Shivaji attack shaista khan, a lesson for Hindus

Shivaji’s Night Attack on Shaista Khan at Pune to Decimate Mughal Terrorism (5th April 1663)

After his accession to the throne and the dramatic death of terrorist Afzal Khan, Aurangzeb sent Shaista Khan as viceroy of the Deccan with a large army to defeat Shivaji. In January 1660 Shaista Khan arrived at Aurangabad and quickly advanced, seizing Pune, the center of Shivaji’s realm. He also captured the fort of Chakan and Kalyan and north Konkan after heavy fighting with the Maratha. Afraid of Maratha bravery, they were banned by muslims from entering the city of Pune and Mughal distance from the locals turned out to be an error. On the evening of April 5, 1663, a wedding party had obtained special permission for holding a procession. Shivaji and many of his nearly 400 men disguised as the bridegroom’s procession members entered Pune. Others entered in small parties dressed as laborers and soldiers of Maratha generals serving under Shaista Khan. After midnight, they raided the Nawab’s compound and then entered the palace in an attempt to assassinate Shaista Khan.

Shivaji Attacks Shaista Khan (Mirza Talib)

Why ShivaJi wanted to Attack Terrorist Shaista Khan ?

It is one of the most famous exploits of Hindu king Shivaji early in his career and has never been forgotten by successive generations in India. Shaista Khan, the maternal uncle of terrorist Aurangzeb, and the new Governor of Deccan, had made Shivaji’s position precarious by his furious offenses. He even occupied Pune (9th May 1660). Shivaji had already lost Chakan (August 1660), Kalian (May 1661), and in March 1663 the Hindu Maratha commander Netaji Palker was attacked by large army in a sanguary fight and he had to escape losing much of the booty being brought from the Mughal territory. During these three years (February 1660 – April 1663) Shivaji had lost practically all the ‘Swarajya’ which he had won with great effort during the past many years and this was despite his many victories, such as at Umbar Khind (February 1661), Mira Dongar (1662), capture of Rajapur etc. He was completely non-plussed as what to do with Shaista Khan sitting pretty in Pune. At last he decided to extricate himself from this situation by personally executing an astounding daring act, as he had done about four years ago in case of killing terrorist Afzal Khan.


Shivaji’s Ferocious Retaliation

Giving Medicine to Muslims that They Prescribed for Hindus

Hindus never attacked at night, neither they touched women or kids during war like muslim terrorists during mughal invasions did. Shivaji always respected muslim women and kids, following ancient Vedic Hindu tradition, he never injured any future terrorists or terrorist breeding wombs. But he mastered the art of cunningness that mughals showcased umpteen times while attacking Hindu soldiers at night. And once used it to almost perfection.

Shivaji winning against terrorist muslims

Within a month of the defeat of the Hindu Maratha army under Netaji Palkar, Shivaji dealt a masterly blow at the Mughals, a blow “whose cleverness of design, neatness of execution and completeness of success” made Shivaji’s name a household word throughout India. He surprised and wounded the Mughal Viceroy of the Deccan in the heart of his camp, in his very bed chamber, within the inner ring of his body guards and female slaves.

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[ Read Also What Our Hindu Sisters and Daughter Can Learn from Jijabai, Mother of Shivaji ]

Lion Shivaji Attacked Hyena Shaista Khan

When ShivaJi Attacked Terrorist Shaista Khan?

In the early hours of the night (5th April 1663) Shivaji with 400 selectively picked Mavles entered the Mughal camp through the main gate saying that they were a party of the Deccani soldiers of the Mughal army going in to relieve those who were already on duty. It was the month of Ramzan. The Khan and his household after breaking their day’s fast, had retired to their beds before midnight. As the moon set, the camp and the Lal Mahal (once Shivaji’s own palace) were enveloped in darkness, with a few dim lights showing how the people were stationed at different points. Shivaji with 50 men quietly entered the palace through a hole made in the weak kitchen wall behind. They then rushed towards the bed-chamber, cutting the cloth partitions, striking people in their beds, and making a loud clamour which only added to the confusion. Amidst shrieks, shouts and confusion all around, Shivaji and his party left the scene and escaped to Sinhagad from where they had come. Later, it was discovered that though Shaista Khan had managed to save his life, his fore fingers were cut off by the blow of Shivaji’s sword when he was jumping out of the window.

Shivaji Maharaj Killing Shaista Khan

How Impactful was ShivaJi Raje’s attack on Evil Shaista Khan?

This unbelievably successful attack on the Mughal Governor of the Deccan in the most protected area of the Mughal camp, surrounded by thousands of troops, immensely enhanced the reputation of Shivaji’s daring, while causing bitter humiliation to the Mughal pride, but the most evident and fruitful result of this ferocious attack was the retreat of Shaista Khan to Burhanpur for safety and his subsequent transfer to Bengal. At one stroke Shivaji nullified all the gains of the Mughals achieved during 1660-63. Fearful Shaistakhan worried for his life, never thought to wage attacks.

Shivaji Maharaj Entered Kitchen Hole to Kill ShaistaKhan Daring Act of Hindu King

In the last image of this article, some of the Maratha soldiers are shown entering the palace at Pune through a hole made in the kitchen wall, some have reached the stair case and they are beckoning others to follow, while Shivaji has already reached the sleeping chamber of Shaista Khan and is about to strike him. Terrorist Khan, however, managed to leap through the window to safety though losing his forefingers in the process.

Inspiration for Hindu Gurus and Leaders

Be Gruesome and Horrific to Terrorists

All major attacks by terrorist muslims were done as night raids killing sleeping people – innocent wives and children. During pre-islamic era no war was ever fought at night, it only happened during daytime, calling off battle at dusk. The evening period was consumed in treating wounded soldiers. Vedic ways of war is so human and open that some times even enemies used to visit each other camps at nights, to address issues for treaties, in case amicable decisions could be reached to stop war.

In contrast to this, evil islam following poisonous verses of quran, allow looting merchants, raping innocent women in the lieu of war; without following any humanly traditions of fighting in battlefield. This was main reason that Hindu kings lost some major wars, soldiers strength and focus were diluted to protect unarmed woman and innocent children. This decimation of strength gave upper hand to coward muslims. Unlike mughal terrorists, Hindu kings never attacked peasants or raped any muslim queen or slave. This barbarian approach made several invasions successful for muslim terrorists.

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Hindu women especially from Rajasthan prepared huge hawan kunds of pyre (Jauhar) so that they do not become weakening source for their Hindu husbands to lose war – this concept gave rise to Ghunghat and Sati in India, to protect modesty of women from zoophilic mughals. During night raids of muslim terrorists, these brave Hindu women (our ancient sisters) jumped chanting Vedic verses in the fire, making huge calls of Jai Bhawani, Har Har Mahadev, while dying for our mother land. You will never find such parallels of sacrifice in last 10,000 years of world history. Salute to those great Hindu lionesses who died for us to be alive.

In battlefields, terrorist muslims used to beeline cows in front of them, this made Hindu soldiers stop attack as they always considered milk giving cow as mother due to Vedic leanings. Terrorist mughals always resorted to anti-Hindu quranic acts to somehow win battle.

Hindu kings made major blunders by not using rotten pig flesh as missiles towards muslims – similarly Hindu kings should have attacked their women and children as they were equally hating Hindus as kafirs.

No mercy should be shown towards mleccha enemies.

As discussed earlier, not shocking that even a war in Bharat gave us greatest learning tool that mankind possess – A Bhagwad Geeta, Our Hindu dharma is so pious and pure that even battle field produce life changing timeless wonders.

With advent of islamic invasion in India, terrorist muslims following terror manual quran started waging war at nights, in fact we should not even call such raids as war but loots and robberies. Hindu kings stuck to their Vedic ways of treating enemies; this moral inclination lead to loss of many Hindu Empires. Following same tradition of mercy – we lost Hindu Bharat for almost 1000 years – when Prithvi Raj Chauhan bestowed mercy to terrorist Mohammed Ghori for 16 times, because each time bastard Ghori kept his hand on Quran, to make false swearing that he will never attack and knelt before Hindu warrior PrithviRaj for mercy. Prithviraj everytime thought he is not lying because he is swearing on his book Quran and he is kneeling before me for mercy. Prithviraj was following Kshatriya Dharm of forgiving enemy – when one prays to seek refuge, pleading for life. However this morality driven Kshatriya Dharm was never made for mlecchas or asuras. Prithviraj Chauhan abused morality to the extent that 17th time when Mohammed Ghori won, he killed Prithviraj without showing any mercy. For mohammed was following Al Taqiyya, when he was swearing on evil quran. Prithviraj was duped and bluffed by cunning terrorist.

Shivaji upturned this tradition of night attacks from muslim terrorists by himself attacking them at nights. This shocked mughal terrorists and they slowly started fearing Shivaji a lot. Shivaji learned from history taught by his mother Jijabai – how muslim terrorists ruined our culture and tradition, killing our people.

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Shivaji knew that muslims being coward always attacked during Hindu festivals especially at nights, so he  gave same dose to these muslim piglets when they were celebrating satanic ramzan, Hindu king attacked Shaistakhan at night. This nocturnal dare invoked immense fear among terrorist muslims of that time. This is great lesson for Hindus that to relinquish neighbourhood islamic terrorism – attack them at night.

Two lessons that this incident reveals are: Never trust any muslim however close he or she may be and Always attack them when they are least bothered and concerned about their safety.


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(Al Taqiyya is deception and lies allowed by satanic allah in which terrorist muslims are free to even abuse anti-god allah or mohammed to deceive Kafir)

This is how Hindu warrior king Shivaji killed islamic terrorists

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  • Naccaw Sudhacaraw Rau says:

    Shivaji and Marathas were and are and forever are the live sources of inspiration and guiding posts for us. Their valour and bravery and exploits are never seen in other countries… their daring acts are replicated by Jews after its birth as Israel in 1948. Shivaji Maharaj history must be made compulsory for all the students irrespective of discipline to inculcate the noble and valourous ideals of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

  • Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

    Shivaji is the real devotee of Maa Durga. Maa Durga gave powers to Chatrapathi Shivaji to kill terrorist muslims in Maratha region. Today Kolhapur, Pune, Mumbai and Belagavi in Karnataka are proud of Chatrapathi Shivaji.
    All the Gandhi statues in India should be replaced by Shivaji statues to make this Bharath as Sanathana Rashtra. Jai Bhavani
    Jai Shivaji

  • Shivaji Maharaj kill the shayistekhan son name ? Please

    • © HariBhakt says:

      His son was terrorist Mohammed Umid Khan