Shukracharya Pisacha Revealed Quran Muhammad

Under guidance of Shukracharya, Kuru scion Kauravas scrutinized several slaves and servants of their tribes. They were at prominent position as they indirectly and secretly controlled several cults in Arab.

Pisachas, negative forces, evil spirits and demons infest caves as they hate Sun Light and fire but love water like Kurus and their slaves, muslims.

Shukracharya Initiated Anti-Vedic Quran Revelation

Pishachas of Shukracharya Scanned Tribal People

Following instructions from Shukracharya, Pisachas and Vetalas were sent to several people of Kuraysh Hindu tribe. In all the cases, the revelation failed as their will power was not so weak and they could not be consumed in trance. They ran away seeing evil forces. Few others fought back chanting Vedic mantras. Instead their faith on Vedic gods increased to manifolds. Inception of Vedic mantras and symbols made Pisachas move away from them. Wicked motive of Kauravas and Shukra failed, they began searching for most gullible among them, and then they found their ideal person in an idiot credulous Hindu, mohammed.

Kaaba Allah Exposed Quraysh tribes ran away Shurkacharya Kauravas plan failed
Some victims of Shukracharya controlled Pisachas started chanting Vedic mantras. Others got involved in prayers. They regularized their spiritual practices. Shukra and Kauravas plan backfired until they got mohammed.

Born in a Hindu family, his uncle was very religious but Mohammed was not inclined towards spirituality. He least bothered to seek knowledge. He was already known of being dumb, gullible, submissive and illiterate among his men long before Kuran was programmed in his mind through mental conditioning. Mohammed was one of the subjects for Shukra, again a Pisach is sent in the cave and Mohammed was subdued in trance, unlike other subjects, instead of getting frightened he enjoyed the company of Pisach.

Mohammed was totally in spellbound of this Pisach, he started revisiting the same cave to experience this pleasing evility in his mind, veins and thoughts.

Though Mohammed was not an evil person before, but his meeting with Pisach made him filled with hatred towards other fellow human beings, for now he was first victim of Shukracharya and Kuru dynasty’s gooney movement.

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Through Pisacha, Shukra got him completely brainwashed, rebuilding his thoughts, filling his heart and mind with intense hate and anger towards ancient wisdom. In few weeks, he was no more a human being but a creature who enjoyed sadistic pleasures in killing innocent people and raping women. All demonic qualities of Asuras – looting, raping, cheating, backstabbing, hypocrisy, deceit, evility and hatred – completely encapsulated thoughts of a dumb yet normal man mohammed. He was made a lunatic devil in human form by Shukra and his Kauravas secret society.

Shukra, Pisacha and Kauravas controlled mohammed to create islam and quran
Kauravas formed several small tribes. Kura’ysh (Qura’ysh) was their tribe. Kuran was formed to commemorate the legacy of Kuru dynasty. Kuaravas were still proud of their ancient roots. Teachings of Pisacha was compiled in non-chronological manner. Kura’n came from Kura’ysh and it also resembled Aan of Kuru (Kuru + Aan), prestige of Kauravas were restored after Mohammed was successfully brainwashed. A Hindu Mohammed was turned into a bot who acted on behalf of this Pisacha.

Pisachas, Daityas and Vetalas have history of harming humans and causing damage to the cause of Divine deeds.

After Mohammed was completely in control of this Pishacha, he turned into an evil, atrocious, barbarous and submissive subject for him. It was as if he imbibed all the anti-Vedic and anti-Human traits of Pisacha in him.

Contemporary Wisdom Further Proves That Mohammed Was Possessed

No one saw any other person giving instructions to Mohammed. It was an invisible evil spirit that whispered in his ears to jot down the details to cause destruction to innocent people. Kuru (Kauravas) compiled Quran itself admits that someone dictates Mohammed about thoughts of Kuran, it is simply filled with wrong notions and lies, he simply parrots someone’s dictations:

Kuran (Quran) 25:4-6 says, “This is nothing but a lie that he made up, and others have helped him at it…Tales of the ancients; he wrote them down; they are dictated to him morning and evening.”

Later declaring Mohammed mentally unstable several Panths older than islam called Mohammed with different names. They called him fake. Some labelled him he is under spell of a Satan. Jewish writers described Muhammad as ha-Meshuggah (The Madman), this old notion of Jewish stuck with him and is still popular among non-muslims. Several other contemporaries openly mocked Mohammed that he was possessed by a demon, his behaviour is too erratic and abnormal.

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Polytheist and islam critic Abu Talib was the leader of Banu Hashim, a Kaurava clan known as Kurayshi tribe of Mecca in the Hejazi region of the Arabian Peninsula. He was more famous and respected than mohammed himself. Many times, mohammed used clout of his uncle to preach his evil teachings to make credulous monotheists.

Ex Hindu possessed Mohammed wasted huge amount of time in pursuing his own uncle Abu Talib to convert to islam. Abu criticized Mohammed on his face and counter argued. Abu never believed him to be a prophet. He challenged Mohammed that the day he wins religious debate with him, he himself would accept him as his prophet and embrace islam. Mohammed as usual always failed to convince sane people; his ideal targets were illiterates, criminals and outliers.

Later muslim clerics added several fake stories to justify acts of Abu Talib showing that he was always supportive to Mohammed’s agenda of killing, loot and terrorism to spread islam. When probed, why he never converted to islam, they become speechless.

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