Duty of a fighter in Hindu Lion

You are a Hindu, a divine existence who emerged from the Supreme Soul (Bhagwan Krishna himself) who never dies, soul is eternal and body is the vehicle to follow Karmic duties in the present Yoni. A Hindu is a lion who roars and rules wherever he stays. No one can demean him or revoke him from following the path of Dharma.

Duty of A Hindu

Major Responsibilities of a Hindu: Unleash Lion Within You

You become True Hindu If you follow the Path of Dharma

A Hindu is a king of his own. A true Hindu is one who has tasted the sweetness of freedom of choice and is willing to choose fight to death than giving up his freedom. Freedom of choice to follow a path is the basic human right and no one shall tell him/her otherwise. Any Hindu who converts to Islam or Christianity is giving up his rights and virtually giving himself and his future generations to slavery. Life of a slave is worst than a caged bird.

A Hindu is one who believes in one Bhagwan who incarnates, as and when He feels fit, in the shape and form He wants to establish Dharma. Bhagwan creates, sustains and destroys when time comes. Many names and forms are given to each with the love and affection of each individual devotee. He has, can and will send us as many prophets ( Only prophet ?), saints and sons (only son?) and is fully capable of doing so. Because these demonic prophets and sons, being on reverse side of Vedic laws, will follow cults who will sanctify the existence of Hinduism, eternity of Sanatan Dharma. Without Asuri Urja (demonic energy), identifying Devta Shakti (Divine Power) is not possible for humans. Our Dharma is eternal, so is Bhagwan and all the souls. It is spiritual science that body dies but not the soul, taught to the world by us Hindus. The Vedic scriptures are a guide to salvation and an individual can steadily make his way back to Bhagwan in the speed and path selected. Karma (deeds) and results of Karma are the basis of our lives. Knowing that good karma will bring good results and vice versa, our lives can be guided towards fruition of Salvation, Moksha. Guru plays a very important part in molding our lives and whilst the Sreemad Bhagavad Gita can be accepted as Guru so can the word of true Hindu Sages. A Hindu who does not agree to the concept of protecting Dharma, Enlightening Soul, Merging to the Source, the Bhagwan cannot secure and lead a happy life as a human being on earth.

On contingencies, resorting to aggression to follow good Karmic deeds by adhering Vedic values and leading a life for Bharat Mata is the duty and purpose of a Hindu.

Protecting Dharma is Protecting Yourself. Aggression for the Hindutva Cause.

Krishna teaching Hindus and Arjun

Protect Hinduism and Hindu Causes

Hindus have been demeaned willfully by the Muslims and Christians for a period of over thousand years. United we can bring an end to it. We have been through a time when being a Hindu was considered a lowly thing, not only from the Muslims and Christians but also amongst ourselves. We denigrated our own culture – Gau Mata, Vedic texts, History and meaning of our existence. That mentality still exists in some quarters, it has to be gotten rid off by spreading the greatness of Hinduism. By making a protest, personally, by letters, social media posts, tweets and bulk emails – together we can flood any individual, organizations and governments with voices to listen to our causes, concerns, needs and views. There are many anti-Hindu demons among us called rationalists, atheists who insult peaceful Hindu culture and Hinduism but keep quiet on the menaces of Islam (terrorism/conversion) and Christianity (economic loot/conversion).

Kill terrorists and conversion missionaries

Motivate Hindu Pride

A Hindu can pride himself in way more than one can imagine. Some highlights are, our contribution in all fields for Human development from history to science, the very zero itself to the understanding of the creation. Numerous data is available to prove this beyond a speck of doubt. There are so many achievements of Hindu Sages to list that it will take ages to completely acquaint them. We are just listing couple of them which also formed the basis of existence of human race.

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Bharat – World’s first most prosperous, developed and civilized country was administered by Hindus.

Hindus are civilized and prosperous Vedic people

Vedas – World’s first recorded history of morality, truth, human existence, geography, inter-dimensional planets, soul and Bhagwan was given by Hindus to all. Recent scientific developments owe a lot to Vedas.

Who Made Hindus Coward and Invoked Sense of Ruefulness

Instead of teaching truth of Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta to his followers, Gandhi distorted an ancient Shloka and made it popular among Hindus decimating actuality of their true legacy. The shameful sin committed by Gandhi is unpardonable.

” अहिंसा परमो धर्मः धर्म हिंसा तथैव च: ”
(अहिंसा सबसे बड़ा धर्म है और धर्म रक्षार्थ हिंसा भी उसी प्रकार श्रेष्ठ है)

Gandhi cunningly broke the entire sholka and told innocent Hindus that Hinduism is based on principles of अहिंसा परमो धर्मः While the next half of the Shloka which says धर्म हिंसा तथैव च: was never used in his speech while addressing Hindus. Gandhi wickedly distorted the Shloka to invoke non-violence and cowardness in the Hindus. So that they are ready to get murdered and killed in the hands of british and muslims. The sin that Gandhi committed was hiding the fact that Hinduism also allows open aggression against evil people and this principle of aggression is given equal importance to the acts of non-violence. Peaceful to those who comprehend the acts of peace but aggression towards those who understand only offensively treated to the death.

Kill All Anti-Hindu People

In Hinduism, non-violence is practiced towards unarmed people and animals and not towards armed enemies who were invaders and denigrator of our Hindu culture. To protect culture of Bharat, Bhagwan Krishna and Bhagwan Ram also resorted to violence killing enemies of humanity. This truth was never massively highlighted by Gandhi because he knew if this truth is told to the followers, Hindus would fight in unity against British and terrorist muslims. Gandhi’s main objective was to weaken Hindu society and invoke sense of relaxation among Hindus – of not doing karma of fighting and practice endurance. This behavior of endurance got internalized in Hindus to such an extent that ‘chalta hai attitude’ made them introvert and isolated. Hindus were never guided to come out of endure and resignation to fate.

Duty of Lion in a Hindu

Protest in unity against Anti-Hindu propaganda

The concept of non-violence is wrongly propagated by people who want to make Hindus cowards. In today’s world of Islam (terrorism/conversion) and Christianity (economic loot/conversion), non-violence is not the answer but the mighty aggression.

When in Dwapar Yug, Bhagwan Krishna guided Arjun to pick up arms and fight for the cause of Dharma then how can one expect the worst age of all, present Kaliyug to win over offensive people with the concept of non-violence. And if being a Hindu you cannot take to the streets violently to fight against ill-treatment on Hindus then you can at least spread the message of unity and Hindu values among our brothers and sisters. Today we can use our computers, smartphones to voice out and send our messages and if the messages are powerful enough and in substantial numbers the achievements thus derived will keep our causes on the front burner. You can invoke awareness among your Hindu friends through social media sites and mobile apps. We need our voices to be heard and the bombardment of collective voices of millions of Hindus will be heard by administration, in doing so we will also find people who want to fight violently for the Hindutva cause.

Hindu Lions Fightback Against Jihad and Conversion

Counter Conversions and Jihad

Swami Vivekananda termed religious conversion as “religious perversion”.

Conversions come in ways unknown to us. Christian Missionary’s work with the intention to convert. The base of aid in the way of medicines, schools, universities and development are not for the betterment of the population at large. The base of it all, the purpose is conversion to Christianity. The population Jihad (Muslims practicing polygamy and multiplying like virus), Love Jihad (luring Hindu girls) and Jihad (islamic terrorism) decimated population of Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh and States of India (Assam, West Bengal, Jammu & Kashmir, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh)

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Pakistan is the birth of hatred towards India. It will never have harmonious relation with us. The problem between India and Pakistan is not Kashmir, it is Islam and the teachings of Koran, whereby the world has to be conquered by all means to be converted to the path to of anti-god Allah. If the case of all the surrounding countries for India is not a clear example, than we can term it suicidal spiritual blindness. Only one example will suffice; once Islam being in minority, Indonesia has today 89% Muslims. Examples of the Philippines, Burma, and others are not any different. With the Islam comes the teaching of Arabic and a total cultural revolution follows without question. That would include hatred for all that the population stood for before conversion. If India today is not going to wake up. the country will be totally annihilated into little parts. Parts of India are already clamoring for separation having either Muslim or Christian majority. If for any reason, one thinks America will not support the fight for separation in another state, think twice. Examples of Kosova, Bosnia, Timor, Chechnya and still to come another piece of Indonesia is about to fall to the same.

Hindu lion killing anti-Hindu and enemies

China and US funds Christian controlled Naxalites organization of north east India. Similarly several madarsas across India are funded by middle-east countries to fuel jihadi elements.

Both Christians and Muslims will never stop to think that if and when a period comes, when half the world is Islam and the rest Christian, then…what ?

First they fight to islamize or catholicize a country, once done, then they fight among sects or race color leading to the famine and misery for the country. That is why the responsibility of being a Hindu is more because we are taught to fight for the Dharma (morality, virtues) and protect the world as Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (the world is one family) and any cult who is against this concept is enemy of a human race. The principle of world is one family is opposite to the anti-Vedic concepts that convert world into islam or christianity.

We have to spread the truth about religious conversion and islamic terrorism that is danger for the unity of Hindus and existence of Bharat.

Hinduism is not Same as Other Religions

Hinduism is Dharma, Rest are Panths

Promote Hinduism around the Globe

Our objective is to invoke sense of pride and Vedic values among Hindus around the world. We are not interested in generating revenues, we never support advertisement in our website. Similarly, each Hindu should remain focused about his ONE objective to help and support Hindu Unity. Take one objective keep it to yourself and remain FOCUSED. We practice that we preach. Focus of making our Bharat Mata, a Vishwaguru again by spreading knowledge of Hinduism. By being aware of what is going on in the world today from Hindu point of view, we shall keep ourselves aware and ready to act in the cases of necessity. This will be the duty of all of us to be in touch with all of our Hindu brothers and sisters, getting hidden information of Vedic values and the onus of revealing lesser known facts about Hinduism lies on us, which should be distributed and shared by all of us through social media channels. Our unity is the key to success. This will be a joint task. We managing the site cannot do it by ourselves. Bhagwan Krishna is blessing us to spread the teachings and Vedic concepts. Even when one person who visit our site shares each of our posts once in the social media channels, we can reach millions other like-minded Hindu people who are not linked to us.

Educate our Children on basic Hindu beliefs

By reading the basics of Hinduism at this site one can instill this very essential knowledge to our children who are sometimes totally ignorant about Vedic values, concepts of Hinduism and the hidden agenda of our hard core enemies. If nothing else make our children aware and give them the foundation that our parents gave us, no one can dare try convert us. The knowledge of Shlokas, epics and the rest can be up to individuals and recommended. Start by practicing birthdays according to Vedic rituals, westernized celebrations are pushing off children from Hindutva values. Take your small children to nearby temples and explain them the greatness of being a Hindu.

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Invoke Krishna Bhakti Among Kids

Support fellow Hindu organizations and Individuals

Too often have we heard that Hindus do not support Hindus and on the contrary hinder the progress of his fellow Hindu This is the remnants of the slave mentality left over from the 1000 years history of being oppressed by Muslims and Christians. Let us wake up and stand by our brothers and sisters. Support local cause of Hindu organizations. Mobify and unitedly organize cultures and festivals. Avoid alcohol and meat-eating on such cultural activities. Practice that is taught by our Vedas, Ramayan, Mahabharat and Bhagavad Geeta. Protect our sisters from the goons. Any Hindu sister moving out of our Hindu fold is a contributor to the (multiplication in) population of non-Vedic cult.

Promote Good-will and Peace

In the new Millennium the name Hindu will be spoken with respect not only due to the solid foundation that we all unitedly can bring but we shall be respected for our contribution to the world in all fields of development. Hindus are today making progress that all of us are not aware of, we all should highlight to the world, slightest progress of Hindus, whatever is known to us. Our unity is a powerful tool to broadcast our progress and Vedic values instantly as it happens, shared by other Hindus with little effort. An instilled pride will make us better world citizens and very well respected. We want to unleash the real lions that is hiding within us, pouncing on the world to reclaim the lost pride of lion fold, Hindus.

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    for giving justice dharmaraj yamaraj is there.you cannot expect justice in a society run by naked,half naked feminists and their pet dogs or athesists.you should take the advantage of the holy names of lord krishna and try to get liberation.you all are not lord kalki.don’t waste your precious human life in changing the destiny which is impossible


    duty of a lion is to serve mother durgas or feminists.when great narendra modiji,the greatest ruler of entire kali yuga is so impotent that he had to openly accept that slap from a woman mamata banerjee is blessing for him,then you all should be ashamed of yourself.you all are pet dogs of women,because you know if you say anything,you will be put in jail in rape case.you all should spit and die drowning on that spit.a true man should never bow before evil in any conditions no matter how powerful the evil is.a man or nara should be impotent only in front of lord narayana or god.


    duty of a lion is to serve mother durgas or feminists.when great narendra modiji,the greatest ruler of entire kali yuga is so impotent that he had to openly accept that slap from a woman mamata banerjee is blessing for him,then you all should be ashamed of yourself.you all are pet dogs of women,because you know if you say anything,you will be put in jail in rape case.you all should spit and die drowning on that spit.

  • Wish you can write an article on the current scourge of the planet namely the LGBT movement. Only a devil gets attracted to the same sex. A man with XY is a man and a person of XX is a woman. Period. Today you have fluid genders, LGBT movements in the most religious of hindu cities like Madurai, where there are gay parades, it is being lauded as something great and open minded. The stupid bollywood celebs are lauding this movement and crticizing the court for not legalising this devilish behavior. Initially AIDS was called the Gay immune deficiency syndrome and orginated amidst the gays, but now it has been altered as Acquired immune deficiency to appease the gays. Kids are being brainwashed via media , TV ads and by schools in the western countries into selecting LGBT too as mainstream lifestyle. Children are confused about genders and males are cross dressed as girls and vice versa. Gays have the highest rate of AIDS, and suicidality. It is not a lifestyle, it is a mental illness. I am sure this has not found any mention in our scriptures, for our sages never found the need to address this for society was never so debased as it is today.

  • Prateek Kalkundrikar says:

    Good information we should correct scientific errors from our vedic texts like vedas, puranas, ithihas etc by reviving sanskrit and debunking fake errors created by anti vedic historians. We should also stop atheism which is not the concept of our motherland. Science and bhakti were never conflict in the country. Some people are spreading western type athesim recently termed as secular humanist which is anti vedic. We should fight them also.

    Hare Krishna

    • Radhe Radhe Prateek Ji

      Yes it is gradual process and will take time to rectify the same. We will surely do it one day. We need to dedicate more time in spreading awareness with simple concepts before unraveling advance and complex concepts of our great scripts. We are not even taking baby steps to get this done, (we means govt and all Hindu brothers and sisters of Bharat). However we can dedicate some time from our life for this purpose. By next 2 generations things will be changed visibly – it is indeed uphill tasks as lakhs of shlokas are to be deciphered. Nothing is impossible.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • chandra Sekhar says:

    Dear sir, you are doing a great job by hosting this website and publishing valuable information fearlessly. Request you to initiate a process to form a team comprising different people from all walks of life to defend our Hindu society. now we need to protect ourselves from our own secular political parties. we need to conduct meetings to inculcate the self respect and also to expose the divisive politics of the so called secular political parties, without power we can’t protect our selves.we need to unite the Hindu society, which is divided due to cast ism and poverty. Our’s is a society having more than 80 crores of people. even half of the people donates Rs.10/- a month, an amount of Rs.4,800/- crores fund could be collected which is enough for a decade to maintain a force, which will defend us. we need to extend a helping hand to the families of our brothers who are languishing in jails booked under frivolous cases.

  • But sir my question is that how this it could b possible that holy & sacred Upanishads says that there is no image of him ( god) & also he is one
    But on the on the other hand Vedas says that he exist in superior of all in three visible & particularly defined physically shaped form i.e. brahma ,vishnu & mahesh
    Than from where these images & shapes of gods had come from ( which we worship today) if there is no definable form of god ,he is nirakar according to holy Upanishads?????

    Waiting for ur humble rply…..

  • Shri lalit Kumar hari bhakt g
    Firstly I really appreciate the blogs & posts which u provide us day by day to enhance our knowledge & make us to understand our traditionally rich & great religion “sanatan dharma”
    But sir in last of the few days i came in the front of a confusion followed by a contradiction last week I met a mulla means a qazi who was sitting on our shop & without any invitation of doing so chanting & flauntig the nolez of his Koran
    He said many things directly or indirectly,to insult or to dis grace our culture ,rituals & our traditional vedic beliefs but each & every time with the help of knowledge gained by me from your such a lovely ,useful ,great website & articles posted on it , I reversed back each & every comment of his back on to him only due to which every single time he was forced to watch the ground .
    But sir one thing among his quest.s at which i became quiet was that he asked me that one the one hand u people say that “ishwar ek h or uska koi aadi ant nahi WO nirakar parbrahm h , jiska matlab hua ki uska koi roop ,koi tasveer ya koi aakar(shape) b nahi honi chhaiye ‘.
    ” to for tum Brahma ,Vishnu ,mahesh or baki sabhi devi devtaon ki murti banakr puja kaise kr sakte ho jab uska koi aakar hi nahi???
    & Sir this quest of his created more confusion & contradiction in my mind when i downloaded an PDF file after googling so much about this
    which gives the explanations on the concept of god in diff religion & in it also I came across various things like –

    Upanishads says –
    1)”Ekam evaditiyan”
    i.e.(‘ he is only one without a second’)
    [chandogya Upanishads 6:2:1]

    2)”Na casya kasuj ganita na cadipah”
    i.e.(‘of him there are neither parents nor lord’)
    [Svetasavatara Upanishad 6,9] [part 2nd page 263]

    Yajurved says-
    “Na tasya pratima asti”
    i.e.(‘there is no image of him’)
    [Yajurved 32:3]

    “Also is bodyless & pure ”
    [Yajurved 40:8]

    But sir
    Rigved explains the existence of lord Brahma ,Vishnu & Mahesh with their significance as creator, sustainer & destroyer with their bodylee structures & how they looks like…. which is against the verses of Upanishads &y

    But sir how could it be possible that two or the other scriptures of the same religion contradicts each other

    Please sir explain these facts also & clear my confusions

    Eagerly waiting your reply…..

    • Radhe Radhe Paurush Ji,

      There is no contradiction.

      Before manifestation Niraakar roop of Shree Krishna (Bhagwan Shiv) takes care of Shunyata.

      After manifestation, Saakar roop of Shree Krishna (Bhagwan Shiv) takes care of everything.

      Saakar and Niraakar roop of Bhagwan is explained in Vedas, Hindu scripts and Puranas in detailed manner.

      Bhakts of Saakar Roop praise with the mantras of Saakar Bhagwan.

      Bhakts of Niraakar Roop praise with the mantras of Niraakar roop.

      There is always Bhagwan before and after manifestation.

      All mantras are correct and represent presence of Saakar or Niraakar roop of Bhagwan.

      Praying Saakar roop of Bhagwan is for the common people, who find it easy to dhyan Bhagwan while Niraakar roop dhyan is done by Siddh Yogis. The Dhyan of Niraakar roop is not possible by common materialistic beings who are filled with hatred, material love, jealousness and greed. Moreover since we are product of Manifested world, it is very difficult to imagine the niraakar roop of Bhagwan and requires decades of penance with brahmacharya austerity.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • gaurav.punj says:

    according to capt aajit vadakayil blow website…fake information and thousand hindu peoples following his website and accepted .. so sad

    even agniveer website also same bad website fake information same hindu peoples following his website,,,,

    what we do?
    should we call to Government and both peoples in Jail ,,,

    both lived in india,,

    • Radhe Radhe Gaurav Ji,

      What are you trying to convey. You can use Hindi words in case of any apprehension on using english. What you want to suggest ?

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • gaurav.punj says:

    hello, do u have website that where MahaShiva purana’s inside 4-5 color print pics show on gita press. if u know send me ebsite

  • gaurav.punj says:

    when looking or watching at pic…Hindu Bharat vs Anti-Vedic Caveman and saying Proud to be hindu..

    it make me Emotional Feel :'(