terrorist tipu killed hindus destroyed temples

Since the British rule through Mughal era till first 68 years of anti-Hindu and pro-islamic congress govt, the Indian history is concocted, malafide with illicit intention to paint barbarian mughal invaders as tolerant rulers while the truth was they were terrorists and killers of millions of Hindus. It has been a concerted attempt to distort and falsify recorded Indian history, very often even by hiding dark periods of Indian history as glorious and progressive, to suit the selfish and perverted interests of the ruling clique. One of these attempts relates to the life and deeds of Tipu Sultan of Mysore. Most of his active life as Sultan of Mysore was spent in Kerala, waging wars of territorial annexation and Islamic conversions. Therefore, the true character of Tipu Sultan is best judged from his activities in Kerala. The following is an earnest attempt to present Tipu Sultan as known from the available records of Kerala history.

Veiling true history is a heinous crime against future generations of Bharat. Truth be told, Mughals were terrorists, invaders and genociders of millions of Hindus. They invaded to loot, rape and convert Bharat into an islamic state. And they continuously orchestrated massacre to realize the prophecy of lunatic Mohammed, “Ghazwa E Hind capture of Bharat would pave way for islamization of the world.”

Terrorist Tipu killed millions of Hindus and converted million others into gangster cult islam

Common muslims are wicked and vision of ‘islamizing’ Bharat is deeply rooted in them. They hate to chant Vande Mataram and blatantly disrespect National Anthem but agree to yell Jai Hind. It has connection to Ghazwa-E-Hind roots. Ghazwa has subjective meanings in different contexts. For some citations, it means Battle, in few it means Expansion. However most commonly it is known as Victorious. Ghazwa-E-Hind means Victory of Bharat and it’s Sanskrit or Devnagari translation means Jai Hind.

Hindus should insist muslims to say Vande Mataram or Bharat Mata ki Jai – reason being Bharat is the oldest name of India, dates back to thousands of years. Bharat Varsha has mentions in Vishnu Puran, Shiv Puran and Upnishads.

Cruel tipu caused genocide, holocaust of Hindus converted millions

Traitor Terrorist Tipu Sultan – Do not Glorify Islamic Terrorism with  #TipuJayanti

Hiding Mughal Terrorism By Anti-Hindu Historians

Indian culture faced many enemies – both internal and external; but it has always survived. Of the single men who tried their best to destroy it, perhaps none can match the Tipu Sultan. But now, since we have these notions of political correctness and trying to prove “how much these muslim rulers have contributed to us”, he has been glorified as a national hero. But in reality, he was only a religious fanatic who believed in converting as many Hindus to Islam, and killing those who didn’t fall in line. Terrorist Tipu Sultan was glorified by leftist historians who were given authority to concoct Indian history by Congress leaders.

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Living in Kerala, one does not have to read historical books to know about Tipu’s oppression. It was just a few generations back and Tipu’s cruelty is a part of the folk-lore. Temples relocated, idols (some of them even made of gold) buried (some of them recently recovered) and people resettled, in the wake of Tipu’s military campaign (‘padayottam’ as it is locally known). 

Terrorist Tipu – An Epitome of Islamic Terrorism

Terrorist Tipu Sultan
Muslims Terrorists Under Tipu Sultan Killed Millions of Hindus and Converted Lakhs to Death Cult Islam. The Infographic Shows Details of One Letter and One Specific Date When Thousands of Hindus Were Killed, Raped and Converted. It Also Reveals How 8000 Temples Were Destroyed in Different Places. Reader Can Now Imagine the Extent of Damage Done by Terrorist Tipu Sultan When One Letter and Date Has Details of Massive Destruction Done to Hindu Civilization and Hindus.

Traitor Government Machinery Under Congress Rule Falsely Painted Traitor Tipu Sultan as A Fighter

Mughals were Terrorists not Rulers

Rulers are those who take care of citizens and manage administration giving equality to all. Mughal terrorists like Tipu were not rulers but islamic invaders who openly favoured muslims imposing Jizya tax on all Hindus irrespective of their caste or class. Poor Hindus were forced to convert to gangster cult islam if they failed to pay Jizya tax. Most of them – their eyes were gouged, ears cut off and hands, legs removed if they delayed paying taxes. Instead of leading a handicap life, they submitted to converting to islam. Today’s muslims in South India are forceful converts of terrorist Tipu sultan.

In 1989, to glorify terrorist Tipu, the national broadcaster, Doordarshan, which was mouthpiece of christain and islamic propaganda under congress rule of 67 years, ran a serial on Tipu Sultan, invader of Mysore from 1782 to 1799 A.D. Traitor Tipu’s sword had islamic terrorism (Jihad) verses. To insult Hindus, the serial was purposely named “The Sword of Tipu Sultan”.

Tipu Sultan was wrongly portrayed as a tolerant ruler, totally false and bogus – hiding the ugly historical truth. In the guise of shallow communal harmony a terrorist Tipu Sultan was always shown as a staunch freedom fighter against the British, in reality he fought to establish an islamic empire.

In the words of Ravi Varma, one of the contributors to the anthology: “It was Tipu Sultan and his fanatic Muslim army who converted thousands of Hindus to Islam all along the invasion route and occupied areas in North Kerala, Coorg, Mangalore, and other parts of Karnataka. Besides over 8,000 Hindu temples were desecrated and/or destroyed by his Muslim army. Even today, one can see large concentrations of Muslims and ruins of hundreds of destroyed temples in North Kerala as standing evidence of the Islamic brutalities committed by Tipu Sultan … He was, all through, waging a cruel Islamic war against the Hindu population of Kerala, with a large Muslim army and ably assisted by the French with powerful field guns and European troops. In spite of all this, historical documents and records are being suppressed, distorted, and falsified in order to project this fanatic islamic terrorist Tipu Sultan of Mysore as a national hero keeping him on the same patriotic pedestal of Chhatrapati Shivaji, Sambhaji Raje, Hemchandra, Yashwant Rao Holkar, Maharana Pratap Singh, and Pazhassi Raja of Kerala. It is an insult to our national pride and also to the Hindus of Kerala by our so called ‘secular’ governments since last 68 years (from 1947) and the motivated Muslim and Marxist historians of Jawaharlal Nehru, Aligarh, and Islamia universities.”

Terrorist Tipu Sultan destroyed more than 8000 Hindu temples in Kerala, Mysore and Tamil nadu and Forcibly converted 2 million Hindus to anti-Vedic islam.

Muslim Terrorist Tipu’s Evidence of Islamic Terrorism in India

Terrorist Tipu Sultan’s Letters – Proof of Atrocities on Hindus

So what do the original sources tell us about Tipu? Excerpts from Tipu’s letters as researched by the distinguished Kerala historian K. M. Panicker, which he reviewed in the Bhasha Poshini magazine, August 1923:

1. Letter dated March 22, 1788, to Abdul Kadir: “Over 12,000 Hindus were honoured with Islam. There were many Namboodri Brahmins among them. This achievement should be widely publicised among the Hindus. Then the local Hindus should be brought before you and converted to Islam. No Namboodri Brahmin should be spared. ”

2. Letter dated December 14, 1788, to his army chief in Calicut: ” I am sending two of my followers with Mir Hussain Ali. With their assistance, you should capture and kill all Hindus. Those below 20 may be kept in prison and 5000 from the rest should be killed from the tree-tops. These are my orders.”

3. Letter dated January 18, 1790, to Syed Abdul Dulai: ” …almost all Hindus (men and women) in Calicut are converted to Islam. I consider this as Jihad (terrorism).” [ HB: During his life-span, which was curse to Kerala and her people, Terrorist Tipu Sultan was proud that he killed lakhs of harmless common Hindu citizens – which include mothers, children of farmers, workers and peasants of Kerala. He was pleased that he followed evil teachings of koran as he murdered for Jihad (terrorism) ordered by mohammed and allah. ]

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Tipu Sultan and his ancestors followed koranic teachings to kill innocent Hindus and spread islam.

Sura 9, Aayat 23: “हे इमां वालो अपने पिता व भाइयों को अपना मित्र न बनाओ ,यदि वे इमां कि अपेक्षा कुफ्र को पसंद करें ,और तुमसे जो मित्रता का नाता जोडेगा तो ऐसे ही लोग जालिम होंगे। ”

इस आयत में नव प्रवेशी मुसलमानों को साफ आदेश है कि,जब कोई व्यक्ति मुस्लमान बने तो वह अपने माता , पिता, भाई सभी से सम्बन्ध समाप्त कर ले। यही कारण है कि जो एक बार मुस्लमान बन जाता है, तब वह अपने परिवार के साथ साथ राष्ट्र से भी कट जाता है।

Sura 9, Aayat 23: “Hey faithfuls to Allah, do not consider your father, brothers as your friends, if they are disbelievers and not faithful (to allah); they will keep friendship with you but they will be cruel and tyrant.

Here Koran teaches that whoever do not believe in allah or koran (fiction conceptualized by mohammed and his stooges), he will be cruel and tyrant; the prejudice and barbarian belief of hating non-believers of islam (non-muslims) shows how much hatred is taught to muslims since childhood by koran; such teachings get internalized in them making them terrorists of the future. This is just one verse, there are more than 164 verses of koran which provoke them to be a Jihadi (terrorist).

In this Sura, the converted muslims are ordered a devout muslim should not trust or believe anyone not even his own father, brothers, he should ruin his relationships with them. This is the main reason that once a person becomes muslim he does not believe in his own family or nationality, never trusts non-muslims. It also highlights the fact that the converted muslims are more dangerous than actual muslims. Concept of Terrorism (Jihad) explored such views more, expanding it to materialize killings of innocent people by mughal invaders – Akbar the Barbarian, Aurangzeb the Tyrant and many such islamic terrorist rulers of India.

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How Tipu Became Brutal, Cruel and Barbarous?

Tipu Sultan Became Terrorist, Barbarian and Tyrant following Evil Teachings of Quran

Quran is definitely not godsend, it has verses that celebrates rape, loot and genocide of Hindus. Quran and Hadiths collectively dedicate more than 64% of their verses in explaining Kafir and their treatment to be meted out by muslims. it covers in intricate details on waging islamic terrorism against Hindus in the form of deception, lies, loot, murder and treacherous activities. Quran is indeed a terror manual.

Some of the evil teachings of koran are shocking and very disturbing. Such verses made terrorist out of common invader.

सुरा ९, आयत १२३ में लिखा है की, ” हे इमां वालों ,उन काफिरों से लड़ो जो तुम्हारे आस पास है,और चाहिए कि वो तुममे शक्ति पायें।”

Meaning: In Sura 9, verse 123 it is written, “O muslims, fight the infidels (Hindus/Kafirs) that are around you, and that they should submit to power of you.”

सुरा २ कि आयत १९३, “…उनके विरूद्ध जब तक लड़ते रहो, जब तक मूर्ती पूजा समाप्त न हो जाए और अल्लाह का मजहब (इस्लाम) सब पर हावी न हो जाए।”

Meaning: In Sura 2, verse 193, “..Stay fighting against them until the idol worship ends and the cult of Allah (Islam) prevails over everyone.”

सूरा २६ आयत ९४, “…तो वे गुमराह (बुत व बुतपरस्त) औन्धे मुँह दोजख (नरक) की आग में डाल दिए जायंगे।

Meaning: In Sura 26, verse 94, “… then they (Hindus or idol worshippers) will be thrown into the hell of fire for their blind misguided belief of not believing Allah.

सूरा ९, आयत २८, “…हे इमां वालों (मुसलमानों), मुशरिक (मूर्ती पूजक) नापाक है।”

Meaning: In Sura 9, verse 28, “…O Muslims, Mushrik (idol worshipers) is nefarious (evil).”

सूरा ४० से ४८ विवरण: गैर मुसलमानों (मूर्तिपूजक/हिन्दू) की हत्या करने के बाद उनकी संपत्ति ,उनकी औरतों ,उनके बच्चों का क्या किया जाए ? उसके बारे में कुरान बताता है, “मुसलमानों को उसे अल्लाह का उपहार समझ कर उसका भोग करना चाहिए।”

“हिन्दुओ के बलात्कार, लूट और हत्या की खुली छूट है क़ुरान मे…”

Meaning: Sura 40 to 48 Description, What should be done of their property, their women, their children after killing non-Muslims (idolaters/ Hindus)?, Quran says, “Muslims should consider them as the gift of Allah and enjoy it.”

“Muslims have full permission to rape, loot and murder Hindus in the verses of Quran …”

सूरा ४८ ,आयत २० में कहा गया है, लूटना जायज़ है, ”…यह लूट अल्लाह ने दी है।“

Meaning: Sura 48, verse 20 states that it is lawful to rob non-muslims, “… Allah has given this loot.”

सूरा ८, आयत ६९, ”…उन अच्छी चीजो का जिन्हें तुमने घुसपैठ करके प्राप्त किया है, पूरा भोग करो। “

Meaning: Sura 8, verse 69 states, “… enjoy the good things that you have received by intruding.”

सूरा १४ ,आयत १३, ”…हम मूर्ती पूजकों को नष्ट कर देंगे और तुम्हे उनके मकानों और जमीनों पर रहने देंगे।”

Meaning: Sura 14, verse 13 states, “… we will destroy the idol worshipers and let you live in their houses and lands.”

सूरा ५, आयत ३३, ”…(हिन्दू)  उनकी हत्या कर दी जाए या उन्हें सूली पर चढ़ा दिया जाए या उनके हाथ पैर काट दिए जाएं।”

Meaning: Sura 05, verse 33 states, “…(Hindus) they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides.”

Terrorist Tipu was not secular but killer of Hindus and temples destroyer

Portuguese Historian on Tipu’s Cruelty Towards Hindus

Letters of Terrorist Tipu and Blatant Confession to Waging Islamic Terrorism

From ‘A Voyage to the East Indies’ by Fra Barthoelomeo, a renowned Portuguese traveller and historian, who was present in Tipu’s war zone in early 1790:

“First a corps of 30,000 barbarians who butchered everybody on the way … followed by the field gun unit under the French commander, M. Lally. Tipu was riding on an elephant behind which another army of 30 000 soldiers followed. Most of the men and women were hanged in Calicut, first mothers were hanged with their children tied to necks of mothers. That barbarian Tipu Sultan tied the naked Christian and Hindus to the legs of elephants and made the elephants to move around till the bodies of the helpless victims were torn to pieces. Temples and churches were ordered to be burned down, desecrated, and destroyed. … Those Christians who refused to be honoured with Islam were ordered to be killed by hanging immediately. These atrocities were told to me by the victims of Tipu Sultan who escaped from the clutches of his army and reached Varapphuza, which is the centre of Carmichael Christian Mission. I myself helped many victims to cross the Varapphuza river by boats.”

The letter of January 19, 1790, sent to Budruz Zuman Khan by Tipu himself says: “Don”t you know I have achieved a great victory recently in Malabar and over four lakh Hindus were converted to Islam? I am determined to march against that cursed “Raman Nair” very soon (reference is to Rama Varma Raja of Travancore). Since I am overjoyed at the prospect of converting him and his subjects to Islam, I have happily abandoned the idea of going back to Srirangapatanam now”.

In the letter dated January 18, 1790, to Syed Abdul Dulai: “With the grace of muhammed and allah, almost all Hindus in Calicut are converted to Islam. Only a few are still not converted on the borders of Cochin State. I am determined to convert them also very soon. I consider this as Jehad to achieve that object.”

The above proofs clearly show the shallow and fake “secularism” of Tipu Sultan hidden by anti-India historians. Further, these historians tried to portray Tipu as a nationalist as he fought against British. But the renowned historian, Dr. I.M. Muthanna, says in his Tipu Sultan X-Rayed that Tipu was a traitor as he invited the French to invade India.

Betrayer Tipu Wanted Islamic State at the Cost of Foreign Invasion and Division of India

Quran denigrates nationalism and love for fellow non-muslim citizens. It has no concept of nationhood. Instead Quran instruct muslims to invade all Darul Harb nations (non-islamic countries) and establish islamic states.

Quran divides the world into two parts; Darul Islam vs Darul Harb (nation of muslims vs nation of non-muslims) invoking hatred towards motherland and provoking treachery for the resident nation. It advocates that entire world is created by Allah for muslims, no nation belong to non-muslims. Allah permits muslim to capture and make the world islamized. Each muslim is committed to different forms of Jihad to convert non-islamic nation into a muslim land. Read here to understand, how each muslim is a betrayer and a deceptor to islamize a nation.

Eunuch Tipu Sultan Being A True Muslim was A Traitor, Invited French to Invade India

The letter, dated April 21, 1797, written by Tipu and classified in the Persian File of Records, reads: “Since I manifested my friendship in writing to you, my messengers have arrived with the following intelligence which will not be displeasing to you….I inform these events in order to prove to you that it is now the moment for you to invade India. With little trouble we shall drive the British out of India. Rely on my friendship.”

This shows the expansionist agenda of Tipu Sultan at the cost of decimating India into several states.

barbarian cruel tipu sultan

According to the official report of Col. Fullarton of the British forces stationed in Mangalore, “(During the siege 1783) Tipu’s soldiers daily exposed the heads of many innocent Brahmins within sight from the fort for Zamorin and his Hindu followers to see. It is asserted that the Zamorin rather than witness such enormities and to avoid further killing of innocent Brahmins, chose to abandon the Palghat Fort” Further he states- “It was not only against the Brahmins who were thus put in a state of terror of forcible circumcision and conversion; but against all sections of Hindus. In August, 1788, a Raja of the Kshatriya family of Parappanad and also Trichera Thiruppad, a chieftain of Nilamboor, and many other Hindu nobles who had been carried away earlier to Coimbatore by Tipu Sultan, were forcibly circumcised and forced to eat beef.” an anti-Vedic practice as Hindus consider Cow as Holy Mother for her selfless contribution to the world and humans.

Traitor Tipu and Holocaust of Hindus By Muslim Terrorists

Genocide of Hindus by Brutal Tipu Sultan

The world-famous Protuguese traveller, Fr. Barthoelomeo, writes in his book Voyage to East Indies : “Tipu was riding on an elephant behind which another army of 30,000 soldiers followed. Most of the men and women were hanged in Calicut, first mothers were hanged with their children tied to necks of mothers. That barbarian Tipu Sultan tied the naked Christians and Hindus to the legs of elephants and made the elephants to move around till the bodies of the helpless victims were torn to pieces. Temples and churches were ordered to be burned down, desecrated and destroyed. Christian and Hindu women were forced to marry (mlecchas) mohammadans and similarly their men (after converting Hindu men into Islam) were forced to marry mohammadan women. Those Hindus, Christians who refused to be honoured with Islam, were ordered to be killed by hanging immediately.”

thousands of Hindus killed by barbarian terrorist tipu sultan

The neutral point of views show that majorly Hindus were killed because more than 95% of the common citizens were Hindu population.

The cruelties which Tipu Sultan committed in Coorg, has no parallel in history. On one occasion, he forcibly converted over ten thousand Hindus to Muhammadanism. In another infiltration, he captured and converted to Islam more than one thousand Hindu Coorgis before imprisoning them in the Srirangapatna Fort. The atrocities committed by Tipu Sultan in Bidnur in North Karnataka were most barbarous and beyond description. After the capture of Mangalore, along with Hindus, thousands of Christians were also forcibly sent to Sreerangapatanam where all of them were circumcised and converted to Islam. Then he marched upto Kumbla on the northern borders of Kerala, forcibly converting to Islam every Hindu on the way.

Symbol of Mughal Terrorism

Terror Manual Quran’s Punishment Followed by Tipu Sultan

History of islamic terrorism (mughal terror) in India
Tower of Heads: Muslim terrorists waging mughal terrorism killed hundreds of Hindu men, destroyed their lower torso disrespecting their Dharmic right to last rites.
Heads of Hindu men were used to create bloodied structure of islamic towers across places to invoke fear of mughal terrorism among common Hindus. These were proudly called as Signature of Quran by common muslims. Islam is not spiritual religion but a gangster cult of death and genocide.
Tipu sultan islamic terrorism killed millions of Hindus
His predecessor muslim invaders made tower of heads structure at different places (as shared above).
Terrorist tipu sultan instead paraded severed heads and kept them on top of bamboos or tampered wooden rods across hundreds of kilometres, to cover more areas to frighten common non-cavalry community, peasants, farmers and working class Hindus. A special muslim community of Barhai was created whose main project was to develop punishment tools, wooden rods and planks to impose inhuman islamic fatwas against Hindus.

Hindu Marathas Made Muslim Terrorist Tipu Surrender

Traitor Tipu Lived and Died for Jihad (Islamic Terrorism)

Lesson for Hindus from Cruel Invaders and Tipu Sultan

Pseudo-Secular dhimmi Hindus are idiots and become adversaries of devout Hindus when they support muslims to celebrate #TipuJayanti, in reality these muslims want to re-visit the atrocities and tortures faced by Hindus. They seek inspiration in #MughalTerrorism legacy of Tipu invader and mughal terrorists.

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Pseudo-Secular Hindus must understand that answer to Islamization of India is not Secularism it is Hinduization of India. Answer to Islamism is not Secularism but Hindutva. Secularism is not Eastern thought, it was introduced by western government to dilute Church control in administration. Secularism means relinquishing  Christian dominance over governance. Secularism does not mean denying Sanatan Dharma and Vedic rituals of life. In India, Secularism is wrongly deemed as Hinduphobic policies, Bhagwa hatred and pro-islamic muslim appeasement.

Dhimmi Hindus must do proper research before blindly following wrong doctrine of Secularism set by pro-islamic, anti-Hindu political parties and leaders of India. Secularism was not developed for Bharat, it was created for western administrators.

Secular Hindus indirectly help weakening of Indian ethos, slowly realizing vision of terrorist muslims and mughal invaders. Vision of all mughal invaders and common muslims is clear – TO ISLAMIZE INDIA – they live and die for it. That is what Hindu Marathas knew, their Brahmin Gurus did deep study of Quran and retaliated forcefully against islamization and Ghazwa-E-Hind movement of Mughal terrorists. They truly followed aggressive Hinduism diluting Vedic ways of fighting war, denying any past strategy of mercy and clemency set by lenient Hindu ruler. Their aggression enabled them to establish Hindu Maratha Empire almost across India until their in-fights lead to demise of their vision for Hindu Rashtra. Answer to violent cult Islam is only Violent Hindutva. Or else Hindus will perish.

Witnessing genocides of Hindus, Marathas thought of showing invader Tipu Sutan his true status. An army of the Hindu Maratha Empire led by Tukoji Rao Holkar waged war against Tipu. Hindu Maratha warriors chopped heads of terrorist muslims like slicing radish. Muslim soldiers of Tipu started running away from the battle field. Hindu Marathas defeated Tipu Sultan, captured the town and fortress at Gajendragad.

Ferocious resistance from the Hindu Marathas forced Muslim Tipu to submit to their demands. Losing thousands of soldiers in series of battles hampered his expansion plan of establishing a full fledged Islamic country.

Mughal Terrorist Tipu proposed signing a treaty to end conflicts, Hindu Marathas came up with the demands before signing the Treaty of Gajendragad. Marathas initially dictated one time 40 million rupees, annual penalty of 10 million rupees and territories, but Tipu humbly requested to lower down the demand as he would be left with almost no money for his administration. He promised to the condition of not fighting war with the Hindu rulers and instead focus his strength on Britishers.

After three major meetings and series of negotiations, the treaty noted that Tipu Sultan would pay 4.8 million rupees as a one-time war cost to the Marathas, and an annual tribute of 1.2 million rupees in addition to returning all the territories captured by Hyder Ali.

Traitor Tipu Took Refuge of Terror Manual Quran

Islam is a gangster cult, Quran is not a spiritual book but a terror guide to wage violent islamic movement across world. It clearly states, that the movement would only stop when all the nations of the world is islamized. Tipu consulted his muslim clerics to seek directions from Quran so that he could regain his lost territories. Maulana Muhammad Al-Haider instructed him to get his rooms and sword inscribed with Quranic writings. Tipu was designated as the Ghazi (killer of Hindus) by the muslim cleric.

Maulanas were known to highlight Quranic verses in clothes, buildings and tombs as they never had freedom to show image of Allah (Pagan Moon God) or lunatic Mohammed. So they relied on Quranic verses inscription. Similar incidents were chronicled in Badshahnama of Aurangzeb when Taj Mahal was leaking and it needed immediate repairing. Muslim clerics of Terrorist Aurangzeb instructed him to replace Hindu symbols from Taj Mahal and tile it with Quranic inscriptions to completely diminish it’s Vedic leanings. However the foundation of the Taj Mahal that was of red stone and bricks was kept intact or the entire structure could fell, it still has dozens of broken statues in its basement, it was closed by Indira Gandhi govt permanently after archaeological survey of India re-discovered the temple remains of a Hindu palace now known as Taj Mahal.

Under instructions from Maulana, the inscriptions on Terrorist Tipu’s sword and rooms were inscribed as follows:

Terrorist Tipu Sultan sword Jihad islamic terrorism verses

“मेरा विजयी तलवार काफिरो (हिन्दुओ) के विनाश के लिए बिजली है। हैदर के लिए जीत हैं, जिसने काफिरो (हिन्दुओ) के नस्लों को तबाह कर दिया जो अल्लाह को नहीं मानते थे। उनकी प्रशंसा करो, जो अल्लाह के हैं। अल्लाह, उन लोगों के खिलाफ हमें समर्थन दे, जो काफिर (हिन्दू) हैं।”

“अल्लाह की जीत सभी (मानव जाति) पर हावी हो। या अल्लाह, उसे विजयी बनाओ, जो मुहम्मद के इस्लाम (इमां) को बढ़ावा देता है। उसे मनाओ, जो मुहम्मद के विश्वास का को नहीं मानता; और वह हमारे सामने झुके ऐसा करो। अल्लाह का काम सभी कामों में श्रेष्ठ है। लड़ाई और जीत अल्लाह ही देता है। मुहम्मद के वफादार लोगों के लिए खुशहाल ख़बरें लाना; क्योंकि अल्लाह बचाता है, वह दयालों में दयालु है।”

“अल्लाह मदत करता है तो आबाद होंगे; हे मुहम्मद, अल्लाह तुझे जीत दे।”

Meaning: “My victorious sabre is lightning for the destruction of the Kafirs (Hindus). Haidar, the Lord of the Faith, is victorious for my advantage. And moreover, he destroyed the wicked race who were Kafirs (Hindus). Praise be to him, who is the Lord of the Worlds! Thou art our Allah, support us against the people who are Kafirs (Hindus). He to whom the Allah giveth victory prevails over all (mankind). Oh Allah, make him victorious, who promoteth the faith of Muhammad. Confound him, who refuseth the faith of Muhammad; and withhold us from those who are so inclined. Allah’s work is predominant over his own works. Victory and conquest are from Allah. Bring happy tidings, Oh Muhammad, to the faithful; for Allah is the kind protector and is the most merciful of the merciful. If Allah assists thee, thou wilt prosper. May the Allah assist thee, Oh Muhammad, with a mighty victory.”

Curse of Satanic Quran and Gangster Cult Islam on Hindus of Bharat

Thousands of Hindu Temples Destroyed and Converted into Anti-Vedic Mosques by Cruel Tipu Sultan

Taliban destroyed one Bamiyan but Terrorist Tipu Sultan was more barbarous to demolish several Bamiyans and Hindu Temples

In Malabar, the main targets of Tipu Sultan”s atrocities were Hindus and Hindu temples. According to Lewis B. Boury, the atrocities committed by Tipu Sultan against Hindus in Malabar were worse and more barbarous than those committed against the Hindus in Hindustan by the notorious Mahmud of Ghazni, Alauddin Khalji, and Nadir Shah. According to the Malabar Manual of William Logan who was the District Collector for some time, Thrichambaram and Thalipparampu temples in Chirackal Taluqa, Thiruvangatu Temple (Brass Pagoda) in Tellicherry, and Ponmeri Temple near Badakara were all destroyed by Tipu Sultan. The Malabar Manual mentions that the Maniyoor mosque was once a Hindu temple. Vatakkankoor Raja Raja Varma writes- “There was no limit as to the loss the Hindu temples suffered due to the military operations of Tipu Sultan(in Kerala). Burning down the temples, destruction of the idols installed therein and also cutting the heads of cattle over the temple deities were the cruel entertainments of Tipu Sultan and his equally cruel army. It was heartrending even to imagine the destruction caused by Tipu Sultan in the famous ancient temples of Thalipparampu and Thrichambaram. The devastation caused by this new Ravana”s barbarous activities has not yet been fully rectified.”

Terrorist Tipu Captured Mysore Killing Thousands of Unarmed Hindus 

Tipu Sultan Cruel King of Mysore- Jihad in Ancient India

About the atrocities in Kozhikode, L.B. Boury writes: “To show his ardent devotion and steadfast faith in muhammaddan religion (death cult, islam), Tipu Sultan found Kozhikode to be the most suitable place. Kozhikode was then a centre of Brahmins and had over 7000 Brahmin families living there. Over 2000 Brahmin families perished as a result of Tipu Sultan’s Islamic cruelties. He did not spare even women and children. Most of the men escaped to forests and foreign lands.” The propaganda that Tipu Sultan was tolerant and fair-minded towards the Hindus in Mysore is also without any foundation, as explained in “History of Mysore” written by Lewis Rice as well as M.M. Gopal Rao. According to Lewis Rice, during the rule of Tipu Sultan, only two Hindu temples inside the Sreerangapatanam Fort were having daily pujas while the assets of all other temples were confiscated. Gopal Rao says- “Muslims were exempted from all taxes. Even those who were converted to Islamic faith were also allowed the same concessions.”

The Mysore Gazetteer says that the ravaging army of Tipu Sultan had destroyed more than 8000 temples in South India. The temples of Malabar and Cochin principalities had to bear the brunt of plunder and destruction. According to the Malabar Gazetteer, the important temples in the towns of Tali, Srivaliyanatukavu, Tiruvannur, Varakkal, Puthur, Govindapuram, and Talikunnu were destroyed by Tipu”s ravaging armies.

Butcher, Cruel, Barbarian Tipu Sultan's treacherous deed of killing Hindus

Inspite of enormous evidences present as mentioned above which clearly show that, Tipu Sultan was no “secular” and “tolerant”, still this myth is being portrayed in academic circles. It is high time that, truth be laid down in public. It is high time to voice objection against whitewashing of history by vested interests. We, people of India should gather courage to call a spade a spade.

An opinion shared by Sanjith Menon, a renowned officer, who did hear about Tippu’s harassment from his ancestors. And mind it, you will find thousands of Hindus in Kerala who will tell you similar incidents told to them by their great grandfathers.

“My grandfather was born in Ottappalam, Kerala, in 1899. In those days it was called Valluvanad. I remember him telling me as a small child ie, in 1981, about the way Tippu had attacked, Valluvanad, a story told to him by his father. Men were caught and asked whether they need to shave their head, or let the sword cut off their necks. Upon shaving their heads they used to be sent to Ponnani, to don the cap and be a Muslim. My grandfather had no reason, to lie to me. This oral history can be checked with a lot of old people in that Area. I’m not saying that we need to hate Muslims for what Tippu did, of course not. But lets also not forget, that this land mother India, gave space and living to a large number of refugees from central Asia, Persia, Turkey and Arabia…But some of them forgot her benevolence and started talking about the Two nation theory. This should not happen again.”

Converted muslims and rape by-products of harem of mughals share the same vision of terrorist Mohammed’s Ghazwa E Hind and feel proud of Jihad legacy (islamic terrorism) of Tipu and Mughals.

Kodavas Defeated Tipu Terrorist

Kodavas Made Beggar Out of Tipu for Treaty

Kodavas are a community who defeated Terrorist Tipu 58 times. Today also they are native to the Kodagu district in the state of Karnataka in India. At one time, they were a major and commanding community in their place of origin. They had their own distinct culture, customs, language, and traditions, and were known for their amazing martial skills and agricultural innovation. Kodavas somehow survived and resurrected few of their traditions after facing irreparable loss to islamic terrorism under Terrorist Tipu.

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Kodavas are traditionally farmers, and rice is an important crop in the region. They are nature lovers and protect environment and bear strong sense of community unity.

Kodavas Defeated Tipu
Islamic Terrorist Tipu Betrayed Kodavas After Pursuing and Signing Peace Treaty. He Called for the Peaceful Discussions and Attacked Unarmed Kodavas. He Almost Killed Kodavas Culture and Their Population Declined to Less Than 2%. Somehow They Survived After Their Agricultural Lands and Trading Business was Captured by Terrorist Tipu. Kodavas Defeated Hyder Ali and Then Also His Son Tipu. But Classic Betrayal of Islam Again Bluffed Innocent Hindus. When Tipu Could Not Win War He Used Deception, a Trick Taught by Founder of Islam, Terrorist Muhammed.                                                                          Kodavas revere their culture, martial customs and are devotees of Bhagwan Mahadev and Maa Bhadrakali. Kodavas lineage starts from Chandravanshi Chandra Varma ruler of Matsya Desh. They celebrate Kail Poldha arms festival that begins on the 18th day after the sun enters the Simha Raasi. They Are Skillful Warriors of Ayudha Katti. They Are Allowed to Keep Arms Without Licence Due to Customary Tradition.

Burst Tipu Sultan Lies: How Hindus Can Fight Against Hoaxes and Lies About Islamic History

Identifying lies of neighbourhood Muslim propagandist is very easy. Look for the source, if the source is from another Muslim writer or a leftist then it is definitely filled with concocted tales, spiralled with confused language tonality. Mostly, the Muslim journalists and authors share edited video, half baked information, unclear content and half-truth information. Always check the SOURCE for full details.

Avoid fact-checking websites approved by facebook and google. They were exposed fully during poisonous vaccination drive. They gagged all voices, banned all writers and video makers who spoke truth about global scamdemic. Think deeply why the story promoted by Muslims is fake. Is it being shared to distract from some important Hindu issues or is it spread to misinform world about another victimhood hoax of Muslims.

Hindu Fight Muslim Lies Propaganda Crime
STEP 1, Group: Make an Online Group So Link With Pro-Hindu, Youtubers, Journalists, Influencers. STEP 2, Gather Quran Verses, Terror History, Recent Killings Data. STEP 3, Create Short Memes, Articles, Short Videos, Posts Based on The Data Gathered. STEP 4, Profile: Make Two Accounts in Social Media Sites; 1 Male id, 1 Female id. Share All Posts and Memes. STEP 5, Shield: Make a Protection Mob of 20. Take One Cop & Lawyer in It. Use This for Regular Placard Protests & Promote Their Images/Videos in Social Media Sites.


Sri D. S. Kuttappa, Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s organising secretary for Kodagu district, who was protesting against #TippuJayanti celebrations was brutally attacked and hacked to death by a group of muslim miscreants on Tuesday morning (10-11-2015). But Karanataka police under orders of corrupt and anti-Hindu congress govt instead lathi charged and brutually thrashed protesting Hindus of VHP and RSS…. Is this karanataka or an islamist state where a terrorist mughal tyrant tippu is given importance more than native Indians, Hindus.

If you are devout Hindu then spread this post to millions of Hindus and create awareness about truth of terrorist Tippu Sultan. #TerroristTipuSultan should be trending in twitter and facebook. The sacrifice of devout Hindu D S Kuttapa should not go in vain… Hindus Get United. Become a force, next year either we shall not see congress govt at Karnataka or no #TerroristTipuSultan’s celebration.

D S Kutappa VHP kodagu karnataka killed by congress govt

Deception, lies and betrayal in the form of Taqiyya is allowed in Quran and Islam. Do not trust any muslim historian if they create fake stories that Hindu Marathas raided Sringeri Shankaracharya and killed Brahmins. These are all concocted and fabricated tales created to paint Terrorist Tipu as saviour of Hindus – NO MUSLIM INVADER EVER DID ANYTHING FOR HINDU TEMPLES AND HINDUS – they were afraid of SHIRK* and believed in TAWHEED** of Quran. THESE MUSLIM HISTORIANS WERE NEVER ABLE TO PROVE WITH PAPER FORENSICS ABOUT ORIGINALITY OF DOCUMENTS that Tipu saved temples. They falsely lie about some Kannada letters without any evidence and proofs. Truth is Hindu Marathas led ruling were the only Hindu Empire under colonial rule that re-constructed and protected most of the Hindu temples that were destroyed by terrorist muslims. And surprising fact is among all Hindu Marathas, a proud Hindu woman, Ahilya Bai Holkar was the only ruler who re-constructed over 100’s of major temples and thousands of small mandirs across India to invoke unity among Hindus. DO NOT BELIEVE IN BOOKS WRITTEN BY MUSLIM HISTORIANS and later cited by SECULAR LEFTIST DHIMMI HINDUS. They are scavengers and survive on spreading lies.

SHIRK** in Quran is punishment by Allah for supporting idolatry and idol worship. No muslim ever contributes to Temple or its construction. Shirk is not pardonable even in Judgment day. They are afraid of hell fire for Shirk as per Quran.  So NEVER BELIEVE IF A MUSLIM HISTORIAN CLAIMS THAT MUGHAL INVADER CONSTRUCTED A TEMPLE. Mughal invaders relied on Quran and Maulanas to run their administration. They destroyed Hindu temples and killed millions of Hindus.

TAWHEED** in Quran is believing only in Allah and hating idol worship (Hindu deities). It promotes destruction of temples. That is why mughal terrorists and common muslims destroy Hindu temples, whenever they get chance to do so.

References & Notes:
There is ample evidence, available in many authentic records of his military operations in Kerala, to show that Tipu Sultan of Mysore was a fanatic Muslim tyrant who was responsible for the destruction of hundreds of Hindu temples, large-scale forcible conversion of the Hindus, and perpetration of unimaginable brutalities on the Hindu population in Kerala.

All the available records such as Malabar Manual of William Logan, Historical Sketches of Col. Wilks, Voyage to East Indies of Fra Bartolomaeo, histories of Kerala written by K.P. Padmanabha Menon and Sardar K.M. Panicker, historical research papers of Elamkulam Kunjan Pillai, official reports of the English Company, and the records of Chirackal, Zamorin and Palghat royal families besides those from Trichur, Guruvayoor, Thirunavaya and Perumanam temples, clearly and conclusively depict Tipu Sultan as the most intolerant cruel, and fanatic Muslim ruler in the South. His main object, like his father Hyder Ali Khan’s, was to subjugate the whole of Kerala and convert its Hindu population to Islamic faith by force.

Traitor Tipu Sultan’s notorious jihad – Islamic invasion slogan was SWORD (death) or CAP (Islamic honour, i.e. forcible conversion), a cruel option for a hapless Hindu population. Either die or convert to gangster cult islam. For this, his most dependable and obedient accomplices were his equally cruel and treacherous co-cultists, the Mappilas (local Muslim converts) of North Malabar.
Tipu Sultan:Villain or Hero? edited by Sita Ram Goel, Voice of India, 1995
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  • 🔥Python says:

    Are you saying that all muslims are terrorists?
    Because the way you are presenting the facts points to this very conclusion.

    Jai shree Krishn.

  • Also read What are the things the people generally don’t know about Tipu Sultan? here letsdiskuss.com/what-are-the-things-the-people-generally-don-t-know-about-tipu-sultan

  • Takeshi18 says:

    All black African original dog faced Muslims on earth that trace back their ancestory, language,terrorist culture, devotees of Quran, prophet should be killed without mercy, then to the light skinned Muslims that are descendants of women who were ra*ed by Muslims either an option to stand by Quran & die brutally like cancer cells for good or forget Quran, Muslim, utmost polite humbly respect the land, its people where they stand, live per country laws, All copies of Quran must be destroyed, then make sure that those who know, if they want to have only one child, no more, don’t teach it to children, next generation. Even if it means taking their children away by force, pushing to ones like Navodaya, Ramakrishna Ashrama schools, wake up @4,sleep @10,follow rigid discipline, with getting a hard beating for saying something, harming to others, where nobody they want is there.

    • Radhe Radhe Takeshi ji,

      Muslims are not ready to reform islam. So your suggestions make sense.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • Takeshi18 says:

    Shivaji should have made pact with all Hindu kingdoms of Indian subcontinent, allied with Sri Lanka, nepal to unite, fight together then, encouraged all Kshatriyas of India to have 30-40 or 100 children each, to fight together, sacrifice lives to outnumber, kill all Muslims mercilessly to death, if it comes to that, later for the country, all Hindu Kingdoms make a false alliance with all separated Muslim rulers, offer to sell military, other intel of all other kingdoms, as very less numbered, etc then betray them in last second all together, then they’d be outnumbered, less prepared, shocked to feel terror, psychologically crushing them, then overthrowing the Muslim rulers, their government, ministers, killing all Muslim rulers, government, military first, capture their fortress, seize all weapons, so that they cannot cause anymore trouble, then kill all over populated Muslims on sight, without any mercy, respect

    • Radhe Radhe Takeshi ji,

      Shiva ji was brilliant and brave Hindu warrior. We can achieve the Akhand Hindu Rashtra objective if we have DICTATORship for at least 10 years.
      Democracy does not give complete freedom to citizens or administrators to enact favorable laws for native Indians.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • Takeshi18 says:

    TL;DR: They come to your house in guise of calling themselves beggars, refugees, saying to let them in, either you have an option to let them in, or an option to be kicked out, suffer their terror otherwise, they say you don’t have an option to fight against them, they blackmail you to compel with their demands, then when you show compassion, let them in, after eating off you, some time, they backstab you, loot you, your family, wealth, then threaten to kick you out or kill you if you don’t listen to them, just like Mysore emperors. Mysore emperors suffered. should have been over cautious like Shivaji who was prepared to do the right, in their very own brainchild medicine way

  • Takeshi18 says:

    You forgot to mention a very important fact that bloody dog Tipu Sultan, his dog father, his family looted wealth, treasures, manipulated, then massacred, atleast 7 generations of standin young wodeyars princes, emperors, as well as lot of relatives, family members of the Imperial famly in ungrateful cold blood, before humane British killed that bloody son of ****h, gave back the empire to it’s original dynasty, owner to whom it belonged after 30 years, British should have tortured severely, skinned alive with molten iron rods, as well as inserted to eyelids, then executed by burning alive all Tipu Sultan, his wives, girls, 20-30 dogbred bigot useless children, entire bloodline, all relatives. Instead of making tomb, masjid for him. That’s why one should never ever trust filthy cunning dog ungrateful Muslims.

    • Radhe Radhe Takeshi ji,

      We agree. Thanks for the feedback.

      Jai Shree Krishn

      • Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

        Sir, I think because of Jagadguru Shri Adi Shankaracharya curse on Namboothri Brahmins , they became atheists and Terrorists. Today Kerala became Terrorism Hub due to this reason. Tulu Nadu of Karnataka, Kongu Nadu of Tamil Nadu are facing problem with Kerala Terrorists. Central Government should urgently split Kerala into three parts. Kasaragod district should be merged into Karnataka and Wayanad, Eastern Malappuram(Nilambur and other surrounding Taluks), Palakkad and Idukki districts into Tamil Nadu. (Kannur, Kozhikode, Western Malappuram(Malappuram, Ponnani, Tirur)) districts should be first UT, (Thrissur, Ernakulam, Kottayam,Allapuzha) districts should be second UT and (Pathanamthitta , Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram ) districts should be third UT. All the Union Territories should be controlled by Military.

  • really fascinated reading all your posts about hindu and mughal kings.

  • shivananda says:

    these politcians do not care for the wellfare of the nation .all that they need is vote power at the cost of our nation

    • Radhe Radhe Shivananda Ji,

      It is upto us to defeat the purpose of corrupt, evil politicians. How many Hindus know the truth about terrorist tipu sultan. Very few.

      It is need of the hour that we share such posts with maximum Hindus possible through social media, emails and other possible channels.

      We have to play our decisive role to Unite Hindus with awareness thereby removing falsehoods and negativity from the society.

      Jai Shree Krishn