Ramayan: Vanar Sena Search for Indrajit

In addition to disregarding wise advice, Ravana also attacked Malayavanta with his rage. “Do you want to mislead me by supporting the opposition and seeming concerned for my welfare? Please explain why you believe a mere mortal, a homeless hermit at that, depending only on monkeys for assistance, is so magnificent. And why am I lesser since I am the rakshasas’ king and the gods’ fear? Do you think I brought Sita out of the wilderness to offer her to Rama out of worry for him? I’ll be killing Rama, Lakshman, Sugriva, and their army soon, you’ll see.

Will I refuse to fight Rama because even the devas cannot do so? Instead of bending, I’d rather break! My nature prevents me from changing it. What makes Rama’s arrival here so wonderful? He won’t return ever alive.” Malayavanta left Ravana after realising his cries were ineffective. The rakshasa king, who was in charge of organising Lanka’s defence, retreated to his palace, misled into thinking he was safe and unconscious of his coming destiny.

The vanaras marvelled at Lanka’s ethereal beauty as they rose with the sun. Some of them, with Sugriva’s permission, ventured over to admire its emerald green forests and gardens. Trikoota’s majestic summits shimmered like gold, and its tall peaks that rise into the sky appear to be beyond the grasp of even birds. The rakshasa kingdom was situated on that mountain, measuring 100 yojanas long and 30 yojanas broad. It included a 1,000-pillared building that was the home of Ravana and was as tall as Mount Kailash. Rama was in awe of its magnificence and fortifications as he stood there.

Even though Rama was pleased and proud of Sugriva, he warned him about taking chances that even monarchs would not consider. If something bad happens to you, what good are Sita, Bharatha, Lakshmana, Satrughna, or even my own body? he questioned. Later, he informed Lakshmana about the big vanaras and rakshasas’ approaching demise as well as the signs that would herald the disaster.

Like hordes of locusts, the invading army surged into Lanka. Rama believed it was his responsibility to warn Ravana again even in the middle of all that commotion and activity. He dispatched Angada and informed him, “Angada, go! Send this word to Ravana: “You, whose wealth is limitless, are going to perish.” You have no longer been able to damage the sages, devas, or any other beings as a result of your conceit. I’m standing at your kingdom’s gates with my bow and my wrath. You will enter the place that devas, rishis, and rajarshis reach after being killed by me and absolved of your crimes.

Evil Rakshasa! Show me now how powerfully you tricked me and took Sita. If you don’t give her back and ask for my forgiveness, I’ll exterminate all rakshasas, and Vibhishana will rule Lanka. You are a wretch with no sense of judgement and no control over your thinking if you have ignorant advisers. Make funeral arrangements for yourself and take one final look about you. I have control over your life.”

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In a second, Angada sprang up and approached Ravana, saying, “As the son of Vali, I serve as Rama’s envoy. My name is Angada. You, your sons, your relatives, your pastors, and everyone else will die at my hands. The dread of you will be eradicated from the earth.” Ravana gave the command to kill the messenger in a fit of intense fury. Four rakshasas approached Angada as he remained still and watched them. He swooped up into the sky while swooping down on them and grabbing them. The rakshasas collapsed as Ravana watched, and the tower of his castle was destroyed when Angada’s foot touched it. The rakshasa lord exhaled a protracted sigh of anxiety. While Angada, the delight of the vanaras and the grief of the rakshasas, returned to Rama, he interpreted the destruction as a negative omen.

Rakshasas were enraged at their enemy’s relentless fury. They descended on the vanaras screaming like lions, shining in their splendid armour and riding elephants, horses, and golden chariots decorated with gold. Their deeds were demonic, and they were obsessed with Ravana’s triumph.

While fighting Indrajit, Angada destroyed his chariot and hundreds of people died all around them. There was horrifying devastation. Blood ran like enormous rivers in spate, and the battlefield was covered in shattered chariots, dead, and weapons.

Hanuman was one of the 10 people Rama despatched to find Indrajit. However, the rakshasa continued to fire at Rama and Lakshmana while remaining undetectable, until blood began to stream from every pore in their punctured bodies like water from a fountain. Lakshmana felt as though his own life was ebbing away as he watched Rama’s bow finally slide to rest at his side. The brothers lay injured and bound by Indrajit’s Nagastra as victims of his betrayal.

The vanaras kept a stern watch on the princes as Indrajit travelled back to Lanka. To take Sita to where Rama was lying, Ravana ordered the demons watching over her. Tell her that she will come to me of her own free choice now that Rama is dead, he commanded. Sita’s sadness manifested itself as heated tears of pain as she was being led to the battlefield where she witnessed the greatest among me being pierced and knocked to the ground.

Rama fought to awaken from his trance while the vanaras watched. He stared at Lakshmana while still restrained by Indrajit’s arrows. His heart was broken by the sight, and he wept. “What use is Sita to me, and what use is even my own life, when I watch my brother dying and being thrown to the ground? I may discover another Sita if I searched the entire planet, but I’ll never find another Lakshmana. How can I confront Sumitra? I will follow him to the country of Yama just like he had done when I had ventured into the shadowy forests.”

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Sugriva Rama said, “Remain in Kishkinda. Ravana will torture you if I’m not here. Even though Hanuman, Jambavan, and the others battled valiantly, fate is unavoidable and unchangeable. Man can never disobey God, try as he might. No buddy could have accomplished what you have. I now give you permission to return to Kishkinda.” Every vanara who heard Rama wept for him, but they also scattered when they saw Vibhishana approaching, thinking he was Indrajit.

Sugriva saw the escaping vanaras and remarked, “They scattered in shameless horror, their eyes wide with terror, casting down their arms and trampling over the dead and dying. They could have mistaken Vibhishana for Indrajit.” He was accurate, and the vanaras were returned. When Rama and Lakshmana appeared, Vibhishana wept and became distraught “These heroes, strong fighters, have been defeated by indrajit’s trick. He has made his mother’s womb the bane of his existence. My plans for the kingdom fail, but Ravana’s plans succeed. My life will suddenly be filled with danger.”

Susena, Sugriva’s father-in-law, then spoke the following: “The devas who had been killed by asura arrows were restored by Bruhaspathi using mantras and plants like mritasanjeevani during the most terrifying battles I have ever witnessed between the suras and asuras. The mountains Drona and Chandra are located in the centre of Kshirasamudra. Sanjeevakarini and Visalyakarini may be found on respective ranges. Send Hanuman to deliver them, please. Even as he was speaking, a strong wind sprang, driving away the clouds, wreaking havoc on the water, and trembling the ground.

Garuda, glistening with the brilliance of a raging inferno, emerged from that savagery. The nagastras that were holding the princes captive slipped away at that same instant. When Garuda tenderly stroked Rama and Lakshmana’s faces, they regained all of their faculties with double the strength and vitality. Skin acquired its magnificent gloss as wounds healed. Rama questioned Garuda as he embraced them “Who are you, so breathtakingly exquisite that you inspire awe in everyone who sees you? With floods of excitement running down his eyes, Garuda exclaimed, “You consider me to be a close friend. You are the source of my life and the air I breathe. My name is Garuda. The serpents born of Kadruva are the nagastras who had you bound. They possess the most deadly venom and the sharpest teeth.

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You couldn’t have been rid of them by the powerful devas, Danavas, or Indra. When I heard about your situation, I hastened to your aid. Just as deceit is to cunning rakshasas, purity of heart is to warriors like you. On the field of war, never trust them.” Rama was honoured by Garuda, who then flew off, ensuring him of his triumph, Sita’s recovery, and Ravana’s demise.

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