Hindu history and science - world owes to the Hindus

Hindus are most peace-loving community. Hindu nation Bharat greeted all – Christian, Muslim, Parsi, Arab, French or Chinese. Hindus never interfere or force anyone. History speaks for their peace-loving nature – which is gift of Vedic style of living to them.
In 10,000 years of known existence, as per modern texts, Hindus have never invaded another country like christians or muslims did, never tried to impose their religion upon others, by force, neither induced offensive conversions like islam did. It was peaceful acceptance of real truth by people of that region which made Hinduism practiced in the world, whether in the East, witness Bali or Angkor Vat, or in the West today, where the other aspects of Hinduism, yoga, meditation, ayurveda, paranayama have been adopted by millions.

Hindus taught the world – Vasudhaiva KutumbakamWorld is my family and love the nature.

But this is Kaliyuga, you cannot win hearts of your enemies while relying on love and penance. Even in Dwapar Yuga, Bhagwan Krishna had to advise Arjun that fight dharma yudh or else dharma (morality, virues, truth) will not prevail. Time has come when Hindus should become aggressive not being the first to offense but retaliate big time if they are attacked, that’s what Indian history teaches us.

Decline of Hindus in Bharat

Some factors that were responsible for penetration of Non-Vedic people in India

How these factors were made? How the planned manipulations were designed to lower self-esteem of Hindus

Though anglicization in 18th century and mughalization of Bharat (India) started way back in 14th century – the later proofs threw upon the essence with which these were carried over by centuries as legacy.

These words sums up the mis-interpretations and propaganda of English when they were invaders in India (Bharat at that time).

Macaulay stated how catholicizing Indians would help in disintegrating their basic values. “I accept catholic beyond the across and across of India and I accept not apparent one getting who is a beggar, who is a thief. Such abundance I accept apparent in this country, such top moral values, humans of such caliber, that I do not anticipate we would anytime beat this country, unless we breach the actual courage of this nation, which is her airy and cultural heritage, and, therefore, I adduce that we alter her old and age-old apprenticeship system, her culture, for if the Indians anticipate that all that is adopted and English is acceptable and greater than their own, they will lose their self-esteem, their built-in self-culture and they will become what we ambition them, a absolutely bedeviled nation.”

Veiling Vedic History as Mythology

Ancient Hindu Kings always knew that Ramayan and Mahabharat definitely happened, is part of our great heritage for mankind and that’s why they built thousands of massive structures and temples that converges positive energies to keep their people happy and prospered. The scions of Kingdom were taught Vedic history and moral of Hindu gods. To maintain positive energy across their building structures, according to Vedic vastu, they depicted occurrences of Mahabharat and Ramayan in their paintaings and carvings of palaces and temples.

Few of the recent Kings and their Sages were able to interact with Gods themselves. The kingdom and their people were ably administered and that is why never a famine, drought or flood was reported in free ancient Bharat – prior to 800 years of colonial India.

Britishers and western invaders had already colonialized America and major parts of Africa by engaging slave trades in the local system before humiliating native Red Indians and tribes – hurting their esteem, invoking infights among locals, making them alcoholic, bribing their leaders – the same divide and rule principle that they replicated later in Bharat (India). They killed millions of locals while establishing their evil rule. They were aware about prosperous Indians through their Greek counterparts. Their next plan was to invade India and rob off her prosperity.

English began by attacking esteem of Indians – while mocking their religious practices as primitive – little did they knew that it’s based on ancient Vedic science. They started calling Vedic texts as mythological.

Varna System and Caste-ism to Divide Hindus

There was never any caste system among Hindus. Varna system was based on the tasks executed by the person. So Varna position was decided by their profession and not by birth. This Varna system was heavily abused by Britishers to invoke casteism among Hindus and disintegrate their unity and brotherhood. Britishers revised and actually changed the essence of the Varna system, giving importance to the person’s birth.

`Varna` literally means group in Sanskrit. Arya Bharat, the ancient Indian society was divided into four sections-Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Sudra.So that no single community can take advantage of its position – unique responsibilities were assigned to each class. The tasks performed by them decided their Varna.

1. Brahmin in Varna System

Gaining immense knowledge would make a person Brahmin. The sages of Indian culture were all Brahmins. Besides their main responsibility was to impart knowledge and wisdom to the society. They were highly respected in the ancient Indian society. They were the advisors in the royal courts. The prosperity of the Kingdom and their people relied on their decisions. But they were restrained from using arms and ammunitions or engage themselves physically in war fares, so that they could not mis-use their knowledge and position.

2. Kshatriya in Varna System

The warrior or the ruling class of the Varna System. They were the protectors of the society. The Kshatriyas were depicted as gallant, courageous and intelligent. They were the true patriots. Their main responsibility was to protect and secure the Kingdom from enemies. But they were deprived off teachings, that only the Brahmins could learn. So that they did not abuse their power to coup the Kingdom.

varna system

3. Vaishya in Varna System

This was the merchant class. The economy of the Kingdom relied on the prosperity and dealings of the Vaishyas. The funding for the upkeep of Kingdom was given by them. They were also responsible for contributing money in building temples and Vedic schools for the common people. Their interaction with neighboring states helped in bridging the gaps between states; leading to harmony among different cultural states.

4. Sudra in Varna System

All other classes apart from above three fell under Sudra class.They were workers of the society. The second level executional functions of Brahmin, Kshatriya and Vaishya totally depended on this class. Weavers, stone-smiths, farmers, well duggers, constructionists, workers came under this class. They were in a way backbone of the economy of the Kingdom. They were close confidantes of Kings and Brahmins – since they were also chariot riders. They formed 90% of population of the Kingdom, so keeping them joyful and happy would mean entire Kingdom is prospering. The main purpose of Brahmin, Kshatriya and Vaishya classes were to amicably manage the Sudras, thereby maintaining prosperity in the society.

No single class were given overlapping responsibilities to avoid abuse of their power. Among all these, attaining knowledge was a difficult task as it required judging penance, self-austerity, selfless devotion and immense patience.

Following Varna system ancient India prospered and became guru ahead of its time.

The Chhandogya Upanishad (iv:l-2) relates the story of one Janasruti to whom Vedas were taught by the preceptor Raikva. This Janasruti was a Shudra (Sudra). Kavasha Ailusha, a Shudra, was also a Rishi and the author of several hymns of the Tenth Book of the Rig Veda. It clearly shows that there was no restriction for Sudras to practice and teach Vedic rituals before invasion of foreigners in India.

Jaimini, was one of the disciples of sage Ved Vyas and the author of the Purva Mimarnsa mentions an ancient teacher by name Badari who suggested that even Shudras could perform Vedic sacrifices. The Bharadvaja Srauta Sutra (v.28) admits that a Shudra can consecrate the three sacred fires necessary for the performance of a Vedic sacrifice. Similarly, the commentator of the Katyayana Srauta Sutra (1.4.16) admits that there are several Vedic texts which lead to the inference that the Shudra was eligible to perform Vedic rites, there was never any discrimination on practicing Vedic rituals in Varna system.

One of the references to the Varna System can be traced back to the religious texts of the land. In Mahabharata (Anusasana Parva, Chapter 163) it is said: “O Devi, if even a sudra is actually engaged in the occupation and pure behavior of a brahmana, he becomes a brahmana. Moreover, a Vaishya can become a Kshatriya. Therefore, neither the source of one`s birth, nor his reformation, nor his education is the criterion of a brahmana. The vritti, or occupation, is the real standard by which one is known as a brahmana.” So it is not birth but one`s karma that decided his class.

The above quote is also repeated in Srimad Bhagvadgita by Lord Krishn while explaining about the Karmic tasks humans perform.

It shows that there was never any form of untouchability among Indians for any class in Varna system. It was injected by britishers to create rift among Hindus and rule India weakening their united strength even in diversities.

Britishers found Sudra as the perfect class to break the backbone of princely states of India. Britishers after toying and fabricating Vedas, also enforced caste system among Indians. They prescribed that birth should be the parameter to avail class in the society and not their Karma, converting the harmonious Varna system into poisonous caste system – as they started referring them henceforth. The plan worked and broke havoc among majority of the population. Britishers diminished the lines laid for each class in Varna system. The harmony was abolished which lead to huge rift among classes – Sudra being most of the population suffered more. The seeds of corruption were sowed for the first time in India. After wards, they also convinced main leaders of each class – by bribe, deceit, position, authority. The selfless patriotic leaders of the class became selfish corrupt lot, which ruined princely states and lead to almost demise of Varna system – giving way to evil caste system.

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And the main backbone of the society – Sudras suffered a lot – since it was no more their choice to change profession by Karma and ability, due to their birth  in that community. They revolted against other classes and Britishers got hold of each class, leaders of each class and majority of the Sudras, who formed most of the workers of the nation. Huge confrontation were erupted by Sudras against Brahmins, which some of the corrupt Brahmins took as assault on their class and existence – they spread the word to other classes. After inciting hatred among communities, Britishers began ruining the original Vedic historical texts which they had called mythologies – Ramayan, Mahabharat and other religious literatures.

Hindus always respected women giving equal opportunities to them. Invaders thought of targeting women in the history of Vedic texts to malign their image so that common Hindus start disrespecting women race as a whole.

Ramayan and Distorting Image of Great Mother Kaikeyi

Hindu Woman Insulted: Mind Conditioning Exercise

The Britishers did many changes to the characters of great Indian history of Tretayuga, Ramayan, while translating them in english and other languages. They also asked their paid Indian historians to distort character of Kaikeyi as a wicked, cunning mother who forced King Dasrath to send Lord Ram for 14 years in exile. While other details about mother Kaikeyi was revoked from original Ramayan. The revised Ramayan was made popular among common people by these biased historians. It was goddess Saraswati that made mother Kaikeyi speak out wishes – son Ram’s exile and throne for Bharat.

Bhagwan Ram’s exile was important and part of leela so that hundreds of asuras, devils  could be killed while Lord Ram crosses various forests and places, as morality was in danger. Someone had to take this brunt of ordering Bhagwan Ram to leave palace and move out so that he can kill rakshas, ausras – that sacrifice was done by Mother Kaikeyi. The great sacrifice of mother Kaikeyi was transformed into greed and deceit by later revisions, interpretations of Ramayan under british regime.

Kaikeyi was great mother and taught morality to Lord Ram and Lord Bharat, her great contribution to the Kingdom was teaching Bharat on how to respect elder brothers and always sacrifice for them. It took years of tapasya for Kaikeyi to give birth to a great son like Bharat. If she was as evil as crafted in recent versions of Ramayan, then giving birth to a pious soul like Bharat is impossible. Divine souls only take birth or avatar for deserving mothers who are also divine. That is the reason Bharat loved his elder brother Lord Ram too much, and kept his paduka on the throne waiting for Lord Ram to return from exile.

ram bharat ramayanLater when Lord Ram came back from Sri Lanka, first enquiry that he made to Lord Bharat was “how is my mother Kaikeyi”. This aspect of great motherhood was hidden from Indian public. TO PAINT BAD PICTURE OF KAIKEYI so that first level of animosity is developed towards their great History and Ramayan while hating Kaikeyi.

Even Painting Lord Ram as not so Good Husband

Lord Ram never abandoned Sita Mata neither the history of Luv Kush actually occurred in the Treta Yuga history of Ramayan. This was biggest lie added by invaders and concocted historians to give wrong impression to common Indians that even their God can make mistakes and therefore does not deserve the respect as he committed atrocity on women, that too his own wife. Again here central character of woman was used to malign the great image of Lord Ram.

Lord Ram ruled Ayodhya after his purpose of annihilating several asuras and King Ravan were accomplished. The entire leela was around removing evil beings from Bharat Varsh and make it a peaceful place for Sages and common people. So abolishment of Sita Mata is out of question.

The original Ramayan do not have such ironic content about maryada puroshttam.

Mahabharat and Wrong Interpretation of Great Draupadi

First let us know background, Draupadi was a daughter of Panchal King Draupad. She did tapasya and prayed Lord Shiva. After appearance of Lord Shiva, she asked for the boon to marry a great man who had 14 of the best qualities. Lord Shiva informed her such 14 qualities are not possible to be present in the yoni of a human being. But Draupadi insisted, so there upon Lord Shiva granted her a wish – a marriage with 5 great men who would have 14 such great qualities, and also after every morning bath she would regain her virginity.

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Later when Arjun won the swayamwar and married Draupadi. He informed his mother Kunti that “he has got present”, on which his mother without noticing Draupadi said “please share the present with your brothers.”

Kunti had always taught 5 Pandavas to remain united and share everything among themselves. Goddess Saraswati through Kunti helped Draupadi fulfill her wish.

Draupadi was great queen as she had knowledge of dharma and was herself respected by elders, Sages and her husbands.

When Duryodhan fell in to the mystic pool of palace constructed by Pandavas. Draupadi never said “andhe ka putra andha.” (which means “blind man’s son is also blind”)

Draupadi had high regards for guests and elders. Duryodhan was guest so allowed to roam freely in the palace of Pandavas. As a guest he was respected by Draupadi and Pandavas.

This was inserted in later revisions of Mahabharat done by recent historians. Original Mahabharat had no such demeaning slokas or statement by Draupadi.

Modern books based on interpretations of Vedic texts showed Sita Mata and Draupadi as the main reason for the wars of Ramayan and Mahabharat which is totally false. First, it was annihilating asuras and then evil ego, pride of Ravan that lead to war. Later it was greediness and arrogance of Duryodhan resulting in bloodshed of the Mahabharat.

kunt draupadi boon

Again the same wicked ploy to tarnish image of great Indian women among common Indian men.

Eklavya’s Punishment by Guru Dronacharya

First of all Eklavya was not from any so-called low caste as wrongly portrayed by Christian missionaries and recently by fake Buddhists (Ambedkarites). Bhagwan Krishna and Ekalavya were immediate cousin brothers. The local tribe’s chief, Vyatraja Hiranyadhanus, was the father of Ekalavya, the ruler of the region known as Magadha. Vasudeva, the father of Bhagwan Krishna was brother of Hiranyadhanus, father of Eklavya.

In revised Mahabharat, Guru Dronacharya was wrongly portrayed in Eklavya’s punishment incident. Stealing of knowledge is a crime and for that Dronacharya punished Eklavya. Eklavya mastered the art of archery while watching Guru Drona teach Arjun the nuances of archery, he used to hide behind trees and then enact the same procedures in secluded place. Though he made a statue of Guru Dronacharya and respected him, he was still stealing the art of archery which is forbidden in Vedas. Since Guru Dronacharya was responsible to impart knowledge of dhanur vidya only to selected princes so that knowledge is bestowed on deserving future kings, that’s why initially he had rejected Eklavya, but Eklavya wanted to become greatest archer and took lessons in ill-mannered ways.


Again here, in later versions of Mahabharat, Guru Dronacharya was shown to be an evil guru, which is totally false, as he was only following Vedic principle. He would have asked for life of Eklavya for cheating but instead only his thumb was sliced.

There was no Caste System in India, Proof in Ramayan

Sabri,a bhila, a Sudra as per Varna system was bhakt of Lord Ram. She tasted each and every fruit before giving it to Shri Ram and Lakshman, because she wanted to be sure that the fruits were sweet. She gave sweet fruits to them and threw sour ones. Sri Ram ate fruits given by her but Lord Lakshman became angry, for love of his elder brother, he thought that Sabri offering half-eaten fruits is not respectful way to treat guests. But Bhagwan Ram explained him and ate fruits. It was Lord Ram’s submissions to the self-less bhakti of Sabri mata.

As you can see here, there was no caste system in India, even her half-eaten fruits were eaten by Lord Ram himself.

ram sabri ramayan

The practice of untouchability and caste system was enforced by invaders on Indians, to create rift among all classes of Varna system and Hindus.

Some Revered Sudras and Their Authority in Vedic Texts

Rishi Parashar, the famous law-giver was the son of a Chandala, the lowest of the Sudras.

A Brahmin becomes Sudra, Sudhra becomes Brahmin

In Mahabharat, Yudhishthira defines a Brahmin as one who is truthful, forgiving, and kind. While “a Sudra is not a Sudra by birth alone-nor a Brahman is Brahman by birth alone.  He, it is said by the wise, in whom are seen those virtues is a Brahman.  And people term him a Sudra in whom  those qualities do not exist, even though he be a Brahman by birth.”

Qualities obtained decided whether you are Brahmin or Sudra not birth

“Of Brahmanas, Kshtriyas and Vaishyas, as also the Sudras, O Arjuna, the duties are distributed according to the qualities borne of their own nature.” – Bhagavad Gita

No Objection on Sudras to read or possess great Vedic texts

Shrimad Valmiki Ramayan also says whosoever including sudra reads it will achieve greatness and get rid of all sins. Valmiki Ramayana: 1.1.98-100) Thus, Vedas, Ramayana and Gita confer authority on sudras to possess and read these.

But invaders abolished reading of Vedas by Sudras and also stopped them from visiting temples so that these Sudras can be converted to their religion and also used to revolt against existing regime. They did this by corrupting local leaders and creating some fake Babas (even bestowing Jagadguru title to some local spiritual thugs) which was originally given to great Sages. People who thought them to be great spiritual gurus followed their instruction on untouchability and caste system – which was farce and never heard of by any Indian before.

No Difference of Rich and Poor

A great historical incident of Lord Krishn and Sri Sudama comes to mind. Sudama was poor Brahman who came to meet King of Dwarika, Lord Krishn. Lord Krishn embraced him with both hands and welcomed him personally to his palace. Lord Krishn wept so much seeing dilapidated, poor condition of Sri Sudama that his eyes were dripping with tears continuously on Sri Sudama’s legs washing them, then wiped legs with his own hands and pitambar. Making Sudama sit comfortably and behave like his sewak. Great mercy of Lord Krishn was on display, which touched everyone’s heart.

Hindus followed teachings of Vedas and Hindu texts. There was never any difference of rich and poor. No ego clashes, but invader’s theory of lowering self-esteem among common Indians and then inciting hatred among them – for  social separation.

krishna sudama

The britishers after fabricating Vedic texts, successfully divided Indians with caste system, went ahead to create rift among poor and rich Indians. Some of the Sudras were rich while Brahmins were poor. They adopted policy of “Dogs and Indians not allowed” while comparing poor Indians with dogs. In all such meetings or ceremonies, Rai Bahadurs, Zamindars and rich Indians were present but for poor Indians such humiliation was adopted. The massive widespread of such divisive policies lead confrontations among Indians while britishers enjoyed their stay in India, looting her, robbing all her wealth.

Fake inclusion of Mohammed and Jesus in Bhavisya Puran

One of the most abused Vedic texts is Bhavisya Puran. Britishers purposely included recent religious figures to validate the existence and shallow supremacy of Christianity so that they could promote the religion among Indians citing its mention in ancient text. All references of Mohammed or Jesus in translation of Bhavisya Puran is false and fabricated.

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To support this claim, they devised farce Aryan Invasion Theory.

Fake Aryan Invasion Theory

Its already shown in BBC TV too that the aryan invasion theory is completely false and Hinduism is only known religion to be most civilized and ancient known to mankind. Indian history books teach lies when they rely on western and european thoughts on fake aryan invasion theory.

To create rift between Indians (Aryans and Dravidians theory was implanted)

Aryan Invasion has been proved to be a myth and wrong theory long back. But let me explain in detail the actual history and dirty politics behind this theory. Note that this fake theory was further abused by Hitler to advocate his  supremacy based on the Aryan race and to mindlessly kill whom he claimed to be non-aryans!

Let us first see what the Aryan Invasion Theory says

It calls the race which belonged to the vedic age as Aryans. It says that at around 1500 BC Aryans, (which it says was a tribe from the Europe) invaded north India plundering and pushing down the local Dravidians (who it says were the original natives of India) who lived there to down South India. In a nutshell, it says the North Indians of today belong to an Aryan race which came to India from Europe and today’s South Indians are the native Indians (called Dravidian Race!) who lived in North India before the Aryans came! The vedic people who lived in North India during the vedic ages were these Aryans, it says!

First let us see how did they arrive at these dates! It was well known in India in the british period that Vedas pre-dated Christ, since they definitely pre-dated Buddha who lived some 400 years before Christ. Some scholars(!) then said that as per Bible the world was created in 4000 BC(!), and Noah’s flood took place in 2500 BC(!). So they decided that Aryan Invasion of India must have taken place only after this flood and before Buddha, and hence would be around 1500 BC! This is the funniest investigation I have ever heard about. I doubt if anybody can dare to call this a scientific investigation! This is what some call as, adjusting history to be compliant with religious texts

Now let us see some of the obvious proofs that have thrown this theory into dustbin.

Aryan is not a race!

First of all Aryan is not a race. No where in the vedas and other ancient Indian text is the terms Aryan used to refer to a race!! Aryan in Sanskrit means Gentleman. It is used in Sanskrit like how in English we use the term Mr, that s all about it!

Even Max Muller who initially termed vedas as childish (only to be later criticized by other scholars as a person who did not knew even basic sanskrit!), later tried to correct himself in many occassions about the Aryan race! He said:

I have declared again and again that if I say Aryas, I mean neither blood nor bones, nor hair, nor skull; I mean simply those who speak an Aryan languageto me an ethnologist who speaks of Aryan race, Aryan blood, Aryan eyes and hair, is as great a sinner as a linguist who speaks of a dolichocephalic dictionary or a brachycephalic grammar.
(Max Mueller, Biographies of Words and the Home of the Aryas, 1888, pg 120)

Dravidians was not a separate race!

The people of south India whom the Aryan Invasion theory says were the original natives, are NOT a race separate from the North Indians! They all belong to one and the same race. The ancient Indian vedic race. This is because, the languages of both, the so called Aryan and Dravidian people have their roots in Sanskrit language. Both worship the same Gods. Both have the same epics. Both have same philosophies. Both have histories which date back to thousands of years vis BC.

Given these facts, how can then Aryans and Dravidians be two separate races? If Aryans had invaded India then why are Dravidians following the same customs and religion as aryans. How do they speak languages which originated from the same parental language?

Why don’t any dravidian folk lore or ancient texts or sayings or stories or epics exist which talk about the so called Aryan invasion? Also why do the Vedic texts talk about locations in South India? The Ramayana, Mahabharatha all talk about South Indian locations even below and beyond the main land of India into the Indian ocean like Srilanka! If Aryans were from europe and if they invaded North India and pushed local people down to South India, where did these locations come from?

There are thousands of incidences  in Vedas and Puranas where it’s mentioned that several Saints, Sages and Divine Gods travelled from/to and from North India and South India, vice versa. These include several meetings of Lord Murugan with Lord Shiva; he travelled from south to north India to meet him. Lord Murugan’s father Lord Shiva protected world and universes from demons in Kailasha while he asked his son Lord Murugan to protect Southern India and his second son Lord Ganesha to protect Western India.

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This proves beyond doubt that there do not exist any separate Aryan and Dravidian races. Instead natives of both North India and South India belong to one single race called the Vedic Indian race!

Genetical analysis done by genetic researchers and scientists also proved that Aryan Invasion theory proposed by max Muller was false. Even Max Muller himself later remorsed and confessed that its wrong to call Aryan as race and so is ‘aryan invasion’.

Vijaynagara empire also referred to as the Kingdom of Bisnagar by the Portuguese, was an empire based in South India, in the Deccan Plateau region. It was established in 1336 by Harihara I and his brother Bukka Raya I of Sangama Dynasty. They built famous temples of Mallikarjuna (Lord Shiva), Narsimha and other Vedic gods all around their palace and towns they controlled. It was never Dravidian or Aryan gods in their scriptures or construction of temples. Other structures in Southern India are Lord Murugan temples – Lord Murugan is son of Lord Shiva. The empire rose to prominence as a culmination of attempts by the southern powers to ward off Islamic invasions by the end of the 13th century. It lasted until 1646 although its power declined after a major military defeat in 1565 by the Deccan sultanates. The empire is named after its capital city of Vijayanagara, whose ruins surround present day Hampi, now a World Heritage Site in Karnataka, India.

vijaynagar empire

The glorious history of Great Vijaynagar empire was never highlighted to North Indians by British empire, instead these invaders promoted fabricated history of cruel mughals who were epitome of loot, killing and lust. The main plan was to let the rift get wider between North and South Indians – so that they hate each other’s culture remaining tangent to their divide and rule policy.

Ironically, though North and South Indians at the time of Britishers did had self-esteem clashes in religious discourses due to enforcement of Aryan Invasion theory, they both were praying same Vedic Gods. Later regional scholars from both sides came to know about english ploy and they disapproved the theory with stronger and united opposition. But common Indian public still need awareness about this fact, because anglicized govts, inferiority complex driven brown descendants of english empire in free India got this theory inducted in history books, brainwashing kids and creating hatred among Indians.

In lieu to the discussion earlier, Dravidian term was recently coined combining two words of sanskrit, meaning surrounded by waters – since South India is surrounded by water from 3 directions.

Truth About Shiv Lingam

Britishers ridiculed great Vedic symbols and promoted them through their scholars and paid historians.

The Sanskrit word ‘Lingam’ means symbol. Thus the literal meaning of Shiva Lingam is the symbol of Shiva. The Supreme Shiva doesn’t have a form and every form is his form. The Shiva Lingam represents him, the Supreme Shiva¸ who is formless. The way when we see a smoke, we infer the presence of fire, the moment we see Shiva Lingam we immediately visualize the existence of the Supreme Shiva.

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During the creation, a debate took place between the creator Brahma and the preserver Vishnu that who Shiva is. Just then this “Column of light” appeared in front of them on the Hindu month of Margasheersha and Hindu date Poornima or Pratipada. When both the Gods failed to know the real origin and end of this column, Shiva appeared in his visible form. He preached both of them the real meaning of Shiva Lingam.

He said, ”I have two form, Sakala(with form) and Nishkala(with out form). This column of light is my real form. Brahman is my Nishkala form and Maheshwara is my Sakala form.”

“When I come with sixteen kalas, I become Sakala and when I present in the crude energy, I am called Brahman. Brahman means the most enormous(Brihat) and the creator of all. Lingam depicts my formless Brahman power.”

“This is my Lingam(symbol). Lingam(Braman) and Lingee(Atman) are same. therefore the great souls should also worship me. One who has established Shiva Lingam somewhere in his life, he gets Sayujya Moksha(eternal company of Shiva). Lingam Puran give details of how Lingams help in generation of positive energy in the surroundings and achieve impossible feats.”

Shiva Lingam meaning

From Vedanta :– A subtle representative of God that is present in our body. Kundalini is coiled with it in three and half coils. This is what Shiva Lingam and snake coiled round depict in our temples. It shows Paramatman in the form of Atman and Shakti in the form of Kundalini.

From Sankya :-The Mool Prakriti that absorbs all the Vikriti came from it finally.

From Nyay Shastra:– A source that can help us to know exactly about a matter or event. So formless Lingam represents the formless power of this universe that is the origin of all the matter and the events of this universe.

Simple meaning :- Symbol by that help us to know to recognize any event or matter as stated above.

A common myth is circulated by british and mughals that Shiva Lingam represents male genital organs. This is not only false, misleading but also base less. Such misinterpretations are done in recent times and popularized to make it common, when Indian literatures actually came into hands of foreign scholars; Britishers and Muslims. They relied on extracting simple meanings of major Vedic terms used in daily life without addressing rightful context. It was difficult to interpret the language, a word may have different meaning depending on the mis-contrued understanding. Some of the easy interpretation may be misleading. And such misinterpretation may actually be welcome by skeptics, if you want to find the defects in somebody else’s faith. Lingam means formless, Shiva Lingam is state of God just before manifestation of Universe.

This misunderstanding is one of the most glaring examples of such a situation. Misinterpretations of actual Sanskrit literature led to this false belief. Shiva Lingam is a differentiating mark; it is certainly not a s*x mark. While the actual meaning of male genital is “shishna” in Sanskrit.

Let us know what Lingam means as per The Lingam Purana:

प्रधानं प्रकृतिर यदाहुर्लिगंउत्तम ।
गंध-वर्ण-रसहिंनं शब्द-स्पर्शादिवर्जितं ॥

The foremost Lingam which is devoid of colour, taste, hearing, touch etc is spoken of as Prakriti or nature.

The nature itself is a Lingam (or symbol) of Shiva. When we see nature, we infer the presence of its creator – Shiva. Shiva Lingam is the mark of Shiva the creator, Shiva the sustainer and Shiva the destructor. It also dispels another myth in which Shiva is considered only as a destructor.

Another authentic reference comes from Skanda Purana where lingam is clearly indicated as the supreme Shiva from where the whole universe is created and where it finally submerge.

आकाशं लिंगमित्याहु: पृथ्वी तस्य पीठिका।
आलय: सर्व देवानां लयनार्लिंगमुच्यते ॥
(स्कन्द पुराण)

The endless sky (that great void which contains the entire universe) is the Linga, the Earth is its base. At the end of time the entire universe and all the Gods finally emerge in the Linga itself.

Forms of Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam is worshiped in two common forms – Chala (Moveable) Lingam and Achala (Non-Moveable or Fixed) Lingam.

Mother Cow, Holy Mother Made to be Slaughtered

India being agriculture based economy relied heavily on cattle and cows. Britishers wanted to break the backbone of this economy by anywhich ways so that India instead of being self-reliant become dependent state. They targeted mainly two aspects – Cattles, Cow and fertile land.

Fertile lands were massively used to produce non-crops – opium and indigos – to make soil loose fertility after few years down the line. And make India dependent states on other countries – so that british can broker the deal and earn commissions.

Beef was a popular food for the British living in India. British people liked Beef so much that they made it compulsory in their regime in almost all non-veg restaurants to serve beef as a cuisine. British forced one section of muslim especially quereshi to slaughter cows just to satisfy their taste and will to break self-reliance of Indians. When quereshi were objecting, sensing holy belief of Hindus in India, british lured them paying money and even committed atrocities to fulfill their demand. When the slaughter became a widespread practice, muslims made it a prestige issue, as if it was their birth right to slaughter Indian cows. From here the rift between Hindus and muslims began.

jai gau mata

Vedic texts mention gau mata holy cow as a living god (there are scientific reasons to it) who give so much to the mankind in return for almost nothing. The cow is a sacred animal in the Hindu religion. Dairy products are extensively used in Hindu culture and are one of the most essential nutritional components of Hindu meals. Panchagavya, a mixture of five products of cow milk, curd, ghee, urine and dung is consumed in yagya rituals. The mixture is also smeared on ulcers as a healing product.

It is believed that muslim instigated by their maulvis, started sacrificing cows during Bakr-Id instead of goats, also led to rift between Hindus and muslims. To encourage cow killing, the rates of cow flesh was also reduced drastically.

All Krishna followers should unite together to make this world STOP KILLING COWS

You can know more about – how invaders tried to mock contribution of Indian cows to the Indian society and her importance to the prosperity of native Indians.

Higher education in local language was abolished, giving preference to pathetic English Education

Hindus since millions of years always believed that Education should be free. No one can charge money for it. In Ancient India, parents gave some remuneration to the Guru willingly on completion of the Education by not compulsion but to honour the time Guru spent with their children. Poor parents were never forced to make any payment in the name of loot called education fees nowadays.

Free Education in Gurukul system of Bharat was totally banned by british to make it christian based church controlled corrupt business instead of Sanatan Dharma based shiksha system. Gradually young India developed bad habits of drinking, non-marital s*x, disrespecting parents and waking up late in the morning, they became Christian not by religion but by behavior. The modus operandi was to mentally enslave Indians through the catholicized Education system, at last they succeed in doing so.

Gaining higher posts in british controlled India require higher education to be completed in english medium of instruction – since it was not possible to attain higher education in english here, rich Indians were forced to migrate to england to get educated and then achieve higher positions in british administration. But they were more like british pawns and had to obey to expand their penetration in deep rural India.

Due to the biasedness towards english education, regional language suffered a lot – and native people  started demeaning their own legacies, lowering importance to their self-esteem and true knowledge.

Among so called great leaders like – Motilal Nehru, Gandhi, Ambedkar, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Gopal Gokhale, V K Menon, were big time advocate of British policies under influence of English tradition, they enslaved their mindsets towards British regime – it was due to their inferiority complex developed after attaining english education. They helped a lot in british vision of decimating and disintegrating Vedic values among public at large. These leaders being Hindus were not religious and being dwelled too much into western culture strongly opposed to Vedic tradition in the name of unifying India – but in a way divided Hindus. Hating Hindi as a langauge by South Indian leaders at the behest of Jawahar Nehru was driven with the same ill-mentality.

They hide their atheism veils by attending Hindu traditions and festivals so that they could inject british policies in the minds of Indians in disguised manner. That is the reason that though Gandhi was pro-islamic and pro-catholic, to fool Hindus prayed in his ashram and further ridiculed Vedic values by inducting his s*xual experiments of sleeping naked with young girls – which was never heard of by any Vedic system and Hindu scholars opposed his experiments a lot. Gandhi became opponent of Hindu leaders when his ego was publicly hurt by Vedic Scholars. His pedoph!le acts of sleeping with young kids after or before prayers, gave opportunity to anti-Hindus to mock Vedic values; while Gandhi was never epitome of Vedic wisdom or a staunch Hindu. He was common s*x maniac who could have been jailed for at least 10 years by court of Indian laws, if convicted today.

During British regime, these so called eminent leaders – Nehru, Gandhi and Ambedkar – were real culprits of taking anti-Hindu stand and siding britishers – to fulfill the vision of anglicized India

Followers follow the leaders so their followers blindly believed the concepts gulped to them by these leaders. And India further became devoid of great Hindu ethos.

The same way Red Indians were humiliated in the west and forced to accept foreign education as the superior form of knowledge – which was farce and untrue. Using their leaders, local Indians were completely anglicized and became slaves of invaders. Today these countries do not have original residents as rulers but invaders as powerful leaders.

Racial Discrimination Invoked among Indians

Britishers further extended their grip on demoralizing Indians and breaking entire harmonious racial system of India – No difference was there between white and black – among Indians.

Britishers always hated black people whether from Africa or India. After creating rift among Indians with fake aryan invasion theory, they proposed that black Indians were sons of soil while white or fairer Indians migrated from west. Which was totally false as color of skin is due to climatic conditions of the region and skin pigmentation, it has got nothing to do with racial diversity. Above it’s already proven that all Indians belong to same ancestry, DNA scientists proved that with their research, experiments time and again.

british cruelty english

They first got brown Indians humiliated by fairer compatriots, some of whom were by then pawn of britishers, then later reached those humiliated lot to provide them dignity and esteem, if they were ready to embrace Christianity. So while mughals resorted to killing and atrocities to convert Hindus into cult islam, English people used sweet talks and deceitful methods to expand their religion in sub-continent, especially in tribal and rural India.

British Made Famines Killed Millions of Indians

Madhusree Mukerjee wrote in her book Churchill’s secret war about how famines were artificially created by britishers. They cultivated crops from India using Indian workers but still diverted the foodgrains to fuel their world war aspirations – resulting in death of millions of Indians in Bengal and Bihar.

“On August 4, 1943, Winston Churchill made one of his most important but least known decisions:  he declined to send wheat to India, then a British colony, thereby condemning hundreds of thousands, or possibly millions, of people to death by starvation.  The inhabitants of Bengal, an eastern province of India where famine was raging, were of little value to the war effort and in any case they were “breeding like rabbits,” he explained at subsequent War Cabinet meetings (as recorded by Leopold Amery, the Secretary of State for India).  Churchill chose instead to use the wheat and ships at his disposal to build a stockpile for feeding civilians of the Balkans, whom he hoped to liberate from Nazi occupation.”

bengal famine

As shown in the 1997, Channel 4 Secret History programme The Forgotten Famine.

Later the British tried to suppress the facts about this British-inflicted holocaust in India, which could put Hilter’s atrocities to shame, occurring simultaneously with the German-inflicted genocide in Europe.

The artificial famine genocide of britishers were so huge that even Hitler made it as a benchmark. Thus it comes as little surprise that Hitler’s favourite film was The Lives of a Bengal Lancer and then he wrote in Mein Kampf that Ukraine should be Germany’s “India”.

Indeed, this was not the first British-inflicted famine holocaust in British-ruled India. In 1901, The Lancet estimated conservatively that 19 million Indians had died in Western India during the drought famine of the 1890s. The death toll was so high because of the British policy of refusal to intervene and implement famine relief (unlike the anti-profiteering measures etc. taken by the Mughals and Marathas during famines) as detailed by American historian Mike Davis in his Late Victorian Holocausts. Similarly in the 1870s some 17 million or so Indians dies in the Deccan and South India due to the “let them starve” policies encouraged by Lord Lytton and other British rulers. Indeed, whilst millions starved in 1876, the British held the biggest feast in human history in Delhi, the Delhi Durbar to celebrate Victoria becoming Empress, feeding 70,000 Britishers and Indian princelings for a week. In 1901 when people called for famine relief, the London government urged Delhi to contribute to the Boer war instead of famine relief but had no objection to the huge expense of the Victoria Memorial in Calcutta.

To make way for opium poppy cultivation and earn huge money by selling drugs in international market, East India Company amassed fertile lands of India – which ultimately lead to the first major artificial famine of India in 1770. Overall death of Indians in all these famines, surpassing 250 odd years, were reported to be over 1.2 billion (that’s over 120 crores of population) by historians globally.

Christian Missionaries in India promoted false theories that it was curse of Jesus that Indians suffered in these famines so they should get converted to christianity to negate the wrath. This was rubbing salt on the wounds of famine victims. First billions of Hindus were killed by english people – later when few of them survived, these missionary goons targeted them for religious conversions. At this juncture, it was difficult to understand which of the two Mlecchas are more evil; islam or christianity. However one thing is for sure, one has belonging to Arab other has inclination towards Vatican. Both of them lacked nationalism and love for India. That’s why you never find Mlecchas calling our Matrubhumi as Bharat Mata, joining army to fight enemies. Instead the parasites love to mock our deities and culture. Its high time Hindus retaliate in exponential manner to teach lesson to the parasites of India. Hindus are natives, converts (of Mlecchas) are traitors.

Pre-British era, Mughals Demolishing Hindu Temples

Britishers devised a plan of invading India as traders, showing shallow dream that they would globalize Indian products giving them international market. Later annexed most of India, with their divide and rule policies, attacking seal-esteem of Indians, Vedic tradition and their cultures, as explained above.

You will like:   If Hindus Do not Become Dharma Yoddha, They Will Die in Neighbourhood Muslim Terrorism

Before british came to India, they were aware of the widespread killings of Hindus by muslim rulers. The massive scale of forceful conversions of thousands of Hindus into islam by these muslim rulers had became folk tales in western countries – who were equally barbaric. But Maratha Empire, Rajputs, Vijaynagara empire  were giving tough fight to these islamic instrusions and they were unable to capture India in its entirety.

But the Muslim conquest of the Indian subcontinent led to widespread carnage because Muslims regarded the Hindus as infidels and therefore slaughtered and converted millions of Hindus – demolishing temples, converting temples into mosques, tombs.

aurangzeb cruel
Muslim rulers demolished 60,000 big hindu temples

Will Durant argued in his 1935 book The Story of Civilization: Our Oriental Heritage (page 459):
“ The Mohammedan Conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. It is a discouraging tale, for its evident moral is that civilization is a precarious thing, whose delicate complex of order and liberty, culture and peace may at any time be overthrown by barbarians invading from without or multiplying within. The Hindus had allowed their strength to be wasted in internal division and war; they had adopted religions like Buddhism and Jainism, which unnerved them for the tasks of life; they had failed to organize their forces for the protection of their frontiers and their capitals, their wealth and their freedom, from the hordes of Scythians, Huns, Afghans and Turks hovering about India’s boundaries and waiting for national weakness to let them in. For four hundred years (600–1000 A.D.) India invited conquest; and at last it came.”

[Know about One of The Most Cruel Mughals, Aurangzeb – The Holocaust Driver]

It should be noted that dissection of Hindus into several other religions and sects lead to disintegration of their great strength as a united force.

The very first Muslim attack on India in Sindh in the year 715 A.D by Arabs khaliffa led by Mohammad Bin Qasim. The next invasion was by Turk Sabuktagin. He had established himself in Khorasan and extended his kingdom extended to Kabul and Ghazni. In 986 AD he came into conflict with Raja Jaipal of Bathinda. In 991 A.D. Raja Jaipal allied with other Hindu king including Rajyapala the Prathira king of Kannauj and Dhanga the ruler of the distant Chandela kingdom but they too were defeated. But till 11th century Indian Kings were giving defiant reply to the muslim invaders.

D L Sanders wrote:

“Indians men were killed, women were r@ped, millions of Hindus were slaughtered by mughals to earn the title of Ghazi and become rulers. Unarguably, that could be the biggest genocide ever experienced by mankind in recent times”

Though Hindu Kings always adhered to Vedic law of fighting in wars – fighting on days and resting at nights, also giving leeway to enemies to collect their wounded soldiers and treat them at night, challenging openly for wars and pardoning mercy to the enemy king if he accepts the defeat. And never touching women and children of enemy Kingdom, leave alone killing them.

How cruel and brutal were muslim rulers can be known from the way they killed Bhai Mati Das

Bhai Mati Das is one of the greatest martyrs in Sikh history. He along with his younger brother Bhai Sati Das and Bhai Dyal Das, all disciples of the ninth Sikh Guru, Guru Tegh Bahadur (1621–1675), were executed along with him at the Kotwali near the Sunehri Masjid in the Chandni Chowk area of Old Delhi, under the express orders of emperor Aurangzeb.

muslimrulers killed sikhs

While muslim rulers were barbaric and like modern terrorists, they always attacked at nights, targeted innocent women and children, killed non-war people like peasants, workers, labours, etc. Their modus operandi of waging war was true to their islamic belief of killing everyone inhumanely as per their teachings in Koran on terminating infidels (non-believers of islam). Muslim rulers had a history of never challenging for wars but attacking enemy even after signing peaceful treaties. They were cunning, wicked, deceitful, inhumane and evil more so like modern terrorists.

In that way, muslim rulers had an edge on Hindu Kings since they fought within their decent Vedic rituals, muslim ghazis fought as per their inhumane islamic principles.

Biggest Blunder by Brave Hindu King

Prithviraj Chauhan (1149–1192 CE), was a king of the Hindu Chauhan dynasty, who ruled the kingdoms of Ajmer and Delhi in northern India during the latter half of the 12th century.

Prithviraj Chauhan belonged to the Rajput Chauhan clan and was the last independent Hindu king, before Hemu, to sit upon the throne of Delhi. He succeeded to the throne in 1169 CE at the age of 20, and ruled from the twin capitals of Ajmer and Delhi which he received from his maternal grandfather Arkpal or Anangpal III of the Tomara dynasty in Delhi. He controlled much of present-day Rajasthan and Haryana, and unified the Rajputs against Muslim invasions.

Privthviraj Chauhan defeated the Muslim ruler Shahabuddin Muhammad Ghori in the First Battle of Tarain in 1191 and set him free as a gesture of mercy. But even in subsequent conflicts, Privthviraj Chauhan pardoned Ghori for 16 consecutive battles that he lost to Chauhan- each time kept him alive and set free.

prithviraj chauhan

Ghori attacked for the seventeenth time, and Chauhan was defeated and captured at the Battle of Tarain. Ghori took Chauhan to Ghazni and killed him, not showing mercy towards his past deeds of forgiveness – true to barbaric culture of islam.

[Tipu Sultan, A Glorified Terrorist by Indian Historian]

Privthviraj Chauhan lost final war due to his complacency; He was expanding his Kingdom which later lead to enmity with other Rajput rulers; so unification drive that he initiated was in a way sabotaged. Other Rajput rulers instead of forgetting animosity towards Privthiraj and joining hands with him, acted as traitors towards Rajput regime and pride, made Chauhan fight the final battle alone. Lack of unity, intelligence, shrewdness from the part of Rajputs lead to fall of big Hindu regime, paving way for the mughals to enter India and slowly establish their empire. Pardoning Ghori several times was the biggest blunder committed by Chauhan.

The great Hindu legacy of ideal Kingdom laid by Chandragupta Maurya and Chanakya (340 BC – 298 BC) who unified major parts of India into to a single state was disintegrated with successful mughal intrusion to the heart of Bharat with the fall of Chauhan regime.

Internal conflicts and differences must be forgotten when faced by external threat. Several big empires fell due to internal conflicts and free breeding of traitors within their regime. If Privthviraj Chauhan had killed Ghori in the first battle that he had won – then India would have remained Hindu country, shinning with Vedic knowledge. Whatever are the differences, while fighting the foreign forces we all must be united. United we stand, divided we fall. And must terminate all anti-nationals and their forces to make country devoid of traitors.

To sum it up – Attacking Vedic culture of India, Divisive policies, Invoking Untouchability, Deceit, Killing Hindus, Corruption, Enforcing their own cultures –  got exponential growth of christian and muslim population in India.

Rise of Non-Vedic, Non-Hindu cultures and people in Ancient India* to Current Sub-continent including present separated countries

(*ancient India include Iran, Afghanistan, Burma, Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet)

10th Century – 20 christians, 1200 muslims

11th Century – 50 christians, 10,000 muslims

12th Century – 500 christians, 20,000 muslims

13th Century – 1500 christians, 50,000 muslims

14th Century – 2500 christians, 100, 000 muslims

15th Century – 10,000 christians, 500,000 muslims


16th Century – 50,000 christians, 40,00,000 muslims

17th Century – 200,000 christians, 80,00,000 muslims

18th Century – 300,000 christians, 100,00,000 muslims


19th Century – 90,00,000 christians (growth from tribal belt),  300,00,000 muslims

20th Century – 500,00,000 christians, 700,00,000 muslims

21st Century – 1000,00,000 christians, 4500,00,000 muslims

Click on the image below to know the presence of Non-Vedic people’s territories  in India in 19th century

1857 india

Morals of the History on Fall of Great Hindu Empire:

Materialistic and Spiritual Lessons of the Sanatan history should be internalized by all Vedic people, Hindus. Acknowledging the facts of Vedas.

1) Believe in our culture taught to us by our elders and guru- NEVER imitate western culture

2) Our tradition is superior. Do not compare our tradition with others, OURS IS THE ONLY tradition and culture that is sustaining since time immemorial

3) Do not rely on other religious scholars scripts to validate our religious texts. NEVER any muslim or christian rely on Hindu scholars or his books to validate their religious sanctity. Then WHY WE HINDUS make that mistake of considering biased viewpoints from muslim or christian scholars

4) Believe on Srimad Bhagvatam, Srimad Bhagvadgita, Ramayan, Mahabharat as our real history, DO NOT consider muslim, mughal or christian history as our culture. Infact these non-vedic people should consider us Hindus as their ancestors and guardians of their past, giving respect and high regards to our culture –  since these religions emerged from ancient way of life, Hinduism

5) Caveman theories of Human race evolution from monkeys ARE FAKE. No fossil or proof is found till date to prove this theory.

6) Christians follow that world is 6000 years old as per Bible

7) While according to Islam and Qu’ran, this world should have ended by 15th century but we have entered 21st Century

8) We are very lucky to be born as a Hindu, the only ancient and scientifically proven way of life, Dharma (now called as religion by non-Vedic poeple). Respect our ancient Vedic culture believe in yourself and their timeless theories – which stood since eternity.

9) As per Vedas only Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism) would continue to sustain till eternity, infinity – millions of other ways of lives (religions), created by humans would come and go – practiced and then vanished in some centuries. These will be opponents of Vedic people.

10) Previous birth’s great Karma gives us chance to be born as a Vedic person or Hindu, so that we practice good Karmas sticking to Vedic principles and attain moksha or travel to higher planet. Human yoni is only medium to rise to higher planet.

11) Remain United and be aggressive to protect Hindu dharma, as its only way of life that talks about harmony between man, nature and universes. Protecting Vedic people, Hindus, is like protecting future descendants of higher planets, who in turn protect mother earth from evil powers, rakshas, comets and maintain balance of this universe. We can become one of them, if we protect our way of life, Hinduism. This is like sowing plants now so that future generations reap, as we got ready fruits during our time due to our ancestors love for plantation.

12) NEVER afraid of death, as it NEVER happens, our material body is made to die, our soul changes the body like we change clothes. Soul is eternal. Lord Krishn is always with us, residing in us, so we have NOTHING to FEAR. NO ONE CAN KILL US – as no one can kill soul.

13) In Short, Be Proud to be Hindu, Lord Krishn was greatest Hindu, he protected Dharma as Bhagwan Ram in Treta Yug, as Bhagwan Krishn in Dwapar Yug, will do so as Bhagwan Kalki during end of this Kaliyuga. But before that, we all have to live 4,27,000 years, as we are protectors and custodians of this Great Vedic dharma prescribed by Supreme God Himself.

14) Protect Hinduism to regain India’s prosperity and lost glory. Ancient Hindus were very rich and happy devoid of non-Vedic people and cultures

15) AGAIN REPEATING …Be United, Strong and Aggressive Hindus – Its already proven above there was never untouchability among Hindus as per Vedic culture. Remember Varna is obtained based on the tasks we do. We can become Brahman, Kshatriya, Sudra, Vaishya depending on our interests. WE ARE NOT thakurs, yadavs, kurmis, baniyas, kayasths – we are Hindus by body, soul and mind. Rest identifications are FARCE and UNTRUE. Our only identity is Hinduism. Because from birth, namkaran to death, antyeshti (samsan yatra), the only identification that stays with us is that we are all Hindus. We are ALIVE HINDUS …We DIE HINDUS. WE ARE NOT UPPER and LOWER CASTE PEOPLE. We choose the path. So next time anyone mocks Hinduism or Hindu gods or caste system, show him the power of Hindu unity by dealing the way he deserves.

16) NEVER show mercy to non-Vedic people, Prithviraj Chauhan’s history is proof, his mercy lead to almost demise of Hindu empire.

17) We NEVER attack anyone but will NEVER tolerate attack on us.

18) Protect mother cow. If a kasai kills one cow kill 100 kasais for that crime of his community. Lord Krishn is called GoPal (Go+Palak) since he protected cows. Follow his path.

Our History teaches us to remain united and strong. Preachers of secular state were British who themselves were more biased towards christianity and were NEVER secular, otherwise, we might not have seen over 3 crore converted Hindus as christians. Secularism NEVER meant disrespecting one’s religion but for Britishers it was used to promote christianity, then how can it become disrespecting Hinduism and appeasing muslims, the same community whose ancestors killed, looted and r@ped Hindu women. Bharat Varsha is for Vedic People and Hindus.

Jai Shri Krishn

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    1. Rishi Suraj says:

      Why stop at regaining what was lost, when we Dharmics, together, can conquer the whole world?

      Think about it 🙂

    2. Abhimanyu Savarkar says:

      Sir, you told at last that if a kasai kills 1 cow, kill 100 kasais for that crime. But that would be murder right? Plz clarify that, as you sounded like a bigot to me (no offence). Isn’t there any alternative punishment for these mullas? Like saanp bhi mar jaye aur laathi bhi na tute?

      1. © HariBhakt says:

        Kyu Rashtrabhakt Veer Savarkar ji ke naam ko badnaam karte ho aise hijdepan wala sawal poochkar.

        Agar bina hinsa ke Dharm Stapna sambhav hota toh Shree Ram aur Shri Krishn yuddh na hone dete.

        There is no alternative to violence if you are against common muslim terrorists and christian conversion goons.

        You go wear bangles, let true sewaks of Bharat Mata and followers of Veer Savarkar fight for Hindutva Bharat.

        Next time when a muslim rioter comes, you dance in front of them wearing sari and makeup.


        Jai Shree Krishn
        Har Har Mahadev

        1. Rishi Suraj says:

          My man, I’m a Sinhalese Buddhist from Sri Lanka, and I also lose my Sh*t when confronted by secular idiots like that guy.

          My suggestion is that those 100 killed must be heads of the largest 100 families of the community. That way we can inflict the maximum damage to the community of the Adharmic who kills a cow.

          What do you think?

        2. s …basically ..hinduse became greedy for money and lbecame blind and all peacefuls xtians used this advantage …deslamization should be done only by yudh ….this western education ,media brainwashed all hindus to positive with negative ..its simple be positive to positive and do negative to negative …hindus find bhagawad geeta as long book but i take krishna bhagwan supreme being …jagantaka sutradhari …made war very logically and practically …man how did he even lived with so much hatred on him shown by shakuni and duryodhana ….temple should teach all hindu men boys how to dislamize and xtians….raj thackrey may be regionalist hindu but yogi is only extreme i hope ….as ashlesha nakshtra (serpent) hindus should take advise from rakshas gana nakshtras …as negative fight with negative

          1. Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

            From 2022 , next 10 years are crucial to Hindus. Hindus should come out of Political Slavery and work to protect Hindus. Our Constitition is abrahamised, so Muslims got freedom to do evil activities. Secular Hindus are thinking oversmartly, but after 10 years Secular Hindus will face the death which will be worse than how mughals killed Hindus. Before Mughals arrival, Bhaarath was the richest country in this world. Indian Muslims are the most venomous ones in this world. They are very cunning in manipulating facts. This is the only website that exposed the cunning tactics of Muslims.

    3. P. V gopal rao says:

      So nice information, great, I like it

    4. Great post! So many facts have been cleared while explaining the vedic, cultural and ancient history but I have only 1 doubt in mind. In one of your above texts, you explained there was no caste system and people were free to become whatever they want among Kshatriyas, Brahman, Vaishyas and Sudras based on their talent/interest irrespective of their birth. Then what about Karn (the great warrior of Mahabharata from Dwaparyug) who actually was Kshatriya from birth but because of his fate, he was raised by Sudras due to which he had to suffer and struggle his whole life to become a Kshatriya (a warrior). So many times, he was insulted by his own brothers as ‘Soot-Putra’. All this happened at a time when Supreme Lord Krishna himself was on earth to protect humanity. So my question is, if person’s own talent/ interest was the basis to decide what he became or not then why Suryaputra Karn had to suffer his whole life being a Sudra (even though he actually wasn’t by birth)?

    5. gaurav.punj says:

      yes you are right said number 14) Protect Hinduism to regain India’s prosperity and lost glory. Ancient Hindus were very rich and happy devoid of non-Vedic people and cultures yes every ancient hindu were very riches peoples and country in the world every persons has Golds and Silvers no ones poor peoples but when british came india they pick up every golds and take home London and now 21th century india still poor and poor peoples :/ now 21th century USA are riches country :/ first very Rich Country only India


      Fake story of movie The Croods (2013) if you see this movie totally fake story cavemen and their story

    6. gaurav.punj says:

      Bhavisya Puran was false book ? then Bhavisya Puran written by 19th century or Bhavisya Puran written by Vyasa in Lord Krishna’s time in dwapar yuga?

      1. Radhe Radhe Gaurav Ji,

        There are dozens of fake manusmritis and at least two fake Bhavisya Puran. The original Bhavisya Puran was distorted and populated to sanctify the common men – jesus and mohammed as Gods and divine. Jesus claimed to be son of god while illiterate looter and terrorist mohammed claimed to be last prophet of cult islam.

        Both these so called religions were man made so their folowers not only distorted Hindu texts but also used other artifacts, texts of old way of lives to fabricate the ancientness of these people.

        Shree Krishn already told in Shrimad Bhagwat Puran through Sages that in the first 10,000 years of Kaliyug, which will be golden period, there will be slowly decline of Vedic knowledge and texts. Right now, we have 70% of original Vedas. The true Vedas is already lost, it is believed original Vedas only exists with French govt. That is the reason most of the learners of Sanskrit come from france and germany to India.

        Jai Shree Krishn

        1. gaurav.punj says:

          oh so sad, we have only 70% original vedas…and the original Bhavisya Puranas didnt mention jesus and mohammed ?? and the original bhavisya puranas still have it in copy or lost shlokas ????
          all puranas are safe ?? how many totals have all puranas Shlokas ? some shlokas lost ????

        2. Mohan Krishna says:

          But …
          In the Bhavishya Purana, Muhammad(Mahamada) was mentioned as a demon like Tripurasura.Muhammad in Bhaviahya Purana was mentioned as the polluter of Dharma and not divine.

          Don’t delete my comment without replying to it.

    7. Sir in ancient India I feel shri Lanka,Bangladesh and Pakistan also come!Great work sir!

      1. Radhe Radhe Rambhakt Ji,

        Yes brother, you are right.

        Jai Shree Krishn

    8. humanity exist only in hinduism. hinduism is great

      1. Radhe Radhe Anand Ji,

        Hinduism is based on Vedic principles and morality and that makes it great. Other religions followed it to some extent and reversed some of the original Vedic principles and decimated moral values, true to the effect of Kali in Kaliyug.

        Jai Shree Krishn

        1. Sir , some people say that
          is this true sir????

          1. haribhakt haribhakt says:

            Pranav ji,


            Jai Shree Ram
            Jai Shree Krishn
            Har Har Mahadev

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