Real Life Experiences with Krishna Blessings

(The post is shared by a HariBhakt reader, she respects Bhagwan Krishna as her elder brother. The article is composed by her, it is posted here as it is to maintain purity of her experiences. You can also share your real-life experiences in an article form, it will also be posted in featured post section for some time.)

“If I was asked to describe Lord Krishna’s presence in my life, I do not know from where and how to begin. Had he not interfered in my life, I even doubt I would have stayed alive to this day. Let me share some of the many miracles that the lord has performed in my life.”

“I was born into a traditional south Indian family. I lost my mother as a child and my father re-married within a year. Unfortunately me and my step-mother could never get along. Physical, mental and verbal abuse was a part and parcel of my childhood. As a child I thought that it was all my fault, but as I grew up it became clear that she harboured hatred against me as I was not her blood. She would kick me with her legs, beat me very hard, grab me by the hair and thus shake my head mercilessly even for silly mistakes. Even my spectacles would fall to the ground when she slapped me with so much force. Several times I’ve got red marks and veins bulge out from under the skin due to the terrible beatings. I do not wish to elaborate it here as the memories are quite traumatic. Almost none of my relatives and friends believed that I was suffering such abuse as she would put on a sweet face in their presence. She even brain-washed my father into believing her words. My father too stood on her side and supported her voluntarily, as I grew up.”

“Since I did not have any siblings, I ended up seeing Lord Krishna as my elder brother. I used to tie a “Rakhi” to his statue every year on Raksha Bandhan. He has proved to be the best brother in the world.”


Bhagwan Krishna Blessings are Miracles for All

Incident 1: HariPriya and Mother Krishna’s Personal Care

I remember going to my step-mother’s ancestral shrine yearly for the annual festival there. The ancestral shrine was located in the neighboring city, and we would stay overnight in the shrine for a day. Kids such as me and my cousins would be fast asleep while the elders would be awake. I always noticed one thing: when my cousins were asleep, their mothers would cover their kids with their salwar-shawl. My step-mother obviously never gave her shawl to me despite me shivering while sleeping in the cold night. This went on for years. When I was in the 8th grade, I decided to carry a bedsheet from home while going there. Unfortunately, I forgot to carry it and remembered it on reaching the shrine. In my frustration, I called out to Krishna and said “Krishna, don’t you see my plight? Those kids don’t have to bother about carrying a blanket for themselves as they have their mothers to cover them. But I have no mother, and I have forgotten to carry one. Won’t you give me a blanket?”. As night approached, I forgot about the prayer. I was sitting away from the shrine in a distant relative’s home nearby, talking with the house ladies. After some time I lied down near those women, closed my eyes and tried to get some sleep. A dark skinned young man whom I and the ladies had never known, came to where I was, woke me up and said “How will you sleep amidst all this dust here? Please get up”. I did as he said. He cleaned the floor with a towel and told me to continue sleeping. After some time he returned and woke me up, gave me a thick blanket and said “Sleep well” and walked off! Next morning, I couldn’t find him around when I wanted to return it. I gave it to one of the ladies of the house. Krishna is truly Deena-bandhu, the friend of the distressed and downtrodden!

Incident 2: Krishna Gifted Painting!

Once I had been to Tirumala with my father and step-mother. After having the Lord’s darshan, we were walking along the streets. I spotted a street vendor selling a beautiful painting of lord Krishna and Radha. I told my father that I wanted it. My dad asked my step-mom’s opinion. She straight away told him not to purchase it for me. My dad turned to me and said that he cannot purchase it for me as my step-mom did’nt approve it. Disappointed, I told my elder brother, Krishna that i wanted the same painting. We came home and after a week or two, when I returned from school, my aunt had visited our house. She called me to her side and gave me a chocolate bar, along with a large “notebook” like thing wrapped in news paper. I opened it curiously. It was exactly the same painting which I had asked my dad in Tirumala. I was dumbstruck and asked her whether she purchased it specifically for me. My aunt told me that she had dumped all the photo frames in her house into the store room during the house renovation, and after renovation, was cleaning the store room when she found this painting. She instantly remembered me and thought of giving it to me, she said.

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Krishna inspired aunt to gift his painting

If one’s parents don’t give the kid what it asked for, the next idea is to ask the older sibling for it! Even I did the same. However for me, Krishna is both father and mother, my real parent.

Incident 3: Old Lady Krishna Gave Flowers

One day as I was getting ready for college, I entered the shrine room to apply Kumkum on my forehead. As I was prostrating before the statue of Krishna, I saw a piece of jasmine flower garland on his shoulder. I felt a strong desire to pin it on my hair. But I restrained myself saying that It was inappropriate to take what belongs to God. I felt as if Lord Krishna was telling me “Take it and wear it. Why would I mind when you are my sibling? In fact I would be more happy if I see a smile on your face”. I just told Krishna that” If you really want me to wear jasmine flowers today, give it from your hands itself! Then only I will wear it “. I left for college then. As I was walking towards the bus stand, I felt funny thinking about my strange wish. How on earth could the supreme lord himself come down to give a tiny bunch of jasmine flowers to a simple girl? The one who manages the entire cosmos and the galaxies would have no time for it I thought. As I was nearing the bus stop, my eyes fell on an old woman on the other side of the road. I could not take my eyes off her, because she didn’t belong to our area. Though dressed very simply and not physically attractive, she had a divine aura around her face. Her eyes, face and movements were extremely divine, that I even thought ” She must be an evolved soul”. I then looked forward and continued walking. After a few minutes the same old lady beckoned me to stop, crossed the road between us, came to me and kept a small bunch of jasmine flowers in my right hand!. I could not believe what I was seeing and thought that I was dreaming. When I thanked her, she smiled compassionately saying “Now pin it on your hair”! and quickly walked away. Who had told her to give the jasmine flowers to me alone when there were about 15 girls of my age walking on the same road? . I wonder how she gave me the jasmine bunch of the same length as on Krishna’s statue when she had only a bag of yellow marigold flowers and nothing more with her. When it’s Krishna’s magic, one cannot find any logic.

Krishna as old lady gave jasmine gajra flowers to a girl

My Krishna, got jasmine flowers for his little sister.

Incident 4: Brother Krishna Punished the Molester

When I was studying in college I had a classmate who would look at me with lustful eyes and stare at me from top to bottom. I used to ignore him, even though it felt uncomfortable. One day during our internal exams, I was studying outside the exam hall, when he on the pretext of entering the exam hall, came behind me( I wasn’t even aware of it), and rubbed his right shoulder against mine, even though there was a huge open space for him to walk through. He would have even touched me inappropriately, but I moved aside and didn’t give him a chance. I knew from experience that this wasn’t accidental or by mistake. Until now, daily he used to “enjoy” me through his eyes, and was waiting for this chance to bump into me when nobody was around. When i entered the exam hall, I could see his face full of lust. He smirked at me as if to say ” I enjoyed it a lot”. I felt highly uncomfortable by his stares. Frustrated, my eyes filled with tears and I rebuked Krishna saying ” What kind of a brother you are? He rubbed himself against my body intentionally and you stand here, talking about ahimsa and forgiveness in Bhagavad Gita. Other brothers would have taught him a nice lesson”. The next 2 days too exams were going on but this man was absent. I wondered why. In college no one missed internals without genuine reason. He finally returned to college on the 3rd day after “the incident” with his right hand broken, completely in a cast!

Molester punished by Bhagwan Krishna

Although I did not feel happy about his pain, I was happy that Krishna showed me that he never spares anyone who messes up with his devotees. – My Bodyguard, Krishna.

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Incident 5: Sister Krishna Protects

In my layout itself, there was a house where a middle aged man stayed with his kids and wife. I used to pass by it daily, on my way to the bus stop where I caught a bus to college. Despite being already married he used to stare at me and smile as if gone crazy. Whenever I passed his house, he would come out running and peep out of the compound just to gaze at my face as if he would devour me. He tried to attract me towards him by greeting me “Good Morning” and other words. I ignored him but began to feel scared of him as well. One day I was walking along that road, he noticed that there was no one on the street. He was probably waiting for this opportunity. As soon as I walked past the gate of their house, I saw him coming out of the gate as well. My heart began to pound. His face showed expressions of uncontrollable passion and eagerness. He began following me with faster footsteps. I desperately looked around myself to call someone for help. There was’nt a single soul in sight. No one was standing on their house verandahs or balconies either. I again turned back to see if he was following me. Yes, he was. He was just moments away from touching me. I felt extremely terrified and imagined that the worst would happen to me now. I couldn’t even scream as I froze. I closed my eyes and mentally shouted ” Krishnaa….”. The very next second I heard a female voice “Come on, let’s go together”. I turned to my left and saw a girl of my age, who was very much grey skinned in complexion. I was in a state of shock and after calming down, asked her ” Who are you? Are you a migrant?”. (Her skin color was’nt like a keralite or a tamilian but a greyish color, hence my question).

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She: “I stay here itself”.

Me: “But I’m staying in this layout for years and haven’t seen you even once.”

She : “You may not have seen me. But I know you.”

Me: “Strange. What’s your name?”

She: “Tulasi. I am watching you always.”

Me (Shocked): “Can you repeat what you just said?”

She: “You need not tell me anything. I know everything about you. I keep on observing you. Your mother has said me to take care of you.”

I was stunned. She then distracted my mind by asking questions about how my studies is going on, college etc. Needless to say, that man didn’t follow me further as she was with me. Finally we parted ways. I never saw her again all these years or earlier in our layout. How she appeared in that deserted road at the moment I called out to Krishna, on my left side, is still a wonder to me.

Krishna is like any other brother. Never allows a man with evil intentions to even touch his sister.

Incident 6: Brother Krishna Cares for Past, Present and Future of his Devotee

When I was in the 8th grade, I dreamt one morning that Krishna visited our house. He came to me, spoke to me for a long time and in the end said “You must rear a cow in your house”. With that the dream ended. I did not take it seriously. Some years later when I got my horoscope checked with an astrologer, he said I was bound to face serious problems due to the alignment of a certain planet and that rearing a cow/planting a Peepal tree in the house would drastically reduce the ill effects of the planetary combination I had. Krishna was more concerned about my future than my parents or any well wisher. He charged nothing for his advice. My personal astrologer, Lord Krishna.

Incident 7: Friend Krishna Instruct Humans to Support His Devotee

When I got news of my job in another city, I had asked some of my classmates whether I could share a room with them during job, but they had refused for some reasons. My step mother did not agree to come with my father to help me settle there. My father pleaded with her to come, but I politely told her that I wont force you to come, Its your wish. Hearing this polite words from my mouth, my dad began accusing me of “ordering her not to come”. He started his emotional blackmail saying “I am not your father anymore, why do you need a father, go alone and find a room for yourself. I’m not gonna come”. I did’nt take his words seriously and worry. I had the Lord with me, and decided not to spoil my peace of mind as I never said something wrong. After around 2 days, someone of my college with whom I had never interacted much , texted me saying that she heard from someone that I am struggling to find a room to stay. She said that they would accept me along with her group of friends and that I need not worry. True to her words, she booked a bed for me along with her friends. I thanked Krishna profusely for taking care of his sister’s accommodation in a new city. Brother and best friend in the truest sense!

Incident 8: Teen Krishna Made Step-mother Realise Her Evility

Harassment from my step-mother’s end continued. I was utterly broken as a result of the three fold abuse on daily basis. While I was in 11th grade, I had reached the end of the tether. I could take it no more. I also contemplated suicide. One day, my step mom told me that she was going to attend a spiritual workshop and left. I was at home, studying. An idea of slitting my wrist popped up in my mind, but I somehow brushed it off. Finally at evening my step mom returned home. I saw that she was’nt as usual. She was looking dull. She sat beside me on the sofa and said “I’m so sorry for being cruel to you all these years” . I did’nt trust her and asked her to elaborate. She told me that in the workshop, a young girl of my age, had told her that “You torment your daughter at home. That helpless innocent soul suffers enormously due to your attitude. Unless and until you learn to love her and treat her well, there is no question of your spiritual progress. You have been carrying on this hatred towards her from past lives. Drop it now!” .My step mom was so shocked as to how that girl knew all about her wrong doings even when our own relatives never knew the abuse I underwent. I was’nt ready to believe all these. I thought she has been wicked to me all these years, do such people transform suddenly?. But I slowly saw from her behavior, from the very next day till today, she has never hit me even once. Even if she raises her hand by impulse, she immediately brings it down, remembering the mysterious girl’s words. I even heard that she cried regretfully, describing this mysterious incident in front of my aunt. To this day, the verbal abuse remains in small proportions. I can say that 90% of her has changed since that day. My family life is much more peaceful than before -Krishna became my personal lawyer and stood up for me when nobody did. (There were a few people though, who trusted me, consoled me and supported me but were helpless to stand up for me. I am ever grateful to them).

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Krishna changed her mind to better person and made evil step-mother apologise to her child

He believed that I was undergoing terrible abuse, when nobody else did.


My true friend, first love, best friend, father, mother, brother, son everything he is to me. Today when I look back at all the incidents and struggles that I underwent, I feel so blessed to have been taken care of by him directly. When I experienced troubles, they all seemed so real, and when Krishna removed it with just a snap of his fingers, every finished trouble seems like a dream.

His love is unconditional and selfless. He has nothing to gain from helping us, and yet he feels so much compassion for our sufferings. I think all he expects from our side is innocent love and kindness to all creatures. That is the rope that binds him to us.

Everywhere I hear sayings that Mother comes first, then Father, Teacher and then God. But for me its the reverse: Krishna/Guru comes first and then father, mother(no more) follow. He alleviated my misery and cared for me more than my parents could. Love in this world is based on some form of selfishness and filled with expectations. Once we are of no use to someone, all they want to do is ditch us. When we are in trouble, we are always alone, except that Lord Krishna will be with us in both life and death.

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A verse said by the great soul, Shri Ramakrishna Paramahansa come to my mind:

“God himself takes care of those who have none to call their own”.

So true!!

Jai Shri Krishna!!

By HariPriya, sister of Bhagwan Krishna

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