Parshuram Kund: History and Information on Parashurama Kund

Parashuram is the sixth avatar of Vishnu, son of Renuka and the saptarishi Jamadagni. He is one of the immortals and witnessed Mahabharat war during the end of Dwapar Yug. He received a blessed parashu (axe) after undertaking penance for thousands of years to please Shiva, who in turn taught him the martial arts, hence the name Parashuram.

Parashurama won over Kshatriyas for 21 times after the mighty King Kartavirya having thousands of arms killed his father. He was mentor to Bhishma, Karna and Dronacharya. Parashurama was able to save masses of land around Konkan, Malabar and Kerala from the wrath of advancing sea.

Parashuram Kund

Parashuram Kund Location

Parshuram Kund is a shrine of Indians located in the lower reaches of the Lohit River on the Brahmaputra region. The Kund is 165 kilometres form Tinsukia, the nearest railway station, 97 kilometres via Tezu. A fleet of the State Transport Department of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh make elaborate arrangements for plying buses form Tinsukia to Namsai, Wakro and Tezu.

Thousands of pilgrims go to the kund in winter every year, last reported around 80,000 people visited the place, especially on the Makar Sankranti day for a holy dip in the sacred kund to wash away sins. The history behind the belief recorded in the Kalika Purana, is that the great Sage Parashuram washed away his sins of killing warriors who killed his father. Being Brahman, as per Varna System, Parshuram cannot resort to using arms and ammunitions for fighting war so he had to wash off his sinful act of killing in the waters of Brahma kund.

Parashurama is one of the few blessed ones like Jamvant who was present to witness Avatars of Bhagwan Ram (Tretayug Ramayan) and Bhagwan Krishna (Dwapar Yug Mahabharat). Parashurama played an important role in both the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

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Parshuram Kund Mountain on Brahmaputra region at the Lohit River

Parshuram Kund: History of Bharat

Parashuram in Ramayan

Parshuram had given the bow of Bhagwan Shiv to King Janak, father of Sita. Lifting of the same bow and knotting string to it was condition of the swayamvar. Prince and Kings from various places of Bharat came for the swayamvar to marry Sita. No one was able to move the powerful bow, only Bhagwan Ram was able to successfully lift the bow, but in trying to place string at one end, the bow broke into half and thunderous sound shook the place, which was even heard by Parashuram while he was meditating in Mahendra mountain range.

Later on, as per history of Ramayan, when Parashuram met Bhagwan Ram, he knew that Bhagwan Ram is also incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu. Bhagwan Ram was 7th incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu.

Mysterious Parshuran Kund

Mystery of Parshuram Kund

The current site of Parshuram Kund is slightly different in shape and size. The old site of the Parashuram Kund was in existence till 1950 but it completely changed due to massive earthquake that shook the whole of the North-East and the kund was completely covered. A very strong current is now flowing over the original site of the kund but massive boulders have in a mysterious way embedded themselves in a circular formation in the river bed thus forming another kund in place of the old. In a way, naturally resurrecting the kund for the Hindu pilgrims.

Parshuram Kund is located on Lohit River and 21 km north of Tezu in Lohit district of Arunachal Pradesh

Sage Parshuram Is A Vishnu Avatar for All Ages

Sage Parsurama, has been serving the people in all ages – Satyug, Tretayug, Dwapar Yug and this Kaliyug – is in deep penance in one of the unreachable caves in India (Bharat) now and would end his meditation when the opportune time comes and save the humanity at the end of present Kali Yug (4.32 lakh years) before the resumption of Satya Yug (17.28 lakh years) to complete the cycle of ages for dharma.

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Parshuram Kund’s Shiv Ling

Sage Parshuram, Did He KnOw About Sidheshvar Nath Shiv Lingam of Ziro?

Sage Parshuram must have witnessed the historical events around swayambhu, 25 foot Shiv Lingam, which was recently rediscovered.

The discovery of the tallest Shiv Linga at Ziro (as mentioned in 17th chapter of 1893 reprint edition of Shivapuran that the tallest Shiva Linga will appear at a place to be called Lingalaya and later the whole place will be known as Arunachal).

Tree cutter Prem Subba, the chosen one by god himself, had discovered the 25 feet tall and 22 feet wide Linga in July 2004, now believed to be the largest discovered Shiv Lingam in the world.

There one can also see the Lingam with the moorti of Goddess Parvati and Lord Ganesha with trunk turning leftward. Where Shiv Lingam appears, we do find water Ganga flowing around or over it. Therefore, the constant flow of water from the base of the Lingam can be clearly seen.

Shiv Lingam Ziro, Bhagwan Shidheswarnath Mandir

According to Puri’s Govardhan Pith Peetthadhish Jagat Guru Shankaracharya Adhokshajanandji Devtirth, ” The purity of the area and its natural environment should not be disturbed as Bhagwan Shiva with a natural garland around the neck has appeared with complete family to bless his devotes.”

This Sidheshvar Nath Temple, an ancient temple for lord Shiva and His family is self-made and worshipped by millions of Hindus.

Parashurama Mantra

Bhagwan Parshuram Gayatri Mantra

परशुराम गायत्री मंत्र :
ॐ जामदग्न्याय विद्महे महावीराय धीमहि । तन्न: परशुराम: प्रचोदयात
‘ॐ रां रां ॐ रां रां ॐ परशुहस्ताय नम: ’इति मूलमंत्र:

Parshuram Gayatri Mantra:-
Om jamdgnyay vidhmhe mahaaviraay dhimhi ! tannH prashuram prachodyat !
‘om ram ram om ram ram om parshuhstaay namH’iti moolmantra !

परशुराम मंत्र :

ॐ राँ राँ ॐ राँ राँ ॐ परशु हस्ताय नमः ।
om raam raam om raam raam om parashu hastaay namah |

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    Nice article. Its quite amazing to know that there are so many stories of Parasurama that many are not aware of. This story is a perfect example. Hardly many are aware of Parasurama’s utmost devotion towards his Father and the fact that he even went to the extent of cutting his Mother’s head because his father requested to do so.
    ishtadevata .com /blog/parashuram-god-killed-mother.html

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    Brihaspati is Jupiter , Thursday is named after him Guruvar ( Thirsday ) is for Guru Brihaspati. . Same way Jupiter is Zeus/ Thor. Thor’s day is Thursday. The astrological and astronomical sign of the planet Jupiter (♃Jupiter) is used to represent Thursday.
    Greeks have lifted Kronos (father of gods and titans) from Maharishi Kashyap—the father of Hindu devas and asuras .
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    The Greek trinity gods Zeus / Poseidon/ and Hades are lifted from Brahma / Vishnu/ Shiva.

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