Kaikeyi Makes a Shocking Demand to Dasaratha

Manthara threw the gem from her exclaiming, “I’m mad and I’m disappointed.” “When there is cause for sadness, how can you rejoice? You are in grave danger. The lucky Kausalya, whose son will become king, will eliminate all of her competitors. Your kid will work for Rama, and you will be her servant “. Kaikeyi’s affection for Rama was unaffected by Manthara’s outburst. She praised his qualities and said, “Rama is the most deserving candidate to lead Ayodhya. He has spent his entire life being sincere, submissive, and pious. Like a father, he will look out for his brothers and his staff. Why are you grieving? On the night before the coronation, try not to worry yourself. Rama, who loves and serves me more than Bharata does for his mother, is even more honourable than Bharata. Rama treats all of his brothers as equals, therefore if Rama becomes king, Bharata will as well.” Manthara was sucked deeper into despair by Kaikeyi’s comments. The demonic hunchback persisted in trying to convince her because she would not accept defeat.

At first, Manthara’s advice was rejected by Kaikeyi’s ever-pure intellect, but it eventually experienced a dreadful change. The decent woman lost all of her inherent elegance in her rage after being rejected by fate and encouraged by evil. She responded, feeling furious “Me, a servant? Never! Tell me how I may exile Rama right now so that I can install Bharata as the ruler of Kosala.”

The cunning Mantara continued with a smirk that revealed her evil nature, “You were with king Dasaratha when he travelled to support the gods many years ago during a battle between the gods and the Asuras. As they approached Vaijayanta, which was under the control of Timidhvaja, also known as Sambara, a furious battle broke out, in which Dasaratha was pelted with arrows. He was knocked out by the missiles and saved when you carried him away. The thankful monarch had then bestowed two boons onto you. You had promised to make a request for their satisfaction anytime you felt like it. Get them right away! As one of the two blessings, seek the kingdom for Bharata. Put Rama in the forest for 14 years using the other “.

“Enter the chamber of rage right away. Throw yourself on the ground in filth, and when the king sees you, unable to take your anguish, he will not only comply with your requests but also give his life as a sacrifice for you. As consolation, ignore offers of gold, jewels, and prosperity of all kinds. Keep the goal in mind.”

As a result, Kaikeyi was duped and fell victim to her maid’s cunning plans as well as her cunning personality and look “You are the first hunchback in history to be both consistently reliable and intellectual. You are like the flower, bent by the wind, but the majority of disabled people are awful. Soon after Bharata is king and Rama is exiled to the wilderness, a lovely gold adornment will cover your hump and a gold crown will lie on your head. I will dress you in the most exquisite jewellery and garb to make you appear like a goddess, and others who are like you will serve you just as you have served me.” Manthara was overwhelmed by Kaikeyi’s laudatory eulogy and he added, “Get up and do your obligations. Building a dam after the rivers have dried up is useless “.

Along with Manthara, Kaikeyi entered the chamber of wrath. Laying her golden-hued body on the ground and throwing aside her jewellery and priceless pearls, she uttered, “Tell the king that Bharata will be crowned king and that Rama will be banished. I don’t want any carpets, crowns, deodorants, food, or drink until such a time as that occurs. nothing, not even life. If my wishes are not fulfilled, I will kill myself “. After making the horrible threat, the stubborn queen threw herself to the ground, her face blackened by an uncontrollable rage. She was unkempt and unadorned, like a starless night sky.

When Kaikeyi was hit by a poisoned arrow, she collapsed. She planned all the while about how she might accomplish her demonic purpose even though she was seething with rage and fury. Her sighs were warped with hate throughout her entire body and sounded like a snake hissing. She lay there amidst her scattered gems, which sparkled like stars in the night sky, and despite all she appeared like a Kinnera who had dropped from the skies. The coronation of Rama at daybreak the following day was authorised by Dasaratha’s council of ministers in the interim. He was informed that the queen had retired to her chamber of wrath when he went looking for Kaikeyi to tell her these happy news. His heart ached at the notion that his devoted wife was distressed. He discovered his lovely consort on the ground, helpless as a torn creeper. She appeared to him to be as attractive as an Apsara who had been cast to the ground, as elusive as Maya, and as sad as a swan held captive. When he saw her, he was so heartbroken that he begged his lotus-eyed queen, “Who has insulted you and injured you? Speak Kaikeyi, and the offender will pay. Nothing, not even my life, has more worth to me than your pleasure. You have the authority to rule over my empire, which stretches beyond the horizon and is brimming with riches and prosperity. Just as the early mists are cleared away by the rising light, you need only speak, and I shall lift your darkness.” Kaikeyi’s joyous heart soared. Her triumphant moment had arrived. She chose to maintain the façade to increase his suffering rather than admitting what had caused her so much pain.

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Dasaratha had a stern response since he was imprisoned by his passion for Kaikeyi and was tightly grasped by his intense love for her “There is nothing wrong, but I do have a wish. Make a commitment to me that you will comply, and I will reveal it to you “. With a soft grin, the gracious monarch continued, “No lady in this world means more to me than you, and no man means more to me than my Rama, the most noble of them all. I give you my word of honour to carry out your requests in the name of that son who is my very life, the reason I live, and without whom I cannot exist. Kaikeyi prepared to disclose her terrifying plan by speaking words so cruel that they sounded like a death knell to the honourable soul Dasaratha. She was prodded by a mind gone evil, sensing her moment of triumph.

Kaikeyi exclaimed, “My Lord,” “You’ve pledged to carry out my requests once again! May all of the heavenly bodies, including the Sun, Moon, and planets as well as all of the gods, lead by Indra, attest to this. When the Deva Danava War broke out, you gave me two boons. I’m taking them now. If for some reason you decide not to respect them, I won’t live because I’d rather die than endure the humiliation “.

Dasaratha fell into the trap like a deer into a hunter’s snare because he was lured by Kaikeyi’s words and constrained to his demise by the laws of dharma. He overheard Kaikeyi remark “Let my son Bharata be crowned, and send Rama to live an ascetic life for 14 years in the Dandaka jungle while wearing garments made of bark. Give me these blessings, keep your word, defend your customs, your honour, and the honour of your race “. The precise and forceful remarks of Kaikeyi portended catastrophe since they would ultimately lead to the downfall of a great ruler.

Dasaratha was in disbelief at the severity of Kaikeyi’s demands. The noble monarch briefly lost all awareness of his surroundings as he was overcome with sadness and was unable to withstand the onslaught of her ruthless invective. Slowly and painfully, he began to come to, he pondered, “Is this a dream? Is this some sort of mental illness or are my former experiences from another life haunting me now?” He was as helpless as a deer in the sight of a tiger when he saw Kaikeyi. He yelled out in extreme agony, his eyes spitting fire and scorching into her very soul “I brought you into this castle against my better judgement and risk. I thought of you as a princess, graceful and noble, yet you have revealed yourself to be a snake with lethal fangs. What wrongdoing by Rama has prompted your want to punish him so severely?”

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I’m willing to give up my kingdom, my life, Kausalya, and Sumitra.

But I will never be able to part with Rama, my god-like son who is precious to me and who has nothing but love and respect for me.

Kaikeyi, get rid of your evil ideas.

Rama, who is the absolute embodiment of the highest of attributes, will accord you more respect and honour than anybody else. I implore you to grant the world’s favourite and most upright man, Rama, the right to become king. Kaikeyi, I bow down to you in submission! Feel sorry for me. Don’t send me go to die!” Neither did Kaikeyi give in, nor was she moved by Dasaratha’s fervent, anguished cries. They didn’t even leave the slightest nick in her steely resolute armour. She scolded Dasaratha, dismissing the king’s remarks as the meaningless babbling of the mad. She argued that by breaking his word, he was dishonouring the illustrious Ikshvakus dynasty. She gave several instances of those noble race’s numerous predecessors who had made great sacrifices to keep their commitment. “You cannot break a commitment, regardless of whether it is fair or unfair, good or bad. Rama’s exile and Bharata’s coronation are the only things that will make me feel at ease. I shall commit suicide in front of you if these things don’t happen “, a danger to Kaikeyi. As a result of her ominous pledge, Dasaratha lost all of her joy and felt helpless. The poor king pitifully attempted to reason with his queen once again as he stared in disbelief at the woman who had been so dear to him only minutes earlier. “Rama, who is adored by everybody and is pure of heart, is free from all evil. He uses generosity to earn the affection of the poorest and most lowly. He converts his gurus via service, while his adversaries run away at the sight of his bow. Rama has only ever said the kindest, most adoring phrases. How can I put him through difficulty when he is about to be crowned the revered lord of the universe and belongs in the palace? How is he going to get by on the sour and bitter edibles of the forest?”

Dasaratha warned that he would face condemnation for robbing Rama of his ancestry and contempt as a fool for acting foolishly to appease a whimpering lady. He stated: “I shall receive a curse for the unforgivable deed and be sent to the hereafter. Under your control, the illustrious Ikshvaku dynasty would be reduced to ruins and collapse in humiliation. I will never be able to respect your nefarious relationships-spurring aspirations. Do you want it destroyed? I am unable to live without Rama, even if the earth may continue without the Sun and the crops without rain. If Rama himself can be thus deceived, can I endure Sumitra’s quiet disapproval of Lakshmana’s fate? How do I deal with Kausalya? How can I explain to her that the holy Rama’s exile, not his coronation, will occur? My body will be rendered dead when that occurs. If Sita learns of it, she could also pass away without her lover.

Dasaratha’s cries went unheard. The queen, who had been his delight, his love, and his universe up until this point and in whose presence everything else had seemed insignificant, was now causing him so much suffering. He was still a victim of her cunning charms and disturbed by the lingering recollections of his fascination with her. His eyes would not accept the disdain in her gaze. His ears would not hear her obscene conversation. The strangling feelings in his thoughts were not accepted by his senses. Without any power to control it, his body succumbed to the storm’s ferocity and fell to the ground in a heap like an uprooted tree. Dasaratha made one more effort to get Kaikeyi to reconsider her decision while moaning piteously. “Kaikeyi, stop making me feel bad. I’m prepared to approach you and beg for forgiveness “Dasaratha’s wavering body then dropped in front of the queen, who immediately shown her utmost contempt for that magnificent ruler by relocating out of reach to avoid having him touch her.

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The king was on the ground, crying and powerless. Both of the actions were unbecoming of a great ruler, but Kaikeyi, who still had her goal to accomplish, had little regard for what the rest of the world thought. She enquired to Dasaratha, “awesome king You’ve always taken great pleasure in standing up for the truth and keeping your word. Why do you suddenly reject my claim?” Dasaratha shook with rage at his queen’s haughty remarks “vile female What shall I say to the devatas in heaven when they inquire about the evil I had committed against Rama given that you are my adversary and would cause me to die? Do I need to explain that I did it to appease your whims? What should I tell Rama right now? That the banishment would occur rather than the coronation, making my earlier vow to him untrue? How can I say goodbye to the son I yearned for so fervently and for so long, and how can Rama, who is loved by everybody, endure the hostile jungles?

Dasaratha endured unending suffering. He was feeling weak and exhausted, so he failed to observe the Sun set into the western horizon and the world went into complete darkness. Dasaratha did not find consolation in the celestial spectacle as the stars came out to adorn the night sky and the moon put a halo around its brilliance. He begged the night to hold out against the light because he could not bear to look at Kaikeyi, who had caused him so much unspeakable suffering. Dasaratha, who was still a prisoner of her charms, could not forsake Rama or refuse her despite his suffering and protestations of ever wanting to see her again. Dasaratha had a sleepless night since he was physically exhausted and mentally tormented without end. Eulogies chanted by the bards began to play at daybreak. In light of the awful circumstances that had transpired, they lost any importance. Dasaratha ordered them quiet since the eulogies were only a disturbing noise to him.

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