Mahabharat History and timelines

Indians are taught since childhood that Mahabharat and Ramayan are mythologies which is complete lie based on distorted thoughts fabricated by brits to demean culture of Bharat and Hinduism. However, the date and time of Mahabharat is so accurate (based on perfect constellations, movement of celestial planets) that it puts bible and koran to shame, on the contrary, these recent books seem to be the act of fictional writers, as exact birth dates of its founders jesus and mohammed is still not found by their followers – In one religion they know only birth date in other cult they consider different years of birth.

Hindus should be proud of themselves while calling Ramayan and Mahabharat as historical incidents and not mythologies because characters of Ramayan and Mahabharat were not fictional, they existed and there are several monumental proofs to support this fact – Proofs of Ramayana and Evidences of Mahabharata.

Let us discuss on dates and timelines of major events that occurred during end of Dwapar Yug.

Mahabharata Timelines (Chronology)

Historical Dates of Mahabharat’s Major Incidents

The Beginning of an End of Adharm

Based on the astrological information provided by Ved Vyas (Position of the stars etc), Mahabharat war was estimated to have started on 3067B.C. on 22nd November. On the day of the war, the astrological positions of the Sun, Moon, Rahu, Saturn, Guru, Mangala and Sukra planets have been described by Vyas. By looking at the position based on Panchangam, Indian Calendar, and matching with the position of the stars described by Vyas and comparing with the Julian Calendar, one can arrive at the precise dates for the war. Furthermore all other related incidents that took place before and after the war were described in Mahabharat, and the dates for these can be precisely matched with the Julian calendar, as further established below.

To make it comprehensible for readers, the dates are represented in Julian calendar.

Revathi Nakshatra in Mahabharat

Shri Krishna made a last minute effort to make peace but failed. He left the Upaplavya city (Matsya Kingdom ruled by king Virata) on Kaartika Shuddha Dvadasi day in Revati Nakshatra (star) between 7:36 – 8:24AM. He reached Hastinapur in Bharani Nakshatra, and had discussions with the Kouravas till Pushyami Nakshatra. The day Duryodhana rejected the peace proposal was Krishna Panchami. Krishna left Hastinapur, and had consultations with Karna before he departed. (He revealed to Karna that he was the eldest son of Kunti) on Uttara Palghuni day. Krishna informed Karna that Duryodhana must get ready to fight, seventh day from that day, which will be Amaavasya day (New-moon day) with Jyeshta Nakshatra. Krishna returned to Upaplavya city on Chitta Nakshatra. Three days after that on Anuradha Nakshatra Balarama came to Upaplavya. Next Pushya Nakshtra day Pandavas left with Krishna to Kurukshetra.

Fifteen days after return from Upaplavya city, Balarama left on Punarvasu Nakshatra on the tour of sacred places. (Balarama did not want to participate in the war that involved cousins on both sides). He returned to Kurukshetra after forty-two days in the Shravana Nakshatra. The war already started eighteen days back. On the nineteenth day, Bahula Caturdashi day on Shravana Nakshatra, Duryodhana died. It was the fifty-ninth day after Amaavasya with Jyeshta Nakshatra.

Krishana returned from Hastinapur after his unsuccessful peace mission on Uttara Palghuna day. Starting from that day, the seventh day is New-moon day (Amaavasya) with Saturn on Rohini Nakshatra as explained by Ved Vyas. Rahu was approaching the Sun, and the Moon was turning towards Amaavasya (New-Moon day).

36 years after the Mahabharat war, Yadav kula was destroyed. This was predicted by Krishna by astrological happening – “Rahu has compressed Purnima on Chaturdasi day. This happened once before the Mahabharata war and again will be happening soon and this will lead to our destruction”. He remembered Gandhari’s curse on the Yadav kula.

Mahabharat dates anfd times Yadav Kula death

Astrologically a strange phenomenon occurred during the Mahabharat war.

Astrology in Mahabharata

Signs of the Sky on the Massive Destruction Ahead

The lunar cycle (paksha – normally is 15 days) sometimes happens in fourteen days. But during the Mahabharat war-time a rare thing happened – the paksha got compressed to 13 days. This aspect has been discussed in the Bhishma parva – 3rd Adhyay. Guru and Shani are in Vaishaka, Moon and the Sun entered in the same house one after the other making Amaavasya on the Trayodasi day it self . This peculiar condensation of the thithis into thirteen from fifteen is a rare phenomenon as discussed by Vyas in Mahabharat and has inevitably followed by mass destruction due to war. This incident provided a direct means to establish the precise date of Mahabharat war.

According to Julian calendar this type of planetary collusion occurred definitely in 3076 BC in November. Vyas writes:

Caturdashiim panchadashiim
Bhuuta puurvamca shoodhashiim
Imaantu naabhi jaaneham
Amaavaasyaam trayodashiim
Chandra suurya bhougrastou
Ekamevam trayodashiim
AparvaNi grahaNe tou
Prajaa sakshapaishyataH

“I have seen fourteen days a paksha, fifteen day completion or extension to sixteenth day also. This Amaavasya falling on the thirteenth day itself I have never seen before” – says Vyas. That, on the same month Sun and Moon eclipses falling during the missing tithies is a rare phenomenon, resulting in large-scale disaster to people.

Amaavasya - Mahabharat dates and times

Shastra Puja By Pandavas and Kouravas

The Worship of Weapons

One month before, in Margashira, during Purvaashhada Nakshatra, armies of Pandavas and Kouravas have assembled on the West and the East sides of the Hiranya river, respectively. The next day was Navaratri and Durga Puja day. Duryodhana was itching for the war. That evening Duryodhana sends a word with Shakuni’s son Uluka, ” We have finished the prayer to the arms and everybody is ready – why there is further delay in starting the war?” The next day, Margashira Shudda Ekadashi day, in Kritika Nakshatra, the war started. Hence, the famous Bhagavad Geeta teaching also started on that day. The war began at 6:30 am. The date according to Julian calendar was 22nd November, 3067B.C.

Major Events of Mahabharat

Other Notable Incidences of Mahabharat that Occurred

Bhishma’s death:

Maagha Shuddha Ashtami day in Rohini Nakshtra in the afternoon that 58th day after the war started, Bhishma died. ( This is the actual death – He actually fell in the war on the 10th day after the war started when dozens of arrows pierced through his body).

bhisma death on krishna's feet

Shri Krishna’s Birth – He was born on 3112B.C. on Friday at 11:40 PM.

Pandavaas Birth – Yudhisthira was born on August 31, 3114BC, Tuesday (Mangala Vaaram) Shudda Panchami JyeshhTaa Nakshatra – He was 696 days elder to Krishna.

Bhima was 347 days younger to Yudhisthira. – Krishna Trayodashi, Makha Nakshatra, and Arjun was 303 days younger to Bhima. Shukla Chaturdashi Soma Vaaram (Monday) Uttara Phalguni Nakshtra.

When Pandavaas came to Hastinapur after the death of their father Pandu, it was 3091BC and Yudhisthira was 14 years, 9 months and 11 days old.

When he was coranated by Bhishma as a prince, Yudhisthira was 20 years, 1 month and 26 days old. (November, 3094BC).

They reached Varanasi in Palguna Shuddha Ashtami Rohini Nakshtra.

Droupadi’s Swayamvar in 3091BC, April – to reach the Wax-house it took 10 days for Pandavaas. They stayed there for an year. After the burning of the wax-house, they spent six months in the Shaalihotraa’s ashram and seven months in Ekachatra city.

Draupadi Swayamvar marriage with Arjun

The second coronation and building of Indraprasta was in November 3091BC, seven months after the marriage.

Rajasuuya yagna was performed after Arjuna’s dig vijay yatra – It took five years and six months for Arjuna. Subhadra’s marriage was in April 3084BC. Three months after that was Khadava vana dahanam.

Abhimanyu was born in 3083BC, February.

Our age Kaliyug started in 3105BC, October 13th, Amaavaasya Mangala (Tuesday) Jyeshata Nakshatra – Kali was born. This was the most inauspicious day.

The next Pournima day (Full-moon day) was full eclipse of the Moon, October 1, 3104BC. That was the day, when the five grahs along with moon were in Dhanishta Nakshatra.

Dharmaja’s Rajasuya – Fifteen years before the Mahabharata war was the Rajasuuya yagna of Dharmaja. That day was Amaavasya (new-moon day) Jyeshta Mula Nakshtra . Yudhisthira shakam started in 3082BC, October 26th . The gambling and the banishment of Pandavaas to forest was in November 3081BC, Margashira shukla-Trayodashi.

Vanavas was 12 years and living incognito was for one year (13 lunar years + 5 lunar months + 12 days or 13 solar years plus 18 days) – Bhishma calculates and declares that Dhurodhana’s calculations were wrong.

Ajnata Vaas (living incognito) began in Margashira 3069BC. Arjun was noticed on Margashira Krishna Navami, 3068BC.

The Great Mahabharat war began on 3067BC, Friday 22nd November, Margashira shudda ekadashi Nakshatra.

The war lasted for 18 days.

Dharmaraj ruled for only 36 years.

25 years later Yudhisthira shakam started. (Thursday October 26th).

Fifteen years after Dharmaja rule started, Dhutaraashtra, Gandhaari, Vidura, Kunti and Sanjaya left for Vaanaprasta (forest living). That year itself Vidura performed praayopavesham.

Two years after that Dhrutaraashtra, Gandhaari and Kunti got caught in the forest fire and died.

Sanjay was only left.

Shri Krishna left earth on 3031BC, April 13th Friday.

Pandavas Maaha Prasthan was in 3031BC, in November.

Pandavas Mahaprasthanam - Leaving earth

These are the dates that matched the Indian astrological description of the stars and the moon, and Julian Calendar predictions.

There is so much self consistency in all the events and the descriptions that it makes one to wonder. Based on these exact information Mahabhaarat must be Five thousand years Old (from today) as per the historical accounting.

The analysis is extremely precise and scientific, matching the astrological position of the Indian and the Julian Calendars.

The beauty and the scientific analysis of Bhagavad Geeta stand out as monumental contribution by the Mahabharat period to the mankind. Based on the above facts the historicity of Mahabharat cannot be questioned.


Saptagiri March 1995 Shri Janamaddi Hanumanta Rao, compiled by K Sadananda
Research by Prof K.S Raghavan and Validated by All India Panchanga Samskarana Sangha, ISRO & NASA
Pandit Radhashyam Shaastri (Haryana)
Shri D.R. Mankad, Ex Vice chancellor of Sourashtra University

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  1. I’m. A Christian and I read this for extra information there is no need to demean any religion here there is so much that anyone can speak but let’s get to the fact that we want to know about kurukshethra.

  2. Veerabhadra says:

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    1. Radhe Radhe Veerabhadra Ji,

      Thanks for giving another perspective.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  3. Vimal raj says:

    Dear brother…..which form is correct and how to write aum or om?…..aum represents trinity of gods and om represents what?aum is the only word can speak without use of tongue….but om cannot…..

    1. Radhe Radhe Vimal Ji,

      The correct form only is ॐ pronounced as ओ३म्

      ॐ and राम are pious sounds which are produced while opening of mouth and by the time we complete the sound our mouth is closed.

      For the sake of interaction in english we use Aum or OM which is incorrect.

      Jai Shree Krishn

  4. gaurav.punj says:

    what krishna was born on 3112B.C years ago ? and kaliyuga start in 3105BC, October 13th, ? when krishna was 7 years and then kali-yuga started ?
    after 38 years later mahabhatar started in kali-yuga? koi kahta mahabharat was on dawapar-yuga..
    and krishna left earth on kali-yuga in more than 50 years later in kaliyuga
    i don’t believe in crazy Research planetarium software …

    1. Radhe Radhe Gaurav Ji,

      One thing is for sure that Shree Krishna took abode in earth during transition phase – end of Dwapar Yug (and beginning of Kaliyug).

      Using planetary positions while recording history was very common practice among ancient Hindus. It is us who under negative impact of western culture stopped using astrology and started using flawed english calendar to record events, which is not based on correct observation of planetary movements.

      That is the reason there might be some discrepancies in matching up with accurate event dates of Mahabharat with flawed calendars of today.

      However, the dates reached are considered correct, as it is only possible to match up to this level.

      It is not easy to recreate historical events with dates but planetary positions mentioned in Mahabharat helped a lot the present astrologists to arrive at some dates. The accuracy of some of the alignments with the software itself proves that many events which occurred in Mahabharat happened in planetary placements which occur once in thousands of years, there are many which happen in hundreds of years! – this further asserts that Mahabharat did happened and Ved Vyas is definitely reincarnation of Bhagwan. As only Bhagwan can know about events that occur in thousands of years space of time and while recording events, Ved Vyas also gave importance to the planetary positions so that people can relate to the incident easily along with importance of these planets in the lives of earthlings.

      Jai Shree Krishn