darwin's theory of evolution is fake with wrong conceptions and lies

Shame on top universities like Cambridge, Oxford and Harvard who are imparting wrong theories of evolution to their students. They are breeding set of individuals who will perform experiments leading to debacles and fatal accidents. This world has seen multiple instances when experiments based on wrong theories led to accidents, spread of disease causing harm to human race.

Darwin Theory of Evolution is False

Vedic Hindu Wisdom on Existence Plagiarised

Time Has Come to Revert to Vedic Roots and Face Real Facts

Science means “to know” and “systematized knowledge derived from observation, study, etc.” It is based on observation and experimentation. Evolutionists don’t “know” anything about man’s origins. They guess, suppose, etc. but they don’t “know.” Honest scientists have become weary and embarrassed at the confusing, convoluted and contradictory claptrap that often passes as science. They have watched their colleagues rushing to protect Darwin rather than putting him to rigorous tests.

World famous scientist, G. G. Simpson stated, “It is inherent in any definition of science that statements that cannot be checked by observation are not about anything…or at the very best, they are not science.”

Readers know of the many incredible mistakes made by evolutionists because of their faith: Haeckel’s recapitulation theory that only third-rate scientists believe; also the vestigial organ error; the failure of the fossil record (that no informed evolutionist uses to prove his position), etc.

Don Boys made the observations as replicated here.

Proven: Evolution Theory of Darwin is Fake

Fossil Records Suggest Evolution Theory of Darwin is False

Dr. David Kitts, professor of geology at the University of Oklahoma said, “Evolution requires intermediate forms between species and paleontology does not provide them….” And Lord Zuckerman admitted there are no “fossil traces” of transformation from an ape-like creature to man! Even Stephen J. Gould of Harvard admitted, “The fossil record with its abrupt transitions offers no support for gradual change.” I assume that all college professors know that Darwin admitted the same fact. (I also assume they know that Darwin was not trained as a scientist but for the ministry, so evolutionists are worshipping at the feet of an apostate preacher!)

Famous fossil expert, Niles Eldredge confessed, “…geologists have found rock layers of all divisions of the last 500 million years and no transitional forms were contained in them.” Dr. Eldredge further said, “…no one has yet found any evidence of such transitional creatures.”

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All the alleged transitional fossils, that were so dear to the hearts of evolutionists a generation ago, are now an embarrassment to them. Breaks my heart. Archaeopteryx is now considered only a bird, not an intermediate fossil. The famous horse series that is still found in some textbooks and museums has been “discarded” and is considered a “phantom” and “illusion” because it is not proof of evolution. In fact, the first horse in the series is no longer thought to be a horse! And when a horse can’t be counted on being a horse then we’ve got trouble, real trouble right here in River City.

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Concerning transitional fossils, world famous paleontologist Colin Patterson admitted that “there is not one such fossil for which one could make a watertight argument.” Not one.

Surely it is not necessary for me to remind college professors that Piltdown Man was a total fraud and Nebraska Man turned out to be a pig, not an ape man! And in recent years we have discovered that Neanderthal Man was simply a man with rickets and arthritis, not the much desired “ape man.” Need I go on? The truth is that only a fool says evolution is a fact compared to gravity, and to equate scientific creationists with flat earthers as many evolutionists do is outrageous irresponsibility.

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Lies Busted!

Darwinian Theory of Evolution is a Myth, Proved By Pragmatic Biologists

Biologist, Dr. Pierre Grasse, considered the greatest living scientist in France, wrote a book to “launch a frontal assault on all forms of Darwinism.” Grasse is not a religious fanatic, yet he called evolution a “pseudo-science.”

Dr. Soren Lovtrup, Professor of Zoo-physiology at the University of Umea in Sweden wrote, “I suppose that nobody will deny that it is a great misfortune if an entire branch of science becomes addicted to a false theory. But this is what has happened in biology: for a long time now people discuss evolutionary problems in a peculiar ‘Darwinian’ vocabulary…thereby believing that they contribute to the explanation of natural events.” He went on to say, “I believe that one day the Darwinian myth will be ranked the greatest deceit in the history of science.” He also said, “Evolution is ‘anti-science.'” And so it is.

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Do those who teach evolution know that scientists have characterized Darwinism as “speculation,” based on faith,” similar to theories of “little green men,” “dead,” “effectively dead,” “very flimsy,” “incoherent,” and a “myth.” Hey, with friends like that, evolutionists don’t need scientific creationists to hold their feet to the fire.

World known Swiss scientist Dr. A. E. Wilder-Smith (who recently died), with three earned doctorates in science and considered to be an expert by the United Nations, confessed after seeing the fossilized dinosaur tracks and men prints within inches of each other at Glen Rose, Texas, “…all this makes evolution impossible.” And so it does.

Shallow Human pride of physicists prevents people from admitting they are wrong for their belief in Charles Darwin’s evolutionary myth.


Existence Theory from Vedic Wisdom

Natural Creative Elements in Human; Egg and Sperm Prove Evolution is Wrong

Inferring Vedic wisdom, as per Gourab Saha, the evolutionist ignores the problem surrounding the human female egg and the male sperm in the evolutionary theory. The human female like other mammals has XX sex chromosomes, and the male has XY sex chromosomes. The female egg contains the X-chromosome, and the male sperm contains either an X-chromosome for the reproduction of a female or a Y-chromosome for the reproduction of a male. The female eggs all develop within the ovaries while she is a baby (fetus) within her mother’s womb. Evolutionists claim environmental factors cause small changes in the offspring in the evolutionary chain. However, the environmental experience of the female cannot change the chromosomes within her eggs and cannot have any effect upon her offspring. Her body cannot go into the eggs contained within her ovaries at her birth to make an intelligent genetic change. Females cannot be a part of the evolutionary theory for these reasons.

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The male sperm are created very differently from the female egg. The sperm are created in the testes of a male on a daily basis. This short time period between the creation of the sperm and conception within the female precludes any possibility that the male can be a part of the evolutionary process. A harsh winter, or some other environmental condition does not affect the testes in any way that would alter the chromosomes in the sperm. Therefore, the male could not possibly contribute to evolutionary change caused by the environment. This fact applies to humans as well as all other mammals. There are no ways possible whereby environmental adaptation could occur through the male part of the chromosome. Neither is there any scientific evidence that environmental experiences change the genetic code within the sperm. Males cannot be a part of the evolutionary process for these reasons. These scientific facts prove evolution of the human species caused by environmental adaptation or any other reason is impossible.


DNA Mechanics Debunks Theory of Evolution

The reason why some animal DNA have sequences identical to those of plant DNA is known by those who accept scientific truth. The two DNA had one thing in common. They were both perfectly designed by the same Almighty God, the Creator. This is analogous to things that are designed and created by people. The rear-end differential in a Ford F-750 dump truck is sequentially the same as the read-end differential in a Ford Mustang sports car. They share identical mechanical engineering concepts because they were both designed by the same company. The dump truck simply has parts that are necessarily made larger to handle the higher loads and torques.

darwin was liar faked theory of evolution

Fraud Exposed: Darwin Theory of Evolution

Darwin Theory of Evolution Busted By Cell Formation of Bacteria Analysis

Intelligent design can be seen in the smallest bacteria and the largest Galaxy. Darwinism blindfold its followers that bacteria is primitive form of creation. The detailed research is tight slap on fake evolutionists.

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The scientific study of complex biological structures have made enormous strides in revealing Intelligent design in nature. One example is the motor and propeller propulsion system, called a bacterial flagellum, found in many bacteria, including the common E. coli. The propulsion system of the bacteria has 40 moving parts made from protein molecules, including a motor, rotor, stator, drive shaft, bushings, universal joint, and flexible propeller. The motor is powered by ions and can rotate at up to 100,000 rpm. It can reverse direction in only 1/4 of a revolution and has an automatic feedback control mechanism. The size is 1/100,000 of an inch (1/4,000 mm) in width, much too small to see with the human eye. One cannot deny the obvious conclusion that this system has an Intelligent Designer. To keep their bread and butter coming; the evolutionists pray for an explanation to save the collapse of Darwinism. Creationism has become the true science, and Darwinism has degenerated into a a false religion, the worship of “father time.”

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    1. only thing that ever born, spread out of Africa & it’s deserts (Middle East) is Kaliyuga, worst curse to creation

    2. The religion’s concept of God is itself flawed . God is a mere hypothesis and you are talking about Darwin .
      If evolution was false , then we wouldn’t be able to survive in today’s pollution . We are constantly evolving according to our conditions .

      First go collect evidences on God and then debate on Darwin’s Evolution concept .
      If you are going to ask proofs (allowed by science) for Darwin’s Evolution and not for God , then you are a hypocrite .

      1. There is indeed evidence for ‘God’. You need not to think philosophically and read epics for that. A simple logical thinking would explain the existence of God to you

      2. Dear Sunit,
        I accidentally landed on this page and I have read your logical views on few other similar pages too. I am a Hindu and strongly believe in philosophical and spiritual aspects of Hindu life style. And that’s why it hurts me when people drag the pure logical concepts of Hinduism to explain some totally indefensible logic of their own. Making all the Hindus seem like a bunch of regressive orthodox hypocrites. You have raised few very good questions but dear you can’t do that because raising question is not you right. Yes they can question all the efforts of human race in last 3000 or more years saying they already knew it and long back and when you will ask for proof again they will start connecting dots like creating a face in clouds without any boundaries of feasibility or logic.
        I don’t know and don’t care if there is or had been some God called Krishna but I’ll always respect him for his philosophy in Bhagawat Geeta and it has always given me a new meaning for my life in anxiety and depression and associating him with any mystical powers as he is believed to poses will only decrease his practicability for me.
        I do have few answer for the question raised in these blogs and can ask hundreds of question on these theories. But you can’t wake up the awaken so stop trying.
        ” There is no “I” other than me so kill your “I” and you will be a better human and a better spirit as this “I” is the biggest barrier between You and me the day you will leave this “I” you will be a part of Me and hence u will be the universe, as a drop becomes an ocean when it surrenders it to the ocean. ” —- Krishna
        And here we have few people trying to patronize Vedas and Krishna as their own.

    3. rajesh joon says:

      Gyan jitna bhi jido utna hu kam h..gyan sochne se badhta h..socho samjho or karo

    4. Not only Darwin’s theory ; Planets (excluding planes of solar system ) and stars are not light years away as NASA ( Boss of all rogues ) , ESA , AEGIS , ISRO claims. Our scientists are also liars . They ( scientists ) do not tell truth of universe because they are involved in nefarious activities on behest of politicians. I claim there are 100’s & 1000’s of small Hindu planets and Hindu stars within range of 20 – 1000 miles from our earth planet in different dimensions. These Hindu planets are nothing but prophecy planets which are acknowledged in ancient Hindu prophecies . These planets and their Lords are suppressed by NASA and other Space Agencies . We should try to review all Western Theories again and not just Darwin’s theory . West is lying big !

      1. Radhe Radhe Ashwani Ji,

        We agree with your last point “We should try to review all Western Theories again and not just Darwin’s theory . West is lying big !”

        You can check some facts here too – https://haribhakt.com/modern-inventions-stolen-from-vedas/

        Please spread the truth and facts with your well-wisher, Hindu brothers and sisters.

        Jai Shree Krishn

      1. Radhe Radhe Ashwani Ji,

        The residents in 14 planes are different and cannot be purely called humans as they are superior or inferior to us and bear different types of bodies and functions. Look-wise they are like us.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    5. Yeah but by that narrow-minded definition of science we literally can’t even prove that we exist… For all we know we could be in the matrix, we have no way of proving (or knowing) otherwise, therefore existence as we know it is a philosophy not a fact. Evolution by THAT definition is a theory, however an almost infinitely probable theory, better understood than gravity…

      I feel like we are doing ourselves great injustice if we disregard science, it’s fascinating (not to mention incredibly useful) for us humans to try to understand the world around us. Science can bring us happiness both directly and indirectly.
      I encourage people to try to combine the spiritual beliefs and values that they hold most dearly with the greater scientific body of knowledge for the most holistic, healthy, and happiest life possible.

      1. Radhe Radhe Harry Ji,

        As per definition of Science, it is “the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.”

        Where are the experiments and observations of Darwin that can prove the intermediatary species and existence of the process of evolution ????…. None.

        That was the reason this post was developed debunking farce theories of Darwin.

        Jai Shree Krishn

        1. You need to look into paleontological proofs for his theory . He has got more proofs of Evolution than the proof for god .

          You have decided to keep your eyes closed . Just look up the net , have a chat with any scientist or biologist for that matter .

          1. Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

            Lick the boots of Christians and Muslims. If you have guts, climb Mt Kailash and prove that Hinduism is false.

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