Sangh Parivar Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Exposed. RSS Revealed.

RSS – Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh initiated movements be they social-reformist or anti-secessionist – evoke ready response and approbation from the common multitudes as well as from vast numbers of elite of different shades. It has increasingly been recognized that the Sangh is not a mere reaction to one or another social or political aberration. It represents a corpus of thought and action firmly rooted in genuine nationalism and in the age old tradition of this country.

No other movement or institution has attracted such vast numbers of adherents, several thousands of them making social work their life’s mission, whose character and integrity are not doubted even by their most virulent critics.

“Hindu Sabal toh Bharat Safal”

As a movement for national reconstruction totally nurtured by the people, Sangh has no parallel in Bharat or elsewhere.  Whether the victims are christians (in bengal) or muslims (in J & K), RSS members were first to come to their rescue and reform their lives in natural calamities.

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh: RSS Exposed

RSS, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh FACT

No other organisation in the world but RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) must claim to be the most reachable, approachable and patriotic organisation for the public at large.

RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) is the only such organisation where there is equality among members. Harmony which even close knitted families can envy of.

The legacy which RSS carries is the reason why even several foreigners and muslims who became members to spy the functioning of the organisation came forward later to make statements that RSS is the best and one of the most patriotic organisation; which teaches how to lead life peacefully while helping poor people in time of their distress. Helping each and every one without even asking for favours or money. And the world should take lessons from RSS.

RSS, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh History

M. K . Gandhi wanted to garner support from all associations and organisations for freedom struggle. During M. K. Gandhi’s visit to RSS Camp accompanied by Mahadev Desai and Mirabehn at Wardha in 1934, he was surprised by the discipline and the absence of untouchability in RSS and commented “When I visited the RSS Camp, I was very much surprised by your discipline and absence of untouchablity.” He personally inquired to Swayamsevaks and found that they were living and eating together in the camp without bothering to know their castes. He further said that “Congress should learn few ethics from RSS, the way they give mutual respect to all its members. They should also take note of how to spread knowledge of peace while adhering to principles of brotherhood taught in Hinduism”

Dr Bhimrao Ram ji Ambedkar who was dejected the way Congress was treating dalits and their issues, while visiting the RSS camp at Pune in 1939 observed that Swayamsevaks were moving in absolute equality and brotherhood without even caring to know the caste of others. In his address to the Swayamsevaks, he said that ” This is the first time that I am visiting the camp of Sangh volunteers. I am happy to find absolute equality between Savarniyas (Upper caste) and Harijans (Lower caste) without any one being aware of such difference existing.” When he asked Dr Hedgewar ji whether there were any untouchables in the camp, he replied that there are neither “touchables” nor “untouchables” but only Hindus.

It is noted that RSS is taking a lead role in providing the education to people of rural India and socially backward classes living under the extreme poverty. Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar always repeated his praise in various future speeches while citing brotherhood example of RSS, Sangh parivar. The unity among people seen among RSS members touched his heart to the core.

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Field Marshal Cariappa in his speech to RSS volunteers said “RSS is my heart’s work. My dear young men, don’t be disturbed by uncharitable comments of interested persons. Look ahead! Go ahead! The country is standing in need of your services”.

Dr Zakir Hussain the former President of India once told to Milad Mehfil in Monghyar on 20 November 1949 “The allegations against RSS of violence and hatred against Muslims are wholly false. Muslims should learn the lesson of mutual love, cooperation and organization from RSS. The way RSS cadres remain calm and at peace even while dealing with crisis is commendable. They never have any kind of hatred feeling for any human being and serve all.

Noted Gandhian leader and the leader of Sarvoday movement, Jayaprakash Narayan, who earlier was a vocal opponent of RSS had the following to say about it in 1977 “RSS is a revolutionary organization. No other organization in the country comes anywhere near it. It alone has the capacity to transform society, end casteism and wipe the tears from the eyes of the poor.” He further added “I have great expectations from this revolutionary organization which has taken up the challenge of creating a new India”.

For their self-less welfare work for 1963 war victims and army personnels, Prime Minister Pandit Nehru felicitated them personally and asked them to join the republic day parade along with army squad and appreciated their efforts to work for the upliftment of India; irrespective of caste, creed and race.

In 1967, Jahanara Imam, said “If RSS was as powerful as Congress then partition of India and Pakistan would not have happened, and innocent killings had been avoided”.

RSS, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Charity And Welfare

Since the inception of RSS, the mission was to support poor people and victims of contingent situations; whether climatic or crisis. This is a long and continuous tradition known with the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh). The RSS was instrumental in relief efforts after the 1971 Orissa Cyclone and the 1977 Andhra Pradesh Cyclone.

An RSS-affiliated NGO, Seva Bharati, has adopted thousands of children till date (irrespective of religion – 65% muslims rest Hindus, Sikhs and Christians)  from militancy affected areas of Jammu and Kashmir to provide them education at least up to Higher Secondary level. They have also taken care of many victims of the Kargil War of 1999.

RSS swayamsewaks were first to come forward for Bhopal gas tragedy victims, they were first to arrive for Latur earthquake victims. RSS members are known to be present every where; whenever natural calamity strikes.

The RSS assisted in relief efforts quite extensively during the 2001 Gujarat earthquake. They helped rebuild villages. They “earned kudos” from many varied agencies and sources for their actions. For instance, in the 2001 Gujarat earthquake, K. Srinivas, District Collector of Ahmedabad, Indian newsmagazine Outlook and India Today reported:

This is an old tradition in the RSS. To be the first at any disaster strike: floods, cyclone, drought and now quake. In Kutch, too, the RSS was the first to reach the affected areas. At Anjar, a town in ruins, the RSS was present much before the Army took the lead in finding survivors and fishing out the dead.
—K. Srinivas, District collector, Ahmedabad

Literally within minutes RSS volunteers were at the scenes of distress. Across Gujarat, the (RSS) cadres were the saviors. Even as the state machinery went comatose in the first two days after the quake, the cadre-based machinery of the Sangh fanned out throughout the state. Approximately 35,000 RSS members in uniform were pressed into service.

It is conceded by even their worst detractors that the RSS has been in the forefront of the non-official rescue and relief (operations). This has led to an upsurge of goodwill for the Sangh
—India Today.

Seva Bharati conducted relief operations in the aftermath of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. Activities included building shelters for the victims, providing food, clothes and medical necessities. The RSS assisted relief efforts during the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman earthquake and the subsequent tsunami.

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In 2006, RSS participated in relief efforts to provide basic necessities such as food, milk and portable water to the people of Surat, Gujarat who were affected by massive floods in the region.

The RSS volunteers carried out massive relief and rehabilitation work after the floods ravaged North Karnataka and some districts of the state of Andhra Pradesh.

According to Cho Ramaswamy, the editor of Tughlaq magazine, the RSS-sponsored Seva Bharati did yeoman service following the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, despite a lack of formal acknowledgment.

The Only Organisation To Support Sikhs In 1984 Riots

When no organisation came forward to support Sikh victims in 1984 riots conducted by Congress under leadership of Rajiv Gandhi (who ignored massacre of thousands of innocent Sikhs in the hands of congress people and made irresponsible statement – When a big tree falls, the ground shakes). RSS was the only organisation to come forward and whole-heartedly support Sikh victims. Khushwant Singh’s observation can be cited here.

RSS helped protecting Sikhs during 1984 anti-Sikh riots. Sikh intellectual and author of ‘A History of the Sikhs’, Khushwant Singh, credits members of the RSS with helping and protecting Sikhs who were being targeted by members of the Congress (I) party under Rajiv Gandhi leadership during the riots.

RSS has played an honorable role in maintaining Hindu-Sikh unity before and after the murder of Indira Gandhi in Delhi and in other places It was the Congress (I) leaders who instigated mobs in 1984 and got more than 3000 people killed. I must give due credit to RSS and the BJP for showing courage and protecting helpless Sikhs during those difficult days. No less a person than Atal Bihari Vajpayee himself intervened at a couple of places to help poor taxi drivers.

—Khushwant Singh


RSS respects country as mother land and always thought of blending all Indians; Hindus, Muslims, Christains, Sikhs as integral part of Indian culture. RSS always worked for the people of India and would continue to work for their development. The only sad part is they never carry promotional campaign of their work. Its their way of working that they believe in self-less welfare for the society and people. Such is the simplicity of self-less volunteers of RSS – who are truly patriotic heroes of India. All the people who got benefited come forward and acknowledge good work done by RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh).

RSS prayer emits fragrance of global brotherhood and harmony among Indians thereby willing to sacrifice everything for the motherland. Saluting motherland – pledging to protect, respect for the welfare of Bharat and residents.

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Prayer

RSS Prayer to motherland in Sanskrit

नमस्ते सदा वत्सले मातृभूमे
त्वया हिन्दुभूमे सुखं वर्धितोहम् ।
महामङ्गले पुण्यभूमे त्वदर्थे
पतत्वेष कायो नमस्ते नमस्ते ।।१।।

प्रभो शक्तिमन् हिन्दुराष्ट्राङ्गभूता
इमे सादरं त्वां नमामो वयम्
त्वदीयाय कार्याय बध्दा कटीयं
शुभामाशिषं देहि तत्पूर्तये ।
अजय्यां च विश्वस्य देहीश शक्तिं
सुशीलं जगद्येन नम्रं भवेत्
श्रुतं चैव यत्कण्टकाकीर्ण मार्गं
स्वयं स्वीकृतं नः सुगं कारयेत् ।।२।।

परं साधनं नाम वीरव्रतम्
तदन्तः स्फुरत्वक्षया ध्येयनिष्ठा
हृदन्तः प्रजागर्तु तीव्रानिशम् ।
विजेत्री च नः संहता कार्यशक्तिर्
विधायास्य धर्मस्य संरक्षणम् ।
परं वैभवं नेतुमेतत् स्वराष्ट्रं
समर्था भवत्वाशिषा ते भृशम् ।।३।।

।। भारतमाता की जय ।।

RSS Prayer to motherland in Hindi

हे वत्सल मातृभूमि! मैं तुझे निरंतर प्रणाम करता हूँ| हे हिन्दुभूमि! तुने ही मुझे सुख में बढाया है| हे महामंगलमयी पुण्यभूमि! तेरे हित मेरी ये काया अर्पित हो| तुझे मैं अनन्त बार प्रणाम करता हूँ|
हे सर्वशक्तिमान परमेश्वर! ये हम हिन्दू राष्ट्र के अंगभूत घटक, तुझे आदरपूर्वक प्रणाम करते हैं| तेरे ही कार्य के लिए हमने अपनी कमर कसी है| उसकी पूर्ति के लिए हमें शुभ आशीर्वाद दे| विश्व के लिए जो अजेय हो, ऐसी शक्ति, सारा जगत जिससे विनम्र हो, ऐसा विशुद्ध शील तथा बुद्धिपूर्वक स्वीकृत हमारे कंटकमय मार्ग को सुगम करने वाला ज्ञान भी हमें दे|
अभ्युदय सहित नि:श्रेयस की प्राप्ति का एकमात्र उग्र साधन वीरव्रत है, उसका हम लोगों के अंत:करण में स्फुरण हो| हमारे ह्रदय में अक्षय तथा तीव्र ध्येयनिष्ठा सदैव जाग्रत रहे| तेरे आशीर्वाद से हमारी विजयशालिनी संगठित कार्यशक्ति का रक्षण कर अपने इस राष्ट्र को परम वैभव की स्थिति में ले जाने में नितांत समर्थ हो|
।। भारत माता की जय ।।

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RSS Sangh Parivar Prarthana In English:

Forever I bow to thee, O Loving Motherland! O Motherland of us (Indians) Hindus, Thou hast brought me up in happiness. May my life, O great and blessed Holy Land, be laid down in Thy Cause. I bow to Thee again and again.

We the children of the Hindu Nation bow to Thee in reverence, O Almighty God. We have girded up our loins to carry on Thy work. Give us Thy holy blessings for its fulfillment. O Lord! Grant us such might as no power on earth can ever challenge, such purity of character as would command the respect of the whole world and such knowledge as would make easy the thorny path that we have voluntarily chosen.

May we be inspired with the spirit of stern heroism, that is sole and ultimate means of attaining the highest spiritual bliss with the greatest temporal prosperity. May intense and everlasting devotion to our ideal ever enthuse our hearts. May our victorious organised power of action, by Thy Grace, be wholly capable of protecting our dharma and leading this nation of ours to the highest pinnacle of glory.

।। Bharat Mata Ki Jai ।।


The post was made to make people aware of the fact that RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) is most patriotic organisation ever known to Indian people. It was also to clear doubts which might have aroused due to recent false allegations made by Hijra Sushil Kumar Shinde ex-home minister of India.

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    1. Nikhil Agrahari says:

      RSS is that organization, which openly rejected the national tricolor flag, and tried to replace it with Saffron flag. I mean saffron represents our sanatan culture, but doesn’t the tricolor represent the struggle of our freedom fighters too? What are your thoughts on this?

      1. अखण्ड हिंदुराष्ट्र जय आर्यावर्त ! says:

        When our Bharat got its swatantrata,
        (Already delayed by RESPECTED Congress pigs)—
        Veer sawarkar proposed the bhagwa flag to be the national flag, but Gandhi and some other islamic pigs put an obstruction and cunningly declared the “flag with the charkha symbol” as our national flag , abusing the power and trust . Later the “charkha symbol flag” was modified into tricolour flag .
        And our history is witness , that bhagwa have been always the national flag of our Aryavarta .

        ( And your lack of knowledge on this tells me that you are a Jihadi pig snort with a fake id )

        Bharat was a hindu rastra , it’s a hindu rastra and it always will be a hindu rastra and everyone have to accept it .

        Har har mahadev

        1. Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

          Yes we need saffron flag to our country. Sanathana rashtra= Hinduism+ Jainism+Buddhism+Sikhism. Yogi Adityanath will be the next Prime Minister. He will unite Mynmar , Sri Lanka and Bhutan Buddhists , Nepali Hindus to wipe away Cunning wolf Jihadi Mullas. North East states Christians will be converted to Buddhists. By 2055, India will be Saffron rashtra and Islamic free rashtra. Sanathana dharmam is most powerful in this universe.
          Jai Akhanda Bharatham
          Vande Maataram
          Jai Sree Krishna
          Hara Hara Mahadeva

    2. Orthodox hindu says:

      Jai shri Krishna,
      Tomorrow,on the day of Raksha Bandhan,RSS aims to tie rakhis to atleast 10 lack Hindus,irrespective of they being male or female.They are going to spread a message of supporting their Hindu brothers and sisters in case they need help.Long live the RSS!

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