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All the caring qualities necessary to establish a deep and lasting connection with others are collectively referred to as feminine energy. It exhibits selfless love, nourishment, compassion, kindness, empathy, patience, and emotionality. It’s about accepting your creativity and instincts by raising feminine energy. Fluid and unbound, feminine energy within and outside you.

Shakti is the Representation of Feminine Energy in Our Universe. She Pervades Everywhere in Positive, Negative, Neutral and Three Timescales (Past, Present and Future) and Inter-dimensions.

Everything in our universe, as well as everything outside of it, was created by Shakti. Its broad illustration of dynamic energy, which is in charge of the universe’s formation, upkeep, and annihilation. It is a feminine energy since Shakti, as a mother, is in charge of conception and formation. Nothing would occur in this cosmos without Shakti because she energises Shiva, passive energy to manifest as awareness and make creation possible.

Feminine Energy Controls Everything in Universe

An understandable illustration of this complicated concept is the Sanatan Hindu deity Ardhanarishvara, shown as half male energy Pita Shiva and other half female energy of Maa Parvati. This representation is given in several texts so that humans in declining Dharma age of Kaliyuga do not befall into pushing male as a dominating energy and female as subordinate to it. The The Ardhanarishvara form reveals that both male and female energies are necessary for the development, upkeep, and eventual termination of the cosmos. It is not equality. Feminine energy is superior and pious than male energy because she is creator of everything including energising male energy.

Shakti also refers to the goddesses who are this energy’s incarnations. For mortal beings she takes infinite Mayic forms till MahaPralay to make them understand how the cycle of creation and destruction works. She is in different avatars of goddesses to represent the creative and auspicious qualities of Shakti, such as piousness, nature, sound, the five elements, art, dancing, music, and prosperity. She also represent the destructive parts of Maa Shakti, such as death to evil, degeneration and annihilation. Shakti may take the form of Uma, Shiva’s kind and compassionate consort, or Kali, the frightening power eradicating evil, or Durga, the warrior who vanquishes forces that imperil the universe’s stability.

A woman giving birth to a female baby does great service to the universal consciousness by bringing manifested form of Shakti in existence. Man who participated in this creation also gets blessings of donating 100 cows (Gau Mata). Giving birth to pious and unending form of Shakti in mortal form is more honourable and respectful in the eyes of deities and Bhagwan. Similarly, killing of foetus is a heinous sin, it is considered more brutal than killing Gau Mata. That is why, when Son of Dronacharya tried to kill foetus of Parikshit, Ashwatthama was cursed by Bhagwan Krishna to roam endlessly in pain in Kaliyug. There is no bigger sin in human race than killing female foetus and harming women mentally or physically. Whoever does so brings destruction to his or her existence and entire community. Today entire Human Race facing so much apathy and sorrow has roots to harming Shakti energy of our mother earth and consciousness that maintains Anand in our existence.

Shakti is present in the extermination of negative energy. She is the goddess of time and death, Mahakali. The powerful goddess Mahakali is connected to rebirth, emancipation, time, life, and all other forms of strength. She is Bhairava’s consort. Bhairava is the deity of awareness, the foundation of existence and reality.

Powerful Feminine Energy Life Humanity Earth Survival

Feminine Energy is Source of Wisdom and Knowledge

According to the Devi Gita, before taking on the form of Parvati, she visited King Himalaya and gave him access to heavenly, eternal wisdom. She described herself as having neither a beginning nor an end in the language of the Vedas. She is the one, unchanging truth. She created the entire cosmos. She is both the sole winner and the embodiment of victory. She is a transcendent goddess that is both manifested and unmanifested. She then gave him a glimpse of her barely discernible form: She had Satyaloka on her forehead, the created cosmos in her hair, the sun, the moon, the four cardinal directions in her ears, the Vedas in her words, death, love, and emotion in her teeth, and maya in her grin.

Within the multiverse, she is the architect of limitless dimensions. She delivered the Tap message to Brahma. She is constantly there during the transition from creation to annihilation as well as before and after the Pralay of universes.

Shakti, The Feminine Energy Controls Kundalini Power

Everyone’s Kundalini is under Shakti’s control. The Sanskrit word “Kundali Shakti,” which is used frequently in Bharat and Nepal’s ancient writings, is translated as “Serpent Power.” Because it is experienced, Kundalini cannot ever be theoretically explained. It has a transcendental sense of the cosmos. It is a force that a person releases within themselves through a particular Vedic meditation practises. It is symbolised as a coiling snake at the spinal column’s base. While its true form is different when experienced and cannot be represented in mortal illustrations.

Kundalini is the first stage to experience inter-dimensional symbols, forms, beings and ACTUAL REALITY within our Mayic existence. It is the first level of phase to feel and experience realms of eternity in limited moral form.

Kundalini Shakti is seen as a force or power connected to the divine feminine or the formless part of the Goddess Shakti, and is a key idea in Shaiva Tantra. Through tantric practise under experienced Yogi and genuine Guru,  the passive energy in the body is awakened and further developed to bring about spiritual connection with the source. The goddesses Bhairavi and Kubjika, as well as Parvati or Adi Parashakti, the highest entity in the Shakti tradition of Sanatan Hindu Dharma, are linked to power of Kundalini.

In the ninth century, Yogis populated the secret knowledge of Kundalini from a set of Yogis to the whole world through Hatha yoga. Hatha Yoga is thousands of years old and part of eternal Yoga but it is not practised by common men. Yogis prefer it as it involves penances and austerity in life. Kundalini practitioners then taught this method of spiritual awakening to other schools of thought of Hindu Dharma.

Suppression of Feminine Energy Knowledge and Decline

When Bharat was going through phase of British and Mughal Terrorism for several centuries, Yogis prefer to practice in secluded places as primitive abrahamics coming from non-Vedic Mleccha lifestyles did not know the depth of this powerful method to connect to Maa Shakti. This impacted passing of knowledge to common Hindus. Gurukuls were destroyed and replaced with concocted teachings of primitive Arab and English thought process. However when several British officers came to know about the POWER OF KUNDALINI they pleaded few of their people to be taught this knowledge. That is how it was opened up to the world. Later several secret agencies including Mossad, CIA, MI and KGB employed Kundalini teachers to establish a secret branch of remote viewing, spying enemies and alien interactions thereby abusing the great knowledge that was originally taught for INDIVIDUAL SPIRITUAL AWARENESS and the person’s connection with Maa Shakti to establish collective universal consciousness.

The western and arabic immorality of pushing women to be used as sex objects and commodity material for satisfying lust was the cause of slow destruction of world peace and harmony. Though humanity entering the phase of Kaliyuga age is also responsible for this decline.

Many different processes are part of Kundalini awakening. Many yoga traditions place a strong emphasis on methods of Asanas, mantra chanting, pranayama breathing, dhayan, and Kundalini energy meditation. The Hindu teachings of Shakti Tantra also define characteristics of Kundalini Yoga. It involves the process of awakening Kundalini Shakti by consistent practise of Mantra in deep dhyan. Basically Tantra, Yantra, Asanas, and Meditation are simple methods to connect to Maa Shakti.

The method need a Yogi to allocate time to the process. It is simple but do require deep dhyan and dedication. This power of Kundalini Yoga was badly used by several spy agencies. British wanted to secure this knowledge to themselves so they funded several Christian Missionaries to spread lies about this great skill of meditation. This paved creation of supremacist Christians who started perceiving evility in meditation, pranayama and other such divine Yogic methods. Reptilian royal family’s subservient British officers tried hard to destroy this knowledge but failed miserably.

Hindu Teachings of Kundalini Awakening Respects Feminine Energy and Keeps Universal Consciousness Pious for All the Planes and Dimensions to Exist Harmoniously Within Our Universe. Kundalini Yoga is Eternal. No One Can Destroy This Learning. Destroyers Perished Time and Again.

Shakti Feminine Energy Power Source of Humans, Creatures and Universe

Maa Shakti’s Kundalini Energy’s Positive Effects

The sensation of an electric current travelling up the spine is usually part of initial phase of Kundalini experience.

With awakening of Feminine Energy Kundalini Shakti, a Yogi enhances sensory awareness to read people’s unconscious thoughts and feelings, motivate  them to feel consciousness, and aid in their transformation to lead free life. Yogi enjoys the experience so much that an urge to teach this method for humanity and universal consciousness becomes strong, the connection with the worldly elements is deep so as to think about well-being of all. There is an understanding of energy, vibration, or consciousness, as well as the capacity to read most basic level of reality and what is occurring underneath the surface of human bodies auras surrounding the people.

There is also a wider knowledge of our place in the world, the journey of the soul, and the continuity of consciousness, as well as the fact that physical existence is only one aspect of reality. This aspect is so miniscule that even deities and Gods prefer to control it using their Mayic forms. The inaccessible realms felt by the Yogis through Kundalini Shakti shows the vastness and eternity of the universe.

Feminine energy is eternal and powerful, this can only be experienced and cannot be theoretically felt. The pre-Kundalini stage places a person outside of nature. Post Kundalini, due to Yogic powers, a connection with nature is developed and because of the openings and awareness of energy and vibration, Yogi is delightful and feel the forces within and its cyclic occurrences.

A true Yogi speaks to everything around because plants, fruits, mountains, clouds and all mortal and disorganised things around within realms of five elements emit energy. The emitting of energy from this manifestations is felt by the Yogi.

Yogi recognises the strength of a timeless soul and views the mortal nature of the physical world as a brief stage in the eternal path.

Kundalini realisation is self-knowledge awakening which is experiencing what eternity is made of. Realisation of the universal, non-duality, present manifestation, uncaring, and existence outside of self-awareness.

A newfound pleasure of inaction and solitude towards worldly affairs is one of the results of the awakener’s intense, long-lasting sense of fulfilment and happiness. Life becomes straightforward and uncomplicated. Millions of smaller moments is seen within each moment of life. The awakener starts appreciating life and forgetting about the worries while effectively resolving the concerns without feeling stressed. All life forms are revered as part of sacred universe. Life is a wonder that should be celebrated. Every moment is unique and filled with countless possibilities. The thought process of Kundalini awakener changes from being a mortal human being to becoming a universal entity, a universe itself.

Failed Yogis especially foreigners who underwent the process joining non-Yogic centres of inexperienced teachers consider Kundalini awakening as connection to negative aspects of different dimensions. The negative experience only happens to people who are evil and cunning. Those who use Kundalini not to become part of universe but for reading minds of others. Kundalini is nishakaam karma. Feminine energy seeker must respect it, when it is abused the repercussions is deep and disastrous. The moment the thought is kept in mind to harm or abuse the power the awakening has drastic impact on the Yogi. At times, paranormal experience can cause issues to such selfish entities. And their experience is not Divine.

Kundalini Shakti Realisation is a Spontaneous Process of Self-awakening. The Divine Process When Done With Selfless Karma Gives Best Results to the Yogi.

Achieving positive energy is not easy for starters. Though the process is simple but it does require determination. First phase in Kundalini Yoga is the beginning of a quest that will require consistency, self-control, and assistance to complete. Everything is reviewed, including old habits and addictions, relationships, ties to the family, food, job, and profession. If anything is out of line, it will probably be taken away from the life.

The flow of energy is huge and being habitual to petty experiences in life, initially Yogi faces few physical and emotional issues. The quantity of energy that travels from the spine to the brain is too much for the neurological system to handle. It is mirrored in many different ways. It is frequently enough for people to be motivated to attempt new activities by the intensity of these encounters. Avoiding harmful medications is strongly advised. Western medicine frequently turns to pharmaceutical drugs that don’t deal with the underlying problem causing the Yogi’s original restrictions.

Yogis experience synchronicities with the surrounding and miracles, as well as help from unanticipated sources while having a strong feeling of inner energy, intuition, and truth. By being conscious of what is required at the time, the practitioner develops self-healing abilities. Most of the times, they are related to developing the abilities to handle daily challenges. They care for health and avoid harmful foods. The majority of sincere practitioners become vegetarians. Increased empathy, a desire to help others, and a sense of unity are all felt. Awakening feminine energy cultivates feeling of purpose and self-determination.

Shakti Feminine Energy Create Multiverse Avatars Deities Bhagwan Planets

Kundalini Feminine Energy is Self Destructive for Blunderers

Kundalini is an organic and intelligent process that has a goal and diligently pursues it. However the same process will taint and engulf the Yogi lacking  strongest of wills, along with proper preparation and instruction.

The goal is to untangle all the psychological tangles and illusions in order to reorient the awakened person’s life toward truth. Because it can imply the change in lifestyle and approach towards different sets of people. It might lead to termination of some relationships, losing interest in employment opportunities, or moving away from precedent ways of living, this process might be traumatic. People frequently want to cling on to the well-known and comforting elements because they aren’t ready to let go of them. Suffering comes from holding on to the past. Kundalini practitioners or Sadhaks have to let go everything that mind loses interest in and work self-realisation process dedicatedly, attachment hamper process of connecting to universal consciousness.

The procedure goes more smoothly when more preparation is done before Kundalini Awakens. If the awakening was spontaneous and the person did not put much effort into improving themselves, their path will be difficult later. People undergo physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual transformations as a result of Kundalini in a gradual process. Only a courageous practitioner is able to handle such changes. The way one views present reality is the most crucial factor in effectively working with a Kundalini Awakening. Here is where having a skilled teacher who can pass down the Hindu tradition’s effective process is so important. Most Kundalini-related problems are caused by incorrect methods that individuals employ; nevertheless, by changing Sadhak‘s process and adopting the proper practises, one might skill-fully integrate awakening in to life and connect to the cosmic source.

Kundalini Shakti Connects You to Everyone and Universal Consciousness

Worshipping Feminine Energy for Reaching Higher Planes

Mere worshipping Shaktirupen Maa Parvati is not enough, the practitioner must respect women in the house. It is utmost neccesary or else Sadhak might  stray from the Yogic process. Even harming senses of a woman unintentionally cause disaster to the person. Physical assault is another aspect that is detrimental for the future and afterlives of the individual. Women should be protected, respected and cared without causing them any mental and physical stress.

Adi Parashakti is revered in the Shakti tradition of Hindu Dharma as the Supreme Being or God. All types of matter whether visible or invisible, either accessible or inccessible, are regarded to be endless manifestations of energy, or Para Shakti, on every level of creation. The real nature of Para Shakti, however, is unknown and incomprehensible to humans. She is compared to Nitya and Anaadi, having no beginning or end. She is enternal and infinity cannot be comprehended even by deities.

According to Shakti tradition, power is sometimes referred to as energy, survival capacity, or a power to carry out worldly tasks. To perform in the material plane, force is essential to do tasks. Force is conversion of power or energy. One part of understanding Maa Shakti is force. However, each of these unique abilities is really a condensed version of the enormous creative power that is the Mother (Ambika, Maa Kali or Durga) of the Universe. Shakti worship is honouring the Divinity of fearlessness, purity, wisdom, will, and action—the source of these effects—rather than these constrained forms.

Creation is Swabhav of Feminine energy. Creation need awareness. The MahaShakti creates the confined awareness that experiences both pleasure and agony is flawless consciousness (Chidrupini) and bliss (Anandmayi).

Illusions are controlled by another form of Maa Shakti. Mahamaya is controller of illusions. However the illusions are not fully illusionary situations, it is done to create a plane so that practitioner can reside on this plane and move away connecting to higher consciousness. Therefore the illusions are not entirely used to create conditions that are illusionary but to develop perceptions for limited sensory physicalities. She preside over the end of the cosmos and is the goddess of time, power, and spiritual satisfaction. She offers humanity redemption. She is Mahakala’s consort. Mahakala is another avatar of Bhagwan Shiva. She assisted Maha Vishnu in killing two demons; Madhu and Kaitabha. She is worshipped to gain knowledge and control timescales.

According to the Shakti tradition of Sanatan Hindu Dharma, power (and vibrations) is the primal cosmic energy and symbolises the dynamic forces supposed to travel through the cosmos. This energy is frequently referred to as auspicious source energy and is understood to be both destructive and productive. This greatly expands the field of knowledge, power and existence for mortals. Kundlini Shakti is connecting to cosmic’s subtle physics and subtle chemistry that is impossible with limited senses. Maa Shakti is worshipped in Kundalini Yoga to attain diverse abilities of Chakras or subtle physiological centres.

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Kundalini Awakening Realization Shakti Feminine Energy Power

Mother goddess Shakti blesses practitioner to travel through this Mayic journey. Mayic is a medium that aids in ascending to higher realms; it is not entirely illusionary, not to confuse with deceptive hallucinations of negative forces that might hamper quest of Yogi to connect to Maa Shakti. Humanly senses cannot comprehend cosmic sense and knowledge. Worship helps in seeking blessings of Maa Shakti to understand the cosmic arrangement to some extent.

Adi Parashakti is the power that resides in the Kundalini in the form of Amba. She is 31/2 coils in size, and when the Kundalini is awakened from the sacrum bone of the person, a highly realised soul whose kundalini is also realised, she rises through the back bone of the human, opening all chakras— Mooladhara, Swadisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddi, Agnya and Sahasrara.

Maa Shakti is worshipped so that no negative forces hamper the growth of Yogi. With blessings of mother, when Kundalini awakens, it rise from the muladhara chakra, pass through the centre sushumna nadi, and then ascend to the top of the head. A deep alteration of consciousness occur when Kundalini energy progresses through the other chakras, bringing about varying degrees of enlightenment and mysticism, until it ultimately reaches the Sahasrara or crown chakra at the top of the head and opens up the reality of existence. In front of the Yogi’s insiduous non-physical sight, supersensual images manifest. Before the practitioner, new planets with incredible delights and charms reveal themselves. To the practitioner, other levels and dimensions disclose their grandeur and presence. When Kundalini travels through each chakra in turn, causing them to bloom in all their splendour, the Yogi then experiences increasing degrees of divine wisdom, power, and happiness. In that instant, the soul is linked to the source. Without respecting feminine energy this is not possible.

Shakti Feminine Energy Create Krishna Shiva Vishnu Deities Multiverse Planets

Feminine Energy as Creation

Maa Shakti was there when Mahapralay happened, to recreate everything. She is within everything and even external to it. She is in all forms and nirakar unformations. She gives ability to think then create something based on thought process. She blesses all creators to create. She nurtures everything in the multiverse.

Creator Not Only Creates but Also Nourishes Its Creation.

Srimad Devi Bhagavatam reveals that Shakti is represented in different forms. Bhagwan Shiva is beyond Prakritic attributes, eternal and ever omnipresent. Maa Shakti is without any change, immutable, unattainable but by yoga; She is the refuge of the universe and Her nature is Turiya Chaitanya. Maha Lakshmi is Her Sattviki Shakti; Sarasvati is Her Rajasik Shati and Maha Kali is Her Tamasik Shakti; these are all of feminine energy forms.

The assuming of bodies by these three Shaktis for the creation of this universe is denominated as “Sarga” (creation) by the high souled persona (Mahapurusha), skilled in Shastras. And the further resolution of these three Shaktis into Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh for the creation, preservation, and destruction of this universe is denominated as Pratisarga (secondary creation). Shakti is also source of Avatars and other manifestations.

Few verses of Srimad Devi Bhagavatam reveals that Shakti Energy is behind everything in this multiverse and manifestations within.

Srimad Devi Bhagavatam (Canto Kaand 12, Chapter Adhyay 10, Verses Shloka 03:04)

सरवदो निजवासारथ परकतया मलभतया ।
कलासादधिको लोको वकणठादपि चोततमः ॥
गोलोकादपि सरवसमातसरवलोकोऽधिकः समतः ।
नततसम तरिलोकया त सनदर विदयत कवचित ॥

Meaning: In the very beginning, the Devi Mula Prakriti Bhagavati built this place for Her residence, superior to Kailasha, Vaikunta and Goloka. Verily no other place in this universe can stand before it. Hence it is called Manidvipa or Sarvaloka as superior to all the Lokas.

Srimad Devi Bhagavatam (Canto Kaand 09, Chapter Adhyay 38, Verses Shloka29:31)

रप विभरतयरपा च भकतानगरहहतव ॥
गोपालसनदरीरप परथम सा ससरज ह ।
अतीव कमनीय च सनदर समनोहरम ॥
नवीननीरदशयाम किशोर गोपवषकम ।
कदरपकोटिलावणय लीलाधाम मनोहरम ॥

Meaning: Though formless, She assumes forms for the gratification of the desires of Her Bhaktas. She created first the beautiful form of Gopala Sundari (Krisna) very lovely and beautiful, captivating the mind. His body is blue like the fresh rain cloud. He is young and dressed like that of a cowherd.

Srimad Devi Bhagavatam (Canto Kaand 07, Chapter Adhyay 37, Verses Shloka 13:14)

हतसत ततर को वापि न कदाचिदधबदपि ।
सामीपयसाषटिसायजयसालोकयाना न चषणा ॥
मतसवातोऽधिक किचिननव जानाति करहिचित ।
सवयसवकताभावातततर मोकष न वाछति ॥

Meaning: But he has not the least trace of any desire to get the fruits of his Karma; yea he does not want Samipya, Sarsti, Sayujya, and Salokya and other forms of liberations! He becomes filled with devotion for Me alone worships Me only; knows nothing higher than to serve Me and he does not want final liberation even.

Every breath that you take, your soul that protects your body from rotting, they all are powered by Shakti Feminine Energy. The moment she leaves the body and let Maya take over body, everything starts rotting that is why cremating body following Vedic Hindu tradition in fire is important to connect to the source and easily mix with the 5 elements. From birth to death, every creature in this universe exist because of Maa Shakti.

Feminine Energy in Menstruation

Women in the form of feminine energy are so pure during menstruation that they become goddess. They are spiritually, physically and mentally connected to Maa Shakti. Unknown to them, they feel severe pain and loss of physicality because the mortal body cannot take load of immense energy experienced by them. Kundalini Shakti process also gives similar type of physical experiences to the Yogi when the body starts spanning different phases of Chakras moving upwards. Earth is created as a vehicle plane for humans to rise to higher planes. Everything move downwards while when any woman is experiencing the emergence of feminine energy in her body her consciousness and energy level rises up. When they indulge in meditation and worshipping deities, this energy further enhances and move upwards. The body is not used to such repulsive forces for rest of the days that is why woman feels pain and sudden restlessness. It is highly recommended for the living goddess, menstruating women, not to involve in meditation and spiritual consciousness otherwise it might cause immense physical damage.

Menstrual Cycle is Pious and Divine in Sanantan Hindu Dharma. It is Not Unhygienic or Impure as Practiced in Other Abrahamic Cultures and Non-Vedic Cults. This Unhygienic Aspect Attributed to Hindu Dharma is Recent Creation When Bharat Faced 1000 Years of British and Mughal Terrorism in Several Parts of Its States. This Distortion Was Done to Justify the Primitiveness of Abrahamic Cults. There is Not Single Verse in Hindu Texts When Menstruating Woman is Insulted or Degraded for Her Divine Position of Menstruation.

Hindu Sages understood the concept of feminine energy due to their study and research on Shakti tradition and several Vedic texts. They defined feminine energy as the fundamental force that provides motion, velocity, cycles, direction, rotation, revolution and motivation. Maa Shakti is source of Prana. Prana, which means primordial breath or life-force, is the power without which nothing survives, no living or non-living can sustain. Even mother Earth is alive and takes breath on this Prana. Indra had blessed woman with feminine energy to attain divinity through menstruation when he wanted to come out of his committed sin.

Woman Become Goddess Feminine Energy During Menstruation
Woman Become Goddess Feminine Energy, An Ansh of Maa Shakti Herself, During Menstruation

Menstruation is intimately related to the dosha’s functioning, according to Ayurveda. Menstruation is a unique chance that women have each month to rid their bodies of excess doshas. This regular cleaning is what gives women their long lifespans. Women take any stress of life. They are able to give birth. They can do impossible creations in life. As the body gears up for pregnancy, there is an increase in energy in the days before menstruation. If there is no pregnancy and menstruation begins, the body releases this stored energy during menstruation. Vata is the major dosha during menstruation. The downhill flow of menstruation is caused by Apana Vayu, one of the Vata dosha’s elemental air functions. Therefore, it is best to steer clear of any activity that disrupts the essential downward flow of energy during menstruation. Women are more likely to absorb other energy from their surroundings while they are menstruating. Foods and vegetables stored in the house are all alive. All are breathing and only die when they are kept uncooked for several days. Grains stay alive for several months. All these elements are form of energies, when a woman indulge in cooking foods she starts absorbing energies from these living sources, her divinity is so strong that she can suck energies if they are kept in her contact for longer time. That is why, women were asked not to enter kitchen and do any household work for one week in ancient Bharat.

Pran Prathithistha is the Process to Make Idol Pran Pratishthit. Even in This Process, Maa Shakti Mantras is Invoked. It is Done to Infuse Life Into the Idol of Hindu Temple, and Make It a Medium for Divine Worship. No Mortal Being Can Directly Absorb Energy of Bhagwan or Deity. It is So Powerful That It Can Hamper the Physical Function of the Lower Plane Body That is Why Idol is Used as a Medium to Dilute the Impact of the Energy Flow. Idol Worship is Absorption of Energies by the Hindus. Life is Given to Idol by Praying to the Bhagwan or Respective Deity to Reside His Energy on the Idol So That Chanting of Mantras Can Help in Receiving Their Energy.

When a menstruating woman enters a temple and prays to Bhagwan or any deity, the energy of Devi or Devta that is present in the Pran Pratishthit idol transfers to her, because she is so pious and pure, being mortal form of feminine energy of Maa Shakti during menstruation. The idol murti becomes lifeless. When several menstruating women enter the temple, Devi Devtas of the temple become their devotees to give respect to Maa Shakti. They start praying to them. This results in immense generation of energies that cannot be regulated by the mortal body, women experiences pain and heavy bleeding occurs because body wants to release energy to function properly. This way, temple has no Devi or Devta and they began to reside in those women. In order to keep flow of energy under control and for the health of menstruating women, they are advised not to enter temples.

Insulting Menstruating Women Destroys The Person and His or Her Entire Generation. Maa Draupadi Was Menstruating When Her Modesty Was Attacked By Dushasan. This Act Alone Sowed The Seeds of Destruction of Most Opulent Kuru Dynasty in the World. Bhima Rightly Took Revenge By Killing Dushasan Later to Calm Anger of Maa Draupadi, He Washed Her Hairs With Blood of Dushasan.

Contrary to Sura (Devi and Devta) tradition of Sanatan Hindu Dharma, the Asura belief consider woman as unclean during periods. According to Bible’s Mosaic Law (Leviticus 11:1-15:33), a woman undergoing menstruation is perceived as unclean for seven days and whoever touches her shall be unclean until evening.

Islam expects women to work. In islamic hadith, Sahih Muslim, Kitab Al Haid, Book 3, Number 0586: Al-Aswad narrated it from Aisha that she observed : I used to wash the head of the Muhammed, while I was in a state of menstruation. In another incident when Aisha did not want to take stress of giving him a garment, Muhammed asked her to give the garment as menstruation is not in her hand. Being helpless Aisha was forced to follow his advice. Sahih Muslim, Kitab Al Haid, Book 3, Number 0589: Abu Huraira reported: While the Muhammed was in the mosque, he said: O Aisha, get me that garment. She said: I am menstruating. Upon this he remarked: Your menstruation is not in your hand, and she, therefore, got him that.

The two abrahamic cults follow principles of Judaism, the book of Leviticus declared that a woman would be ritually impure for seven days during her menstrual flow. The devoid of knowledge about feminine energy among major cults (population wise) ruined life of women and their freedom. Wokeism spread by secret societies provoked concept of equality because women had no basic freedom in their cults, not even to vote, forget about taking decisions in governance affairs. Equality is demotion of women in Hindu tradition because Hindus place women higher than men. They worship women as symbol of feminine energy and purity.

Wokeism based on abrahamic cult traditions and left ideology is out to destroy social structure and men of the society. They are advocating sexual intercourse during periods as new fashion, this is totally wrong and insult to feminine energy of creation. Vedic science is completely against this, Women take male energy during sexual activity, and males discharge semen into the women during ejaculation. Woman is supposed to release stored energy during menstruation so that her body can function properly but instead of liberating of energy she is forced to absorb male energy. She is already in pure condition with excessive energy and then absorb surplus energy from her partner. This causes immense harm to the partner if done regularly. She would also be negatively impacted if the couple make this unnatural conduct a habit. Similarly, having sex by man or woman with multiple partners during menstruation is harmful to their aura and physical condition.

No Other Option But Respecting Feminine Energy is The Method for Sustenance of Humanity. Do Not Let Women Work or Do Household Chores During Menstruation. Instead Men Should Support and Help Her in Those 7 Days. Not Move Away From Her or Stay Away From Her.

Major reason is water that Hindu women are advised to not wash clothes or do home chores during menstruation. Water is one of the natural coolants and directly impacts the energy flow and temperature within human body. During menses, woman deserve relaxation, supported by calming environment so that balance is maintained in feminine energy. Water is one of the five elements and directly impacts this energy flow. Washing of hairs for 5 days during menstruation is also avoided by Hindu women due to same reason.

Shakti Feminine Energy in Nourishment

Creator has responsibility to nurture its creation. Even if it is done accidentally or unintentionally. No reason can be given whatsoever to cease this responsibility.

Maa Shakti nourishes the universe with milk. That is why milk giving animals are never advised to be killed by humans. Especially divinely blessed desi cows (Gau Mata), it is heinous and Feminine Energy annihilates the harming creatures by disturbing their aura and contaminating subtle energies. This happens automatically as if it is pre-programmed. However those who harm women and milk giving cows must be punished that is responsibility of others who do not support this butchery.

Cosmic Manifestations is in The Divine Milk of Maa Shakti. The Ocean Has Unlimited Manifestations. When Sages Curse Supernatural and Celestial Beings, They Returned to This Ocean of Milk. After Churning in Samudra Manthan, Multiples of Celestial Beings (Positive and Negative), Mostly Forms of Feminine Energy Were Invoked.

Ksheer Sagar was created by Maa Shakti so that all manifestations start taking births. Later churning of same Ksheer Sagar was done to by Suras and Asuras to fill up the universe with the resources by habitating Earth that lost many assets due to curse of Rishi Durvasa. This also impacted development of other dimensions and re-prospered the Swarg with all resources. After this, Brahma also helped in creating Anatma beings. It is different from Atmic beings. The Anatma has shape, has parts, and can be recognised for what it is, but the Atma is formless and partless and cannot be ever understood. Brahma’s creation, Anatma, is identical to Brahma and does not exist independently of Brahma. Anatma (soluless) is not antipodal force to Atma (soul). It does not contradicts or conflicts with Atma. While Atma is eternal, Anatma with features has age. In humanly world, AI robots are soulless can be roughly referred to Anatma beings to better understand this complicated concept though Anatma creations of Brahma have different purposes. The concept of Anatma given in Hindu Dharma is different than recently formed manmade cult Buddhism that does not believe in a creator Bhagwan or an eternal soul or any deity (God). Both Atma and Anatma beings are powered by Maa Shakti. Each being with awareness about existence in plane and subtle sensitivities in this universe is powered by this Milk. Milk help in giving consciousness to the beings.

All Those Creatures Who Do Not Drink Milk or Are Not Dependent on It Are of Low Consciousness and Cannot Surpass This Mrityuloka Ever. That is Why Killing of Milk Giving Desi Cow (Pratiroop of Kaamdhenu) is Prohibited.

Maa Shakti with her divine milk ocean helped in re-populating Earth and other planets.

Living example of the blessings and energy of Maa Shakti’s Feminine Energy is Mother Cow. Desi cow’s milk is like life nectar, Amrit, for humans.

Cow Hunch Sacred Shakti Feminine Energy Milk is Amrit

Many amazing jewels that supported their respective celestial and terrestrial counterparts were churned out from the depths of the milk ocean, appearing in the following order:

  • Chandra
  • Parijata
  • Airavata
  • The Divine Cow, Kaamdhenu
  • Mother Madira or Varuni, the Goddess of wine
  • Kalpavriksha
  • The Female Apsaras
  • Uccaihshravas
  • Mother Goddess Lakshmi
  • Panchajanya
  • Vishnu’s mace and magic bow
  • Various gems like Kausthubha and Chintamani
  • Halahal
  • Dhanvantari
  • The Amrita

Though physical access to the milk ocean is impossible for humans without elevating consciousness levels.

Maa Shakti is revered in different forms by other ancient cultures. Divine incidents of pre-Greek Vedic period formed basis of most of the stories in later civilizations. Greeks revered Goddess Hera as a virgin. It is mentioned in Greek texts that Hera spread milk all across space and gave life to the beings. Scientists of today call milky way to the same milk ocean of Maa Shakti. Hera in Sanskrit means Queen of Gods. In Stymphalia in Arcadia, a triple temple dedicated to Hera the Girl (Παις means Pais), the Adult Woman (Τελεια means Teleia), and the Separated (Xήρη means Widowed or Divorced) existed. Hera the Virgin was worshipped in the Hera temple at Hermione, which was close to Argos. In previous age to this, Maa Draupadi was blessed to regain virginity by Bhagwan Shiv. Similarly, Hera would yearly regain her virginity at the spring of Kanathos, close to Nauplia, in secret rituals (Arrheton). Virgin Hera later became inspiration to create Virgin Mary character in Christianity.

A Pubescent Woman Who Never Masturbated or Never Indulged in Sex is a Living Goddess. If She Does Meditation and Awakens Kundalini, She Becomes Powerful Enough to Shake This World. Feminine Energy is Far Superior Than Male Energy. That is Why, They Should Be Protected So That They Regulate Their Energy to Universal Consciousness and Make This World More Harmonious Place. Harming or Marrying Pubescent Girls is Heinous Sin and Destroys Life of People and the Surrounding Around. Not Shocking That Most Islamic Nations Are Living Hells on Plane Earth.

Maa Shakti Feminine Energy Paramatma Kshira Sagara Cosmic Ocean

Feminine Energy Nurture Everyone

Adi Parashakti, also known as Mahadevi, is the source of the Shakti Feminine Energy, which is the power of life that all people feel. Adi Parashakti has fully manifested as Devi Parvati in Mayic form. In her previous life, Parvati was Sati. But after her Leela as Sati was over, she reincarnated as Maa Parvati. Parvati is portrayed as a kind and caring mother deity. Mahadevi manifest in a variety of ways, such as the holy Goddesses Chandi and Durga.

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Another most important incarnation of Mahadevi for Kaliyugian people is Maa Kali. She oversees the Tamas Guna across the universe. She preside over the end of the cosmos and is the goddess of time, power, and spiritual satisfaction. She offers moksha to the souls and liberates the soul from the endless Mayic cycle of life, death, and rebirth. She is consort Mahakali for Bhagwan Mahakala, an avatar of Bhagwan Shiva. Yogmaya is another form of Maa Kali. According to Durga Saptashati, she is also referred to as Tamsi Devi and Chandi Devi.

Maa Shakti in all her forms is creator, nurturer and protector. When a mother gives birth to a child, the Mamtatva feeling in her is developed by Shakti. The flow of milk in the mother’s body is provided by her. The feelings of attachment and love towards is bestowed by this feminine energy so that humanity sustains. No mother ignores her child unless she is overtaken by an evility when Maa Shakti leaves such woman due to her past Karma.

Not just women but even animals, birds and creatures that are given souls are imbibed with nature to feed and protect their offsprings. A good incident of motherly love witnessed by Vyasa is relevant to be mentioned here, it shows how powerfully Maa Shakti controls flow of love and emotions even among lower conscious beings. Sri Devi Bhagavatam (The excellence of the Devi, Chapter 4) cited,

Verses 4-5: Suta said: In the distant past, Satyavati’s son Veda Vyas was immensely surprised to discover a pair of Chatakas (Sparrows) while in his own hermitage on the banks of the river Sarasvati. He observed the couple holding their newly born young bird, who had a gorgeous physique, a red mouth, and oily skin. They just worry about raising their child; they could care less about their own hunger or labour. Additionally, he said that the couple is experiencing the utmost pleasure as they rub their bodies to the baby and tenderly touch the little one’s beak with their beaks. Veda Vyasa grew quite concerned after observing the two sparrows’ remarkable care for their young and began to consider the following.

This was expression to show the Maa Shakti’s  selfless love extension in all her creations.

Verses 9-14: Oh! What a marvel that men would express their appreciation for their sons when they need their services, considering how much love the birds have for their young! This pair of sparrows won’t see their young one’s happy marriage and won’t recognise their son’s bride; when they become older, they also won’t watch their child become deeply devout and work for them to get large merits in Heaven. They also don’t anticipate that their kid will be financially successful and please them, or that they will execute their last rites properly and aid them in their transition to the afterlife when they pass away. None of these things are expected. Even though the child won’t participate in the Sradh ritual in Gaya or do yagna with a bull to satisfy its ancestor (the sacred bull is then set free), the sparrows nevertheless show their youngster a lot of love. Oh, the greatest satisfaction in this world is to touch a son’s body, especially to raise a son.

The Shakti Feminine Energy is impactful enough to generate selfless love feeling in the couple so that they bestow their caring on the child without any expectation. Later worldly life and Mayic affairs might turn them selfish but Shakti originally gifts them to be good parents and nurture the future generations of human race.

Maa Shakti is the nurturer she fulfils her responsibility of giving birth and then taking care of the children of all species.

Shakti Feminine Energy Power Five Senses sight touch smell taste hearing

Shakti Feminine Energy is Creator of All Connections

A subjective mental state is emotion. Emotions can be a response to external events or internal inputs (such feelings or experiences). Moods and emotions are not the same thing. A mood is a mental condition that makes us more likely to act in a particular way. Emotion is immediate response to certain event in life in that particular moment. No creature in this world would have inter-connected ever if there was no emotional attachment developed in them by Shakti Feminine Energy. The urge to live in social circles and the feelings to stay alone all are created by Shakti energy forces.

Scientific studies have found 27 types of experiences shared by a human body. Though it is more than the precise list but majorly every person is influenced by these emotions. Shakti is responsible for activation of all the emotions. The following 27 feelings are seen in a person, physically and mentally: boredom, tranquilly, bewilderment, craving, disgust, empathic pain, romance, adoration, amazement, anger, anxiety, awe, awkwardness,  entrancement, excitement, sadness, sexual desire, aesthetic appreciation, surprise, fear, horror, interest, joy, nostalgia, relief and satisfaction.

Sri Devi Bhagavatam (On the characteristics of the Gunas, Chapter 9) cited,

Verse 34: Despite being Undying, Supreme, and Full, the Brahman, the Purusha (the Supporter, the Ultimate Substratum), the Highest Energy regarded to be the Male Principle, is yet devoid of all wants, emotions and feelings. It is incapable of carrying out any activity (without the aid of its innate force); the Mahamaya, the Supreme Force, performs all of the operations of the cosmos, both real and imaginary.

Without Mahamaya and her blessings, no being in any dimension, plane or planet will be able to interact. Emotions enable every one to express needs to others, it could be anything from hunger to expression of love. In Earth plane of three dimensional species, humans can only assist each by sharing of feelings to take swift action based on the requirement of the situation. Feeling of pain and past experiences alert humans to avoid certain situations, people and places. Emotions paved the way to create language for more clarity in interaction. All the connections that one sees in this world, from birds feeding their young ones, to pollination, to mating of creatures everything is based on natural emotions actioned by Maa Shakti.

No emotions means no interaction, no interaction lead to no connection which means no continuity of this universe. The Mayic material form need creation and destruction in cyclic manner to sustain, this is only possible by sense of connectivity invoked by Maa Shakti.

The cycle of death and birth is inevitable, there is also connection between them of beginning and ending – one begins then latter ends.

Sri Devi Bhagavatam (Chapter 5: The Hayagriva Narrative) cited,

Verses 96-100: “O child!” the Devi exclaimed, “With your tremendous tapasya and commitment, I am beyond pleased. Now, state the blessing you seek. I’ll grant you the favour you ask for.”

“O Mother! Grant me that boon by which death will not befall me, and I be invincible by the Suras and Asuras, so I may be a Yogi and eternal,” requested  Hayagriva. “Death brings in birth, and birth brings in death; this is unavoidable,” the Devi said. “This system of things is still in existence today, and it is never violated. O most excellent of the Raksasas! Considering that death is inevitable, make another wish.”

Whoever comes dies and between birth and death, a person has to make connections with every one or make connection with the universal consciousness. No one can escape this connection. Each Mayic connection with other persons bring with it some liabilities and problems. However when this connection powered by Maa Shakti in Amba form is made with universal consciousness, it makes the person blissful and gratified.

When Kundalini is awakened this connectivity exceeds personal family and transcends to entire universe. A person is able to maintain great balance between virtual material life and real consciousness. This balance also need blessings of Maa Shakti. The Feminine Energy of Maa Shakti is everywhere and can be simply experienced by giving respect to women in the life of a person whether she is life partner or mother or sister or daughter.

Protecting Modesty and Respect of a Woman is the Utmost Duty of Every Person in This World to Maintain Harmonious Flow of Positive Energy From Maa Shakti So That the Connections Between Individuals Are Cordial and Peaceful. Negative Forces Harm This Feminine Energy by Ridiculing Women and Disrespecting Her Womanhood. Respect Feminine Energy to Avoid Natural Calamities and Wrath of Maa Shakti. Rape is Heinous Sin. Killing of Rapist is Vedic Law. Any Pardon Given to Such Rapists is Insulting the Sacredness of  Feminine Energy and Maa Shakti Herself. Killing Them to Avoid More Such Incidents is Correct Solution.

Avoid Feminine Energy’s Destruction

Energy can neither be created and nor destroyed is a contextual reference given in Shiv Puran that whatever happens, happens with the will of Bhagwan and stays in the universe so the same energy is absorbed and transferred into other form. But when same absorption of energy happens in Mayic world like Earth by negative forces then it destructs the positivity of the Feminine Energy. This in turn causes negative ripple effects across world. There is exponential rise of negative energy and they seek different forms to take birth in this plane. This give rise to evil beings; anti-humans, Asuras and Mlecchas.

Negative emotions are liberated by negative energy. The negative emotions work well together; they either flow into one another or combine in various ways. Anger, frustration, and despair have an impact on other emotions and people, which allows negative forces to gain control of the surroundings. Shakti Feminine Energy is positive and that is why sustenance and continuity of this universe is possible. However to understand positive energy, presence of negative energy is required. But the rise in negative energy levels is not good for living beings and universal consciousness. That is why thought process to maintain positive energy levels and protect it from negative forces always stays in the minds of people.

Save Hindu Women from Muslim islamic Men Women Neighbours Mlecchas

Negative forces feed on people who suffer from negative thoughts. Having negative energy has a significant impact on adults, teenagers, and kids. Persons around those who have this negative attitude may perceive them as being very strong. Insults directed at other fellow people are ways for negative energy to show itself. Either directly or behind the back of a person, these remarks are made. The remarks could be a true reflection of how this individual feels, or they might be made up to concoct the situation. Mocking of cultures, traditions and emotions by Mlecchas is also due to deep hatred towards eternal Dharma and emanate under influence of negative forces they worship.

People who are overpowered by negative energy suffer from poor self-esteem. They see abuse and neglect everywhere. They evolve habit of victimhood. They gradually develop immense inferiority complex within. They start staying in their own ghettos. The same traits are seen in Muslims who reside in such places and aim to destroy positive Feminine Energy under influence of anti-God Allah. Additionally, they try to spoil everything and enjoy getting accustomed to destructing things made by hardwork of others. They become extremely sensitive to petty issues, when things don’t go their way because of their sense of entitlement that they develop under influence of negative forces. This causes self-infliction hurt that further evolve anger, which prompts them to harm positive people or disparage them when they gain control of the situation. That is how, Maa Shakti Feminine Energy is targeted by these negative people. They feed on evility and harm women a lot to cause disbalance in POSITIVE-NEGATIVE equilibrium. Even if equilibrium is maintained positivity flows all over in the world because positive energy is permanent while negative energy is replaced by its different forms, it is also in the move and not stable.

The destruction to Feminine Energy is unleashed by men and women by committing crimes against victim women. They do such sins either under influence of greed, animosity, anger, alcohol or in a planned manner as per cult book like Quran. The major sins that work to destroy Feminine Energy around and invoke negativity include rape, love jihad, entrapment, taharrush, blackmail, domestic violence, physical assault, kidnapping, abduction, mental assault, polygamy, sexual assault, insult to modesty, cruelty by intimate partner or relatives, forced orgy, trafficking, enforcing prostitution, sex slavery, female genital mutilation (demonic practice by satanists), persecution for dowry, oppression over petty issues, dowry killing, indecency, and above all female foeticide.

The only solution to stop evil people from harming women and Feminine Energy is to punish them in gruesome manner so that it sets example and invoke fear in other similar criminals.

Feminine Energy is Harmed More By Fellow Women Than Men. Man, Woman or Both Use Fellow Girl to Befriend The Victim Woman and Then Cause Harm. Alertness and Revenge is the Solution to Tackle Such Evil Women and Men.

There are some Asuric cults formed purposely to diminish the Feminine Energy from the lives of human race. Then the energy is diverted to strengthen negative forces. Demonic cults like islam indulge in having 4 women in mutual sex contract called Nikah and multiple female sex slaves to destroy Raj guna and take control over Mayic world. The terrorism manual Quran is designed meticulously for destruction of the world by bunch of evil people who added more concoctions, post death of its founder, after it was initially fed by Pishacha to Muhammed. They divided humanity into two parts; Muslim Creatures vs Human Kafirs. They postulated verses of killing Kafirs then forcibly raping or marrying their wives. This is how deficit of 4 women was compensated when they failed to meet the count within community even after indulging in incestuous inbreeding. All the activities centred in islam is developed only to cause harm to the balance of Feminine Energy that is keeping world harmonious and nurtured. They insult womanhood, feminity and girls through out their life because since childhood they are taught to treat women as sex object. They use all tricks to gain upper hand in Kafir dominated country and then let lose islamic terrorism against them at opportune phase.

While Hindus respect pre-pubescent girl as Goddess in their different festivals instead terrorist muslims follow their cult founder muhammed in insulting the Goddess form of feminine energy by marrying pre-pubescent girls to follow Sunnah of muhammed. Because muhammed committed sin of forceful sex with a girl child. As per Sahih al-Bukhari 5134, Narrated Aisha: Muhammed married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old.

Slaying Islamic Terrorists is the Lesson That is Taught to Hindus in Their History and Vedic Past. Killing Those Who Harm Women is a Pious Karma. According to Mahabharat, Revenge is the Purest Emotion. For Maa Draupadi, Entire Clan of Kuru Dynasty Was Killed. Though Few of Their Younger Siblings and Relatives Ran Away to Different Parts of the World and Middle East. Slaying Will Protect Feminine Energy and Then Feminine Energy Will Protect The Slayer. Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah – The Dharma Protects Those Who Protect It. Feminine Energy is Dharma.

The divine Sanskrit phrase Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah is mentioned in Mahabharat, the core history that teaches saving Dharma for protecting Feminine Energy. The same Shloka is also a part of a Manusmriti that says:

धर्म एव हतो हन्ति धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः तस्माद्धर्मो न हन्तव्यो मा नो धर्मो हतोऽवधीत्
मनुस्मृति ८.१५

भावार्थ: “जो मानव धर्म का नाश करता है, उसी का नाश धर्म कर देता है, और जो धर्म की रक्षा करता है, उसकी धर्म भी रक्षा करता है। धर्म का अंत पुरुष (मानवता) का अंत है। इसलिए मरा हुआ धर्म कही हमें ही न मार दे, इस तथ्य से प्रेरणा लेकर धर्म का त्याग कभी न करना चाहिए। धर्म की रक्षा हर स्थिति में करनी चाहिए।”

“Dharma eva hato hanti dharmo raksati raksitah tasmad dharmo na hantavyo ma no dharmo hatovadhit”
Manusmriti 8.15

Meaning: “Whoever destroys Dharma, Dharma destroys that human, and whoever protects Dharma, Dharma also protects that human. The end of Dharma is the end of humanity. Therefore, dead Dharma is death to humanity. Taking inspiration from this fact, one should not leave Dharma. Come what may,  Dharma should be protected in every situation.”

Protection of Dharma is Protection of Feminine Energy. Nurture Feminine Energy to Nurture and Save Humanity (Hindus).

Hindu Girls Must Poison Family of Love Jihadis Muslim Terrorists

Maa Shakti Feminine Energy Purifier of Humanity

Masculine energy is less pious than Feminine Energy. Only those Mayic resources that can absorb impurity are capable of washing sins and cleansing body. Maa Shakti in the form of Ganga resides everywhere within and outside universe and reappears as and when she is invoked with deep penance by pious souls. In recent age, this is third reincarnation of Maa Ganga. Maa Saraswati already disappeared when decline of Feminine Energy (Dharma) started in last years of Dwapar Yuga.

Brahma created son Himavan with Maa Shakti’s Feminine Energy blessings. He then married Menavati, a daughter princess of Meru, and rose to power as king of the Himalayas. After some time, Ganga, a daughter, was born to them. Later, Maa Shakti’s incarnation, Parvati, was born as another daughter. When Ganga reached adulthood, the Devas requested her to reside in heaven and bless them, thereafter she assumed the form of a river and flowed.

The apathy of Hindus is also reason for weakening of Feminine Energy in the form of Ganga. In 1990, (Kashi) Varanasi’s Ganga measured around 360 metres in width. The breadth shrank to 270 metres in 2015. Additionally, the depth is losing 10 to 15 centimetres every year. After destruction of several ancient temples to turn Kashi pilgrimage into Kyoto type tourism spot, by anti-Hindu govt, shrinking of Ganga is expected to increase further due to damage done to Vedic architecture of Kashi in and around Ganga.

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Maa Shakti’s purifying form, Ganga, has frequently arrived and vanished. She disappears from Mrityulok as the Feminine Energy in the world declines. The recent scientific data about Ganga proves Hindu history as factual representaion of past.

Another Shakti Ganga reincarnation is mentioned in historical Bhagavat Puran. The scripture discusses that Vaman, one of Vishnu’s incarnations, appeared in the Asur King Mahabali’s Yagna arena. Then, to free universe from his clutches and in order to gauge the size of the cosmos, he reached his left foot all the way to the farthest point and then the nail on his big toe punctured the surface of the universe. The Ganges River, which is composed of the causal ocean’s pure water (also known as divine Brahm-Water), reached universe through this hole created by Bhagwan Vishnu in Vaman avatar. The Ganga’s water took on a stunning pink hue after washing the Bhagwan’s lotus feet, which are clothed in reddish saffron. The Ganges is referred to as Bhagavat-Padi or Vishnupadi, which means Emanating from the lotus feet of Bhagavan since it meets Bhagwan Vishnu’s feet just before entering universe. The flow of Ganga was slowed by the lotus feet of Bhagwan Vishnu otherwise it would have shaken the universe. She ultimately lands in Brahmaloka or Brahmapura, the home of Brahma, and is also safely kept by Bhagwan Shiva on his head to avert the annihilation of Bhumi Devi (Mother Earth).

King Sagara carried out the ashvamedha ceremony, in which a horse was let loose for a year. Indra, however, took the horse to thwart the ritual’s accomplishment. When King Sagara learned that the horse had vanished, he dispatched his 60,000 sons to search for it. At the ashram of the Guru Kapila in the netherworld (Yamsadan), they ultimately located the horse. The princes interrupted the sage Kapila when he was deep in meditation, believing that he had stolen the horse. This interruption enraged Guru Kapila and he burnt all 60,000 sons to ashes with his austere stare.

Decline of Feminine Energy Make Mother Cow, Sacred Rivers And Other Such Divine Assets to Disappear From Earth. This Causes Famine, Drought and Then Destruction of Human Race. And Ultimately Death to Dharma and Its Mortal Forms, Hindus. Asuric Forces Use Muslim Slaves to Kill Cows and Pollute Rivers With Goat Blood in Bakri Eid to Cause Destruction of Feminine Energy and Make This World a Living Hell. Shivaji and Maharana Followed True Dharma by Killing Cow Slaughterers. Today’s Hindus Are Doing Adharmic Acts by Ignoring Teachings of Gopalak and Cow Protector Bhagwan Krishna and Not Punishing Cow Killers and River Polluters.

King Sagara sent his grandson Anshuman to sage Kapila to inquire about the best course of action for bringing salvation to the souls of his dead sons. Only the water of the Maa Ganga, which flowed in the sky, could set them free, suggested Sage Kapila. Anshuman’s grandson Bhagiratha practised asceticism and acquired the blessings of Brahma and Shiva. Shiva stopped Ganga’s fall in the coils of his hair so that her might wouldn’t crush the Earth, when Brahma permitted Maa Ganga to flow on Earth. Bhagiratha guided Ganga to the sea as she dropped. The water travelled from there to the netherworld and freed the 60,000 sons of King Sagara.

Maa Ganga माँ गंगा Adi Shakti Feminine Energy आदि शक्ति (महादेवी शक्ति) Bhagwan Shiv भगवान शिव

The river is also referred to as Bhagirathi as a result of Bhagiratha’s efforts. Because she flows through all three worlds—Heaven, Earth, and the Patala (netherworld)—she is often referred as as Tripathaga. This was Maa Ganga’s third incarnation, and she is still present in Bharat. Humans are polluting Maa Ganga as a result of the declining Feminine Energy in the country. Selfish politicians and corrupt industrialists building factories around river who are modern-day Pisachas are also responsible of this collapse in energy. Maa Ganga is likewise shrivelling gradually, just like Maa Saraswati. The enigmatic therapeutic properties of Maa Ganga water are referred to as Brahm Dravya in Brahma Loka. After conducting years of investigation, scientists are perplexed by how self-healing and self-purifying this divine river is. According to scientists, bacterium-eating bacteriaphages are what give this river their self-cleaning characteristics. They reappear by magic and live forever. There is no such self-healing properties found in any other rivers in this world. Maa Shakti blessed Maa Ganga and Maa Saraswati with this properties. Hindus are blessed by Maa Shakti but if they do not protect her creation then no one can stop destruction of Hindus too.

The atrocities committed by Kaliyugian humans will cause the cleanser Maa Shakti in the form of Ganga to disappear once more. After disappearance of Maa Ganga, Gau Mata will also disappear and that will start massive annihilation of Hindus and then humanity from this world.

Men and Women Avoid Destruction of Feminine Energy

The fact that the moon cycle and the menstrual cycle both last for 28 days is not a coincidence. Maa Shakti’s abode and nurtured milk ocean gave Chandra to the world after it was churned in Samudra Manthan. Chandra was later cursed to virtually wane and expand for the Mayic people. This made non-linear time linear for humanity and helped in managing routine. Curse of Indra was adapted by Feminine Energy in different forms to save Earth. The adjustment saved humanity. Menstrual cycle is that adaptation made by women. The womb or artava of a woman grows and wanes in the same way that the moon does. A healthy cycle will last 28 days, with the first day being the first menstrual period.

The menstrual cycle is seen as a particularly potent phase in black magic. Woman can save herself by making less usage of public toilet and common restrooms during cycles. Man and woman should avoid involvement in sex if they are not willing to produce children. Sex for enjoyment diminishes Feminine Energy Saatvikta in woman and ceases Kundalini potency of the man. Practicing celibacy in marriage is commonly done by both male and female Yogis, those who want to elevate their consciousness to highest level possible in Mrityulok. The skin around the vulva may itch, chafe, or develop rashes as a result of menstrual sex, and the labia may engorge and swell. This may occur when a man’s repressed STD intensifies as a result of a woman absorbing too much energy. The increased incidence of bladder and vaginal infections is another unpleasant side effect of menstrual sex. This occurs because nature does not want to treat the goddess within the woman as an object of sexual pleasure. Since there is always another day when menstruation ceases entirely, the couple is recommended to avoid sex with or without a condom during cycles and to maintain the flow of feminine energy at a normal level. Most of the adverse affects in family life happens by disrespecting Female Potency of Maa Shakti.

Based on simple instructions given in Hindu texts. Couple should follow this regime for saving Feminine Energy.

How Feminine Energy is Preserved for Protection of Dharma

To Preserve Feminine Energy, Women Should:
1) Avoid Masturbation
2) Avoid Alcohol Intake
3) Avoid Sex for Pleasure (use sex for procreation following scriptural process of conceiving)
4) Avoid Adultery
5) Avoid Oral Sex (do not take semen in mouth it ruins tez of the person, the script reference is given further)
6) Avoid Prostitution
7) Discard Menses Cloth/Pad Properly (use disinfectant on the pad and cloth so that it is not abused by black magicians or ghosts in animals forms)
8) Become Dharmic Warrior
9) Feed and Protect Desi Cow

Mostly young men are brainwashed by corrupt sex education videos and new age sex gurus that to control woman you should force her to give oral sex. No man is born in this world ever to control Feminine power, at the most man can harm mortal woman but cannot control her divinity. No one can comprehend what is her thought process, what she is willing to do and what action she will take in future. Controlling woman using force or such Asuric acts of oral sex is sinful and harm Feminine Energy a lot but in a way destroys the person and his afterlives.

The Srimad Bhagavatam 5.26.26 warns about not indulging in oral sex and causing grievous insult to the modesty of a woman. In other cases, there are numerous incidences that sends the person to hell.

यस्त्विह वै सवर्णां भार्यां द्विजो रेत: पाययति काममोहितस्तं पापकृतममुत्र रेत:कुल्यायां पातयित्वा रेत: सम्पाययन्ति ॥ २६ ॥

Yas tv iha vai savarnm bharyam dvijo retah payayati kama-mohitas taṁ papa-krtam amutra retah-kulyayam patayitva retah sampyayanti.

Meaning: If a foolish forces his wife to drink his semen out of a lusty desire to keep her under control, he is put after death into the hell known as Lalabhaksa. There he is thrown into a flowing river of semen, which he is forced to drink.

Description: The practice of forcing wife to drink semen is a black art practiced by extremely lusty persons. Those who practice this very abominable activity say that if a wife is forced to drink her husband’s semen, she remains very faithful to him. After death he is put into the hell known as Lalabhaksa. There he is immersed in the river known as Sukra-nadi and forced to drink semen.

To Preserve Feminine Energy, Men Should:
1) Respect women
2) Protect Women
3) Punish Culprits (Those who harm women)
4) Support Women
5) Avoid Sex for Pleasure
6) Avoid Alcohol Intake
7) Avoid Unnatural Sex
8) Become Dharmic Warrior
9) Feed and Protect Desi Cow

Maa Shakti Give Messages to The Universe

What people commonly discuss about are crop circles but do not notice the cosmic designs present in Venus, Mars, Moon and even far off alien planets. There are 0.4 million human species across universe and all of them pray to Adi Shakti through different manifestations and names. Gods and Deities have to pray to Shakti Feminine Energy for potency so common people praying her for blessings is neccessary to cleanse aura and all three forms of Sharira. Humans are negligible. Each planet is dominated by different Gods of their level. However every one is Sanatan Dharmi and there also several demonic cults exist like here we have abrahamic cults, evilest of them islamists. No, the supreme Shakti do not need to send messengers, she conveys the message through her Bhakts and Yogis present here who interact with aliens (Hindus from another planets). Most of the crop circles are created by hollow Earth people who reside in netherworld. They care of humanity. They get message from Maa Shakti and then they accordingly design the crop circles to give message. Bhagwan do not have to take avatar every time when messages are sent.

Hollow Earth Yogi in Orb Form Destroy Missiles to Stop Self Destruction of Humanity

Scions of Vishwakarma, Maya and sons of Nala taught construction of such designs to the human species of different planets and inter-dimensional beings and yogis (popularly called as aliens by scientists and UFOlogists).

The glyph created by yogis in the form of orbs (as shown below in the image) had a machine like precision in its shape and clarity of lines and it was quickly identified as perfectly formed, the ancient Hindu meditation Yantra. Later CIA and Free Masons sent several conspirators to claim that they made it. This was impossible. Because pilots who flew over the area reported to have seen it appear after 3 hours of gap. The symmetricity and accuracy of such large Sacred symbol is impossible to be depicted in 3 hours for any human workforce that too without making a footwear or vehicle tyre marks. The formation was made by supernatural beings or orbs to let WORLD KNOW that raising consciousness is possible through Shree Yantra. Shree also is another name of Maa Goddess Lakshmi. Oregon Vedic Hindu symbol of Shree Yantra was over a quarter of a mile in length, and consisted of 13.3 miles of lines, was scored into the hardpan at a depth of 3 inches and were 10 inches wide.

Oregon Vedic Hindu symbol Shree Yantra

NASA whistle-blowers already disclosed that several cosmic designs were found on Mars and Venus that is why scientists were exploring both the planets extensively. Later, NASA slyly brushed up most of the symbols and designs through satellite images and removed from their site. Even in Antarctica several ancient Hindu designs were found by Nazis and this forced them to somehow connect manmade cult Christianity with farcically created race Aryans of Bharat. Aryan means noble man, it is not any race. Not few but millions of such Vedic Hindu designs are visible across universe. These designs are connectors (called as wormholes by primitive scientists). The connectors use thoughts to interact with other alien Hindus (Sanatan Dharmis). They are of both types born with Atmic prower or Anatma. The information is downloaded from the thoughts and that is why ancient Rishis were able to develop thousands of life and art theories like Samveda and Ayurveda.

Universal Om Symbol Crop Circle

Those Who Mock Saving of Ganesh by Using Elephant Head or Hanuman Ji Flying Through Sea in Ramayan Do Not Have Any Gyan on How This Universe Works and Cohesiveness of Cosmic Arrangement. We Are All One. Everything is a Doable. A Siddh Yogi Flies Everywhere and Can Temporarily Make A Dead Person Alive.

All yogis (known as ally aliens) love humans, except aliens in reptilian and asura forms and that is why they help in stopping nuclear war. This will be shocking revelation for readers but Nagasaki and Hiroshima nuclear bombings did not kill thousands because it was diluted by yogis the moment it hit the ground. However the poisonous effects of radiation could not be stopped and it killed many people. It did not flatten cities as claimed by US army. Mantric missiles like Brahmastra invoked in Mahabharat, Ramayan and several ancient wars were bought back and neutralised to stop destruction of several planes but whenever they hit the ground, Dharma of missiles to harm is fulfilled. Similarly, many times nuclear missiles were stopped midway across different countries by yogis (aliens for western people). Earth is web core of the universe and any impact on Earth directly impacts other dimensions and planes.

Mayic illusionary universe is beyond holographic projection. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. With dyan and meditation, a woman can achieve anything easily compared to man. Man needs to do heavy penance but woman can achieve them relatively with fractional austerity.

These yogis obey Feminine Energy of protecting Mother Earth, another form of Maa Shakti.

Bhagwan the Actual Male Energy is Dependent on Maa Shakti. They Do Not Need Muhammed or Such Low Life Pishacha Controlled Terrorists to Send Messages. The Fact is, Bhagwan Do Not Even Need Humans for Their Sustenance. They Guide Us to Do Bhakti So That Our Mind Become Pious by Connecting to Them. They Are Far Ahead From Worries and Mayic Emotions. Maa Shakti is Compassionate and Loving That is Why She Sends Messages Through Different Cosmic Designs.

Hindu yogis appear as alien orbs

Yogis get this Shakti to become interdimensional beings to protect humanity for Maa Shakti. Mother Shakti also gives darshan in different forms during psychedelic drinks or smoke treatments of Som Ras (Made from Somlata), Ayahuasca (made from Banisteriopsis caapi and Psychotria viridis), Psilocybin mushrooms, Bhang and Marijuana. However all types of psychedelic treatment must be done under knowledgeable Sadhu and Sage because it diminishes boundary between consciousness and sub-consciousness levels temporarily which is prone to attacks from negative energies around. Sadhus protect the Sadhak from sudden attacks when it is done in their perimeter under their supervision. When in psychedelic treatment state, the Sadhak visualises Maa Shakti in the form of Moon Goddess, Gau Mata, Maa Kali, Mother Earth and mother in different forms of shapes and colors. The voice telepathically guide future aspects or give insights about past mistakes. It is highly recommended to use Vedic mantras and meditation instead of psychedelic drugs to connect to Maa Shakti. Psychedelic treatment is temporary and cannot self-program the body and mind to follow path of Divine Consciousness for longer term. Meditation alone is the right method.

Yoga, Vedic Meditation, Crop Circles, Sacred Designs, Natural Structures Are Some of the Thousands of Mediums When Maa Shakti Interacts With the Kaliyugian Humans.

Activate your Kundalini Shakti to connect with Shakti Feminine Energy directly. Then everyone will be able to exude a form of vitality, Feminine Energy, that will impact positively on their attitude, conduct, and self-presentation. Many awakened beings will then express the feeling as a collection of characteristics that are typical of extreme tender, nurturing, loving, playful, sympathetic, compassionate, and vulnerable. However remember to keep compassion only for fellow Hindus. Protect women of your family from Mlecchas and Jihadis. The time in Kaliyuga is not for tender but aggressive people. Do maintain balance when Kundalini is awakened. This will help in making Bharat Dharmic and Mleccha free.

May Maa Shakti Bless All Pious and Dharmic Beings to Raise Conscious Level of People in the World for Global Peace.

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