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In accordance with their king’s orders, the swarming monkey gangs led by their leaders set off in quest of Sita in separate locations. They searched rivers, forests, and mountains all day long, and at dusk, after travelling for days on end, they relaxed in the cool shade of fruit-filled orchards. Those that sought in the north, east, and west were unsuccessful. Even though they had given up on trying to locate Sita, they were persuaded that the route Hanuman had chosen would result in better outcomes.

Looking at his worn-out and defeated soldiers, Angada remarked, “We are forced to continue our search since inaccessible tunnels and impenetrable forests have not turned up any indications of Sita or Ravana, who kidnapped her. Sugriva is a strict taskmaster, so we must execute his demands with dread, and Rama is a great prince, so we must accomplish his wishes with love.” The monkeys resumed their hunt after being prodded by Angada, disregarding their exhaustion and their disappointment.

The time allowed to Hanuman, Angada, Mainda, Jambavan, and Gandamadana for the hunt was almost up as they battled their way into the treacherous depths of the Vindhyan woods. They eventually arrived at a cave whose entrance was blocked by vine and thickets as a result of their wanderings. Birds with bodies drenched with rain and plumage dyed crimson with lotus pollen were seen flying out of that nearly impenetrable mist. The thirsty soldiers rushed through the hole, encouraged by the sight. They also fell into a dreadful darkness where they rummaged for days since they were unable to find any water. They eventually noticed a glimmer of light after losing all sense of time and direction and being overcome by hunger, thirst, and tiredness. After that, they emerged, where they were shocked to see a breathtaking expanse of the most unique exhibition! The inhabitants of Kishkinda gazed spellbound, temporarily forgetting their problems. The lotuses in the lakes they saw were mesmerising, and the houses that dot the landscape were golden with silver and gold floors! Pearls were used as window decorations, and there appeared to be plenty of silver, gold, and gems as well as the finest clothing, food, and beverages. They were left speechless as an elderly, emaciated ascetic wearing bark-colored robes and radiating with the force of her penance approached them. Hanuman humbly enquired as to whose property the cave and its riches belonged.

Hanuman revealed to the austere woman that they had become stuck in the cave for days while searching for water. Hanuman was informed by the devout woman that an Asura by the name of Maya had formerly owned the golden grove and had used the power of his sorcery to construct it. “She said that one day, Indra had killed him because he was enraged by Maya’s liaison with the heavenly nymph Hema. All of this was eventually given to Hema by Brahma, who then passed it to me. I am Svayamprabha, the grove’s custodian. What are you looking for and how did you come here? But before you tell your story, eat and get some rest.

The time allotted to them for their quest for Sita was passed, and Hanuman begged Svayamprabha to assist them in leaving the cave. Sugriva threatens to kill us if we don’t get word of Sita, therefore we always live in terror of him “Hanuman mourned. Svayamprabha, in her benevolence, guided them out of the cave and sent them on their way with her blessings, despite the fact that it was impossible for anybody entering the cave to escape alive. The Vanaras beheld what the ascetic described as the enormous ocean Mahodadhi as they emerged from the cave. They looked out at the seemingly infinite body of water that stretched to the very edge of the planet. The monkeys were frightened by powerful waves that reached incredible heights and smashed with a thunderous noise. The perplexed bands sat hunched, uncertain of what was beyond and terrified by what they now saw. Angada saw his troops vacillating between dread and worry “There are no recent developments regarding Sita, but Sugriva’s rage at our failure is undeniable. He will never be forgiven for his wickedness. Instead of being executed in Kishkinda, where it would hurt our relatives and friends, it is preferable that we pass away here “. Angada’s remarks saddened the troops, but they concurred with him “Yes, Sugriva is cruel, and Rama longs for Sita, about whom we know nothing. Therefore, our demise in Kishkinda is imminent. Either we locate Sita or we perish here. To ever meet their ruler is foolish for the rebellious!” At that point, Susena offered a solution to their problems. The Vanaras agreed with him when he said, “Let us all hide in the enchanted cave without fear of either Sugriva or Rama.”

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Hanuman observed the soldiers in silence. He believed that the very Sugriva kingdom was in jeopardy after hearing the chiefs express their anxieties for their future. Hanuman was concerned when Angada’s loyalty to Sugriva appeared to fade, despite the fact that he shared Brihaspathi’s intelligence and his father Vali’s bravery. He acted immediately, acting as the ever-loyal servant, astute politician, and astute diplomat. His initial plan was to sow discord among the Vanaras, and when they split off and started chatting and bickering, Hanuman grabbed Angada. He remarked, “Angada, you too may reign as well as your father, but would the fickle-minded Vanaras ever dwell here without their wives and children?” with the goal of intimidating. “Please understand that Jambavan, Nila, Suhotra, and I will not be joining you. No threat or bribe will ever be able to change our commitment to our monarch! Do not, for a single second, believe that the safety of this cave makes it impenetrable and untouchable. You are so stupid that you didn’t consider the mountain-crushing power of Lakshmana’s arrows. The monkey bands are living in denial and regretting their choice, and they will soon leave you. You will sulk in this wilderness alone, as helpless as a blade of grass blown by the wind, without companionship and support. Additionally, you are giving up the quest for Sita, which is treachery and a crime for which Lakshman would be furious “.

Hanuman’s fervent devotion for his monarch and his characteristics did not convince Angada, who also vehemently refuted them “Sugriva lacks holiness, kindness, bravery, and dignity. How did he have the temerity to live with his elder brother’s wife, who is similar to his mother, when that brother was still alive? Impervious to morals. Why did he bury Vali when he was fighting for his life? Why did he decide to break his word to Rama, whose assistance helped him gain his kingdom? Even the search he just ordered is just for his own protection, right? Sugriva despatched his forces, but was it out of dread of Lakshmana’s wrath or out of fear of being blamed for being unappreciative and unrighteous? Was the choice made because of terror rather than dharma?” “How can I believe someone who is so cunning? Why would he crown me if I’m his enemy’s son? Instead of being executed in Kishkinda, it is preferable to pass away here. Leave me alone, return home, and pay your respects to Rama, Lakshmana, Sugriva, all the elderly people, your aunt Ruma, and your beloved mother Tara, who could even pass away sobbing for you!” Then, Angada starved himself to death while lying on a bed of reeds. The swarming monkeys resolved to die with their prince since they were upset over him mistreating Sugriva and praising Vali. They lounged on the northern reaches of the vast ocean and took sea baths. The howling and thunderous noises made by the incredibly large-bodied armies from Kishkinda were mirrored back by the mountains with their caverns!

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Sampathi the angular-beaked bird sprang awake and said angrily, “Who is it that brings up my beloved brother Jatayu’s passing? Those words cause my body to tremble like the sound of frightened bells. Tell me about the conflict he had with Ravana and how Jatayu perished “. Being unable to fly, he then requested assistance from the Vanaras to descend. The monkeys were scared of him despite his frail appearance and weak voice since they had heard about his former attempt to eat them! However, Angada argued that rather than starving to death, they may as well become Sampathi’s food since doing so wouldn’t be harmful. “This way, we’ll pass away more quickly and enter paradise.”

Sampathi was pained by Angada’s pathetic story. While he was crying, he stated, “Even after learning of my brother’s passing, I am unable to exact revenge since I no longer have the stamina to fight. Jatayu and I once raced toward the Sun as kids in order to measure our speed. I tried to extend my wings over my brother as we approached nearer to shield him from the intense heat of the Sun’s beams. But as soon as my wings burned, I fell to the Vindhya Mountains, where I have been ever since I lost my ability to fly “. Sampathi said, “I don’t know,” when Angad questioned him about Ravana’s residence “I have witnessed countless planets, several battles, the ocean churning for Amrita, and the lovely consort of Rama being dragged off. She kept addressing Rama, so I suppose she was Sita. She is currently on the Visvakarma-built and Ravana-ruled island state of Lanka. She is a hostage in that magical city, protected by ferocious Rakshasas. I can see up to 100 Yojanas thanks to my supernatural abilities, as well as Sita and Ravana. Sita will undoubtedly be found. Jatayu’s murder will be avenged, and Rama will kill the wicked Rakshasa “.

Sampathi sat among the Vanaras and continued his tale after giving his brother Jatayu libations “After landing on the mountain, I was asleep for several days. On the sixth day, I gradually realised that the mountain was Vindhya and the sea below was the southern ocean. The famous ascetic, Nisakara, and I were the only people living in this area at the time. The sage, who was revered even by the gods, dwelt in a cave inside this mountain while I occupied its summits. He is no longer alive, yet I have lived in this place for 8,000 years. I once descended painfully to see the holy person who had known Jatayu and I since we were little. He expressed sympathy for my situation and asked me what had caused my deformity. He also apologised since he could not identify me “.

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Sampathi continued by saying that Nisakara had remained in profound stillness and fervent meditation even as he lamented his destiny. He had slowly broken the stillness by saying that one day he would regain his strength, vision, and Sampathi’s wings. “The moment for your salvation is drawing near, and a tremendous event is about to happen. Soon, Rama, the honourable son of Dasaratha, and Sita will visit Dandaka. One day, Sita will be kidnapped by Ravana, and Rama will go hunting for her. The Vanara army that he deployed in quest of Sita would arrive even before that. To provide them with information on her, you will need to hang around on this mountain till then. Indra, all the Brahmins, Devas, Rishis, and you value Rama’s duty just as much as he does. Rama is someone I would have loved to see, but I don’t want to live that long.”

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