Remove mosques from Holy Places of Hindus

Several incidents in past and present have shown that Hindus gave preference to their personal or family life over Sanatan Dharma. Selfish attitude of Hindu community made them lose almost 72 Hindu countries in last 2500 years. At one point of time, Sanatan Dharma was pillar of existence for almost 80% of major countries in the world.

Even today, Hindus are programmed since childhood to practice tolerance, silence, non-violence, morality, safety and career focus over their true existence and purpose of life. This made Hindus so lethargic and courageless that they timidly go into cocoon of self-protection without supporting their own brothers, when it comes to rescuing fellow Hindus from the hands of mlecchas (muslims/christians).

secret elites control india

Hindu Upbringing compared to Muslims

Compare Hindus with muslims, mohammedans are taught since childhood to attend friday namaz, practice roza, be aggressive towards non-muslims, support fellow muslims, boycott Hindus and work for islamization of the world. Their mosque is centre of unification of muslims and directive place to direct them for next set of actions, to respond to every new development happening around in the world. That is the reason when recently 21 Rohingya terrorists were killed in Myanmar, over 200000 muslims in West Bengal marched showing support for them.

Unlike Hindus who hardly visit temples, as their modern temples do not invoke dharmic preachings, veerta teachings, aggression and directives to unify Sanatan Dharmis. At the most, it become a place to have darshan of idols and give donation to mandir trusts. While darshan and donation is necessary for sustenance of Dharma, devoid of teachings and aggression, Hindus are failing in their dharmic duty and slowly islamizing Bharat with their inaction, they have become selfish bots who only think of their personal and family life, so they easily fall prey to even weak enemies.

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Hindu Upbringing compared to Christians

Compare Hindus with christians, almost all educational institutes in India are based on catholic principles of life. Their daily conductance are controlled by Church – holidays, routines, activities and teachings are in and around Christian culture. Christian kids since childhood are close to their teachings as most of the schools have Churches built within school complex or nearby it. Same Christian culture corrupt minds of Hindus since childhood, that is why teaching children in Christian school is dangerous for the existence of Hindu society.

The same christian kids when become adult indirectly help christian missionaries to convert more poor Hindus into their cult of christianity.

This is how since birth muslims and christians are following their cult as they are programmed to do so.

The two pronged organized attack from abrahamic cults are overtaking our Hindu society and is slowly killing Hinduism in India.

Unrealistic Traits of Hindu Society

The traits of tolerance, silence, non-violence, morality and personal safety towards enemies of Sanatan Dharma is the last thing this Kaliyug need if you really want to lead a proud terror free Hindu life. We are not living in an ideal world to have such morality virtues practiced in our daily life. Our moral values are seen as coward acts by our enemies.

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Let us understand how the impractical traits made us lose our identity turning us into a pleading community, even though we were in majority most of the times in last 1000 years, why we as a Hindu society failed to resurrect our holy cities and what we  should do to reclaim our glory.

Reclaim Temples for Existence of Hindus and Humanity

Reclaim Hindu Temples Failed Before?

Islam or quran is not gyan, it only spread terror in the world, killing billions of Hindus across the globe while forcibly converting millions of them into an uncivilized desert cult. We should never call the symbol of terrorism masjid (mosque) as gyan so it is Agyanvapi mosque for sane citizens of Bharat. Agyanvapi mosque is located in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India. It was constructed by terrorist Aurangzeb after destroying and demolishing ancient Kashi Vishwanath temple.

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Hindu maratha killed muslim terrorist mughals to save Hinduism in Bharat

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Why were the Symbols of terrorism, Mosques, never destroyed by Brave Hindu Marathas?

Liberating the holy cities of Kashi, Prayag, Mathura and Ayodhya from islamic terrorists and rebuilding all broken temples were some of the objectives of the Hindu Marathas, they wanted to reclaim temples but not at the cost of riots and lives of innocent Hindus. Hindus never initiated any riot in the last 10,000 years of recorded history, it was always mlecchas in the form non-vedic cults like Christianity (british and portuguese terrorism) or islam due to their hatred towards Hindus.

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Despite decades of warfare, politics and diplomacy the aim to restore Hindu temples unrealized and the task of reconstruction remain unfinished.

Hindus Hinduism Under Threat Islam Christianity

It’s natural to wonder why they didn’t just take an army, cross the Ganga river and pull down the symbols of terrorism like Agyanvapi Mosques to reconstruct the temples. Though on multiple occasions, they thought just the same and were very close to doing so. But they faced a much bigger difficulty of collective zeal from the lethargic Hindu society.

It was the year 1751, April, Just towards the end of the month, Hindu Marathas fought bravely for a great victory over the Rohilla Pathans in the Gangetic Doab.

The news of this victory jubilated Hindus. The Peshwa Balaji Baji Rao showered unrestrained praise on his generals Malharrao Holkar and Jayappa Scindia for delivering a phenomenal victory.

GS Sardesai writes,

The object of the Hindu Marathas in all these undertakings was both religious and political. They particularly intended to get the holy places of Prayag and Kashi back into Hindu possession.

Some time passed.

On 18th June, a Maratha agent wrote an important news to the Peshwa.

Malharrao has pitched his monsoon camp in the Doab. He intended to pull down the grand Masjid built by Aurangzeb at Benares and restore the original temple of Kashi Vishveshwar. The Hindu Brahmans of Kashi feel extremely terrified at such a move for they realize the Muslim strength in these places. What the holy Ganges and protector Vishveshwar can ordain will come true. The Brahmans are going to send strong appeal to the Peshwa against any such attempt by his Sardars.

Hindu Brahmans were concerned about safety and life of innocent Hindu public. They thought soft submission could save thousands of innocent Hindu lives, little did they comprehend that existence of such evil mosques means jihad and islamic conversion of thousands of same Hindus whose lives they unsuccessfully tried to save.

Thus respecting sentiments of coward Hindu Brahmans, the Hindu Marathas almost stopped their march to restore our lost glory.

But this was not the first time Hindu Marathas chose to not pull down the mosque at Kashi.

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Even earlier in 1743, the Peshwa had been on a pilgrimage to Prayag and Kashi of which a Marathi news writer has left behind a detailed account:

The Shrimant has advanced from Bundelkhand to this place with the object of proceeding to the territory of Patna. He had a holy bath along with his whole following of 75 thousand at Triveni near the Allahabad fort. The boats were provided by the Muslim Subadar of the place. What a wonderful achievement never before attempted by anybody else, for such a concourse to have a successful pilgrimage thus attaining the highest bliss of life. God is great.

After this show of immense strength of Hindu unity, Sardesai further narrates,

From Allahabad the Peshwa proceeded to Benaras, to which place he paid a hurried private visit simply for taking a bath in the holy waters, wisely refraining from constructing the famous temple.

Reclaim Temples: Why mosques Constructed Over Hindu Temples Not Destructed?

The liberation of Kashi Vishveshwar was not going to happen for free.

It involved a huge human and psychological cost which the Hindu Marathas were unwilling to bear at that time.

Pulling down the mosque would have unleashed waves of religious fanaticism throughout India, and particularly in Awadh – after the Hindu Marathas would have departed.

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The Nawab of Awadh remained one of the strongest satellites of the remnant and decayed Mughal power – and even if he wouldn’t dare do mischief himself, he would have found ways and means to get mischief done by instigating muslims of the place though his mullahs.

Hindu Maratha Protected Hinduism from terrorist mughals

Verily the local Hindu people feared retaliation if any attempt at reconstruction of the temple was made [which of course would have required demolition of the mosque].

The Hindu Brahmans of Kashi felt extremely terrified at such a move for they realise the Muslim strength in these places. Muslims were at prominent positions due to diplomatic compulsions of Maratha Empire. Lesson learnt here is, follow USA, China, Japan and Israel, never appoint muslims in prominent positions of bureaucracy, government, policing and army.

It was due to the concern for the local populace, and to avoid unnecessary warfare of riots that Hindu Marathas chose not to pull down the mosque at that time. Return of Hindu Marathas post demolition of symbols of terrorism would have unleashed islamic terror attacks by neighbourhood muslims against Hindus.

Yet this didn’t mean that the dream for liberation was forgone.

Throughout the 18th century, the Hindu Marathas kept trying to liberate the three holy cities.

There are many correspondences available that show how the Hindu Marathas were constantly negotiating and pressurizing the Nawab of Awadh to cede the holy cities to them.

Peshwa Balaji Rao’s letters are replete with his ardent desire to liberate Kashi and Prayag.

….Najib Khan must be punished. The work in Bengal is also important…one can take Shuja (Nawab of Awadh) with a large army, liberate Patna and Bengal. (Then under English control.) Take the wazir with you. From Shuja, take Kashi and Prayag. Secure Lahore. Obtain funds to retire the government debt.

In 1771, the Hindu Marathas made the Mughal emperor formally cede the districts of Kora and Allahabad (which had the cities of Kashi and Prayag) to them.

An invasion of Awadh was planned to secure the holy cities.

But the geopolitics of those times severely constrained the Hindu Marathas – these two districts initially belonged to the Nawab of Awadh and after the Battle of Buxar in 1764, these were largely protected by British arms (though on paper ceded to Hindu Marathas in 1771).

The British policy was to systematically exclude the Hindu Marathas from possessing the holy cities, but at the same time use them as a bait in negotiations – and ensure that pilgrimage from the Maratha dominions is encouraged and goes on unhampered.

Reclaim Hindu temples movement for Hindu existence
Read More by clicking image WHY HINDUS NEVER started RECLAIM HINDU TEMPLES movement in Independent India

A Maratha victory at Panipat in 1761 would surely have upturned the hostile geopolitical circumstances. But divided Hindu strength lead to loss of history defining Panipat war.

Still, the Hindu Maratha contribution to Varanasi is immense. Most of the temples and ghats (destroyed by mughal terrorists) at Varanasi, that we see today were reconstructed by the Hindu Marathas in the 18th century. These were dismantled structures and no anti-Vedic builds like masjids were created over them.

Further, in the late 18th century, by the efforts of Ahilyabai Holkar [the Maratha governor of Malwa], the temple of Kashi Vishwanath was constructed adjacent to the original site and the worship of Kashi Vishwanath was revived. Though the garbhgrih and original temple is still in the land captured by agyanwapi mosque. What Hindus visit today is a make-shift Kashi Vishwanath temple as the original temple is still in ruins under symbol of terrorism, a masjid.

[ Google “HariBhakt Yashwantrao Holkar” to know more ]

Hindu Aggression and Unity is needed to Reclaim Temples

Lack of Hindu Unity and Aggression is the reason, we all as a Hindu society failed, we all are culprits

Reclamation of Temples is ONLY Possible with Aggressive Hindu Identity

The conclusion is that Hindu Marathas do wanted to free holy cities of Mathura, Kashi and Ayodhya from the grip of mlecchas but had political compulsions, just as we are seeing similar compulsions showed by our free India governments. Maratha had several political arrangements with muslim generals and governors at that time to rule most of the Bharat, they do not wanted to ruin that arrangement. Successful victory of Panipat war would have changed the course of action. However the actual reason and premise of not to aggressively re-capture our holy temples were common Hindus at that time NEVER SUPPORTED Hindu Marathas ON DHARMIC GROUND, they were not ready to sacrifice their lives for the glory of Sanatan Dharma. Without spilling blood it was not possible, muslims due to their hatred towards Hindus (kafirs, non-muslims) were always ready to retaliate against Hindus post demolition of their structures. (Recently, post Babri mosque demolition, How can we Hindus forget burning of Godhra train and several riots across India instigated by terrorist muslims that killed hundreds of Hindus).

Complete blame lies on the lethargic approach and selfish family welfare mindset of common Hindus of the time that Hindu Marathas never were able to free our holy temples.

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In every Yug, you have to sacrifice and fight for Dharma spilling blood of enemies. It happened in Treta Yug, in Dwapar Yug and would happen in Kaliyug if we really want to save our existence from pests who hate our tradition, culture and values to an extent of killing us.

Dharmic resurgence need aggression, sacrifice and unity among Hindu Sanatan dharmis – like it happened in the recent divine act of Hindus demolishing evil structure, Babri Masjid, to reclaim our Ram Janmbhumi Temple. Demolition made it possible for ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) to dig and unearth more proofs about the existence of massive Hindu structure below masjid, due to this demolition, SC (Supreme Court) was able to rule verdict in favor of Hindus citing monumental evidences of ASI. Hindu aggression of demolishing mosque gave us opportunity to reclaim Ram JanamBhumi temple.

update: Recent judgement of Supreme Court in favor of construction of Shri Ram Janmbhumi temple in our own land was only possible because Hindus showed aggression, unity and assault to demolish symbol of islamic terrorism, babri mosque.

Hindus have to remain aggressive, united and be ready for any eventualities to fight for the dharma, peace, humanity and existence of Bharat. Fight for yourself, dharma and next generation of Hindus.

Ghazwa-e-Hind cult Islam and muslims mission to islamise Bharat (India) and then world.

haribhakt reclaim Hindu Temples

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    Hi haribhakt.Actually I am a student.Actually I have a problem.My social teacher who is also my class teacher is a muslims.This worries me a history ,she teaches us that the Mughals ,sultans and other muslim rulers are great.She also lies that they made great administration and many social reforms.But these mlechha rulers were terrorists who killed lakhs of Hindu men and even raped many Hindu women.they were great sinners and Jihad warriors who were brutal.

    In civics ,she speaks in favour of muslim parties and says that muslism are actually good and sometimes even great.

    Please help me.I cannot bear it.So I only study geography well.

    These mlechha teachers are known for brainwashing.Please give me some advice and help me.

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    Why is the Modi government not reclaiming Hindu temples?Narendra Modi must demolish Shah Idgah mosque as well which is a symbol of Islamic terrorism built by terrorist Aurangazeb.Even Varanasi Mandir.These Muslims are enjoying minority status and are encouraging terrorism.

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      Modi is also secular