Padmini or Padmavati spent her life under the care of her father Gandharvsena and mother Champavati. She was truly bought up as a brave Hindu girl, she had mastery on all forms of weaponry skills. Padmini had a talking parrot named “Hiramani”. The parrot was smart and intelligent, repeated mantras chanted by Rani Padmini. But her father, who disliked her obsession with the bird, had ordered it to be killed. While the bird was able to fly away and save its life, it later fell into the hands of a bird catcher who sold it to a Brahmin. Once the Brahmin brought the bird to Chittor, impressed by its ability to talk, the local king Ratan Sen purchased it from him. The parrot incessantly praised Padmavati’s heavenly beauty, which enamored the king who decided to embark on a quest to marry the princess.

The bird guided Ratan Sen and his 16,000 followers to Singhal, which they reached after crossing the seven seas. The king began ‘Tapasya’ in a temple which Padmavati visited after being informed by the parrot, but she left the temple without visiting him and regretted her decision once back in the palace.

Her father arranged a swayamvar (to marry a woman by showing some eligibility) to wed his beautiful daughter to an able man, invited all the Hindu kings and Rajputs. King Rawal Ratan Singh of Chittor knew about Padmini’s attributes, went to the swayamvar regardless of having multiple wives. There he won her hand by defeating another eligible king, Malkhan Singh. Padmini also had fight with him to test his bravery.

Rawal Ratan Singh returned to Chittor with his beautiful queen Padmini.

padmavati with her talking intelligent parrot

Hindu Queen Rani Padmini (Padmavati)’s Bravery

Unbelievable Courage of Rani Padmini (Padmavati) to Protect her Satitava (Purity)

In the 12th and 13th centuries, the invasive sultanate of Delhi, set up by Muslim Turkic nomadic looters, was growing in power. The Sultans made repeated attacks on Mewar unsuccessfully. It is historical account that Alauddin Khilji (Ala-ud-din Khalji) attacked Chittorgarh to have Maharani Padmini all for himself. But what provoked him to attack Chittorgarh to capture Padmavati is a ploy of another traitor.

Terrorist Alauddin Khilji’s Invasion

Incident that made terrorist Alauddin Khilji attack Chittorgarh for Queen Padmavati

Ratansen was also a patron of the arts. In his court were many talented People one of whom was a musician named Raghav Chetan. But unknown to anybody, Raghav Chetan was also a sorcerer. He used his evil talents to run down his rivals and unfortunately for him was caught red-handed in his dirty act of arousing evil spirits.

On hearing this King Ratan Sen was furious and he banished Raghav Chetan from his kingdom after blackening his face with coal and making him ride a donkey. This harsh punishment earned king Ratansen an uncompromising enemy. Sulking after his humiliation, Raghav Chetan made his way towards Delhi with the aim of trying to incite the Sultan of Delhi Ala-ud-din Khilji to attack Chittor.

Alauddhin Khalji was a staunch follower of islam, so much that he internalized many verses of Quran. All his destructive invasions had signatures of Quranic teachings and footprints of Mohammed’s earliest bloody raids to spread islam. His original name was Ali Gurshasp but his hatred towards Kafir and serving torture to Kafirs (Hindus) for Allah, made him declare himself as Alla-u-ddin Khalji, a servant of Allah.

With an agenda to islamize Bharat, following terror teachings of Quran, he killed thousands of Hindu men, got thousands of Hindu women raped and made thousands of children his harem keep. Alauddin was a very cruel and brutal invader. He got more obsessed with Allah and islamic scripts to an extreme level to declare himself as a new Prophet.

On approaching Delhi, Raghav Chetan settled down in one of the forests nearby Delhi which the Sultan used to frequent for hunting deer. One day on hearing the Sultan’s hunt party entering the forest, Raghav-Chetan started playing a melodious tone on his flute. When the alluring notes of Raghav-Chetan flute reached the Sultan’s party they were surprised as to who could be playing a flute in such a masterly way in a forest.

The Sultan dispatched his soldiers to fetch the person and when Raghav-Chetan was brought before him, the Sultan Ala-ud-din Khilji asked him to come to his court at Delhi. The cunning Raghav Chetan asked the king as to why he wants to have a ordinary musician like himself when there were many other beautiful objects to be owned. Wondering what Raghav Chetan meant, Alauddin asked him to clarify. Upon being told of Rani Padmini’s beauty, Ala-ud-din’s lust aroused and immediately on returning to his capital he gave orders to his army to march on Chittor.

Raja Ratan Sen Chittorgarh

Lust for Rani Padmini (Padmavati) Made Muslim Terrorist Alauddin Backstab Hindu King Ratan Sen

Betrayal of Trust, A Quranic ihanet Preaching For  Muslims Toward Hindus

Terrorist Alauddhin marched to satisfy his carnal urges, on reaching Chittor, Allah-ud-din found the fort to be heavily defended. Desperate to have a look at the legendary beauty of Padmini, he sent a word to King Ratansen that he looked upon Padmini as his sister and wanted to meet her. On hearing this, the unsuspecting Ratansen asked Padmini to see the ‘brother’. But Padmini was more worldly-wise and she refused to meet the lustful Sultan personally.

On being persuaded by her husband Rana Ratansen, Rani Padmini consented to allow Ala-ud-din to see her only in a mirror. On the word being sent to Alauddin that Padmini would see him, he came to the fort with his selected best warriors who secretly made a careful examination of the fort’s defences on their way to the Palace.

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Rani Padmini true story padmavati

On seeing Padmini, in the mirror, the lustful Alauddin Khalji decided that he should secure Padmini for himself. While returning to his camp, Alauddin was accompanied for some way by King Ratansen as a tradition of honouring guest to the horsemen. Taking this gracious attitude of Hindu king for granted, the wicked Sultan deceitfully kidnapped Ratansen and took him as a prisoner into his camp and demanded that Padmini come and surrender herself before Allah-ud-din Khilji, if she wanted her husband King Ratansen alive again.

Mad Infatuation for Rani Padmini (Padmavati) and Terrorist Alauddin’s Deceit

The Great Escape of Maharaj Ratan Sen

The Rajput generals decided to beat the Sultan in his own game and sent back a word that Padmini would be given to Alauddin the next morning. On the following day at the crack of dawn, one hundred and fifty palaquins (covered palkis in which royal ladies were carried in medieval times) left the fort and made their way towards Alauddin’s camps The palanquins stopped before the tent where king Ratan Sen was being held prisoner. Seeing that the palanquins had come from Chittor and thinking that they  brought along with them his queen, king Ratan Sen was mortified – dignity is everything for a brave Hindu king. But to his surprise from the palanquins came out, not his queen and her women servants but fully armed soldiers, who quickly freed Ratan Sen and galloped away towards Chittor on horses grabbed from Alauddin’s stables.

alauddin khilji allauddin terrorist

Alauddin Khilji’s Attack on Chittorgarh Fort

On hearing that his designs were faltered, the lustful Sultan was furious and ordered his men to storm Chittor with full armed force. But as hard as they tried the Sultan’s army could not break into the fort. Then Alauddin decided to siege the fort. The siege was long drawn, gradually supplies within the fort depleted. Finally King Ratnasen gave orders that the Rajputs would open the gates and fight to finish with the besieging troops. On hearing of this decision, Padmini decided that with their men-folk going into the unequal struggle with the Muslim invader’s mighty army in which they would perish, the women of Chittor had to either commit suicide or face dishonour at subversion of victorious muslim enemy’s islamic terrorism and Quranic concept of Khumus.

Why Rani Padmavati Decided to Prefer Painful Death of Self-immolation

Muslim terrorists (mughals) prescribing to koran always r@ped women of a captured king. Sewikas and Patranis were distributed among barbarous army men. No respect towards womanhood was ever shown, they were looted like articles. Some of the incidents reported in the history is so gruesome that it goes off-topic for this site to include.

Padmini (Padmavati) was a proud sattvik Hindu rani. She could have poisoned herself for a less painful death but she never wanted her lifeless body to be touched by dirty hands of Alauddin – only burning body to ashes would have ensured it.

Nowhere in the modern world history such brave act is reported, A brave Hindu woman could only think of such bold act to save her identity, purity and dignity.

So mass Jauhar was organised by the Rani Padmavati and her sewikas. Every women agreed in favour of suicide through Jauhar to protect the pride of their womanhood. A huge pyre was lit and followed by their queen, all the women of Chittor jumped into the flames chanting names of Goddess Shakti… Jai Bhawani…Jai Bhawani and deceived the lustful enemy waiting outside. With the sacrifice of womenfolk, the men of Chittor got doubly inspired, nothing to lose, they got very angry and ferocious. They charged out of the fort and fought on furiously with the vastly powerful array of the Muslim invader, till all of them perished. After this phyrrhic victory the Sultan’s troops entered the fort only to be confronted with ashes and burnt bones of the women whose honour they were going to violate to satisfy their lust. Necrophilia r@pes of muslim terorrists were known to Hindu kings,, Queens and Rajgurus.

These women who committed Jawhar (Jauhar) had to perish but their memory has been kept alive till today by bards and songs which glorify their act which was right in those days and circumstances. Thus a halo of honour is given to their supreme sacrifice.

Due to size of his mighty army, manifolds to the Rajput army, terrorist Allauddin Khilji won the war but he was never able to capture any women of Chittorgarh fort alive.

padmini jauhar jawhar johar kund chittor

CAUSE and EFFECT of Karma Which No Muslim Believes But It happens with Everyone and Death of Pedophile (Bacchabaaz) Alauddin

Curse of Rani Padmini (Padmavati) and Hindu Women

The ruthless Khilji ruler was a bis*xual and a paedophile. Likewise to terrorist Akbar, who founded Din-i Ilahi religion declaring himself The Prophet. During his reign, Alauddin also proclaimed himself to be The Prophet, prescribing his own set of principles. He even went to the extent of forced Qazis, into manipulating religious approvals suiting his whims and fetishes. Several structures were constructed to offer obeisance to him for his concocted teachings of slavery, s*xual misconducts and terrorism.

Alauddin bought a kid from the slave market (Bacchabaazi market of prepubescent kids) who was forcefully r*ped by him and later groomed as Malik Kafur, his s*xual protégé, gay partner and chief advisor. Alauddin’s strategy to attack Chittor was only with one agenda to capture all the 7000 women inside including Rani Padmini (Padmavati).

Like other terrorist mughals, Alauddin was s*x maniac, immersed only in lustful activities. Alauddin’s desire for his s*xual passions, had reached such a level that it is said his harem had more than 70,000 males, females and children. Of which, 30,000 women, were the widows of men that he killed in one day.

malik kafur alauddin khilji gay lover

Brave Rani Padmini and all the women, decided to commit Jauhar, rather than becoming s*x slaves or inmates of Alauddin’s harem. It is said that the heart-wrenching wails coming out from the Jauhar Kund continued to haunt Khilji for years. The haunting reached to an extreme level and he started behaving like a mentally retarded person. His lover Malik Kafur tried with all his might to take over his place and order policies and rulings, on Khilji’s behalf; until latter’s official advisors interfered and reminded him that rightfully Khilji’s sons must take the throne. So after few days of proxy ruling, he handed over throne to his 3 years old son while controlling the administration as the guardian. However he never missed the opportunity to kill Alauddin, he conspired to kill terrorist Alauddin by injecting harmful liquid into his veins, leaving him to die of Oedema. Akbar was also assassinated in a similar manner by treatment of herbal poison to die from painful diarrhea of few weeks.

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malik kafur killed sons of alauddin

Malik Kafur then blinded his sons, Khizr Khan and Shadi Khan, by gauging out their eyes from the sockets, killing them in the process. He then ordered to blind Prince Mubarak, who somehow escaped this assassination attempt and informed Khiliji’s loyal army of Malik’s treachery. He was later beheaded. This is how the dynasty of Khilji, which started due to treachery of Alauddin murdering his own uncle following koranic teachings to steal throne, later met just demise.

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Compiled by Narendraji

दोहराता हूँ सुनो रक्त से लिखी हुई क़ुरबानी
जिसके कारन मिट्टी भी चन्दन है राजस्थानी

रावल रत्न सिंह को छल से कैद किया खिलजी ने
काल गई मित्रों से मिलकर दाग किया खिलजी ने
खिलजी का चित्तोड़ दुर्ग में एक संदेशा आया
जिसको सुनकर शक्ति शौर्य पर फिर अँधियारा छाया
दस दिन के भीतर न पद्मिनी का डोला यदि आया
यदि ना रूप की रानी को तुमने दिल्ली पहुँचाया
तो फिर राणा रत्न सिंह का शीश कटा पाओगे
शाही शर्त ना मानी तो पीछे पछताओगे

दारुन संवाद लहर सा दौड़ गया रण भर में
यह बिजली की तरक छितर से फैल गया अम्बर में
महारानी हिल गयीं शक्ति का सिंघासन डोला था
था सतीत्व मजबूर जुल्म विजयी स्वर में बोला था
रुष्ट हुए बैठे थे सेनापति गोरा रणधीर
जिनसे रण में भय कहती थी खिलजी की शमशीर
अन्य अनेको मेवाड़ी योद्धा रण छोड़ गए थे
रत्न सिंह के संध नीद से नाता तोड़ गए थे

पर रानी ने प्रथम वीर गोरा को खोज निकाला
वन वन भटक रहा था मन में तिरस्कार की ज्वाला
गोरा से पद्मिनी ने खिलजी का पैगाम सुनाया
मगर वीरता का अपमानित ज्वार नही मिट पाया
बोला मैं तो बोहोत तुक्ष हू राजनीती क्या जानू
निर्वासित हूँ राज मुकुट की हठ कैसे पहचानू
बोली पद्मिनी समय नही है वीर क्रोध करने का
अगर धरा की आन मिट गयी घाव नही भरने का
दिल्ली गयी पद्मिनी तो पीछे पछताओगे
जीतेजी राजपूती कुल को दाग लगा जाओगे
राणा ने को कहा किया वो माफ़ करो सेनानी

यह कह कर गोरा के क़दमों पर झुकी पद्मिनी रानी
यह क्या करती हो गोरा पीछे हट बोला
और राजपूती गरिमा का फिर धधक उठा था शोला
महारानी हो तुम सिसोदिया कुल की जगदम्बा हो
प्राण प्रतिष्ठा एक लिंग की ज्योति अग्निगंधा हो
जब तक गोरा के कंधे पर दुर्जय शीश रहेगा
महाकाल से भी राणा का मस्तक नहीँ कटेगा
तुम निश्चिन्त रहो महलो में देखो समर भवानी
और खिलजी देखेगा केसरिया तलवारो का पानी
राणा के शकुशल आने तक गोरा नहीँ मरेगा
एक पहर तक सर काटने पर धड़ युद्ध करेगा
एक लिंग की शपथ महाराणा वापस आएंगे
महा प्रलय के घोर प्रबन्जन भी न रोक पाएंगे
शब्द शब्द मेवाड़ी सेनापति का था तूफानी
शंकर के डमरू में जैसे जाएगी वीर भवानी

जिसके कारन मिट्टी भी चन्दन है राजस्थानी
दोहराता हूँ सुनो रक्त से लिखी हुई क़ुरबानी

खिलजी मचला था पानी में आग लगा देने को
पर पानी प्यास बैठा था ज्वाला पी लेने को
गोरा का आदेश हुआ सज गए सात सौ डोले
और बाँकुरे बदल से गोरा सेनापति बोले
खबर भेज दो खिलजी पर पद्मिनी स्वयं आती है
अन्य सात सौ सखियाँ भी वो साथ लिए आती है

स्वयं पद्मिनी ने बादल का कुमकुम तिलक किया था
दिल पर पत्थर रख कर भीगी आँखों से विदा किया था
और सात सौ सैनिक जो यम से भी भीड़ सकते थे
हर सैनिक सेनापति था लाखो से लड़ सकते थे
एक एक कर बैठ गए सज गयी डोलियां पल में
मर मिटने की होड़ लग गयी थी मेवाड़ी दल में
हर डोली में एक वीर था चार उठाने वाले
पांचो ही शंकर के गण की तरह समर मतवाले

बज कूच शंख सैनिकों ने जयकार लगाई
हर हर महादेव की ध्वनि से दशो दिशा लहराई
गोरा बादल के अंतस में जगी जोत की रेखा
मातृ भूमि चित्तोड़ दुर्ग को फिर जी भरकर देखा
कर प्रणाम चढ़े घोड़ो पर सुभग अभिमानी
देश भक्ति की निकल पड़े लिखने वो अमर कहानी

जिसके कारन मिट्टी भी चन्दन है राजस्थानी
दोहराता हूँ सुनो रक्त से लिखी हुई क़ुरबानी

जा पहुंचे डोलियां एक दिन खिलजी के सरहद में
उधर दूत भी जा पहुंच खिलजी के रंग महल में
बोला शहंशाह पद्मिनी मल्लिका बनने आयी है
रानी अपने साथ हुस्न की कलियाँ भी लायी है
एक मगर फ़रियाद उसकी फकत पूरी करवा दो
राणा रत्न सिंह से एक बार मिलवा दो

खिलजी उछल पड़ा कह फ़ौरन यह हुक्म दिया था
बड़े शौख से मिलने का शाही फरमान दिया था
वह शाही फरमान दूत ने गोरा तक पहुँचाया
गोरा झूम उठे छन बादल को पास बुलाया
बोले बेटा वक़्त आ गया अब काट मरने का
मातृ भूमि मेवाड़ धरा का दूध सफल करने का
यह लोहार पद्मिनी भेष में बंदी गृह जायेगा
केवल दस डोलियां लिए गोरा पीछे ढायेगा
यह बंधन काटेगा हम राणा को मुख्त करेंगे
घोड़सवार उधर आगे की खी तैयार रहेंगे
जैसे ही राणा आएं वो सब आंधी बन जाएँ
और उन्हें चित्तोड़ दुर्ग पर वो शकुशल पहुंचाएं
अगर भेद खुल गया वीर तो पल की देर न करना
और शाही सेना पहुंचे तो बढ़ कर रण करना
राणा जीएं जिधर शत्रु को उधर न बढ़ने देना
और एक यवन को भी उस पथ पावँ ना धरने देना
मेरे लाल लाडले बादल आन न जाने पाए
तिल तिल कट मरना मेवाड़ी मान न जाने पाए
ऐसा ही होगा काका राजपूती अमर रहेगी
बादल की मिट्टी में भी गौरव की गंध रहेगी
तो फिर आ बेटा बादल साइन से तुझे लगा लू
हो ना सके शायद अब मिलन अंतिम लाड लड़ा लू
यह कह बाँहों में भर कर बादल को गले लगाया
धरती काँप गयी अम्बर का अंतस मन भर आया
सावधान कह पुन्ह पथ पर बढे गोरा सैनानी
पूँछ लिया झट से बढ़ कर के बूढी आँखों का पानी

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जिसके कारन मिट्टी भी चन्दन है राजस्थानी
दोहराता हूँ सुनो रक्त से लिखी हुई क़ुरबानी

गोरा की चातुरी चली राणा के बंधन काटे
छांट छांट कर शाही पहरेदारो के सर काटे
लिपट गए गोरा से राणा गलती पर पछताए
सेना पति की नमक खलाली देख नयन भर आये

पर खिलजी का सेनापति पहले से ही शंकित था
वह मेवाड़ी चट्टानी वीरो से आतंकित था
जब उसने लिया समझ पद्मिनी नहीँ आयी है
मेवाड़ी सेना खिलजी की मौत साथ लायी है
पहले से तैयार सैन्य दल को उसने ललकारा
निकल पड़ा तिधि दल का बजने लगा नगाड़ा
दृष्टि फिरि गोरा की राणा को समझाया
रण मतवाले को रोका जबरन चित्तोड़ पठाया

राणा चले तभी शाही सेना लहरा कर आयी
खिलजी की लाखो नंगी तलवारें पड़ी दिखाई
खिलजी ललकारा दुश्मन को भाग न जाने देना
रत्न सिंह का शीश काट कर ही वीरों दम लेना

टूट पदों मेवाड़ी शेरों बादल सिंह ललकारा
हर हर महादेव का गरजा नभ भेदी जयकारा
निकल डोलियों से मेवाड़ी बिजली लगी चमकने
काली का खप्पर भरने तलवारें लगी खटकने

राणा के पथ पर शाही सेना तनिक बढ़ा था
पर उसपर तो गोरा हिमगिरि सा अड़ा खड़ा था
कहा ज़फर से एक कदम भी आगे बढ़ न सकोगे
यदि आदेश न माना तो कुत्ते की मौत मरोगे
रत्न सिंह तो दूर ना उनकी छाया तुहे मिलेगी
दिल्ली की भीषण सेना की होली अभी जलेगी

यह कह के महाकाल बन गोरा रण में हुंकारा
लगा काटने शीश बही समर में रक्त की धारा
खिलजी की असंख्य सेना से गोरा घिरे हुए थे
लेकिन मानो वे रण में मृत्युंजय बने हुए थे
पुण्य प्रकाशित होता है जैसे अग्रित पापों से
फूल खिला रहता असंख्य काटों के संतापों से
वो मेवाड़ी शेर अकेला लाखों से लड़ता था
बढ़ा जिस तरफ वीर उधर ही विजय मंत्र बढ़ता था
इस भीषण रण से दहली थी दिल्ली की दीवारें
गोरा से टकरा कर टूटी खिलजी की तलवारें

मगर क़यामत देख अंत में छल से काम लिया था
गोरा की जंघा पर अरि ने छिप कर वार किया था
वहीँ गिरे वीर वर गोरा जफ़र सामने आया
शीश उतार दिया धोखा देकर मन में हर्षाया
मगर वाह रे मेवाड़ी गोरा का धड़ भी दौड़ा
किया जफ़र पर वार की जैसे सर पर गिरा हतोड़ा
एक बार में ही शाही सेना पति चीर दिया था
जफ़र मोहम्मद को केवल धड़ ने निर्जीव किया था

ज्यों ही जफ़र कटा शाही सेना का साहस लरज़ा
काका का धड़ लख बादल सिंह महारुद्र सा गरजा
अरे कायरो नीच बाँगड़ों छल में रण करते हो
किस बुते पर जवान मर्द बनने का दम भरते हो
यह कह कर बादल उस छन बिजली बन करके टुटा था
मनो धरती पर अम्बर से अग्नि शिरा छुटा था

ज्वाला मुखी फहत हो जैसे दरिया हो तूफानी
सदियों दोहराएंगी बादल की रण रंग कहानी
अरि का भाला लगा पेट में आंते निकल पड़ी थीं
जख्मी बादल पर लाखो तलवारें खिंची खड़ी थी
कसकर बाँध लिया आँतों को केशरिया पगड़ी से
रण चक डिगा न वो प्रलयंकर सम्मुख मृत्यु खड़ी से
अब बादल तूफ़ान बन गया शक्ति बनी फौलादी
मानो खप्पर लेकर रण में लड़ती हो आजादी

उधर वीरवर गोरा का धड़ आर्दाल काट रहा था
और इधर बादल लाशों से भूदल पात रहा था
आगे पीछे दाएं बाएं जैम कर लड़ी लड़ाई
उस दिन समर भूमि में लाखों बादल पड़े दिखाई

मगर हुआ परिणाम वही की जो होना था
उनको तो कण कण अरियों के सोन तामे धोना था
अपने सीमा में बादल शकुशल पहुच गए थे
गारो बादल तिल तिल कर रण में खेत गए थे
एक एक कर मिटे सभी मेवाड़ी वीर सिपाही
रत्न सिंह पर लेकिन रंचक आँच न आने पायी

गोरा बादल के शव पर भारत माता रोई थी
उसने अपनी दो प्यारी ज्वलंत मनियां खोयी थी

धन्य धरा मेवाड़ धन्य गोरा बादल अभिमानी
जिनके बल से रहा पद्मिनी का सतीत्व अभिमानी

जिसके कारन मिट्टी भी चन्दन है राजस्थानी
दोहराता हूँ सुनो रक्त से लिखी हुई क़ुरबानी

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