Leftists and liberals are islam sympathizers to an extent that they file mercy pleas for convicted terrorists around the world. They ignore tainted history of islam, stained with killing of billions of non-muslims across world for 1000 years in a quest to form islamic world. The petro-dollar syndicate fund leftists to dominate media and history to stop global retaliation against evility of islam.

It came as no shock when recently Richard Dawkins was given death threats by islamists on revealing true face of islam, ironically it was not highlighted by the media the way it should have been popularized.

Refusing to submit to de facto blasphemy laws, Dawkins made pragmatic statement.

“If you look at the actual impact that different religions have on the world it’s quite apparent that at present the most evil religion in the world has to be Islam,” he said in no uncertain terms.

The fact that Dawkins will likely require a round-the-clock security detail to protect him against retribution by religious fanatics is testament to just how bold such a public declaration can be in the West.

Richard Darwins apprehension raised few queries which  non-muslim world asked umpteen times.

Will muslims ever try to reform their religion as requested by Richard Dawkins?
Will they ever oppose fanatic islamists as muslims are also victims of islamic jihad?
When will muslim community oppose against islamic terrorism so that the world is peaceful place for muslims and non-muslims?

The answer is big NO.

It is nowhere to be seen. No outrage against radical islamists by (so called non-existent) moderate muslims is ever reported or recorded. Terror against humanity and non-muslims is core teaching of Quran. Followers of Gangster cult islam will never oppose any Jihadi terrorists instead they support terrorism by remaining silent and funding through Zakat and Halal.

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That is why responsibility lies on non-muslims to know the truth and learn from history to stop the menace of death cult. The aggressive retaliation of Hindu kings of India has several hidden lessons for all non-muslims to learn to fight against jihadi mullas.

Shivaji Maharaj is Guru for all Hindus willing to Protect Bharat from Islamic Terror

How Terrorist Afzal Khan was terminated by great Hindu king Shivaji Maharaj

Afzal Khan, the dreaded Bijapuri Commander, had advanced from Bijapur to Wai laying waste the whole country. His march till Wai had been an unrelieved calamity. Shivaji’s brave men had not till now faced a regular army equipped with artillery and dangerous weapons. At the first council he called, Shivaji found that few pessimists around him were scared of the evil man “who would shrink from no act of cruelty and treachery”. They all advised him to make peace. But how could a proud Hindu king trust a muslim invader and murderer, Afzal Khan who had cunningly killed Kasturi Ranga, the Raja of Sera, whom he had invited to his tent under promise of safety to make submission and peace. Rather it meant submission to Bijapur and backstabbing all his dreams of establishing Swarajya.

Ghazwa E Hind: how to stop muslim terrorists residing in your locality

This was one of the most critical moments in Shivaji’s establishment of Hindu Rashtra. If he submit to Afzal Khan, all his hopes of independence and future of Hindu citizens would be gone for ever. If he decline to negotiate, it would mean war with Bijapur. Shivaji made the brave choice. After pondering for a fortnight, he decided to follow Chanakyaneeti. It was said by erstwhile Marathas that the care-worn Maratha fell asleep in which state he had a vision of goddess Bhawani to face Afzal Khan boldly. On waking up Shivaji felt blessed. He agreed to meet terrorist Khan, who had a wicked plan to arrest or kill Shivaji during the discussion, not at Wai but near the fort of Pratapgarh.

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On Shivaji’s orders, an open pavilion, richly decorated was erected on the crest of an eminence below the fort of Pratapgarh. Shivaji prepared himself for any eventuality. To prevent detection of the steel claws (bagh nakh) in the palm of his left hand and a short dagger up his right hand sleeve, he had put on a long white flowing robe with broad long sleeves.

As decided, Shivaji now insisted that Afzal Khan should come to the tent for meeting accompanied by only two body-guards and that he too would come with only two body-guards, accompanied by their respective Brahmin envoys.

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When Shivaji was coming out of Pratapgarh fort, his mother blessed him saying that victory would be his. At the time of the meeting on 10th November 1659, only Afzal and Shivaji were present in the tent. The body-guards and the Pandits were below the platform.

A detailed historical account of this turning-point event about Afzal Khan’s death and rout of his army is discussed below.

shivaji killing afzalkhan

Afzal, a tall, ugly and well-built man, was first to arrive in the tent pitched for his reception. Shivaji was seemingly unarmed “like a rebel who had come to surrender, while the Khan had his sword and dagger at his side … Shivaji mounted the raised platform and bowed to Afzal. The Khan rose from his seat, advanced a few steps, and opened his arms to receive Shivaji in his embrace. The short slim Maratha’s head came only up to the shoulders of his opponent. Suddenly, Afzal tightened his clasp, and holding Shivaji’s neck fast in his left arm with an iron grip, while with his right hand he drew his long straight-bladed dagger and struck at the side of Shiva. The hidden armor rendered the blow harmless. In a moment, Shiva recovered from the surprise, passed his left arm round the Khan’s waist and tore his bowels open with a blow of the steel claws. Then with the right hand he drove the bichwa into Afzal’s side ….. Shivaji jumped down from the platform and ran towards his own men outside. The Khan cried out “Treachery! Murder! Help! Help!” The attendants ran up from both sides; Sayyid Banda faced Shivaji with his long straight sword and cut his turban in two, making a deep dint in the steel cap beneath. Shivaji quickly took a rapier from his bodyguard, Jiv Mahala, and began to tarry. But Jiva Mahala intervened, chopping off Sayyid Banda’ s right arm in a quick combat before killing him.

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Meanwhile the bearers placed the wounded Khan in his palquin and started for his camp. But Shambhuji Kavji slashed their legs, made them drop the palquin and then cut off Afzal Khan’s head, which he carried in triumph to Shivaji.

Thus Shivaji by endangering his life, protected kingdom from a very dangerous situation by turning back the tide of the Bijapuri troops and by outwitting the dreadful terrorist Afzal Khan.

Shivaji Maharaj Reader FAQs

Terrorist Aurangzeb wanted to kill Shivaji but without facing any retaliation from Maratha forces. So he hatched a slow death plan of Shivaji. Cunning Aurangzeb signed a peace treaty with Shivaji Maharaj.

Shivaji was invited to celebrate the treaty so he reached Agra on June 11, 1666, accompanied by his son and a small force. When he reached the Mughal durbar, Aurangzeb ignored him. He was made to stand in courtiers’ row and this angered Shivaji and when he made his move he realised he was under house arrest. On Shivaji’s request, few of his companions were left. Though Shivaji was never kept in prison he was not allowed to leave Agra for three months.

In August, Shivaji alleged to have suffered from stomach ache and for his treatment doctors were called. After a three-day treatment, he was declared fit. Shivaji asked for sweets and money to distribute among doctors, Brahmins, and poor people. And hence sweets were made in huge quantities and were transported in large bamboo baskets. A strict inspection was carried and after few days the security persons passed the basket without inspection.

Shivaji realised that this was the right moment for escape and on August 19, he along with his son broke out hiding inside huge baskets of sweets. On moving out of the durbar instead of moving towards Maharashtra, the two moved towards Mathura. Before moving, Shivaji dressed up two of his courtiers like himself and his son. And so when an informer informed in the durbar of seeing Shivaji and his son, the emperor replied no such getaway was made.

After reaching Mathura, the father-son and their followers shaved off their usual beard and mustache and applied ash on their face, posing like beggars. From Mathura, they proceeded to Prayag (Allahabad) and then to Bundelkhand (Madhya Pradesh) and then to Golconda (Andhra Pradesh) and with a journey of 60 days reached Raigarh in October 1666.

Never in the recent history of Bharat, any Hindu king daringly came alive from the evil jaws of mughal terrorists.

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On June 6, 1674, Shivaji was coronated with the title ‘Chhatrapati’ in Raigarh fort. Henceforth the great Hindu king was known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

There are many incidents but this particular incident is most inspiring for Hindus (native Indians). Shivaji never trusted terrorist mughals. He was very shrewd and always performed background checks on his enemies - their behavior, attitude, likes and dislikes.

At that time. Hindu kings were not articulated when it came to planning and executing against muslim invaders.

Shivaji was very clever and always planned strategies way ahead of his enemies, even to minutest event of having a brief meeting.

This is most inspiring incident from the life of Shivaji - it teaches us how his wisdom saved his life , killing his enemy. Terrorist Afzal Khan had history of calling truce with Hindu kings and killing them in guise of friendship. When terrorist Afzal called upon Shivaji for friendship and requested to meet him. Shivaji obliged and went to meet him. Afzal hugged Shivaji Maharaj then quietly pulled off dagger to pierce his back. With lightening speed, Shivaji ferociously pierced Bagh Nakkha tearing intestine of terrorist Afzal Khan, pulling out his intestinal lines out of his body, giving him deserving death.


Shivaji Maharaj was food poisoned and died due to dysentery.

Shivaji Maharaj died on 3rd April 1680 at Raigad fort.

In recent history, Shivaji was the first native Indian ruler of Bharat to build his own navy from scratch. Shivaji built ships in towns such as Kalyan, Bhivandi, and Goa for trade and naval force development. He also built a number of sea forts and bases for repair, storage and shelter. He converted barren lands into ship building yards and populated the areas to protect his navy assets.

Shivaji fought many lengthy battles with Siddis of Janjira on coastline.

Shivaji had eight wives, whose names are as follows: Saeebai, Soyarabai, Putalabai, Sakvarbai, Sagunabai, Kashibai, Laxmibai and Gunwantabai. Saeebai is widely believed to have been his first wife and the one he was most attached to. She bore him a son (Sambhaji) and three daughters (Sakhubai, Ranubai, Ambikabai).

Shahajiraje Bhosale: He was an Maratha general and the father of Shivaji Maharaj, the founder of Maratha Empire in India. He was born on 18th of March, 1594. He died on 23rd of January, 1664.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj: He was the first Chhatrapati and founder of Maratha Empire. He is also known as Shivaji Bhosale. His mother was Jijabai. Shivaji Maharaj was born on 19th of February, 1627 and died on 3rd of April, 1680.

Ekoji: He was the younger brother of Shivaji Maharaj. He founded Maratha Empire in Thanjavur. He was the son of Shahajiraje Bhosale and Tukabai.

Sambhaji Shahaji Bhosale (born: 1623, died: 1648): He was the elder brother of Shivaji Maharaj. His mother was Jijabai.

Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj: He was the eldest son of Shivaji Maharaj. His mother was Saibai. He was the second Chhatrapati and ruler of Maratha Empire. He was born in 1657 and died in 1689.

Chhatrapati Rajaram Maharaj: He was younger brother of Sambhaji Maharaj. His mother was Soyarabai. He was the third Chhatrapati and emperor of Maratha Empire. He was born in 1670. He died in 1700.

Chhattrapati Shivaji II: He was the son of Rajaram Maharaj and Rani Tarabai. After the death of Rajaram Maharaj and Tarabai crowned her son and took control of the Maratha Empire.

Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj ( born: 1682. died: 1749): He was the son of Sambhaji Maharaj. His mother was Yesubai. He became the Fifth Chhatrapati of Maratha Empire.

Shivaji upheld the highest respect for women throughout his life. During his military campaigns, not just the common soldiers but even the officers were forbidden to take their women along, which is in stark contrast to the imperial armies of his time, which moved with their zenanas. His men were strictly forbidden from womanising of any sort, paid or otherwise. They were also under strict orders not to molest women and would be severely punished, even with death, if they did. He never allowed the taking of women captives. He himself, led by example and never kept any (unwedded) concubines and never filled his harem with captured women.

Victory of a battle never resulted in r@ping women or killing innocent locals unlike muslim invaders whose only modus operandi, out of quranic hatred, was to kill innocent Hindu locals and r@pe their women, treating women as commodities.

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Unlike terrorist mughals who dismantled more than 60,000 major Hindu temples across India and constructed mosques over them following their sufi teachings and quran diktats, Shivaji Maharaj gave complete freedom to followers of cult islam. No negative energy emitting mosques was ever touched.

Muslims practiced their festivals, prayers and tradition in complete freedom. No muslim was ever asked to pay extra tax like Hindus were forced by muslim invaders to pay jaziya tax even under so called moderate and secular Akbar.

What Shivaji taught us in dealing with our enemy (not in order of sequence)

Shivaji Maharaj’s Inspirational Teachings for Hindus

1) Assess behavior of the enemy in detail, dwell into his past
2) Do not provide your enemy, a ground to set the plan to decimate you
3) Have a secret plan ready for any eventuality
4) Take blessings of your elders, learn from past history and neeti of able leaders and gurus (Chanakyaneeti)
5) Never trust your enemy or his words
6) Prepare a robust plan
7) Share your plan with ONLY close confidantes
8) There is no rule to adhere or morality to follow while dealing with enemy – be equally evil, cunning and wicked to outsmart enemy
9) Attack enemy when he is in comfort zone
10) Keep your enemy guessing about your real plan
11) In the guise of farce friendship, kill your enemy – there is no law of right or wrong when you deal with an evil enemy
12) Be a brave and intelligent leader – lead from front and never be afraid of taking bold decisions
13) Understand SAAM, DAAM, DAND and BHED to win over abrahamic enemies; jihadi muslims and conversion terrorist christians.

Learnings from history of Shivaji Maharaj is also guide for the Indian government to deal with enemy states like Pakistan or China while also treating internal enemies who dream of Ghazwa-E-Hind.

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On 10th November every year, Shivaji followers celebrate Shiv Pratap Diwas to celebrate victory over terrorist Afzal Khan.

जय भवानी  Jai Bhawani


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      Say to yourself, “I will conquer Islam and Muslims even if Islam and Muslims becomes actually peaceful,” and you’ll do everything within your power and beyond to reach there.

      Even statistically, according to pew research, Muslim growth rate in the asia pacific is projected to fall from 80,000,000 a year to almost 13,000,000 a year by 2060.

      However, since Islam demands apostates being killed, it’s likely that the the actual Muslim growth in the region is even lower, or prolly even MINUS.

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      • Chatrapathi Shivaji was the staunch devotee of Goddess Bhavani. Today Mumbai became one of the richest cities in the world because of Chatrapathi Shivaji only. Pune to Mumbai Highway has many waterfalls and Shiva Temples constructed beside waterfalls.
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