Quit Political Party Hindu Dharma First

This is global phenomenon, and destroyed lives of millions of natives across the world, it has turned out to be an inaccessible, incurable and intangible mental status, a sort of disease, that adheres to complete submission to a particular party. The submissive legacy is deep; generations – from father to children. In most cases, this replaces at third generation. The third generation mostly changes their political inclination.

Note: In Entire Article, You Will Find One Figure/One Book Slavery Repeated Multiple Times. It is Purposely Done to Internalise Readers About the Core Aim of the Political Parties. They All Want Hindus to Become Abrahamic.

The rot is so deep that it becomes priority task of the individual, the person becomes subservient to political spectrum. Affected person’s thought process supersedes spirituality, Dharmic teachings, professional liabilities, family responsibilities giving importance to politics. Ironically, the submission to politics does not give any benefits to field political slaves – no material wealth or mental peace. Only top politicians who abuse such submissive individuals enjoy LARGER THAN LIFE luxuries, while projecting their image as a great leader by not drawing salaries or donating all assets that they receive or piggy backing image of a past cult figure, promoting the cult figure and hiding behind that image.

Hindus Allowed Division of Bharat Due to Political Slavery. Keeping Dharma Secondary to Farcical Politics of Anti-Hindus Like Paedophile Gandhi to HinduBhakshi Modi, Overdependence of Hindus on Such Politicians, Allowed Partition and Fast Islamisation of Bharat. Unless Hindus Do not Give Up Political Party Slavery and Embrace Basic Principles of Sanatan Hindu Dharm, They, Identified as Oldest Dharma Practitioners Would Not Survive in Next 15 Years. Because Current Dispensation of Government in the Form of Biggest Proponent of Hindumisia Would Push Hindu Civilization to Black Hole of Abrahamic Cults. Only Dharma Invokes Power to Fight and Win Over Any Adharmic Reign.

Science of Feminine Energy

Political Slavery: A Curse on Native Hindu Civilization

Identify Your Political Party Slavery Level

Before coming out of political slavery it is important that the person knows how deep he or she is into political enslavement of a party or a wing.

Political slavery absorbs mental and physical strength. It not only ruins personal health but also slowly destroys family prosperity and unity among relatives.

Unlike Slavery That Was Introduced by Mohammed in Middle East and Later by Mughal Terrorists in India With Their Filthy Maal-E-Ghanimat Concept of Forcing Kafir Men and Women to Become Slaves, After Looting Them. Political Slavery is Done Mentally. First It Captures the Mind Then Slowly the Affected Person Starts Giving More Time to the Master (Political Party or a  Politician). There is No Force Involved. It is Done Willingly By the Individual. Voters Are Not Political Party Slaves.

Freemasons Secret Society New Word Order One World Government
Chessboard of Politics is Owned By Shadow Ring Masters. Ruling and Opposition Parties Are Same. No Difference in Policies. All United to Loot Nation and Make It Native Hindu Free. Do Not Insult Divinity in You by Acquiescing to Evil Pawn Parties. Quit Political Slavery. Be Dharmic. Give Priority to Family. Protect Them.

Blindfolded Political Slavery Made Hindus 4th Class Citizens

No nation is free. Every nation is indirectly controlled by dozens of secret societies like freemasons. Gobal elites control economy, world politics, resources, war narrative and media. They all are part of the Shadow Ring. WEF (World Economic Forum) is just one aspect of this evil Octopus whose multiple tentacles cover the entire globe.

Political Slavery Enabled Abrahamic Cults To Capture Hindu Bharat

Generations of Indoctrination to Political Slavery Must Be Unshackled

After Hindu Maratha Empire lost control of Bharat – Political system of Bharat was never under control of native Hindus. The era of Hindulessness in public life started thereafter. British funded Caliphate Movement and their obedient bootlicker slave Gandhi ensured that Hindus were made scapegoat in this British ploy. There was no strength in Muslim League or any such parties. Even Congress was funded and organised by British. One side crypto Abrahamic Congress party projected with Hindu mask other side Islamic party Muslim League, both were created by Britishers to make political division among native Hindus and invader Muslims.

666 islam satanic allah - 666 is khuda muslim god

No Indian politician or leader contributed to the decision of British leaving Bharat. Revolution was a big drama – in this thousands of genuine fighters like Rajguru, Sukhdev and Chandra Shekhar Tiwari were killed. Their struggle for freedom was sincere and honest. They did not know that likes of Gandhis were all planted by British terrorist regime. Partition was planned long back. It was inevitable. Irrespective of the outcome of war, British had to move out and control Bharat indirectly after their successful subversion of Turkey, Afghanistan and induction of Mao in China. They wanted to replicate the model in Bharat.

British was the front for the Shadow Elites, who were controlling the British Empire. They successfully divided Bharat without bloodshed due to sitting ducks politicians of Bharat. Afghanistan was separated from India in 1876 for opium trading. Nepal in 1904 to have passive opium trade route with China. Bhutan was separated in 1906. Then major part of state Tibet was removed in 1907. English terrorists separated Sri Lanka in 1935. Then Burma (Myanmar) in 1937. The pattern is visible. They willingly partitioned Bharat. Only fools give benefit of doubt to another agent of Shadow Elites, Subhas Bose. He was plan B and Mao model for Bharat. Fact is, Shadow Elites through their visage Britishers divided Bharat to have better control over small states and surround Bharat from internal; lunatic Muslims (allowed to stay back in 1947) and external forces; creation of Pakistan and other independent countries surrounding Bharat. Do not ever believe that neighbouring nations of Bharat are allies. They never were and never will be, not even Nepal. They all are under control of Shadow Elites and permit their places be used for Naxalites and Hindu massacre. No Hindu must ever forget massacre of Hindus in Tamil state Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Bhutan. Hindus were killed to such an extent in Lanka, they became minor population. Buddhist terrorism has history and present. Islamic terrorism is shown to the world, though rightly so, because it suits the narrative of Shadow Elites.

Only Foolish Hindus Believe That Jews Are Their Friends. They Never Were. Never in the History. Never in the Present. Israel Wanted to Control Indra Gandhi. They Had Clash With Her Masters; KGB and Russia. Though Communism is Creation of Jews but Ego and Profit Clash is Common Even Among Elites. Whenever a Hindu Says in Front of a Jew That He is Their Brother. Jew Mocks and Calls Himself as Superior and God-sent. Hindus Are Not Considered Equal By Common Jews. Despite the Historical Fact That Hindus Gave These Fleas Refugee Status in Bharat and Saved Them in Thousands. This is Fake RSS Propaganda That Jews Are Allies of Hindus. The Destroyers of Several Nations and Humanity Are Incestuous Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Their Jewish Kabbalah’s (Cabal) One World Agenda.

Formation of Congress party and injection of Gandhi was on similar lines. But lazy Gandhi did not want to manage administrative responsibility. The partition would stop Bharat from becoming a future powerful nation. It would also help in using fanatic Muslims to halt overall development of Hindus. Self-destructive Islam would ensure the negativity that it engrosses would  encapsulate Hindu community and keep hampering their growth. First giving an Islamic state to invading community then cunningly allowing them to stay back in Bharat was part of the bigger plan to destroy the Hindu Bharat from within through Parasitic Cult Islam. It was necessary to invoke parasitic milieu around Hindu society to destroy scientific tradition and native identity of Bharat. Islam and its top cult leaders were already under grip of secret societies in 18th century.

Islamic leaders and clerics are not fanatic in their personal life, thought they expect their followers to be radical. They enjoy all types of vices including alcohol and boston butt. They show some of their Islamic leanings through control of their women members in the family for mass Muslim sentiment. Otherwise, they do everything in life that is not supposed to be done by them as per strict Islamic sharia laws.

Among All the Cults, Islam Was First Victim of Shadow Elites. They Turned an Uncivilized Cult Into Band of Zombies. They Are Spreading Muslims as Refugees in Many Countries to Start Future Massive Chaos at Global Scale by Instigating Muslims Leaders and Clerics Which Are in Their Control.

Originally, British wanted to further break India into multiple parts; Dalitstan (fake Buddhists), Dravida Nadu (Jewish Vatican kicked Christians), Pakistan (invading community Muslims) and Sikhistan (Fake bravado Sikhs). Not shocking each of the neo cults decided to divide Bharat. Because each of the cults’ origin is based on deep hatred towards Hindu culture while stealing resources from parental Sanatan Hindu Dharma. By 19th century, all their leaders and monks became slaves of Shadow Elites. The original plan to divide Bharat would have succeeded if partition of Bharat would have further delayed but Nehru was eager to become Prime Minister of India. Nehru, Gandhi and Ambedkar were projected as true Hindu leaders by British terrorists, side-lining original Akhand Hindu Rashtra propagator Hindu Mahasabha. Among all of them, Ambedkar went one step ahead, he could have converted to usual Buddhism but he purposely tweaked Buddhism and made his own cult of Navayana. This was done with the intention to make them easy target of Christian Missionaries. And his service to British regime helped invaders a lot. Many Navayana Buddhists like Sikhs are still easy target of Christian Missionaries due to their deep hatred to idolatry and Murti Puja of Hindus.

Discussion on Ambedkar is Important Because Government of India Under Modi is Heavily Promoting Ambedkarism and Navayana (Rightly Considered as Fake Buddhism by Tibetan and Lankan Monks). BJP/RSS Wants All Citizens of India to Believe in One Book/One Figure Fakery So That Implementing One World Government is Easy in India for Their WEF Masters. It Doesn’t Matter Whether Hindus Convert to Buddhism or Islam or Christianity. Government Agenda is Clear That All One Figure/One Book Cult Would Ultimately Be Forced to Submit to One World Religion for Ultimate Slavery of Humanity. And Then Shadow Masters Along With Shadow Elites Would Appear as True Rulers of the World. That is Why, Ambedkar is Important Person for the Discussion POV of This Article.

Ambedkar was son of a Subedar. It was hard to become Viceroy’s commissioned officers (VCOs) under British regime unless the corrupt individual was top notch betrayer among turncoats. Subedar was the second-highest rank of officers in the military forces of British India that served the British Empire of England. Their devotion always remained unabated to British Royalty due to their oath. They were given English officers level facilities. They were respected by English for their servitude towards British regime. Only those traitors were elevated to the ranks of Subedar who had moles and treacherous team to spy into freedom fighters, to later entrap them and hand over to British officials. Churchill even once remarked that it is not us who ruled (you), it is your commitment to following our orders, you liked the life we gave you. Marshal Auchinleck also commended service of traitor Subedars who prolonged stay of British regime in India. He applauded their submission and discipline towards British Empire.

Once a Traitor and Vidharmi, Always a Traitor and Dharm Drohi. An Oppressor is More Dangerous Only When Traitor Among Victim Community Supports the Oppressor. That was How Sambhaji Was Killed. That was Why Chandrashekar Tiwari Was Killed. That was How Mangal Pandey Was Killed.

You might have come across Christian Missionary propaganda mockery that Ambedkar was:
Denied temple entry.
Sat on a gunny bag in the class.
Beaten for drinking water.
Told that his hair defiled a shaving razor. (lift off from Black apartheid propaganda of South Africa)
Not allowed to learn Sanskrit. (A Kabir Panthi always ignored Sanskrit and Hindu Texts)

First of all mistreatment to such level of acts was impossible to be meted out to a son of Subedar. Bharat was under British regime. No one dared to speak in high pitch with people who were part of the ruling regime. Treating in such a manner with a child whose family was servile to British is next to impossible. With no laws for colonialised Indians under invader reign, in all such cases, killing of a perpetuator shown as natural death was highly possible. No one would prefer death. Instead Ambedkar would have harassed many native Indians, who were demeaned by British officers for their native origin. Initially, there was a huge debate that Ambedkar was father Ramji’s  original surname, he was indeed Hindu Brahmin. That was also the main reason of his son marrying a Brahmin woman. And having close associates and advisors also Brahmin. All on the payroll of British.

No One Leaves His or Her Identity. Making Fake Gesture of We All Are Same is Easy but Dharmic Functions and Other Rituals Always Involve Own Community People. Marriage Being Most Important Aspect of an Adult Life Do Deserve Similar Principled Approach. Not Even So-called Dalits and Their Sub-sects Marry With Another Sub-sects. Even Original Buddhists Do Not Marry Beyond Their Sect. Original Buddhism Practiced Beyond India Has Three Major and 18 Minor Sub-sects. The Love for Identity is True for All. These Basic Principles of Belonging to Particular Identity Whether Brahmin or Shudra is Proudly Imparted to the Children Since the Couple Hold Their Identity Connection in High Regard. Therefore, Maintaining the Customs and Culture That Have Been Developed Over Many Generations Aid a Lot in Having a Happy Married Life. The Debate Has Valid Point Because Ambedkar Did Not Compromise With His Own Original Identity in Basic Rituals and Married a Brahmin Woman. Though He Remained Subservient to the British Empire.

A teacher giving him his own surname was declared as a hoax. Gradually, British changed all his records after they were happy to see his submissive attitude towards British regime. Using his original Brahmin background to abuse Brahmins would bring scepticism from non-Brahmins and people belonging to artificially created caste lines. Changing his records was inevitable for the larger aim of Hindu destruction. This debate on his surname controversy was later never given importance because he did not gain popularity as it was expected. Since fake atrocity literature had no takers, could not create impact among so-addressed Harijan Hindus. They never faced any atrocities in life so not giving any significance to thoughts of Ambedkar was but natural. Shudra was never deemed as downgraded term. On the contrary, Shudras were kings in many parts of Bharat. Shudras were entrepreneurs. Long before British invaded. Even after their invasion many Shudra kings existed. Vallabhbhai Patel applauded Hindu Rajput kings for being very accommodative as compared to Hindu Shudra kings to merge their territories. However it seems Hindu Shudra kings were right because this merged territories that had at least Hindu kings would soon become part of fully Islamised Bharat under HinduBhakshi Modi.

Hindus Avoid Secular Humanist Liberal Traitors
All Such People are Hard Core Anti-Natives, Anti-Civilization and Abrahamic Terrorists In Guise of Such LIBERAL Masks. Others Who Claim to be Hindu Saviours Behind Such Masks Are Actually Pawns of Secret Societies and Shadow Elites. NEVER TRUST THEIR WORDS, WATCH OUT THEIR ACTIONS. AVOID THEM TO THE POINT OF, EVEN IF THEY PROMISE YOU HEAVENLY LIFE!

Shudra was wrongly promoted as derogatory term by Christian Missionaries to incite hatred among Hindus and later their stooges. The debate died and he stuck to his Brahmin surname. Slowly, the issue was forgotten. The debate whether Ambedkar was originally a Brahmin and was a good Vaishnavite before like his Grandfather has no value because his deeds were anti-Hindu. No proud Hindu would consider him part of their community though he was initially promoted as a Hindu reformer by British hiding his Kabir Panthi roots. When common Hindus did not heed, English cunningly targeted Mahars as most of them were part of British and were very loyal to British empire. The subversion of Mahar leaders by British pushed entire community into forced submission to servitude towards British army. Mahar leaders never called themselves Shudras but fighter Kshatriyas and Pandav vanshaj. It was later concoction to wrongly project them as victims and give passage to Ambedkar to incite them to convert to Neo cult Navayana.

Hindus Must Defend Their Great Dharma That Sees Bhagwan in Each Good Human Being. There Are Many Distortions Done to History to Falsely Project Victim Hindus as Oppressors. Christian Missionaries One Side Claim That Chandragupta Maurya Was Shudra and Also Criticise Chanakya for His Arthshastra Citing Misinterpretations. By Same Cuck Logic of Missionary, If Chanakya Really Hated Shudras, He Would Not Have Made Chandragupta Maurya as a Ruler of Hindu Kingdom.

This highly publicised atrocities meted out to him were all lies and not a single contemporary proof was produced by any of the fake literature spreader. Such fake propaganda can also be busted, if you read articles written by Ambedkar on criticising Hindu Dharma, you can easily read his mind and the content of his books reveal thorough brainwashing done by Christian Missionaries on him. No Hindu can imagine such lies even if he takes several births and continues hating Sanatan Dharma. Not even a Kabir Panthi had deep hatred towards Hindu Dharma as was shown in his writings. But only the one who has sold his soul to British Royalty and Christian Missionary agenda of harming Hindu civilization. The language of his books exposed Ambedkar that it was written at behest of Abrahamic cultist’s guidance. That was why, the person hardly passing matriculation with 37%, would get 22 degrees (as claimed by Nav Bauddhs in SM) from foreign universities was also a big hoax.

Abrahamic Cults Still Had Some Shame to Tweak Hindu Concepts, Then Pose As Unique Cults. Buddhism is More Fake Than Abrahamic Cults Because It Literally Stole Many Concepts of Hindu Dharma and Called Its Own. They Converted Many Hindu Deities and Renamed Them, Heavily Insulting Vedic Yagna Process. It Was Never Part of Hindu Dharma Ever. A Politician Who Lacks Historical Knowledge and is Pawn of Global Elites Would Call This Hindu Rashtra as Buddha Ka Desh. Hindu Kshatriya King Gautam Buddha Died But His Cunning Disciples Created a Cult Behind His Name. Later Incidences Which Never Happened and No One Witnessed When Gautam Was Alive Was Added As Miracles. Lies Like Gautam Walked on Water, Walked Through Walls, Became Invisible, Levitated, and Made Copies of Himself Was Written Two Centuries After His Death to Make Him Cult God.

Formation of RSS happening during British era was also not accidental but part of a planned strategy. The treachery of RSS to diminish and divert growing impact of Hindu Mahasabha deserve a dedicated article. It does include assassination revelations of many Mahasabha and Arya Samaj leaders. The critic literature of Hindu Mahasabha leaders about RSS and its fallacies is eye opening. We will cover it later. On the other side, a pork eater, paedophile, drunkard and chain smoker Jinnah was planted as a devout Islamic and a Muslim Leader for Pakistan. Rest is known history.

Hindus Always Foolishly Gave Unconditional Support to Political Parties, Without Background Checks of Politicians and Deep Analysis of Their Past Actions in Emotional Herd Influence, First They Did With Congress Then BJP and Also AAP. RSS Field Workers, General Workers of Political Parties Innocently Follow Orders of Their Political Masters. They Are Not Evil Like Politicians. They Ignorantly Work Hard Thinking They Are Working for the Betterment of the Nation and People. Their Biggest Flaw is Not Asking Questions to Their Leaders on Their Blunders.

Hindus since last 100 years are blindly submitting to Political Slavery without street power. They failed to build genuine Hindu organisations because they outsourced their FIGHTING STRATEGY to cuck leaders who should have been last people to be trusted even as a chaprasi in an office, for their deep hatred towards Hindus. The mental disease of cult worship of a fake leader continues to this day. Gandhi, Nehru, Indira, Rajiv and Modi all played their role of being a great servant of Global elites.

Anti Hindu Politician Gandhi Ambedkar Nehru modi

To quit political party slavery and revert to the original cause of your existence –  you must first know how deeply you are into this rotten submission then you can start working towards protection of Dharma and family,. Some of the identifiers to help you out in understanding how intensely are you into political slavery.

Hindus Hinduism Under Threat Islam Christianity

Identifiers of Slavery to Political Party

1. Avoid direct questions

The individual avoids direct and uncomfortable questions about their political party.

2. Apologetic language

The individual is very apologetic about the crimes done by the leader. The individual justifies acts of lack of commitment and indifferent favours done by the party. While the same individual would yell at his family members or friends if they fail to fulfil their respective duties. But wrongful behaviours of the leader whose simple actions negatively impact fortunes of millions is justified by the apologetic individual.

3. Very accommodative

No political party in this world ever kept their promises after gaining power. Most do not even complete 50% of the promises made during election campaigns. But ignoring all such betrayals, the individual cites reasons (promoted by paid campaigners of the party who are disguised as neutral, fact checker and RW/LW winger) or invented by the individual using limited perspective of the controlled knowledge. The individual who was happy that all promises would be fulfilled in the first year of ruling itself, now starts giving more time. After two years, few more years – the ignoring trait becomes so deeply cemented in subconscious mind that the person vociferously supports the party even if 10% of the promises are not kept. The individual loses the original plot and agenda of supporting the party and becomes a gullible bot of a party.

Whatever colour a political party uses – saffron, red, blue, yellow or green – their actual aim is ruination of Hindu Civilization and Submission of Bharat to Foreign Powers

Political Party Slavery Symbols Baiting
Colour psychology impacts subconscious mind to remember the symbol and develop long term association with it. For example, BJP chose saffron colour was to deeply ingrain mind with their symbol because saffron evokes strong emotional connection with Hindus as it also represents eternity of Sanatan Hindu Dharma. The repetition of viewing coloured symbol increase recall value. That is also one of the reasons of Hindus not shedding their connection with BJP easily even after decades of backstabbing and islamisation of Bharat from last 9 years (till 2023). Subconscious mind tricks work for longer time.

4. Submissive tenor

The individual changes tone when it comes to addressing party issues. The sudden rage or laugh withers away and tonality changes while talking about favourable political party.

5. Silent about opinions

The individual is silent and do not express opinions about the party with other non-party people fearing that the opinion might backfire. Others might backlash giving contrarian views. So the affected person either ignores the asker or blocks them in social media or avoids interaction with them.

6. Disagreement

This is most common trait seen in political party slaves. They vehemently disagree with any point-of-view raised about a party or their politicians. The asker might have wrong or accurate information. The asker might be genuinely asking for the clarification. But being servile to party lines make the individual meek and low in confidence. In a fit of sudden rage or due to lack of knowledge, instead of healthy discussion, they deny everything and disagree.

RSS BJP freemasons new world order
The first gesture shows penalty on not abiding masons secrecy is “having my left breast torn open, my heart plucked out, and given to the wild beasts of the field and the fowls of the air.”
The second gesture shows penalty on not abiding masons secrecy “to have my body cut in two, my bowels removed and burned to ashes which are then to be scattered to the four winds of heaven.”
Secret societies do kill those who do not abide the oath. It does not matter whether he or she is a millionaire or premier or minister.
Start Asking Valid Questions to Your Politicians if You Really Love Hindu Dharma, Your Family and Civilization of Bharat.

7. Selfless

This is another common trait that is seen in affected individuals. They think, by supporting a party they are helping in changing the world. They are making their community or nation super power. They ignore their own feelings even if they are abused by opposers, they continue justifying their party, brushing off the humiliation that they faced. The individual gives importance to the party agenda making it superior to own needs and humanly feelings.

8. Dependence

The trait here shows their complete reliance on decision makers. The individuals do feel sometimes that the approach was wrong from the party. The particular situation should have been handled differently then the issue would not have escalated. However ignoring the pragmatic factor, the affected person allow politicians and their paid campaigners to change their view points and make decisions for them. This way instead of speaking facts they paradigm shift the view point and promote the corrupted version given by the party. Deep within knowing, that this was not right.

Fight Negative Forces Islam Muslims

9. Reluctance disposition

The individual do not even argue and completely support all actions and decisions of the party. Politicians are now cult figures for them. But they do not know that their blind support is reflective of their disturbing behaviour, distancing them from reality. They are confused in making proper decisions so seek easy way of agreeing to party lines.

10. Cannibaliser

The individual do not stand for the victim if the political party makes scapegoat of their own politicians or workers for larger gain in politics. They mentally condition to avoid accepting hard facts about sacrificial neta or karyakarta.

11. Accession

The individual happily accepts all blames and wrong doings of the party giving self-validated reasonability. And apologise with others, asking for forgiveness and to give some time to the party for correction. They do this even though they were not responsible or part of the blunders made by the politicians or party.

Take a pause. Read each point slowly. Ponder honestly without bias for 60 seconds on each of the 11 points. Give 5 score to each of the attributes and check if it matches with your traits.

If your PPSM score (refer image below) is above 20 then you are moderately affected, if the score is above 30 then you are highly affected and if the summation of score is above 40 then you are extremely affected and you must leave politics to focus on your career, hobbies and family life. Under stress of extreme party enslavement, you might have picked up some bad habits. Spending too much time for the political party on the internet or social media or physical workshops is draining your mental and physical health. It is also causing loss of wealth and time.

Political Slavery Submission Score
Score is above 40 then leave political party forever. Focus on your career and profession. Support your family. At local level, work for Hindu Dharma and fellow Hindus only.

In this types of political slavery analysis, there is another set of people found, a category of Political Leechers but their percentage is too low. They are replaceable and given importance by parties till they are loyal to the parties. They comprise of hardly 1% to 2% and use political plank to get employed in government department as a full time employee, get contract, become consultant or director in governing bodies. They reap maximum benefits sucking resources of the political party in exchange of providing services for their hold in social media, public reach and clout as an influencer.

Leechers are of two types, both of them are dangerous for Hindus. Two types are; Ally Leechers (AL) and Hostile Leechers (HL). Ally Leechers always bat for the political party while Hostile Leechers are planted as adversaries by the ruling government to flare artificial casteism, Hindu hatred and falsely project anti-Hindu cults as victims.

Hostile Leechers Are Also Creators of Violence. They Are Always Groomed and Supported by the Government. In Rare Cases, Due to Escalation and Public Pressure They Are Jailed but They Live Life of a King or Queen in Such Jails.

Hostile Leechers are controlled opposition for a party to play the dirty game of diversion, They are used to subvert core issues and confuse Hindus with trivial matters. Most of the staunch Hindus drain their power in tackling this HLs. They are very active in social media, news channel, blog, journalism, YouTube, movie industry and NGO. They make global opinion to subvert Hindutva agenda and falsely portray that they are against government. This way government gets shield for their non-performance. The actual anti-Hindu acts of the government is blamed upon pressure created by Hostile Leechers. In this, the dirty anti-Vedic mindset of the government is kept hidden. Staunch and informed Hindus fight with fake enemy of Hostile Leechers while the real enemy in the form of government feed on Hindu dead bodies and seek votes. Every nation has such Hostile Leechers seeded by the government.

Political Leechers Stop Getting Benefits When They Are Perceived Useless, Outdated or No Longer Relevant for the Party. They Are Sly and Do Not Fully Depend on Any Political Party. They Usually Manage Other Profession, Business and Association. Their Children Are Well Settled Abroad. They Make Crores of Rupees for Rainy Days. However in 90% of the Cases, Their Children Are Vice Addict, Adharmic, Disrespectful and Bigot. It is Cosmic Karma Repaying Them for Bluffing Their Followers. They Die a Big Loser.

Political Leechers Entrapment Tricks

How Political Leechers Brainwash Uninformed and Ignorant Hindus (Infographic)

Political Party Leechers Brainwashers
Political Leechers Brainwash Uninformed and Ignorant Hindus. FALSE FLAG: Portray Facts as Propaganda Against Their Politician, Unacknowledging Evidence. CHERRY-PICK: Push Convenient Facts Suiting Their Point of View & Ignore Scientific Data. MISREPRESENTATION: Misrepresent Facts Through Selective Editing & Information Omission. TRUTHSAYER SHAMING: Ad Hominem Attacks on the Person Presenting Facts. DENIAL: Citing History Rather Than Arguing With Context of Present Scenario. FABRICATION: Equating False Information With Accurate Information to Justify Their Views.

The relationship between leechers and political party is not permanent. Most of the leechers are least worried about Sanatan Dharma, civilization and development of nation. They are concerned about extracting maximum benefits from the government in power and defend them whenever need arises, supporting scams and thievery done by the ruling party government. They are big hypocrites. Publicly, they will project themselves as Helpful, Liberal, Honest, Anti-Corrupt, Sanskari and Dharmic but are engaged in all types of Adharmic and Sinful activities in private life. They are also a big diversionary scarecrow, they use their massive reach and influence to distract from core Hindu issues and economic decline while involving their followers and fan base in petty issues like personal life of a celebrity, scandal, sexual controversy, gossip and public shaming. Leechers are replaceable and any one can attain the favourable position of leechery, the eligibility criteria is simple, replicate chameleon traits of a politician or a party, do pimping to any level for them and save their face from embarrassment by defending them.

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Ghazwa-e-Hind cult Islam and muslims mission to islamise Bharat (India) & then world.

Freemasons Replica Model: History Repeated

Secret Societies Control World By Imitating Past

The function of secret society is complex and evil however it is portrayed as simple and people friendly. Their core agenda is to enslave maximum human population as quickly as possible. However enslavement of 8 billion (disputed) people is not possible so depopulation and mass removal of large set of people serve their agenda easily.

For this, they rely on repeating history of those models that worked for them before.

Shadow Ring Masters (SRM) were not happy with the things that were occurring under anti-Hindu congress regime. They wanted to expedite the process of decline of Hindu civilization to meet their immediate target of Agenda 2030. Several insider deals and scams of congress regime were unearthed. They were heavily promoted by their controlled media. This helped in shaking core conscience of majority of Hindus. They already felt cheated due to anti-Hindu schemes and Islamisation policies of the congress government. Kaaba Hajj Subsidy introduced by congress government is a great example of how Hindu sweat and blood money was used to make global pilgrimage out of a futile place. Series of scams further enraged them to the point of hating existence of congress.

Hindus were known to follow planted pied pipers like Gandhi, Nehru, Ambedkar and Patel. However with the emergence of internet and open information age, common Hindus became aware of their superiority, eternity and great history of Sanatan Hindu Dharma, completely hidden by education system and destroyed due to decimation of Gurukul Vyawastha. They also got to know how Hindu kings crushed Muslim Terrorist Mughals, the historical facts, kept under wraps in anti-Dharmic schools of India. SRM played the same trick of planting a person among them. He was among Hindus but never was part of them. He always belonged to his maestros, the Shadow Ring Masters and always danced to their tunes.

Similarity between plantation of Modi and Ambedkar by their masters is uncanny. Both never faced any hardship but were promoted by their handlers and corrupt media as politicians who struggled to reach their positions. However there is major difference in both of them. Ambedkar was never that popular among common masses during his lifetime.

The fake atrocity of Ambedkar got main streamed and popular recently, among masses only after Dharm Drohi BJP bestowed Bharat Ratna to him posthumously and released several materials tom-toming his unpopular writings by validating them through their governance.

Kabir Panth Ambedkar Crypto Jew Modi Hindu Civilization Danger
COREECTION IN GRAPHIC. Check Ramji’s Family Pics Online. Not Ramoji. India is Richest Nation in Terms of Resources. It is Divinely Blessed. However Since Childhood Hindus Are Taught That India is Poor Country. The Daylight Robbery of Mughals, British and Indian Govts Committed on Hindus Continues to This Day. This Robbery is Done to Allocate Funds to Abrahamic Cults and Slowly DeHinduise Bharat. Poverty Porn is Heavily Promoted in Books, Movies and Media. Showing Impractical Storylines That a Honest Poor Man With His Sheer Hardwork and Dedication Becomes a Great Leader of Nation. He is Even Given Super Hero Image to Subconsciously Develop Such Image in the Minds of Hindus. Similar Type of Story Line and Background is Created for a Planted Leader. Gullible Hindus Crave for Such Unrealistic Hero Expecting Utopia. They Fully Support That Politician With Their Selfless Time, Effort, Sweat, Money and Blood. But to Be Fooled Again Umpteenth Time. Politician is Groomed, Nurtured and Heavily Promoted by Secret Societies and Shadow Elites That Control Global Economy and Media. Nothing Has Changed From Hitler to Churchill, From Mao to Xi Jinping, From Gandhi to Modi, From Reagan to Joe Biden All Were/Are Pawns of Shadow Elites.

Ambedkar is purposely elevated whenever BJP comes to power. Not just in India but overseas arms of BJP and RSS also promote Ambedkarism tirelessly. Freemasons does everything to promote their obedient brothers. Swami Vivekananda was given global recognition to make him deeply influence Hindus in his own way. Government of India under HinduBhakshi Modi bought Ambedkar’s house in London paying hefty price of more than 3 million pounds (298,500,000 Rupees as of now) to give him global recognition on the lines of another British stooge Gandhi. Global recognition of Gandhi helped in reversely pushing his shallow impractical non-violence ideology on Hindus. Inward subversion was done by education system of India while outward subversion was done by movies, blogs, mass media, journalists and seminars. Whenever popularity of Gandhi dipped in India, he was wrongly promoted using brainwashing materials and several books. Same trend was replicated for Ambedkar whenever BJP came to power. There are hardly any movie on true Hindu fighters like Shivaji Maharaj, Sambhaji Maharaj and Maharana Pratap. But all political parties heavily publicised anti-Hindu politicians. You can check Annexure 1 on Gandhi/Ambedkar promotion in movies.

It is again done deliberately in Dharm Drohi Modi regime so that fake atrocities get cemented in the minds of masses to deepen artificial divisions among Hindus. This will help in further denigration of Hindu Dharma to force more ignorant Hindus towards Neo cults Buddhism, Christianity and Islam.

Conversion to Any One Book/One Figure Cult Works for Secret Societies Like Illuminati, Freemasons. Because It is Easy to Enforce One World One Religion Government on Them. They Are Very Manipulatable.

Overrated Modi will be made next Ambedkar to give him neo cult God-Like Status. Whatever he is doing will be used as a replica model by elites for upcoming planted leaders to imitate and keep Hindus servile, giving another name to fake anti-Dharmic ideology, secularism aka Sabka Saath, Sabka Vishwas. Non-violence of Gandhi killed 40 lakh Hindus during pre/post partition violence. Adharmic secularism of India made crores of Hindus 4th class citizens and SSSV of Modi is fast Islamising Bharat to the point of Hindu extinction and escalation to series of Hindu genocides which may lead to crores of Hindu deaths. What Duratma Gandhi could not achieve will be accomplished by Hindu hater Modi.

What Anti-Hindu Congress Did Openly. BJP, RSS and Modi Are Doing From Within. Demise of Hindu Civilization is Almost Certain if Modi Continues to Remain in Power Till 2030. However, Even If He Goes, the Hindumisia Bar He Has Set is So High That Other Non-BJP party Would Have to Cross Off Limits to Make SR Masters Happy. Hindus Are Doomed Unless and Until They Do Not Strongly Embrace Their Local Culture, Worship Methods, Deity, Language, Rituals, Yagna, Gurus, and Stick to Sanatan Hindu Dharma Teachings.

Shadow Elites Wicked Ploy is Behind Modi’s Fake Love for Ambedkar

Any politician who opposed British regime was jailed and killed. But all those who bootlicked British Empire were felicitated and promoted by British controlled media and press.  Over glorification of Modi in the media and controlled opposition by paid journalists is exact emulation of dirty tricks of Pommy elites.

Ambedkar was the 14th child of his parents. He came from a well-off family, his father Ramji Maloji was a Subedar in the British Empire with a salary of 2,10,000 (inflation adjusted) and the family’s opulence can be seen in numerous images available online. Average age of a rich Indian at that time was 59 years while poor Hindus lived hardly for 32 years. Rich Ramji Maloji lived for 75 years.

Ramji’s father Maloji was a Hindu Vaishnavite but he initiated the Kabir Panth, a sect which was promoted by Buddhists to target Hindus. This is an old trick when Buddhists could not directly attack ethos of Hindu Dharma, they promote several such sects among Hindus. Buddhism is fully under control of Shadow Elites since 18th century. Buddhists do not directly attack Hindus. They rely on untruths and misinterpretation of Dharmic texts. Hindus easily counter about their fake deities and flawed theories like soulless life forms so they use proxy sects to target and weaken Hindus. Strayed Hindus of such fake sects are then preached about Buddhism. Maloji Retired as Sr Soldier while Ramji’s father-in-law was elevated as Subedar of British regime. As any one can easily notice, entire family was loyal to the British Empire.

History of Buddhist Terrorism

Kabir panthi Ambedkar was falsely projected as a Hindu leader and reformer similar to crypto Christians Raja Ram Mohan Roy and Phule. New divisionary words like “Untouchables”, “Dalit”, “Atipichda”, “Atidravida”, “Adiwasi” were coined by Christian Missionaries to divide Hindus. All under planned attacked of freemasons British agenda. Refer Annexure 1 to understand who creates such Kabir Panth type cults to harm Hindus.

Anti-Hindu Government Global Elites
Removed 35000 Temples By Destroying Them in Guise of Construction (From 1950 to 2020). The count of Hundreds of Hindu Temples Converted into Cult Gurudwaras During 1976 to 1984 Peak of Sikh Terrorism Under Terrorist Bhindranwale is Not Considered in This Count.

Distorted Public Perception of Selfless Hindu Sages and Sadhus.
Infiltrated 8 Crore Bangladeshi/rohingya Muslims.
Promoted Fake Atrocity Propaganda Against Hindus in Education/media.
Installed Buddha/Mahavir Statues in Hindu Temples to Falsely Showcase Their Long Era That Never Existed in Ancient Bharat. They were Limited to Certain Negligible Areas.
Frameworked Mass Conversion of Hindus to Islam/christianity/buddhism.
Jailed Hindu Sadhu/gau Raskshak Opposing Conversion/cow Slaughter.
Looted Hindu Temples/tax Money to Fund Islamisation of the World – Hajj, Tablighi Recruitment & Their Global Placements.
Smuggled Trillions of Dollars Wealth; Thorium, Uranium, Mined Resources to Foreign Nations.
Orchestrated Hindu Genocides at Regular Intervals to Fulfil Sacrificial Rituals of Shadow Elites.
Created Fake Atrocity Victimhood of Hindu Genociders Like Pasmandas. Pasmanda Muslims were in the forefront of killing Hindus. Most of the Hindu Genocides were orchestrated by Pasamanda Genociders.
Replaced Traditional Shankaracharyas, Sadhus, Nagas, Kathavachaks With Charlatans Like Sadhgurus/Dalai Lamas in Public Discourses.

Jainism Inclined Gandhi, Islam Inclined Nehru and Kabir Panthi Ambedkar Were Hardcore Anti-Hindus Due to Their Patronage by British Empire but Were Portrayed as Hindu Leaders and Champions of Hindu Reforms and Causes. Similar Trickery Was Done to Hindus When Anti-Hindu Crypto Jew Modi Was Projected as a Hindu Leader After Staged Chaos of Godhra By Invading Community. No Staunch Hindu Ever Lead Bharat and Hindu Community in Last 150 Years. All Turncoats and Pawns of Secret Societies Were Promoted as Saviours of Hindus. Their Aim Was to Realise Hindu Decimation Agenda and Further Cause Hindu Genocide. Kashmiri Hindu Genocide in 1990 and Recent Bengali Hindu Genocide in 2021 Were Not Accidental but Staged Occurrences Under Patronage of Hardcore Anti Hindu BJP and RSS Leaders. The Ajmer Mass Rape of 1992 Targeting 500 Hindu Girls Also Happened When BJP Leader Bhairon Singh Shekhawat was CM. Hindu Existence Endangered and Hindu Girls Became Easy Target of Neighbourhood Muslim Terrorists Whenever Adharmic BJP Came to Power.

Muslim perpetuators of Godhra got their sentence diluted. Their death sentence was revoked. This always happens when the chaos is stage managed. The culprits executing the massacre are pardoned but those who defend and save Hindus from dangerous situation are punished, sabotaging legal system. Dozens of Hindus are still doing rounds of courts, due to cases filed on them for retributional retaliation, their life savings diminished for upholding Dharma. Refer Annexure 1 to Know the Rot Within.

If Government actually cared for real Hindu cause and still shamelessly wanted to promote casteism for vote baiting without harming Hindu unity then they would have glorified real OBC and SC/ST leader Kalyan Singh who owned and was proud for Babri Kalank demolition. Instead anti-Hindu government edify all those fake British stooges who actually helped neo cults; Buddhism and Christianity and weakened Hindu community from within. Even shamelessness of the government is too murky and evil for Hindus because intent itself is Adharmic governance, slowly making Bharat abrahamised.

Government Biasedness Towards Buddhism in So-called Independent Bharat is Happening Since Nehru Regime. The Govt of India Allowed Forgery of Mass Conversion of Hindus to Buddhism When Hindus Came to Attend Cremation Function of Ambedkar in 1956. Many Were Not Informed About This Trickery, They Simply Came To Pay Tribute.

Modi is converting all places that are associated with anti-Hindu Ambedkar as Panchteerth. Pancha Tirtha for Hindus is at Puri. Even the name is plagiarised from Hindu tradition. This new pilgrim is planned to elevate Ambedkar as a neo demigod. Modi is not naive he knows history of Ambedkar but he is obedient pawn to his foreign masters.

Shadow Elites Modi BJP freemasons Crypto Jews
The 25 koti deities and 8 vasus represent forms of energies. They stay in their divine abode while their reflections are in the mortal world after Pran Pratishtha is done on Murtis. They reside in Mrityuloka to protect Dharmics in countless forms. Destruction of one Hindu temple means protector of the area leaves the place and happily goes back to his or her divine abode, merging with the divinity. We Hindus need temples not Bhagwan and Deities. They are complete to their creation. If We are not doing karma of protecting temples and our culture then Hindu civilization is bound to perish. No one can deny this fact. We lost Akhand Bharat and over 120 crore Hindus in last 1000 years. Otherwise Hindus would have been the largest population and Sanatan Hindu Dharma with biggest set of Dharmic people. Hindus are weakening themselves by allowing Adharmic Politicians to destroy divine Hindu temple pilgrims and convert them into tourist places. This is purposely done to destroy Sanatan Hindu Civilization from Bharat and this world. What Terrorist Aurangzeb and Terrorist Tipu could not achieve is easily achieved by HinduBhakshi Modi. Ignorant Hindus are making big blunders by blindly allowing him to become “Karta Dharta” of Hindu temples and construction. Last Duratma Gandhi divided Bharat and got 40 lakh Hindus massacred giving pain of partition. This time, Hindus will lose entire Bharat in to the hands of Abrahamic cults, puppet Modi.

Freemasons through Britishers removed Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism as Hindu Sects and gave them the status of religion. No Neo cults like Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Islam and Christianity are free, they are totally under control of Secret Societies since fall of Hindu Maratha Empire. Their leaders and cult priests are compromised. Only Hindu Dharma and culture of Bharat is the civilization that is still not fully under their control. Thanks to diversity and complexities of Sanatan Hindu Dharma that controlling this great civilization is not possible, just like chakras of the Universe. RSS is targeting to destroy this very strength of Hindu Dharma by diluting their Dharmic Aastha and making them kneel before fake creation, Bharat Mata. Maa Adishakti must be prayed but keeping Bharat Mata above Dharma is betraying Hindus and weakening them from within. Maa Adishakti is creation energy and she is above all. She is Dharma. Instead of respecting prime Hindu deity, RSS is paying tribute to symbolic “isms” like nationalism and motherland. Diversion is to push them to pray one Bharat Mata and not other deities. One Bharat Mata would mean easy subversion of Hindus to Noahide enslavement.

Political slavery of Hindus is ensuring that freemasons do succeed in their centuries old plan this time. The ex-termination of Hindu civilization plan that got hampered, would be fulfilled with new age HinduBhakshi Modi. Not even a petty matter is left untouched to harm Hindu sentiments. One such petty matter that was turned into a major issue was Nupur Sharma incident.

Nupur Was Strategically Made Scapegoat by BJP to Insult Hindus, to Humiliate Them. Indian Government Knelt Before Minnow Islamic Country Qatar, Considered as Disgraceful and Most Weak Nation Among Islamic Countries to Extrapolate the Hindu Humiliation to Global Level. Because the Premise of the Matter Was Retaliation to the Insult Made to Bhagwan Shiv and His Lingam Symbol. Lingam is Cosmic Light. A Symbol to Represent Eternity of Cyclic Universe. Hindu Humiliation, Mass Killing of Hindus, Allowing Muslims to Show Street Power is Part of the Program to Make Self-loathing Hindus Out of Dharmic Hindus.

Anti Hindu freemasons illuminati politics economics India
Shadow elites cannot be tracked to fight them easily however they are able to fund islamic terrorists and fanatic muslims because muslims are more than eager to cause harm to non-Muslims and spread evility of their cult. Hindus must fight back each of the muslims since fighting Shadow Elites directly is not possible. Whatever is executed is done at ground level so Hindus must fight muslims at ground level to make fanatic islam perish. SECRET SOCIETIES DESTROYING HINDU CIVILIZATION? IN INDIA, THEY HAVE SUCCESSFULLY: Controlled Political & Governance System. Destroyed Hindu Skilled Manpower. Destroyed Natural Resources & Mining. Destroyed Ayurveda, Organic Farms & Seeds. Created Dozens of Cults Like Kabir Panth. Institutionalised Anti-Hindu Schemes, Policies. Subverted Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism Against Their Parental Sanatan Hindu Dharma. Captured Millions of Acres Through WAQF/Church. Executed Depopulation Vaccination Drive. Built Anti-Hindu Education, Administration & Media. Made Millions of Potential Islamic Terrorists Through Jewish Funded Wahabi & Tablighi Jamaat. Funded Islam, Christianity Through NGOs To Convert Hindus. Replaced Free Gurukul With Paid Paedophilic Convent System. Looted Hindu Temples, Gold & Hindu Tax Money.

Political Parties or Politicians Are Not Great!

Stop Self-Bluff By Not Deeming Them as Irreplaceable Leaders

Politicians come from us. Elevating such people to God-like figure is detrimental to collective thought process and civilizational upliftment.

A political party comprise of a group of like minded people who band together to run for office and control the government. They align with one another according to their pretensive ideology and deceptive policies, and they nominate people for public office who share their viewpoints. The ideology and policies of political parties in modern context is very fluid. Everything is compromised for short term gain of staying in power and minting wealth. Or working for the shadow handlers.

In the majority of contemporary democracies, political parties play a crucial role in determining the course of a nation’s policies and legislation. Parties can be focused on the national or regional level, and they frequently have a formal organisational structure with ranks of members and a leader. The party or parties that receive the most votes and seats in an election are normally given the chance to establish the government and rule the nation. This pattern is projected to the world. However deep analysis of most of the global democracies reveal that all major political parties share same ideological views. They cater to same policies that their predecessors enacted. In most of the polls, the winner is already decided, people think that they are voting and their respective leaders won due to their efforts but it is not so since the time of planting of Hitler to plantation of Joe Biden – all leaders are installed by their global handlers of shadow ring. Not a single democracy in this world has their own elected leader. The winning margin is hardly 7% to 15%. The rigging is not required in major places. They have to rig polls in hardly 10% of the targeted area and they can plant their pawn as the voted leader of the nation. Polling process is a sham since early 1930s. All political parties including ruling parties, oppositions are together in this collective bluffing of people. However top leaders decide the pattern while lower rung politicians and workers are harnessed to ignorantly work for party ideology. Common public sees them as arch rivals but all their statements, filing cases, putting adversaries in luxurious jails is shadow boxing to fool tax paying citizens. Individuals fight among themselves to the point of abusing each other for their party while top politicians of all political parties have cordial and close relationships that include monetary, business and sexual interests.

Narendra Modi Pope Crypto Jew
Crypto Abrahamics Posing as Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Neo Buddhists Behave Like Hindu/Sikh/Jain/Neo Buddhist, Visit Temples and Practice Respective Religious Rituals in Public Life. Their Real Agenda is Conversion of Hindu/Sikh/Jain/Neo Buddhist Population Into Abrahamic Cults to Impose Noahide Laws, Destroy Hindu Civilization and Push Bharat to Slavery of One World Government. Globally, Crypto Jews Outnumber Actual Jews Population.
Their Core Agenda is to Demonise Hindus, Make False Allegations, Instigate Hatred Towards Hindus With Fake Atrocity Literature Like They Did With Whites Inciting Fake Apartheid Propaganda. Blacks Killing Whites Are Not Reported by Global Jewish Media. Similarly, Daily Hindu Killings at the Hands of Fake Dalit Activists, Khalistanis, Islamists and Christian Missionaries Due to Incitement of Hatred Towards Hindus, is Completely Downplayed – Not Get Reported in Indian Media Funded by Global Elites. Currently, Hindu Civilization is in Worst Situation in Last 1000 Years. If Hindu Civilization Dies, No Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, Islam or Christianity Will Survive in Bharat. The Collapse of Hindus Would Carve Out Path for One World Government and Noahide Slavery for All.

And in all this, Dharmic inclination and Civilizational Rejuvenescence is last thing for any political wing. In last 75 years of existence of anti-native Parliament, there is not a single debate ever done by any politician on this aspect ignoring the fact that core values of native civilization is the soul of the nation and citizens alike.

Complete Ramayana Chapters

Flaws of Democracy and Political System

The highly publicised version that democracy is for common people is a deceit. It is a big hoax. All elections right from days of Hitler to present day are funded by billionaires and MNCs. Deep researching the nuances on rise of Hitler opens up pandora box because his rise is seen as a text book model by shadow elites of the world who controls everything from global economy to politics. They replicated the same learning in planting dictators in Islamic and African nations. However the findings on meteoric rise of Hitler is worth another article which we will publish shortly. We have researched materials ready with us. Right now let us continue with the core theme of this article – Dirty Shadow Elites and Political Slavery.

Politics is not for common middle-class people. It is not even for honest and sane individuals. Fact is, the electoral process is very expensive, corrupt, tiresome and involve sexual favour, dirty trick, child trafficking, blackmailing, allurement of wealth and freebies. By rough estimates of political analysts, to fight an election in India across all loksabha seats would cost around INR 5,000 crore today. This includes promotion and campaign costs. The same amount goes to INR 20,000 crore for US elections. The expense figure will be always conflicting because no political party in this world ever shows actual corpus of funds they receive and the money they drain through cluttered electoral process. Actual expenditure is much high.

Crypto Jew Crypto Christian Threat Hindu Civilization Bharat
Crypto-Jew & Crypto-Christian of Bharat Hid Their Faiths While Publicly Practicing Hindu Dharma. Many Hindus in AP, Kerala, TN, WB & Chhattisgarh Are Crypto Christians. Some Top Jain Billionaires Are Crypto Jews. Crypto Jews in the Form of Jains Are Planted in Rich Hindu Families Through Marriage to Further The Agenda of Noahidism.

Political Slavery Allowed Politicians to Destroy Hindu Entrepreneurship

Indian Governments Replicated British Model of Governance

Short Video Clip

Why No Political Party Can Ever Be Trusted

Never put all apples in one basket. If an apple rot, it spoils the basket of fruits. Hindus must develop dominating clout in all political parties to get their task done. Hindus must adopt one strategy forever in life, never submit to flimsy demands of politicians but use them to further their agenda of strengthening civilization of Bharat, regional culture, language and all traditional customs. Every thing pertaining to Hindu Dharm. Hindus must stop pondering about other cults – Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists. These cults have their own leaders and organisations to work for them but for Hindus there is no organised ecosystem. That is why, it is very crucial to save our local culture, language and customs.

Decentralisation of Hindu Votes Share is Important. So That Abuse of Major Chunk of Hindu Votes is Not Possible Like It Was Done By Self-Proclaimed Pro-Hindu Parties; 1950s Congress and 2000s BJP. Learning From History, Hindus Must Work at Their Area Level to Openly Put Condition of Hindu First Policy to Local Politicians – Irrespective of Political Party or Ideology. In Doing So, Never Vote or Support Any Party That is Headed and Managed by Muslims/Christians/Sikhs/Buddhists/Jains. Vote A Party That Has Hindus in Decision Making Positions at Least at Local Level. Hindus Must Release Demand Chart Prior to Polls. A Leader That Adheres to This Chart Must be Voted to Power. Controlling Harness Must be With Hindus.

Never Rely on Any Political Party

Evidence is more than enough to know reality, ignoring the evidence is foolery and fools rightly perish soon. Some of the brief evidences given here are enough to prove that political parties have a history of not following through on their commitments, promises and responsibilities.

Politician India Freemasons Selected

Factors That Expose Political Parties of India:

Political parties run government and make policies so few of the fallacies are reflective of their administrative failures.

  • They abruptly change their plans whenever the party funders demand them to do so. Cancellation of many pre-planned schemes at the last minute to suit demand of their global handlers is permanent policy of the party. This is also one of the reasons of their fluid ideology. The ideology resurfaces during polls to trap their persistent voters.
  • They are not dependable or consistent in their behaviour.
  • They are never organised for timely execution of projects, and this causes them to miss deadlines.
  • They do not give appointments to common citizens.
  • They are not trustworthy due to their dishonesty, and they break their set agreements without remorse.
  • They are forgetful of their election manifesto and recall only during convenient times.
  • They are never responsible and least reliable in their democratic duties of serving people. Instead they blame previous governments and legacy for their shortcomings.
  • Their statements are different than their intentions. Their actions are usually in contrast to their announcements.
  • They are not open to changes. Changes in policies, replacement of old with new set of efficient people and reform require time, labour and efforts but since most politicians are lazy they project themselves as hard workers, in reality they continue with the legacy framework to suit their comfort level.

The above factors is consistent across all political wings. The farcical division of left wing, right wing and centrist wing is created to bluff public. Almost all political parties including Islam-inclined are core leftists. Their policies are fully based on core principles of cultureless, classless, stateless society devoid of indigenous traditions. The political repression thrives with debt driven economic policies. This keeps citizens under control because since birth, each one of them are under burden of state arrears due to adoption of communist policies of different governments. The establishment of a socialist economic system facilitated by freebies makes people sluggish and lethargic. Political parties prefer controlled set of individuals and indolent citizens because pro-active people are well informed and in future may become rebels. That is why reserved category was created to make more submissive people. This particular category never produced any global calibre inventor or scientist for India. Free access to privileges without merits kills meritocracy.

Shadow Elites Agenda Thrive on Mediocrity. A Mediocre Leader Chases Likewise Mediocre People.

Proofs of Ramayana Evidences

Toiling and burning of a raw gold piece produces high quality of Jewellery. Nature produces diamond under high pressure and heat conditions. Without hard work and dedication no quality outcome is possible. It is natural principle set by Bhagwan. Reservation policy is mocking this natural principle while falsely appreciating mediocrity. Reserved category is purposely targeted with never ending reservation privileges to keep Bharat under developed and divided forever. Reservation, free doles, socialist schemes, polls bribery, cult/panth based policies and continuum of anti-Hindu education are all based on pro-communism principles. Extreme cases of communist policies are emergency of 1975 and demonetisation of 2016. Recently, forceful implementation of lockdowns across the world is monumental testimony to the fact that world is governed by communists – though they are posed as right wing, left wing, centrist wing and islamic regimes to fool the public.

Another Example of Communism by Political Parties is the Way They Deal With Authentic Opposition. Genuine and Honest Gurus, Citizens Who Start Political Parties or Groups to Oppose Anti-Hindu Status Quo Are Trapped in Fake Rape Cases or Arrested in Staged Forgery or Assassinated. Politics is Not for Honest Persons Unless They Control a Sizeable Mob of Aggressive People to Cause Havoc on the Streets on Their Arrest or Death. Even Genuine Swadeshi Millionaires Are Not Spared. Government Literally Threatened Swami Ramdev and Patanjali to Include 5000 Muslim Workers in Their Ayurveda Units. Patanjali Had to Oblige to Govt Supremacy.

By Design Political Parties Are Swindlers

Framework of democracy nurtures mediocrity. Not a single communist, socialist and democratic nation actually gives full freedom to citizens. Freedom is not exercised in verbatim. Validation through voting once in a 5-years period is biggest flaw of the democracy. In normal life, performance of individuals in their personal and professional capacity are evaluated regularly. Many are demoted and lose job for their inefficiency. Efficacy elevates quality in all chores of personal and professional life. However in democratic political life, despite involvement of politicians in scam, blast, terrorism, assassination, sex scandal and staged riot, their mediocre performance is never allowed to be appraised regularly by the voters. Citizens have to wait 5 long years. They feel cheated and suffocated for 5-years and eventually lose interest in the electoral process.

Some of the major components that raise incredulity towards political parties in Bharat are:

Vague Ideology

Bigger and difficult to accomplish ideology means mammoth effort and dedication required to fulfil aspirations of the voters. That is why they keep their ideology vague and opaque. The ideology is so shallow that they give prominence to turncoat politicians of other parties ignoring their own devoted workers in distribution of tickets. Political parties have a narrow ideology that is attuned according to the global influences and demands of their actual shadow handlers. This handlers are different than publicly visible top leaders and projected decision makers. Ideology is not citizen-oriented but specific target based to further alienate Hindu populace. No political party in Bharat has value based belief system to have a clear ideology. Their superficial ideology is based on divider “ism” and never cover entire population.


Politics in Bharat thrive in segregation. Parties create agendas to instigate non-Hindus against Hindus. The division is slyly done so that natives are treated as fourth class citizens. Invading community and all those cults who always sided with Mughals and Britishers are given upper hands. Bharat is only country where the culprit invading cults who always hated existence of Hindus are given advantage. Schemes are made to strengthen them so that anti-Hindu ecosystem become more strong and help in Hindumisia programs like Kashmir Hindu Genocide 1990 and Bengali Hindu Genocide 2021 thereby ultimately finishing native Hindu civilization. Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists and Jains are funded and promoted using Hindu tax money. Further division is created among Hindus by devising schemes to make separations among Hindus with anti-Varna regulations and artificial caste lines based policies.

Pre Graphic Note: Political Slavery made Hindus outsource all their wellbeing and security to corrupt anti-Hindu governments. This made them helpless victim when neighbourhood Muslim terrorists attack them. Weaponisation and self-protection of Hindus is need of hour. Daily killings of Hindus at the hands of neighbourhood Muslims is a ticking bomb, an indication of series of genocides and civil war. Hindus must be prepared for any adversity.

Anti Hindu Modi Crypto Jew Temple Destroyer
Post poll of West Bengal 2021, Thousands of Bengali Hindus were raped, maimed, killed and were forced to leave their business and crores of worth properties. Over 2 Lakh Bengali Hindus were forced by neighbourhood muslim terrorists to leave West Bengal and seek refuge in Assam. Modi ensured that this goes smoothly without sending forces and invoking president rule. Hundreds of missing cases unsolved. No one knows they are alive or dead. In case of 1990 Kashmiri Hindus genocide too, BJP’s coalition govt let it happen. However people around the world at least came to know about the atrocities and killings they underwent, but during Modi raj, the discussion on Bengali Hindu Genocide 2021 is suppressed and removed from MSM and such civilizational existent important topic was diverted to petty issues by their paid IT cell slaves. Hindus are facing worse scenario like 1930s. Huge surge of radical muslims in neighbourhood are seen due to islamification of government departments, police, IAS and unorganised sector of small entrepreneurs where 20 lakh Muslims i.e. over 2 crore ( x 10 family members ) Muslims are directly benefitted to replace Hindu work force. British almost destroyed Hindu skilled force with fake Shudra atrocity literature. Shadow Elites pawn Modi ensured that it is completely decimated by replacing Hindus with Muslim labour force. Delhi islamic violence 2020, cases are weakened against Muslim terrorists, freeing the main perpetuators (radical islamists). Hindus are facing worst governance in last 1000 years. Because they are veiled from many facts about the immediate danger they are facing. There are more than 1200 mini-Pakistans all over India, which will erupt like volcanoes and start Hindu Genocide anytime, whenever the Shadow Elites want the genocides to happen. Modi government and BJP politicians ensured to strengthen radical Muslim enemies so that this time there is no chance of partition but entire Bharat is handed over to the invader community, Islam. WAKE UP! quit political slavery. Do not trust any politician. Develop local mob force. Visit temples daily. Make a community gathering to meet on weekly basis. Focus  on earning money to protect your family and girls. Buy tools like hammer, axe, cutter, long slicer, chopper and keep them in home.

This way anti-Hindu cults are made stronger while Hindus are weakened by dissecting their unity. Parties contributed to polarisation and divisiveness within a Hindu community when they created artificial sects like SC/ST. This went with the simultaneous appeasement of manmade cults, Muslims, Neo Buddhists and Christians who strongly oppose native culture of Bharat while parasitically feeding on Hindu tax and temple funds. This was also the main reason why development-friendly Varna system was abolished.

Division of a Community Based on Party Lines Harms Civilization. Hindus in Political Slavery Elevate Their Politicians to Cult Figures. They Are Not Angry on Insult Made to Gods but Do Get Enraged When Their Political Masters Are Abused. Other Anti-Hindu Cults Do Not Have Such Traits. They Keep Their Cult Above Nation So Political Parties Are Mere Disposables for Them. They Support Party to Execute Their Cult Agenda, if a Party Fails, They Switch to Another Party.

The present government under HinduBhakshi Modi is strongly promoting more divisive schemes after continuing and strengthening divider anti-Hindu law of SC/ST atrocities act. The premise for the act is, SC/ST atrocities hoax based on 19th century Christian Missionary propaganda, sponsored by British Terrorists. With same agenda, British Stooges Gandhi, Ambedkar and Nehru flared and supported Dalit movement. The core aim was to alienate Skill Based (Shudra) Hindus from Hindu community and trap them into Christianity to increase Christian population. For the similar purpose, Ambedkar created Navayana or Neo Buddhism, distorting Buddhism’s corrupted form of Anatma. Conversion to Christianity is easier from shallow concept of One figure/One book slavery cult than complex Hindu Dharma. Most of the Neo Buddhists and Sikhs are therefore easy preys for Christian missionaries. Freemasons centuries old agenda of destroying Hindu Dharma got big shot in the arm when Ambedkar created Navayana and Christians got opportunity to convert his followers. Many converts keep Hindu names to enjoy SC/ST benefits of casteist governments. How HinduBhakshi Modi is giving upper hand to predator Muslims through Pasmanda hoax can be read here.

Freemasons is More Than Happy to Convert Hindu Into Any Cults That Believe in One Figure/One Book Cultism. Because It is Easy to Divert One Figure Slaves to Newly Formed Religion. This Suits Their Global Agenda of – ONE WORLD. ONE GOVT. ONE RELIGION – It is Also Convenient  to Control and Brainwash Such Slaves Than Awakened Hindus. That is Why Government is Promoting All Anti-Hindu Religions/Cult but Not Hindu Dharma. Mughal’s Brothel Language Urdu Which Was Given Language Status by Britishers, Gets Prominence Over Oldest Yet Scientific Sanskrit. Terrorist Mughals Are Still Taught as Rulers. Crackers Cause Global Warming (another free masonry Hoax) Only for Deepawali. There Are Plans to Remove Antim Sanskar Ritual of Hindus Giving Same False Reason.


Political parties adopt policies that are destructive to indigenous Hindus. Varna Vyawastha united Hindus, artificial caste lines divided them. Fake propaganda that particular set of Hindus were superior while other bunch of individuals were inferior during medieval period is falsely promoted through education, leechers and mass media. Ignoring the historical fact that since last 10 centuries, Hindu Bharat was invaded by scavenging abrahamic cults. We are soon publishing how equally dangerous are sub-sects of Hindu Dharma – Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains – these are falsely equated to eternal Sanatan Hindu Dharma and got designation of religions by freemasons through Britishers. Their threatening acts to Hindu existence historically and in current context must be known to Hindus. No religion/cult have Universal Consciousness, Grih Chakras, and Sound Energy as cosmic concepts in their teachings like Hindu Dharma. Though, since their inception, they do have parasitic traits of harming the parental Sanatan Dharma that groomed and nurtured them and continues to do so even today.

Reclaim Kaaba Hindu Temple

Under Influence

Political parties are influenced by special interest groups and their global handlers that provide funding and support. This determines conducive policies to agenda of such groups which do not reflect the best interests of the native Hindus and is detrimental to the economic upliftment of the masses. This was the reason that Hostile Leechers were used to sabotage farm laws, CAA, control of islamic infiltrations. The government gave up to the negligible percentage of staged opposers. The policy of government was always to allow foreign Muslims to enter Bharat and gradually circle it from within. The core agenda is to make Hindus prey to Islamisation, Buddhafication and Christianisation so that One Religion for Bondage Slavery is easily implemented in Bharat. Gullible Hindus foolishly blamed government of India and in a fit of rage shot their salvo by calling Modi Govt as Napunsaks, Eunuchs, Cucks and Spineless. Looking at such name callings, top leaders of the party were laughing at the corner. They were successful in diverting Hindu minds. Hindus recklessly thought that government gave in to the pressure of HLs however they could not perceive in their wildest dreams that there was never any INTENT of the government to pass those laws because it favoured the nation and helped Hindus at large. Any prospered nation is detrimental to the cause of One Wold Government agenda.

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No nation is secure and safe from WEF pishachas. Not even US. In fact US is the only nation to have heavily carcinogenic and cacogenic foods. They are also negatively impacted by chemically treated medicines that degrade immune system, causing long term illness. Worldwide politicians replicate evilities of US policies and acts of Chinese political representatives. US like China has become super colony to treat citizens as lab rats for all types of poisonous infections and artificial calamities.

Readers might be thinking that how come US is so deeply controlled when it prospered as a developed nation then they should move away from media projections and seek truth. Shallow development at the high cost of denigrated living standards, degraded family values and personal life is demotion from status of a basic human being. The first target of *Shadow Handlers were UK then USA later Japan, China, Pakistan and recently Iraq, Afghanistan.

Family life is in ruins in US. Highest crime rates in terms of population proportion of rape, paedophilic act, child trafficking, addiction, teen sex, pre-adolescent pregnancy, unwed motherhood, adultery, riot, shooting, drug offense and robbery show how degraded US as a society has become. To add to this, nowadays gender confusion is a big issue for the parents. Gender confusion is another malice added by shadow ring to fulfil their agenda of depopulation. They promote unnatural homosexuality, lesbianism and oral sex to stop people from producing children.

Secret Society Control World - Freemasons, illuminati, skull and bones
Hidden Masters: Three (Two Jews and One Midget Zoroastrian) No one knows whom these Pishachas report to. Some assess a GROUP of Asuras/Devils/Negative Spirits.
Shadow Masters: 33 Hybrid Beings
Shadow Elites: 300 Humans/Hybrids
Billionaires: 300 Humans/Hybrids
Politicians: 500 Humans/Hybrids (Hybrids are extreme eugenics/human blood drinkers/baby killers/demonic practitioners). Super Celebrities are also Humans/Hybrids, not included because they are lower level pawns than Politicians and have worst life compared to common public. They are most tortured, cloned & abused beings among all in this pyramid. But their count is negligible & unimpactful so removed. Shadow Elites control them through Politicians.

[SideNote: The phrase Shadow Elite or Shadow Handlers describes inhumane people or organisations that have substantial power and influence in public policy making but don’t take their orders from established political or commercial institutions. They indirectly control them. In fields like economics, medical, education, journalism, technology, and international affairs, they have a significant impact. Shadow elites are frequently distinguished by their money and ties to other influential people or groups, and they use their clout to influence public opinion, administrative decision and governmental plan or alter public policy in ways that serve their own interests for their Super Masters of Shadow Ring. Wealthy business executives, formidable lobbyists, and important members of covert groups like fraternities or secret societies are some forms of the Shadow Elites. In recent times, they have changed their strategy and few of them do appear in public forums.]


Political parties are deeply entrenched in their non-reformative positions, sticking to lack of progress, lowest level of interest in innovation and delaying important issues to reap more votes from them through allurement. They do not move out from the set agenda. They fear tension free life would give masses to think about core issues of living standard and Dharma. That is why, no major change is done in policies that contribute to real development and quality of life for the majority citizens. Bharat is richest country in the world in terms of natural resources, fertile land, good weather, solar power and law abiding educated Hindus – still government never frame policies to reap enormous resources gifted by mother earth. Organic methods for all forms of development preserve nature and synergise manpower properly. But they indulge in unplanned construction projects that can give them chance to do more corruption and extract more public money in the form of taxes. There are majorly two forms of revenue and scam generating sources for any government in the world; Planned War and Unplanned Construction.

Planned War involve enemy country and takes time to execute, some times years but Unplanned Construction can be done anywhere to pose them as developmental works. Great example of this is China. Why China? because it is global laboratory for Shadow Ring to test, validate and implement economic development policies and citizen controlled strategies like tracking. Urban developments in China, with over 50 million empty units and expanding, is alarmingly high number of unoccupied homes, setting a new record. It caused loss of 30 billion dollars. The cost of unnecessary constructions is not taken into account of losses for a number of highways and unplanned bridges. The advancements have turned these cities into ghost towns and a housing bubble that symbolises decades of overrated Chinese progress but also unrest, ready to burst anytime, taking global economy to crisis.

Same unplanned construction is replicated in many countries including Bharat. Central Vista to replicate designs and symbols of freemasons is one such example. It will cost approximately INR 14000 crores.

Through Out History, Freemasons Stamp Their Presence by Changing Government Buildings, Major Structures to Reflect Their Masonic Symbols and Features. With Construction of Central Vista, They Will Fulfil What They Already Achieved in US, China and UK.

Anti Hindu Government Hindumisia Islamizing Bharat (India)
Like Other Erstwhile Governments, NDA Govt Under Modi Has No Intent to Make Life of Hindus Secure and Prospered. They Orchestrate Staged Protests and Let Loose Their Controlled Opposers to Create Havoc in the Nation and Stop All Pro-Hindu Laws. YOU CAN TRUST A POISONOUS SNAKE BUT NEVER A NEO MLECCHA. CRYPTOS ARE MORE DANGEROUS THAN ACTUAL ENEMIES.

Abuse of tax payers money is done by governments in guise of series of developments. They devise different plans to showcase growth but in all such projects there is no benefit for native Hindus, most of the Hindu tax money is drained in useless projects and Muslim schemes like Haj Subsidy.


Political parties always prioritize loyalty to the party over nationalist issues. There is no transparency and accountability on conductance of the leaders within the government. Party politicians are given more importance in positioning them at better designations instead of keeping governance as priority. Here again, mediocrity is given preference over eligibility. Party members are exempted for all wrong doings and this lack of accountability makes them unanswerable to the public at large.


Political parties though in principle follow all western ideologies including leftism, communism, socialism and nationalism. They overtly promote their vague ideology to look unique. This way they seem to be different and devoid of exclusivism but in reality they only represent certain group of individuals. This representation is at the cost of completely ignoring native Hindu population. Thus majority of the populace is blanked out due to this exclusionary approach towards minority or abrahamic cults. The policy of abandoning a tax paying community of Hindus gradually hampers growth of the nation. Confinement to particular so-declared minority groups lead to deep distrust towards government.


There is no problem in this world that cannot be resolved if dedication and hard work is put for it. Lack of intent is the only hindrance in resolving issues. Each of the issues can be resolved in gradual process provided an attempt is made to resolve them. It definitely needs commitment and perseverance, however both this traits are first thing that an individual leaves before becoming a politician. Border dispute, Hindumisia, promotion of false history, spread of fake atrocity literature to humiliate Hindus, parallel halal economy and reduction of unemployment – such issues can be resolved if determination is shown to tackle them. Determination comes from the capability. Most of the politicians are overrated and lack ability to solve problems. Some times, political party when in governance purposely delay the issues so that they are seen as accommodative, modern, cordial and minority friendly (pro-abrahamic cults).


A big negative attitude seen in Indian political parties are stubbornness to corrective measures while purposely spreading conflictful information. Parties willingly or unknowingly spread wrong information to confuse people. This makes law abiding citizens unsure of their surrounding and situation. It does not cause harm to abrahamic cults especially Muslims who keep their fictional Quran above national laws and abrahamised constitution.

Kailasa Temple Ellora

Misapprehension is dangerous than misinformation because fake news can be unearthed after deep research but misapprehensive information stays forever it is used for certain duration and then it is subdued after some time. It is mostly done during elections – free temples, UCC, ban cow slaughter, CAA are few examples of them. Mostly news channels and social media is utilised to spread it as an exclusive scoop or insider information. Influencers and IT cell of the political party play important role in making it viral.

More Deceitful a Politician is, Bigger is Deliberate Misapprehension.

Most of the victims of misapprehension are Hindus. Criminals do not worry about hostile atmosphere on the contrary they thrive in such confused situations.

During congress rule, the stubbornness to not accept mistakes was honesty. Self-proclaimed honesty was the veil to push deliberate misapprehension. In BJP time, it is served in the form of masterstroke. Everything is hidden from the Hindus. Shameless inactions and miserable failures of BJP politicians are projected as masterstrokes.

Beware of Fake Propaganda Done by Western or Local Media, at Regular Intervals, Targeting Certain Politicians. It is Staged, One of the Cunning Ploys to Garner Sympathy Among Masses, Regain Popularity and Recover Their Losing Ground.

Misapprehension also play important role in trapping persons to behave different from their character. Common Hindus were not that much interested in to politics. They were forced to take interest when they saw decades of ill-treatments meted out to them. Other side, Muslims were aware of their voting power because mosque and Jamaat organisations were always connected to political circles. Unlike Hindu temples and seers.

New world order Modi Gandhi Anti Hindu One world govt
ANTI-HINDU GANDHI: Duped Millions of Hindus in British-loot Funded Caliphate State Agenda & Staged World Wars. Supported Divider, Bastardised Hindustani Over Unifier Sanskrit Language, to Anglicise Daily Life and Education System of Hindus. Aided Shadow Elites Pre-planned Partition That Divided Bharat, Not Even Mughal Terrorists Succeeded to Do So, Over 4 Million Hindu Massacred. Aided Islamised Pakistan Formation. Later Allowed Muslims to Stay Back to Islamise Bharat. To Complete Agenda of Shadow Elites of Abrahamised Bharat. Complied Loot of Devices, Apparatuses Making Scripts, Gold From 1000’s of Hindu Temples. This Facilitated Many English Men and Freemasons to Loot Ancient Technologies, Develop Them Secretly and Hide From the Public.
ANTI-HINDU MODI: Duped Hindus Into Dehinduised Development, Destroyed Temples, Turned Pious Hindu Pilgrim to Sin City Tourism. Promoted Urdu. Funded Anglicised Education Over Sanskrit. Glorified Tombs, Ignored Ancient Temples. Dented Hindu Unity With SC/ST Act. Strengthened Khalistanis, Islamists, Rohingyas. This Incited Regular Hindu Killings. Injected Muslims in All Govt Depts, IAS, IPS, Army to Islamise Bharat From Within. 2 Million Muslims Trained to Replace Skilled Hindus/craftsmen. Legalised Loot of Temple Gold Worth Billions to Rob Hindu Temple to Fund Govt Schemes.

Education destroyed Dharmic inclination of Hindus and later dirty anti-Hindu politics forced them to take keen interest in it. This helped them place Modi to power. But again they were duped. Little did they know that the leader that they thought would work for them is already pawn of Shadow Ring of global elites.

Excessive Narratives of Nationalism on Targeted Hindu Population Was Done to Subvert Their Dharmic Inclination, to Dilute Their Identity of Dharma. Nationalism Was Replaced With Dharmic Aastha. It Was Done to Such a Level That Political Parties Shamelessly Kept Nation Above Dharma. Bharat is Hindu Civilization Due to Dharma. Dharma is Above Nation. This is Eternal Truth.

Misapprehension made Hindus act in a manner that was out of character for them. Those Hindus who were slowly showing concern for their Dharmic civilization were silently turned into Modiwadis. Many became proponent of the most overrated politician in recent times. Their Dharma made them support (supposedly projected) Hindu leader as a Prime Minister but daily tonic of fake nationalism from BJP made them keep nationalism above Dharma. A sly ploy by the cunning politicians.

A bonded political slave would compromise with daily rapes, killings, Hindu genocide and destruction of temples because slavery to a particular Neta is given more importance than servitude to Dharma.

Hindus by Default Are Rashtrawadis. They Do Not Need Sermons on Nationalism. This Nation, Indigenous Culture and Native Customs Belong to Hindu Civilization. Hindus Fought to Save Civilization Against Invading Cult Followers; Mughals (Muslims) and British (Christians) For 1000 Years. Political Parties Must Preach Nationalism to Muslims/Chrisitians Because They Belong to Foreign Abrahamic Cults. Their Loyalty Lies to Middle East/Western Faiths.

Misapprehension of a political party undermines Hindu ethos for propaganda to win elections.


The main objective is damaging the reputation of an opponent. Political narrations are made around them. Concocted narratives are created to follow up with campaigning. It is done to discredit opponents. It involves hidden recording, sex tape, honey trap, paedophilic act, dirty deal, scam and investment scheme. Most of the mud-slinging happen due to past deeds of the politicians. This makes political environment very toxic. However public must take less interest in such issues. It is good that Asuras are fighting among themselves than devising new tricks to bluff people. Narrative building is first level of preparation taught to the pawn politicians by their Shadow Ring masters.

Abuse of power

Without this evil act, no political party can survive today.  Managing a political party and salaried workers is one of the most expensive process. Political parties do not manage companies but they do have many millionaires part of their team. Many politicians are partners in different companies through their spouse, keep, siblings or benami representation. They receive dubious funds from business community on regular basis. A politician becomes rich at the expense of the general public.

Some basic types of shoddy practices that a political representative involves with:

  1. Bribery: the practice of offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting something of value in exchange for influence or a decision in the realm of governance and politics. It could be in the form of money, sexual favours or some personal benefit.
  2. Misappropriation: the act of misusing funds or assets by the politician who is entrusted upon to protect and secure them. Mostly in government entities and offices, they get chance to abuse assets for personal gain or other unauthorised purposes.
  3. Unethical Practice: the practice of a politician who uses influence or connections to gain favours or influence decisions for personal or financial gain.
  4. Nepotism: the act of showing favouritism to family members or friends in politics by appointing them to positions of power or influence, regardless of their ability, skill, merit, qualifications and talent.
  5. Graft: the practice of acquiring illegal or unethical financial gain through political office or position in the government, often through taking bribes or embezzling funds.

Till now, you have understood traits of a political party slave, behaviour of a politician and overall negative approach of a political party, you must move ahead to understand why it is necessary to quit political slavery. If you still have some doubts then continue reading to know some more shocking truths.

Mahabharata All Chapters

Never Trust Any Politician

Leaders are groomed, well trained and then planted in the political system. Shadow Elites have 25-years, 50-years, 100-years and 250-years planned framework. World War 1 was planned in 1890 and executed after two decades. Spanish flu of 1918-1920 was replicated in 2019-2020 Covid-19 flu. The planning and execution was exactly same.

The long tenure of some 100-years plans reveal that the top evil entities controlling Shadow Masters have lifespan of few hundred years. If the evil entities controlling world do not have longer life span then they do have mastered the art of cloning and memory transfer, technically they are immortal till such technology exists. These evil entities are under Mastery of Asur Kali, the illusionary ruler of Kaliyuga. The war of Dharma and Adharma is ongoing. Only a brave warrior survives and lives a dignified life.

For contingencies, they have multiple plans ready however in most of the cases, their original plan is meticulously executed.

World Economic Forum ACYPL planted Modi NWO

ACYPL Rothschilds funded Modi programs

Shadow Elites Control Politicians of Bharat Since Last 150 Years

Short Video Clip

Quit Political Party Slavery Knowing This Truth

Hindus are wrongly blamed to make them self-loathe about conversion

Shadow elite control is so pervasive that no government can subvert it, even if they may come back to their senses out of the trance of demonic rituals. Each of their pawns are always under check.

Conversion happens in a very organised manner. The trap is laid through majorly dozens of core cults created across Bharat. These core cults are further divided into around 300 parasitic sub-cults to destroy Hindu Dharma from within. These cults are also responsible for denigrating Hindu culture and De-Vedicisation of the civilization. Most of these NGP cults created by shadow elites are simply divided in three parts; Nirakar Bhakti, Guru Bhakti and Panth Bhakti.

Cults Are Created to Ultimately Target Hindus and Make Them Stray From Sanatan Dharma. To Create a Bunch of Abrahamic Cult Type Followers Who Can Easily Submit to One World. One Religion Agenda.

In Nirakar Bhakti, cultists vilify Hindu puja vidhis, deities and sub-division ‘isms’ of Hindu Dharma; Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism. They identify secular Hindus to trap them.

In Guru Bhakti a cult leader is eulogised, such cults target Hindus, Muslims, Christians and other ‘isms’ of Hindu Dharma.

In Panth Bhakti, several texts are created. They also eulogise a deity. Both texts and deity worship norms are made taking inspirations from old faiths. They form certain set of commandments. They build shrines and expect their followers to strictly follow those commandments. They also target Hindus, Muslims, Christians and other ‘isms’ of Hindu Dharma.

In all above types of cult bhaktis, they isolate the followers from their family members and expect them to be servant to their cult. The trapping of Hindus is easy compared to Muslims and Christians. Abrahamic cults and neo ‘isms” carved out of Hindu Dharma being fanatic are not harmed. Maximum harm is done to common Hindus. Due to tolerance among Sanatanis, no attempt is made to physically harm the cult converter like Abrahamic mob does, so manipulating thoughts and emotions of Hindus becomes effortless for converters. Cult converter just want a chance to set one foot inside to brainwash the gullible Hindu mind.

Dozens of core cults and their sub-cults are very close to politicians. Political party keep celebrities, cults and corporates very happy to use them for funds and popularity. The backing that the cults receive from politicians is a big support system to encourage them to destroy Hindu civilization. The conversion of Hindu to a NGP cult then to anti-Hindu religions is made possible by this endowment.

This is how cult converters divert Hindus. They identify and push secular Hindus to NGP cults then it becomes easy to slowly brainwash them about their own major cult (Islam, Christianity, Buddhism) though doing so also give occurrences of many followers of abrahamic cults converting to NGP cults, but they take the risk of this factor, their main target is Hindu civilization. This is all done through support system of secret societies and shadow elites. The farcical freedom of religion act of Abrahamised constitution of India also help their cause of Hindu destruction.

The filtered down and slow decline of Hindus. Ultimately becoming part of menmade cults.

New World Order One World Government Due to Hindu Civilization Decline
ULTIMATE TARGET IS TO FILTER AND DEGRADE THE HINDU POPULATION DOWN TO DEMONIC NOAHIDISM OF AI CONTROLLED HUMAN RACE. Hindus: Not Preaching Universal Consciousness of Dharma to others to make this World connect to the Cosmic Source rather practice one side respect towards uncivilized menmade One cult/One figure slavery.
Secular Hindus: Lack of Basic Knowledge About Dharma.
NGP cults: Brainwashed with Muck Thoughts
The segregated Hindus from minor cults are then pushed to Major cults to become target of Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism.

Noahide movement: Dependence on Food, Digital Currency. Famine and forced food shortage leading to complete dependence on govt alms and freebies.
Neo Religion formed with AI controlled humanity: Power, housing, transport systems with all physical, digital networks controlled by BeeQueen Super Computer. Organic humans slowly replaced by cyborgs. Humanity killed.

Shocking Graphic Details Ahead (Text Format)

Initiation to Top Level of Secret Society Favourites Club

Top level members of Secret Societies may commit to demonic and negative spirits invocative practices. They control the world through several sub-societies and clubs. Few of the prominent secret societies that exist since many decades and few centuries are:

  • Freemasons
  • Illuminati
  • Rosicrucians
  • Knights Templar
  • The Order of the Golden Dawn
  • The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
  • Theosophical Society
  • Skull and Bones Society
  • The Order of the Silver Star
  • The Order of the Black Sun
  • The Order of the Dragon
  • The Order of the Rose
  • The Order of the Skull and Bones
  • The Order of the Phoenix
  • The Order of the Garter
  • Messengers of the Owl
  • The Improved Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the World
  • The Ancient Order of the Foresters
  • The Ancient Order of United Workmen
  • The Patriotic Order Sons of America
  • The Molly Maguires
  • The Brothers of Light
  • The Grand Orange Lodge
  • The Independent Order of Odd Fellows
  • The Knights of Pythias
  • The Order of the Quest
  • The Order of the Star
  • The Order of the Black Hand
  • The Order of the Silver Serpent
  • The Order of the Black Rose
  • The Order of the Black Eagle
  • The Order of the Silver Dawn
  • The Order of the Black Sun
  • The Order of the Light

Beware of Satanic Rituals and Submission of Public Figures

The rabbit hole is very deep and the more you dive into it, more shocking and nauseating it gets, however knowing such inhumane acts of these living zombies opens up your mind to face hard realities, to know the real enemy of Hindu civilization and humanity. It also reiterates that what ever is shown in horror depictions is indeed inspired from real life. These public figures having hypnotic influence over masses don’t deserve the adulation and respect that is shown towards them. They are worse than deadliest criminals around.

The elevation to top level in public life is given to only those selected individuals who have strong inclination towards bi-sexuality, homosexuality, transgender and cross dressing.

Preference is given in terms of following sequence:

  1. Homosexual (Gay or Lesbian)
  2. Bisexual
  3. Queer
  4. Pansexual
  5. Asexual
  6. Polysexual
  7. Heteroflexible
  8. Homoflexible
  9. Demisexual
  10. Graysexual
  11. Skoliosexual
  12. Androsexual
  13. Gynesexual
  14. Neutrois
  15. Straight (Man/Woman)

There Are Many Different Types of Ceremonies Practiced by Different Secret Societies. They Are Performed by High Degree Members, Masters, Brothers, Teachers, Big Graders, Granders and Top Designated Associates of the Societies. Most of the Rituals Involve Human Blood Drinking, Animal Mutilation, Baby Mutilation, Foetus Mutilation, Cannibalism, Unnatural Sex, Paedophilic Activities, Orgy, Bestiality, Lesbian and Gay Sex. Lower Rung and Order Followers of Fourth and Fifth Level  Are Never Told About Such Rituals, the Pyramid Hierarchy of the Society Becomes Broader in This Levels.

After research, we came to know that many of such activities are subtly shown in many top grade movies, cartoons and even kids TV shows. Sex is served subtly to the people since formative years. Not shocking many YT, BC (endless buffering), Rbl (cluttered voice) videos were removed/banned on revealing this facts. Later Ogrish and Liveleak closed permanently that hosted actual gory videos of slaughtering heads for satanic rituals. Thousands of videos were removed from surface web and even dark net that revealed satanic ritual process and one world government agenda plans. Because ultimately they all are under control of shadow ring masters.

Love Jihad Modus Operandi - How Muslims Execute Rape Jihad

Common individuals become big public figures after their initiation. The individuals are admitted and allowed to climb the global circle ladder after they indulge in demonic activities. Irrespective of their original faith, the one who indulges in satanic activities are promoted and given growth in public life.

All Dirty, Filthy Demonic Acts Performed by the Participants Are Secretly Recorded.

The anti-human demonic activities would also put Asuras to shame. Even Asuras described in Hindu texts did not indulge in such filthy activities, as Abrahamic cultists, zombies gone berserk do.

Turning of an individual to anti-Human may include following demonic rituals:

  • Use foul language while looking at the God of their original religion.
  • Spit on the book of their original religion.
  • Tore the religious book and burn it.
  • Step on the statues of their God. And deities if they believe in different forms of God.
  • Urinate on religious symbol of their original faith; denigration of Cross, Quran, Hindu holy books.
  • Circumcision is done. Devil worship regards negative entities. Human body comes in perfect condition during birth. It represents perfection of God. Imperfection and defect is represented by opposite evil forces. Any mark and mutilation that is permanent and cannot be reversed is highly appreciated in occult demonic practices. They strongly believe that distorting body structure internally and externally takes the individual away from God and closer to anti-God forces. Circumcision is not reversible, once mutilation to the male genitalia is done it cannot be recovered. The deformity to the important mark that signifies manhood is the covenant shown to the imperfection of the devil. The foreskin is offered to devil.
  • Nipple piercing and clipping is part of same process to deform the originality of human body.
  • Female genital mutilation include removal of clitoris and in severe cases burning or removal of inner and outer labia, keeping the vagina open. It is done while worshipping devil.
  • Whisper verses for complete submission to the evil entity, any demonic/satanic statue. Most Societies have similar statues but with minor changes. Few societies have developed their own demidemons to carry out demonic rituals. Most winged demidemons have face of goats, scorpio, owl, rooster and rhino but body of humans or birds with four or six arms. Feet don’t have humanly fingers but clawed.
  • Sacrifice a new born healthy baby with own hands, by slaughtering the neck, piercing a big needle across the body parts of the baby, removing pineal gland, in some cases, removing heart while the baby is still alive.
  • Drinking baby blood.
  • Drinking human blood.
  • Eating raw human flesh.
  • Drinking urine and eating faeces while performing sexual acts with children.
  • Killing children, eating their sexual organs and testicles.
  • In few cases, the participants are made to undergo severe torture on testicles and sexual organs, this makes them eunuch. They are guided to become cross dresser virgin for the Satan. This is practiced by the participants in isolation. The individual cannot consummate with any girl. He cannot marry and start his own family so he becomes full time submissive object for the secret cult. On special occasions he is expected to perform oral sex and sodomised by high degree priests. Though in public life he might be a big public figure; celebrity, politician or sportsperson. But for the secret cult brothers, he is a submissive slave.
  • Owl ceremony: Virgin girls, new born babies are killed late at night to invoke dark energies. This is a night long process that involve giving respect to a big owl statue while chanting several verses to give evil strength to the worshippers around. Sacrificed baby is given saint status. This is different from the occult practices of Bohemian Grove of gentlemen’s club – here also a big owl statue is given reverence by many rich people by engaging in bizarre anti-God rituals.
  • Esh ritual: The baby is thrown alive in the fire. This involve several cult members paying homage to the sacrifice of the baby. The sacrificed baby is given saint status after the death. During special occasions, several babies are thrown in the fire. The babies are specially bred for such occasions.
human sacrifice politicians
The participants are expected to kill the baby with his own hands. The acts are secretly filmed.
  • Spirit falafel ritual: Use human blood, faeces, urine and vomit to penetrate a girl while reciting demonic verses. It is believed that doing so would ultimately make the girl pregnant with a powerful public figure. Negative spirits are invoked offering falafel and the pregnant girl is treated as pure virgin. She is given special room and privileges till she delivers the baby. She is respected by everyone including priests and high degree members. She loses distinguished status after she gives birth to the baby. The baby is groomed and nurtured in secluded place following occult practices. After some years, admitted in normal school and then planted in mainstream society. The occult practices is not regular but done on special occasions, when he becomes a grown up man.
  • Masturbate collectively in human skull bowl, mix it with human blood then distribute that mixture to drink as a blessing potion. This practice is done in Skull and Bones society. Bush family was part of this society.
  • Lekhem ceremony: They inject children with drugs and force them to drink urine and engage in bizarre sexual acts. A group of men and women change positions and share same set of children among them to unify negative forces that surround them. Such acts are very common among celebrities who want to earn big name, fame and money in their respective industries.
  • Making the participants acknowledge the dominating authority upon them and prove submission to secret society. They are made to stand upright or lie on the  floor. Body is thrashed with stick and whip while howling with filthy verses to appeal the negative spirits to enter the body. Whip marks emerge all over body, it is done to please negative spirits.
  • Make demonic symbols and tattoos all over skin of the participant, especially around private parts, neck, back, heart, behind ears, spinal cord beginning and ending muscle. Use sharp objects to create marks of the devil.
  • Sacrificing cats, dogs, cattles and drinking their blood.
  • Sacrificing virgin girls with blue eyes while whispering demon invoking verses.
  • Sacrificing virgin boys with blue eyes.
  • Blood bath ritual: Dipping in the pool of bath tub and then eating human flesh.
  • Blood orgy: It involves a group of men and women performing  demonic practices and ceremonies include the ingestion of human excrement, semen, or blood; group sex; lesbian, gay sex, sodomy; the mutilation of animals. In this process, children are made to witness killing of babies and animals. They are threatened before they are killed.
  • Foetus ritual: This is one of the difficult ritual. In this, fresh foetus is needed and it is obtained from various hospitals which conducts abortion. The ritual process is completed quickly without letting the blood dry. That is why several abortion centres are created nearby occult centres. They also get immoral support by anti-human organisations like planned parenthood, abortion freedom, etc. Foetus obtained is consumed after foetus crushing rites. During the ceremony, billionaire businessmen also pledge to use foetus in their products to infect and degrade positive auras in masses. That is why many food products do use foetus remains, they hide the ingredient data behind abbreviated chemical names. Some products are listed here. (Fact checkers aka fakery inserters and government agencies always deny, they purposely do so, they cannot lose billions of dollars worth industry. If you check patents, you find this to be true.)
  • Blood haleh: In this ritual, the child or virgin girl or boy are kept hanging few feet above. The victim’s body is pierced with sharp object and the blood is allowed to flow profusely while the victim yells in deep pain and fear. The predators standing below take flowing blood on the body.
You will like:   Chant ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय Daily

There are many types of bestiality rituals that involve semen, urine and blood ritual activities and consumption of animal sexual organs. This is done by those who believe that such activities would give them long life, evil power and mesmerising casting spell over masses. We are not covering here. Because the detailing is more nauseating and gory. They cannot be summarised in shorter form, like it was done with human mutilation rituals. It involves goat, pig, owl, pigeon, peacock, crow, baboon, ostrich, snake, wolf, panther, leopard, tiger, lion, rat, bat, penguin, dog and cat. Few of the top politicians and billionaires are involved in such activities.

allah fake id mohammad islam fake cult

Names of the famous politicians and celebrities were revealed by many ex CIA officers, senior sheriffs, wikileaks volunteers and whistleblowers like Isaac Kappy, Marshall and Zeena. In most of the human and animal sacrificial activities these celebrities and politicians were involved; Obama, George Bush, Hillary, Bill Clinton, John Podesta, Tom Hanks, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Johny Depp, etc. The list of celebrities, politicians and whistle-blowers is huge. But this dark side of world is exhaustive and drains mentally, we will limit it so that readers focus on core elements of the article.

Isaac Kappy was killed but it was publicised as suicide, while in his previous videos he clearly said he is not suicidal and alerted viewers of being killed. Zeena disappeared as QAnon revelations diminished. It always happened, whenever dirty truths of secret society is revealed to the public and the predictions are realised, the whistleblower is murdered and the murder is shown by the media pawns as suicide.

Conspiracy Theories Are 99.99% Proven to Be True. We Foolishly Ignored Them as Conspiracies for So Many Years. NO MUSICIAN, POLITICIAN, SPORTSPERSON AND CELEBRITY CAN REACH TOP POSITION UNLESS HE OR SHE SUBMITS TO SECRET SOCIETY RITUALS AND GETS BLACKMAILED DUE TO THEIR SEXUAL ACTS RECORDED BY THEM. Their Personal Life is So Deeply Controlled That They Are Forced to Marry People of Controller’s Choice, Adhere Timing of Giving Birth and Adopt Sacrificial Kids or Kids Born Out of Insemination During Satanic Rituals Using Girls as Virgin Saintess. Transgender Marriage, Sex Change Operation and Self-Annihilation of Positive Aura by Drinking Blood Are Compelled Upon Them.

The devil worship is widespread. It is very secretly practiced in India and at global level. Detailed component of satanic rituals is out of scope of this article. However, we are covering some basic details to give you a fair idea of how it is done. Those who want to know more about secret society ritual details must do research on DUMBS, Orphan breeds, Church Abuse, Jewish Satanic Rituals, Pizzagate, Tawhid Djinn, Pedogate in Tor search engines. Google (YouTube) remove videos and posts revealing dark truths of such rituals. Poisonous vaccination drive for plandemic Covid-19 was part of mega sacrificial exercise by same shadow elites to feed negative energies they serve, by killing billions of humans. The time period for complete execution of this mega sacrificial ceremony is expected to be around 2030. Those who have taken vaccines must take care of their health and heart. If they cross 2030, they will live longer or else might get consumed by vaccines in next 5 years. It varies from person to person and the negative effect of vaccines on immunity of the person.

Crypto Abrahamics Do Indulge in Such Activities to Reach Top Position in The Social Life.

In pursuance of finding secret society and shadow elites rituals to initiate and plant public figures, we also came to know some shocking revelations on how common Muslims indulge in black magic to trap non-Muslim girls. In doing so, they destroy their own family, parents, siblings while killing the victim girl too. A preta Or pishacha for whom this sacrifice is done never leaves them, they become servant of such pretas after death. We will cover this Islamic black magic in upcoming articles to make Hindu girls aware of the bastard children of witches around them. Already, Islam’s origin is to spread negative energy. Their indulgence in more hardcore satanic practices destroy the atmosphere around. Avoid them socially and economically. Do not befriend them ever.

Black Magic is Easiest Science to Practice. But It is One Way Street. Whoever Goes to Harm or Lure Others Never Returns Back. Practitioner Gets Quick Wealth but He or She is Physically Harmed. Their Afterlife is in Ruins. They Cannot Come Out of This Once They Become Preta. After They Become Preta They Feed on Other Humans. The Vicious Cycle is Endless. The Pishacha Feeds on Such Practitioners More Than Their Victims. However Using Counter Vidhi to Shred Off Dark Energies Encapsulation is Allowed. It Can Be Done Using Satvik Vedic Rituals. Tantra Sadhna is Very Dangerous.

Even after knowing all the dark truths about politicians, celebrities and billionaires, you still feel obliged to continue their slavery then you deserve slavery and post life preta yoni.

Satanic/Demonic Rituals May Be Practiced by Public Figures (In Brief)

There are multiple methods however most of the common procedures are listed below in summarised form, they are gist of dozens of satanic rituals of secret societies. The procedures are long and exhaustive, we are simply listing to give brief insights to the reader, to understand hidden traits of some anti-human public figures and Adharmis, maintaining sanity of thought process. Satanic ritual is not premise of the article so do not ask for more details out of curiosity, in the comment section. The research itself was too nauseating. We will never extend the discussion.

In almost all of the satanic practices, victim is not aware of getting consumed as the sacrificial scapegoat. They are lured, drugged and feigned only later to remorse their decision.

Smotheration: This is a method of releasing energy from the body of a victim and transferring it to the demon. The victim is choked to death. Before this, the victim is beaten black and blue and later offered to the devil. Thrashing is done to frighten the victim to invite and surround lots of negative spirits around him or her.

Immersion: In this method, the victim is lured of treating the disease or mental retardedness. The victim is not ill but mentally tortured that they suffer from certain disease and spirit is capturing them. The victim is immersed in a pool of water. For first few dips, the victim is raised then immersed completely and drowned. It is believed by Satanic practitioners that negative spirits enter the water and accept the offering of the body.

Stabbing: In this satanic practice, the victim is mutilated with stabbing by piercings on chakra body parts. Major energy chakras are targeted. They foolishly believe that such practice releases the energy from the chakras to the devil. Harming and killing pious man, woman and spiritual person is done through this method. This is anti-science of Satvic pious Chakra vidhi that involves restoration of Chakra energy for elevating the human consciousness. Satanic practitioners try to harm the human and universal consciousness using this stabbing method.

This is the reason why Chakras are targeted by such satanic ritual process
Chakra Body Science Power Meditation Yoga

Slaying: In this the victim is simply killed. Either it is done by an individual or a group of satanic practitioners. They use stones, bamboos or any sharp objects to hit the victim mercilessly till he or she dies. Here, the person who is positively spiritual and seeking transcendental upsurge is targeted.

Hacking: This is gruesome method. In this, the victim is hacked to death by chopping the body vertically or cutting horizontally. A big sawing blade is used to slowly cut the victim into two pieces. The chopped bodies are offered to the devil using various ritualistic methods.

Hanging/Mass Execution: In this an entire family or a group of people are targeted. They are hanged and then their tongue used for devilish rituals. It is also done with individual victims.

Inter Awake: The victim is first tortured then kept hungry. They are forced through sleep deprivation for several days. It is a long process. Later, the victim is buried alive practicing several devilish rituals.

Chest Incision: The victim is laid down or tied upright. In this, a cut is made into the chest skin, cardiac bones broken and then the heart is removed while the victim is still alive. The heart is offered to the devil or satanic symbols like owl or bat.

Beheading and Heart Removal: This is most common method of sacrifice in demonic rituals. The heart of the victim is removed and then head chopped off from the body. The severed head is displayed as a souvenir of triumph over goodness and God.

Beheading: In this process of sacrifice, the victim is executed by chopping head from their body by means of a special knife or tool that is specially created for such satanic practices.

Melting Alive: This is also a common method of sacrifice in demonic rituals. The fire energy is pure, attempt is made to contaminate it while calling demon invocation verses. The victim baby or boy or girl is burned alive as an offering to the devil. In other practices, men or women are killed.

Skin Peeling: This is done keeping the victim alive or after killing. The victim’s skin is flayed off and then used in different satanic rituals.

One World Government Execution and Human Life

Political slavery epidemic would turn humanity into enslaved race.

All abrahamic cults and ‘isms” that came out of Hindu Dharma are under their control. Those who defy their dominance after taking their support are treated as traitors. Vatican, OIC, Umrah tourism, Mecca, Wahabism, Tablighi, ISKCON, Swaminarayan Panth, Ram Krishna Mission, few Dharmic Akhadas and all other non-Hindu supreme bodies are already under their control. They wrongly projected RSS as a Hindu organisation while slowly De-Hinduising elements of Hindutva and deity bhakti among common Hindus, diverting their devotion to 19th century creation Bharat Mata. Nationalism and patriotism is the tool when they are unable to subvert natives. Sanatan Hindu Dharma is vast, deep and has an eternal foundation, it is just not possible to capture and divert the Dharmics because they do not have narrow approach of One Figure/One Book slavery. The diversity, enormity and endless roots spread across multiple schools of thoughts made Sanatan Dharma immortal. Many Asuras, HinduBhakshis came and had maggot-ridden death but could not diminish Dharma. Adharma is short term and Dharm is eternal. No doubt, protection of Dharm will cost lives of millions of Hindus but world will become Sanatan again. Irrespective of the evilities of present Kaliyuga, Sanatan Dharmics will fight Adharmis even during end of this Yuga. Hindus must respect their regional tradition, custom, kul devi devta and language and their main Bhagwan; Vishnu and Shiv who control diversity. They also protect them through their Adityas, Vasus and Rudras – the deities reside in ansh form in many staunch Hindu fighters, Sages, pious celibate Sadhus (Brahman – Shastra Gyata) and invisible Nagas or Seers who take orb forms to do dhyan.

Sanatan Hindu Dharma NWO politicians fightback
They Have Captured Many Sub-dharmic Sects, Adharmic and Abrahamic Cults. SANATAN HINDU DHARMA IS UNCONTROLLABLE FOR ADHARMIS. Be Strong Physically & Mentally; Practice Physical Training, Meditation Visit Temples & Organise Weekly Gathering of Hindus. Never Donate Your Land to Any Organisation, Build Vishnu & Shiv Temples on Them. Construct Temples Wherever Possible, Turn Them Into Forts of Defence. Organise Self-defense Class for Hindu Kids Make Friendship With Local Hindu Goons/police. Bribe Them. Know Their Weaklink. Form an Active Mob Group to Organise Monthly Dharmic Yagna, Festivals.

The concept of “Jesus coming” is heavily promoted in Abrahamic cults; to radical Muslims, even when few of them do not accept Jesus as a messenger or son of God, they do keep their own lunatic founder above everyone. But “Jesus coming” is now core part of the Islamic thought process of commanding Muslim clerics who have global clout on Muslims.

A new god will be introduced, who will be shown as Jesus’s Second coming. ISKCON’s top authorities already demoted divinity of Bhagwan Krishna by comparing him to Jesus million times. This would gradually help them to divert their devotees to new farcical god created by Shadow Elites. This god will be abider of Noahidism and expect world to follow the Noahide laws after formation of one world government. Enslavement of Humanity that started with enslavement of cults then Hindu Bharat’s governance would complete full circle with captivation of human race.

A short clip to give sneak preview of what is future under one world government. Enlarge the video and download to share in social media.

Short Video Clip

Tools to Quit Political Party Slavery

The main purpose of creating this article was to make you understand the reality of the world around you. Redirect your energy and focus towards your Dharma and family. Let us check simple tools that can help you or your friend from coming out of political party slavery.

You have to be honest to yourself to admit that you are keeping political views and interests above other things in your life. Acknowledgement is first step towards quitting political slavery to stop it having a negative impact on your life.


Develop habit of independent research. Watch out their actions not words. Research deeply without bias on projects completed by the government.  Did they fulfil the manifesto. Is there big U-turn in their policy. Are they again in the same dirty business of pawning to freemasons agenda of Islamising and Christianising Bharat. Understanding their actions make you comprehend the facts about them. This happens when you distance yourself from the narrative given by the government and political party. And do independent research.


Seek support from people of same thought process. Discuss with people those who quit serving the political party. What was their reason. Discuss flaws and deceits openly with such awakened people. Get your thoughts validated from trusted friends and family. You must be open to counter view points.


This is very important aspect of quitting political slavery. Gradually move away from avenues that promote politics. Deactivate your social media accounts temporarily for couple of months. Save your time. Instead spend time on tasks that is relevant to your job or business. You can also pursue your hobbies. You will find positive results in couple of weeks – you will experience creativity, new flow of thoughts and mental peace.


This is next level of closing off all interactions with those who are associated with the political party. This stringent action need your dedication, directness and straight forwardness. Create a boundary around yourself. Make it clear to all those members that you are no longer participating in the discussions about political party growth and winning issues. You might find few of your friends getting annoyed about your decision but you have to let go such friends. It is better to worry about Dharma, yourself and family than friends who want to drag you to mental slavery of a political party.


If you do not care about yourself, no one else will. This is your life. Your career. Your time. Your money. Unknowingly spending time for promoting political party is physically, emotionally and mentally very draining exercise. It is important to focus on your mental and physical well being. Practice meditation. Do pranayam. Seek out to learn new things relevant to your area of interest. Start making new goals of life. Soon you will find new sense of purpose.

Quit Political Party Slavery Self Care
SELF CARE: Eat Healthy. Do Daily Yoga. Practice Meditation. Avoid Bad Habits; Smoking & Alcohol Drinking. Sleep Early.


Rejuvenate yourself. Get involved in Dharmic activities. Perform yagna. Perform daily aarti. Chant Om Namah Shivay 108 malas. Chant Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya 10 times. Read history of Ramayan and chapters of Mahabharat.

  1. Follow the principles of satvik way of life, work for the unity of Hindus and support all needy Hindus only. Do not ever help any abrahamic and neo cults, Be genuinely Hindu. Abrahamic cults; Muslim and Christians and Neo cults; Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains and Parsis. Supporting neo cults is directly making Shadow Elites stronger. Elites control their leaders and monks. Do not dig graves for Hindus.
  2. Practice self-discipline and self-control to overcome negative tendencies and cultivate positive qualities.
  3. Act with integrity and honesty in all your actions and interactions while dealing with fellow Hindus.
  4. Do satsang. Attend Ram Katha. Organise satsang. Seek knowledge and understanding to gain wisdom and insight about glorious past of Hindu Dharma. Learn about healthy home remedies to stay away from Tamsik chemically treated medicines.
  5. Visit nearby Hindu temple daily. Attend Sandhya aarti. Cultivate compassion and empathy towards Gau Mata. Do sewa in nearby Gau Shala. Ensure it is desi cow not jarsi or cross breed.
  6. Organise monthly Yagna in your society and colony. It is important to remove negative effects of chemtrails and HAARP.
  7. Organise Hindu festivals; irrespective of the connection to your region, whether it is major part of your culture or not. Adhere to traditional practices while celebrating festivals. Avoid movie songs and western dance programs. Festivals are best unifying methods for Dharmics. Gathering and spreading pious energy is important when you are surrounded by negative creatures who follow cults founded by a paedophile and whose priests have inherited practice and history of paedophilic activities.

Remember, you are not alone, there are many people around who have unnecessarily subjected themselves to mental torture of political slavery. Have patience, believe in yourself, you will come out of this very easily.

Even after reading this well researched article, your intent to political slavery is not diminishing and you are not interested in breaking the shackles of enslavement then you have become a Political Zombie. A final stage that is incurable and only goes when the person dies.

Update to this article (11, Pausha Shukla. 2079):

This is a true incident of a dedicated BJP karyakarta who selflessly worked for 16 years in the party.
Before this party, he was a congress worker. He was a successful businessman and a staunch Hindu long before 2014.
This graphic is a snippet of his last conversation, few minutes before death so it stuck hard to the heart of his son.
The dynamic son choked while telling this, so we enacted it here.
The statement reveals innocence and love for nation of a common Hindu.
Not shocking, Hindus are easily duped for their non-skepticism behaviour towards all political parties and politicians.

Never trust politician political party

Annexure 1 Quit Political Slavery

Anti-Hindu Gandhi/Ambedkar Movies

Secret societies control mass media. By 1978, they ultimately controlled movie industry worldwide. Regional narrative is set by them through movies and media control. Release of several international movies including Mahatma: Life of Gandhi, Nine Hours to Rama, Gandhi, Making of the Mahatma, Hey Ram, Lage Raho Munna Bhai and recently announced Gandhi Godse Ek Yudh on March 2022 were futile attempts to keep failed Gandhi ideology alive in Hindus. Similarly whenever BJP came to power many films depicting and overly glorifying Ambedkar were released. Few of them are; Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar : The Untold Truth, Ramabai, Bole India Jai Bhim, Sharanam Gachchami, Bal Bhimrao, Ramai and Jai Bhim.

Fake Cults Created by Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism

Kabir Panth is a fake sect like Sikh Ram Rahim’s Dera Sacha Sauda, Sikh Nirmal Baba’s Kripa Sangam and Sikhni Sukhvinder Kaur’s Radhe Maa Cult. No neo cult ever helped Hindus. They are formed to destroy Hindu Dharma from within. They target Hindus to expand their cult base. This way new enemy is generated within Hindu community. Such cults were usually created by factions of Hindu Dharma, for example, Jain Chandra Mohan, a sex maniac created Osho cult and called himself as Bhagwan Rajnish. Similarly, there are many such fake cults created by Buddhists and Sufi radicals. Contrary to popular media propaganda that malign Hindu sages, cults are never made by Hindu Gurus. The truth is, almost 99% of Neo cults are made by ‘ism’ factions of Sanatan Hindu Dharma, they were always created by Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists. A Hindu Guru never created a separate cult to harm Hindu Dharma.

Neo cults founder Sikh Jain Christian Non Hindus
Neo Cults Are Mostly Created by Non-Hindus to Target and Finish off Hindu Civilization for Freemasons and Secret Societies. But Media, Movie Industry and Series Mock Hindu Sages Using Veils of Such Cults.

Rot Within: Destroying Hindus Inside Out, Planting Fake Hero

Right from first world war to second world war to 9/11, 26/11 and series of blasts across India – All were planned executions of secret societies with mute adherence of contemporary governments.

In Godhra, terrorist Muslims were allowed to torch Hindus alive, a detailed analysis reveal how meticulously this was planned to perfection to cause maximum damage to innocent Hindus and make a global impact. The terrorist activity of Muslims and retaliation to this islamic terror was highly publicised in India and global media. This was done to project Modi as a hardcore Hindutva leader and saviour of Hindus. A big hoax orchestrated, hiding the fact that he ordered shoot to kill Hindu retaliators which caused death to over 250 Hindus according to Ashok Singhal and VHP leaders of that time. Ram Janam Bhumi movement was hijacked by BJP. Rajo Singh a senior Congress MP had claimed, Ram Janam Bhumi had foreign hands in play and BJP was just a front face. However that time whatever Congress leaders claimed was rubbished by Hindus as Congress was seen as an anti-Hindu party due to their dismissals of three BJP governments. Such claims and counter claims do happen in politics but mostly they are suppressed as conspiracies by the political parties and their supporters.

Shadow Elites plan everything impeccably. Modi was brainchild behind hijacking Ram Janam Bhumi movement which led to demolition of Babri Masjid and under his leadership the construction of Ram Mandir began. His projection as saviour of Hindus makes full circle. However forceful implementation of poisonous vaccination drive for covid plandemic further exposed him completely. Modi was never a true Hindu leader. He always played with the Hindu sentiments and Hindu dead bodies for his foreign masters.

Similarity of Vallabh Patel and Modi is also uncanny. He was projected as a Hindu leader who initiated restoration of Somnath Temple. Restoration of temples is also done by Modi but he is converting pious pilgrims to blithe tourist places. Patel also did lip service by working for temple but destroying Hindu strength from within. He initiated procedure of disallowing arms without licence when he was merging small states into so-called Free India. Though his intention might be different but it suppressed Hindu retaliation big time. This principle initiation later became Arms Act, 1959. This procedure destroyed hold of Hindu Kshatriyas and Hindu Shudras when they selflessly merged their territories in Bharat. They never knew they were duped, and their territories would be abused for future Islamisation. No special privileges were given to them but all traitors, anti-Hindus and boot lickers of British Empire were given upper hand in guise of minority schemes. Modi also does lip service of temple renovation but he is destroying Hindu strength and opening up several avenues of civil war within, by Islamising unorganised, government, private and defense sectors of Bharat.

Some of the famous freemasons do include brothers: Swami Vivekananda, Pandit Motilal Nehru, President Rajendra Prasad, Dr. Phiroze Sethna. G. L. Raheja. Narayan Varma, Jaya Chamaraja Wadeyar, H.H.Marthanda Varma, Sultan Mohamed Shah (Aga Khan), Pataudi Mansur Ali Khan, Lt. Gen. H. H. Maharaja, Jivaji Rao Scindia, Maharaja Duleep Singh, Amin Jung Bahadur,  David Abraham, Rasesh Mafatlal, Justice D.P. Madon, Phirozeshah Mehta, Dadabhoy Nowroji, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, Jamshedji Tata, Goculdas Narottam Morarjee, Ebrahim Currimbhoy, Dr. B.G. Kher, Bhulabhai Desai, Dr. C. Rajagopalachari, C.P. Ramaswamy Iyer and Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy, Add to this, over 25,000 super rich crypto Jews posing as Hindu and Jain businessmen.

anti-Hindu government Hindu fightback tips
Governments Under Shadow Elites Work 24×7 to Destroy Hindu Civilization. They Will Pose as if They Care for Hindu by Sending Their Ministers and Politicians in Temples & Dharmic Gatherings. However They Do This Just to Seek Hindu Votes. Since 1947, None of Their Schemes Are Made for Hindu Protection and Indigenous Culture Upliftment. Their Abrahamic Inclination and Abrahamisation Agenda is Permanent While Their Impostering Traits Are Temporary.

(HUMBLE REQUEST: If you find a Hindu friend or even a rival fellow Sanatani who has become addicted to political party slavery then do us a favour please share this article link with them. That is greatest contribution you can do to us. HariBhakt since two decades using different mediums always published articles to educate Hindus. This article is worth the effort even if one person around you comes out of political slavery and becomes staunch Hindu again. A staunch Hindu who works for the Dharma and benefit of fellow Hindus only. The article published here is a refined knowledge and is filtered version of hundreds of manhours of analysis and research. The article is made after three years of deep study across different political parties of India, since their emerging days, that resulted in staged partition of India, publicised as freedom. Many microlevel details are removed and a mammoth article of 53000 words and 51 Graphics is reduced to compact version of 20k words and 20 odd Graphics that is finally produced here. This shortened generic rendition is applicable to all types of political party slaves. All political parties are pawns of shadow elites, they are basically left leaning in terms of their acts, policies and public dealing. Another common aspect was seen common among all of them – they all were/are anti-Hindus to the core).


Upcoming Posts Sneak Preview

1. How Cults Are Destroying Bharat

Brief: A charlatan of freemasons and WEF puppet is promoted here as Sadhguru. This con replaced Bhagwan Shiv with neo creation Adiyogi. An immortal, eternal and universally omnipresent Bhagwan Shiv is converted into 15000 years old mortal form. The modus operandi is same, abuse Hindu Bhakti traditions without following Dharmic rituals, unleash negative energies and create a new cult by cannibalising Shiv Bhakts and Hari Bhakts. Follow Bhagwan Shiv and all Vedic rituals. Do not fall in the pit of negative forces by praying fake creation. Freemasons has upped the ante of destroying all faiths. More so, destroying Hindu Dharma from within. Beware of sweet talkers and insidious charlatans. We are still struggling to tackle Sai Bhakti foolery.

O Hindus! do not do your pind-daan with your own hands. Better follow traditional Shankaracharyas than following such fake Babas who did not even know basic mantras. (We had a brief post on Sadhguru but removed it, couple of years back, because we thought we should tackle one enemy (islam) at a time. However with anti-Hindu government gone berserk, shifting to top gear to decimate Hindu civilization and openly promoting such charlatans by engaging their ministers, it is high time that such disease-makers are called upon. We apologise for deleting the post, having myopic approach. This time, we will have full scale coverage exposing machiavellian imposter Sadhguru inside out.)

2. How Reptilians Were Cross Bred to Harm Humans

Brief: Nagas are different than reptilian race. Nagas are special species created as allies for Humans; to seek hidden medicinal and energy treasures from hollow earth.

Dinosaurs Are Fake Creation to Put Reptilian Race Older Than Humanity, in Hierarchy of Bio Earth.

Just as Humans have two types of people; good and bad, reptilians also have helpful and evil beings. Reptilian race do not exist on our plane; either in hollow earth or up in the sky flying at places where there is no visible population on the plane earth.  Especially mountains, forests and barren lands. That is why on top mountains, areas with high concentration of electromagnetic forces were found and a temple was constructed invoking deities so that the place becomes pious and up above Asuras and their servant evil reptilians do not fly. Hereafter we will refer, evil reptilians as simple reptilians for rest of the article.

Preview Ends

[We have over 200 non-refined raw articles on different topics, we shall try to release them soon increasing production frequency of edition, summarisation, videos and graphics.]

On request of readers, this is segregated chapter-wise version of above Article Stop Hindumisia – for easy reference and quick read.

Secret Societies and Global Elites Control Bharat (India) ALL CHAPTERS
Secret Societies and Global Elites Control Bharat (India) Part 1
Secret Societies and Global Elites Control Bharat (India) Part 2
Secret Societies and Global Elites Control Bharat (India) Part 3
Secret Societies and Global Elites Control Bharat (India) Part 4
Secret Societies and Global Elites Control Bharat (India) Part 5
Secret Societies and Global Elites Control Bharat (India) Part 6
Secret Societies & Global Elites Control Bharat (India) Part 7

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      You should be thankful to us that we are not dissecting evilities of Bible and Quran here, how they targeted Infidel/Kafir, their history and those hate-filled verses in their slavery manuals.

      We have raw materials ready, if you want us, we will publish them soon but right now due to exponential changes in approach of government to remove native civilization, our focus is on government and elites.

      You should instead work with your fellow-cult fellas because each respective governments the world over, is against that particular native culture.

      Govt is against Christians in Christian country and so do in islamic nations.

      You save your nation. Let us focus on saving our Hindu nation.

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      Hindus are global minorities.
      Muslims and Christians are majority cults.

    • 1.2 dead hindus says:

      Are you indian Christian or outsider?

  • 1.2B dead hindus says:

    Was eagerly waiting for your article you work in shadows your work might motivation someone who may become hinduveer in the future for the readers and the HB owner I would suggest two channels on YouTube

    • © HariBhakt says:

      We do share all pro-Hindu YouTube links in our paid emailer campaigns. However we regret we supported many who turned out to be modipawns.

      We have learned a hard lesson. Not to trust any ex IAS, ex Journalist ever. All are bootlickers of Dharm Drohi ecosystem for money, fame and luxury.

      However, we appreciate you for sharing those two channels, we will include them in paid campaigns after due diligence.

      Jai Shree Krishan
      Har Har Mahadev

      • 1.2B dead hindus says:

        I know modi is kind of secular because he is a politician he has to be but look on the other side he doesn’t construct mosque and Buddhist Monestries he recreates out temples which is the core of hindus and you and i are able to learn even this much of dharm because right wing is in power if not modi who else is there He is better hindi than no hindu at all.. Don’t get me wrong

        • © HariBhakt says:

          Modi is destroying Vedic architecture and helping in shrinking of Ganges. He is causing irreversible and irreparable harm to the divine places.

          Islamisation of govt depts and private sector is another jolt.

          A pilgrim is pious and divine place, it is not a tourist destination. Allowing all types of vice activities in pilgrims is clear agenda of removing core culture and replacing with adharmic practices to stop Sages from residing there, slowly destroying the pillars of Hindu civilization.

          Do research on how Kashi was destroyed and why mathura locals are opposing corridor development.

          You did not read the articles and graphics properly.

          In place of Ram Mandir, allotment of 5 acre land for mosque to invading community was wrong. So do development of Panch Tirtha for anti-Hindu British stooge Ambedkar.

          Millions of Hindu tax payers money is spent on upkeep of mosques, tombs and not-so-ancient buddhist stupas.

          This is a big hoax that post 2014 Hindus got awakened. In fact Hindus are suppressed more under his regime.

          Hindus made whatever is modi Or any political party today. Hindus being Sanatan Dharmis have history of millions of years old. 2014 was a big blunder that Hindus did, repetition of trusting British agent Gandhi, KGB agent Indira and now crypto jew modi. Many kaalnemis came and went. Hindus will remain.

          Last war at end of the kaliyuga is between Dharmik Hindus and Adharmi Mlecchas.

          Jai Shree Krishn
          Har Har Mahadev

          • 1.2B dead hindus says:

            I understand what you want to say is PM should do everything related to hindus ASAP that’s why we(Not me i am 19 ) voted him but he is slow as a snail 🐌 they change names of past pain on yearly basis and about pilgrim places you are absolutely right his latest move was that cruise ship which targets mostly foreigners in varanasi also a bad thing it’s route is through a mleech majority country gifted by hindus by killing more than 4000 of our soldiers in 1971.This would fund them through tourism… can i join you on whatsApp if possible.. I know you are old not that old maybe in your 40s😅

    • © HariBhakt says:

      Inferring your name, out of 1.2 billion Hindus, if only 10 lakh are awakened they can turn this Cabal Earth into Sanatan Earth.

      Jai Shree Krishn
      Har Har Mahadev

      • 1.2 dead hindus says:

        My name says ‘dead’ it’s from history which I learned from you it’s a message

    • © HariBhakt says:

      We had presence in social media sites almost a decade back. But our hard truth were not digestible to the abrahamic norms of social sites.

      We revoked our presence from JewTube, switter and fakebook.

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    This article is enough than wasting many hours of Youtube videos of right wing sarkari Youtubers. After reading this article even a layman can connect dots. This is golden article for awakening Hindus to save our nation.

    Jai Shri Ram 🙏 🚩🚩🚩🚩

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    We have already emailed you with some contact information.
    We express our interest in requesting you write a book on some selected topics that we have shared in the email. We can start from the article given here. We have been following your work and greatly impressed with the quality and diversity of the content that your team produce. We would like to publish some books. Going forward we can extend this on publishing entire website. Please let us know how we all can work together.

    We are waiting for your reply here or in the response email.

    Blessings and Regards,
    ABP Team

    • © HariBhakt says:

      Apologies for belated response here.
      We already emailed you, we are not interested in earning money out of our research and efforts. Dharmic karya must be commercial free. Not for minting money. You can do so as publication is part of your business. We appreciate your efforts.

      Money is first step to allow corruption. This site and all other activities has direct blessings of Bhagwan Krishn. Till the time he wants, we will continue. The moment, he asks us to change track, we will do so.

      We replied to your email last week itself.

      Jai Shree Krishn
      Har Har Mahadev

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    Very apt article in present times. Lies, propaganda, deceit, manipulation, and the use of their party workers and girls to gain an advantage over opponents is part of the politics. Modern day politics is very harmful for public. It undermines basic living standards of the people.

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    This explains the core issues Hindus are facing.
    It is multifold and government always been pro-abrahamic. Great findings. Thanks for your effort.

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    Thanks for opening up our eyes yet again. It is not that I was modi bhakt. My elders are still with congress. I was with Bjp. I am no more with any party since last year.

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    We must use them than be used by them.

    No more new cult godmen for us, no rahul, no more modi, no more slavery 🙂

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    • © HariBhakt says:

      We have done it. Please share the articles with your friends.

  • Could not agree more. Political slavery is the cause of Hindu suffering and can lead to ultimate demise of our nation. Our future is threatening.

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    Tum gadhe ho. tum jaise hi ho jo hinduo ko bhatka rahe ho. Waise bhi tum log modi ko na 2019 mey na rok paye. Likh lo aayega toh modi hi. Aur gali do modi ko. Jitna gali doge woh utna upar jayega.

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    Totally to the point. Global issues such as climate change, terrorism, poverty, pandemic and economic inequality are lingered to keep people busy and engaged.

  • Sam Sanatani says:

    Intelligence agencies like CIA control many countries in the world.

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    We woke up too fast and this is revolution of humankind to fight 1% of the masters.

    Most social media addicts know this but no one speaks so clearly as you have done.

    Good post.

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    Hillary is killary clinton. She loves to eat children flesh, drink blood and do paedophile sex. Pizzagate exposed her.

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    Bharat Jodo Yantra solved many problems. World over Indians respect him more than paid campaigns of feku modi. He is well connected with crores of Indians. He will be PM of 2024.

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      No politician in Kaliyuga is sane. Don’t blindly support any one.

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