Sufism Rotten Face of Islam (Satanic Deception)

Sufism is another fabrication to fictitiously portray non-existent moderate side of cult Islam. Sufism emerged after the passing of Kuru slave Mohammed in 632, but it took until the 12th century for it to formalise into orders. After Islamic terrorists attacked India, this sufi movement gained momentum. The founding members of the orders became so-addressed saints, and monuments were erected in their honour. Numerous Sufi orders and offshoots began to pop up. Some muslims pretend to hate sufism but in reality they perform Taqiyya because sufism is another dangerous form of terrorism that uproots local culture poisoning it from within. No one has seen any muslim killing any sufi cleric or a sufi follower yet. Similarly, negligible atrocities were committed by any mughal terrorist (referred as rulers by corrupt historians). On the contrary, mughals allowed sufism to prosper so that they continue contaminating local Hindu culture, music and tradition by mixing with them. Bhakti movement got corrupted due to amalgamation of sufism. They even slowly hijacked Nath Sampraday deeply showing openness (pretension) of sufism. You cannot trust anyone who has cordial relations with any muslim. No politician. Be alert.

Islamists who practise sufism essentially pretend to the world that they aspire to discover divinity through an up-close and intimate encounter with an Anti-Dharmic and Anti-God Allah. They do not believe in Universal consciousness but have a smeared thought of using veil of sufism to somehow convert other non-muslims. The growth of sufism has reached a fatal stage in Bharat. If this is not curbed then next 10 years would be more difficult for Hindus to sustain.

This detailed article covers sufism and its terrorism in following manner:

  • Decomposed Sufism Did Mental Programming of Hindus
  • Submission to Sufism is Decline of True Bhakti and Revenge
  • Pukable Sufism Was Never Moderate
  • Sufis Suck Dripping Blood During Circumcision of Babies
  • Mass Rape Influencer Hijra Moinuddin Chishti
  • Pedophile Crime of Moinuddin Chishti
  • Criminal Legacy of Sufi Chishti and His Followers
  • Sufi Saints Used as Veil to Wage Land Jihad
  • Pray to Sufi Dargah and Become Their Pret Slave Forever
  • Sufism Started Islamic Taharrush Gang Rape in Bharat
  • Pedophile Moinuddin Chishti’s Legacy: Ajmer Dargah Gang Rape
  • Shameless Admission and Suppression of Sufism Inspired Taharrush Crime
  • Sufism’s Modus Operandi on Rape Jihad and Kashmir Genocide
  • A Muslim Writer Exposed Chishti Pants Down
  • Sufi is Pure Terrorism, Moderate Portrayal is Hogwash
  • All Problems One Solution

Demolish All Sufi Mazars

Sufism thrives through mazar and dargah economy. We are covering in later part of this article why it is important to destroy this farcical moderation of cult islam.

During mughal invasion, the corrupt ideology of Sufism was populated by classical muslim musicians and singers. While all Ragas and notes are based on Sama Veda, the Hindu script on scared sounds, mantras and music. There is NO ORIGINAL CONTRIBUTION of any muslim mleccha in singing style and sacred sounds of music of Bharat culture. On the contrary, they destroyed image of Bhagwan Krishna as a lover and Bhagwan Ram as a weak husband. Most of their creations were to showcase non-existent weaker side of Bhagwan. These sufi musicians and singers are bastards, they can go to any extent to malign Hindu deities in guise of freedom of expression in music and songs.

Today, Hindus ignoring even filthiest of mockery on their deities has roots to sufi poets belittling Bhagwan to bearing mortal traits of romance and spouse loss. Unfortunately, Hindu interpretationers also succumbed to same modus operandi. Later even television serials followed similar trend. No one took onus of actually researching our original texts of Ramayan and Mahabharat –  each one takes at least 5 years if you deeply want to acquaint their knowledge. They invoke immense confidence and bravery when you get yourself immersed into both historical texts about last years of Treta Yug and Dwapar Yug.

Hindus were mentally programmed by muslim writers at sub-conscious level. Gradually soft insults of deities became routine for Hindus. As the thoughts got cemented, they started to ignore even bigger insults. That is why not even a single Hindu or an Hindu organisation caused any harm to a muslim or a masjid in revenge to vent out anger for unpardonable insult done to Shiv Ling of Kashi Vishwanath temple. The denigration was not done for one day but for more than 242 years it continued. Anger of Hindus is soaked in a planned manner by coward mleccha muslims because they are by birth guile and deceitful, it is in their filthy upbringing and bastardised inbred blood.

First they targeted bravery and teachings of Hindu Gods then they infested in education sector. They sabotaged true history by glorifying their bastard ancestors (mughal), forgetting the fact that they were Hindus but their dhimmi approach to allow their women to be raped by mughals made them followers of most disgusting cult, islam. Wiping out bravery of over 30 dynasty Hindu rulers across Bharat (from different states), they gave prominence to only their raped ancestry. This over glrofication of tent dweller mughals as emperors got deeply ingrained during formative years of three generations of Hindus.

Hindus are bravest of all communities in the world. No one can dare to migrate to any foreign land and build own livelihood from scratch. Hindus are hard working and fighters by birth but mental programming done by music, songs, movies and education for several generations have made them unrevengeful slaves of governments and politicians. Politicians also enjoy ruling over non-passionate and non-rebellion community because It is easy to rule over people who DO NOT FIGHT or RAISE VOICE for their dignity, pride and cultural existence. Politicians want to prolong this status quo of Hindus that was started by sufism. That is why across all political parties only those leaders, legislatives and politicians are promoted who did major harm to the existence of Hindus – culturally, socially and economically – Gandhi, Ambedkar, Patel, Nehru, Periyar and other freemasons supported figureheads in the form of Hindu gurus, Buddhist monks, Sikh akals and Jain munis are just few names in the list of hundreds of anti-Dharmic traitors whose ideologies and anti-Vedic teachings are openly supported by all political parties.

One must appreciate farsightedness of Myanmarese, Japanese and Chinese politicians and people – they never fall prey to fakery of sufism or non-existent moderate islamic propaganda. They treated termites deservingly. Even though they were not subjected to islamic terrorism for 1000 years like Hindus had to. Hindus have first hand experience of islam – from terrorism to their deceit – but Hindus are not waking up and letting their next generations to become slaughter feeds of future muslims.

Mughal terrorists like Aurangzeb (Sufi), Timur Langda (Sufi) and Akbar (Sufi inclined later formed Din-E-ilahi) looted Bharat and massacred over 120 million Hindus. Mainstreaming anti-Hindu and anti-deity thoughts of criminal sufi writers’ was easy, everything was under their control. The freedom given by mughal terrorists to sufism to promote Indian classical music and songs was not to showcase moderate version of islam but it was done to completely contaminate messages of our Dharmic texts through their own fictional tales in the form of songs.

Decomposed Sufism Did Mental Programming of Hindus

Credulous Hindus without doing research on the aim of Sufis and their modus operandi, gave space and freedom to write about their deities and Gods. Bhagwan Krishna came to establish Dharma, he never thought for a single moment about romance in a mission to annihilate over 100 crore Adharmis from Earth similarly Bhagwan Ram also established Dharma by decimating over 70 Lakhs Asuras. But all such brave and karmic actions of Bhagwan were hidden by Sufi writers and instead lover boy and weeping husband images was populated respectively through their music and songs. Administration was under their islamic control, mainstreaming their corrupt poems and writings was not difficult.

Fact is, Bhagwan Ram worrying about Maa Sita has hardly 1.2% Shlokas (over 98% verses is about his bravery, purusharth and tyag wherever his incidents are mentioned) and there is no mention of fictional Radha in Mahabharat and Bhagavat Puran. Radha character was later created to sabotage Dharma Sthapak image of Bhagwan Krishna. It was done to create a Murlidhar lover boy image so that Hindus start constructing  Baansuri wala murtis removing his annihilator Chakradhari image. That was also the reason why muslims infiltrated murti making business to create murtis of mostly Murlidhar and Ganesh ji that were without weapons and aggressive posture. Idol worshipping is scientific. The aggressive posture of Bhagwan with weapons when prayed daily invokes sense of bravery, pride and challenger attitude. Romantic posture subconsciously make soft person out of an individual who daily prays to that particular image. Idol worship was done to imbibe traits of Bhagwan. Hindus must install Narsimha murti in their households and temples. Bhagwan Narsimha protects from human enemies and all forms of creatures including evil spirits. Chant this mantra daily 108 times.

ॐ उग्रं वीरं महाविष्णुं ज्वलन्तं सर्वतोमुखम् ।
नृसिंहं भीषणं भद्रं मृत्युमृत्युं नमाम्यहम् ॥

ॐ हे क्रुद्ध एवं शूर-वीर महाविष्णु, आपकी ज्वाला एवं ताप चारों दिशाओं में फैली हुई है।
हे नरसिंहदेव प्रभु, आपका चेहरा सर्वव्यापी है, आप मृत्यु के भी यम हो और मैं आपके समक्ष आत्मसमर्पण करता हूँ।

Roman Hindi:
Ugram Veeram Mahavishnum Jwalantm Savrtomukhm ।
Narasimha Bheeshanm Bhadram Mrityumrityam Namamyaham ॥

I bow down in front of the ferocious and brave form of Bhagwan Narashimha, who is effulgent like fire, has his face everywhere, the most auspicious one and the death of death itself.

What can be the most potent and versatile image for any Bhagwan than Bhagwan Narsimha whose presence is death of death including all enemies.

Narsimha Tearing Hiranyakashipu Blood Flowing

The most beautiful sight of annihilation of enemy by tearing his intestines out and his blood dripping down to quench thirst of Maa Dharti.

Submission to Sufism is Decline of True Bhakti and Revenge

These sufi swines were successful in their agenda. Today, you rarely find Bhagwan Krishna with Shastra but a feeble image of Bhagwan playing flute. No, Bhagwan did not took any avatar to do romance. There is not even 0.1% verse in Mahabharat or Bhagavad Gita or even Bhagavat Puran were Bhagwan Krishna is romancing with Radha. His only purpose of taking avatar was annihilation of anti-dharmics and asuras. Muslim poets and writers being kapti and makkar pigs and anti-dharmic mlecchas were successful in executing their modus operandi under mughal terrorists.

Chakradhari Krishna Kill Shishupal Hindus Must Kill Adharmi Muslims

Sufism is burqa to cover over all atrocities committed by islamic terrorists like Aurangzeb, Akbar and other mughal aatankwadis that were populated as emperors by the corrupt historians of Bharat. While they inspired all islamic terrorists of their time to only burn libraries, kill millions of Hindus, rape under-age girls and women, destroy 10 lakh small and 60,000 major temples – giving references from the demonic acts of their founder. They all dug deep dent in the culture and traditions of Hindu civilization by contaminating it with their primitive and unhygienic ways of living. Mind it that there was no vegetation in middle-east, the place from where these tent dwellers came, they have recorded history of using same water to drink with which they washed rear. Hygeine is last thing in their origin.

Later during decline of islamic expansion, when Hindu Marathas gained power, several mughal darbaris to save their lives, performed taqiyya donning soft image of concocted Sufism but their main duty was to indulge in islamic terrorism of hidayat and convert Hindus into their zombie-cult islam. Among remnants, few of the master practitioners of Al Taqiyya were; Azan Faqir, Karam Elahi, Shah Amanat, Shah Inayat Qadiri and left over offsprings of attendants of Shah Abdul Karim Bulri.

The glorified whoredom, Bollydawood further falsely publicised Sufism as soft version of islam in their movies. In return sufism destroyed sanity in the movies. The motion pictures, especially Hindi movies diminished Shuddh Hindi by injecting pathetic urdu words in every song. The urdu words in films only revolved around lust, desires, cheat and sexual gratifications. Every other movie was made with the objective of boy alluring girl to elope later and hurt her parents. Sufism and its basic concept completely uprooted Hindi movie industry from its culture. Just a glance on few of the words extensively used in movies can give you an idea on dirtyness and filth of sufism. Some prominent words popularly used in almost every song and movie are; Aashiq (Lover), Tanhai (Loneliness/Missing Lover), Deewana (Lunatic), Jaan (Life/Lover), Dil (Heart), Dhokha (Cheat), Hawas (Lust), Junoon (Obsession), Dard (Pain), Gam (Sorrow), Bewafa (Treacherous Lover), Hasrat (Desire), Mohabbat (Love), Mehboob (Lover), Lafz (Words), Ehsas (Feeling), Khaas (Special), Humsafar (Companion), Aagosh (Embrace), Aurat/Awrat (Vagina), Nikah (Sexual Intercourse), Khwaja (Eunuch), Ulfat (Lustful love) and Pyar Kare (Love Making). The life of muslim men starts by focusing on their penis (circumcision), all through life in inbreeding among own relatives then marrying own sister cousins. How can they think about making songs on other aspects of life but only sexual desires and romance. They extended same excrement of their life in music and songs what they aspire to do with their women relatives, sisters and mothers alike.

Originally music and songs of Bharat were focused on appreciating Bhagwan, his creation and connecting to Universal consciousness. This was practiced by every musician since thousands of years.

Since initial days, so-called sufism captured Indian movie Industry, it started corrupting Hindi movies then as muslims were allowed to stay here post 1947, their presence started contaminating other languages too. Muslims have infested in every sphere of movie making, music and songs. Hindus had to start separate sector dedicated to Dharmic songs and mantras. Gulshan Kumar contributed a lot in this aspect. And that is why he was killed by the henchmen of the coward pig Dawood who is a caged slave of Pakistani ISI pimps.

In reality, sufi followers adhere to the same five tenets of Islam (including jihad terrorism) as other practising Muslims. They affirm that there is only one God, Allah, and that Mohammed is his messenger. They also engage in five daily prayers, charitable giving, fasting, and the Hajj trip to Mecca to kneel before idolatry practices of kaaba. So how can any sane person fall into their trickery that they are moderates?! … Oh but common sense and sane thought process is absent in majority of the Hindus. They have centuries old habit of outsourcing their fights – first to Kshatriyas then to short-sighted Kings then to corrupt politicians. No other community have such a big flaw for survival instincts. Lest they don’t learn from their Gods especially Bhagwan Krishna in annihilating enemies, this is last century for them. Bharat is shrinking too fast for them, already 10 states is lost and they are on the verge of losing another three states, gaining minority status in their populace dominated states.

Sufi mysticism’s basic principle holds that acknowledging Allah is the true foundation of all prayers and the reality underlying the creation of man. Sufi muslims use this thought process to refer to mystical intuitive knowledge, or understanding of commanded truth that is not attained through ecstatic experiences rather than disclosed or not learned through reasoning. No questions asked. Just follow whatever is written in Quran and accept all criminal activities of mohammad as an act of messenger of Allah (arabic anti-God). As you can understand, rot in sufism starts from its origin itself. As it evolves, it starts stinking like a rotten dead body seeping with bugs and maggots.

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History of Sufism Sufi Terrorism Terrorists India.jpg

Pukable Sufism Was Never Moderate

Sufi is wrongly portrayed as a moderate form of islam. Because their festival celebrates devilish acts.

A satanic sufi festival in India for Khwaja (khwaja means eunuch/hijra) is organised by Muslims by enacting demonic acts like poking out their eyeballs with rough knives having thick edges (not sharp) to impress mleccha gatherings around.

This celebration is done in the same brave Rajputs state where once Maharana Pratap kept these muslim mlecchas under his feet. Not to forget this is same eunuch Chishti who destroyed glory of Rani Sanyogita (Samyukta) and ordered terrorist Ghori to kill millions of Hindus.

The traditional Hindu calendar is lunar-solar based. But Shukracharya devised a separate lunar calendar for his asuras to negate Dharmic devta rituals and establish their own prospect for negative energy worshippers. However presently islamists use more deteriorated version of lunar calendar. The largest sufi festival in the world is celebrated in Bharat during the seventh month of the same primitive islamic calendar based on moon sightings for the demonic Hijra Chisti. And to raise money from non-muslims and idiot secular Hindus unlike in Mecca, here individuals of all faiths are allowed to attend. Each year, thousands of sufi muslims travel from all over the country to attend the satanic festival. The popping of the eyes, self-inflicting with wounds, hanging body nevertheless, are openly allowed by the government. Practicing penance like Naga Sadhus is impossible for cult zombies. They can only do such temporary tricks of self-infliction to somehow match with ancient Hindu austerity but miserably fail. Men are required to thrust unblunt swords into the corners of their eyes to make them bulge and to stick their tongues out before having their cheeks and backs pierced as part of the diabolical tradition, which is thought to be an act of cult fervour.

Every year, the Urs festival is held in Ajmer, a city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. This does include at least one day for Shukrachaya (Shukrawar). This also happens to be Hawan and Homahuti period for Shukra Sadhaks. The timing coincidence is not a surprising event. Islam was developed by Shukracharya and the present muslims are his slaves. Therefore, at least once throughout the festival, “Shukrawar,” appears so that indirectly, Shukracharya, the genuine father of Islam and Allah, is honoured.

It serves as a memorial to Khwaja (Eunuch) Moinuddin Chishti, an extremist sufi who founded the Chishtiya Sufi order in the nation about 800 years ago with the explicit intention of destroying Hindu temples and murdering Hindu populations.

Mlecchas execute diabolical activities throughout the celebration, which lasts for a further five to ten days, including intentional inflictions and waving satanic flags.

Sins and Legacy of Rotten Souls of Sufism

Sufis Suck Dripping Blood During Circumcision of Babies

Sufi saints Agha-Jaan (Darvish) introduced disgusting form of Brit milah to Sufism in which they sucked dripping blood from the penis of the baby. The blood were drawn after doing unscientific demonic act of circumcision on the baby.

The tradition of modified Brit milah is based on metzitzah b’peh it pre-dates islamic tradition of circumcision which is lift off from Jewish satanic tradition. These type of sufis conducted mohels of sucking blood from circumcision without taking consent from parents. They did this acts voluntarily without even asking permission from the father or mother of the baby to do so.

The disgusting act was justified in the name of treating the wound that was caused by forceful circumcision. It is forceful for the baby because even baby  was never consented for it. Ideally, this act should take permission from the baby, when he grows up, because it is his body.

Rotten Soul Sufis drink blood circumcision suck penis

They claimed to execute all the necessary circumcision procedures on the baby, including slicing, uncovering, sucking blood, and applying a cumin compress.

Their hypothesis specifically recommended that blood be kept from accumulating in and around wounds so that it wouldn’t clot and decay, which would then cause the wound to rot. Oral suction was demonstrated as a way to make sure the newborn who has just had his circumcision is correctly bled, that no clots develop and lead to deterioration, and that all of his humours are in balance.

Any one can judge from such acts that how sly and cunning these sufis are, to justify such satanic act of drinking blood from the baby. They disregarded the most obvious symptoms of an infection brought on by the forced circumcision, including pus discharge (yellowish/white, cloudy, foul-smelling fluid), torn skin, hot skin, swelling, redness at the wound site, fever, and, most importantly, a permanent loss of sexual satisfaction due to the removal of the foreskin’s sensitive top.

Foreskin is the most intuitive part of the male organ. Circumcision was initially done by the ancient Jews to control sexual acts of young men and women so as to reduce carnal pleasures. Later the false justification of hygiene was added. This demonic act was later adopted by two major Abrahamic cults; islam and christianity that emerged from Judaism.

Mass Rape Influencer Hijra Moinuddin Chishti

According to many sufi historians, terrorist Mohammad Ghori was pardoned, when Prithviraj won the first war, but when he defeated Prithiviraj in the second battle, he requested Moinuddin Chisti’s permission to refer Quran and instruct the scavengers on what to do with Rani Samyukta. When Samyukta had been given to Moinuddin Chisti, the latter asked Ghori terrorists to strip her naked and then threw her in front of them for mass rape. They ruthlessly murdered the Rajput queen by stabbing her repeatedly after destroying her modesty. Later the same Chisti ordered to kill thousands of non-combatant Hindus residing in Ajaymeru (Ajmer). The Indian side of history has a different story, After Prithviraj passed away, Sanyogita is thought to have killed herself. In the 12th century, she engaged in Jauhar, a Hindu tradition in which women commit mass suicides in order to escape from being captured and raped by invaders. Because islamists had habit of raping even dead bodies so to avoid their lifeless body from being subjected to necrophilia acts of muslims, they took path of converting their body to ashes before doing puja and then chanting Jai Bhavani and Har Har Mahadev while jumping in a huge pit of fire.

As per sufi side of the history, if Rani Samyukta was really gang raped and brutally killed then it shows how rotten the islamic cult is, that their so-called moderate sect sufism has extreme examples of inhuman acts then what can be said about jihadi terrorists, they must be 1000 times worse. This also further bares the truth that muslims are born cowards, they believe they showed their masculinity in raping and murdering an unarmed Hindu Queen whose husband pitied an ugly muslim invader Ghori. With such disgusting legacy, how can they call themselves humans, they are creatures if they consider likes of Ghori and Aurangzeb as their rape ancestry.

Pedophile Crime of Moinuddin Chishti

When he had settled down in Ajmer, the Khwaja Chishti had a special reminder about his marriage through a basharat (claimed to be a prophetic dream) from the Mohammad sometime in 591 A.H. or 1193 A.D. The prophet said ; “O Muinuddin, you are a great preceptor of our cult. You have followed strictly all our traditions except one. You should not depart from our ‘Sunnah’ ” (meaning here marriage which is incumbent upon every Muslim under the laws of Shariat so as to multiply like rats, part of population jihad). Coincidently that very night Malik Khitab, a devotee of Hazrat Khwaja Saheb had captured a Hindu Raja’s minor daughter in an encounter. The girl was forced to later embrace Islam and the Khwaja Saheb, in response to the above reminder, married her giving her the Islamic name of Bibi Ummat-ullah. (Siyar-ul-Aqtaab, p. 135-137: NLsar-e-Khwaja, p. 146 and Akhbar-ul-Akhyar). Here, it is clearly understood that he got Hindu king killed and married her minor daughter. Though incapable to perform act of intercourse but to fulfil satanic Sharia law, Chisti FORCIBLY married a minor Hindu girl. God knows what sadistic pleasures he derived from that innocent girl.

Criminal Legacy of Sufi Chishti and His Followers

Mohammad Alam from the faction Chisti of gangster cult islam openly threatened few years back. He was part of another infamous sufi Muslim organisation called Raza Academy. The members of this terrorist group publicly declare their support for Ghazwa-E-Hind terrorism. This terrorist organisation is also responsible for the rioting that lasted all day in Azad Maidan and the destruction of the Army monument. The depiction of Mohammad, the lunatic who created Islam, infuriated the so-called moderate Sufis, who claimed that those responsible had committed blasphemy. They required a justification to rob and terrorise the city again that time under pretension that their dead mohammad is again insulted. Where were they when Muhammad was punched on the face. When muhammad suddenly got frightened when Pisacha grabbed him from behind. When mohammad was poisoned by a Jewish girl and he died painfully bearing the pain of this poison for many months while his body emitted heat internally. These sufis hate depiction of Mohammad in images because they are forced to remember how the poison slowly changed the physical features of mohammad, the potent venom developed immense pain in his muscles and bones which never were cured till he died due to detrimental effects of the poison.

A brave Jewish girl whose father, brother, and uncle were brutally murdered by Muslims had poisoned Muhammad to take revenge of their deaths. Muhammad in Khyber did, however, spit up the poisoned roast lamb, as it tasted bitter in his mouth, but his aorta had already suffered. The woman was asked by Muhammad, “Why did you do this?”, She had made up her mind to murder Muhammad. “If you are a prophet,” she replied, “it won’t hurt you.”

The girl was put to death. Muhammad died in excruciating pain. Muhammad said that Allah would kill him by slicing his aorta if he had made up even one passage of the Quran. Muhammad indeed died in this manner. His aorta was being sliced by the meal he ate at Khyber, Muhammad informed his wife Aisha (the famed six years old bride and victim of world’s first pedophile act as per recorded history). Ultimately, muhammad passed away as a false prophet. Even anti-god Allah was unable to save him. His death itself is a living example that he was a simple wicked man without any grace of God or bless from the anti-god Allah.

Any depiction showing truth of Mohammad incites muslims as they think their false cult islam would be exposed. Not shocking, more than 30% Muslims world over are actually ex Muslims, they hate mohammad and allah but do not come forward out of fear of death in the hands of sufis and muslim clerics. One out four in USA alone are leaving islam openly. Pakistan surprisingly has the most number of underground ex muslim groups.

Muhammad: The Messenger of God, an Islamic film, must be stopped, said sufism follower Raza Academy that time, warning of “law and order issues.” However, they didn’t just express their disapproval of the movie but wanted to wage riots. An open threat was made by them: “A Muslim will die in honour than to see or hear even the tiniest slur on his Holy Prophet. We humbly ask that you kindly put a halt to the film’s distribution and subsequent release before it stirs up trouble for peace and order in the city.”

This is true face of sufi, legacy of terrorist moinuddin chisti and its Raza academy whose formation was based on spreading teachings of sufi scholar Ahmed Raza.

Many ignorant western counterterrorism researchers refer, the sufis, as a purportedly sizable Muslim community that abhors violence in a nonchalant manner. Actually, sufism does not forbid violence and is not a sect. In reality, it is very much part of all islamic terrorism activities. Though it is portrayed as a separate sect by mlecchas.

The legacy of Sufi terrorism motivated Raza Academy to execute violence and terrorist attacks. Most notably of them, its jihadi leaders were responsible for the so-called rally in Azad Maidan in August 2011 that turned into bloody clashes. The revered Amar Jawan memorial outside the CST was vandalised by muslim rioters from Raza Academy. A total of 2.72 crore Indian rupees worth of damages to various public properties were caused during the riots. Over seven crores in losses were also reportedly as revealed by some additional sources.

There is almost negligible contribution of muslim community to Indian economy in terms of tax and nation’s development but when it comes to causing destruction and leeching on Hindu tax money, they are ahead of all. Sufi muslims work for only their community and never for the country or non-muslims. They never defied their zombistic legacy.

Sufi Saints Used as Veil to Wage Land Jihad

The history of infestation starts from Land Jihad by building an illegal mazar in the name of fictional sufi saint under pretension of following sufi legacy of terrorist moinuddin chishti. Prominent area beside road or park is purposely chosen. They also do recce of Hindu dominated areas so that they can multiply like virus after NO ONE COMPLAINS about this illicit land grabbing done in context to raising mazar for a rotten body of another useless dead muslim. An alive muslim is liability on humanity and tax payers, but even dead ones are worse than zombies. There are over 7 lakh illegal mazars across Bharat. Most of them do not even have rotten bodies of any zombie.

Sufis supported all islamic terrorism activities of muslims, more so they inspired them to execute all acts of jihad to spread negative energies and make hell out of the areas wherever they infested. Gang Rape Dargah Ajmer Sharif is one of the monumental examples of Sufi terrorism. It was a Hindu temple, captured under mughal invasion and converted into a demonic dargah.

Gang Rape Dargah Ajmer Sharif is Sufi terrorism - Hindu temple converted to demonic dargah

This sufism gives safe passage to muslims to enter any area through fake mazars and concoction of moderate islam. If Land Jihad has to be stopped then this fakery of Sufism should be banned in Bharat. All mazars (including so-declared legal ones) should be demolished to rubbles.

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Land jihad is a way to force people sell off their lands — it first starts with a sufi mazar then a single muslim family enters into Hindu dominated area. Gradually, they call other inbred relatives using funds from terrorist dictation centres which they call Masjids. Zombification begins and rotting of the area starts as their population grows. Peace then never prevails in that area. Daily you gets to listen muslim man beating his wife and children or having illicit sex with his own daughter or raping own sister-in-law. Slowly crime graph grows in that area. Government is forced to open a new police station to (pretend) control the crimes of islamists. Localities around muslim dominated areas become dirty, filthy with heap of garbage thrown in every corner – this unhygienic behaviour of muslims is seen across the globe. But mazar jihad is only rampant here due to lousiness of government and open support to islamisation of Bharat through their schemes and policies, ironically funded by victim Hindu tax payers.

Sufism has meticulously planned to capture lands of Bharat. For most of the crimes against government, women and common citizens, these so-called moderate sufis are responsible. From love jihad to land jihad, everything is done by sufis. The Sai Baba fraud was initially supported by these sufis (Sabka Malik Ek Hai and Allah Malik Hai fakeries). Later, when credulous and Dhimmis (name sake Hindus) became 90% of Sai Baba bhakts, sufis stopped promoting Sai Baba fakery. Hardly, nowadays anyone can find even a single muslim visiting any Sai Baba temple. Sufism is an existential threatening virus for sustenance of Bharat and Hindus. More dangerous than epstein-barr virus, human papilloma virus, hepatitis B virus and all cancerous viruses combined. In last 1000 years, Hindus are not dying out of any humanly disease or artificial famine but only one malady, sufism (zombism of satanic islam).

Illegally built Sufi shrines across Bharat is a major facilitator and important component of the “Land Jihad” to alter the demographics of the country and convert it into an islamic state. Sufism succeeded in building 700,000 mazars unless they are not destroyed the existence of Hindus is in danger.

Pray to Sufi Dargah and Become Their Pret Slave Forever

Zombism is respecting and loving zombies. Dargah or mazar is nothing but same rite, here rotten dead bodies are respected and loved. Most crooked and twisted minds use corpses of the dead persons to call their atma to interact and cast black magic on enemies. A zombie is a corpse that is showed to be revived via a variety of methods, most frequently sorcery like voodoo or black tantric vidha. However it is not possible in Kaliyug to raise dead people, so they can at most use simple electric shock tricks to animate the body but cannot raise the dead. Raising dead entities require Shukracharya’s Sanjivani Vidya and is lost in Kaliyug with the blessings of Mahadev to stop abuse of power. Respecting rotten bodies in mazar or dargah is glorified form of zombism. It was more so deified by Bollydawood and especially scores of Hindi movies by people who are devoid of any native cultural knowledge of Bharat. There are hundreds of songs shot in and around dargah where the evil spirit of the sufi is promoted. Movie industries are controlled by satanic people inclined to drugs, alcohol, illicit sex and human trafficking. Harping evility and promoting it is part of their ritual.

Evility of a cunning entity increases manifolds after its death – whether a dead animal or a human – it causes harm to living people manifolds when energies is transferred to them ignorantly by their admirers. Dhimmis (moron Hindus) enhance evility of such entities when they visit their mazars. Evility feeds on aura, virya, raj, mucus of living men and women. By visiting with family members, idiot Hindus feed these dead sufi entities and cause further decimation of Sanatan culture. This is a level of different dark science which we will give detailed explanation in another article. Hindus must stop visiting dargahs if they really want to lead peaceful life fulfilled with confidence, success and bravery.

Stop praying dargah zombies evil spirits ghosts

Bhagwan Krishna speaks passionately about death in the Bhagavad Gita. In this physical reality, he says, death is unavoidable. Therefore, we shouldn’t feel bad for people who are passing away. Every being, everyone born in this planet will pass away at some point. That is the basic nature of Mrityulok. Praying or keeping dead body is open invitation to evil spirits and that is why Bhagavad Gita stops any person to use dead body as a form of any ritual. Those Hindus  have strayed from their culture who think that visiting evil spirits ridden places like mazars or dargahs can fulfil their wishes. How can an evil spirit that itself sustains on energies of living people fulfil their wishes. Such stupid Hindus must use common sense at least that will keep their brains operational and keep their families safe.

Those who pray or give respect to dead bodies in mazar or dargah become slaves of same evil entities after death because they attain pret yoni. They cannot escape pret yoni for millions of years. It is hardest to get animal yoni, most hard to get plant yoni and almost impossible to get human yoni but easy to get pret yoni. Whoever does demonic and adharmic act of praying dead bodies becomes pret as per Bhagavad Gita. Do not commit this blunder in your human yoni to attain evility. Instead, such Hindus must unearth dead bodies from such mazar and burn them so that no evil energy is nourished. At least they can do atonement (प्रायश्चित) and reduce some negativity from their life by doing so.

यान्ति देवव्रता देवान् पितृन्यान्ति पितृव्रताः
भूतानि यान्ति भूतेज्या यान्ति मद्याजिनोऽपिमाम्  (गीता ९/२५)


देवताओं को पूजने वाले देवताओं को प्राप्त होते है, पितरों को पूजने वाले पितरों को प्राप्त होते है।
भूतों को पूजने वाले भूतों को प्राप्त होते है, और मेरा पूजन करने वाले भक्त मुझे ही प्राप्त होते है ॥
इसीलिये मेरे भक्तों का पुनर्जन्म नहीं होता ।।

Votaries of the Devas go to the Devas (gods); to the Pitrs (ancestors), go their votaries; to the Bhutas (demons), go the Bhuta worshippers; My votaries too come unto Me. That’s why they attain Moskha; renouncement from birth-death cycles.


Hindus Stop Funding Your Own Death By Visiting to Mazars and Sufi Shrines

Stop visiting Shrine Boycott Mazar Sufism or Sufi is Islamic terrorism they support islamic terrorists

Sufism Started Islamic Taharrush Gang Rape in Bharat

All the Badshahnamas from Babar to Akbar are filled with incidents of Taharrush where muslim invaders mass raped several Hindu women and under-age girls. Apart from Taharrush rape other forms of islamic terrorism recorded in History is given here. Similarly, history of love jihad is posted here.

Pedophile Moinuddin Chishti’s Legacy: Ajmer Dargah Gang Rape

Sufism teaches mass gang rape of under age school girls, loot and killing innocent people. What else can you expect from the Pedophile Moinuddin Chishti who raped a Hindu minor girl after killing her father, a Hindu Raja. The real zombie face of sufism is already exposed above, now here comes the stinking lower torso.

Even today, when the infamous Ajmer Mass Taharrush Rape incidents are brought up, Hindu residents of Ajmer become frightened. Reportedly, muslim males raped over 500 Hindu young girls in a systematic manner. These repeated rape episodes in Taharrush occurred for more than two years, yet political influence buried the cases. The Ajmer rape episode had a significant impact on the dhimmi secular Hindus of the time, and the majority of Hindu families shied away from getting their sons or daughters married at or near Ajmer. In the Hindu community, there has been a quiet pushback over the fact that there are more than 2000 victims, only 500 or so occurrences have been documented, and many more went unreported out of collective social shame.

The Rotherham Taharrush Mass Rape Cases, where allegedly over 1800 small children were sexually molested by Muslims, are frequently contrasted with the Ajmer Taharrush Rape Case. Gang Rape in this world is creation of Taharrush. Taharrush is invention of Sufism and Islam.

Pedophile Moinuddin Chishti Ajmer Dargah Gang Rape Hindu School Girls

One of India’s largest instances of organised Muslim community coerced sexual exploitation occurred in the Ajmer Serial Gang Rape Taharrush cases in 1992. The occurrences took place in the Rajasthani city of Ajmer’s neighbourhoods of Kishangarh, Nasirabad, Khari, Kekri, and Beawar, among other places. Numerous young girls, some college students, and most of them minors in schools were destroyed by the rape jihad of local muslims. After a native newspaper, “Navjyoti,” published several lewd pictures and an article about school pupils being blackmailed by neighbourhood gangs, word of the incident spread like wildfire.

Mosques, madrasas, dargahs, and local Islamic organisations planned, coordinated, and carried out the Taharrush gang rape. Their major goal was to rape Hindu girls, turn them into slaves, and then use the children they sired to spread terrorism. The Ajmer Sharif Dargah, where dhimmi secular Hindus still gather to pay respects to a terrorist who is buried there in the form of rotting filth, was the epicentre of Taharrush.

Each of the dhimmi Hindus who visit this Gang Rape Ajmer Dargah must die in shame because they are funding and feeding families of those dargah caretakers who ridiculed and raped minor Hindu girls.

The majority of the accused Muslims were primarily from the khadim clan, which looks after Jihadi Moinuddin Chishti’s sunni-sufi shrine in Ajmer. Under political pressure, the police used all manner of threatening tactics to stall the case. The main defendant, Farooq Chishty, was the president of the Ajmer Indian Youth Congress, while Nafis Chishty and Anwar Chishty served as vice president and joint secretary of the Ajmer Indian National Congress. Eighteen of the repeat offenders were eventually charged in court. Eight were given life sentences; four of them were eventually exonerated in 2001; while the majority of the remaining eight were released after having their sentences reduced to reflect time already served. Innocent and young Hindu girls’ modesty was sold by brothel natives. Ajmer Dargah allegedly spent almost 50 crores on the purchase of political parties and the police force in order to resolve cases forcibly. Ofcourse, out of these 50 crores, almost 90% (45 crores) were funded by Hindus because they comprise more than 90% of the donors to this epicentre of evil spirits.

Only two victims followed proceedings in the Taharrush rape cases after several years. One of them later committed suicide as a result of ongoing harassment by local muslim goons and terror.

Shameless Admission and Suppression of Sufism Inspired Taharrush Crime

Omendra Bhardwaj, a retired deputy director general of police from Rajasthan who was then assigned as the deputy inspector general of police in Ajmer, claims that because the accused were in a position of influence on both a social and financial level, it was even harder to convince the girls to come forward and testify.

“Unfortunately, many of the victims who appeared as witnesses turned hostile and one can see the reason why they did not want to depose against the appellants since that would have exposed them as well, and would have badly affected their future existence,” the Supreme Court stated in this case.

Take note of the Supreme Court’s observation; they recognise that victims shouldn’t come forward to seek justice against Muslims. The corrupt environment created by India’s Jihadi (secular) political parties has severely compromised the Supreme Court. Remember, not a single political party want Hindu civilization to sustain in Bharat. All are working as puppets for globalists.

Despite blatantly acknowledging its powerlessness to stop terrorist Muslims, India’s Supreme Court goes above and beyond to prevent Hindus from participating in harmless celebrations like lighting festival crackers, nighttime navratri pujas, abhisheks at the Mahakaal temple, and Dahi handi functions.

Recently same SC yelled at Nupur Sharma on quoting hadith about Mohammad marrying six years old aisha then having forced sexual intercourse with her when she was mere nine. She only repeated that was already stated by several maulanas million times. The same SC kept mum on giving justice to over 500,000 Kashmiri Hindus who were forced to leave Kashmir by terrorist neighbourhood muslims.

Same SC suppressed Gang Rape Dargah Ajmer Sharif’s 2000 cases of innocent school girls.

How can you expect justice? It seems Hindus have to become Dharm Yodhha themselves to save their sisters and girl children.

How Can You Expect Major forms of Terrorism – Love Jihad, Rape Jihad and Taharrush to be Known to common Hindu Girls, when Our Govt Shamelessly Makes FALSE CLAIM that Terrorism Has No Religion. Denial of islamic crimes for Vote bank is Killing our Hindu brothers and Sisters.

Hindu females’ lack of awareness is the key to Muslim terrorists’ continuous assault. Parents of Hindu girls do not instruct their children from an early age not to make friends with any Muslim children or girls. These Muslims form bonds of friendship in order to serve as trappers who later deliver the Hindu girls to radical jihadists for taharrush rape.

It is our responsibility to expose all forms of terrorism that our neighbourhood Muslims subject us to. Share this post with as many Hindu brothers and sisters as possible to help defend Hindu Dharma and make Bharat free of terror. Even though our government is failing us, we cannot fail our own brothers and sisters.

Sufism’s Modus Operandi on Rape Jihad and Kashmir Genocide

After months of research and preparation, a sizable gang of Muslim men execute Gang Rape as part of a well-planned extortion operation that specifically targets Hindu girls.

Gang Rape Dargah of Ajmer Sharif, 1992 mass rape cases reveal, the systematic function of mosques and mazars to execute series of sexual assaults and jihad. It also exposed that the jihadists were supported by their family members and ecosystem. Raping kafir Hindu girls was openly permitted in islamic household.

Young girls were first the target of a select group of powerful men of the muslim community. They would single out a girl and take indecent pictures under duress. The girl would then be coerced into telling her classmates and friends about them through blackmail. Other girls would eventually be sexually assaulted, used as props, and photographed. The cycle went on and on. The gang kept growing its territory while preying on more and more young women. They took pictures of the school girls in vulnerable situations and then used the photos to take advantage of the victims. Due to the political favours the local Muslims received from the Dargah and Congress leaders, the majority of the girls were raped for a continuous year.

Local Muslim terrorists threatened Hindu girls’ to kill their families before mass-raping them. They utilised coercive medications, drinks, videotaping, and other nasty techniques.

The victims’ silent suffering has been the most unsettling aspect of the horrible situations. After the rape, the majority of victims encountered intimidation and threats without any assistance from the Hindu society or their relatives. Police investigations indicate that roughly 75 girls killed themselves, however local Hindu families dispute this figure, with some claiming that the real number is closer to 200.

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Ajmer Mahila Samooh wanted to support the victims but withdrew after receiving threats from muslim goons. Small-time tabloids published by Muslims at the time caused quite a stir in Ajmer. The tabloids and local publications also continued to blackmail many of the victims, which dealt a further blow to the town’s conscience after the widespread abuse of hundreds of innocent girls. After it was revealed that Muslim terrorists who had raped Hindu girls had formed the newspaper to further exploit them, those newspaper offices were shut down. They had access to the girls’ graphic photos, and the owners and publishers shamelessly demanded money from the girls’ families to keep them secret.

The sufism inspired Taharrush Gang Rape happened in 1992 after 1990 Kashmiri Hindu genocide in which all political parties were involved as if they were working to submit Kashmir to islamisation agenda of UAE, Pakistan and local muslims. Not a single political party or a politician came forward to stop 1990 Kashmiri Hindu genocide that has roots to again sufism to the likes of Sayyid Ali Hamdani and Mir Mohammad Hamdani and their khadims.

satanic rituals islam ajmer dargah festival chishti

A Muslim Writer Exposed Chishti Pants Down

M A Khan wrote many books and articles exposing inner conflicts, pedophile, necrophilia, zoophilia and gang rape acts of many sufi saints and self proclaimed messengers of islam. In his best selling Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism, and Slavery, He writes on page 178, ”Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti (1141–1230), probably the second-greatest Sufi saint of India after Nizamuddin Auliya, demonstrated a deep-seated hatred toward Hindu religion and its practices.”

”When he arrived in Ajmer, close to the Anasagar Lake, he found numerous idol temples and vowed to destroy them. After settling down there, Khwaja’s followers used to bring every day a cow (sacred to Hindus) near a famous temple, where the king and Hindus prayed, slaughter it and cook kebab from its meat—clearly to show his contempt toward Hinduism.”

”Chisti also came to India with his disciples to fight Jihad against the infidels (kafirs) and participated in the treacherous holy war of Sultan Muhammad Ghauri in which the kind and chivalrous Hindu King Prithviraj Chauhan was defeated in Ajmer. In his Jihadi zeal, Chisti ascribed the credit for the victory to himself, saying, ‘We have seized Pithaura (Prithviraj) alive and handed him over to the army of Islam.’ ”

M A Khan further asserts in page 189 of his book, it was deceit of Sufism that helped in spreading islam along with ongoing terrorism perpetuated by mughal terrorists. Confirming nth time that sufism is just another form of terrorism and evil face of islam.

Real Sufi contribution in conversion: If Sufis were to play a major role in the propagation of Islam as popular notion goes, it must have happened in India; because, the Islamic conquest of India started in real earnest right at the time, when Sufism had become properly organized and widely accepted in Muslim societies for the first time. It has been noted that Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti came to Ajmer with Sultan Muhammad Ghauri’s army just when Muslim conquest was making a hold in Northern India. As accounted above, none of the greatest Indian Sufis had a mentality needed for the peaceful propagation of Islam. Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, Nizamuddin Auliya and Shaykh Shah Jalal came to engage in holy war in India and, indeed, participated in Jihadi wars involving slaughter and enslavement of Hindus. Nizamuddin Auliya encouraged Sultan Alauddin’s ccxc barbaric holy wars and took obvious delight at the victories in his bloodletting Jihad campaigns and delightfully accepted large gifts from the booty.”

”These are only the stories of the most revered and tolerant Sufi saints of medieval India. All indications suggest that, instead of taking on a missionary profession for propagating Islam through peaceful means, the Sufis were invariably the spiritual and moral supporter of bloody holy wars that were waged by Muslim rulers. They were even prominent participants in them. In Kashmir, it is the Sufis, who inspired bloody Jihad that involved whole-sale destruction of Hindu temples and idols, slaughter of Hindus and their forced conversion to Islam. The mentality, attitude and actions of these illustrious Sufis saints of medieval India—whether in Ajmer, Bengal, Bijapur, Delhi or Kashmir—differed very little. Hence, the role Sufis played in conversion all over India may not have been very different from the one, they played in Kashmir.”

M A Khan clarified further that sufism did not contribute anything to India. It is all false claims about music, poems and etc. Bharat was already a developed nation, far ahead than tent dweller mughals. His notes on page 262 and page 263 is recompiled here.

”Regarding Hashmi’s claim that Islam introduced the Sufis to India—Amir Khasru, Nizamuddin Auliya, and Moinuddin Chisti among them—it might have merit if Muslim monarchs had also brought an influential intellectual, such as Aristotle, Isaac Newton, or Albert Einstein. However, it has already been mentioned that Amir Khasrau, a supposedly famous liberal Sufi poet, took a sadistic joy in seeing Hindu temples destroyed and Hindus killed by Islamic marauders.”

”Auliya, Moinuddin Chisti, Shah Jalal, and other notable Indian Sufi saints also travelled to India to carry out Jihad and massacre Hindus. Auliya joyfully collected gifts from the spoils and proclaimed his happiness at the successful missions of widespread looting, killing, and slave-taking in India. Other notable Sufis from Gujarat and Kashmir brought horror and disaster upon Indians.”

”This conversation confirms that the Arabs had little to give to India and other advanced civilizations and countries that they had recently conquered. The destruction of several educational institutions by the Islamic invaders, from India to Egypt, is unmistakable proof that the existing arts, culture, literature, architecture, science, and learning in those civilizations suffered as a direct result of their attacks. Because of the tenacity of their pre-Islamic cultural and civilizational inheritance, these intellectual and material endeavours blossomed once among Persians, Egyptians, and Syrians, among others.”

”Even Nehru, who typically portrays a favourable picture of Muslim governance in India, was unable to point out any benefits Islam might provide for India. He stated: the Muslims who immigrated to India from elsewhere did not bring any innovative methods or new political or economic systems. They held a theological conviction in the Islamic brotherhood, but their attitude was class-based and feudal. They lagged behind Indian production practises and industrial structure in terms of technique. As a result, they had relatively little of an impact on India’s social structure and economic life.”

On page 144, the writer also exposed MAK Azad: Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, the world’s first illiterate Education Minister of Independent India, praised the fanatic Sufi master, Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindi, who urged for carrying out of Hindu persecution.

Demolish Sufi Shrines Dargah Mazar Mosque

Sufi is Pure Terrorism, Moderate Portrayal is Hogwash

On page 145 Khan further elaborates about sufi terrorism which is recompiled here:

Hindus were once more coerced into becoming Muslims in large numbers during the latter Malik Raina government. They went back to Hinduism during the ensuing laxness. On the satanic festival day of Ashura (Muharram, 1518 CE), General Kaji Chak executed a “vast massacre” of these apostates at the behest of Amir ShamsudDin Muhammad Iraqi, the greatest Sufi saint of Kashmir, killing 700–800 of the senior individuals (see Chapter IV, Section: Brutal Conversion in Kashmir).

The socialist historian and first prime minister of independent India, Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, who is eager to downplay Islamic atrocities in India, also mentions the forcibly converted Kashmiri Muslims’ determination to return to their original religion, albeit four centuries later. In The Discovery of India, he noted: 95% of the inhabitants of Kashmir had converted to Islam over a lengthy period of time, yet many of their former Hindu traditions were still practised there. The Hindu ruler of the state discovered that a sizable portion of these people were eager to revert to Hinduism collectively in the middle of the nineteenth century.

Jizya tax muslim spit in mouth Hindu

As per page 159, another sufi scholar reveals filth from terror manual Quran against Hindus and asks Terrorist Khilji to make muslim collector spit in the mouth of a Hindu while collecting Jizya tax. The recompiled brief: When terrorist Alauddin Khilji asked the eminent scholar Mughisuddin for guidance on how to collect kharaj (land tax), he suggested using a same procedure and added that “should the collector chose to spit into his mouth, he opens it.” It is intended to highlight the severe subservience expected of this class, the glories of cult Islam and the orthodox faith, and the denigration of the false religion (to Hinduism as per cult islam) through his excessive humility and the collector’s spitting into his mouth. The disgustful humiliation was to make Hindus feel lower class in front of tent dweller looters.

The liberal and tolerant Sultan Zainul Abedin of Kashmir (r. 1417–r. 67) was also reminded in a letter by the Persian scholar Mulla Ahmad that “the principal goal of levying the jizyah on them is their humiliation.” Devil (Allah) created jizyah as punishment for their disrespect. The goal is to make them feel inferior while establishing the Muslims’ honour and dignity.

All Problems One Solution

Slayer can only be defeated by being slayed. There is no other medication for treating brutality of a terrorist. Extreme gore is the solution if you are forced to face gore. No ghar wapasi. No sweet talk. No relation. Boycott and slay them. This worked in China, Myanmar, Lanka, Japan and also to some extent in France. It worked during Shivaji’s rule. This slaying gave wondrous results under Chatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj with his no gender, no age bar, no mercy approach. There is no other matchable hero like him in the recent history of Bharat. To some extent. warrior Takshak can be compared with Sambhuji Raje but no one else.

Ghar wapasi has a big moral and natural issue. We cannot change inhuman traits that is ingrained in them since 3 to 7 generations. They are not open to discussion and samvad. They only understand Sharia either as a law or in their rear due to their experience in madrasas since childhood. We must appreciate effective methods of China and Myanmar. We cannot take such infected zombies in our fold. We lead a hygienic life without hating nature, animals and fellow human beings unlike islamic zombies. They will further ruin our culture and tradition. Inbreeding and incestuous relations will be slowly  regularised in Hindus too. Its better to stay away from scavengers. We are happy with our 110 crores Hindus across globe. We are pure and pious with thought process that transcends Universal consciousness.

Mentally, muslims are slaves of sex and lust – whether man or woman they suffer from frail aura and health. They are too weak. They regularly crave for sex because both man and woman are not satisfied. There is a big scientific reason behind this – Circumcision removes sensitive 20,000 nerve cells present at the tip of the penis that extract pleasure for man and with friction for woman. Women do observe burqa out of pressure from the cult but they stay unsatisfied that is why alluring a muslim girl is more easy than otherwise. Hindus do not have to change name or identity to seduce muslim women, with minimum tries, a Hindu man can convince any muslim woman, even queen of an islamic state. Hindus do not want to waste energy in garbage bin that is why they ignore but turning tables would not take much time.

Creating chaos is unchallenging. Dealing with muslims is far easy than any other community. Become menacing and wipe them out. Let dharma prevail. Godhra reaction is negligible what Bharat need is Mahabharat level retaliation that Bhagwan Krishna taught us all in Dwapar Yug. Each one of us has to become Bhagwan Krishna and Arjun to make Bharat termites free.

Three simple solutions can remove islam from Earth and peace could prevail:

  1. Give them chaos
  2. Allure their girls but do not marry or make them sister in law or daughter in law or wife (No morality with zombies, either you die showing love or stay alive being brutal, even after losing millions of Hindu sisters and brothers to the slaughter machine of islam in last 1000 years, you will show morality towards Putna, Lankini and Chhayagrahi then its better you perish). This is very important to destroy their love jihad ecosystem. History taught us aggressive repulsion in their ways is the best method to control muslims.
  3. Boycott them socially and economically

Each Hindus must pick up one of the tasks or daily killings of Hindu boys and girls would never stop and our nation would become an islamic state, a living hell for everyone. Muslims are born daridra or miser. Even if they are given the entire world with full prosperity, they will ruin it to ashes. They cannot save money and do anything creative. Being slaves of Shukracharya they are bound to stay hungry and greedy when alive and cursed on death.

Show no mercy. Bhagwan Krishn is with us.

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    1. I have a doubt
      Mahabharat to bahut saal pehle hui thi kauravas bhi bahut saal pehle the par Muhammad ka janm to 570 ad ka hai to matlab sirf 1400 years pehle to phir kauravo shukrachary aur Muhammad ka kya relation huwa???
      JAI SHREE RAM🚩🚩🚩

      1. © HariBhakt says:

        Many descendants of Kurus settled in middle east countries after migrating from Bharat.
        Shukracharya is known to create many demonic cults to harm Dharmic balance of the Universe.
        There will be many one figure gods and one messengers (the next one will be a woman) to diminish dharm.
        Many cults emerged and failed only Judaism, Christianity and Islamic cults sustained, but they all will diminish with time.
        Only Sanatan Hindu Dharma that has no beginning shall exist.
        Cults have beginning so they will end with passing time. Dharm is eternal.
        There are still many anti-Vedic cults in the world that is not popular among masses.
        After failing with many cults, Shukracharya found some success in Abrahamic cults – Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
        The Kaliyug is almost 5000 years old.
        After passing of next 5000 years, many anti-Vedic cults will emerge because first 10,000 years are golden age of Kaliyuga.
        Please google “HariBhakt Shukracharya” to understand connection of Shukracharya with abrahamic cults.
        No one is successful with first attempt, it do require many attempts. Shukracharya is not God even he blundered many times in different Yugas.
        After failing for 2500 years, next 2500 years witnessed some successful formation of abrahamic cults (anti-Vedic) by Shukracharya that had adoption from brainwashed masses.

        Jai Shree Krishna
        Har Har Mahadev

    2. Kota Practical Guide Central says:

      This article must appear for Sufism known; Sufism unearthed; Sufism exposed; Sufism revealed; Sufism uncover; Sufism bare; Sufism disclosed; Sufism facts; Sufism truth; Sufism unveiled; Sufism unmasked; Sufism discovered whenever someone is looking for sufi information.

    3. Madhur Gupta says:

      THhis site has given us so many deep knowledge, unearthing many hidden things. Most of the times, your information is unique and later copied by many sites. Sufism and cause and effect of its presence is nicely explained. Above all this is very deep gyan – Circumcision removes sensitive 20,000 nerve cells present at the tip of the penis that extract pleasure for man and with friction for woman. No one ever told this secret truth. We all know why the living zombies are always striving for sexual pleasures. Circumcision is criminal act against babies. Haribhakt team you people are amazing.
      Thanks for the article.

    4. Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

      Sufism is extreme in Hyderabad old city and surrounding areas. Still Sickular Hindus of Telangana love spitted biriyanis made by muslims. Nizams also did Sufism activities in Telangana area.
      Lord Shiva and his concert Maa Parvathi is with us. Lord Ganesha and Lord Muruga will give powers to Hindus to kill all the demonic Mlechchas.

      1. © HariBhakt says:

        You are right wherever Hindu dominated areas gradually became muslim zones, it has roots and deception of sufism. Sufism paves the way to create that burrow that ultimately destroy existence of Hindu culture and people in the vicinity.

        The wrong portrayal of sufism as moderate faction of satanic islam is done by governments (states and central), education system, fake media and concocted movies y hiding all their genocidal and inhuman crimes. Masses do not know the demonic history of atrocities carried by all factions of satanic islam. Those dhimmis who visit dargah or mazar do not actually know the past of sufism. In reality, sufism is zombism. Promotion of evil spirits and zombie auras.

        Jai Shree Krishn
        Har Har Mahadev

        1. Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

          Yes Sir, instead of eating Haleem made by Muslims, Hindus must better eat Palani Lord Murugan’s Panchamritham . eating Lord Murugan’s Panchamritham is a pious activity but eating Haleem is a grave sin activity which leads to many harmful cancers.

    5. Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

      Ban Islam for better Humanity

    6. Chitra Mokashi says:

      Brilliant article. Exposed sufism completely.


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