Mausala Parva Mahabharat Krishna Balram fighting Yadav clans

The 16th of the Mahabharata’s 18 books is called the Mausala Parva, or Book of Clubs. It is one of the three shortest parvas out of the total of 18 parvas and does not contain any upa parvas. There are nine chapters in it. The Mausala Parva is summed up as follows.

Mausala Parva Mahabharat Overview

This Parva details what happened following the Kurukshetra War, which lasted 35 years. Hastinapura was a rich and tranquil kingdom. In the 36th year following the Battle of Kurukshetra, Dwarka and the adjacent cities began to experience ill omens. Rats began to overrun the cities, strong winds began to blow, owls began making terrifying noises, and the ladies of the city began experiencing unsettling dreams. Even the males were experiencing ominous nightmares. Demons and malevolent spirits began to prowl the city. Krishna, who was very upset about the state of his city, tells everyone in Dwarka to make a pilgrimage to the Prabhas Sea.

The Yadavas started partying, making happy, and drinking a lot of alcohol as they got close to the sea. Alcohol-induced Satyaki approached Krtavarma and began berating him for aiding Ashvatthama in his plot to assassinate the sleeping Pandava soldiers. In their inebriated state, they get into a very heated debate, and Satyaki killed Krtavarma in the midst of it. Due to Satyaki’s behaviour, the other Yadavas—who were also intoxicated—killed him. Krishna was surprised to find Satyaki dead when he got there. When Krishna became enraged, he miraculously transformed a grass into a club, which he used to murder the aggressive ones. Even the other Yadavas picked up a blade of grass, which they then used as a club to assault one another while intoxicated. Except for Krishna, Daruka, and Vabhru, everyone had dead. Balarama also made it since he wasn’t intoxicated. The next day, Balarama and Vabhru both passed away.

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To notify Arjuna about the horrific occurrence that left everyone in Hastinapura dead, Krishna dispatched Daruka to the city. This Parva relates how Krishna was slain in Daruka’s absence. A hunter called Jara murdered him after mistaking the meditating Krishna for a deer. Before departing the planet and coming to an end in Mrityulok, Krishna pardoned the hunter.

With assistance for the surviving Yadavas, Arjuna arrived. Along with 16 000 of Lord Krishna’s wives, Arjuna left for Indraprastha. They all departed towards Hastinapura as Dwarka sank into the sea in their wake. Dwarka was completely immersed in water as they departed the city. They were assaulted by a bunch of thieves and dacoits while they were returning to Hastinapura under Arjuna’s leadership. They kidnapped all of the women and stole their jewels. Even with his heavenly weapons, Arjuna was unable to repel them. Only a handful of Krishna’s wives were saved by him. The same Arjuna who slew countless numbers of soldiers in Kurukshetra.

Arjuna told Sage Vyasa about the event when they met. Hethen informed Arjuna that even Lord Krishna had passed away and that the Pandavas’ goal had been accomplished on Earth. He counselled them and discussed the significance of transformation as well as the function that time plays. He advised Arjuna that the Pandava brothers should abdicate their throne, hand it down to the next generation, and forgo all sensual indulgences. He advised the Pandavas not to mourn the passing of

Krishna and his companions are aware of the progression of life and concentrate on the next stage of their lives—their ascent to paradise. After recognising the message, Arjuna separated from Vyasa to speak to Yudhishthira and the other Pandava brothers.

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You can read other chapters from the table below. Click on the respective link to understand about the summary of that book/section of Mahabharata.

Mahabharat All Chapters Summary Guide

1) Adi Parva 10) Sauptika Parva
2) Sabha Parva 11) Stri Parva
3) Vana Parva 12) Shanti Parva
4) Virata Parva 13) Anushasana Parva
5) Udhyoga Parva 14) Ashvamedha Parva
6) Bhishma Parva 15) Ashramavasika Parva
7) Drona Parva 16) Mausala Parva
8) Karna Parva 17) Mahaprasthanika Parva
9) Shalya Parva 18) Swaraga Arohana Parva

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