mamata banerjee of muslim religion islamizing west bengal

How the Jihadis mercilessly vandalized Hindus of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh and wiped out Hinduism from some parts of India viz., Pakistan and Bangladesh is known to everyone. The modus operandi remained similar to the acts of mamata banerjee wherein whenever they got the power (as a leader or mughal ruler) they abused their power to decimate and kill Hindu population; first by giving undue advantage to muslims, secondly by ignoring emergence of mass jihadi elements among muslims. This is happening in West Bengal big time, further article asserts the same scenario factually.

If you really love India and want west bengal to remain Indian state then it is your responsibility to share and promote this post with maximum Indians and Hindus.

Fierce and persistent Hindu resistance to the Islamic Jihad prevented the complete Islamization of India in early 1900’s and during mughal rule, the same zeal and passion is required to be shown by Hindus to stop further islamization of West Bengal.

Mamata Banerjee Islamizing West Bengal!

How West Bengal is Heading to Become Next Kashmir in India?

Just like Sonia Gandhi being italian citizen hide her real name, Antonia Edvige Albina Maino, and christian identity to bluff 80% of Hindus in India. Similarly, some muslim leaders in India are using Hindu names to bluff Indians and establish islamic rule in India.

Mamata Banerjee Original Name: Mamta Banerjee’s real past on religion has discrepancies, is different on different books and references. But since we deal with present facts – We would stick to present truth that Mamta Banerjee is a muslim, prays to allah and is privately known as Maassama Khatoon. No wonder, she speaks Urdu fluently than national language Hindi. True to being a fanatic muslim woman – Mamta Khatun never don nose ring, sometimes use ear-rings, her forehead never has bindiya like a radical muslim woman. She put  her knowledge of islam on appeasing muslims and treating Hindus in West Bengal as third grade citizens.

Publicly she displays her love for islamic culture, as she earned a master’s degree in Islamic History from the University of Calcutta – she always boast on this fact, whenever she meet muslim clerics.

Know How Mumtaz Maassama Khatoon alias Mamata Banerjee is turning West Bengal into Waste Bengal, by infesting the state with islamic fundamentalists.

West Bengal following UP is also on the verge of becoming another islamic state within ‘secular’ India. Some idiot Hindus love that word ‘secular’ more than their own mother and father.

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Mamata Banerjee’s Religion Islam for Political Benefits

Mamta Benerjee alias Mumtaz Maassama Khatoon is Anti-Hindu, Anti-National Bangladeshi…

Maassama Mamata Banerjee practices islam for vote bank politics to seek black votes from illegal Bangladeshi muslims. Cunningly she did not change her name to bluff gullible Hindus.

Mumtaz Maassama Khatoon is more fanatic than common imam of local masjid. Further information would establish these as a true but shameful fact for Hindus who voted her to power.

anti-national Mamata Banerjee Maasama's husband, imaan, mazhab is islam

What Benefits Muslims are Getting and Their Contribution to West Bengal Economy

Hindus are treated very badly and facing torturous apathy in pro-islamic West Bengal Trinamool Congress govt. While more than 75% of the taxes are paid by Hindus, still when it comes to reverting the Hindus with beneficial schemes only 15% Hindus get the benefit of it while 85% of the taxes received are distributed freely among muslims – in the name of minority schemes. While the fact of the matter is, Muslims in West Bengal comprise of 38% to total population…!!

And how muslims are contributing in return to these benefits of the State of West Bengal:

1) Slums in major cities

2) Population (muslims are growing 66% more than average population of other religions)

3) Helping to increase crime rate in WB by 30% – every second criminal in WB is a muslim

4) Building new mosque almost every month

5) Spreading pink revolution by killing more Indian cows

6) Giving shelter to Bangladeshi muslims

7) Providing jobs to Bangladeshi muslims instead of poor Hindus

8) Opposing Hindu festivals – recent clashes in Maa Kali processions and Maa Durga pandals are ample proofs.

9) Avoid dealing with Hindus

10) Lure Hindu girls to marry them and convert to their religion

And How Hindus are helping the Islamization cause

1) Falling prey to false cries of Maassama Mumtaz Banerjee

2) By blindly voting Mamata Banerjee TMC, to make Islamic Trinamool Congress govt in West Bengal

3) By not uniting against Islamization of TMC govt.

4) By not retaliating aggressively towards Bangladeshi muslims and their supporters

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What Hindus Should Do To Stop Islamization of West Bengal

1) Organize meetings in various Hindu dominated areas and remove divisions between Biharis, North Indians and Bengalis – a divisive ploy indicted by erstwhile Communist govt.

2) Unite all Hindus, irrespective of their caste, creed or culture

3) Do not provide home/shelter to any muslim tenant

4) Boycott dealings with muslims – do not sell property or involve in business matters with muslims.

5) Do not buy from muslim shops

6) Avoid meeting of Hindu sisters/girls with muslim friends

7) Unitedly vote against TMC, CPI and all such anti-Hindu parties. Prefer party that cares for Hindu ethos and Indian culture.

8) Lodge police complaint by mobbing police stations before thrashing muslim criminals or bangladeshis

9) Get united, mobify and Retaliate aggressively whenever a Hindu is mistreated by any muslim

If Hindus do not get aggressive then the main aim of terrorist organisations of Bangladesh and ISI of merging West Bengal with Bangladesh to create ONE BANGLADESH will soon be materialized and how minority Hindus are being treated in Bangladesh presently is not hidden fact. So become owner of your own life or else future slave of an islamic state.

The terrorist organisations of Bangladesh which has developed proxy roots in West Bengal TMC govt  are:

  1. Harkat-ul-Jihad-al Islami Bangladesh (HuJI-B)
  2. Jagrata Muslim Janata Bangladesh (JMJB)
  3. Jama’atul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB)
  4. Purba Bangla Communist Party (PBCP)
  5. Islami Chhatra Shibir (ICS)

Mamata Banerjee with an aim on Complete Islamization of West Bengal Became Terrorism Supporter

As per recent revelations made by Anand Bazar Patrika and an article published by OneIndia news which is represented below:

India’s leading Bangla daily ‘Ananda Bazar Patrika’ has blown the lid off the links between Jamaat-e-Islami in Bangladesh and West Bengal’s Trinamool Congress which is led by Mamata Banerjee. This sensational revelation has opened a can of worms for the Mamata Banerjee government in West Bengal.

The Bengali daily has alleged that the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had funded anti-India radical group Jamaat-e-Islami in Bangladesh. And her party received funds from the outfit during 2011 assembly and 2014 Lok Sabha polls.

muslim mamata banerjee's ahmed hassan terrorist from rajyasabha

Mamata Banerjee’s TMC Support Jihad Groups

Trinamool Congress, TMC Links with Bangladeshi Terrorist and Radical Groups

The Anand Bazar Patrika report “Before 2011, the Jamaat helped Trinamool with huge funds secretly transferred across the border. Imran played a key role in it. “Later when the Jamaat faced government’s ire during its opposition to war crimes trials, it received funds from Trinamool which had come to power in 2011 and many of whose leaders were ministers in the Manmohan Singh government,” the Ananda Bazar Patrika report said, quoting extensively from a detailed report it claims was given to India by Bangladesh intelligence.

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Terrorism Background of Anti-National TMC Leader Ahmed Hassan Imran

Ahmed Hassan Imran is a Rajya Sabha MP from West Bengal at present.

In 1975-76 he founded a radical group West Bengal Muslim Students Association. In 1977, Imran co-founded the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) in Aligarh Muslim University in Uttar Pradesh, SIMI is same organization which paved way for IM (Indian Mujaheddin, a terrorist organization responsible for series of bomb blasts in cities of India).

Imran became the president of the West Bengal unit of the radical organization (SIMI) and held the position till 1980. Even after relinquishing the position, Imran remained the primary organizer and spokesperson of the organization till it was banned in 2001. In 1981, he started publishing Kalom as the monthly Bengali mouthpiece of SIMI. Kalom continued to be published as a monthly till 1994 and which also helped SIMI to be spread throughout West Bengal during that time.

jihadan mamata banerjee support jihadis to islamize Bharat (India)

Not so long ago, on the same lines, the then Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Mulayam Singh Yadav had not only given a clean chit to the extremist Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) whose members had been involved in various terrorist and hateful fundamentalist activities, but also had declared it to be a ‘secular’ organization. This is the same set up in whose offices incendiary and seditious posters are openly displayed. ‘Waiting for Ghaznavi’, ‘No democracy, no secularism, only Islam’; these are the brazenly proclaimed objectives of this organization.

Hindu Money Consumed By Mamata Banerjee for Islamization

How did the Saradha Scam money reach Islamists Under Mamata Banerjee, TMC Govt ?

The money from Saradha group was stuffed into bags, smuggled into Bangladesh and the BSF’s activity was allegedly manned by TMC MP Ahmed Hassan Imran.

As per an New Indian Express report, “The CBI and ED learnt that the funds collected from the public, through Saradha’s chit fund schemes, were centrally deposited at the group’s offices in Salt Lake. After being accounted for, hundreds of crores were transported to various centres close to the Indo-Bangladesh border.” Saradha group, with the help of a Kolkata based money exchanger, had allegedly sent illegal money to Bangladesh.

The report further said, “The cash was put in huge bags and taken by ambulances belonging to the Saradha group. The Indian currency was then secretly converted to Bangladeshi Taka and European currencies at a “Foreign Currency Convertor Centre”, belonging to a man from Kolkata.”

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How did TMC routed money to Jamaat (muslim groups) from Saradha Scam?

Reports claim that the money with which Trinamool leaders funded Jamaat after 2011 came from Saradha coffers. The Saradha money was utilised by Jamaat to trigger and fund violence against Bangladesh government.

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Reports also suggest that West Bengal chief Minister’s links with the Saradha Group date back to 2010 when she was the Railway Minister.

Mamata’s connection with Saradha Group helped the party receive money for campaigning and winning the 2011 Vidhan Sabha elections and also the 2014 Lok Sabha election. If the reports are to believed then this seems to be a case of quid pro quo where TMC funded these radical groups and these groups returned the favour when the party needed money for campaigning in the 2011 and 2014 elections.

islamist muslim mamata banerjee made saradha scam to fund islamic terror

Jihadi Mamta Banerjee

Terrorism Activities of Mamata Banerjee and TMC Govt: BJP’s assessment

“Bangladesh government and intelligence agencies have been raising Imran’s connection with the Jamaat. West Bengal CM’s have always maintained very good relations with Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina. But, TMC supremo stopped such age old traditions between the two governments just to appease Jamaat.

Mamata Banerjee didn’t even congratulate Hasina when she was re-elected as PM of Bangladesh as this gesture would not have gone down well with Jamaat,” West Bengal BJP’s president Rahul Sinha told Niticentral. Ever since Saradha scam expose, Mamata, who is a very flamboyant leader, has maintained her silence on the entire issue.

This has given a fodder to her rivals to target her. “You (Mamata) are not protesting against duping of 17 lakh investors in the Saradha scam and coming down on the streets, because your own associates and stooges are involved. We need an answer to who took away the Saradha scam money.

“We are not afraid of anyone because our workers are not involved in any scam. Whether it’s Saradha or anything else, we will do the work of arresting and putting the culprits behind bars,” BJP president Amit Shah had said in a rally in central Kolkata.

“More than 2,000 farmers had lost their land in Nandigram and Singur and you had gone on fast protesting against that injustice. But in this Saradha scam more than 17 lakh people of Bengal have lost their deposits,” Shah had said.

Shah had also stated that Bangladeshi infiltration has gone up by five times in the Trinamool regime as Mamata Banerjee was only pursuing politics rather than developing the state. The report sums up the apathy that corrupt and anti-national Mamata Banerjee has for India.

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Its high time Hindus take the responsibility in their hands and RETALIATE.

Islamizing Railways Revoking Traditional Hindu values

Few years back Railway Ministry under Khatoon Mamta Banerjee alias Maassama, issued orders to remove all Hindu religious symbols and Images of Hindu gods from Train and also placed a blanket ban on performing traditional pooja’s prior to the take off of a new Train – Reason told was – India is a Secular country and we should not offend Minorities by such Public display of our beliefs!

But the very same Ministry issued several advertisements (which continues even to this day on muslim non-Vedic festivals) with a picture of Model cum Minister Mamata Banerji (Begum) offering namaz with Photograph of Mecca Mosques in it – reason again – To upheld Secularism- By this Ad, according to Trinamool spokesman “Mamata is bridging the gap between Muslims and Hindus’!

Why Hindu symbols and festivals cannot be used to bridge gap but instead abolish the existing Hindu values from govt departments and invoke muslim traditions ? – is the question that still remain unanswered by Begum Mamta herself.

terrorist mamata banerjee musalman agenda

Railways sources said several photographs were sent for the minister’s approval. “The minister’s cell approved the one in which she is seen offering namaz,” adding that officials were asked to include the motifs and the photograph of Kaaba in the ad by those close to the minister.

BJP leader Tathagata Roy that time said, “The state has no religion. How can religious edifice be part of a government advertisement? This reveals her duplicity… how can she offer namaz? It’s extremely improper.”

As such Minority pampering measures are highly contagious, we can expect swords of butcher tippu sultan and terrorist aurangzeb decorating upcoming Government Ad’s of other Ministries and our Ministers wearing Skull caps and growing beard after shaving off the Moustaches to compete with Mamata Begum’s gimmicks.

jihadi mamata banerjee muslim propaganda

If you scan any of the recent newspapers, you will find news Bangladeshis infiltrations through porous border of islamic West Bengal, happening almost daily. Officially Indian govt tabled a report that over 10 million Bangladeshis infiltrated India through West Bengal, while locals suggested this figure to be around 90 million (which are spread across Assam, North Eastern states and of course West Bengal). Local Bengalis call these people “dakha bengalis” or “dhoka bengalis” – meaning Dhaka or Fraud Bengalis. There are numerous illegal hutments and slums that have emerged to house traitors of India, which are digging graves for Indians by robbing off their jobs and resources. These traitors are eyed by Mamata Begum as vote bank lots. And whole heartedly supported by Trinamool Congress, who are devoid of any mool or sanskriti.

Hardly two months back, Hindustan Times reported, huge infiltration of illegal Bangladeshis into India. Infiltration of Rohingya Muslims through Bangladesh is rapidly increasing, BSF officials updated.

While the BSF have arrested 107 Rohingya Muslims from the Bangladesh border in North 24-Parganas, the state police have arrested 20.

“We increased our vigil on immigrants from Myanmar since the end of last year after some Rohingya Muslims were arrested from North 24-Parganas in last November,” Santosh Mehra, IG, BSF, said. Only two nationals from Myanmar were arrested from West Bengal in 2011 and six in 2012, Mehra said.

Sources in the BSF said that the Rohingya Muslims are infiltrating mainly through the Indo-Bangladesh border at Swarupnagar, Basirhat and Gaighata police station areas.

They claim that the state police had recently arrested seven Rohingya Muslims from Balurghat area in North Dinajpur.

These are reported on illegal Bangladeshis who were caught, what about those hundreds who got infested like parasites in India that day alone.

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Democracy and Secularism is not Response to Bengali Muslim’s Islamic Terrorism But…

Pathagiri is… Click on the Image Below to Know History and Tricks of Pathagiri

gopal patha saved bengal hindus culture

Local news papers including Hindustan Times reported that:

Over the last several months, around 10,000 Rohingya Muslims have infiltrated into India through West Bengal route and are staying in Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. About 3,000 of them are now in and around New Delhi and are staying at various mosques.

Former vice-chancellor of Jamia Milia Islamia University, Nawab Zafar Jung, has taken up their cause, along with some Leftist student unions based in Jawharlal Nehru University (JNU), who demand the Rohingya Muslims be given the status of refugees.

True to their islamic radicalism, even educated muslims keep religion above country and illegal intruders are expected to be given a refugee status so that later they can be slowly amalgamated with Indians. As it is with the same modus operandi, that we have seen huge surge of Bangladeshi muslims across India.

So Islamic West Bengal is not just curse for their existence but also for India as a whole – which is very danger for sovereignty of India.

Mamata Banerjee Support Muslim Militants!

Terrorism Breeders Got Salaries from Maassama Khatoon alias Mamata Benerjee

Another anti-Hindu incident was stopped by BJP petitioners, few months back, Calcutta High Court scrapped Mamata Banerjee’s stipend to imams

The Calcutta High Court ordered the West Bengal government to stop payment of a monthly stipend to thousands of imams and muezzins in the state. These were paid after taking money from Hindu tax payers.

Over 70% illegal tradings are done by muslims and illegal Bangladeshis – and they never pay single paisa as a tax.

Imams and muezzins are people who organise prayers in a mosque. For more than a year, Chief Minister Khatoon Mamata Banerjee’s government had been paying more than 30,000 imams in the state Rs. 2500 per month and over 15,000 muezzins Rs. 1500. Burning crores of tax payers money, mostly collected from Hindus.

Hindu hater mamata banerjee islam follower

The state Opposition had slammed the move as a bid by Begum Banerjee to woo the minority community.

The court ordered in response to four public interest litigations (PILs) filed in May last year, including one by the state unit of the BJP.

Kanchan Chanda, the lawyer representing the state BJP, said the division bench found that the state government did not even pass an order to pay muezzins Rs. 1500 a month but made the payments nevertheless. “So the division bench felt it was nothing but squandering of public money,” he said.

Shahi Imam Barkati, a prominent figure in Kolkata, claims that the Wakf board was paying the stipend — which is legitimate — and not the government. Which later turned out to be blatant lie. Barkati is same fanatic Imam who supported beheading of Taslima Nasreen and patted back of BSP MP, Shafiqur Rahman Barq, for disrespecting jana gana mana, India’s national anthem in Lok Sabha.

Terrorism Breeders with Begum Mumtaz Banerjee

anti-national mamata banerjee anti hindu

“I think the High Court could not understand the whole thing. Those who petitioned could not clarify to High Court,” Imam Barkati said.

Others religious leaders of the community are preparing to go to Supreme Court and have contacted a lawyer known to be close to the Trinamool, Idris Ali, to take the matter forward.

Idris Ali said, “What Mamata Banerjee had done for the imams is absolutely correct. This order will be quashed definitely by the Supreme Court.”

So breeders of terrorism who control madarsas to breed terrorists want stipend on hard earned monies of Hindus to kill Hindus and non-muslims. That’s ridiculous, countries like US, France, Australia are curbing madarasas and even banning Hijabs so that no muslim terrorist take advantage of disguising as Islamic women. But here in a bid to islamize West Bengal, Khatoon Banerjee is leaving no stone unturned, to make it a hub of terrorism like Kashmir and UP.

Opposition leaders,especially BJP, did welcomed the court order as “it was a fitting reply to Mamata Begum’s vote bank politics.”

In the Assembly polls of 2011, the swing in the Muslim vote away from the Left and towards the Trinamool Congress is viewed as largely responsible for Ms Banerjee’s stunning victory.

Hindus are regularly killed in muslim dominated areas. No FIR is registered, no investigation is done.

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islamist muslim mamata banerjee got Hindus killed westbengal

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What Wikileaks had leaked on Begum Mamta Banerjee?

Mamata Banerjee if elected would help US interests more than Leftists or any other party. Her unclear and hassled approach would be supportive to American agendas. The cable leaked from whistle blowing site wikileaks says it all.

The October, 2009 Kolkata Consulate cable, headlined “Trinamool’s Mamata Banerjee: from oppositional street fighter to West Bengal Chief Minister-in-waiting,” advises United States officials to cultivate Banerjee as the likely next Chief Minister of West Bengal.

muslim mamata banerjee Hinduphobic jihadan with maulanas jihadis

US wanted to create conducive atmosphere so that Begum Mamata stick to her confused ideas and help americans impregnate their agendas.

Why Mamta Khatoon a radical muslim wants to eat beef

“Aaj Hamari Gaay Mata Ko Kaata ja raha hai aur Hum chup rahte hai, is sey in darindo ko aur badhawa milega, Kal Hindu Bhaiyo aur Beheno ki baari hogi. Jaisey pakistan mey hua..pehle Gau Mata ko kaata gaya fir hamare Hinduo ko…Jaise hamare Kashmir mey ho raha hai. Agar abhi nahi Jagogey toh marogey kyuki Hinduo ke katne pe koi desh hamara saath nahi dega…musalmano ko saath dene k liye 56 desh hai …Hum Hinduo ka kaun sa desh hai….!!!”

“Isiliye sharam karo ghar mey baitne se kuch nahi hoga….Jago aur Hinduo ki Shaktiyo Ko Badhao. Yeh Bharat (India) hi sirf Hinduo ka desh hai aur koi nahi..sirf hum hi ek dusre ka saath de sakte hai…Jab koi Hindu apna desh chordkar videsh jata hai ….aur fir pakistan mey, australia mey ya fir UK mey pita jata hai toh bhag kar yehi aata Hai Bharat mey kyu…!!..kyuki yehi desh hai jaha Hindu sharan le sakte hai…Yeh desh sirf hamara hai ..Dharmo rakshati rakshitaha…agar abhi nahi Jagogey toh agli neend jab khulegi toh Islamistan Bharat mey khulegi…kya yehi chahte ho…bolo.”

LalitKumar Haribhakt addressing gathering on “Save Cow Movement” in 2010

How Corrupt Police Under Pressure Acts on Anti-Hindu Practices

Under political pressure from Ruling Party (TMC), the West Bengal Police is plotting to ensure untroubled Cow Slaughter in maximum places very much illegally.

As per archives: Through its Valuable Judgements dt 02.11.2011 and 13-10-2011, the Honb’le Calcutta High Court categorically said that “the officials of the State and local bodies have no power to facilitate holding of markets for trading of cattle for sacrifice and also the movement of cattle for the said purpose on the occasion of Id-uz-Zoha”.

Earlier, the Supreme Court of India reiterated that “sacrifice of a cow on Bakr id Day is not an obligatory overt act for a Musalman to exhibit his religious belief and ideas”. In many occasions the appex court directed that “such slaughter cannot be a religious purpose because it is not a part of religious requirement for the Musalmans..”  In fine Cow slaughter in the name of Medicinal, Research or Religious purposes is strictly prohibited as per the directions given by the Honb’le courts time to time. In West Bengal one can procure beef from the authorised slaughter houses and permitted outlets, obviously not violating the West Bengal Animal Slaughter Control Act, 1950 in force.

But, unfortunately the Police in West Bengal allowing Animal Cruelty, Ghastly Slaughtering and Perilous Pollution in these days of ensuing Bakar Idd on 27th Oct, 2012, by violating Preventions of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) Act, 1960; Animal Transportation Act; WB Pollution Control Act; WB Animal Slaughter Control Act, 1950 and the relevant judgements  of different Hon’ble courts. The political and police nexus in different places in West Bengal is promoting local Cow markets (Garu-hat) and the illegal transportation for Cow Slaughter in ensuing Bakar Idd and taking huge amount of speed money-bribe from the unauthorized cow traders and transporters.

This news coming from every corners of West Bengal and the ruling TMC (All India Trinmool Congress) has framed a policy to allow maximum cow markets-cow slaughter for Bakar idd to satisfy its Muslim Vote Bank. For example, the Usthi PS has arranged an illegal Cow trade point just adjacent to Police Station itself (Northern side of PS, in between PS and Usthi Agricultural Nursery).  In Joynagar PS area, big cow markets are presently seen in Mouzpur and Biswanathpur villages. In Sahararhat (Falta PS), the Beef-eaters are canvassing such a illegal Cow market there on mike. Not only that, in some areas Police is trying illegal Cow Slaughter in new places under political pressure.

terrorist muslims

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On 12-10-2012, Sri Sudip Singh (M. +919831115206). Officer-in-Charge, Usthi Police Station invited Sri Pintu Mahish of vill-Pianjganj for a discussion over a General Diary made by him (Pintu Mahish) on 4-10-2012 through registered post (book no. 9508, receipt no. 178). In course  of the discussion, Mrs. Papiya Sultana, Deputy Superintendent of Police (Falta Zone, Ph.  2448-0366 , M. +919874690988 , Fax-03174-241100), South 24 Parganas also appeared in that meeting very interestingly. Through out the meeting, the Police authority pressurized Pintu for negotiating a cow slaughter in Pianjganj village. A bold Pintu negated the proposal of Police to allow cow slaughter in that village only to satisfy the Muslim brothers and sisters of the Muslim Police Officer Papiya Sultana. Further he said to the police officials not to favour anybody but to uphold the law of the land and the verdicts of Hon’ble Courts. It is heard that the O/C of Usthi Police Station is hatching a plan to allow the cow slaughter by a crooked means and set a further meeting on 13-10-2012 evening. But, so far it is gathered that the Police has not formally invited the village leaders of Pianjganj in the All Party Meeting on 13-10-2012. But, a resolution may be adopted to permit an OPEN COW SLAUGHTER IN PIANGANJ VILLAGE violating all the rules in broad day light.

It was very much astonishing that an Officer-in-Charge is negotiating for an illegal cow slaughter in a convened meeting and a Deputy Superintendent of Police is trying to convincing their inability to do anything if such a cow slaughter may happen in a cattle house of a personal occupancy. All the proceedings say a police intention to allow an illegal cow slaughter in Pianganj area, where Hindus are united to resist it in both legal and agitational way.

Police and Rapid Action Force (RAF) also entered and enquired into the village of Pianjganj and took some sample of  posters of Bangiya Arya Pratinidhi Sabha Posters from the wall where a SAVE COW – SAVE NATION call was envisaged in connection of a Rashtra Raksha Sammelan (Protect the Nation Meet) on 09-10-2012 at Kolkata. The Kolkata Police did not allow that meeting to make a repression upon the Save Cow Activists and maintained the State Policy of Miss Mamata Banerjee (Chief Minister, West Bengal) to curb out all the Hindu Force from West Bengal step by step.

On the other hand, cross border cow transportation and cow-theft in rural areas in North 24 Pgs, South 24 Pgs, Nadia and Murshidabad are getting optimum rates due the inaction of BSF and State Police in West Bengal.

Mamta Maassama Khatun openly said that killing Indian cow or eating cow meat is her birth right – she made such comments to appease muslims. Infact in parliament she created massive hue and cry when “STOP COW SLAUGHTERING” bill was introduced in the floor. While even staunch muslim leaders were supporting the bill it was only fanatic Mamta Khatoon who opposed the bill and the bill was never materialized.

anti Hindu Mamta Masama Khatoon - mamata banerjee religion islam

How can Hindus in these police and BSF force be so inactive, that they have become pawns and cadres of TMC’s islamic agendas.

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While West Bengal is urging Muslims to Slaughter Cows…what other states are doing

Like MP, other BJP-ruled states such as Gujarat have banned cow slaughter and the sale, purchase and transportation of beef.

The Karnataka under BJP govt had banned Cow Slaughter but when Congress regained power, they re-initiated the evil act from the swearing ceremony itself.

Tamil Nadu bans cow slaughter but not the consumption of beef.

In Punjab and Haryana, cow slaughter is a criminal offence. The sale of beef is banned but consumption is not penalised.

Maharashtra bans the killing of cows but bullocks, female buffaloes and calves can be killed on getting a fit-for-slaughter certificate. So Cows are still killed in muslim dominated areas due to loose laws and its implementation.

West Bengal’s Animal Slaughter Control Act bans the slaughter of healthy cows with offences carrying jail terms of up to six months. There is no ban on the consumption of beef or slaughter if carried out in government or municipal slaughterhouses after a certificate from a veterinarian. The act exempts slaughter for religious purposes. The Supreme Court has said however that such exclusions are illegal. (telegraph, kolkatta).

How Begum Mamta’s Islamic govt later Let off these 13 trucks – carrying over 500 Indian cows to be slaughtered by Butchers

Its a raw video filmed by a Cow Protector

Hindus were beaten and dragged to police stations by the local cops. While five Hindus have been arrested for fight against illegal cow slaughter and trying restoration of the provision of laws and Hon’ble orders of apex and Calcutta High Court, the illegal cow traders and the Muslim offenders were set scot free. To continue killing cows and sell beef illegally. No Muslims were arrested so far for illegal cow trading, carrying near Khunsuni Kalitala, Paniara, Panchpara or Dhulagari. Several such videos were placed as a proof in the court of law but TMC govt pressed heavy charges against Hindus to assure that they remain jailed and muslims can carry inhuman and evil act of killing cows.

How a local Hindu Samiti was Harassed under Islamic Mamta Benerjee’s Rule

Begum Mamta Banerjee takes monthly review strictly and sees to it that all funds allocated to muslim appeasement and welfare schemes are consumed at each level properly. If with such responsibility, she had taken cognizance of Hindus as well then infiltration and terrorism breeding would not have happened under her islamic regime.

You breed like insects, Trinamool Congress govt is there to support your islamic motives of making Hindus minority in their own homeland.

How Breeding of Muslims Supported with Reservation, Rejecting Same Facilities to other minorities.

Discrimination is an instrument to appease one minority than others. And TMC govt is communal. Jain minority deprived off loans in West Bengal for not being a Muslim! Archives: Hon’ble Calcutta High Court ordered West Bengal Government in West Bengal Minorities Development and Finance Corporation (WBMFC) to be restrained from conferring any benefit on any person under the relevant scheme of ‘Term Loan Scheme for  the minorities of West Bengal’ as notified  July 16, 2010 pending disposal of the case of one Sanjib Kumar Jain vs WBMFC vide WP No. 10399(W) of 2012 .

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In his landmark order on 3rd July 2013, Justice Sanjib Banerjee asked the State respondents to file affidavit to clear their stand to exclude Jain communities from the state notification upon which the advertisement was published to give term loans to all six minority communities of West Bengal as Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Sikh, Parsee and Jain.

It is alleged in the writ petition filed in Calcutta High Court that the petitioner, Sanjib Kumar Jain’s  prayer for sanction of term loan has been refused on the ground that he does not belong to Muslim community.

Sanjib, an unemployed youth from Lalgola, Murshidabad applied for a term loan of Rs 1 lac from West Bengal Minorities Development and Finance Corporation. On the merit of his application he was interviewed on 2nd February 2011 and instructed to arrange one person for loan security and the matching amount for drawing the loan.

Sanjib completed all the formalities but was being refused time and again by the authorities of  WBMFC and finally he was got a clue that one Muslim citizen of Murshidabad got the loan of Rs.66,500/- depriving his claim in the same period.

mamata banerjee is muslim for west-bengal integration with Bangladesh

Being aggrieved Sanjib filed a writ petition bearing WP No. 10399 (W) of 2012 highlighting his case of deprivation as he is a Jain but not a Muslim.

Only Muslims benefit Jainese, Buddhists, Hindu SC/STs are ill-treated

The allegation is rather serious in as much as none can be discriminated on the ground of religion ordinarily.

Actually, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists and Zoroastrians (Parsees) have been notified as minority communities under Section 2 (c) of the National Commission for Minorities Act, 1992. As per Census 2001, the percentage of minorities in the country is about 18.4% of the total population of the country, of which Muslims are 13.4%; Christians 2.3%; Sikhs 1.9%, Buddhists 0.8% and Parsees 0.007%. But, the 0.4% Jains were not included in the Section 2 (c) of the NCMA, 1992 under a certain conspiracy. When all the census from 1951 (post independence) were conducted under a segregation of  Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains from Hindus, then why the minority status of the Jains are not conferred to them?

In 2007, Jains were included in the minority list of West Bengal through an important legislation. On 27th Sept, West Bengal government  accorded minority status to the Jain community in response to their long-pending demand.

“So far Muslim, Buddhist, Parsee, Christian and Sikh communities were included among minorities, now the Jains have been included,” the then Minority Affairs minister Abdus Sattar said in the floor of WB Assembly. But poor Jains are deprived off with such benefits. The status of other minorities is still unclear since very few of them are unaware of it.

Taking funds from central government – All welfare schemes are promoted in the name of muslim benefits and their upliftments so other non-muslim people are always in the dark. And muslims are up for grabs, as beggars, in taking benefits. Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists do not get any benefit of minority schemes.

In the website of West Bengal Minorities Development and Finance Corporation, it is clearly stated that, “The Govt. of West Bengal has also notified Jain Community as a Minority Community but as this community is not on the Central government List, it can avail benefits of only those schemes which are undertaken out of the fund granted by the State Government.”

In the present case of sanction a loan upto Rs 1 lac comes under state purview and the loan upto Rs. 5.00 lacs needs approval of NMDFC of Central Govt. As such, the West Bengal State authority can arrange such funds for term loans etc (upto one lac) for Jains, when WB Govt are allocating huge funds for Imam/Muazzin honorarium etc from state revenue, even in an impugned manner.  So, the case of deprivation made upon Sanjib Kumar Jain is bad in law and a blatant violation of Rights to Equality. Moreover, Sanjib has been  discriminated for being a Jain and  not being a Muslim. This is very much dangerous to the entity of the secular texture of Indian Constitution.

As per source, the West Bengal are now trying to suppress various documents and orders for discarding the claim of the present petitioner and disown the status of Jains as minorities in West Bengal. This is alarming enough as none can be discriminated on the ground of religion ordinarily by appeasing others. The Muslim appeasement in West Bengal has no bound here and word ‘Minority’ has been equated with the word ‘Muslim’. Sanjib and other non-Muslim minorities are the victims of this serious situation pampered by one and only Mamata Banerjee (read Mamatz Banu Arjee), the CM, West Bengal.

Mamata Banerjee House of Islam Proponent (Darul Islam in Full Flow)

The Distribution of Islamic Claws on Islamization of West Bengal

Click on the image for enlarged view

mamata banerjee family is islamized so they are islamizing west bengal

Three pertinent questions come here for decision that 1. What is the criteria in India for being minority? When 13.4% Muslims (now touching 20%) in the country is considered as minority, why 0.7% Jains are not given minority Status? 2. While a Hon’ble Court in U.P.  questioned the minority status of 17% Muslims in Uttar Pradesh, then why a huge number of Muslim like 35% Muslims in West Bengal are given Minority status? and 3. In India, under the “Multi Sectoral Development Programme” 99 MCD, 338 Towns and 1228 CD Blocks have been declared as “Minority Concentration districts” ranging the status of lowest 17.63%  Muslims (Gulbarga, Aandhra Pradesh) to the highest 63.67% Muslims (Murshidabad, West Bengal).  There are over 1200 Blocks/Towns/MCD where Hindus are synchronized as minority maintaining the above parameter. Then why minority Hindus are not given facilities under MsDP there?

Such a thinking of appeasement by politics is a curse to Indian unity in diversity. Politics in India is empowering such a group of fanatics who does believe more in Sharia than Indian Constitution. It may pave another partition of India.

A patriot Indian, Sanjib Kumar had to fight in court to get minority loan while a common muslim even with criminal background could easily avail loan under Mumtaz Mamata Banerjee Begum regime.  If this is not appeasement of criminals and criminalization of West Bengal then what is this ?

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Opening Railway Route to Muslim Bangladeshis to increase their infiltration

Begum Mumtaz Banerjee strongly advocated that India should play a pivotal role in the Trans-Asian Railway and that rail links between Bangladesh and Nepal should be reintroduced. In all, she had introduced 19 new trains for the 2000–2001 fiscal year. And true to her agenda hiked Bangladeshis infiltration to manifolds.

islamic terrorist mamata banerjee

Is Mamata Maassama Mumtaz Banerjee Terrorist ? As per US Laws

US being developed state has simple and strict program to detain temporarily in their international airports:

1) A Muslim surname or

2) Past interviews or speech advocating terrorism or muslim appeasement or

3) Past suspicious activity against Nation

Just based on these three parameters, US deem such people as suspects or terrorists. Even if that individual belong to other country – involved in any such activity or background. Mamta Banerjee fulfills all these above qualities so by US logic, Khatoon Mamta Banerjee is a terrorist and a suspect. Indian govt talks about open thinking and security on par with US facilities. Would Indian govt keep close watch on her with detectors to trace her movements like US does with suspects. SPREAD the TRUTH and Save West Bengal…Save India. Or else with adjacent border to islamist bangladesh it could easily merge and become part of ONE BANGLADESH – the eventual aim of fanatic bangladeshis.

If you cannot take to streets to fight back mercilessly against muslim goons then at least do your part and share the post through your social media profiles among Hindu brothers and sisters. You pledge to share this article with at least 10 Hindu friends. We need to spread awareness among our (bengali) brothers and sisters who are lacking spirit of aggression and Hindu unity.

Democracy and Secularism is not Response to Bengali Muslim’s Islamic Terrorism But…

Pathagiri is… Click on the Image Below to Know History and Tricks of Pathagiri

gopal patha saved bengal hindus culture

updated Sept 2016

terrorist mamata banerjee west bengal

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  • OP Gaddhyan says:

    Real face of Mamta Banerjee is exposed through this write- up/ message.
    All non- Muslims to unite and raise voice against her.

  • Suraj k ratti says:

    God Bless India always for another millennium india should always be union sovereign Republic


    what will happen to dharma if messenger of lord hari great narendra modiji has to accept slap from a woman mother mamata banerjee as a blessings openly in public?do you still proud of your dharma?spit on your hand and put the spit on your face you pet lions (dogs)of mother durgas(women)

    • ARUNAVA BISWAS says:

      from the day i have started to excecute dharma i am being insulted almost everyday by my family,classmates, i spit on my hand and put that spit all over my face almost all should do this.this age is of mother sunney leone,prabhu sharukh khan and lord stephen hawking and their worshippers

      • governorgeneral says:

        Don’t worry, the hells await for you anyways after your pathetic life ends. I suggest you at least try to repent for your blaspheming of dharma otherwise your soul will never reach salvation. Then again I hope you suffer in hells for eternity

  • What a horrible of West Bengal

  • Hello. Main thode mahine pehle Kolkata gayi thi, zindagi mein Pehli baar. Waha itne saare muslims dekh kar main ghabra gayi. Wahan par shopping mall jaisi modern jagah per bhi bahut saare kattar Mulle aur unki burke waali wives dikhi. Aur to aur, in mullo ne vegetarian restaurants ko bhi nahi choda. Bhala in muslims ko vegetarian restaurants per kya kaam 🙁

  • Though i have spent lots of time near the WB Bangladesh border, your post is a eye opener. Much of North bengal is populated by Bangladeshi moslems. There is open cattle slaughter in all of these villages. A day before ID you can find hefty bulls outside each home meant for slaughter. Not a day goes by when scores of emaciated bulls and ox are paraded on the streets to be slaughtered. They are paraded without food and drink in the scorching summers for 100s of Kilometers. All life forms are sacred not just bovines. Bengalis are voracious meat eaters and is difficult to find a veg restaurant anywhere. Meat markets are found in every street and filled with the screams of hens and goats. No wonder cancer instances and renal failure cases abound in WB. Bengalis are the fattest and the laziest of all. My land lord was a read “bong brahmin” but an avide meat eater. Bengali women have the cake when it comes to being carnivorous. Second is the dairy industry and bengal tops it for even a diabetic bengali with a 300 sugar cannot help eat Rosgullas and chamchams which are available at 5 rs a piece. They dont just eat one, they buy a pot of it. If sanatana dharma has to be awakened, people need to give up meat. The divine mother isnt goint to tolerate the killing of her helpless offsprings. Even dairy has to be boycotted. Everytime we drink milk we are slaughtering a calf. There is nothing innocent about diary. The calf is isolated from the mother, kept in crates for a few weeks and then slaughtered as veal. The mother sheds tears of blood for her separated calf and vice versa. You dont need milk for your nourishment.

    • Radhe Radhe,

      Animal and cow slaughter should be banned in India. However drinking desi cow milk give nourishment and strength. Cow should be milked, calf cannot drink all the milk given by cow. It is also scientifically proven that cow experiences immense pain and physical problem due to presence of excess milk so milking helps in keeping her healthy. Calf if drinks lots of milk, it causes indigestion. The tradition of Bharat drinking milk originated from health and nourishment perspective both for cows and humans.

      Google “why mother cow is sacred haribhakt” and know more details.

      Similarly “why cow protection is scientific haribhakt”

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • Dev Saran Bhardwaj says:

    I am very much thankful to you Sir, becouse you are started the fight againest anti hindu forces we also support your vision ,work and braveness of anti hinduforces fight.maybe God will help you and us . I think as per constitutionally resoulve the problem If we support and elected to Modi Govt, only the man who resoulve the problums .so that work on the this phase, If modi ji will be stong possition then through constitution is very soon resoulve .

    • Hara Hara Mahadeva says:

      Radhe Radhe Dev Saran Bharadwaj ji,
      Our Constitution is Abrahamised. All the politicians irrespective of political parties are on the full scale to Abrahamise Bhaarat. Modiji or RSS or Hindu Organisations never help to Hinduise Bhaarat. Still Pasmanda Muslims (Most backward and Cunning Muslims) appeasement is done by Modi Government for vote bank. Please come out of Political Slavery and learn how to fight battle with Demonic Muslims. Share haribhakt website articles and create awareness about Jihadi Islam. Haribhakt website guided us how to fight with MUSLIMS in these articles. Boycott Muslims economically and socially. Buy weapons and kill them whenever Hindu bullying takes place in your residing area. Only retaliation can terminate the evils in Kali Yuga.

  • Anil Maharaj says:

    धन्यवाद! अभिनंदन! शत शत नमन!

    • Radhe Radhe Anil ji,

      Aapse anurodh hai ki aap is post ko jyada se jyada logo tak failaya apne social media accounts dwara- yeh lagbhag 4 saal purana post hai fir bhi is samay may bhi saarthak hai.

      Kyuki …dekha hoga aapne bengal ke basirhat may kukur musalmaano nay kis tarah se Hinduo ko maara pita, gharo ko jalaya – – sirf ek 17 saal ke ladke ke FB post ke virodh may (bahut se bahiyon ka murder aur maa beheno ka r@pe bhi hua hoga, par media cover nahi kar raha hai toh samachar kuch nahi hai Hinduo ke haalat ka, jab kuch saalo baad census ki ginti hogi tab pata chalega ki bahut saare Hinduo ki hatya hui aur baakiyo ko convert kiya gaya shaitani koum islam may).

      Aur sabse ghatiya baat yeh hui ki koi bhi media is Hindu utpidan ki ghatna ko cover nahi kar raha hai jabki Gau Mata ke hatyare aklaq ko media nay hero bana diya tha – sirf ek musalmaan ke marne pe itna bawal par bengal may roz Hindu maare jaa rahe hai uspe sab chup hai.

      Behad afsoos ki baat hai ki centre may BJP sarkar hotey hue bhi na kuch strict action liya gaya mamata begum ke against – na hi modi ji kuch bole, na rajnath ji.

      Isliye sab logo ko nind se jagane ke liye, is post ko jyada se jyada logo ke saath share kare.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • Vinod Kumar says:

    Please give a link to watts ap

  • Raj agarwal says:

    That is a great article and well researched

    • Radhe Radhe Raj ji,

      Thanks for reading it.

      We request you to please share the article with most people possible, all our Hindu brothers and sisters, to avoid islamization of West Bengal and unification with Bangladesh.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • Its people of west Bengal is responsible for this, Why they voting for such Politicians Like Mamta & earlier for Leftist. Why they not fighting for this.

    • Radhe Radhe Mahesh ji,

      Yes people are responsible as most of them are unaware due to their staunch leanings towards indigenous identity – they are not thinking for long terms of themselves (and next generation). It is only possible to throw the corrupt islamic TMC govt, if there is a opposition leader who thinks about India and is strong enough to give befitting response to the atrocities of mamata begum. He or she should be fierce and ferocious in the approach. And need huge support base.

      Unfortunately BJP is not doing its duty in Bengal even though it is seen as the savior of patriots and native Indians (Hindus). Even after decades of presence, BJP is unable to project a strong leader opposite jihadi mamata massamma begum. Their failed strategy and blindfoldedness along with laid-back approach of Hindu Bengalis is killing legacy of great leaders like Subhash Chandra Bose ji while islamizing the state.

      We can put our share of efforts and spread this article with maximum Hindus possible in Bengal. Awareness is the only solution to decimate islamic TMC from the state and roll apostle of terrorism mamata begum to the ground.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • Sir, a peaceful practical solution; make arrangements with USA, Canada, Australia and other liberal countries for complete mass migration of Hindu population from India to these countries to seek asylum even as second class citizens and leave India completely to muslims. No other practical solution possible. Hindus being peaceful people will be welcomed by most countries. Please think on this direction. Please recall Matsya Avatar and the solution is there.

    • Radhe Radhe Venkata ji,

      There will be millions of cults (like islam, christianity) that will come and vanish till the end of Kaliyug but Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism) will remain and exists like it has been since eternity.

      No one can capture India, we native Indians (Hindus) are born with a zeal and bravery to protect our motherland while fighting with traitors and enemies (internal/external).

      We do not need to beg other countries. We are well placed on our own. Instead of pleading foreigners, the best solution is to plead our own Hindu sisters and brothers to help us all in removing casteism, regionalism and westernization so that we all Hindus remain united and become a force that is powerful enough to retaliate with earth shattering response against enemies.

      Please read and share all articles in your social media, whatsapp posts – given in our haribhakt site so that we spread awareness among Hindu brothers and sisters.

      Jai Shree Krishn

    • Vedic brahman says:

      Thats insane. We are 72 percent .muslim pigs are only 14 percent .we literally can smash all muslims out of bharat. If we unite.
      Why should we (hindus)always comprimise.i will never leave āryavarta(bhārat).rather i will kick muslim and christian pigs out of my desh.stop following secular indian constitution. Lets make a new constitution of bharat based on samhitas and vedas.

    • Vedic brahman says:

      Christians have nearly 90 nations .muslims have nearly 40. We hindus dont even have 1.and now u are suggesting us to run away from our only nation. To protect dharma violence is needed and that is said by krishna in bhagavadgita.stop acting like a scared fox and be like a lion ready to hunt.

  • Ground reality-Hindu’s can never be united because of the cast system. Brahmin’s and other upper cast feel they are superior and even many sant mahatma support such thinking on various channels by their speeches. Cast system and brahmins are major reason behind downfall of hindu dharma. Until this problem is resolved, hindu unity is a nice dream.

    • Radhe Radhe Sunny Ji,

      Please do not spread few aberrations as the norm. We know so many Brahmins and Sages who work for the upliftment of downtrodden people and who are aware of true Varna System which was/is the basis of our society and not caste system.

      What is Varna System check here –

      My brother, what you are doing to unite Hindus, If we all work hard towards uniting Hindus then it will definitely happen.

      Spread the truth among Hindu brothers and sisters so that we all work unitedly to make Bharat Mata, a Vishwa Guru again.

      And the same propaganda is not promoted again that can make Bharat a colonialized regime –

      Jai Shree Krishn

    • Vedic brahman says:

      Brahmins and kshatriyas are minorities of our country with only 5 % and 4% population out of which half are below poverty line .the real reason for no unity among hindus is because of secularism. Not us.

  • I fully agree with you on the issues you enlightened.
    But atleast one step has been taken by them to give shelter to our paksitani Hindus.They have been provided with visas and some have been granted citizenship of India.
    I also agree with you to be aggressive and fight against love j*had and these malecchas.
    Jai Shri Krishna!

    • Radhe Radhe,

      Hindu festivals are target of these love jihadis. Navratri is about to happen, the preying eyes of mlecchas (muslims) would hunt for our Hindu sisters. These morons pose as Hindus, sport tika, don cultural attires and then lure our Hindu sisters away. By the time, our Hindu sisters are aware that they are victims of love jihad – they are already very intimate to these morons and they have no choice but to submit to the barbaric islamic vision. In the first 10 days before Navratri, we should be running awareness campaigns among our Hindu sisters – starting it from our home. This is the only way with which we can save our Hindu girls from the clutches of mlecchas (muslims).

      Jai Shree Krishn

    • Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

      Radhe Radhe Pratyush Ji,

      No use, after all Modi Sarkar allotted Rs.100 crores for upkeep and modernization of madarsas. So we voted BJP and paid taxes for such anti-Hindu decisions. Why every party takes us for granted because we are not AGGRESSIVE.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • Lalit kumar ji,
    Jai Shri Ram!
    Your articles are just awesome,Keep going!
    I wanted to add something- The congress Government was giving subsides to people who were slaughtering cows and helping them in all means rather than giving subsidy to farmers.
    We all should support RSS,BJP and VHP!
    May bholenathji bless all my Hindu brother and sisters

    • Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

      Radhe Radhe Pratyush Ji,

      The main problem is that every party in India be it BJP or other take Hindus for granted because we as Hindus are not AGGRESSIVE and DEMANDING as muslims and these parties keep licking boots of non-Hindus, appeasing them to the core.

      Modi Sarkar came and what we got in first month of its rule…

      1) Cow slaughter subsidy continues…
      2) Bus service announced from Bangladesh to India/Vice-versa by Sushma Ji – expect more infiltrations of bangladeshis
      3) 20% Hike in existing Hajj subsidies to muslims based on taxes paid by Hindus and temple donations
      4) New lodging houses to be constructed by Modi Sarkar for muslims as additional set of facilities in hajj pilgrim.
      5) Construction of Muslim universities announced in the lines of Aligarh Muslim University which is breeding ground for terrorists.
      6) Renovation and modernisation of Madarasas, which is yet another breeding place for islamic terrorists and sleeper cells…

      Now still you trust Modi Sarkar for Hindu Cause then my brother, I think you are overviewing the recent developments.

      We Hindus voted Modi Ji for Hindutva Bharat not for muslim appeasement.

      Development of a country is job of a Prime Minister so what Modi Ji will be doing for us is NOT CHARITY but his RESPONSIBILITY ….We did n’t voted for ONLY development but Hindutva Bharat, We all had a feeling and seen in him a staunch Hindu and leader of Hindutva cause, now these feelings are slowly getting evaporated.

      The only SOLUTION – Hindus should unite and become AGGRESSIVE in their DEMANDS.

      Jai Shre Krishn

  • I just love u for what u have been doing for my Hindu religion.I salute u for the courage & guts shown by u by publishing great things in ur web-site.Keep going.

    • Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

      Radhe Radhe Jagdish Ji,

      Thanks for your support brother. Please spread the posts and share them in all social media sites that you are member of. Support this not-for-profit website by sharing the posts with every Hindu brother and sister you know personally or socially.

      We need to create massive awareness among Hindus – who are devoid of truth and facts.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • राजीव यादव says:

    dear sir if everybody start thinking इन ur style इ म sure nobody कैन stop india to be अ super power

    • Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

      Radhe Radhe राजीव यादव Ji,

      Thanks for the supportive feedback. Please spread the message of this site with Hindu brothers and sisters so that we are successful in uniting all Hindus, blurring the caste lines.

      Awareness is the key to make Hindus know about their past and how present non-Vedic system is abusing them. Keep reading.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • Pehle sab Hindus ko ek hona padega. andar andar jagadna bandh karna padega tabhi kuch ho payega ese logo ka.
    Jis din mera dimag gaya sale ese logo ko bich choraahe par kaat dalunga .
    Bahot ho gaya ab “Jaago hindu jaago” BJP ko vote do aur Hindutva ki lehar dekho..
    Yeh Hindustan hai in bc, Mc Muslimo ko batana padega ab to pakka kuch karna padega nahi to yeh mulle sir par chad jayenge . Saale pakio tumko to me kaat k.. Kacha chaba jaaunga..

    • Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

      Radhe Radhe Vishal Ji,

      We understand your aggressiveness and anguish. I fully agree with you brother we all should get united and fight against islamization of India. Its NOW or NEVER.

      This time, I am seeing, Hindus are getting united and we would see on 16th May the realization of collective #mission272+.

      Abki Baar Modi Sarkar

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • HAMZA aLI says:

    Yes I completely agree. Muslims of Bengal should come out openly and oppose Bangladeshi muslims. After all they do not belong to India.

    • Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

      Radhe Radhe Hamza Ji,

      The same sentiments should be shown by all patriot muslims (if such muslims do exist) to throw out bangladeshi muslims. Please spread the truth and follow Vedic teachings of brotherhood.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  • M V N Appa Rao says:

    Her name is Maisooma Khatun not Massamma Khatoon … please correct the name…. in her school days her bread winner family head had to change her name to Hindu type because of obvious reasons 🙂

    • Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

      Jai Shree Krishn M V N Appa Rao Ji,

      We found more than 3 names: mumtaz, fiza and massama (more often than other two) but not maisooma in any of the references we researched, can you please suggest your source of reference and we would definitely add the name accordingly.

      May Lord Krishn Bless All Devout Hindus,
      Lalit Kumar HariBhakt

      • The information given here is well known by citizens of West Bengal. But since Hindus are given third grade treatment, now we all have realized that the whole world should know the truth. Thanks Friend.

        • Lalit Kumar Haribhakt says:

          Radhe Radhe Himanshu Ji,

          It might be commonly known by public at large but still it could be news for some others. You also spread the truth with other Indians. Keep reading other posts.

          Jai Shree Krishn