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Jihad (terrorism) is killing non-believers, (non-muslims) harmless people painfully showing no mercy towards innocent victims.

Shirk is the sin of idolatry or polytheism, i.e., the deification or worship of anyone or anything besides devil Allah. Within Islam, Shirk is an unforgivable crime if it remains unpardoned before death. Asura Allah forgives all criminal activities if one dies in that state except for committing shirk.

Recent historians dilute the deep impact and irreversible loss caused by islamic terrorism faced on humanity and especially Hindu population, they commit blunders of hiding the known facts of atrocities orchestrated by followers of quranic islam. Blaming on salafist or wahabism is cunning ploy by Mullas to deceit people and perform Al-taqiyya (philosophy of deception and convenience in islam). Some maulanas even advice to muslims residing in non-muslim areas to discredit Allah and Mohammed to practice FAKE secularism, convince natives that they love local culture. Later on as their population increase brainwash the localities about islamism and quranic teachings of jihad. The slyness is deep rooted in islam, never seen or heard in recent cults (manmade religions) of the world.

Hindu population of India was 99.99% Dharmic with 0.01% atheists during 8th century. All followed streams of Sanatan Dharma or minor distortions of it but it has never anti-Vedic followers base before invasion of islam in India.

Invasion of islam corrupted our Hindu culture, society and tradition. The forceful imposition of jihadi islam created huge dent in Hindu population resulting in deaths of over 2 billion Vedic dharmis and conversion of over 55 crore natives of Bharat in the span of last 1000 years.

Hindu dharma is the biggest victim of islamic jihad due to long period of invasion of anti-Vedic followers and looters.

In this post, we discuss about wrongful glorification in history books of India for biggest terrorists of the world; gruesome and brutal than ISIS and popularized terrorist Baghdadi. The punishments to islamize India was designed on the similar pattern as seen in the rise of ISIS and annexation of neighboring states (and cities) of Iraq. The pattern is similar because they followed anti-Vedic design of Jihad prescribed in terror manual Koran.

Every Hindu must know the truth about what islam has done to our ancestors. Today we are Hindus because our ancestors underwent lots of punishments and brutalities; most of them fought bravely. Remember a civilization which forgets history of its enemy cannot teach its future generation the knowledge to protect and unite together against the existence of its enemy.

You have never heard secular muslim or secular christian but you must have heard about secular Hindus. No one is mixed or half-baked. Either you are human or animal but you cannot be half-human and half-animal. Either you are a Hindu or a non-Hindu. Do not fall into the prey of FARCE SECULARISM which is injected in the psyche of Hindus to make them coward, feeble, stupid and inglorious.

Every country either use Bible or Koran to take oath of the land when they take reigns of power but in India, Hindu ministers are not allowed to take oath on Geeta, WHY?

This SECULARISM is making Hindus devoid of their roots, true history and awareness about past of their enemies. BE BRAVE and INTELLIGENT. DO NOT BEFALL into the TRAP of SECULARISM prescribed to protect enemies of India, those who hate to chant Bharat Mata ki Jai and Vande Mataram but want Indian STAMP on their passports.

How much islam hate Kafirs (non-believers of islam, non-muslims) you can know by knowing the dedication with which koran and hadiths were created to spread hatred. Islam devotes a great amount of references to the Kafir. The majority (64%) of the Koran is devoted to the Kafir, and nearly all of the Sira (81%) deals with Mohammed’s struggle with them. The Hadith (Traditions) devotes 32% of the text to Kafirs. Overall, the Trilogy devotes 60% of its content to the Kafir*.

(Kafir* is an abusive term in islam, it is very demeaning, a medieval expletive like nowadays people use mother or sister cuss words to abuse enemies. Translating it as non-believers is done in censored manner).

Muslims who pray five times (namaz) are more dangerous because when they pray they do read this line – Not the path of those who anger You (non-muslims) nor the path of those who go astray (non-muslims). Hatred towards non-muslims is bound to be internalized with daily recitings since childhood.

Secular Hindus allowed existence of tombs of terrorists of the world. You will never find Hitler tomb in Israel but you will find Humayun or Akbar tombs in India. Why are we glorifying terrorists of India?

Why Hindus DO NOT HATE Islamic invaders like Jews hate Hitler?

Why we should NOT remove the symbol of jihad from India?

Because Hindus were never taught about GRUESOME BRUTALITIES committed by the muslim invaders of Bharat. Instead the terrorists were glorified in history, documentaries and cinema by commies, liberals and leftists (all Hindu haters of course).

stop glorification of mughal history terrorism

STOP VISITING TOMBS OF TERRORISTS. Pre-2014, anti-Hindu governments filed several tombs for world heritage sites and got it approved as they were illegal descendants of mughals.

Not a co-incidence, all the major terrorists of historical India had name MOHAMMED.

Muslim invaders were huge followers of Mohammed and koran; so much that their last or middle name had Mohammed in it.

Most of the atrocities committed on devout Hindus were done following koranic verses – Those who disbelieve (non-muslims), promise them a painful death. (Quran 3:21)

History of Islamic Terrorism: Mughal Terrorists and Their Descendants in India


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History of islamic terrorism in India and Mughal terrorists of Bharat

Mughal Terrorism: Massacre and Torture Hindus Infographic Part 1

Mughal Terrorism: Massacre, Killing and Torture of Hindus Part 1 infographic

Mughal Islamic Terrorism Under Babur (Babar)

The Bis*xual Terrorist and Founder of Islamic Dynasty in India

Real Name – Zahir-ud-din Muhammad

Historical Name – Babur or Babar

Birth – 23 February 1483

Reign – 30 April 1526 – 26 December 1530

Death – 26 December 1530 (aged 47)

Babur was a direct descendant of Turco-Mongol invader Taimur Lang from the Barlas clan, through his father, and also a descendant of brutal Genghis Khan through his mother.

History of islamic terrorism India terrorist babar killing Hindus

History of Islamic Terrorism: Punishments on Hindus under Terrorist Babar on Denial to embrace Islam

  1. Burning of Chhotis or Shikhas of Brahmins and then killing them
  2. Removing heads of victims and burning their lower torso separately
  3. Getting their heads severed under elephant’s thumping legs
  4. Burning older men and women alive
  5. R*ping sisters, mothers and torturing them right in front of the eyes of their elders and children
  6. Cutting their limbs slowly and killing them painfully

There was huge rush among executioners to kill Hindus, they treated execution as the prized opportunity to enter paradise and enjoy life with virgins in heaven (Quran 3.15).

babur tribute maimuna indira gandhi antiHindu congress

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Babur till his last breath considered great India as Land of Kafirs (and impure), his hatred was so much towards India that his last wish was to be buried in Kabul which was fulfilled by his courtiers after his death in agra.

Mughal Islamic Terrorism Under Terrorist Humayun

Mohammed Humayun was The Destructor of Temples and Abuser of Hinduism

Real Name – Nasir-ud-din Muhammad

Historical Name – Humayun

Birth – 17 March 1508

Reign – 26 December 1530 – 17 May 1540 and 22 February 1555 – 27 January 1556

Death – 27 January 1556 (aged 48)

History of Islamic Terrorism: Punishments on Hindus under Terrorist Humayun on Denial to embrace Islam

  1. Burning of Chhotis or Shikhas of Brahmins and then killing them
  2. Removing heads of victims and burning their lower torso separately
  3. Getting their heads severed under elephant’s thumping legs
  4. Stoning people to death
  5. Exponential destruction of temples

Humayun popularized dismantlement of temples and using the ruins of temples to decorate mosques, tombs and islamic structures. Humayun died after slipping from the steps of the library. Steps were made out of dismantled temple and statues of Hindu deities.

ban tombs of terrorist humayun akbar shahjahan

Mughal Islamic Terrorism Under Terrorist Akbar

Akbar was Promoter of Tower of Heads (Heap of Dead Bodies of Hindus and Sikhs)

Real Name – Jalal-ud-din Muhammad

Historical Name – Akbar

Birth – 14 October 1542

Reign – 27 January 1556 – 27 October 1605

Death – 27 October 1605 (aged 63)

History of Islamic Terrorism: Punishments on Hindus under Terrorist Akbar on Denial to embrace Islam

  1. Burning of Chhotis or Shikhas of Brahmins and then killing them
  2. Cutting hands and showcasing heads through-out cities to invoke fear among Hindus and Sikhs
  3. Building towers of heads of Hindus and Sikhs and burying dead bodies, denying them Vedic form of cremation
  4. Getting their heads severed under elephant’s thumping legs
  5. Burning older men and women alive
  6. Keeping thousands of young females and small girl children as slaves in harem
  7. R*ping sisters, mothers and torturing them right in front of the eyes of their elders and children
  8. Getting Hindu and Sikh citizens looted by state sponsored thieves and burglars then punishing few of the culprits in darbars, a fake setup to show astute administration (Al-Taqiyya in different form)

Brief detail on atrocities of Terrorist Akbar can be read here – Akbar was ghazi not secular as wrongly taught to Indians since childhood. Also you will know brutal punishments Akbar made Hindus went through to promote R*pe Jihad in his reign to populate girls in harem.

tower of heads islamic terrorism

Akbar killed 30,000 innocent Hindu peasants out of hatred for non-muslims and his leanings towards Quran.

Akbar's islamic terrorism - cruelty of hanging Hindu Hemu king's headless body
Hindu king Vikramaditya Hemchandra’s lower torso was denigrated and kept for days while his head paraded denying last rites according to Hinduism, all under orders of Terrorist Akbar.
Revoking basic freedom of performing Puja and last rites denial was core aspect of Mughal Terror’s Administration.

Mughal Islamic Terrorism Under Terrorist Jehangir

Salim Jehangir, a Drug Addict and Womaniser Muslim Invader

Real Name – Nur-ud-din Muhammad Salim

Historical Name – Jehangir

Birth – 20 September 1569

Reign – 15 October 1605 – 8 November 1627

Death – 8 November 1627 (aged 58)

History of Islamic Terrorism: Punishments on Hindus under Terrorist Jehangir on Denial to embrace Islam

  1. Legalizing R*pe of Hindu women by allowing free market of slaves in later stages of his ruling
  2. Killing or converting Hindus forcefully
  3. Taking complete control of temple funds
  4. Building towers of heads of Hindus and Sikhs and burying dead bodies, denying them Vedic form of cremation
  5. Marrying virgin non-Hindu princess for one night then throwing them into harem [Quran (24:32)]
  6. Keeping people hungry for days then tying them to the elephant legs to get crushed
  7. Burning older men and women alive
  8. Keeping thousands of young females, boys and small children as slaves in harem
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Akbar extended mughal invasion beyond his predecessors, but Salim being addicted to opium, alcoholism neglected administration of the state, few years after attaining position of ghazi (killer of non-muslims). It was populated by muslim historians that most of the Hindu girls in harem were captured Rajputanis, they took revenge by slowly  addicting Salim to drugs, s*x, alcohol and lethargic games. Jehangir also wrote dark chapters of committing atrocities on women of India.

In last stages of his addiction, he became impotent and gay.

population jihad of mughal terrorists

Mughal Islamic Terrorism Under Terrorist Shahjahan

Khurram Shahjahan was Incestuous and Sex Maniac Wrongly Portrayed as a Lover

Birth Name – Shahab-ud-din Muhammad Khurram

Historical Name – Shahjahan

Birth – 5 January 1592

Reign – 8 November 1627 – 2 August 1658

Death – 22 January 1666 (aged 74)

History of Islamic Terrorism: Punishments on Hindus under Terrorist Shahjahan on Denial to embrace Islam

  1. Getting their heads severed under elephant’s thumping legs
  2. Stoning people to death
  3. Exponential rise in Jizya tax and looting of temple funds
  4. Burning of Hindu dharmic texts
  5. Introduction of Blasphemy laws to punish people who pray deities
  6. Killing older men and women alive
  7. Keeping thousands of young females and small girl children as slaves in harem
  8. Hike in destruction of temples, Vedic structures and Palaces

True characterization of Shahjahan and his dirty nature is already given in older post here – Shah Jahan and Expression of Farce Love and also on his Love Jihad activities.

History of islamic terrorism (mughal terror) in India
Tower of Heads: Muslim terrorists waging mughal terrorism killed hundreds of Hindu men, destroyed their lower torso disrespecting their Dharmic right to last rites.
Heads of Hindu men were used to create bloodied structure of islamic towers across places to invoke fear of mughal terrorism among common Hindus. These were proudly called as Signature of Quran by common muslims. Islam is indeed a gangster cult of death and genocide.

Mughal Islamic Terrorism Under Terrorist Aurangzeb

The Filthiest of All Terrorists, Aurangzeb, Killer of Millions of Hindus (Jews Holocaust is considered fractional compared to his TYRANNY)

Real Name – Muhy-ud-din Muhammad

Historical Name – Aurangzeb

Birth – 4 November 1618

Reign – 31 July 1658 – 3 March 1707

Death – 3 March 1707 (aged 88)

History of Islamic Terrorism: Punishments on Hindus under Terrorist  Aurangzeb on Denial to embrace Islam

  1. Demeaning Brahmins and priests of temples
  2. Destruction of over 60,000 temples
  3. Looting temples and dismantling gold deities of the temples, molting the idols to use them as decorative elements in the palaces and tombs
  4. Using distorted idols as steps of the palaces and tombs
  5. Increasing rate of Jizya tax to manifolds
  6. Complete adherence to satanic sharia law
  7. Banning of paintings and bhajans
  8. Banning public display of Hindu deities and symbols
  9. Banning sporting of tilak and Hindu pagdi
  10. Chopping off hands before killing people who paid less Jizya tax
  11. Separate laws of punishing Hindus in minor scuffle with muslims; muslims asked to spit on Hindu victim, slapping and thrashing before killing them
  12. Intoxicating elephants and riding them over group of villagers
  13. Making it compulsory to Hindus to listen to Azans and muslim prayers -Hindus used to murmur Vedic mantras to annihilate the impact of non-Vedic prayers. (Are today’s loudspeakers in mosques any different, it seems erstwhile governments were bas.tard descedants of Aurangzeb)
  14. Massive forceful conversions of Hindus; declaring villages as an islamic place
  15. Childrens were killed in case parents do not agree to submission of islam
  16. Burning of Chhotis or Shikhas of Brahmins and then killing them
  17. Cutting hands and showcasing heads through-out cities to invoke fear among Hindus and Sikhs
  18. Building towers of heads of Hindus and Sikhs and burying dead bodies, denying them Vedic form of cremation
  19. Getting their heads severed under elephant’s thumping legs
  20. Burning older men and women alive
  21. Keeping thousands of young females and small girl children as slaves in harem
  22. R*ping sisters, mothers and torturing them right in front of the eyes of their elders and children
  23. Cremation of Hindus banned; everyone were forced to burial as per islamic laws
  24. Mass Cow slaughter to make Hindus poor, to insult Sanatan culture and denigrate Vedic tradition

Several historians put the figures of killings under Aurangzeb from 4.6 million to 27 million (history only has reports cited by contemporaries, actual figure is always into multiples, as in the case of artificial Bengal famine). We are citing here an archive post that highlight murdering of Hindus and Sikhs by terrorist king Aurangzeb.

history islamic terrorism aurangzeb
Terrorist Aurangzeb paraded severed heads and kept them on top of bamboos or tampered wooden rods across hundreds of kilometres, to cover more areas to frighten common non-cavalry community, peasants, farmers and working class Hindus.

And no devout Hindu can forget the gruesome murder of Brave Dharamveer of Bharat – Great Sambhuji Raje.

You will be shocked to know why the filthiest of all muslim invaders, Aurangzeb stopped Sati of Indian women.

hindus arise awake be brave

Mughal Islamic Terrorism Under Terrorist Tipu Sultan

The Traitor, Terrorist Tipu Invited French to Invade India

The congress (allies+commies) being proponent of terrorists know the fact that Tipu was strong believer of Koranic verses and staunch hater of Hindus. Terrorist Tipu Sultan’s birth is rightly celebrated by congress government as Tipu Jayanti since their roots goes back to fanatic muslims (Indira maimuna begum). No Hindu festival is ever celebrated by them on similar grand scale. It took three generations of Hindus to witness celebration of home coming of Shree Ram in Ayodhya this year. Congress (allies+commies) opposed this Vedic celebration.

The common name Mohammed in every historical terrorist’s name is not shocking but what is mind-blowing is the fact that NO ISLAMIC COUNTRY ever celebrates birth anniversary of Mohammed (id-e-milad) as national holiday but congress forcibly imposed  it on major Hindus in the name of secularism (islamization).

The complete post here – Highlight Tipu’s atrocities and how he massacred thousands of Hindus in Southern India.

Terrorist Tipu Sultan sword Jihad islamic terrorism verses

Some of the hadiths he prominently etched in his harem had these verses.

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Bukhari (52:255) – The slave who accepts Islam and continues serving his Muslim master will receive a double reward in heaven.

Bukhari (41.598) – Slaves are property. They cannot be freed if an owner has outstanding debt, but they can be used to pay off the debt.

Bukhari (62:137) – An account of women taken as slaves in battle by Muhammad’s men after their husbands and fathers were killed. The woman were r*ped with Muhammad’s approval.

Shat Shat Naman to our Brave Hindu Ancestors (they were not SECULARS*) who kept our country Safe and Secure for us Hindus. Let us be brave and unified like our ancestors so that our next generation remain major Hindu population in India.

(*Secularism was inserted illegally in constitution of India in 1970s to demean Hindus and islamize India by Maimuna begum aka Indira gandhi)

[We will soon release a post HIGHLIGHTING factors of secularism=chrislamization of India]

Mughal Terrorism: Massacre and Torture Hindus Infographic Part 2

Mughal Terrorism: Massacre, Killing and Torture of Hindus Part 2 infographic

Update to this old post…

Glimpse of Current Islamic Terrorism in Bharat

When muslims are around 20% in India and not ruling as per uncivilized satanic Sharia still they are committing such terrorist acts in India freely. Seeing the images itself can give you sneak preview of the atrocities that Hindus experienced in last 1000 years under #MughalTerrorism invasion – when most of the muslim terrorists ruled some parts of India under Demonic Sharia law. More than 100 crore Hindus (1 Billion Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists) were killed by muslim terrorists of India.

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Boycott muslims socially and economically, do not fund jihad terrorism indirectly

Kamlesh Tiwari Killed by Muslim Terrorists

Beauty Pal Murshidabad Muslim Terrorism

8 years old Angan Pal Murshidabad Muslim Terrorism

Bandhu Prakash Pal Murshidabad Muslim Terrorism.jpeg

Hindu sister Kiran Kumari killed gangraped by muslim terrorists

Twinkle Sharma Killed By Muslim terrorists

Vikas Yadav Lynched by terrorist muslims

Love Jihad Murder Heena Talreja killed by Adnan Khan

Islamic Terrorism of Aurangzeb Slowly Dismembered Sambhuji Maharaj and Kavi Kalash Body Parts

Islamic Terrorism of ISIS is Inspired by #MughalTerrorism

islamic terrorism muslim killing Hindus in India

islamic terrorism muslims terrorists killing in India

Islamic terrorism of muslims in India and world

Islam and Muslims Abuse Secularism and Democracy to Carry Neighbourhood Jihad

[ Read also How Neighbourhood Muslims are executing Jihad daily in India ]

Types of Jihad terrorism - forms of Islamic Terrorism India

HariBhakt Infographic Shows How Secularism Hurts A Nation

A Muslim’s ideology of hatred cannot be removed unless he or she is UnQuraned and Detoxified.

Weak laws prescribed under democratic secular system do not instill fear among muslim criminals who are part of islamic mafia movement to islamize a non-muslim nation. Democracy de-centralizes power and corrupts the ecosystem giving common muslims opportunities to play with the administration and orchestrate fake victimhood denying actual ISLAM IS TERRORISM narrative while silently working to kill non-muslims. Strong death penalty is possible in centralized clean and uncorrupt system, this ensures death to mafia ideology of ISLAMISTS. Great example of detoxification and centralized method of controlling this islamic menace is China. China is rewriting Quran removing all hatred verses towards non-muslims, changing ummah concepts, removing fear inducing verses (hell, etc) and rephrasing all verses that invokes enmity towards darul harb (non-islamic nation).

Public outcry of natives against islamists is another option to stop islamization of a nation, as it happened in Japan, Israel, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Mass boycott by natives helped locals to control islamification process.

Detoxification is the only method that ensure success to build a ISLAM FREE country which China is successfully showing to the world.

Bharat need massive awareness among Hindus, to consider only Hindus (Hindus, Sikhs, Jain, Buddhists) as their brothers. Fakery of Hindu-Abrahamic Bhai Bhai is killing Hinduism in India.

How muslims Islamize a Hindu/Christian/Buddhist nation

Why Hindus Should support #BanSecularism

congress islamization christianity anti-Hindu terrorism

Never forget your history – take lessons from history, know your enemy, shred secularism which make Hindus coward and shameless. Become a BRAVE HINDU for developing India as VISHWAGURU again.

|| Shakti Rupen Maa Bharti Namastasye Namastasye Namastasye Namo Namah ||

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