Open your mind, see through the truth and etch this UNNVERING FACT in your inveigled mind, removing veils of BRAINWASHING media and farce awareness programs of governments and political parties.


Ultimately losing entire Hindu population to cancerous black hole of Islam.

If Hindus do not become aggressive, to completely change their approach in tackling menace of Jihad (including Rape Jihad), decline of Hindu population shall exponentially rise due to two child policy and thousands of Hindu girls falling into an organised trap of incestuous Muslim terrorists.

स्त्री ही लाती सृजन,
स्त्री भी विपत्ति भंजन।

जो समाज स्त्री का सम्मान न संजोये,
मिटे वो अकाल, उसका सर्वनाश होय।

The face off to this UNNERVING FACT is given to comprehend factual situation based on the existing indolent approach and lethargy of different Hindu societies of Bharat, from Jammu Kashmir to Kanyakumari. This disengagement of common Hindu populace to acknowledge the ongoing DESTRUCTIVE ATTACKS by neighbourhood perverse muslims is completely ignored by anti-Hindu governments and all political parties, further enlarging the size of cancerous black hole of evil islam.
So left with no choice, the onus to spread truth, bloody fight back and prolong Hindu existence to next millennia completely depends on common Hindus- THAT IS YOU.

Bhagwan Krishna never fought battle, he encouraged Arjun to fight battle. No avatar is coming to save you in the form of a Hindu leader or a Guru – It is ultimately Arjun in each one of YOU who has to pick up arms and fight back.

Irrespective of your financial status, whether you bear one child or more than five children, each one of YOU has to get ready to physically involve yourself in ongoing WAR with ADHARMIS OF TODAY. This war is happening even now as you are reading this article. This very moment a Muslim terrorist of your neighbourhood is creating a facebook, twitter and instagram account in fake Hindu name and credentials to trap your daughter, sister or wife. They do not fear in forging details, they have support of mosque, family members, local clerics, maulanas, legal system, weak democracy and muslim leaders of all political parties – not to forget subtle support of (so called) Hindu leaders of present Dhimmi govt.

They are mentally sick, their perversive mindset is filled up with a poop-dream of berth in posthumous heaven, if they convert your Hindu girl child or sister. These mlecchas believe in Ummah without allegiance to Bharat or any political ideology. Each muslim’s allegiance is to Shukracharya’s Allah and staged founder Muhammad’s slave maker tool, Quran.

Hindus are Losing JIHAD Civil War

Muslims are already into civil war since 1947, after instigating major 5000 riots and minor 17000 conflicts, if you still do not think so, then you are intentionally in a deep slumber of ignorance. They are in a civil war in two forms; offensive and silent. Offensive involve terrorism, love jihad, rape jihad, riots, regular crimes, temples destruction and silent include population jihad, land jihad and conversion jihad.

But since Hindus never retaliated to this civil war by retaliatory acts of forceful sterilisation, killing love and rape jihadis, kicking them out on crimes of land jihad – inaction failed to make impactful narrative.

Media apathy continues, only mild reaction to Godhra train islamic terrorism gained massive media coverage. If Hindus want to SET THE GLOBAL NARRATIVE – they have to start making ASSAULTING moves against neighbourhood terrorists. World prefer brave nations and citizens, they silently support ferocious assault against muslims executed by Israel and China.

Jihad: Why Muslims are Winning and Hindus Losing…

Main Reason is, Hindus Being Selfish

Hindus are most selfish and family centric people. They are more confined to their own benefits. Their basic premise of existence is very introvert and self-absorbed. Even in spirituality they dwell deep into individualistic goal of soul search – diving deep inside and disassociating with the surrounding around. In pursuance for inner peace, they dissect their association with family members and society.

This common materialistic life and singular spirituality of Sanatan Hindu Dharmis is detrimental to the Hindu existence.

Arguably, Hindu spirituality is the most scientific and best in achieving terminal peace but in context to present Kaliyug that is encapsulated with evility and immoral enemies, the individualistic premise of Sanatan Dharma is creating subtle division among Hindus in their unity.

Each one of YOU, do not need to pursue MOKSHA but work for HINDU SANYOJAN – a sort of Hindu Brotherhood and Hindu Sisterhood irrespective of your monetary class or fake caste inherited during birth.

Hindus are programmed since childhood to be self-centric conforming to the traditional beliefs. Formative years gradually make them inward looking individuals, they do not project their anguish on others but only to their family members and close associates. This makes them aggressively tolerant – a confused being. Aggressive to their own family members but tolerant towards outsiders (enemies). The perception to outsiders about a Hindu is that he or she is very accommodative and altruistic but among family members, the same Hindu is perceived as selfishly helpful. Parents inherit this characteristic of upbringing in children from their elders. The cycle continues. Distorted history, inferiority complex driven anti-Hindu education system further makes a disgruntled person who strays from the path of Sanatan Dharma.

A common Hindu is exhausted more into his or her personal life abiding duties towards wife or husband and children – that too if the other person is reciprocative, if not then family falls apart. They do not engage into any single activity towards Sanatan Dharma in their daily life. Doing puja is individualistic not part of collective strengthening activities for Hindu unity. Comparatively, neighbourhood terrorist muslims gather together in mosques, scatter on roads and organise several cult ceremonies to strengthen their unity for Ummah. Similarly Christians do it in their Sunday masses. Mass word has inspiration from assembling of different sects of people.

The germination of a thought of HAVING HIGH MORAL GROUND TO PLEASE NON-HINDUS, even at the cost of harming own Hindu society is clear indication of WEAK individuals who seek validation from others to prove their existence. Such people are a big liability to Sanatan society and native civilization, remember even divine nature does not allow weak fruits or creature to sustain, they are killed untimely. Hindus are repeling this basic premise of nature’s principle.  Such WEAK Hindu people are in corporates, political parties and decision making positions. Common working class Hindus are more brave and crystal clear in their approach towards common Muslims but the DECISION MAKERS and LEADERS of our country keep the approach of brave Hindus under check further seeking FAKE SHALLOW MORAL HIGH GROUND that is fast islamising Bharat and getting our sisters raped, brothers killed.

This MORALITY HUNGER of decision makers, since 1400 years, is nothing but a big SAW MACHINE that crushed millions of Hindus and continue to kill thousands on daily basis across Bharat and world.

Solution A: Make Introvert Hindus to Extrovert Bold Hindus

Hindus become introvert, timid, quiet, non-reactive, reserved, conservative and thoughtful persons segregated from their community. Festivals were few of the occasions of unifying Hindus but due to over anglicization and islamisation of Hindu tradition for seeking secularism, it turned into public affair not HINDU ONLY community exercise. This dilution need to STOP for more cohesiveness of Hinduhood among Sanatan Dharmis. STOP INVOLVING NON-HINDUS IN YOUR DHARMIC RITUALS AND PRAYERS. This inclusion westernised some of our festivals, killing its purity, result – Festivals are no more attraction points for Hindu youth. Alcoholic drinks, filmy songs, non-cultural dance and embracing modern developments in festivals lost authenticity thereby further making Hindus move away from their own festivals.

alcohol parties dancing Hindu festivals is islamising Bharat

Corporate culture ruined it to irreparable level by Chrislamising Hindu life with introduction of compulsory dress competition, secret santa, anti-Hindu games and biblical team building exercises. Office parties end up with flirting, alcohol or drug abuse. If there is no alcohol, corporate parties are mocked as a dull affair. The 1920s routine of monthly Havans and Pujans in corporate offices have been completely demolished. This must be resurrected to make Instagram crowd comprehend our culture.

Take this corona lockdown as a blessing in disguise and organise Samajik Havans in your societies – INVITE ONLY HINDUS AFTER VALIDATING THEIR AADHAR CARDS AND RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS. There are many christians who keep Hindu name shamelessly but abuse our Gods. Identify them to keep them out of all HINDU ONLY functions.

Revert to cultural Hindu practices in Corporate festivals. Remove western traditions of alcohol and dance parties in official gathering. Stop facilitation of women molestation and flirt. Muslim men in office parties particularly eye Hindu women. Most of LOVE JIHAD affairs, sexual intimacies with this EVIL BOOK QURANIC WORMS occur in office parties, they particularly eye married Hindu women, divorcees and seek money in exchange of FAKE EMOTION feigning love. STOP THIS PARTIES, if you are an owner of a big company or at top positions, do not allow such menace. IF YOU REALLY DO NOT WANT YOUR DAUGHTERS TO BE RAPED AND SONS TO BE KILLED BY neighbourhood muslim terrorists.

If we do this immediately, you will soon find Hindus regaining their lost roots and unifying for the betterment of Bharat.

Hindus need to make strict local community groups headed and managed by only Hindu members – no Jains, no sikhs and no Buddhists. Purity of Sanatan Dharma can only protect Hindus to reboot their way of life and work towards Hindu unity. Invoking secularism does not help. Among Vedic cults, which emerged from Hindu Dharma – Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists are more united among their groups than Hindus. Because they never invoke secularism in their organisation.

When last time you saw a Jainese, a Sikhi or a Buddhist ceremony headed by Hindu Saints????

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NEVER IT HAPPENED and never it will happen. But Dalai Lama and Several times Jain munis headed Hindu functions. Stop this, BE PURE Hindu or continue crawling in front of govt for basic demands. If you do not put yourself in COMMANDING position, do not expect govt or non-Hindu people to respect you.

(HB: As a precedence, several times we noticed Dalai Lama heading a Hindu Dharma Sansad or conclave but no Hindu Sage was ever allowed to head Jain, Sikh or Buddhist cult congregation.)

If Hindus really want to revive Sanatan Dharma in their life and defeat islamisation then validation of Hindu activities from manmade Vedic cults and Abrahamic cults need to stop.

Corruption of “isms” introduced by British stooges further decimated strength of Hindus. There is no Vaishnavism, Shaivism, Shaktism, and Samarthism, we all are Sanatan Dharmis not part of weak “ism” If you are proud of your belonging to any of these isms than Sanatan Dharma then you are doing biggest disservice to the unity of Sanatan Hindu Dharmis.

Do not fall prey to any of the segregation. Whether you pray Bhagwan Vishnu or Bhagwan Shiv or Maa Shakti (Kaali) – you are only Sanatan Hindu Dharmi. Do not demote yourself to Christian concept of ism (as in Hinduism), maintain your high pedestal position of Sanatan Hindu Dharmi – a learned person who belong to millions of years old, only surviving civilization.

Bhagwan Vishnu and Bhagwan Mahadev are Saakar Roops of Nirakar Roops of Vishnu (Surya) or Shiv (Rudra). Both are Bhakts of each other. Both respect each other. There is no conflict. So why have isms in Bhakti.

Bastards like Raja Ram Mohan Roy were proponents of such isms and dis-integration of Sanatan Hindu Dharma. They worked for Christian missionary to convert gullible Hindus into manmade Christianity cult. The wicked idea of keeping Hindu names but secretly leading a life of Christian was sly concept of British pawn Raja Ram Mohan Roy.

Sati was not prevalent as falsely projected by british historians. No contemporary Hindu historian or a foreign traveller ever highlighted this so called custom. It was hyped in chronicles to portray anti-Hindu Raja Ram Mohan Roy as saviour of modern Hinduism in anti-Vedic education system. Time to come out of this guilt trip scandal. You can read pus-filled mindset of Raja Ram Mohan Roy when he openly ridiculed Sanskrit and regional language literature (science) over plagiarised version of it, western teachings.

Practical Reasons: Why Hindus Will Continue to Lose Jihad Battles

Let us dwell into practical reasons that why Hindus will continue to lose jihad battles.

Lack of Information

First of all Hindus do not know the nature of their enemy. Without understanding the characteristics and weakness of enemy of Sanatan Dharm, no Hindu can ever fight against it and save Hindu daughters and sons.

Comprehending the psyche, approach and methodologies of Muslim is utmost important for a Hindu to extinguish the islamic hate-fire that is burning to roast Hindu girls in the pyre of LOVE JIHAD. WHAT A SHAME! even after being invaded for almost 1000 years by the gangster cult islam, common Hindus do not know the realms of islam and allow daily killings of hundreds of innocent Hindu men by Muslims without offensive retaliation.

Hindus must know that islam is not a religion – Quran has no single text that teaches inner peace and soothes mind. It was an after thought terror manual created to loot other non-muslim people and rob off their wealth. No gang leader can remain alive forever to guide their group of rapists and looters. The demonic cult islam needed an escort to continue its destructive existence, that’s why  Quran was formed to make slaves out of illiterate and lunatic individuals.

Solution B: Seek Information and Truth About Satanic Cult Islam

Seek information and truth about satanic cult islam or simply internalise a simple fact that existence of islam around and in your area is danger for existence of yourself and family. All teachings in quran is based on methods to convert normal human being into (mentally) infected slave of islam to work towards islamisation of entire world, in doing so, kill non-muslims, loot their wealth and rape their women.

Quran and hadiths dedicate more than 64% of verses in treating, torturing and killing non-muslims (kafirs). All crimes against non-muslims including treachery, lies, theft, backstabbing, deceit and rape are glorified as pious acts in path to devil allah. Repeatedly in several verses, it is shown that allah is merciful towards muslims if he or she kills a non-muslim, because it is helping in the spread of islam.

hindu hating muslims are incurable zombies deserve death to meet 72 hoors of their hell

The terrorism manual quran closes the thinking mind of muslims by giving importance to the resclusiveness and opacity on their doubts over verses. Hindus must know they are not dealing with humans but infected lowly creatures who are mentally programmed to hate and kill Hindus since their birth. Their indoctrination starts with circumcision when they are 7 days of age or of few months. So Hindus, your one moment of a good behaviour of donating blood, helping with money, giving space for namaz or supporting them in their cause would NEVER replace the millions of moments of HATRED and DECEPTION that is deeply ingrained into this infected islamic creatures – Not practically possible even if God comes down and does it because it defies universal principle of repetition that is stored into the subsconcious mind of a human. Your multiple acts of nobility cannot replace cemented thoughts that enfold islamic creatures. Yes, creatures because they do not consider non-muslims as humans but Kafirs (it is most derogatory term in arabic literature in equilibrium to Shirk). Only a creature would not consider fellow earthlings as humans.

The Miyas/Myias or Myiasis who do not respect law and legal compulsions of a country are parasitic insects and think that they are obeying slavery rules of allah which is above any law of a nation. In doing so, they always justify acts of rape, killing, genocide, terrorism and treachery.

So Hindus to tackle lack of information about islam is to internalise just one thing in your 24×7 routine – MUSLIMS HATE HINDUS and WANT YOUR FAMILY DEAD TO LOOT YOUR PROPERTIES. This thought should be in your mind so that you do not support them financially, medically, socially, economically and completely boycott them as they boycott us by deeming us Kafirs and deal only among themselves. Print the image given below and keep it in your desk or visible place at home. This will internalise your mind about truth that your ancestors knowingly ignored. Internalisation would stop you from ignoring.

bengal violence

Solution C: Hindus Take Course of Actions in Your Hand

Democratic punishment are for law abiding common citizens (humans) not for creatures who NEVER respect legal principles of a nation but instead work towards islamising their country of residence. Loktantra cannot punish any muslim, as it is for humans, a case drags for many years, due to witnesses turning hostile after some years, bail is granted to the muslim jihadi and he or she is free to commit another crime against Hindus. Loktantrik laws do not invoke fear in muslims so they regularly show audacity to inflict daylight mass terrorism in anti-CAA rampage across different cities, controlling capital of India with Delhi islamic terrorism (23rd Feb 2020) and terror acts in Bangalore islamic terrorism (11th Aug 2020).

Muslims showcase their Jihad to invoke fear among Hindus – the act of terrorism is real life materialisation of all teachings given in terror manual quran. The acts are repetition of violent incidents that happened in early 1930s continued for several years leading to the partition of Bharat in 1947. We Hindus are facing same danger as our dumb ancestors faced during that time when they blindly followed duratma Gandhi.

Natives concerned governments of Myanmar, Israel, Sri Lanka, France, Russia and China do not believe in appeasing muslims, they do not believe in Loktantra (democracy) in dealing with muslims, they know that the gangster cult followers only understand Bheedtrantra mob justice and iron handedness of a state. This is only method to invoke fear and control these parasitic insects that become menacing monsters as their demographic population grows.


Bheedtantra is the only method of survival. Do not forget that Hindus won each time when they executed Bheedtantra – if Babri kalank was not demolished by the mob then digging of the place would not have been possible and winning court case for building Ram Janam Bhoomi mandir would have prolonged for several decades.

Another great example of success of Bheedtantra is retaliation to Godhra train burning, an islamic terrorism attack, in which neighbourhood muslim terrorists burned alive 59 Hindu men, women and children in Sabarmati express. However, the Hindu retaliation was wrongly halted, after Gujarat Modi govt gave shoot-to-kill orders at Hindu retaliators. Not in riots, most Hindus died in police firing. Hindu organisations based on the deceased list they maintain, suggest it to be above 250 Hindus killed but govt (which is usually under-reported) put numbers of 77 Hindus out of 170 people killed in police firing.

Government never help when Hindus are killed (recent Bengal massacre of 3000 Hindus is a big example) and never support when Hindus retaliate, instead shoot them to death. Hindus are on their own – IF YOU LOVE YOUR FAMILY, YOU BECOME DHARMA YODDHAS.

Solution C.1: Avoid Interaction with Muslims Completely

Why muslim men and women prey Hindu girls for their sons and brothers?

Muslims believe in non-proven, never seen, not even witnessed farcical heaven. They are wrongly taught by muslim clerics that 7 levels of ancestors get heaven if they convert Hindus by deception and fraud – Al Taqiya. Yes, Bhagwan forbids liars but devil allah loves liars and criminals. The teachings of islam is animalistic. It openly advocates having sex with relatives, illegitimate daughters, animals. After mugging up such heinous criminal teachings, 5 times a day, for several years – DO NOT EXPECT ANY MUSLIM MAN OR WOMAN TO BE A SANE INDIVIDUAL so it is highly advisable to save your sons, daughters, brothers and sisters from making friendship with any muslim, irrespective of age or profession. Completely avoid any social media interaction unless you use it to retaliate or rebut their fakeries. Do not hire them for any job. Do not hire their cabs or rickshaws. Do not buy from their shops. Do not involve them in your developmental activities.

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Solution D: Educate Hindus about islam, Directing Energy to Mobify Hindus

Islam revolves around one sick book, Quran. Islamists have just one identity, since birth, they are programmed to be loyal slaves of this book.

Terror manual Quran teaches killing of non-muslims or Kafirs. Using Quran as the set of Satanic guiding principles, most of the criminal minded muslims target Hindus to justify their terrorism. Deep within they know they are committing big crime against humanity but being used to parasitic way of leading life in India, due to subsidy and govt funded facilities, they audaciously execute killing and rape, to invoke fear and spread terror.

Muslims are most coward creatures, they never attack one to one, they always come in groups and attack only unarmed innocent people. Through out history of 1400 years of their existence, they never had front to front fight, they always come in groups and target innocent set of people. To know about poisonous verses of Quran, you can google “haribhakt 164 verses of quran” or visit this link – 164 verses of Quran. Share the link with maximum Hindus possible.

Wastage of Anger Energy

Hindus waste powerful anger energy. They neutralise their anger power by converting it into words or memes or images in social media sites. Venting out anger on social media does not help but channelising anger into destruction of enemies make your haters weaker. In a way this makes each Hindu stronger.

Excessive presence in social sites would not change reality. To change reality, you have to come out of virtual world and work at ground level. Working together in social media and field can only bring changes, to make Hindu existence possible. Start with practicing hammer, axe, knife, sickle, chopper, iron rods and sword – MAKE THEM YOUR extension like you have done with your mobile phones. Apply for license of pistols. Direct your energy into removing terrorists around. You spend ₹ 25 lakhs to 25 crores in building houses and assets but not even 10% of it in protecting your assets and family. When you are surrounded by terrorists, you cannot expect police department to save you. There are 190 police per 100,000 Hindu citizens, so do not expect govt to protect you from criminals around. So you have mere 190,00,00 police for 1,00,00,00,000 Hindus. You cannot expect 19 Lakh police to protect 100 crore Hindus, that’s massive imbalance so you have to POLICE YOUR OWN FAMILY.

For a muslim, ummah is bigger than nation and non-muslims. That is why they channelise their anger in treachery, terrorism and jihad against Hindus as per teachings of quran in India. Recent islamic terrorism inflicted by neighbourhood muslims in Delhi and Bangalore was nothing but converting anger into materialisation of destructive forces. Hindus lack this form of conversion – till the time Hindus do not work at ground level and fight back in reality, Hindus will keep losing such daily jihad battles. Hindus need to come out of twitter, whatsapp, facebook and instagram and take to streets to teach lesson to neighbourhood terrorist muslims who lure and rape Hindu daughters and sisters. Not many, just few incidences of retaliation and you will find surprising results in few weeks. You will witness massive decline in muslim crimes against Hindus.

Practice of Dharma for Peace and Mukti

Hindus have binary approach. They are multi-taskers as workers under a leader but are not so when it comes to lead their own life. Inner peace and looking deep inside makes a Hindu more selfish and self-importance centric. This is one of the core aspects of Vedic Hindu dharma but this habitual practice of meditation of closing eyes and looking inside, make each Hindu a silo, a singular body. Instead of connecting with fellow Hindus to become collective force, they selfishly go for inner peace and redemption. This way they cut off themselves from the large Hindu community and try to connect with cosmic super power energy that controls this universe, in doing so they neither connect with their own people and (almost) never establish connection with super power (Bhagwan). Connecting to Bhagwan is very hard and tedious process, merely chanting mantras can help for some time giving you temporal benefits but to connect with Bhagwan require immense penance and practice.

Hindus need to become multi-tasker while meditating for inner peace they should also work in connecting with fellow Hindus not just digitally but also in real life at ground level in their society and neighbourhood. Maintaining balance is important for self-growth and community unity. They can organize big hawans on a monthly basis in their societies to mass celebrate birthdays/anniversaries of residents.

The condition and situation in daily life is such that almost no grahasth ashrami common Hindu ever connects to Bhagwan so at least such Hindus should connect with fellow Hindus and work for the existence of Hindu Dharma, to save Vedic future of their daughters and sons.

No one is getting moksha in this birth for sure: REMEMBER, NO HINDU WILL GET MOKSHA IF FELLOW HINDU SUFFERS AND DIES PAINFULLY. Inaction towards anti-Vedic inhumane beings (muslims) facilitates adharma, causing destruction of Dharmic people. The yearning cry during death due to killing or torture of mleccha, from a person’s aura emits immense negative energy that dents the atmosphere around. No Hindu can ever attain moksha in such condition. Moreover, it is 1 in a billion chance for an individual to attain moksha in Kaliyuga as we all are subjected to immense negative vibes, thoughts and evil energies around. Very few will attain moskha that too at the end of Kaliyuga post 425000 years from now. Stop chasing moksha and work for Hindu brotherhood. By annihilating enemies of Vedic Hindu dharma, at least you assure that in your next lifecycle you again take birth in human form supporting the cause of Sanatan Dharm. Or in a creature yoni that shortens birth-death cycle of 84 lakh yonis, to be reborn in human form of Sanatan Dharmi again. If selfish greed for moksha encapsulates time and again then read this paragraph repeatedly.

How Indian Subcontinent Got islamised

Unlike other countries that have 6 to 9 stages of islamization. Bharat is already in advanced stage of islamization since 1920s when Duratma Gandhi facilitated and funded anti-Hindu Khilafat movement to appease muslim terrorists, resulting in the formation of Poopistan (Pakistan).

Globally, initial stages of islamization works in following steps:

  1. Migrate to a non-Muslim country
  2. Request refugee status and funds support
  3. Play victim card veiling Kafir hatred through media and global leftist narrative
  4. Increase Muslim birth rate by inbreeding and polygamy
  5. Build epicentres of terrorism – Mosques, community halls and madrasas

Advanced stages of islamization:

  1. Playing second level of (islamophobia) victim card by insulting local customs
  2. Advocate multi-culturalism but instead promote uncivilized Muslim rituals
  3. Spreading Terrorism as population increase up to 10%
  4. Openly islamising country, demanding sharia law until the nation gets ruined as an islamic country
  5. Involving in all forms of Jihad; Love jihad, population jihad, land jihad, business jihad and rape jihad

India is already into advanced stage due to apathy of coward politicians. There are more than 5000 No Go Zones (no police, government officer ever enter these muslim majority places). They are nothing but hide-outs to wage Ghazwa-E-Hind terrorists attack as and when they decide to launch it at one go. By this time, Hindus should have taken to streets and executed massive boycott strategies but such mass-aggression against islam is NOWHERE to be seen. Hindus are fast losing Bharat to islamic black hole.

Advancements of Islamization

Major Activities of Advanced Stages in Islamization Seen in Bharat (India):

1) Increasing population & Funding – keeping their children uneducated so that they can be easily brainwashed and converted into living bombs. Muslims get subsidies and facilities on our tax money (97% of tax payers in India are Hindus). Moreover, billions of dollars raised from parallel Halal economy and Zakaat also help them in execution of conversion, love jihad and other anti-national activities.

2) Capturing Administration – They are slowly infesting into major decision making positions. This got big impetus under current ruling party. Present NDA govt lead by a Coward BJP leader Modi has invoked thousands of Muslims into administration and IPS posts. The feeling of self-stupendous in govt is self-destructive. The idiocy has no parallel to any government formed by native people anywhere in the world. Bengal is still burning in inner pockets but govt in pursuance of its shallow secular image has blocked media from reporting.

3) Killing Hindus – This is last stage, but has already started in silent mode, as several incidences are daily reported of raping/killing of Hindu sisters and daughters and murdering of Hindu sons. Muslims will upscale this activity, once they reach population of 35%. Their only aim is to eradicate Hindu population – rape Hindu daughters and kill Hindu sons.

Mass Retaliation is the only method that can stop this zombies from islamising Bharat.

Solution E: Change Your Strategy

Stop following any leader who even slightly appreciate Gandhi’s thinking process i.e. kill-Hindu and expedite islamisation ideology. Do not follow Duratmas. Gandhi was terminated by a great DharamVeer Nathuram ji but Duratma’s filthy ideology still exists. Any leader who appreciates Gandhi in any manner even giving slightest reference to him is direct enemy of Hindu existence. You must take steps of ignoring sermons of all such coward leaders. Do not ever Gandhise your thoughts, you will become weak, submissive and feeble. You will even fail in your career and business. Gandhism is worst kind of disease in a person.

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If you are embarrassed to follow your true Hindu fighters because media and narrative is against them then you do not deserve freedom from terrorist muslims. Appreciate your fighters and invoke their characters within you.

Stop following politicians. Because following makes one rat, read about Real Heroes to become Lion like them.

Be REAL HEROES not Followers.

How Shivaji killed muslim terrorists - learn his skills How Maharana Pratap killed muslim terrorists
How Gopal Patha Killed Bengali Muslim Terrorists How Takshak killed muslim terrorists
How Yashwant Rao Holkar Almost Established Hindu Kingdom How Nathuram Godse Killed Terrorist Gandhi

(Left to Right: Shivaji Maharaj, Maharana Pratap, Gopal Patha, Takshak, Yashwant Rao Holkar, Nathuram Godse)

You can read one article on each of them by clicking on their image. Reading is imbibing footsteps of the leaders, making Lion out of you by internalizing bravery acts of each leader.

REMEMBER: Sanatan Dharma is eternal. Sanatan Dharma exists since millions of years. Sanatan Hindu Dharma is above plagiarised constitution, law and corrupt administration. Do not fear anti-Hindu corrupt police department. Our rotten legal system is ridden with loop holes, it is too weak to invoke fear in the terrorist Muslims of today. Islamists know, if they put pressure on government by playing victim card and media narrative, coward government would support them. Become Yoddhas (fighters). Stop depending on government, make your own law. Be a Lion. Sanatan Hindu Dharmis are Yoddhas and own law makers. Give on the spot punishment.

In present context, if you do not want your daughters and sons killed then as a Hindu your simple duty is:

1) Boycott Muslims socially, economically and financially. Do not hire them. Do not support them in any manner. They consider us Kafir and are boycotting us since 1400 years, their sweet behaviour (taqiya) is only to extract temporal benefits. However the truth is this enslaved creatures are themselves Mlecchas, start calling them Mlechhas in daily life. Show them how it feels to be called and treated as Kafirs. Show NO MERCY irrespective of age/gender/health/disability.

2) Replace mentions of Bharat and India in all your references with Hindu Rashtra. From visiting cards to websites to email signatures everywhere USE only HINDU RASHTRA. Every time FIRST HINDU then others thought must ticker your mind.

3) Sterilisation, Mass kidnapping of terrorist muslims and performing vasectomy so that they do not breed future terrorists. Castrate muslim molesters and save Hindu sisters/daughters.

3) Kill the neighbourhood terrorists if they are harming your very existence by involving in eve-teasing of your daughter, love jihad, harassing your son, causing loss to your business/job and asking protection ransom. If you cannot kill then hire Hindu goons to revenge for their crimes. If you will not fight back then witness death of your son or gang rape of your own daughter because these muslim jihadis (terrorists) first test waters in lieu to molestation and eve teasing. If you do not oppose, they are encouraged for life threatening crimes. Break their jaws before they start raising their heads.

4) Create multiple PathaGiri groups in your area. Do not depend on large Hindu organizations, form your own local groups. Managing active small groups is far easier than being an idle member of a big Hindu organization and not having any authority to execute activities in your way.

Instead of abusing Hindu organisations, its time you proactively start your own small group at your level with like minded people around you.

If any of the above to-do things is missed and not implemented by Hindus then be ready to lose your identity, culture and nation to the pests cult islam in next 20 years. Keep enemy kill in your mind 24×7 to protect your family and Dharma.

Final Guidance: What Sanatan Hindu Dharma texts says

Arjun became overwhelmed with the situation he thought, whether fighting is improper and slaying would lead to sin (Bhagawad Geeta 1.36-46) he was confused about his righteous duty of defending Dharma by killing enemies for re-establishing truthfulness, mercy, austerity, cleanliness, charity and spirituality in the State.

Arjun was confused about killing his own relative brothers but Hindus are confused about killing non-relative and anti-Hindu cult creatures. This reveal that Hindus today are deeply disoriented than Arjun. They need guidance of Shri Krishna to know their Dharma.

Arjun had some sympathy left for evil Kauravas due to family engagement. In present scenario, no Hindu has any sympathy for terrorist Muslims but still they are not picking up arms against them. The state of confusion among Hindus is too complex because they rely on others to act, they want others to become Hindu fighters like Mangal Pandey, Nathuram Godse, Shabhunath Regar, Kamlesh Tiwari and Gopinath.

Arjun Said:

कार्पण्यदोषोपहतस्वभावः पृच्छामि त्वां धर्मसम्मूढचेताः ।
यच्छ्रेयः स्यान्निश्चितं ब्रूहि तन्मे शिष्यस्तेऽहं शाधि मां त्वां प्रपन्नम् ॥ २-७॥

Devnagari: अब मैं अपने कर्तव्य के बारे में भ्रमित हूँ और मानसिक असंतुलन (अज्ञानता, स्वार्थवश) के कारण दुर्बलता की अनुभूति हो रही है। इस स्थिति में मैं आपसे कह रहा हूं कि मुझे निश्चित रूप से बताएं कि मेरे लिए सबसे अच्छा क्या है। अब मैं आपका शिष्य हूँ, और अपनी आत्मा आपको समर्पित करता हूँ। कृपया मुझे निर्देश दें।

Now I am confused about my duty and have lost all composure because of miserly weakness (due to ignorance, selfishness). In this condition I am asking You to tell me for certain what is best for me. Now I am your disciple, and a soul surrendered unto You. Please instruct me.

On this Krishna smiled and replied,

अशोच्यानन्वशोचस्त्वं प्रज्ञावादांश्च भाषसे ।
गतासूनगतासूंश्च नानुशोचन्ति पण्डिताः ॥ २-११॥

Devnagari: भगवान ने कहा, “विद्वान सा वचन बोलते हुए, जो शोक के योग्य नहीं है उसका शोक करते हो। जो बुद्धिमान हैं वे न तो जीवितों के लिए विलाप करते हैं और न ही मृतकों के लिए।”

Bhagwan said: While speaking learned words, you are mourning for what is not worthy of grief. Those who are wise lament neither for the living nor for the dead.

देही नित्यमवध्योऽयं देहे सर्वस्य भारत ।
तस्मात्सर्वाणि भूतानि न त्वं शोचितुमर्हसि ॥ २-३०॥

Denagari: हे भारतवंशी, जो देह में वास करता है, उसका कभी वध नहीं हो सकता। इसलिए आपको किसी भी जीव के लिए शोक करने की आवश्यकता नहीं है। (आत्मा शाश्वत है और कभी नहीं मरती) ।

— O descendant of Bharat, he who dwells in the body can never be slain. Therefore you need not grieve for any living being. (Soul is eternal and never dies).

Here, Hindus must notice a great method of Krishna to convince Arjun about truth on mortality of life. First he shows him universal aspect then he moves his mindset to think from his duty’s perspective.

Krishna further stated,

स्वधर्ममपि चावेक्ष्य न विकम्पितुमर्हसि ।
धर्म्याद्धि युद्धाच्छ्रेयोऽन्यत्क्षत्रियस्य न विद्यते ॥ २-३१॥

Devnagari: एक क्षत्रिय होते हुए अपने विशिष्ट कर्तव्य को ध्यान में रखते हुए, आपको ज्ञात होना चाहिए कि धर्म के लिए संघर्ष (धर्म / अधर्मियों / म्लेच्छ शत्रुओं को समाप्त करने) से श्रेष्ठ कोई कार्य नहीं है; और इसलिए झिझकने की कोई आवश्यकता नहीं है।

Considering your specific duty as a Kshatriya, you should know that there is no better engagement for you than fighting for Dharma (terminating enemies of Dharma/ Adharmis / Mleechas); and so there is no need for hesitation.

अथ चेत्त्वमिमं धर्म्यं सङ्ग्रामं न करिष्यसि ।
ततः स्वधर्मं कीर्तिं च हित्वा पापमवाप्स्यसि ॥ २-३३॥

Devnagari: यदि आप लड़ाई के अपने धार्मिक कर्तव्य का पालन नहीं करते हैं, तो आप निश्चित रूप से अपने कर्तव्यों की उपेक्षा का पाप करेंगे और इस तरह एक योद्धा के रूप में अपनी प्रतिष्ठा खो देंगे।

If, however, you do not perform your Dharmic duty of fighting, then you will certainly incur sins for neglecting your duties and thus lose your reputation as a fighter.

Krishna’s message is clear if you do not fight against anti-Hindu Muslim criminals you are in a way aiding terrorism and incurring sins of being indirect supporter of Adharmic act of terrorism. Each Dharmic Hindu’s duty is to fight against neighbourhood terrorists and free their society from anti-nationals, rapists and looters.

After reading this article, still you have some doubts then check how non-Muslims are treated under Islamic regime. Do not miss their hatred for Hindu Saffron color that they ensure is put upon on all Kafirs before they are killed. The crimes of this video will be enacted in each city of Bharat by terrorist Muslims if Hindus DO NOT RETALIATE. Mughal terrorism will be re-visited by each of those leeches residing nearby your houses.


Viewer discretion is highly recommended.

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    1. Aakash Gupta says:

      These Malechhas always attack in groups. It is easy to fight one-on-one but one-vs-3/4 is very difficult. What we can do to deal with multiple malechhas ??

      Do Kalaripyattu or Krav Maga can help Hindus in fighting multiple Malechhas at once ??

    2. Sandu the Sinhalese says:

      May the blood of the Adharmis clean the land of my Bharatwarsh, and may the wrath of the Dharmics be upon the Adharmis, for the adharmis are the ones spreading mischief in the land, waging war against Bhagwan, his Dharma, and its Gurus.

      May Bhagwan hurt them, so that we shall invade their lands, and take their mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters as war booty.

      May our hands bring their evil karma to them.

      Har Har Mahadev!! ✊✊

      1. © HariBhakt says:

        No war booty in Dharmic war, only complete annihilation of enemies.

      2. Aakash Gupta says:

        Doing rape or sexual assault even with enemy’s women is not our Dharma

        Let our Hindu women take care of these female Malechhas

    3. ಹರ ಹರ ಮಹಾದೇವ says:

      Radhe Radhe Haribolji,
      Excellent truth to all the Hindus in Bhaarath. Yogi Adithyanathji/ any strong RSS/VHP member should be the next PM of India unlike secular Modiji. Gandhi and Nehru dynasty are the curse to our country. Gandhi statues should be replaced with Sardar Vallabhai Patel statues. Gandhi and Nehru named places/ streets names should be replaced with Sardar Vallabhai Patel and Naturam Godse. Sinner Gandhi image in currency notes should be replaced with Pious OM symbol inorder to remove negative energies like Terrorism and Corruption. By doing this, we can definitely ban the petroleum import from Muslim countries and encourage Renewable energy Vehicles like what Europe is doing. Kerala Communist CM Pinarayi Vijayan is an Atheist and Secular. He gave his daughter to a Muslim. It is clear that all the Communist party leaders and Lal Salam Union will be brutally killed by Arab based terrorist organisations like SDPI, PFI in coming 5 years. Cross breeder Indira Gandhi brought “SECULARISM” during emergency time. Indira Gandhi/Begum appeased Paedophyllic Muslims and degraded Hindus. We need ex Muslims who are converted into Sanathana dharmam to reveal the terror Manual Quran to all the Non Muslims. Atleast Yogi Adityanath ji should take stringent action against all the Muslims living in Bhaarath. Muslims should be fired out of Government and Private jobs and they should not be recruited in all Private and Public agencies. SECULARISM term should be removed by BJP and declare Bhaarath as HINDU RASHTRA. History books are manipulated by Anti Human Khangress and Communists . Now Education department should reveal the truth about Anti Human, Barbaric and Racist ISLAM . Muslims are curse to Humanity and these Muslims are the dirtiest demons in
      present Kaliyugam. Uttarakhand government removed temples from Government control, Hope Yogi Adityanath ji removes all the Vedic temples from Government control and give it to Sanathana dharmam followers. Rahul Gandhi is PAPPU and he can never be next PM because his mother Sonia Gandhi bifurcated Andhra Pradesh into two by doing injustice to all the Telugu people. She will definitely face the curse from Telugu Vedic preists.
      Jai Akhanda Bhaarath
      Vande Maatharam
      Jai Sree Rama
      Jai Hanumantha
      Jai Maa Durga

      1. haribhakt haribhakt says:

        Jai Shree Krishna Pranav ji,

        Thanks for adding value to the content.

        Jai Shree Ram
        Har Har Mahadev

        1. ಹರ ಹರ ಮಹಾದೇವ says:

          Sir, The Changes that should be made in our Bhaarath Education system are:
          1.Making defence training compulsory from Class 8 to 10 and Pre University education.
          2. Organic farming using Indian Cows and Bulls to cultivate healthy crops. We Hindus must take Temples from Government control and We need funding from Indian Automobile companies to maintain Temples Tourism, Goshalas and Vedic Schools. Indian Automobile companies should completely ban Petroleum Vehicles manufacturing and go for eco friendly Renewable Energy Technology Manufacturing . Banning Petroleum= making Muslims poor because Petroleum is the Huge income for Islamisation of the world.
          Jai Hindu Rashtra

      2. Harish k Rajput says:

        You must download video and share with other Hindus to let them know what is instore in their future if they do not fight back against nearby muslim terrorists.


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