a billion births opportunity. So you can think how unfortunate these anti-Vedic people are.

        Hinduism has no negativeness, you should check the post – https://haribhakt.com/secrets-revealed-how-non-hindus-population-multiplied-in-india/ and also https://haribhakt.com/are-you-hindu/

        We should not be apologetic or ashamed in discussing pragmatic facts. You cannot hide the fact simply by ignoring that koran teaches terrorism and muslims are proponent of jihad (terrorism) against innocent people. Instead, we should be united and aggressive to face the devil and fight against it. Google “164 poisonous verses of koran” to know truth.

        Shree Krishn himself took avatar to establish dharma (morality, ethics, humanity) by annihilating demonic people. Praying to Shree Krishn NEVER meant becoming non-responsive and non-violent towards evil people who deserve to be thrashed to make the world peaceful place again.

        We at HariBhakt believe in pragmatic representation. Being apologetic on crimes of others begets cowardice. Please refrain from doing so and become Aggressive Hindu for the bright future of your kids and Bharat. No one is asking you to attack but be offensive to counter aggression of anti-Vedic, anti-Hindu people and cults.

        Jai Shree Krishn

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