हिन्दू राष्ट्र के विश्व नायक मोदी जी ने मैडिसन स्क्वायर को जीत लिया – पूरा भाषण

हिन्दू राष्ट्र के महानेता  मोदी जी ने अमेरिका को अपना बना लिया न्यूयॉर्क: एक दिन पहले किसी उम्रदराज बुजुर्ग की तरह संयुक्त राष्ट्र को सुधरने की नसीहत देने वाले मोदी दूसरे ही दिन युवाओं में जोश
modi world leader

Hindu Rashtra’s Leader PM Modi’s Full Text of Speech in UN – Mark of a Global Leader

World witnessed emergence of a new Global Leader from Hindu Rashtra, Shree Narendra Modi Mr. President and distinguished delegates, Let me first congratulate you on your election as the President of the 69th session of United Nations General Assembly. It is a truly a great honour to address you for the first time as the Prime Minister of India. I stand here conscious of the hopes and expectations of the people of India. I am also mindful of the expectations of the world from 1.25 billion people.
माँ कभी निराश नहीं करती है Mars Mission Modi Speech

Great Speech of Modi Ji on Hindu Rashtra’s Mars Orbiter Success.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday congratulated India and Isro scientists for creating history by successfully inserting the Mars Orbiter Mission into the Red Planet's orbit. Following is the full text of the PM's speech. मेरे प्‍यारे देशवासियो, दुनिया भर के वैज्ञानिक जगत की fraternity आज MOM का मंगल से मिलन हो गया। आज मंगल को MOM मिल
vedic rules of life - Hindu way of life

Vedic Rules of Life: Major Laws of Hinduism to Lead Peaceful Life

Vedic principles are ways to lead life in peaceful manner with prosperity and happiness. It does not say that Hindus alone should follow these rules, these are for humans. Nor does it sat that only those who follow these Rules are Hindus. These are suggested ways of Life as taught by wise Rishis. Vedic Principles of Life The 10 Vedic Restraints, Yama YAMA 1 Noninjury, Ahimsa Practice noninjury, not harming others by thought, word or deed, even in your dreams. Live a kindly life, revering all
background of babri masjid - truth, facts revealed

Dirty Truth of Babri Structure – Symbol of Babur’s Male Lover

Muslim rulers were barbaric and they never showed love or affection towards public, women or slaves openly as they were afraid doing so would create an image of tolerant ruler among courtiers, and they might take ruler for granted. So to discuss their s*xual fantasies and dirty feelings; they took refuge of Badshahnamas; everyone had it right from humayu to aurangzeb. Akbar was barbaric and most hypocrite of all and he got the legacy of hypocrisy from Babur himself. The main reason for some of
celebrate birthday the Hindus way

Fact: Hindus, You Celebrate Wrong Dated Birthday !

Hindus blindly follow western traditions of celebrating festivals and their birthdays. It happened due to lack of confidence in their culture and wisdom. It also made them practice non-Vedic traditions thereby doing rituals which are not prescribed by Vedas and which are not relative to nature and atmosphere. They tend to forget that we all are part of this massive system and we need to adhere to this cosmic arrangement while following the great path of Vedic texts – thereby leading a peaceful,
अखंड भारत हिन्दू राष्ट्र - akhand bharat hindu rashtra

आओ अखंड भारत का संकल्प ले

भारत माँ को अखंड बनाये इन्द्रेश कुमार के अनुसार सम्भवत: ही कोई पुस्तक (ग्रन्थ) होगी जिसमें यह वर्णन मिलता हो कि इन आक्रमणकारियों ने अफगानिस्तान, (म्यांमार), श्रीलंका (सिंहलद्वीप), नेपाल, तिब्बत
Hindu Lion Shivaji Maharaj

What Hindu Girls Must Learn from Jijabai, Mother of a Brave Hindu Ruler Shivaji

Hindu girls should be taught about our historical Hindu mothers and women who shaped the existence of Hindu Kingdom and Hindus in India especially under rules of mlecchas - mughals, british alike. The willful resistance against mughals especially by Vidyavati, Haramani devi, Rani Laxmibai and Jijabai were the founding stones for the Hindu women who then got inspired and nurtured Hindu Lions in their children for the sustenance of Hinduism and Vedic culture. We Hindus should be grateful to such
kill muslims jihadis

Forced Conversions, R@pe of Hindu Girls Made Hindus Demand New Law

KARACHI: Tribune: Hindus in Sindh demand the government to formulate strict laws against forced marriages, conversions and for the protection of their rights. At a consultative meeting on the ‘Draft of Minorities’ Forced Marriages and Conversion’, arranged by the South Asia Partnership-Pakistan (SAP-Pak) at the Regent Plaza hotel on Friday, speakers said that the Hindu community was living in fear across the country, particularly in Sindh. “Our people fear for their lives, their

Srimad Bhagwat Gita – The Greatest Gift Given by Modi to Japanese Delegation

In a profound gesture reflecting India’s timeless and rich philosophical repository, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, presented copies of the Bhagavad Gita to the dignitaries he met in Japan. His gesture comes through as symbolic  because it was the going forth of religious and spiritual knowledge from ancient India that awakened and cemented her civilisational ties with Japan, Korea and much of the old world. Indian ācāryas, carrying the light of Indian knowledge travelled far and wide across
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