Ram Met Sugriv Hanuman

Surpanakha was lying at his feet, her face deformed, and Khara was horrified to see her. Rise, and explain to me why this heinous act was committed, he commanded. Who has the guts to intentionally provoke a poisonous snake? Who attempts to round their neck with the death noose in their ignorance? Consider him to be deceased. Who has caused you this deformity, you who are strong, powerful, and capable of taking on whatever shape at will? Whose blood will saturate this soil after being struck by my arrows, and whose flesh will the vultures enjoy feasting on? He cannot be saved by the devatas, pisachas ghandarvas, or rakshasas. Khara was informed of the incident by Surpanakha. Two young, attractive males have just arrived in Dandaka. They have lovely eyes that are reminiscent of white lotus petals. They lead a basic life of ascetics, eating only foods found in the wilderness while wearing deerskin and having matted hair. They are Dasaratha’s sons Rama and Lakshmana. They are as handsome as the Gandharvas and exhibit all the characteristics of nobility, yet I am unsure of their gender. A young, gorgeous, bejewelled woman who has a slim waist is among them. I’ve been forced into this situation as a result of her. As Rama and Lakshmana lie dead on the battlefield, I yearn to drink their blood as well as that despicable woman’s. Will you assist me in achieving my goal, my brother? Khara sent forth fourteen of the most powerful rakshasas, each as powerful as the Lord of Death. “Armed, dressed in bark and skin, two mortals, followed by a lady, have entered Dandaka,” he instructed them. Take their bodies and kill them. To swallow their blood is my sister’s wish. Unaware that Rama’s incisive, exacting arrows would soon dispatch them all, the devils rose and departed like foreboding rain clouds.

When Surpanakha arrived at Rama’s hermitage, she introduced Rama, Lakshmana, and Sita to the rakshasas. Rama ordered Lakshmana to watch over Sita after spotting Surpanakha and the little army and immediately put a stop to the unwanted guests. He addressed the rakshasas while preparing his bow, saying, “We are the sons of Dasaratha, brothers known as Rama and Lakshmana. Together with Sita, we have arrived in this dense forest of Dandaka. Why do you afflict those of us who follow the road of righteousness like mendicants? I’ve come here at the sages’ request to destroy people like you and your immoral ways. Keep going as you are! But if you value your life, get away. The fourteen demons withdrew their spears and said, “You must now perish for having enraged our master. You will soon be dearmed and rendered dead by us. They then launched their lethal spears, but Rama’s arrows instantly broke them. The arrows also took the lives of their victims, just like Indra’s Vajra. Surpanakha shrieked in terror once more as she ran through the forest after seeing the devastation. She arrived at her brother distraught, unkempt, and covered in blood, detailing in great detail the deaths of his troops.


Rama fell in awe of the Pampa’s breathtaking splendour as soon as he arrived at its beaches! He exclaimed, “Look at the Pampa, Lakshmana! ” with a mixture of delight and a lingering grief. Its bank features the most spectacular trees that rise up as though to reach the very mountain tops, and its surface shimmers like clusters of diamonds. But as I think back to Bharata’s suffering and Sita’s kidnapping, my delight in the middle of all this splendour fades away to nothing. While playing with the many flowers in their route, wafting winds go from grove to grove and from mountain to mountain loaded with aromas. They have a lotus perfume that makes me think of Sita’s breath, and a jasmine scent that makes me feel sad. Lakshmana, see the beauty of nature! The bees are unable to make a decision because of its presentation of numerous blossoms in a rainbow of hues! Additionally, the swiftness of restless breezes startles bees as they attempt to find refuge in the honeyed centre of each blossom. The trees appear to be drawn into a dance by the symphony of rustling leaves, buzzing bees, and whistling winds. Observe how gayly they sway and entwine their green pinnacles. The peacocks and peahens dance so beautifully on the mountain plateaus that their spread-out tails sparkle like crystal latticework and their clarion cries seem to mock my suffering! “Saumitri, this joyous spring is eating me up! How can Janaki exist without me, and how can I live without her? The gorgeous Karnikaras, stripped of their leaves, ignited the mountain ridges with the brilliance of their blossoms. There doesn’t appear to be a single tree or bird that does not decorate this magnificent region of the planet and seek its enthralling happiness. This meadow, where deer chase does and birds flirt with one another, is covered with flowers and petals that have fallen from towering heights. But I’m not accompanied by my partner with the lotus eyes! I would wander these celestial slopes without ever craving either Indra’s domain or Ayodhya if only she were inhaling this exact same air. No want or notion could sway me to go. What should I say in response to Janaka and Kausalya’s questions about Sita? When will I next see her, and when will I hear from her again? I’m going crazy from this anxiety.” In an effort to stop Rama from weeping endlessly, Lakshmana told him, “Even if he conceals himself in mother earth’s womb, Ravana cannot escape the results of his diabolical conduct. The impossible becomes feasible through bravery and effort! Men who are persistent in their goals never give up. Have you maybe forgotten who you really are and your exquisite traits that are unmatched? Lakshmana, who was overflowing with devotion to Rama, moved calmly forward with only one thought in mind—to defend a brother who meant more to him than his own life!

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Sugriva, who was perched on the Rishyamuka, could see Rama and Lakshmana. He observed their amazing physique, incredible weaponry, and the might they exuded. Their appearance startled and worried him, raising the volume of his alarm! His nervous gestures and flashing eyes revealed his worry. He informed his friends that the tricksters wearing the bark must be posing as ascetics since he was certain that Vali had dispatched the invaders. The monkey band decided to flee in order to put as much space as possible between themselves and their likely foes. They dashed from one ridge to another, which was higher. Mountains were shattered by their fierce footfalls, trees and shrubs along their path were uprooted, and lions, tigers, and deer were terrified! When they reached the heights of their house, Sugriva’s followers gathered reverently around him. Sugriva was trembling in dread when Hanuman, a Vanara of mesmerising charm and eloquence, appeared and stated, “This is Rishyamuka and Vali is not even here. Sugriva, be composed and develop your ability to evaluate others’ motives. A hasty and imprudent ruler can never control his subjects effectively. Sugriva spoke in defence, saying that anybody would be suspicious of such god-like guests who were holding terrifying bows and arrows. He did not detect Vali’s presence, but he did not discount his brothers’ shrewdness and intellect in spying on him. A monarch had to always be on guard and informed of his opponents’ whereabouts if he wanted to keep himself secure. He made a decision and commanded Hanuman, “Transform into human form, go to the guests charm or persuade them, but find out whether their motives are honourable.” He reasoned that the modestly attired mendicants may have been subtly seeking information. Hanuman departed after bowing to his king to meet Rama and Lakshmana.

Hanuman approached the Ikshvaku rulers by disguising his majestic form into that of a lowly beggar. He questioned those who appeared to be gods on earth who they were with the utmost reverence. He furthermore observed how the mountain and the Pampa’s waves were illuminated by their celestial light. Why aren’t your beautiful bodies adorned with the finest ornaments? Hanuman remarked, “You appear to be warriors sprung from the gods, who ought to rule over the entire planet with its forests, seas, and mountains. Sugriva, the most honourable monkey, has been living here since his brother Vali exiled him. I am Hanuman, Sugriva’s friend and the son of the wind deity. I can assume any shape at pleasure, thus Sugriva, who is requesting your friendship, has sent me here in the appearance of a beggar. Rama was ecstatic to the max! Even though I was hoping to see the Vanara king, he has found me, he replied, turning to Lakshmana. He continued, full of respect for Hanuman, “Only one who understands the Vedas could have such eloquence. He uses excellent language and has never made a discordant sound. His speech is perfect, and his controlled tone conveys things that are spoken from the bottom of his clean, untarnished heart. Which verified adversary, Lakshmana, would not be neutralised by his phrase choice and manner of delivery? Without such envoys, how can kingdoms exist? But those who are fortunate enough to have someone like him are always guaranteed success. Then, Lakshmana informed Hanuman that they were aware of Sugriva’s noble status and were hunting for him, prepared to offer whatever assistance he might want. Hanuman was the next to celebrate as he was confident Sugriva would win.

Sugriva’s task will soon be completed, which made Hanuman happy because Rama also needed his assistance. Then he enquired as to what had led Rama to the dangerous Dandaka forests, which were home to dreadful serpents and deadly animals. Rama, Dasaratha’s most noble son, is currently wandering in this desert after being exiled from his home and dominion, Lakshmana said at the beginning of his account of what had transpired. Sita, his consort, had followed him like the radiance that follows the setting Sun like a wicked rakshasa king named Ravana. I, Lakshmana, his brother, who admires him for his exceptional dharmic skills, serve and obey him like a slave. In our quest to locate Sita, Kabandha has recommended us to enlist Sugriva’s assistance. Dasaratha, a great monarch famed for his love of everybody and lack of hatred against anybody, is responsible for the prosperity of its kings. Dasaratha was regarded as the second Brahma because he was so virtuous and calm. Rama, his most moral son and the greatest sanctuary of all animals, asks for assistance from a lowly Vanara monarch! Sugriva, please be a gracious Hanuman! For aRama is much grieved! Hanuman was moved by Lakshmana’s moving account and lamented, “It was Sugriva who should have come looking for you, who are strong and disciplined. But it’s fortunate for him that you’ve found him! Sugriva was defrauded by Vali, who also took his wife and expelled him from the land. You can discover Sita with the assistance of Sugriva, the sun god’s son who currently resides here. Hanuman assumed his gigantic form and rode to Sugriva with Rama and Lakshmana on his shoulders.

Hanuman described Rama and Lakshmana to Sugriva at the Malaya Mountain, saying, “Rama is the son of Dasaratha famed for his heroism, honesty, and dignity. He has made the most arduous of sacrifices, donated bountiful money and livestock to Agnihotris.

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Due to a lady, Rama is also currently in exile and is asking for your assistance. The honourable Sugriva Rama and Lakshmana! Respect and venerate them! Sugriva hastened to see the rulers of Ayodhya after assuming human form. Rama’s attractive body had him speechless, and he said, “Hanuman has informed me of your unmatched understanding of the dharma and of your kindness and heroism beyond comparison! I’m honoured to be your ally, and I extend a friendly hand. Rama gave Sugriva a tender embrace, firmly grasping his hand. With Agni as their witness, they cemented their bond while circling the fire that Hanuman had ignited. We are now friends, and from now on, your happiness is my happiness and your sorrow will be mine, Sugriva said as his eyes welled up with tears of joy. Sugriva’s fear and unease were replaced by an unwavering confidence. “Tricked by my brother and having lost my wife, I now live in fear and endure a life of sorrow in this fort-like forest,” he said as he poured out his tale of woe. Save me from my brother Rama and remove me of my dread”. Rama promised that his arrows like incensed serpents would soon strike Vali, making him crumble to earth like a mountain” As the pact of friendship was being sanctified on the plateaus of the Malaya mountains Sita’s lotus like left eye throbbed, as did Ravana’s flame-red and Vali’s golden hued left eyes! An omen that predicted good fortune for women and doom for males!

Sugriva was certain that his troubles would soon come to an end since he had Rama’s support. He said, “I know that Sita was abducted and Jatayu was killed by Rama. I know why Rama is visiting this dark, forbidding forest that is devoid of any human settlement. I’ll get Sita back just like Lord Visnu did with the Vedas. The kidnappers will be made to pay for their crimes, and the unavoidable result will be just as fatal as eating toxic food. Sita will be located, whether she is at the depths of the sea or high in the sky. I witnessed her being taken and overheard her cries of pain. The tiny bundle of jewellery that Sita had dropped while being dragged away was later brought by Sugriva. Rama was overcome with emotion and dizzy after seeing them. Lakshmana, who was accustomed to daily foot worship, only recognised the anklets when he was shown them. The other decorations were unknown to him. Where do you believe Ravana has concealed Sita, Rama questioned Sugriva? Where is the one who, by snatching her, brings his own demise and arouses my wrath? Tell me, Sugriva, and I’ll annihilate him right now.

Rama’s anguish was too much for Sugriva to handle! I don’t know where that sinner Ravana lives, nor do I know of his courage, competency, or caste, but I promise you my word that I shall locate her, he sobbed inconsolably as he added. Stop mourning Rama, it is not proper for you. Your nature is one of courage, not fear. Even though I am only a Vanara and have also lost my wife, I do not cry or feel hopeless. With your strength and wisdom, how can you give up courage—the characteristic of the strong? The brave should not be shaken by disasters, estrangements, or even their fear of dying. Sugriva made several attempts to comfort Rama. He said that the strong assessed the issue and responded rationally, refusing to give in to hopelessness since “only the uneducated get lost in their suffering.” Rama was forewarned, saying, “Do not abandon the resolve that strength demands. I beg you, bring yourself back from the verge of hopelessness. A man who gives up without a fight will sink like a ship with too much cargo. Rama, pardon my sermon; I don’t want to preach, but my friendship prods me to encourage you. Rama urged Sugriva to hunt for Sita while wiping away his tears and giving him a hug. Vali would be killed, and he would be crowned. Sugriva and his comrades were encouraged by Rama’s comments since they knew they would win.

Sugriva believed that by sending Rama as his ally, the gods had actually been good to him. He said, deeply touched and joyful, “A friend like you is a gift from the gods. There isn’t a virtue you don’t have. Born of the Ikshvaku race, bold, noble, and unstoppable, you are a real ally who can help me conquer even the gods’ own territory. Having you as my ally also earns me respect from my family and friends. Although I don’t want to boast, you will realise that I am deserving of your trust. Magnanimous souls like you have an unwavering love that is as timeless as the courage of the strong. Friends treat their wealth, including their jewellery, clothes, gold and silver ornaments, as common property. One’s sole sanctuary is a friend, and one will sacrifice both their happiness and their very lives for them. This is true whether they are wealthy, unhappy, guilty, or innocent. Sugriva was overcome by Rama’s calmness, profundity, and breathtaking beauty as he sat among the fruit, flower, and foliage of the Malaya Mountains. Rama, deceived by my brother, robbed of my wife, assaulted by fear and uncertainty, I live on these mountains, he said, his voice shaking and his words stumbling. You are the Savior of all creatures; save me, a helpless orphan. Rama asserted that it was essential to protect a friend and fend off an adversary. He assured her that Vali would soon be destroyed by his deadly arrows. Sugriva, in an effort to contain his grief, claimed that Vali had repeatedly attempted to take his life and had not only exiled him but also locked up his friends. He acknowledged that Hanuman and the others’ constant protection was the reason he was still alive. Rama quietly listened as the disgruntled Vanara king vented his frustrations. “Rama, you are dearer to me than my life because our friendship has been sanctified in the presence of fire. I want you to be aware of the pain I always feel. Only Vali’s death will set me free from my worries and sorrow because he is both my brother and my enemy. Rama questioned Sugriva after she went silent, “Tell me, Sugriva, about your hostility with Vali and what caused it? I’m furious about your exile, so think of me as your enemy already shot. They never ask for my assistance in vain who have offered me their love and friendship. Sugriva and his friends were much relieved by Rama’s comments.

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Sugriva responded to Rama’s query by saying, “My father and I used to hold Vali, my older brother, in the highest regard. My father’s firstborn son Vali was anointed king of the Kishkinda by the ministers after my father, and I always treated him with the highest respect. A Rakshasa called Mayavi, the son of Dundubhi, dwelt in Kishkinda while Vali was its ruler. One day, he and Vali got into a fight over a lady. When Mayavi arrived at the Vanara kingdom’s borders, she challenged Vali to a duel. Vali rushed out, ignoring me and the palace women who were trying to stop him out of resentment for the smug intrusion. I followed him out of brotherly love and because I didn’t want to see him walk alone. Sugriva continued by claiming that Mayavi ran after witnessing the brothers pursuing him and became terrified. Along a trail that was well-lit by the rising moon, they had raced both the hunters and the prey. The enemy had suddenly dove into a hole in the ground that was covered in grass. Vali had pursued his prey after asking Sugriva to wait. Weeks and months passed while I eagerly waited outside for Vali. I stayed at my station for the entire year without ever leaving. I was so stressed up that I even scared for my brother’s safety. Blood that was scarlet and foaming had just flowed out of that orifice, and cries that caused blood to curdle followed. They sounded like Vali’s agonised cries! I fled, believing he was dead, overcome with sadness and despair, sealing the opening with a massive mountain-sized boulder to keep Mayavi from emerging. I went back to Kishkinda after giving my brother sobs of libations. Even though I tried to conceal Vali’s passing, the ministers forced the information from me and put me on the throne of the vanaras. However, my tranquilly was soon disturbed on a fateful day! After destroying Mayavi, Vali travelled to Kishkinda to kill me, his brother. Vali’s eyes became crimson with rage when he saw me sitting on the throne, Sugriva added softly and with deep emotion. Despite having the ability to stop him when he mistreated and imprisoned my ministers, I refrained because of my respect for him. Even then, the only thing on my mind was to welcome him! Despite my modesty and meekness in touching Vali’s feet with my crown, he steadfastly refused to budge. Vali did not give me a blessing or alter his provocative posture! He tried to prove a crime that had never been committed while spewing venom!

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