Ramayan: Ravan Disappointed on Deaths of His Fighters Part 23

When Kumbhakarna, still groggy from his slumber, finally made it to the palace and demanded to know why he had been awakened, Ravana said, “Lost in your sleep, you are unaware of the terror that Rama is inflicting me. While the vanaras are infesting every forest and grove, he arrives here, spanning the sea and promising to destroy Lanka. With us, they have yet to lose a single battle! All of Lanka’s powerful people are gone. Only the very elderly or the very young remain, and it is up to you to eliminate the adversary and rescue Lanka.

Although you were born into a noble race, you are rude, haughty, and cruel, Mahodara said to Kumbhakarna. Ravana is cognizant of what constitutes dharma and what does not. You take pride in fighting the adversary by yourself. Do you know the man who slaughtered a large number of people in Janasthana and whose name continues to inspire dread in the minds of those who survived? Do not even consider confronting him by yourself because of his blazing celestial light.

Mahodara addressed Ravana, “Rakshasa Lord, let me tell you how we might deceive Sita into embracing you. We will declare that Rama and Lakshmana were killed in battle. Sita, who is distraught and powerless, will soon learn about it and succumb to you. You will be famous for getting what you wanted without going to battle or shedding any blood.

The vanaras were free of their concerns and prepared to die, and Kumbhakarna was ready to battle. As he traversed the battlefield, feasting himself on more, his swinging arms killed hundreds of people. Even Hanuman’s strongest weapons in the combat were broken by Kumbhakarna, and the giant vanara passed out. The rakshasas yelled with pleasure, but the most powerful vanara, although being wounded and close to death, refused to give up. Kumbhakarna crammed a mouthful of monkeys like it was the entrance to hell in the meantime. While others fell from his ears, some kept coming out of his nose.

Sugriva arrived after Angada collapsed and exclaimed, “Kumbhakarna! Come fight me instead of those weak monkeys! I am aware of you and your power, Kumbhakarna said. Stop roaring, you son of Riksharaja and the grandson of Brahma. Sugriva returned to Rama after the fight, wounded. Lakshmana was ignored as Kumbhakarna sprinted at Rama. With his astras, the lord struck back. Kumbhakarna let his mace fall to the ground since he was unable to respond to them or even hold it. As he lay bleeding and defenceless, Lakshmana saw him, but even as he did, Kumbhakarna ran in the direction of Rama, who greeted him and exclaimed, “Come, Kumbhakarna! You will soon perish in my hands because I am Rama.

As Rama’s arrows, which were armed with power, severed Kumbhakarna’s hands and feet from his body, the earth trembled, the mountains trembled, and the oceans heaved. The ultimate golden arrow then appeared, and no one could stand in its way in the three worlds. It took Kumbhakarna’s head, taking on the beauty and grandeur of a thousand suns.

The courageous like you do not weep, Trisira comforted Ravana. You alone are capable of taming the three realms with your arsenal of weaponry, Brahma’s abilities, and your gorgeous chariot pulled by a thousand donkeys. Do not even enter the battleground since I can eliminate the adversary by myself.

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Equals to Indra and the most powerful of the powerful, the other sons of Ravana likewise made the decision to go. Ravana hugged and blessed them, feeling joyous and as though he had been reborn. They also dispatched his brothers Mahodara and Mahaparsva. When they arrived on the battlefield, they unleashed an unparalleled level of slaughter, startling the vanaras and forcing them to escape, but Angada intervened and murdered Naranthaka, the force’s commander.

As he witnessed siblings, uncles, and powerful rakshasas perish, Athikaya erupted in a furious anger. He mounted his chariot and assaulted the vanaras while it was blazing with the brightness of a thousand suns. The monkeys speculated, “Perhaps that is Kumbhakarna come to life.” Rama himself questioned Vibhishana, “Tell me who he is who sparkles like Rudra and rides a chariot driven by a thousand magnificent horses,” as he gazed in awe of the grandeur before him.

He is the son of Ravana and Dhanyamali, claimed Vibhishana. His name is Athikaya. By Brahma’s blessing, Lanka is immune to the devas and danavas, and it is shielded by his might to bask in peace and safety. Prior to his killing the entire army, eliminate him fast. Even when the armies of monkeys started to flee, Athikaya battled with such ferocity that not even the strongest vanaras could withstand his arrows. Athikaya charged up to Rama and exclaimed, “I refuse to battle fleeing weaklings. I’m not going to shoot at them as they raced away in fright. Show me the person who dislikes war.

Lakshmana immediately stood in front of him, furious at his haughtiness. But rather than strike back, Athikaya said, “You are so young. Why do you want to battle me when I’m Yama’s equal? My arrows’ force is too great for even the Himalayan mountains to withstand. Your boasting does not make you great, Lakshmana remarked. I am like death on the battlefield, regardless of my age. Athikaya was unharmed by any of Lakshmana’s arrows in the dreadful fight that followed, so he waited until Vayu urged him to send the Brahmastra, which decapitated the rakshasa. The rakshasas grieved as they fled to Lanka after being humiliated, beaten, and beaten.

“Father never mourn so long as I am here,” Indrajit remarked, turning to face a grieving Ravana. No one has ever and won’t ever withstand my arrows. The Ikshavaku princes will also pass away. Before entering battle, he carried out the appropriate rites and sacrifices and used mantras to increase the strength of his Brahmastra, bow, chariot, and charioteer. Then, he vanished into the sky. Indrajit killed 10 vanaras at a time as a display of might. He rejoiced when he saw the remaining vanaras, who were wounded and in a daze. He vanished once more and started raining arrows.

Rama then informed Lakshmana that it would be difficult to kill Indrajit since he had not only turned invisible but also was utilising the most potent Brahmastra. He believed that if they seemed to be weak and unable to resist the attack, Indrajit would roar back to Lanka in victory to rejoice! Rama’s forecast was verified to be accurate.

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Hanuman was instructed to strike Lanka immediately by Sugriva since Ravana wouldn’t be in the mood for battle with Kumbhakarna and Athikaya dead. So the vanara gang rushed to the gates of Lanka in the dead of night carrying torches, burning fire to fortifications, palaces, towers, and temples to scare off demon guards. While outside the flames feasted on horses, elephants, chariots, and everything else in their path, the grandeur inside the houses burnt sandal, incense, silk, diamonds, and more. Ten yojanas around, the cries of the helpless burning hordes could be heard, but they were drowned out by the joyful roars of the vanaras.

Rama then arrived. All other sounds were drowned out by the twang of his bowstring, and the might of his bow smashed Lanka’s gateways. Ravana’s anger knew no bounds as the vanaras rang the palace. He was like the embodiment of his own rage! The sons of Kumbhakarna, Kumbha and Nikumbha, were given orders to battle the monkey army.

The rakshasas were defeated and surrounded by the troops from across the sea as the horrific conflict came to an end, leaving them with ragged hair, robes, and no weapons or armour.

Looking at Sugriva, Nikumbha’s eyes flared with the fire of his rage. As he picked up his mace, which was the size of a Himalayan mountain, Lanka, the stars, the moon, the sky, and all the planets appeared to spin as he did so. The burning weapon that Hanuman had thrown at them broke into a hundred pieces as it fell to the ground, terrifying the vanaras, who remained still on their feet. Hanuman fractured Nikumbha’s neck during their brief altercation.

Ravana, who was torn between sadness and wrath, gave the order to kill Rama and Lakshmana to Makaraksha, Kara’s son. The rakshasa, who in his conceit thought of himself as the finest of warriors, was happy to carry out the order and departed with his army.

On the battlefield, Makaraksha stood and rained death upon the vanaras. “Stay Rama!” he commanded as Rama arrived. Battle me. You will now perish for your part in my father’s death at Dandaka. I’ve been looking for you like a lion in search of its prey to exact my revenge on him. Use any weapon of your choosing to fight with me.

At the rakshasa, Rama grinned. “Bragging does not lead to victory. Your corpse will shortly be devoured by hawks with sharp beaks and jackals. Rama was unaffected by his enemy’s weapons, which were all destroyed until Makaraksha himself was rendered lifeless.

Ravana was reminded of death and the pointlessness of his battle with the enemies. “Indrajit, you who have fought with even Indra, can you not slay these mortals, Rama and Lakshmana,” he said, calling for his son. Every ceremony done prior to battle was started by Indrajit with implicit submission. He rode out to kill the Ikshavaku princes and purge the world of vanaras to appease his father, protected by his magical abilities and the Brahmastra.

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Indrajit vanished into the skies as he started his relentless shower of arrows. There was no sound of wheels, hooves, or his bow twanging. The most amazing arrows suddenly descended from the darkness his sorcery had created. When the few arrows that hit Indrajit did not kill him but instead fell bloodied, Rama started considering methods to hasten the death of his foe.

When Hanuman noticed the vanaras disbanding, he questioned their bravery and allegiance and then led them back to battle the rakshasas. When the fatigued adversary stopped shouting during the bloody battle, Hanuman remarked, “We came here not to defeat the rakshasas, but to rescue Sita. Let’s return to Rama and find out what he wants us to do now that the person for whom we battled, willing to even die, is no longer here. When Indrajit noticed that they were leaving, he hastened to the shrine of Nikumbhila to carry out further rites to secure his triumph.

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