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Rama anxiously waited in the cave on Mount Prasravana. The rains had stopped for some time, the sky was clear, and his desire for Sita was great. Sugriva’s disregard for the commitment he had made infuriated Rama, who was oppressed by sadness and yearning. His anxiety was so intense that he momentarily lost consciousness just as Lakshmana entered the cave. Rama, the king of kings and protector of all things, was sitting alone and hunched, and he was horrified to see him. Lakshamana’s heart shattered at the sight of Rama looking up with tears in his eyes. He begged Rama to spare his mind the pain of worrying for Sita’s welfare. Since no one can avoid getting burned when they wrestle with fire, no one will attempt to seize Janaki as long as you are protecting her. Rama added. “For me, the four months of nonstop rain felt like a century. However, even that has long since ceased, and kingdoms are preparing for combat. However, Sugriva, who appears to have forgotten his assigned phrase, is nowhere to be found. He belittles me, who has neither a house nor a wife, indifferently and cruelly. Cranes soar upwards, and high on the mountain ranges, the rumbling clouds are dissipating. There is a wild excitement in the air. The crimson lotus’ enticing smells are carried by the violent winds, which are now blowing gently. Rivers meander leisurely, appearing weary of the monsoon turmoil, while lofty rain-washed summits sparkle against the clear blue skies. The Vanaras have yet to arrive, even now, several months after the rains. Find out the cause of this snub by going to Kishkinda! Even flesh-eating animals won’t touch the bodies of the ungrateful when they pass away since they are detested while they are alive. Sugriva could yearn to hear my bow twang on the battlefield. This slave to his raging impulses lives a life of reckless luxury while basking in his newfound splendour. He has no idea that my arrows may annihilate his entire clan. Sugriva needs to start the hunt, or I’ll send him to the area where Vali is now living. Lakshmana marched towards Kishkinda enraged, moved by Rama’s sorrow and angered by Sugriva’s disregard.

Sugriva didn’t appear to understand that he had ascended to the throne of Kishkinda with Rama’s assistance, which infuriated Lakshmana. He should never be granted a kingdom to lead since he is evil. As he prepared to go for Kishkinda, Lakshmana said, “This ungrateful vanara deserves death. Lakshmana’s fury made Rama, who had only murdered his foes and not those who had sought safety from him, pale. “Lakshmana, will somebody like you commit the sin of murdering a friend?” he replied quietly. Even when anger leads to aggressive and bad ideas, the wisest individuals are able to control them. Sugriva receives the same level of love from you, who are so disciplined, as he did from us in the past. Tell him that the period of time he had set aside to assist us has already gone. Be kind; he hasn’t done anything wrong before. Lakshmana, a devoted servant to the core, made an effort to remember that directive. His boots pounded the ground as he sped toward Kishkinda while carrying his large bow and being propelled by the flames of his rage. Lakshmana marched ahead angrily, chopping down trees that came his way and crushing boulders that came underfoot. The guards of Kishkinda were perched on the hills, thinking him for an adversary and arming themselves with shattered mountain tops and enormous trees. Lakshman rushed into Kishkinda, a picture of rage. The Vanara hordes fled in all directions when they saw him, and some of them went to alert Sugriva of his approach. However, the king would not allow himself to be sidetracked from his pleasures. Fearsome monkeys, whose strength surpassed that of the strongest elephants and whose claws and fangs were their weapons of battle, encircled Lakshmana on orders from the ministers. They were followed by Angada, who Lakshmana instructed to inform Sugriva that he would find him waiting at the gates of Kishkinda. Sugriva’s inebriated daze was difficult to shake off. His dependable helpers Prablava and Plaksha came to inform him about the guest. “Do you recall Lakshmana and Rama, the brothers who returned your country to you? Lakshmana, one of them, is present and his rage is terrifying. As Lakshmana stands at the doors of Kishkinda to burn every Vanara in the fire of his wrath, the monkey bands quiver in fear, and their terrified cry echoes over the hills. Sugriva, go with your family and your son to pay your respects and please him. Respect your dignity and fulfil your promise to Rama!

Sugriva was alarmed by the shocking information and perplexed by Lakshmana’s rage. He questioned his ministers as to why they were ignorant of Lakshmana’s irate situation. “Perhaps my enemies are to blame,” you say. Finding friends is simple, but maintaining friendships is difficult, he thought aloud. Even insignificant things can damage the psyche since it is so unstable. My only worry is that I might not be able to adequately reciprocate Rama’s kindness. Hanuman tried to explain things to Sugriva, saying, “It is understandable that you, who never forget a kindness, are upset about this. Rama must have sent Lakshmana out of the grief of being apart from Sita. You ignored your commitment and allowed the window of time you allocated for Sita’s quest to pass. The seasons shift. Autumn has arrived, the sky is clear, and the rivers are gently flowing. Lakshmana is here because you appear to be clueless of everything. Sugriva, there is no other way out for you than to appease the prince. Rama is capable of defeating all Devatas, Asuras, and Gandharvas, as well as the rest of the world. Therefore, it is bad luck to irritate him. Go now! Give Lakshmana your word that you’ll keep your word.

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Lakshmana entered the kingdom of Kishkinda under the protection of the powerful Vanaras, where homes were covered in diamonds, gardens were lush, and temple bells rang. The inhabitants, who were Gandharvs and gods’ offspring, were lovely, jewelled, and luxuriously clothed. Clean thoroughfares, the scent of sandalwood, and the perfume of brewing liquors permeated the air. In that metropolis, where lovely ladies added their sparkle to a regal atmosphere, homes were alluring, granaries were plentiful, and money was abundant. Lakshmana noticed the gorgeous residences of prominent Vanara figures like Angada, Mainda, Nila, and many more around Sugriva’s palace as he approached it. Even when Lakshman hesitated to enter the palace’s private space as he stood on its golden threshold, Sugriva suddenly felt Lakshman’s presence. Sugriva, who was alarmed and terrified of him, requested Tara’s mediation since he didn’t think noble men would ever hurt women. Tara emerged after escaping Sugriva’s grip. Lakshmana stood with his head bowed and his fury controlled, appearing unaware of her disarray. Lakshmana said, “Sugriva spends all of his time in the pursuit of pleasures, neglecting his obligations and disregarding us who are enveloped in suffering,” when Tara calmly inquired as to what had caused him such rage. He has forgotten his responsibilities, objectives, and dharma because of these indulgences. With all due respect, Tara protested and said, “Lakshmana! You should not criticise a buddy because you are a great prince. How can someone as disciplined as you succumb to such a weak emotion as anger? It is true that Sugriva may indulge in pleasures to an unhealthy degree after years of struggle and hunger. Though he erred, I beg your pardon since I believe his intentions were good. Even great persons who possess unfathomable penitential abilities and are well-versed in dharma have succumbed to such emotions! Why put the blame on a changeable Vanara? Sugriva hasn’t forgotten Rama despite his gluttony. He has ordered his unstoppable Vanara troops to assemble here, and many of them have already done so. Lakshmana, calm down and enter. It is OK to observe friends’ spouses even if you hesitate to visit the ladies’ quarters. The lord of Vanaras, whose golden colour surpassed the brightness of his throne, was seated on a splendid throne of gold when Lakshmana entered. He was surrounded by a plethora of stunning ladies as he sat on it in magnificent glory like Indra in the country of the gods. His garlands were lovely, his clothes and jewellery spectacular, and his brilliance breathtaking! Lakshmana was seized by an uncontrollable fury upon seeing the person who had caused Rama’s sorrow. He appeared to be the very god of death in his rage. Sugriva noticed Lakshmana as he and his queen Ruma were seated on the throne.

Sugriva sprang off his chair and stood with his hands folded as Lakshmana came into the palace. The prince trembled in anger as they clashed, and the monkey king trembled in terror. Lakshmana yelled as he pointed at Sugriva, who was still dazed and groggy. A ruler who is born honourable, who has mastery over his senses, who is sincere and kind, gets tremendous fame. Nothing is more miserable for a monarch than overlooking assistance received. Every sin has an atonement, according to Brahma, with the exception of the fault of being unappreciative. As soon as Rama returned your realm, you abandoned him! Start looking for Sita if you still recall Rama’s generosity and if you are still thankful. You resemble a cunning snake that croaks to entice its frog victim. You will follow Vali’s example if Rama’s grace ever fails you. You wouldn’t be dabbling so boldly if you were aware of the strength of Rama’s lethal arrows that shoot from his bow. You violate the holy pledge of friendship while being unaware of your commitment.

Like a fire, blazing Sugriva was in front of Lakshmana. It is wrong to be cruel to a great friend, Tara murmured as she stood there trying to calm him down and defend Sugriva. The renowned sage Visvamitra had once lost all sense of time after being seduced by Menaka and fooled by her charms. He had spent 10,000 years, yet it had only seemed like a day, indulging in sensuous delights. What therefore will happen to an ordinary Vanara if such a man may be fooled by his senses? Sugriva will never deviate from the road of truth, go down the prohibited pathways of cruelty or trickery, or lose sight of the duty he owes Rama. Lakshmana, I beg you to let go of your rage and pardon Sugriva. Believe me! For Rama’s happiness, he will give up his queen, his kingdom, and his wealth. He will bring Rama and Sita together and kill Ravavna. There are countless Rakshasas in Lanka, and it is difficult to defeat their armies since they can alter their forms at anytime. Ravana’s might and the horrifying horror that his troops are capable of are both known to Sugriva. Every day, hundreds of the Vanara troops that have been commanded to return home come from all over the world. Sugriva will start his task on the day when they all assemble.

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Lakshmana stopped speaking as a result of Tara’s mild persuasion. Sugriva was helped to overcome his trepidation in the stillness of that instant by Lakshmana’s silence. He tore at his garlands, and as the delicate petals of the flowers fell to the ground, it appeared to represent the end of that time in his life when he had been living for passion and gratification. Sugriva informed Lakshmana while humbling himself in front of him that Rama was responsible for his reputation, fortune, and kingdom, and that it would be impossible for him to ever return the obligation. “Ravana may be eliminated by Rama using his own might. I won’t be doing anything for him other than being there at that moment. Who could possibly compete with him when he used only one arrow to sever seven Sala trees, a mountain, and the earth? What need has Rama for assistance from others when the slightest twitch of his bowstring may strike dread and cause the earth and its mountains to tremble? Lakshmana, pardon my mistakes. There isn’t a mistake-free person in the entire planet. I could have gone overboard and damaged my reputation! But I still hold fast to my morality and respect for Rama! Sugriva Lakshmana was pleased with him and exclaimed, “You deserve the kingdom and the joys it provides. You not only own your mistakes, but you also feel remorse for them in a society where the finest men detest acknowledging their shortcomings. You resemble Rama in many ways. You have come to our aid directly from the gods. Let’s go on to Rama, who is mourning the loss of Sita, who is very precious to him. I became enraged, blaming you for Rama’s suffering. Please pardon me!

Hanuman was tasked by Sugriva with overseeing the monkey soldiers dispersed over the globe. Their habitats included the snow-capped heights of Mount Mandara, the ominous woods of Padmatala, and the vast stretches of the seashore tinted blue. The golden-hued monkeys of the western caverns, the white-manned monkeys from Mount Kailash, the coal-black monkeys of Mount Anjana, and the tribes that lived in the Aruna highlands were all to get to Kishkinda as soon as they could. Sugriva said, “Those who do not arrive here in 10 days shall die for defying the king’s decree.” Numerous bands of powerful monkeys of all sizes, shapes, and colours began flooding into Kishkinda after the Vanara messengers, flying aloft and following the route of the stars and birds, left them. They originated from mountain summits as well as from rivers, caverns, forests, hills, and valleys. The Sun’s beams were nearly completely covered by their arrival! Quickly returning with presents of fruit and exotic plants for their monarch were those who had gone to announce the royal command.

Sugriva was glad that efforts were being made to locate Sita. They left Kishkinda to meet Rama at Lakshmana’s advice. Sugriva went in all her splendour after being born on a palanquin made of gold, shielded by a gleaming white canopy, and accompanied by ferocious Vanaras brandishing weapons. The remainder of the army arrived amid the conch shell blowing and kettledrum boom, appearing to blanket the entire planet. Sugriva disembarked from the palanquin at mount Prasravana and approached Rama while holding his hands in front of him. The remainder of the Vanara hordes stood behind him, their palms united over their heads to form a lake filled with lotuses. Rama hugged Sugriva with great affection and said, “A king who distributes his time equally between dharma, artha, and kama is a suitable ruler! ” Rama was overjoyed to see his good friend Sugriva do the prostration. However, the person who neglects their obligations and spends all of their time enjoying life is like the person who sleeps on a tree limb and only wakes up when they fall. A ruler gains tremendous fame by eliminating adversaries, supporting allies, and defending dharma. War is necessary right now. Sugriva, plan your approach and get ready. Sugriva understood that Rama was responsible for his independence, notoriety, crown, and very existence. He assured Rama that invincible hordes of Vanaras, who were the gods’ sons, and Gandharvas were assembling every day by the thousands, and he was more than pleased to join him on Rama’s mission. They would wage battle against Ravana in an effort to obliterate him, his sons, brothers, and other relatives as well as his glorious island empire of Lanka. Rama’s face was glowing as he smiled and felt relieved by Sugriva’s efforts.

Sugriva presented the last of the monkey armies to Rama when they arrived in Kishkinda, claiming that they were not your average monkeys and that they were renowned for their power and ability to accomplish the impossible. At Rama’s direction, they were faithful and loyal. Rama gave Sugriva a tender embrace as he told him that Sugriva should complete the job since he was bold and knowledgeable, not him or Lakshmana. He alone was qualified for the job because he was Rama’s friend. In order to find Sita on the banks of rivers like the Sarayu, Kausiki, and Yamuna, in mountains where they originated, in kingdoms, and in oceans where terrible human forms dwell, Sugriva sent Vinata, a chief of the Vanara tribe. Even the Jatarupasila and Udaya mountain peaks in the milky ocean were to be examined by them. The serpent Adiseshu, who is revered by all creatures, is resting on the highest peak of these mountains. In his incarnation as the dwarf Vamana, Lord Visnu’s foot was supported by the tallest peak of the Udaya mountains. Since these are the outermost limits of the earth, where the gods reside, the Sun passes through the northern regions of Jambudvipa where great rishis perform their austerities. Nobody knows what will happen next. Sugriva gave his troops the choice: return in a month bearing news of Sita, or perish!

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Susena, Tara’s father, was given the mission to find Sita in the west by Sugriva. He was tasked with searching the towns, villages, and groves in the area where the deadly river Sindhu and enormous fish merged with the ocean. Additionally, there were giant elephants roaming the Hemagiri Mountain, and flying lions resided there, feeding on big aquatic animals. “You will also see the Varaha Mountain rise majestically into the sky. On its summit, which has tall peaks made of pure gold, sits the city of Pragjyotishya, home to the asura known as Narakasura. Investigate every square inch of its wide slopes and deep, dark tunnels. “Mount Meru is past Varaha, where the gods go to worship the Sun as it sets behind its peaks, engulfing the world in darkness and making all beings invisible. Beyond that, neither the rising Sun nor the setting Sun are visible, there is no sign of anything recognisable, and there is a profound blackness. Go immediately, and when you return, tell everyone about Sita and where Ravana lives so that Rama’s debt can be paid off. Those who don’t come back in thirty days will die”!

Hanuman, the tenacious son of Vayu who could do the impossible and to whom failure had no meaning, was given Sugriva’s final orders. Hanuman, of all the monkeys, was Sugriva’s pick as the actual achiever and one with the best chance of success. He told him, “You, who can travel the earth, the heaven, and the oceans, are the fittest to hunt for Sita.” Hanuman was now solely responsible for conducting the search. Rama was pleased that the assignment had been given to someone who was so competent and who had given Sugriva so much confidence. Maa Sita would then be certain that Rama sent him, he said as he gave Hanuman his ring. Hanuman and the most potent Vanara army ascended into the clouds, bowing reverently before Rama. Even as a he was leaving, Rama said, ” Hanuman, I am counting on your valour and your strength to bring back Sita!”

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