Ramayan: Hanuman Told About Sita's Death to Bhagwan Ram Part 24

Rama despatched Jambhavan to Hanuman’s aid after hearing the menacing thunder of battle and realising that he was facing an uphill struggle. Hanuman returned just as the bear king began to speak, sobbingly announcing that Indrajit had murdered Sita. Rama collapsed to the ground like a tree chopped the once he learned this information.

Lakshamana sobbed openly while holding him in his arms. “This dharma you follow doesn’t appear to protect you from suffering or bad luck. Both false and worthless, it Rama, how can that which is false save you? It is just imaginary, like a rabbit’s horn. Ravana would currently be in hell and you wouldn’t be dealing with this catastrophe if adharma had left evil in its wake. It appears that doing what is right and doing what is wrong has the opposite effects. This dharma law has no use. One should dismiss it since it is powerless and feeble. You have, in my opinion, destroyed dharma. By giving up your empire, you have cut off its very roots. May adharma vanish if dharma is the source of it!

When one is accustomed to the privileges of their upbringing, renunciating money is a bad decision. It’s starting down the wrong road. A wealthy man is a man of prominence among friends and family. Rich men are strong, courageous, and most importantly, rich men are men of value. Rama! I’m merely highlighting the drawbacks of renunciation, and I fail to understand why you should give up the Kosala throne.

Virtue, pleasure, and riches are all at the disposal of the wealthy. Poor people can only imagine it! Joy, pleasure, pride, and power over one’s inner and outer selves can be produced by fortune. The righteous who follow the path of dharma are unable to attain prosperity and are reduced to the status of stars in a cloudy sky. Without money, how can you do anything? By abandoning it, one risks damaging dharma as well as being stained by the sin of adharma, which involves doing whatever to survive.

The best of the poor are referred to as unfortunate and unlucky, but the affluent, no matter how terrible they are, are referred to as wise and great! Because of this, I must now inform you that by renunciating your kingdom, you have invited this disaster. What compelled you to do it? For the rich, their route is always clear of barriers, but for the underprivileged, it is paved with many of them. They cannot achieve their goals by any amount of effort, and they are unable to assist others or even themselves.

Not because you live in the jungles as instructed by your father, but rather because you rejected your money, you lost Sita today, whom you loved more than your life. I said what I did out of pain and fury at Sita’s passing. Please pardon me! Have you lost sight of the fact that you are the all-powerful and pervasive self? Rama, rise! I’m about to destroy Lanka, its ruler, and all of its inhabitants.”

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When Vibhishana was informed of the cause of Lakshmana’s sorrow, Rama’s complete dejection, and the vanaras’ weeping, he stated, “Hanuman was mistaken about what he saw and thought. Sita cannot be destroyed, just as the ocean cannot be dried up. I am familiar with Ravana and his terrible nature. He won’t ever murder Sita. Will he permit her to be killed after ignoring my repeated requests and refusing to let me even part with her? This is Indrajit’s strategy to trick, divert, and make the vanaras sad. He intends to utilise that time to conduct the Nikumbhila yagna to strengthen his abilities and aid Ravana, who has no one left in Lanka to fight for him, as they are not in the mood for war. Once that sacrifice has been made, nobody—not even the united powers of the devas and danavas—can defeat him. Allow Lakshmana to swiftly traverse Lanka and carry out the covert sacrifice there.

Vibhishana ordered Lakshmana to leave immediately towards Nikumbhila “Indrajit possesses the most lethal weaponry at his disposal, as well as a chariot pulled by horses that move at the speed of thought, thanks to the strength gained through his penances and Brahma’s blessing. Indrajit would perish if he ever started the Nikumbhila yagna but had to stop before finishing it, according to a Brahma edict! And whomever disturbs that yagna would perish.” Armed forces headed by Lakshman and Vibhishana then started their march.

Again, the armies came together. While Indrajit showered down arrows and swords, Hanuman wrecked havoc on the terror-stricken rakshasas’ lives. Hanuman said, “Indrajit.” “Come battle with me if you have courage and are not a coward. You are no longer to live since I have seen you.” Vibhishana instructed Lakshmana to kill the rakshasa right away in an effort to save Hanuman. He brought Lakshmana to the site of the sacrifice after concluding that Indrajit was effectively dead.

Vibhishana advised people to proceed to the grove where Indrajit was deeply involved in devotion since this is Nikumbhila and the Nyagrodha tree, where Indrajit will make sacrifices before turning invisible to all living things. Kill him prior to him getting to the tree. Indrajit remarked, “I am not happy with Vibhishana and I am not happy with Lakshmana.” “You are a rakshasa who was born and raised in this place, Vibhishana. How can you treat me so cruelly when I am like your son, despite the fact that you are my father’s brother? You are a disgrace to your people and a source of disdain for the pious because you are wicked and unjust. He will ultimately die at the hands of strangers if he abandons his own species to pursue them. Why would you bring Lakshmana here when you are my kin? It’s unjust!” The rant was cut short by Vibhishana. “Wretch! Because I am your uncle, you are being disrespectful. I am noble and not demonic in nature, despite being a member of the vicious rakshasa race. Would I ever have broken up with my brother if not for that difference? It is sinful to even be in their company. He should be swiftly abandoned if he steals, tortures, or covets other women. His immense arrogance, rage, hostility, and jealousy, together with the ruthless killing of the sages, are now destroying his riches and his life.

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Rakshasa! All of the Lankan devils will soon perish, along with your father and you, his terrible offspring. Now that Sita has passed away, going to the Nyagrodha is no longer an option, and it is now impossible for you to survive!”

Indrajit said, “My arrows shall now burn you all who have come to die.” Lakshamana retorted, “Indrajit, you only brag about things that are beyond of your reach. The exceptional demonstrate their abilities rather than talking about them. Do you, who are treacherous, believe yourself to be powerful just because you fought an unfair battle in the dead of night?” The battle started, and as Lakshmana collapsed bleeding and punctured, the rakshasa screamed, “Your head will now be severed, and your corpse will be brought before Rama.

With his second arrow, Lakshmana shocked Indrajit, whose face became pale in dread. Lakshmana immediately recovered to confront his adversary. The prince and rakshasa engaged in a furious battle, their bodies bleeding and their armour destroyed.

Vibhishana also entered the battle, yelling to his troops, “Vanaras, Indrajit is the only surviving member of Ravana’s powerful army. If you kill him, you will also be murdering the rest of Ravana’s warriors.” The vanara troops assaulted their adversary in retaliation for Vibhishana’s remarks. Blood gushed like raging rivers, predatory animals howled in terror, and even the winds ceased to blow. Lakshmana then murdered Indrajit’s charioteer, and the horses were destroyed by the vanaras’ anger.

Indrajit was indignant as he stood on the battlefield without his chariot. He swiftly replaced it and then left, asking the rakshasas to divert the vanaras. When he reappeared, Lakshmana pointed his arrow in his direction and prayed, “May this arrow kill Indrajit if Rama is the most dharmic of them all.” The rakshasa’s head was separated from its body and fell at that very moment as the arrow flew. The celestials celebrated, flowers fell from the sky, and the monsters who had been defeated escaped.

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When the vanara armies arrived back, Rama was pleased with Lakshmana and remarked that Indrajit’s demise was comparable to Ravana’s and that retrieving Sita would now be simple. The wounded were also asked to be healed by Susena, the expert of remedies.

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