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Shukra created anti-Gods like allah. To justify existence and farcical power of anti-Gods, he needed several shadow demons, he created hundreds of weak demons like Satan, Barong, Charun, Aeshma, Arunasura, Asakku, Lucifer, Beelzebub and Mephistopheles. Other times Shukra is referred as synonyms to these devils. By the last phase of Kaliyug, Shukra would end up creating 8001 devils and prophets to support 8 million cults (with sub-sects). At one point, some cults would be having followership of a single person or a family. All of them fighting among themselves or waging continuous war against Sanatan Dharmis (Hindus) through-out Kaliyug. In the last stages of Kaliyug, Hindus would be known as Kalkiputras.

Kaaba Background: Who is Shukracharya, Real Father of Allah?

Shukracharya and Secret to His Power

Rakshas Guru Shukracharya  was born in a Bhargava gotra, in the year Paarthiva on friday on Shravan Sudha Ashtami when Swati Nakashtra was ascending.

Shukracharya has power to travel different permissible Lokas and anywhere in earth. He made Khamboj kingdom (now Cambodia) his abode. His bio vehicle is crocodile and tries to imbibe traits of Crocodile in most of the demons he creates. He was married to Urjaswathi, an intelligent daughter of King Priyavartha.

Shukracharya had four sons- Chand, Amark, Twasthra, Dharaatra and a daughter named Devyani who was later married to Yayati (son of Hindu King Nahusha and his wife Ashokasundari). Chand and Amark later became guru of HariBhakt Prahlad. Shukracharya also taught hidden skills to Prahlad.

Shukracharya was also married to Jayanti (Daughter of Devraj Indra).

Shukracharya always sided with Daityas (demons) in war against Devtas (Gods). He could not witness deaths of Asuras at the hands of Devtas. He undertook an arduous penance and invoked the blessings of Shiva. He asked for a mantra, which would ensure that the demons never lost. Shiva agreed to do so, but Shukracharya would have to perform a certain ritual for a thousand years and live only on smoke during this period. Shukracharya began this ritual in order to get the mantra from Shiva.

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His devotion towards Bhagwan Shiv would inspire other Rakshasas to perform difficult penance and seek Blessings from Bhagwan Shiv. Shukracharya showed Daityas ways to become more powerful and strong.

Vowed to dethrone reign of Devta’s abnegation, Shukracharya performed a rigorous penance by hanging himself upside down over an altar burning chaff and inhaling smoke for thousand years. Bhagwan Shiv pleased with his immense penance and bhakti, granted him Mrit Sanjeevani Vidya (the secret knowledge of making dead alive). This made him very powerful, he slyly used his powers to resurrect dead devils and harm humanity, devotees of Bhagwan and his ally Gods.
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Shukracharya, Kurus and Their Muslim Slaves

Shukracharya likes to be respected and appreciated by humans and devtas. He engages in different evil acts of deception, perception, corruption and guile to make others respect him and support his Rakshasas (demons). Shukra term is used in many ways among mleccha cults across world. Surprisingly, the term has no derogatory synonym in any non-Vedic cults. Shukracharya ensured that followers of his different devils give due respect to him.

To commemorate their Guru Shukra, Kurus gave his name al-Shukra (al-shakoor) to his devil, Allah.

Kuru’s most obedient slave, Mohammed umpteen times said Shukra (respecting Guru Shukra for his mission of causing distress to Vedic people), whenever he was successful in waging jihad (terrorism, killing of non-muslims) and forceful conversion of masses to Islam thereby making them slave like himself. It has multiple mentions in Kuran (a book created by Kurus for their muslim slaves).

shukracharya father of allah mohammed muslims

“Shukriya” (Hail Shukra) or “Acharya hi Shukra hai” (Only True Acharya is Shukra) are both common greeting calls for Shukracharya made by his demons who humbly bowed towards him uttering these words. Slaves of Kuru dynasty, muslims also use same greeting terms “Shukriya” (Thank You) or “Allah ka Shukra hai” (Thank Allah).

Shukracharya is controlling Kuru dynasty who created Allah and gave sermons to Mohammed through a demon servant of Shukracharya so in a way Shukracharya is actual father of Allah. He is mentor of all evil forces and their children. Shukracharya advised Kauravas to migrate to different places and develop anti-Vedic cults across the world.

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Shukracharya was behind sending negative spirits to create fake Sadhus, cult founders and anti-Human sects. In different Yugas, He created different asuras to defeat righteousness, morality and natural harmony of the world.

Muslims follow Kuru dynasty ecosystem who in turn follow plans devised by Shukracharya. Muslims are in the grip of DARK SPELL of Shukracharya who suggested Kauravas of Kuru Dynasty to migrate to middle east and form islam.

A living Muslim would always be a threat to humanity as it is completely controlled by negative spirits and evil teachings of scions of Kauravas at behest of Shukracharya. Due to enslavement, no Muslim is ever at peace – mentally, physically and spiritually. Their actions would always be opposite to righteousness, morality and human values. They are mentally conditioned to behave so. Only death gives peace to a Muslim. A living Muslim is a threat to Dharmics but a dead Muslim is peaceful entity for humans. Muslims have dirtiest and evilest traits of Asuras as they are created to act so. Killing is passtime of Asuras, it generates abundance of evil energy that help them gain supremacy over humans. Killing innocent animals and sacrificing their blood strengthens negative energy, it is absorbed by demonic spirits to harm humans. Ironically, Muslims are also humans but their programmed mind make them self-destructive bots. They are hypnotically forced to kill animals and innocent people. Rarely, few of the fortunate beings due to past good karma escape the spell and renounce Islam. But rest give up to the satanic ecosystem of Shukracharya. Termination of Adharmis, evil forces and negative energies is good for the nature and existence, Dharma of human race.

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    1. Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

      A Very tight slapping article to terrorist muslims. Haribol ji you are great brother. Islam is anti human, barbaric and racist religion in present Kaliyugam. Please keep on posting the true colour of Muslims. In Kaliyugam, one pillar of Dharma “Truthfulness” is still alive. This is enough to clean anti human sewage pig muslims.
      Jai Sree Ram
      Jai Hanuman
      Jai Sree Krishna
      Jai Maa Shakthi

    2. Nice article makes a lot of logical sense.

      I would also like to know how judaism started and Christianity, they surely are linked to Yadava’s.

    3. Nice article makes a lot of logical sense.

      I would also like to know how judaism started and Christianity, they surely are linked to Yamaha’s.