Ramayan: Ravan's Courtiers, Allies Describe Might and Power of Bhagwan Ram

Sarana persisted in educating Ravana about the opposition “Look at those who have gathered to defend Rama. They are here, unafraid of death and prepared to die for him. There is Hara, commander of a legion numbering a billion, who pulls out the unthinkable. Observe the many black bears, whose enormous bodies are hulking powerhouses. They approach you like the infinite ocean because they live on riverbanks and in powerful mountains. Jambavan is the strongest among the strong. His sibling and the bears’ ruler is Dhumra. An ancestor of the vanaras named Sannadna is unmatched by any of the other four animal species in terms of size or power. He is an arrogant braggart who was born of Agni and has descended from his home in the Himalayas to level Lanka. Legions are individuals who have such unwavering loyalty to Rama—like Gaja, Gavaksha, Nala, and Nila—that they are willing to lay down their life for him.”

Suka was the next to speak about the army from beyond the seas after Sarana. “Ravana! Do you see those vanaras as big as elephants and as tall as the Ganges River trees? They are unbeatable warriors endowed with magical abilities and descended from gods and gandharvas. Sumukha and Durmukha are the sons of Yama and his equals, although Mainda and Dwivida, the twins, are nearly indestructible.

Hanuman is the individual who sticks out and has the appearance of an inebriated elephant. Even the waters can be tormented by his rage. There is no location on earth beyond his grasp; he is as strong and unrestrained as the shifting winds. Hanuman got his name after a little boy who thought the sun was a fruit and tried to eat it, falling on the Udaya mountain and denting his chin. His strength, shape, and force are immortal, and he also want to devastate Lanka by himself.

The divine person with eyes like lotus petals, dusky complexion, and divine features is standing close by. He is the most well-known of all of them and is from the Ikshavaku race. His wife is Sita, whom you took from Janasthana. He is so virtuous that dharma won’t let go of him, just as he won’t let go of it. Best among vedic academics, an expert with every weapon, and capable of moving mountains, he is. His rage is comparable to Yama’s, and his strength to Indra’s. Rama is present to fight against you.

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Lakshmana, a gorgeous man with a golden complexion who is also a wise and quick-tempered warrior, is standing next to him. Rama values Lakshmana more than his own life, and Lakshmana is always willing to risk his own life for Rama. Vibhishana is the person standing to Rama’s left. He also comes to battle you after being angrily named king of Lanka by Rama. Because of his limitless energy, wisdom, grandeur, and dignity, Sugriva, who is standing between them, shines out amid all the vanaras like the Himalayas among mountains. He resides in Kishkinda, a fortified city carved out of a mountain that is impregnable. Rama granted Vali the kingdom of Kishkinda after Vali’s death.

Ravana! A lakh is the Hindi word for 100,000.

A koti, or one hundred lakhs of them, is a sankha, or one hundred thousand of them, a mahasankha, or one hundred thousand of them, a brinda, or one hundred thousand of them, a mahabrinda, or one hundred thousand of them, a kharva, or one hundred majakarvas, or a samudra, or one hundred thousand of them, or an ogha, or one hundred thousand of

Along with Vibhishana and Sugriva, a thousand of each of those mind-boggling numbers march toward Lanka. Get ready to battle the army of the enemy that sparkles like a meteor. Get ready to win, not to lose!”

Ravana learned about Rama’s great might and his unstoppable army of untold millions once more. The spies, quaking with panic, replied, even as fear swept through him: “The vanara troops are immune to spying because they are strong, brave, and protected by Rama. Every turn is watched, and even before we turned to look, we had already been apprehended, beaten, and bled. We were delivered from the vanaras and death by Rama. Do one of two things before he reaches Lanka’s walls. Give up Sita, or get ready to battle.”

Despite having no such plans, Ravana said that giving up Sita would be preferable than facing the united forces of the devas and danavas. He queried, “Tell me, Sardula, who among them is the strongest. Whose sons and grandkids are they, and what qualifications do they possess?” Sardula mentioned Vibhishana, Hanuman, Sugriva, and the others to Ravana, claiming that they were all ferocious and courageous beings born by the devas and that it would be hard to identify them all. Then he remarked in quiet tones of profound terror, “Rama is a youthful, attractive son of Dasaratha and the most feared of the rakshasas. None on this planet can adequately describe his virtues since they are so exquisite. Rama’s brother Lakshmana is as powerful as an elephant and as nimble as an arrow. He is unbeatable.”

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One of the demons defending Sita, Sarama, had a soft spot for her captive. She whispered softly, “I’m very sorry,” as she lay exhausted and coated in dust “I listened to all Ravana had to say to you while hiding from him out of fear, and I also heard your response. Let me now explain why Ravana left you so quickly. It is impossible to kill Rama in the dead of night. It is difficult to trick him, and it is unimaginable to eliminate the strongest vanaras who depend on him for protection. To intimidate you into submission, Ravana, who has a similar hatred for both humans and other animals, constructed the appearance of Rama’s head. Now that Rama and Lakshmana have arrived, it is time for you to celebrate and for the rakshasas to be afraid. The sound of war drums could be heard even as Sarama was speaking “The call to arms is being made by those thundering drums, beautiful lady! For Rama’s victory, call upon Surya, the sun deity and sustainer of all life.”

The gloom of fear and despair that had followed Sita was dispelled by Sarama’s words. Sita responded that she was interested in learning about Ravana’s wicked plans when Sarama volunteered to bring news about him. “He is powerful as well as wicked. A man who is so corrupt and dishonest that he even deceives my crying eyes. I feel dizzy with terror just thinking about him. Sarama instantly left to report on Ravana.

When she returned, she told Sita that Avidha, one of Ravana’s senior advisers, and his mother were begging with him to give up Sita or perish. They also made Ravana think about Hanuman, who had destroyed Lanka’s rakshasa empire by himself. They had inquired as to who else could have been capable, but Ravana was as averse to parting with Sita as a miser is to his money. He and his ministers had made the decision to fight even if it meant dying. Ravana, who was destined to perish, had obeyed the orders of his evil mind.

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