Shukracharya Pisacha Revealed Quran Muhammad

Under guidance of Shukracharya, Kuru scion Kauravas scrutinized several slaves and servants of their tribes. They were at prominent position as they indirectly and secretly controlled several cults in Arab.

Pisachas, negative forces, evil spirits and demons infest caves as they hate Sun Light and fire but love water like Kurus and their slaves, muslims.

Shukracharya Initiated Anti-Vedic Quran Revelation

Pishachas of Shukracharya Scanned Tribal People

Following instructions from Shukracharya, Pisachas (Pisach or Pisaachaas) and Vetalas were sent to several people of Kuraysh Hindu tribe. In all the cases, the revelation failed as their will power was not so weak and they could not be consumed in trance. They ran away seeing evil forces. Few others fought back chanting Vedic mantras. Instead their faith on Vedic gods increased to manifolds. Inception of Vedic mantras and symbols made Pisachas move away from them. Wicked motive of Kauravas and Shukra failed, they began searching for most gullible among them, and then they found their ideal person in an idiot credulous Hindu, mohammed.

Kaaba Allah Exposed Quraysh tribes ran away Shurkacharya Kauravas plan failed
Some victims of Shukracharya controlled Pisachas started chanting Vedic mantras. Others got involved in prayers. They regularized their spiritual practices. Shukra and Kauravas plan backfired until they got mohammed.

Born in a Hindu family, his uncle was very religious but Mohammed was not inclined towards spirituality. He least bothered to seek knowledge. He was already known of being dumb, gullible, submissive and illiterate among his men long before Kuran was programmed in his mind through mental conditioning. Mohammed was one of the subjects for Shukra, again a Pisach is sent in the cave and Mohammed was subdued in trance, unlike other subjects, instead of getting frightened he enjoyed the company of Pisach.

Mohammed was totally in spellbound of this Pisach, he started revisiting the same cave to experience this pleasing evility in his mind, veins and thoughts.

Though Mohammed was not an evil person before, but his meeting with Pisach made him filled with hatred towards other fellow human beings, for now he was first victim of Shukracharya (Shukran, Sukr, Shukra) and Kuru dynasty’s gooney movement. The further elaboration of his life incidents reveal truth that Muhammed was possessed by demonic Pisaachaa.

Shukran’s Influence of 6 and His Pisaachaa’s Spell

Shukran sent several Pisaachaas to different set of people so that they could be made his slave but most of them fled or were able to control Pisaachaas as few of them still practiced Vedic rituals.

Ghosts and Pisaachaas do not embrace or touch. They violently squeeze the person. Same thing happened with Muhammed. Muhammed felt a hard pressure from the Pisaachaa. Muhammed was trembling in complete disbelief. Muhammed was so terrified when he really encountered the ghost that he hurried home to his wife and begged her to wrap him in clothing “I turned around after hearing the summons again and saw Pisaachaa seated on the throne in the open space. I started shaking from the dread. I went to Khadija and told her to wrap me. They covered me with a blanket and doused me in water.” (Sahih Muslim book 1, chapter 74, line 307, page 100 by Jabir).

When the Pisaachaa went, Muhammed was in terrible distress. He was very much disturbed. Before seeing Muhammed, like other spirits, this Pisaachaa appeared to a number of individuals to make them first slave but failed.

One important incident from the life of Muhammed must be cited here to understand what type of person he was. When Muhammed turned five, his foster parents decided to return him to Amina because they were worried about his mental health. Amina gave up the child as she never wanted him. She was hesitant to accept the child back because she hadn’t yet found a new spouse, but then Halima informed her about his odd conduct. Since Muhammed was weaned at the age of two, they had made several attempts to return him, but Amina had demanded that they keep him for a little longer. Ibn Ishaq has a record of Halima saying: “I am concerned that this kid Muhammed has had a stroke, therefore returning him back to his home before the outcome shows.” “The mother of Muhammed questioned me and wouldn’t let me rest until I explained what had transpired. I admitted that I thought a demon had taken possession of him when she questioned me about it.” [Sirat Ibn Ishaq, page 72: Ibn Ishaq (pronounced Is-haq, Arabic for Isaac) was a Muslim historian, born in Medina approximately 85 years after Hijra (704. died 768)].

Ghost Possessed Muhammad Slave of Pisacha

Muhammed occasionally went through some odd bodily ailments. It is reported from Hadith Mishkat that he occasionally would shrivel and faint, scream like a camel, and exude white frothy saliva (Hadith Mishkat iv p.359). When he received revelations, there would occasionally be a sound like bees buzzing close to his face (source: Umar Ibnu’l Khattab), while other times he would experience severe headaches.

Symptoms of a possessed Person who is under control of evil spirits or Pisaachaa are; headache, sweating, forgetfulness, eyes rising up, fear, suicidal thoughts, anger, brutal behaviour, abusive, lustful, attraction to malice like excessive alcohol drinking and drug abuse, changed personality, different voice, yelling, shivering, body getting warm, staying quiet for long hours, and uncontrollable conduct.

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Compare the possessed person traits with what was happening with Muhammed. That is why in initial years when he preached about this cult, no one took interest in his vicinity, they had witnessed Muhammed rolling in pain, sweating and yelling. Like his foster parents even neighbours thought of him as a possessed man.

It is very rare that good spirits give visit. And when they do they do not behave like evil ghosts of harassing the person. Muhammed’s response was very different. If he had acquainted with a noble ghost, he would have not behaved like a terrified victim. Unquestionably, something upsetting happened. He returns to his wife perplexed and terrified, asking her, “What’s wrong with me?” Muhammed had his wife wrap him in a blanket because he did not want to see the source of his fear once more, much like kids do when they are terrified of monsters in the dark.

Muhammed was not fully convinced whatever Khadija said. He tried to relieve himself by taking his life multiple times. He leaves her after being unsatisfied with her comfort since he has a gut feeling that something bad has occurred to him. The only method he is aware of to handle it is to take his own life. But this spirit intervenes from the mountaintop, comforts him, and rubs his ego by saying, “O Muhammed, you are apostle.” Muhammed climbs down the mountain again.

The suicide attempts made by Muhammed are not widely cited by sly islamic preachers as they know this would project Muhammed as a weak common man. Muhammed was so terrified after the first time a Pisaachaa visited him, that he made an attempt at suicide. He climbed a peak in preparation for his intended suicide jump. The same entity that had first terrified him then stepped in. After this spirit’s appearances decreased over the course of the following three years, Muhammed would attempt suicide once more in a similar way. Again, the fact is, Muhammed did not commit suicide as he was solely prevented by the intervention of this Pisaachaa.

This happened again and again several times he feared and got back without committing suicide. Taking other’s life was easy but self-killing was too hard for Muhammed.

Muhammed struggled with fear, sadness, and uncertainty that were too genuine and enduring to get rid of. Comforting words did not help in internal suffering, uncertainties, and worries “I am a poet or possessed, woe is me! I’ll climb to the top of the mountain and commit myself by jumping to my death so I may relax.”

Few Islamic leaders openly discuss this life phase of Muhammed but mostly ignore this aspect and do not reply to their followers since it tarnishes Muhammed and calls into question the veracity of his purported “prophetic” experience. Other, smarter Muslims who are aware of the sources (Refer Annexure 1) reply by claiming that the experience’s shock contributed to the man’s attempt at suicide. They argue that any common man would commit suicide if encountered with ghosts or angels. What an absurd argument, if this was the pattern then thousands of ghosts possessed incidents that occur regularly would have ended only in suicides but it is not so. Only heavily possessed person under influence of Pishacha commit suicide, which is comes in rare cases of possessed victims. Instead the possessing entity utilise the body of the person for fulfilling its own desires or the purpose of the person to whom Pisaachaa serves. An alive person possessed by the Pishacha is not killed because it uses the victim’s body. Only in revenge cases, Pisacha or the spirit kills the person.

Muhammed is left without help. Khadija insisted this is God’s medium and you are prophet. As time goes on, this Pisaachaa visits Muhammed less frequently, but recalling possessed moments, invokes sadness and torments in him stronger than before. He makes another attempt at suicide. The Pisaachaa again steps in at that precise moment and commands him to halt. Over the ensuing years, he experiences more depressive episodes, makes more attempts at suicide, and the Pisaachaa never gives up on him. Pisaachaa tells him he is apostle. Muhammed starts to think of himself as a divine messenger.

Muhammed sums up to 6 and Pisaachaa also in numerology is 6 so gradually both of them began to enjoy each other’s company. And Quran is also 6 so natural 666 was turned into demonic by this new cult. They invented a death cult islam that was man centric and hellish for women and kids; true to Satanic traits of Pisaachaa. All under Asura Guru Shukran who is also 6.

Through Pisacha, Shukran got him completely brainwashed, rebuilding his thoughts, filling his heart and mind with intense hate and anger towards ancient wisdom. In few weeks, he was no more a human being but a creature who enjoyed sadistic pleasures in killing innocent people and raping women. All demonic qualities of Asuras – looting, raping, cheating, backstabbing, hypocrisy, deceit, evility and hatred – completely encapsulated thoughts of a dumb yet normal man mohammed. He was made a lunatic devil in human form by Shukra and his Kauravas secret society.

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Shukra, Pisacha and Kauravas controlled mohammed to create islam and quran
Kauravas formed several small tribes. Kura’ysh (Qura’ysh) was their tribe. Kuran was formed to commemorate the legacy of Kuru dynasty. Kuaravas were still proud of their ancient roots. Teachings of Pisacha was compiled in non-chronological manner. Kura’n came from Kura’ysh and it also resembled Aan of Kuru (Kuru + Aan), prestige of Kauravas were restored after Mohammed was successfully brainwashed. A Hindu Mohammed was turned into a bot who acted on behalf of this Pisacha.

Pisachas, Daityas and Vetalas have history of harming humans and causing damage to the cause of Divine deeds.

After Mohammed was completely in control of this Pishacha, he turned into an evil, atrocious, barbarous and submissive subject for him. It was as if he imbibed all the anti-Vedic and anti-Human traits of Pisacha in him.

Contemporary Wisdom Further Proves That Mohammed Was Possessed

No one saw any other person giving instructions to Mohammed (Muhammed or muhammad). It was an invisible evil spirit that whispered in his ears to jot down the details to cause destruction to innocent people. Kuru (Kauravas) compiled Quran itself admits that someone dictates Mohammed about thoughts of Kuran, it is simply filled with wrong notions and lies, he simply parrots someone’s dictations:

Kuran (Quran) 25:4-6 says, “This is nothing but a lie that he made up, and others have helped him at it…Tales of the ancients; he wrote them down; they are dictated to him morning and evening.”

Later declaring Mohammed mentally unstable several Panths older than islam called Mohammed with different names. They called him fake. Some labelled him he is under spell of a Satan. Jewish writers described Muhammad as ha-Meshuggah (The Madman), this old notion of Jewish stuck with him and is still popular among non-muslims. Several other contemporaries openly mocked Mohammed that he was possessed by a demon, his behaviour is too erratic and abnormal.

Polytheist and islam critic Abu Talib was the leader of Banu Hashim, a Kaurava clan known as Kurayshi tribe of Mecca in the Hejazi region of the Arabian Peninsula. He was more famous and respected than mohammed himself. Many times, mohammed used clout of his uncle to preach his evil teachings to make credulous monotheists.

Possessed Ex Hindu Mohammed wasted huge amount of time in pursuing his own uncle Abu Talib to convert to islam. Abu criticized Mohammed on his face and counter argued. Abu never believed him to be a prophet. He challenged Mohammed that the day he wins religious debate with him, he himself would accept him as his prophet and embrace islam. Mohammed as usual always failed to convince sane people; his ideal targets were illiterates, criminals and outliers.

Later muslim clerics added several fake stories to justify acts of Abu Talib showing that he was always supportive to Mohammed’s agenda of killing, loot and terrorism to spread islam. When probed, why he never converted to islam, they become speechless. Many muslims and ex muslims believe that multiple writers added their own concepts in over three centuries to control the cult. The present Quran has core teachings given by Pisacha but also has contributions from different cultists.

Below update to this article further confirms that Quran is not God sent but creation of evil Pisacha and corrupt minds.

Update: In a 2020 article, a Saudi website said that while most Muslims (wrongly) believed the third caliph ‘Uthman bin ‘Affan’s book “is sacrosanct and must not be modified,” there were around 2500 “errors in spelling, syntax, grammar and punctuation” in it.

The same Pisaachaa was later falsely claimed to be a Gabriel by the Muslims to use Bible’s connection to paint Muhammed as the messenger but the traits shown by the Muhammed was not of a sane person let alone being a messenger. God is not weak to send messengers that too at a scarcely populated place infested by unhygienic Mleccha people who always try to destroy Dharma in all ages. It is proven multiple times in Vedic history.

For Kaurava’s slave Muslims across the world, the Cave of Hira (Gufa Hira) is very important because Muhammed is said to have meditated there and is reported to have received his first revelation of the Quran from Pishacha (falsely claimed as Gabriel) there. Islamic tradition holds that Muhammad’s first revelation was found in chapter 96. Pisaachaa (falsely claimed as Gabriel) appears to Muhammad as he is in seclusion in the Cave of Hira, which is situated at Mountain Jabal al-Nour close to Mecca, and tells him to “Read!”

Annexure 1 Possessed Muhammed:

Even in the Quran, [7], there are references that people believed that Muhammad was possessed or influenced by demons.

Sura 81:22-25 says, “No, your compatriot [Muhammad] is not mad. He saw him [Gabriel] on the clear horizon. He does not grudge the secrets of the unseen, nor is this the utterance of an accursed devil.”

Sura 69:41, 42 say, “It [the Quran] is no poet’s speech: scant is your faith! It is no soothsayer’s divination: how little you reflect! It is revelation from the Lord of the Universe.

Here Muhammed is saying to his critics that he really saw an angel, and his words are not from a devil, or from his own imagination. No doubt the people living at that time thought he was inspired by a devil, so Muhammed spoke these words, as the Quran, in self-defense.

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An experience Muhammad had as a child. When Muhammed was a child a Bedouin woman nursed him. During this time he had an experience with “two men in white raiment”. Here is W. M. Watt’s translation of Ibn Ishaq’s biography of Muhammed, page 36: “…two men in white clothes came to me with a golden basin full of snow. They took me and split open my body, then they took my heart and split it open and took out from it a black clot which they flung away. Then they washed my heart and my body with that snow until they made them pure.”

This event deeply disturbed the Bedouins and they returned Muhammed to his mother. Here is the story told by Muhammed’s wet-nurse, related in Guillaume’s translation of Ibn Ishaq, page 72: “His [Muhammed’s friend’s] father said to me, “I am afraid that this child has had a stroke, so take him back to his family before the result appears. ….. She [Muhammad’s mother] asked me what happened and gave me no peace until I told her. When she asked if I feared a demon had possessed him, I replied that I did.”

Even in his childhood, some people thought he was demon possessed. Note that even Muhammed’s wet-nurse believed he had been demon possessed. One expects a degree of attachment between the two, since she cared for and nursed him. And note it was Muhammad’s mother that brought up the possibility of him being demon possessed. So it is peculiar that both the mother would suggest it and the wet nurse would return Muhammad in those circumstances: something alarming actually occurred.

Other Sources: There are multiple verses that you can create a booklet around the suicide attempts of Muhammed. Muhammed’s attempts at suicide are mentioned in a number of important Islamic sources, including the “Sahih” collection of Hadith by Bukhari, “Sirat Rasulallah” by Ibn Ishaq, “Kitab al-Tabaqat al-Kabir” by Ibn Sa’d, and “Ta’rikh al-rulul wa’l-muluk” by Tabari. Many aspects of modern Islam are based on these original texts. After the Quran, Bukhari’s Sahih Hadith is regarded as the second most significant body of texts in Islam. The finest source for early Islamic history is Tabari’s History, while Ibn Ishaq’s biography of Muhammad is regarded as the most reliable biography still in existence.

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