Pasmanda Muslims Exposed Fraud Islamization Tricks islamic state

The Persian phrase “pasmanda,” which translates to “the ones left behind,” is used to denote the claimed, downtrodden classes of Muslims and emphasises to showcase that it is due to wilful or intentional isolation. Backward, Dalit, and tribal Muslims are using the umbrella identity of “Pasmanda” to generate wealth and prosperity for the islamic people who fall under this newly coined term.

Ironically, the same term when dissected into two words Pas and Mand in divine Sanskrit has meaning of a rope that is blunt. And true to this Sanskrit meaning, this islamists have become a blunt rope around neck of millions of Hindus.

Stripping Pasmanda Muslims and Exposing Their Islamization

Pasmanda Muslim Concoction to Finish Hindu Civilization

To ensure that Muslims receive the same benefits of reservations as fourth Varna Hindus and Neo-Buddhist Ambedkarites, the Pasmanda movement was founded. This was done on purpose to conceal the main cause of their absurdly publicised backwardness, which is due to overpopulation and breeding. Their backwardness was entirely attributed to privileged Muslims and UC Hindus. This formation received sponsorship from a number of political parties and had sufficient wealthy Muslims, including a small number of Ashrafs – all for political movement of islam.

According to reports, Ali Anwar Ansari first adopted the name “Pasmanda Muslims” in 1998 when he created the Pasmanda Muslim Mahaz.

Nasbandi is the Solution to Every Issue That Pasmanda Muslims Have, Not Islamization That Government of India is Doing by Draining Hindu Tax Payers Money On Muslim Schemes Based on Flawed Sachar Committee Report.

This evil scheme of promoting Pasmanda Muslims aims to corrupt every level of government, each profession, and every aspect of public life in India. The core motto is, Bharat must be essentially islamized through the use of backward upliftment.

This is also another deception meant to further divide Hindus while bringing Neo Buddhists and SC/ST together (their target include most Hindus but instead of addressing them as Shudra Hindus like they call themselves Pasamanda Muslims, they address them Dalits, a missionary coined word to divide Hindus, removing Hindu naming itself from their identity). Shudra is not a derogatory term as it is made out to be. In fact, 98% of the people across world are Shudras because by ACTION they are workers and employees.

Pasmanda Muslims’ Hatred Towards Hindus

Pasmanda Muslims hatred towards Hindus is more blunt, inflictive and sharp as compared to Ashrafs hating Hindus. The reason being, they fully support Quranic hatred towards idol worshipping Hindus and also has inspiration of animosity from anti-Hindu Dalit movement. Hostility scales up when it is fed upon by multiple sources. That is why Pasmanda Muslim movement recently  created deeper dents for native Indians compared to any other such Pro-islamic social formations. Ashrafs openly declare their dislike towards Hindus while Pasmandas are deceitful and guile. They slyly hide their hate in TV debates and other discourses but their social media team and their members vent poison in social media posts against Hindus siding with Neo Buddhists. And Neo Buddhists equally support them in their islamic terrorism activities. The havoc that continues to this day over fake blasphemy of Muhammad when Nupur ji responded to Jihadi Tasleem befittingly. Just citing one example is enough that how deeply both Pasmanda Muslims and Neo Buddhists work together when it comes to harming Hindus. Though in reality, they both belong to different ideologies and are poles apart, but making Hindus as common enemy they publicly show to be working together. Satpal Tanwar was arrested for announcing reward for severing Nupur Sharma’s tongue and abusing her in derogatory manner. It was not his love for islam, but he capitalised the situation to vent his anger towards Hindus because majority of Hindus supported Nupur ji that time.

Dalit Neo Buddhists Islamic Terrorism Support

To understand psyche of Pasmanda Muslims, their connection to the source of their inspiration must be highlighted. The source is emergence of anti-Hindu Dalit movement started and funded by Christian missionaries under patronage of British invasion regime.

According to Pasmanda leaders new demand, the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act will protect Dalit Muslims from discrimination based on their religion if they are included in the SC/ST category. This will be no different than Communal Violence Bill that was planned by Congress to trap and destroy lives of Hindus. If Muslims are bought under flawed SC/ST (PoA) Act by Modi govt then this will be similar to CVB that Congress wanted to implement. This will also save Muslims from falling under cases of SC/ST (PoA) Act because 80% to 85% Muslims claim to be Pasmandas. Everything that Pasamanda movement demands has deep repercussions for Hindus.

The Pasmanda narrative emphasises caste and socioeconomic backwardness in all of their demands, without wickedly mentioning Islam in regular public discussions but when they meet governments, the proposal that they give to politicians has clear mention of MUSLIM UPLIFTMENT. The same cult they allege kept them underprivileged since it is controlled and nurtured by Ashrafs. But their commitment to cult islam is unwavering. It is already risky, strengthening Pasmandas’ social and financial foundation leads to increased zakat for jihad and subsequent Hindu massacres.

Most of the Love Jihadis who trap and ruin life of Hindu girls are Pasmanda Muslims. In petty crimes too they are not vulnerable but to claim reservation and pest on Hindu tax payers money they want full support from government.

Their major demands have not changed since inception – Firstly, reservation in government positions and educational institutions to support the emergence of a leadership that is educated and secondly, adding Dalit Muslims and Christians to the Scheduled Castes List, as was done in 1950 for Sikh and Neo-Buddhist Dalits, would enable these groups to run for office in designated seats. Christians are added to put additional pressure on governments and seek indirect Christian support in islamization of Bharat without common Christians knowing about their real agenda.

Additionally, “*manuvadi hate” and anti-Hindu propaganda are spread by Pasmanda Muslims. The name “manuvadi” was aggressively promoted by a new cult of Neo-Buddhists, founded by Ambedkar around his invented 22 vows. This vows became basis of Navayana Neo Buddhism. Buddhists across the world including that of Sri Lanka, Thailand and Nepal do not consider Neo Buddhists as Buddhists due to their deep hatred towards origin of manmade Buddhism, since it is based on few fractional teachings of Nirakar and Dhyan school of thoughts of eternal Sanatan Hindu Dharma. Despite their claims to be targeting higher caste Hindus, they genuinely despise Vedic tradition, Hindu deities, and the original culture of Bharat. On October 14, 1956, this was established with the full cooperation of the British government and the compliant acquiescence of the then-Nehru administration.

Most Pasmanda Muslims opposing Hindus while indirectly targeting Brahmins use sources of Ambedkarite movement that later formed Neo Buddhism. It was different from islam but deep hatred towards idol worshippers and Hindu Dharma found common parameter with islam which was also founded on hatred for Dharma by Shukracharya’s followers.

The infamous Hindu hate-filled 22 vows proposed by Ambedkar are:

  1. I shall have no faith in Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh nor shall I worship them.
  2. I shall have no faith in Rama and Krishna who are believed to be incarnation of God nor shall I worship them.
  3. I shall have no faith in ‘Gauri’, Ganapati and other gods and goddesses of Hindus nor shall I worship them.
  4. I do not believe in the incarnation of God.
  5. I do not and shall not believe that Lord Buddha was the incarnation of Vishnu. I believe this to be sheer madness and false propaganda.
  6. I shall not perform ‘Shraddha’ nor shall I give ‘pind-dan’.
  7. I shall not act in a manner violating the principles and teachings of the Buddha.
  8. I shall not allow any ceremonies to be performed by Brahmins. [But Ambedkar himself married a Hindu Brahmin lady. The same hatred is shown by Pasmanda Muslims]
  9. I shall believe in the equality of man.
  10. I shall endeavour to establish equality.
  11. I shall follow the ‘noble eightfold path’ of the Buddha.
  12. I shall follow the ‘paramitas’ prescribed by the Buddha.
  13. I shall have compassion and loving kindness for all living beings and protect them.
  14. I shall not steal.
  15. I shall not tell lies.
  16. I shall not commit carnal sins.
  17. I shall not take intoxicants like liquor, drugs etc.
  18. I shall endeavour to follow the noble eightfold path and practise compassion and loving kindness in every day life.
  19. I renounce Hinduism which is harmful for humanity and impedes the advancement and development of humanity because it is based on inequality, and adopt Buddhism as my religion. [Open hatred to Hindu Dharma using veil of equality, let us wish Hindus were unequal to such haters.]
  20. I firmly believe the Dhamma of the Buddha is the only true religion. [Super lift off, piracy from cult islam, that falsely claims to be the only true religion]
  21. I believe that I am having a re-birth.
  22. I solemnly declare and affirm that I shall hereafter lead my life according to the principles and teachings of the Buddha and his Dhamma. [Dhamma is sambhrant of word Dharma. What an irony, he taught them to Hate Hindus (Brahmins), Hindu deities, culture and traditions but Gautam Buddha himself had Hindu upbringing and born in a Hindu Kshatriya family. His followers later formed Vedic cult Buddhism]

(Sub-Note: *Manuvadi is a fake term to denigrate Hindus created by Christian Missionaries but attritubed to Phule during British invasion. It is extensively used today by dividers and haters of Hindus. It was created along with another fake term Brahmanism to isolate learned Brahmins from Hindus and remove origin of Vedas and Shaastras from Sanatan Hindu Dharma but attribute it to Europeans with fake aryan invasion theory, so that there is division between Brahmins vs Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras. With the intention that this could further pave path for surge in conversions to Christianity. And Christian missionaries did succeed in doing so, many Neo Buddhist Dalits have Hindu names but follow Christianity. The original movement of Ambedkar backfired. If Manuvadi is right term to denigrate Hindus then Mohammadvadi  for Muslims, Ambedkarvadi for Neo Buddhists should also be the replacements and correct terms. Hindus should use them when someone mocks our Varna system and fellow Hindus with fakeries like Manuvadi or Brahmanism.)

Pasmanda Muslims Kill Hindus Hate Hinduism Dharma
Hindus and Politicians Helping Pasmanda Muslims Are Supporting Islamization.

Deep hatred toward Hindus is the unanimity status for collaboration between Pasmanda Muslims and Neo Buddhists. Pasmanda Muslims appreciate 22 vows of Neo Buddhists and support this anti-Hindu vows created by B. R. Ambedkar. The reason being, this hate-filled 22 vows hurt Hindus but do not mock Islam or Christianity. The concocted bhaichara of “Jai Mim Jai Bhim” with Neo Buddhists is coined for islamization of Bharat and has roots back to Jogendra Nath Mandal days. B. R. Ambedkar, the Chairman of the Drafting Committee that created plagiarised Indian Constitution copying British Government 1935 act, had a devoted following in Mandal. Around this time, Mandal and Ambedkar also founded the Scheduled Castes Federation’s Bengal chapter, which had its own ambitions for political power. When Ambedkar was not popular even among so-called Dalits and unable to win a seat from Bombay in 1946, Mandal was crucial in ensuring his election to the Constituent Assembly from Bengal. Jogendra Nath Mandal was first proponent of uniting Dalits and Muslims to fight against Hindus and to do so joined hands with Hindu hater Jinnah. Jinnah practiced age old policy of Muslims that they do with Kafirs, USE and THROW. Same was done with Mandal. As a misguided and ignorant politician who betrayed millions of his supporters and wrecked devastation in their lives out of a desire to become a cabinet minister in Pakistan at the national level. Muslims in Pakistan murdered and sexually assaulted thousands of Dalits who stayed with him in an islamic state to satisfy their hatred towards Hindus. In order to spare his life, Jogendranath Mandal bribed off few soldiers and fled to India. Like past, even today, majority of Dalit leaders are in the hands of either Christian missionaries or Islamists. Nobody in authority genuinely considers the true upliftment of Dalits. Dalit movement has become money minting machines for its leaders.

According to Govind Kale’s autobiography, “Amhi Pahilele Phule,” which was translated by Sonali Kale and Tejas Harad, Phule held that there was only one religion that was the truth and that he would accept other religions, such as Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism, more tolerantly than evil Hinduism. Phule abused Hindu deities, making his own whimsical interpretations about Hindu scriptures in his book Gulamgiri. In his drama Trutiya Ratna, Phule shows, “A Hindu Brahman taking advantage of a substandard farming family. The farmer is then shown the “light” by a Christian missionary who arrives. The farmer is getting ready to destroy Hanumanji’s murti. Later according to missionaries, Muslim Badshahs destroyed Hindu murtis like Somnath, which is excellent deed.” Here, Christianity is used by Phule to promote Hindu hatred and justify islamic terrorism of Mughals. Not shocking, during his early days of movement, His own Mali leaders alleged him to be crypto Christian stooge for his open support to British rule.

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Neo Buddhists support Phule’s leanings and latter’s feeling towards Muhammad and islam. Only hater of Sanatan Hindu civilization and Hindus openly appreciate and applaud Hindu genocides done by Mughals. His deep hatred for Hindus can be seen in the image given below. He edified and praised Muhammad for destroying Hindu temples and executing Hindu genocides.

Anti Hindu Pro Islamic Duratma Jyotiba Phule

This further makes Pasmanda Muslims pushed close to Neo Buddhist Ambekarites. The main Pasmanda demands include a caste census, reorganising the existing quota categories, and providing governmental assistance to craftsmen, craftspeople, and agricultural labourers, who form 80% to 85% in the Muslim society. Their fulfilment would ultimately end up dissecting pie from the benefits of Neo Bauddh and SC/ST Hindus.

In a resolution adopted by a number of Pasmanda organisations prior to the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, it was demanded that Dalit Muslims be added to the SC list and that the OBC quota be revised to add the most disadvantaged Muslims to the category of Extremely Backward Castes (EBCs) at the federal and state levels.

Research is required on Varna Vywastha. Karma-based designations are found in the ancient Bharat Varna system of Hindus. This designation based system, on the parameter of work ethics made Bharat, most opulent nation in the world before invasion of mughal terrorism happened. The Portuguese-derived word caste is a fake term that has nothing to do with Hinduism. This began right away when the majority of Hindus voiced their resistance in 1857. The British incorporated the caste system into their governance between 1860 and 1920, giving administrative positions and top appointments solely to Christians and members of specific castes. This strategy was altered as a result of social turmoil in the 1920s. The social unrest of that time sowed seeds of conflicts also among Hindus. The caste schedules were created only by the British to split the Hindu population apart. Controlling a divided and torn society is simple – THE SAME TRICKERY is used by Indian politicians by further pushing UC Hindus to deprivation, giving importance to reservocracy over meritocracy, to pass strict laws under garb of SC/ST acts, only to target Hindu and create deep conflicts. Hindu Dharma is not to blame for the ills that the caste system currently manifests. Multiple levels of British colonial bureaucracy are directly responsible for the current adulteration of the Hindu “Varna Ashram” system. They exploited their intrusive power by using historians, educators, and the environment to portray Hinduism as a supporter of the caste system. While caste term itself is foreign to Bharat and its culture. Pasmanda Muslims fully exploit this British legacy to extract more benefits for themselves. They were oppressors under Mughal Terrorists but pretend to side with SC/ST Hindus to gain free benefits, they like parasites, are eating up existing reservation quota of Hindus and also depleting Hindu tax payers money. They literally are termites who abuse Hindu tolerance to extreme point. Every thing that they are having are at the mercy and perils of Hindus.

Slave historians like Jadunath Sarkar were contributed to and supported by British historians in the 19th century. There was no caste system in Hinduism. Due to their colonial dominance, the British invented this and then enforced it on Hindus. Hindus since ages were Entrepreneurs. Jati Economy was based on different skill sets, passed through generations. Jati Economy of Hindus was backbone of Hindu prosperity and richness of nation. Herbert Hope Risley, under direct orders from Reptilian Queen Victoria, started caste based census in 1891 to destroy Jati Economy. And he successfully did, when stooges like Ambedkar, Phule, Mandal were cropped up to invoke hatred and animosity among Hindus.

SC ST fake cases by Neo Buddhists on Hindu Brahmins, Hindu Kshatriyas, Hindu Vaishyas and OBC
Dharm Drohi Government Wants to Give This Anti-Hindu Terrorism Tool to Pasmanda Muslims So That They Can Unleash This Against Innocent Hindus and Help in Faster Islamization of Bharat. Search “Fake SC ST Cases” in Google, You Will Get Over 4,41,00,000 Results Showing How Deep This Rot is Destroying Hindu Population, Making Them Jobless, Their Properties Getting Looted and Making Their Dharmic Girls Victims of State Terrorism. One Side Hindu Girls Are Targeted by Muslim Scavengers for Love Jihad, Other Side Predators Under Guidance of Greedy Lawyers & Their Corrupt Leaders Prey on Hindu Girls.

Ambedkar was, in fact, openly supported by British authorities. He also shamelessly advocated British regime. He didn’t fight for India’s freedom for even a single second of his life. Never took part in any freedom struggle rally or meeting. Attending political discussions to support colonial rule, safely under police protection and facing wrath of British on streets, opposing their policies are all together different aspects. He frequently said and wrote that British rule is preferable than home rule dominated by Hindus during his lifetime. His community, the Mahars with the Sikhs, backed the British in the first 1857 Indian war of Independence. They sided with colonists rather than local Hindus. With this, you may comprehend B R Ambedkar’s mindset and suffocation towards seeing Hindu existence. Here, one life event of terrorist tipu comes to mind, wherein he sided with France to avenge Hindus, such deep was his hatred towards Dharma that he sent letters to France to invade Bharat. However most of the times, suffocation and hate for Dharmic people emanates from greed, power and money. Most of his family members, relatives including his father and grandfather worked for Britishers and were paid well. Ramji Maloji Sakpal, the father of Ambedkar, was a British army officer with the Subedar Rank. The newly developed hatred in Ambedkar was after he came into contact with senior British officers. Britishers planted the hate in Ambedkar’s heart for Hindus and local Indians. Ambedkar never had deprived childhood as populated by media and movies. He belonged to a family that had a good quality of living if not very luxurious life. Still better than most of the poor Hindus of that time. He founded Neo Buddhism as a result of his intense animosity for Hindus and so-called Brahmanism (an “ism” that British invented). Unlike Phule, he detested both Christianity and Islam equally. But hated Hindu Dharma the most.

Pasmanda Muslim movement follow most of the recommendations and suggestions framed by likes of Phule and Ambedkar. And their framework had hatred towards Hindu Dharma, as a basic foundation, so Pasmanda is not different from anti-Hindu Neo Buddhist Dalit movement.

Pasmanda Muslims Exploit Corrupt Anti-Hindu Politics of Bharat

No other party is in the forefront in the bid to woo Pasmandas but BJP, it is already preparing the ground work to immensely help Pasmanda muslims to face the crucial 2024 general elections. It seems all 79% Hindu population in Bharat is dead in their eyes so BJP is busy licking boots of Pasmanda that never voted for this party ever. Even in Bihar, that had a track record of Pasmandas voting to losing side RJD. BJP is shamelessly projecting that they do not need Hindu votes, they can rely on invisible votes of 17% Muslims. And regain power in 2024 polls.

Pasmanda is Fake Lies Islamic Terrorism Face to Islamize Bharat
Pasmanda is Newly Coined Word and Community, One of the Lies and Another Victimhood Face of Islamic Terrorism to Islamize Bharat. This is Last Big Attempt of Muslims to Become Strong Then Unleash Series of Hindu Genocides. Coward Politicians Who Left Previously Kashmiri Hindus Then Recently Bengali Hindus Dying Would Run Away to Foreign Nations When This Unleashing Will Begin. HINDUS MUST WEAPONISE and Form Local PATHAGIRI Groups.

A short snippet of interview in the Indian Express news report reveal how planned islamization of Bharat is undertaken by BJP. They are in a hurry to execute it to perfection. “The BJP is trying to expand its voter base as UP and Bihar are crucial for the party’s 2024 fortunes. However, the party has been working actively with the Pasmanda Muslims since 2014. It was during the BJP’s 2017 Odisha national executive that Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned the term Pasmanda Muslims clearly for the first time. During the Hyderabad conclave, he mentioned it on both the days, and largely in the context of UP and Bihar,” Prof Khalid Anis Ansari said.

About what’s different this time, he said: “This time it goes beyond the immediacy of the political or the electoral, and is a larger cultural shift. Now, the Sangh, instead of engaging Muslims through the Ashraf elite, is engaging with sections at the margins of Muslim society.”

The Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM), an affiliate of the RSS, says Pasmanda Muslims are progressing within the BJP and its sister outfits in a “natural” way. “We want Muslim women and Pasmandas to understand their rights, grow in strength to solve their own and the nation’s problems… BJP may or may not benefit from this decision to focus on the welfare of the Pasmandas, but the country certainly will,” Girish Juyal, national convener of the MRM, said. The news citation ends.

This Girish Juyal is either living in a fool’s paradise or has a deep hatred for existence of Hindus. Last line of his quote is shockingly revealing. No nation benefits when Muslims get upper hand and become more powerful. Last 1400 years of islamic history and massacre of millions of Hindus is testament to this truth.

This is open confirmation from both hardcore pro-islamic but Hindu dressing orgs RSS and BJP about their plans to finish off Hindu Dharma from Bharat and make Pasmanda Muslims infest and control administration of India.

Pasmanda Muslims have upped their ante, they are spending money in media management. This means that many big hands are supporting them for final assault of Ghazwa-E-Hind. They appear on TV debates, social media discussions and YouTube videos very frequently. This is done to play victimcard and generate sympathy from Hindus so that Hindus start supporting them instead of acknowledging social and economical boycott for being followers of demonic cult islam. Pasmanda Muslims are posing as moderate muslims but in reality they are also in the forefront of Sar Tan Se Juda doctrine and all neighbourhood islamic terrorist attacks.

Hindus Helping Pasmanda Muslims Are HinduDrohi Slaves of Islam

WHOEVER SUPPORTS PASMANDA MUSLIM MOVEMENT in guise of befooling Hindus that he or she is creating dent in muslim community, is actually working on behalf of funds they received from Pasmanda orgs. The Govt of India is also encouraging them. Remember, they are not Shiah or Sunni or Pasmanda or Ashraf, they are Muslims first and you will always remain killable Kafir, it has never changed in last 1400 years and not change now, unless we react strongly. Supporting Pasmanda Muslims won’t help Hindus, it will make enemy of Dharma more strong and fierce. It is like weaponising your enemy so that it can win this civilizational war by killing your own people.

Dhimmi Hindu Fools Support Pasmanda Muslims
For Some Amount of Money, Dhimmi Hindus Who Are Fools And Devoid of Wisdom About Islamic History and Lack Knowledge About Pasmanda Muslims Fall Prey to Their Victimhood.

Never TRUST or SUPPORT people who are giving platforms to Muslims and sharing their posts in social media, they are definitely doing this for money. Most of such debates and discussions whether in news channels or YouTube are sponsored. It is done Because Indian Govt is on full scale working for islamization of Bharat. And to fulfil this islamised Bharat agenda, they need to strengthen Pasmanda muslims. Like fake claims of Neo Buddhists who depict to have faced atrocities for centuries without citing any single historical incident, Pasmanda also falsely claim that they were mistreated by Ashrafs while the truth is they were foot soldiers of islamic terrorism to execute Hindu massacres for Ashrafs in mughal invasion and also were involved fully in all Hindu genocides, mass rapes and bomb blasts that happened pre/post 1947 so-called Independence of Bharat. Likewise, Mahars sided with British in 1857 freedom struggle against very own people and later formed Neo Buddhism cult out of hatred for Hindus. Look over their 22 pledges to see that, just as Islam was created on the seeds of hatred for idolaters and Sanatan Hindu Dharm, Neo Buddhism was created solely to sow discord among Hindu Dharma adherents and inflict severe suffering on them.

Former Pakistani Spy’s Pasmanda Connection

Pasmanda also had an association with a person of dark past and treachery. Dilip Kumar real name Yusuf Khan was investigated on spying for Pakistan and sharing secrets of India to the enemy country, when transmitter with signals to Pakistan was found in his house. But being celebrity and one of the famous actors of his time saved him, he used political clout and freed himself. NO QUESTIONS WAS ASKED, HOW HE GOT TRANSMITTER, IF HE WAS NOT A SPY. His name even appeared, several times in the diary of his accomplice, another Pakistani spy who was reprimanded and caught red handed spying for Bharat.

Once a Muslim, always a muslim. Once a Jihadi, always a jihadi. They will do everything for their own Jamaat and aim of islamising Bharat. Big people got involved with this alleged Pakistani spy actor later joined the Pasmanda movement. In 1990, Dilip Kumar formally became member of the AIMOBCO (All India Muslim OBC Organisation) and became involved in practically daily organisational efforts. He participated in over 120 public gatherings throughout India. He encouraged additional individuals to join this cause by using his famous profile. This increased donations and support from ignorant Hindus and cunning Muslims.

According to belief of this investigated Pakistani spy actor Dilip Kumar; reservations across sectors were a legal process, and marginalised groups like Muslims should take advantage of the chance for social and economic mobility. On December 7, 1994, the Maharashtra government issued an order to incorporate socially and educationally backward Muslims on the state list of OBCs. This was made possible by Dilip Kumar’s efforts and his assistance in growing the Pashmanda movement’s membership. Islamization had taken a big step, this became template to imitate everywhere in other states.

Politicians run away after burning countries killing people
Islamic Terrorism is Like Forest Fire, it Burns Entire Nation Down to Ashes. Rats Build Underground Tunnels and Run Away Fast in Forest Fire. Premiers Ran Away After Burning Experimental Countries. They Are Like Rats. The Experimental Countries (Afghanistan Type) for Testing Weapons on Live People and Also Understanding Implementation of Wrong Policies on Guinea People (Lankans) to Extend It to the World Later for Expediting Depopulation. Secret Societies Helped Flee Their Pawns Ashraf Ghani (Afghanistan) and Gotabaya Rajapaksa (Lankan) From the Countries but Gaddaffi Fought Against Them So Was Killed. Like it Always Happens, Riots and Capturing of President’s House Were Pre-planned in Lanka. Taliban was Handed Over Ruined Nation Since it Became Useless for USA to Handle. Everything was Pre-planned. Rats Run Too Fast Leaving Their Supporters. Popular Ghani Got 51% Votes and Was Elected President. Most Popular Politicians When Bite Back, They Chew People Without Spitting. THIS HAPPENINGS Are WARNINGS for Hindus. Hindus Must Understand World Politics and Follow Teachings of our Bhagwan, Devi and Devtas in Their Life.

Pasmanda Muslims Guilt Trip Politicians

Pasmanda Muslims are devious they will do whatever to keep political parties confused and powerless because deceitful ploys is all about alluring and using politicians for their agenda. They frequently accomplish this by appealing to the politicians that they could get them Muslim vote bank. Because they control their community through their cult centres; Mosques and Madrasas. They could send  message to maulvis to ask people to vote for this particular candidate or party. They are cunning enough to confuse political minds with excuses and demanding unreasonable things to guilt trip politicians.

Pasmanda Muslim leaders are very sly they set boundary before negotiating with the political parties. If the demands are not met they change the party. They sought support of all anti-Hindu Muslim orgs previously. Their meetings were held in Jamaat complexes. They shamelessly object to make politicians feel bad before setting demands, they are habitual to twisting words around or blame the system to feed on Hindu tax payers. Their agenda is SIMPLE – LOOT HINDUS and later kick or kill them out after becoming strong. Muslim appeasement schemes are made to destroy Hindus.

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Even after enjoying loads of islamization schemes of anti-Hindu Modi Govt that drained over 7 lakh crores (regular + schemes for muslims) of Hindu tax money in last 8 years, they continue blaming government for so-publicized improvised lifestyle while Pasmanda Muslims captured all skill works of Hindus and slowly became micro entrepreneurs in every field of self-employable jobs. Before this, for decades, they got big support from other parties including Congress and its allies.

Pasmandas are very cunning, a basic trait that is imbibed in every muslim, they hate the same hands that feed them. Consistently playing victim card, started by founder of this cult, Muhammad, and still continues to this day. After raising their quality of life in leaps and bounds under most overrated politician ever seen in the recent times of the world, Modi, they are still whining and seeking help from gullible Hindus and convince them to think that Pasmandas would help them in fight against likes of pigborns; Owaisis, Muftis and Khans. This is nothing but eunuch mentality, this thought process alone would cease Hindu civilization across Asia. Hardly, you find good Hindu non-political activists who have clarity and do not contaminate their Hindu awareness movement without bootlicking Pasmanda Muslims or getting cordials with Mlecchas. Hindus must realise they are 110 crores. They must focus on reverting secular dhimmis of Hindu community to Sanatan Hindu Dharmis instead of bootlicking treacherous pests like Pasmanda Muslims. On the other hand, Pasmandas are in the forefront and more than eager to vote the same Owaisis and Muslim politicians who they pretend to hate, for them being followers of same cult, islam. Whenever they got chance they only supported Islamization.

No political party in Bharat is free from puppetry.

Pasmanda Muslim Vote Bank Anti Hindu Politics Islamization
Muslims Never Vote BJP or Support RSS. But BJP is Working Aggressively on Islamizing Bharat by Giving Doles to Same Set of Traitors Whose Ancestors Submitted to Mughals and Then Helped Pakistan Formation. Govt is Breeding Them, Making Them Stronger So That More Partitions of Bharat is Possible. More Stronger the Adharmic Enemies of Bharat, Deeper the Inflictions to Hindu Civilization and Bharat. REALIZATION FACTOR: BJP Union Minister Abbas Naqvi Got 2 Votes in His Constituency. Even His Family Members and Relatives Did Not Vote BJP. Still BJP is Working to Fulfil NWO Agenda of Global Cabal Elites to DeHinduize Bharat.

Across globe, all major political parties (including few minor ones) are under control of shadow secret societies – whoever wins maintain STATUS QUO and work for ORIGINAL aim of them to decimate native population and culture of the nation. Bharat is no different. No politician is saint, all are puppets of these secret societies. USA is the biggest victim followed by China and then Bharat.

Pasmanda Muslims Seized and Robbed Small Scale Skilled Jobs of Hindus. They Comprise of Micro Entrepreneurs. They are Not in Weak Position as Projected By Their Leaders. Only Fool and Decadent Hindus and Politicians Who Support Islamization of Bharat Support Pasmanda Muslims Cause. BEWARE OF PEOPLE WHO RAISE THIS ISSUE UNDER GARB OF HINDU RESURGENCE.

Pasmanda Muslims are well off compared to poor Hindus – from Brahmin to Shudra varna – most of local natives are staying in deprived conditions. The main reasons are; Govt apathy towards Hindus and temple wealth looted by politicians. Hindu funds are openly plundered by all leaders in government schemes. No scheme specifically for Hindu upliftment and cultural ethos is ever framed by any political party since 1947, forget about implementation while 98.34% tax payers in Bharat are Hindus. This way Hindu community hardly get chance to use funds for their own people. Pasmanda Muslims make political leaders feel awful about their fabricated conditions that is far away from truth of their actual status quo of affluent life compared to poor Hindus.

Minor Apathy For Pasmanda is Self-Created by Excessive Inbreeding. Theory of “Pasmanda Abused by Ashrafs” is as Factual as Concept of Flat Earth and an Arabic Tribesman Breaking Moon Into Two Halves. This Fake Theory is Cropped Up to Replace Hindus By Muslims In Important Positions Across Board of Daily Chores of Life. This Is All ISLAMIZATION Agenda.

Fake Pasmanda Muslim Movement Creation

Pasmanda Muslim – How Neo Hoax of Islam Is Accepted?

Why since last 1400 years Islamists of gangster cult Islam were able to bluff Hindus with their Neo lies time and again? One major reason is they trap and captured decision makers and Hindu leaders since medieval period. Their evil deception continues to this day. Nowadays, they manipulate politicians and Second major reason is, lack of awareness among common Hindus due to bastardised and abrahamised education system, corrupt media and anti-Hindu governance irrespective of changes in government. Most of the politicians are namesake Hindus they do lack basic principles of following Sanatan Hindu Dharma. They are not aware of Vedic values, great history of Bharat, how Hindu fought terrorist muslims and above all why Bharat civilization can only exist if Hindus remain in power with major population. But the corrupt governance made Hindus third class citizens of Bharat.

why muslims are successful in promoting their lies, bluff and crimes against Hindus and civilization of Bharat.
ISLAMISTS SUCCESSFULLY CREATED AND PROMOTED PASMANDA MUSLIMS HOAX BECAUSE OF IGNORANT HINDUS, DUE TO: Lack of knowledge about evil mind set, lies, bluff & deception of muslims. Naivety about terrorism teachings of Quran Teaches to Kill Hindus. Not giving time to understand islamic mindset & approach to islamise Bharat. Emotional vulnerability due to Series of Hindu Genocides & Lack of supportive system. Distraction of Media and Education system to hide Muslim crimes & promote islamic lies. Influence by ecosystem, anti-Hindu government to manipulate Hindus since childhood about fake secularism. Ignorant about history & Hindumisia practices of muslims due to their islamic trainings in madrasas. Not knowing habitual monetary loot and Islamic craving to receive free money showing non-existent victimhood. Hesitation to question gangster cult islam’s movement to islamise world – No truthful questions asked to muslims due to lack of skepticism. Overconfidence among Hindus that they exist even after invasion of 1000 years. Not knowing truth, No practicing Hindu is alive in lost 15 countries that were made dissecting Akhand Bharat.

Pasmanda Muslims Are Best Implementers of Al Taqiyya

Pasmanda Muslims are master practitioners of Taqiyya#. They always have some cunning ploys up their sleeve. This comes inbuilt in them due to their association with islam. They raise unresolved disputes about fabricated conflicts with Ashrafs, that has no historical significance and no contemporary context. This is a deceptive trap to fool Hindus and credulous politicians that their (non-existent) toxic relationship with Ashraf muslims is keeping them vulnerable. Minor civic issues of skirmishes that happens between two individuals is extrapolated as Ashraf vs Pasmanda problem. The extrapolation is done to hide the islamic terrorism crimes against Sanatan Dharma. It is a veil created to hide millions of killings done by Pasmanda Muslims in last 1000 years of their existence. While fact is, historically and even in all present islamic terrorism activities executed by muslims, Pasmanda Muslims are fully involved with Ashrafs.

Ashraf Vs Pasmanda is a Myth Created to Fool Hindus, to Paint That 80% to 85% Muslims Are Actually Victims of Low Percentage Ashrafs. But It is Not So, Mind It, 90% of Muslims Voted for Islamic State Pakistan. Recently, Most the Stone Pelting in Ram Navami Celebrations, Hindu Festivals, Shobha Yatras and Kanwar Yatras Happened in Areas Dominated by Pasmanda Muslims.

#Taqiyya, sometimes spelled Taqiya, is a preventative dissimulation or denial of religious conviction and practise for more preaching in Islam. Muslims are allowed to lie, deceit and backstab Non-Muslims in order to islamize the place. Anti-God Allah supports such crimes.

In appearance to opposing Ashrafs, these Pasmanda cons actually target UC Hindus, while they were first to kill Hindus under Mughal terrorism and all jihadi activities of neighbourhood muslims. Hindus of all varnas; Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra were killed by Pasmanda Muslims. Truth is, Hindus whether Brahmins or of any varnas being Kafirs are and were always victims of islamic terrorism and Pasmanda Muslims.

This farcical face of Pasmanda Muslims to pose themselves as deprived and moderate muslims is a hogwash to hide daily crimes of islam on Hindus.

A Muslim is a Hindu Hating Zombie. He or She Is Not Pasmanda or Ashraf. A Muslim Is Always A Muslim – Slave of Satanic Allah Out to Kill Hindus and Follow Sar Tan Se Juda Doctrine to Slay Neighbourhood Hindus and Islamize Bharat. Each of the Muslims is Working for Islamization. NO MUSLIM CAN EVER BE TRUSTED. History and Present Time Islamic Crimes Are Enough to OPEN EYES OF HINDUS.

Muslims are very sly, deceptive, treacherous and guile by nature. They have developed a strategy since centuries of FIRST PLEADING FOR MODEST FAVOURS playing (non-existent) victimhood then as simple demands are met by Hindus and local politicians taking pity on their (1own-created) issues, to make them feel better, they raise their another demand. The next phase of BIGGER DEMANDS are actually detrimental for Hindu existence and culture of Bharat. These demands are to leech and suck out more resources from Hindus. This is done under context of reservations, subsidies, free loans, homes and scholarships. In return, they do not work for native culture. They employ only their own Muslims. They literally boycott Hindus.

1Own Created Issues: The Fraud Attitude of Playing Victim Card by Pasmanda Muslims is Not Because Hindus or Non-muslims Are Fed for Free by the Government or Have Got Special Treatment. If Few Percentage of Mlecchas Are Poor Among Them Then It is Due to Their Contribution to Increase Family Size. One Earning Member Cannot Feed 7 to 12 Children. Poverty is Bought Upon Themselves by Pasmanda Muslims. It is Not Given by Hindus or Govt of India. The Non-contributing, Non-tax Paying and Unhygienic Feeders Are Liability for Any Nation. The Need for Food, Water, Housing, Education, Nutrition, Energy, Healthcare, Transportation, and Other Resources Rises as the Leeching Population Grows. And All That Causes the Likelihood of Major Catastrophes Like Famine, Pandemics, Civil Wars, Degrades the Environment and Living Standard of the Country.

After BIGGER DEMANDS are met, next phase is to execute and fund islamic terrorism activities. That is why there is a sudden surge of neighbourhood islamic terrorism in Bharat. The government of India helped Pasmanda Muslims to such extremes in last 8 years (circa 2022) that previously the Muslims who were found working in tyre shops and barber services are now found in almost all sectors including; teaching, courier, machinist, driving, cooking and computer operators. This is just an overview, government ensured that they infest all sectors so that islamization of Bharat could be done in a non-linear way, encapsulating Hindus from all sides. The surge of islamic terrorism activities in guise of Sar Tan Se Juda doctrine has signature and approval of Govt of India. The blood that is drawn daily of Hindu men and women by neighbour muslim terrorists is happening due to Indian government efforts of strengthening muslims by funds, loans and job opportunities and also by employing them in govt administrative positions thereby islamizing Bharat from within. Whether a Pasmand or an Ashraf muslim is in IPS or administrative services, he or she will only support fellow muslims and use all trickeries to hide crimes of neighbourhood islamic terrorists.

Pasmanda Muslims Islamization Halal Kill Hindu Culture Hindus
Government While Robbing off Hindu Tax Money Funded Over 38 Schemes For Muslims like PM VIKAS (Virasat ka Samvardhan), Seekho aur Kamao (Learn & Earn), USTTAD (Upgrading the Skills and Training in Traditional Arts/ Crafts for Development), Concessional credit through National Minorities Development and Finance Corporation (NMDFC) and Many Scholarships With Business Funding Helping Over 22 Lakh Muslims (22 x 10) i.e. Over 2.2 Crore Muslims to Replace Hindus in Small Sector Businesses and Vendorships. Giving Jobs in Government Sector, Destroying Unorganized Sector Dominated by Hindus, Modi Sarkar is Islamizing Bharat.

Government of India openly gave statement that they have given loans to over 2 million Muslims for starting their own business. This means that 20 Lakhs X 10 family people, directly over 2 crore Muslims are uplifted by Bharat govt. These 2 crores are replacing Hindus in every small scale sector oriented business.

The biggest anti-Hindu sin committed by Govt of India under puppet Modi is to fund and make Pasmanda Muslims stronger so that they are powerful to cause irreparable damage to the native culture, Hindu prosperity and existence of Bharat itself. Not shocking there is huge surge of stone pelting incidents in Ram Navami celebrations, Hindu festivals and Kanwar Yatras. No Govt in any part of the world of any nation feed enemies of its own culture and natives. But when the Govt is managed by outside forces – DECIMATION OF LOCAL HINDU POPULATIONS BY ALL MEANS becomes main course of policy.

The goal of every Pasmanda muslim is to persuade politicians to work for them, they claim to be working for downtrodden people  and even include few Hindu people in their meeting but their core demands were always MUSLIM CENTRIC and UPLIFTMENT OF MUSLIMS FOR ISLAMIZATION OF BHARAT. The inclusion of Hindus as members and meeting attendees is done to seek validation from gullible Hindus. Not a single Pasmanda Muslim ever raised issue of Love Jihad or islamic terrorism executed by so-called Ashraf or Pasmanda muslims. The farcical division of Ashraf vs Pasmanda is subterfuge to achieve bigger collective goal of muslims – Ghazwa E Hind. No Muslim men or women ever breaks their commitment to islam and satanic cult sermons. They follow their kaumi pledge like a hilt is swayed to inflict wounds.

Be Aware! You Will Never Find Hindu Men Working for Pasmanda Muslims Because They Are Never Employed by Them. Rare Case is Exceptional Due to Skill Scarcity. Even Though Muslims Use Money From Govt Schemes Funded By Hindu Tax Payers. However They Do Employ Hindu Girls to Execute Their Love Jihad Activities. Leeches of Any Form Bite and Suck Blood.

And when political parties delay to meet their demands, Pasmanda Muslims try to reverse the situation by using their funds to attend TV debates and press releases to fulfil their demands. Modus operandi is to blackmail politicians that they comprise of 80% to 85% of total muslims and control major vote bank. They have USE-AND-THROW policy approach towards political parties. Better examples can be seen in UP and Bihar election trickeries and history of polls. RJD, Congress and self proclaimed secular parties were minted by Pasmanda Muslims time and again. However they were replaced with other local parties headed by likes of Owaisis later as their popularity declined among Hindu voters.

Since BJP is ruling major parts of Bharat, Pasmanda Muslim’s approach is to continue the same by slyly pledging support to this party for their 2Non-existent Muslim votes, such as they would remain VICTIMS if their requests are not considered, they make submissive parties like BJP too defensive, taking the upper hand, they repeatedly bombard their complaints then make their pleas heard. Almost every week one or other Pasmanda is having a meeting with BJP leaders, they are pushing very hard to realise ISLAMIZATION of Bharat. BJP leaders are very vulnerable, hesitative, confused and mentally very weak. They very easily give up when pursued or pressurised. BJP turned upside down all their commitment to Hindu Charter, the original plan on which they were supposed to work on post 2014. This only happens when you are not WELL PREPARED and READY TO GIVE UP under consistent forced attentions. Pasmanda are exploiting this WEAKNESS of BJP. They are taking advantage and slowly gheraoing entire Bharat in border areas. They are owning properties in sensitive border areas. Government is deeply compromised.

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Muslims since pre-independence days were very smart in reading psyche of political parties. From day one, after decline of Hindu Maratha Empire, they were eyeing for Ghazwa, you will not find even names of 10 genuine muslim freedom fighters, they never fought for Swatranta, they were employed by Britishers in army and police force. They are, by trait very wicked, that is why without FIGHTING for Bharat in freedom struggle, just by managing idiot Hindu politicians they got 2.5 land mass ISLAMIZED – Two nations, Pakistan and Bangladesh and almost half of Bharat with abrahamised Constitution and presence of ghettos in sensitive areas. No muslim intellectual ever support Hindu victims of islamic terrorism but you will find several seasoned DONKEYS self-proclaimed Hindu activists supporting cause of Pasmandas to further islamize remaining part of Bharat.

Comparatively, Hindus Are Most Stupid, Idiot and Dumb. They Go Ga Ga Over Their Leader’s Image. This is Useless as History Will Not Remember Modi or Rahul Respected by That Nation or Those Foreign Delegates. History Recalls Those People Who Were Fighting to Stay Alive. Followers Perish Too Soon and They Should, Because Humanity Need Warriors. Nature Never Support Weak Living Beings. The Maansik Ruler of Kaliyuga, Kali (Asura) Also Does Not Support Weak People. History is Written by Civilization That Knows How to Rule and Execute Enemies. Hindus Mostly Rejoice Political Slavery. They Vent Out Their Anger on Social Media Then Yell at Their Children and Spouse, Show Their Beastly Trait Only Within Family and Then Sleep. No Hindu Ever Take to Streets And Extend This Aggression to Outsiders or Consistently Put Pressure on These Careless Anti-Hindu Politicians to Get Their Work Done. Next 10 Years is Very Critical for Hindu Existence in Bharat.

BJP being led by top leaders who suffer from inferiority complex and self-image promotion are easily dupable. Unlike other not-so-popular political parties, mode of operation of BJP and its weaknesses are fully exposed. Cowards seek short cuts and temporary solutions, they do not face situation bravely and this closes all their options. Then to showcase victimhood they push executive decisions to be taken by courts. This further creates chaos and confusion. Pasmanda Muslims dominate this cowardice approach of BJP.

BJP Cannot Remove Their Image of Hindu Party From The Minds of Any Muslim, Even if They Officially Declare Bharat as an Islamic State. Muslims Will Continue Spitting on Govts Like They Are Doing Since 75 Years and Continue Their Islamic Activities for Their Original Goal of Ghazwa-E-Hind.

Although reality is BJP proved to most anti-Hindu party in the last seven decades. What they have done in greed for Muslim vote mirage shown by Pasmandas would have repercussions for decades. This also set precedent for other political parties to raise the bar of MUSLIM APPEASEMENT and cause more harm to Hindu existence. Other parties would follow BJP trickery to seek votes. This vicious cycle would never end. BJP has put Hindus in a sawing machine of Islamization – outcome would be a heap of Hindu dead bodies on regular basis. They do not protect their own workers and supporters then how can ANYONE EXPECT THEM TO PROTECT COMMON HINDUS. The Asura of Islamization is made YOUNG AND STRONG by BJP. This would unleash more deep wounds on the fabric of Bharat and would have far reaching negative impact on modesty of Hindu girls. The first victim of any falling civilization are women then kids and then men. BJP cannot put this Asura back to sleep. Whatever is happening in Bharat is after effects of FALLING INTO PREY OF PASMANDA MUSLIMS. They have surpassed Congress in their anti-Hindu mannerisms and schemes by miles. BJP is not comprising of foreigners that they do not know how destructive their islamization policies would prove to the owners and natives of Bharat, Hindus. Everything that is done is DONE WITH A PURPOSE. They are not naivete, NOT TO KNOW history of prior ISLAMIZATION (Mughal Terrorism) and how Hindus were forced to leave Kashmir and other Muslim dominated areas of Bharat by unleashing Hindu genocides orchestrated by Pasmanda Muslims and Ashrafs.

Rise in Funding of Muslim Population Has Seen Rise in Civil Unrest, Strikes, Road Blockages and Riots. Bomb Blasts Done By Muslims Under Congress Govts Has Been Replaced By Series of Islamic Violence and Hindu Genocides Across Bharat. With Most Noticeable Bengal Hindu Massacre (May 2021 Polls) In Which Even TMC Hindu Workers Were Harmed, Killed and Raped By Muslims. Over 3000 Hindus Are Missing and Over 2 Lakhs Fled Bengal and Took Refuge in Assam. This Was Repeat of 1990 Kashmiri Hindu Forced Exodus That Happened Under Erstwhile Central Govt Supported By BJP.

Self-destructive BJP due to their own foolishness to seek Muslim votes would not cause harm to the party but it would deteriorate much touted development of Bharat. Though even in that front we have failed with increasing debt ratio and over reaching gap in import to export ratio with enemies like (perceived) China and (hidden) 3USA.

Pasmanda Muslims Ghazwa E Hind Islamization Hindu Genocide.

Hindus must avoid all forms of islamic trickeries on their own. The Asura of islamizing Bharat was given birth by Congress in 1947 and made young by BJP. If Hindus want to survive and save this nation then Hindus have to act on their own. To avoid being used, cheated, duped, deceived, or exploited by Pasmanda Muslims, it is timely to boycott them as non-existing entities. Boycott them socially and economically. Do not employ them or hire them for any job, if you really love life of your sons and daughters. And respect your wife as your supportive life-partner.

3USA Is Under Complete Control of Secret Societies Controlled By Billionaires. Their Local Population Are Under Shadow Colonial Rule. Whatever Freedom They Tom-tom About is Farcical as They Are First Level Victims of Hoaxes, Political Lying, Conspiracies and Guinea Pigging of All Artificial Development and Inventions. USA is Enemy of All Nations and Humanity. Sympathise With the American People But Not With Their Controllers and Celebrities.

All political parties in last 75 years have failed our Bharat and Hindu population. Instead of appeasing hardworking and dedicated tax paying Hindu populace, they favoured non-contributing traitor Muslims. If they had supported Hindus and made this nation a Sanatan Hindu Rashtra, we would have become a developed nation by 1990 itself. Vedic teachings has deep knowledge, following which ancient Hindus made Bharat most opulent nation in the world that lured tent dweller scavenging mughals to invade our nation.

First of all Quran itself teaches hatred towards Hindus. Instead of curbing building of Mosques and Madrasas, this hatred was further flared with Muslim Appeasement policies and schemes implemented by all governments (central and states). The ever appeasing attitude towards liability population of Bharat by political parties have made Muslims:

  • Take excessively egocentric actions against Hindus
  • Become envious of Hindus
  • Lack of compassion for poor Hindus
  • Voracious individuals never content with any policies of the government
  • Haters of Bharat so as to make it an islamic nation
  • Habitual to manipulation and victimhood trickeries
  • Working for decimation of Hindus
  • Using Allah or Mohammad as a reason to create havoc then kill Hindus
  • Rioters

Government of India should have followed policies of China and France in dealing with Pasmandas but those Muslims who were oppressors of Hindus for over eight centuries across various parts of Bharat are given strength to repeat the atrocities to kill whatever fractional Hindu population is left alive post Mughal Terrorism, thanks to retaliation by likes of Hindu warriors Shivaji Maharaj and Maharana Pratap.

Pasmanda Muslim Victim Card Manipulation Tricks Islamization

Government Will Continue to Fail

Bribery and corruption are influenced by Kali (Asura) maansik ruler of Kaliyuga. It will give temporary relief but repercussive outcome is doubly detrimental. Govt will always fail. Bribery cannot buy loyalty. Bribery is short term arrangement of getting favours for small time. It is an arrangement of convenience between two parties; not a win-win. One party is always a better benefiter. Muslim appeasement policies is a bribery to seek their votes. They will be NEVER LOYAL to any political party. That is not inbuilt in them due to their formative years and cult teachings. Ummah concept subdues nationalism. They are cunningly getting their mini-goals achieved through these parties and politicians. And when they will finally become handlers of the government they will be first to kill this politicians under their Sharia Law (Check Annexure) and demolish this democratic system of voting. Politicians will not exist. They will turn this great nation into next whorehouse like Afghanistan and Iraq.

Pasmanda Muslim Destroy Bharat India Islamization Hindu Dharma
Signature of Islam’s Development in Ancient Hindu Nations. When These Countries Were Ruled By Hindu Kings, They Prospered. Islam Turned Them Into Stinking Graveyards. This is Future of Bharat If Pasmanda Muslim Appeasement Continues. It took 18,000 Saddam Confidantes to Destroy Iraq. It took Mere 2500 to Destroy Syria and It Took 90,000 Talibanis to Destroy Afghanistan and Regain from USA (super colony of Satanic Forces).

Hindus have to decide whether they want this nation to become an islamic whorehouse or an opulent Hindu country that respects women as deities and humans.

When Hindus will start boycotting Muslims they will be able to reverse all negative effects of appeasement policies executed by Government of India or else Bharat is doomed and this will be the last century for Hindu civilization.

Shudra is Not Derogatory Term. This Was Falsely Portrayed as Derogatory by Britishers, Traitors and Their Stooge Ambedkar to Create Division and Animosity Among Hindus. Bhagwan Krishna Became Saarthi (Chariot Rider), Flower Collector Shabri Became Sadhvi and Valmiki From Fish Selling Community Became Narrator Rishi. By Corrupt Logic of Caste Denigration, They Were Shudras. But Since Thousands of Years, Krishna, Shabri and Valmiki Are Given Utmost Respect. Being Shudra Was Never an Insult Ever in Bharat. It is Just a Duty Done by the Individual Based on Skills Acquired. Riding Chariot, Fish Cleaning, Collecting Ripe Flowers are Skills Not Insulting Job. Being Shudra Means Being Skilful. Caste System is Recent Construct by Britishers in 19th Century.

How Hindus Can Fight Against Muslims To Tackle Their Hoaxes and Lies

Identifying lies of neighbourhood Muslim propagandist is very easy. Look for the source, if the source is from another Muslim writer or a leftist then it is definitely filled with concocted tales, spiralled with confused language tonality. Mostly, the Muslim journalists and authors share edited video, half baked information, unclear content and half-truth information. Always check the SOURCE for full details.

Avoid fact-checking websites approved by facebook and google. They were exposed fully during poisonous vaccination drive. They gagged all voices, banned all writers and video makers who spoke truth about global scamdemic. Think deeply why the story promoted by Muslims is fake. Is it being shared to distract from some important Hindu issues or is it spread to misinform world about another victimhood hoax of Muslims.

Hindu Fight Muslim Lies Propaganda Crime
STEP 1, Group: Make an Online Group So Link With Pro-Hindu, Youtubers, Journalists, Influencers. STEP 2, Gather Quran Verses, Terror History, Recent Killings Data. STEP 3, Create Short Memes, Articles, Short Videos, Posts Based on The Data Gathered. STEP 4, Profile: Make Two Accounts in Social Media Sites; 1 Male id, 1 Female id. Share All Posts and Memes. STEP 5, Shield: Make a Protection Mob of 20. Take One Cop & Lawyer in It. Use This for Regular Placard Protests & Promote Their Images/Videos in Social Media Sites.


WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO!!!! [Viewer discretion is highly recommended.]

This is What Islamic Sharia Law Does With Democratic People



Few readers had an issue of not able to properly read due to font size in the image. The revised version for those readers are given below.

Fake Pasmanda Muslim Movement Creation (infographic)

taqiyya islamic lies deception muslims
ISLAMISTS SUCCESSFULLY CREATED AND PROMOTED PASMANDA MUSLIMS HOAX BECAUSE OF IGNORANT HINDUS, DUE TO: Lack of knowledge about evil mind set, lies, bluff & deception of muslims. Naivety about terrorism teachings of Quran Teaches to Kill Hindus. Not giving time to understand islamic mindset & approach to islamise Bharat. Emotional vulnerability due to Series of Hindu Genocides & Lack of supportive system. Distraction of Media and Education system to hide Muslim crimes & promote islamic lies. Influence by ecosystem, anti-Hindu government to manipulate Hindus since childhood about fake secularism. Ignorant about history & Hindumisia practices of muslims due to their islamic trainings in madrasas. Not knowing habitual monetary loot and Islamic craving to receive free money showing non-existent victimhood. Hesitation to question gangster cult islam’s movement to islamise world – No truthful questions asked to muslims due to lack of skepticism. Overconfidence among Hindus that they exist even after invasion of 1000 years. Not knowing truth, No practicing Hindu is alive in lost 15 countries that were made dissecting Akhand Bharat.

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    1. Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

      Excellent article Haribol ji, It is the time for Hindus to come out of any support to political parties like BJP/CONGRESS/DMK/TRS/YSRCP/TDP/AAP/TMC every political leader is involved in appeasing Pashmanda Hindus. Hindus should take weapons and start civil war with muslims without support from Government. RSS/VHP/BAJRANGDAL cannot protect Hindus because they are large groups and cannibalism of these groups can occur. Every Hindu in each Street should make Gopal Pathagiris so that cannibalism of Hindu groups can be impossible.after Killing and burning of dead muslims, Ash is produced. Ash should be used for Shiva linga Abhishekam so that Lord Shiva will give more power to Hindutva to destroy Islam through out the World and make World peace again.

      1. Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

        Sorry its Pashmanda Muslims not Hindus

    2. Ex Muslima says:

      I am very very happy that hindus are understanding truth. I have seen my life ruined all precious 28 years in chasing this allah. he never supported me ever even when my own uncles raped me. Later i realised that this religion is full of man biased. It is unjust. I should have seen this earlier. Why don’t I have four husbands? Wherever you look, you see strife; Muslim nations suffer and are always prepared for conflict, despite their claims that Islam is a religion of peace.

      I’ve been looking for so long and contrasting other religious figures with this messenger Muhammad who made all wrong claims. He made everything for men in islam. They use us as sex objects. I must admit that I value peace and honesty more in Krishna or Buddha or Jesus. Even if I die and get to paradise, I will be handed to some man I do not know there, therefore even though I was born a muslim, I will never embrace it since as a woman, I practically have no place in it. If you complain about molestation and rape with elder women of your house they silence you that you seduced them. how can i seduce them when i was always covered and never saw them like that. i hate islam more than anything.

    3. When I ask my friends they might argue that I don’t get it, that it’s intended to be different, or that a small number of people make it difficult for the rest. But I am yet to find good muslims in my life. They only talk sweet when they need help in notes and exams. Also several times took money from me but never gave back. I shied from asking and they never give back. I stopped friendship with them long long time ago. No one is good in islam. They think of Hindus as fools and their customers to sell their tricks. I agree to your article it is 100% fact.

    4. Ananya Patel says:

      It disgusts me. Such a horrible “religion.” Yes, I am aware that some individuals are able to use it for good, but the majority of it is cruel, aggressive, cultish, and uninformed. There is no getting past the sexism, terrorism, and barbarism committed in its name. They use mohammad as a boogeyman.

    5. Govind Singh says:

      If i will not hate islam I will not survive because hating saves me from falling into their deception. You are advocating boycott since over a decade. I am your very old reader. Muslims in my nation are most violent. They believe they have the right to rape and kill anyone. They all work as if they are part of criminal organisations and Hindus are their easy victims. Only a secular is not aware that they hate us and mock our culture. Even Bajrang Dal activists are so stupid then what to say about common Hindus.
      I m sharing an old report here. I do not comment regularly but this article is very important so sharing this is needed. Even donating blood to dying wife did not deter his muslim neighbour to kill him.

      In the Mangolpuri neighbourhood of West Delhi, Bajrang Dal activist Rinku Sharma passed away after being savagely attacked and stabbed with a knife. Sharma was killed by stabbing by the very same persons for whom he had donated blood a year earlier, according to the Delhi Police’s preliminary inquiry.

      According to the reports, Rinku gave his blood to the victim’s killer’s spouse. One and a half years ago, the mother was very ill while pregnant. For the procedure, blood was required. For the accused man’s wife in such a case, Rinku offered his blood twice.

      “Since the previous year, we have been experiencing problems with the accused. We had planned a little celebration for Ram Mandir in August. This infuriated them, but we chose to ignore them. We have always been excellent neighbours, and Rinku even gave blood to a pregnant member of their family, according to Rinku’s brother Mannu.

      You are doing great job of opening eyes of Hindus. Hindus do not want to learn those who will not will die only awareness can save and protect hindus.

      1. If Muslims become major, they will be the real Kaalakeyas. Every Kattar Hindu boy should become Amarendra Baahubali. Baahubali movie is not just for entertainment, It clearly signifies to defeat Adharma. every Kattar Hindu girl should be like Devasena.

    6. Wow….. simply Amazing… deep reading of mind of this muslims.
      It is as if you you enter their mind and read their each step very closely.
      Now every sequence of events is making sense.
      You read their mind.
      Good article. Hindus will not learn. Most of them are oversmart. They do not listen.
      India has bleak future. Politics is dirty. Hindus are stupid.
      Boycott may work. But we need street power.

      1. Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

        Yes Shilpa sister, Hindus are stupid people. They blindly believe media(NDTV, TV9, CNBC , ANDHRA JYOTHI, SAKSHI etc———)which are funded by Zakat funds. Hindus only watch reality shows like Big Boss, Jabardast (Telugu), anti hindu movies like PK, OMG etc——— and watch Cricket matches(Cricket is the national game of Britan). Dhimmi Hindus will never browse internet and read this Haribhakt website. Hindus are selfish who think about caste, family and status. Muslims can easily trap the conflicting caste groups by the appeasement from Corrupt Anti Hindu Government. Shameless Dhimmi Hindus visit mazars, dargahs to further cause Islamisation of Bhaarat. Kashmir is islamised, next West Bengal and Kerala are on the line of Islamisation because of Stupid Communism. Kerala Islamisation will trouble South India, West Bengal Islamisation makes Bangladesh and Pakistan infiltrants to easily islamise the rest parts of India. Hindus should treat muslims as hard core enemies and kill them non stop until their death.

        1. I could not disagree to most of your points. Our India is in dangerous situation. Our leaders are not for us.

          1. Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

            ALL THE POLITICAL PARTIES OF INDIA ARE HINDU DROHIES. Present Central Government cannot even save small states like West Bengal and Kerala from Islamisation because current BJP is even pampering Muslims too much. China is better than us in tackling Islamic Terrorism. Hindus need awareness and defence to tackle Islamic Terrorism and must stop depending on bloody government. Muslims spit on food and offer it to Non Muslims. Secular Hindus say that this spitted food from Muslims is very tasty. Eating such food will cause harmful cancer. Hindus should come out of political slavery and work for protection of Hinduism otherwise Hindus will be in danger . The video mentioned in this article is applicable to Secular Hindus. Secular Hindus will face such death in next 10 years. Kattar Hindus will fight Mahabharata like war and become victorious. India will be Islamic free after the war. Muslim wild pigs attack only unarmed Hindus and weak Secular Hindus. Strong Kattar Hindus will shout Jai Bhavani, om namah shivaya slogans and kill Muslims. Muslim dead bodies should be burnt into ashes to purify the negative atmosphere.

    7. Rudra Warrior says:

      The Quran states that all believers of islam are protected by Allah. Through Mohammad many times Allah ordered to muslims to kill Christians, Jews and Hindus and Kaafirs. Still Hindu fools consider Muslims as part of their birthdays or celebration plan. Last month I had advised my friend not to call this Muslim guy in birthday. He called and this Bastard muslim guy was caught flirting with his sister. Sister complained to the family. Later too many shouts and fights. After he was kicked he apologised. Sister said he is behind her proposing her for many days.

      1. Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

        Our Abrahamised constitution made our Hindus fools. Constitution used Christianity, Education system used Communism and Entertainment (URDUWOOD) used Islam to befool Hindus. Today BJP also became helpless to Hindus. Hindus started commiting suicides, Hindu girls are trapped by Terrorist Muslims. Hindus are facing stress from the Corrupt Anti Hindu Government and Government is pampering Muslims too much.


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