boycott bollywood hindi movie mohalla assi.

Since inception of several film making companies in India, partially funded by Dawood and underworld goons, Bollywood is continuously producing anti-Hindu movies. Hindi cinema industry located in mumbai make movies that are against Vedic Hindu culture. They justify their pay masters by eulogising gangster cult islam and denigrate Hinduism in every possible manner.

Leftist media and ecosystem mock Hindus, hiding crimes of jihadi islamists in MSM and feed Indians 24×7 lies to slowly islamize Bharat. Cinema Industry is extension of MSM, literature and media ecosystem funded by breaking India forces.

Boycott Bollywood Hindi Movie

Shocking Dialogues Insulting Hindu gods and Culture of Varanasi

Shame …!!! Shame !!! Crossword Entertainment Pvt. Ltd and its entire crew including Chandra Prakash Dwivedi and Sunny Deol

Shocking images below mention the dirty dialogues used by mockers in anti-Hindu movie Mohalla Assi. The entire movie is filled with foulest of langauges used to mock Hindus, Hindu gods and Culture of Varanasi. The images sourced from IBN.

No one would believe the way Sunny Deol and Chandra Parakash Dwivedi openly insulted Bhagwan Shiv and lifestyle of Varanasi. Sunny Deol has filmy background of acting in movies which are patriotic and invoke sense of pride on being Indian. What made him allow such scenes to be shot…!! …Were his Indianness showcased in previous films shallow. Hindus all over India are deeply hurt by their favorite Hindu hero Sunny Deol…very shocking deed by an Hindu actor who is a part of minority in majority muslim’s film Industry…!!!

An age old Hindu practice of starting films with Muhurats is already stopped by muslim dominated dawood controlled movie Industry, now there is an organized agenda to release at least one movie per year that denigrates Indian culture and mock Hindus.

All Hindus should unite together against the blasphemy and denigration of Hinduism done by team of Mohalla Assi movie. There are several Hindu organizations already disapproving release of this anti-Hindu movie Mohalla Assi in various parts of India, raising awareness among Hindus to join the protest.

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Indian government is headed by Modi Ji who himself is a devout Hindu. Time has come for the BJP government to walk the talk of commitment to development and protection of Indian culture and ban the movie mohalla assi from releasing. We all appreciated and contributed to the government’s effort on making Yoga day a successful event. When we are working hard to protect Hindu culture, such antics by film Industry dent the massive efforts and man-hours we are putting to resurrect our Hindu culture among Youth. Movie is a mass media and it hit the minds of young people where it impacts more. So No DVD release or theatre release for anti-Hindu movies. Enough damage is already done by moviewallahs. Previously they mocked Hindu Gods in anti-Hindu movies like OMG- Oh MY God, Love Jihadi movie PK now this pathetic attempt.

boycott and ban mohalla assi for insulting Hindu gods and Hinduism

Shame on entire cast and crew of Mohalla Assi and especially Chandra Prakash Dwivedi for deeply hurting sentiments of Hindus. Similarly OMG mocked Hindu traditions deeply insulting Vedic beliefs.

Boycott Bollywood Hindi Movie : Anti-Hindu Mohalla Assi Movie

Can these people dare to make such movies on mecca and mohammed or even maluanas of muslims or church priests !!! Then why they always malign Hindu culture in the guise of satire and freedom of speech. Where there guts to express freedom of speech goes when it comes to islam and christianity.

The Shankaracharya of Dwarakapeeth has clarified that when people accidentally utter any obscenity, they immediately repent by taking Lord Shiva’s name. It has been completely misrepresented in the movie dialogue as shown below.

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Boycott Bollywood Hindi Movie : Ban Boycott Mohalla Assi

Its now or never Hindus should retaliate and aggressively deal with such anti-Hindus of movie Industry.

Boycott Bollywood Hindi Movie : Disavow Abandon Mohalla Assi

Boycott Bollywood Hindi Movie : Ban mohalla assi movie

For the sake of pious spirituality, these moviewallahs should think of raising issues that is of high concern than mock Hindus and Hinduism.

Sunny Deol insults Hindu culture of respecting Ethos, Gurus and Elders while abusing Hindu rituals. In which movie till date, we have ever seen a maulana being insulted by a movie character. But freedom of speech is incomplete without Hindu bashing. In this scene, he is insulting an ignorant devotee on asking what to use mineral or ganga water for holy processions.

Boycott Bollywood Hindi Movie : boycott mohalla assi

Hindus regularly come to Benaras (Varanasi) for inner peace and Shiv temples. The faith on Sanatan Dharm make them stay here and visit all the temples. The stupid characters in the movie mock tourists of Varanasi which largely comprise of Hindu families. Do Hindu family visit the place for Ganja and materialistic fun ??!!!

Boycott Bollywood Hindi Movie : Stop Release Mohalla Assi

A character in the guise of Bhagwan Shiv is shown as a common street hustler and also seen bad mouthing with very dirty and foul languages as shown below. Bhagwan Shiv was also insulted in Jihadi Aamir’s filth PK.

Boycott Bollywood Hindi Movie : boycott mohalla assi movie insulting Bhagwan Shiv

The culprit team who denigrated Hindus and Hinduism. And these people call themselves civilized and title as Dr. — Shameless fellows.

  • Misdirected by: Chandra Prakash Dwivedi
  • Money Wasted by: Vinay Tiwari
  • Farcely Written by: Dr. Kashi Nath Singh
  • Dirty Screenplay by: Dr. Chandra Prakash Dwivedi
  • Pathetic Story by: Dr. Kashi Nath Singh
  • Based on Anti-Hindu Novel: Kashi Ka Assi by Dr. Kashinath Singh
  • Mockers: Sunny Deol, Ravi kishan, Sakshi Tanwar, Saurabh Shukla, Mukesh Tiwari and Rajendra Gupta

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    1. Lovepreet Singh says:

      Sir ji they are forced but this movie is banned already and wont be realsing. sunny deol made a bad choice but this happen because of the islamic terroist.

    2. More than Hindu or Muslim, try to see them as humans. They are of two kinds. Good and Bad.
      Instead of terming them as Muslims term the Bad and Criminals as untouchables.Don’t you have a Muslim friend who is good at heart and living/lived a fulfilling life.
      Do you think Abdul Kalam as a Muslim or as a Good person.
      Change this attitude of building hatred. Hatred in you kills you not others.

      1. Hey Mleccha,

        Do not joke around when you come here to comment. Koran clearly teaches to kill non-muslims and instigate Jihad (terrorism) against non-muslim women, children and innocent people. What we are showing is mere reflection (that too at minutest level, on actual scale you might puke on the reality of islam). Mlecchas like you cannot stop us from speaking truth.

        Better ask your mulla jihadis not to engage in anti-national activities and islamizing India with population jihad, love jihad and cultural jihad. SPEAK truth, you are not blind person not to see ill-effects of islam and its evilness.

        You cannot hide behind name of Abdul Kalam. After 800 years only one muslim name is available from you jihadis to chant 100 times wherever islam = terrorism is discussed. Give name of 20 muslims who fought for Indian freedom struggle and you know what, it will be hard for you to specify even 5 names. Most muslims were boot lickers of goras and jailers in british system, which later helped them in getting free land pakistan without any actual struggle and sacrifice for freedom.

      2. Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

        Hey mlechcha manidan , Your Islam became curse to the whole world. You people produce children like pigs and make areas mini Pakistans . Your muslim countries will loose petroleum very soon . Your countries will fight and Islam will be burnt into ashes by 2021. Your khangress leader PAPPU RAHUL GAANDU will never come to power. Soon Khangress will be thrown into Indian Ocean. India will become hindu rashtra and all the Hindus will thrash Muslims

      3. Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

        Sorry it is 21 st century not 2021

    3. राधे-राधे haribiol ji
      Muslaman log apna back dog ki tarah utha ke namaz ada q karte hai aur pure world me friday ke din mujhse sadko par musalman dog ki tarah hi jhuke hue nazar atey hai ?

      1. Radhe Radhe Brajesh Ji,

        The word Namaz was taken from two Sanskrit roots Nama and Yajna (NAMa नमः YAJna यज्ञ) meaning bowing and worshiping.

        The pose of Namaz is distorted form of Scientific poses of Yoga.

        In ancient Bharat, there was time when Amavasya (no moon day) and Fridays were used to unlock negative energies by dark energy tantriks who always liked animal sacrificing, killing people for fulfilling their wishes – to satisfy urges of pret. The cries and atrocities committed on innocent people multiplied strength of such negative energies, making them strong. Whenever they were successful they used to pray to moon the first day of new moon day which symbolized challenging the positive energy. Not shocking the terrorism cult islam which also likes to kill innocent people and devote its time on unscrupulous activities against humans like to devil pray on fridays.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    4. It is a audacious display of ignorance and an ahankaari derision of holiness of the avimukta kshetra ; what is required is a proper counter to correct perceptions . Ahankaara stems from ignorance and does not affect the others

      1. Radhe Radhe Harihara Ji,

        It is not ignorance, they are aware of our legacy and culture, most of them are Hindus and such people can go any length to satisfy the urges of west and atheist people even insulting their own mothers. It is fault of their parents who could be having demonic leanings to not teach piousness of Hinduism and respect towards Bhagwan.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    5. These kind of movies should be boycotted immediately! They shouldn’t be in the theatres. And the same happened with PK movie.
      Boycott all the movies made to insult sanatan dharm and it’s culture.

      1. Radhe Radhe Mani Ji,

        We have NOT seen our present govt being so aggressive in protecting our culture. Though they do it in a guised manner, they are apologetic for being so open, which is the reason that some pseudo-seculars and atheists get chance to mock Hindus and Hinduism through cinema or other medium.

        Govt has to show intent to curb the menace. We all can protest and generate awareness or file cases but it only help in popularizing the culprit movie. Govt need to work towards protecting our culture OPENLY. But still we all should take to social media sites share the post and raise voice against these culprits thro their official twitter/FB accounts.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    6. manjunath says:

      Phate huve puraane joote aur chappal se maaro in sabhi ko..😠

      1. Radhe Radhe Manjunath Ji,

        The way these people are mocking Bhagwan Shiv Shankar they will soon meet the deserving fate.

        Hindus will surely rise and thrash such people publicly sooner or later. It will only happen when Hindus become proud of their culture and are not apologetic about greatness of contribution of Hinduism. The recent saga of controversy raised by muslims on Yoga and Hindus showing apologetic behaviour towards mlecchas is purely due to lack of confidence.

        We are working hard to invoke sense of pride and confidence among Hindus so that they unite together to protect the Vedic legacy. And we would appreciate if you too start spreading awareness among our brothers and sisters.

        Jai Shree Krishn

        1. But it seems no Hindu is interested in protecting the culture & traditions anymore, We Hindus now have become the slaves of Money and western lifestyle see where the youngsters are going….Shameless Punjabis forget that thier womens were brutally r@ped and butchered by Muslims now they are producing films with Muslims as their Womens have become the subject & example of pr*stitution, shamelessness, vulgarity & filth in India. We who cares need to do something about it. I am ready to do anything to protect this ancient time tested culture. We who cares need to come together and do something about it…if anyone interested kindly contact me on

          1. Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

            Yes brother, BOLLYWOOD=URDUWOOD/KARACHIWOOD/TERRORISTS WOOD. Marathi movie industry got betrayed because of this Bullywood.Tamizh movies are slowly becoming anti hindu. Malayalam movies are already anti hindu. Only most of the Telugu, Kannada and Marathi movies are protecting Hinduism. #boycott Bollywood

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