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Chapter 92 Duryodhana’s Thigh is Broken and Bloodied By Bhima

Duryodhana’s sadness had no bounds when he saw Karna dead. Duryodhana’s anguish drove Kripacharya to great emotion, and he said: “We over-sacrificed our friends because we were driven by ambition and avarice. They have cheerfully endured it, laid down their lives on the battlefield, and reached the joyful realms above. You just have one option left to reconcile with the Pandavas. O King, stop carrying on this destructive conflict.”

Even in his extreme distress, Duryodhana did not appreciate this advice. “Maybe there was a time for it, but that time has long since passed. With all this unfathomable blood between us—our loved ones’ blood and theirs—what peace can there ever be between the Pandavas and us? How can I escape the scorn of the world if I give up to avoid dying? What joy can I possibly expect from a life so dishonourably saved? What happiness can I possibly hope to find in a peace that is protected by sovereignty after all of my brothers and relatives have been killed? ”

The others roared in approval at Duryodhana’s statements. They agreed with his position, decided on Salya, and gave him immediate ultimate authority.
Salya was as courageous and strong of limb as any of the fallen soldiers. Under his command, the army was positioned, and the conflict erupted vehemently. Yudhishthira was now directly in charge of the onslaught against Salya on behalf of the Pandavas. Everyone was shocked to see the man, who up until that point had been the exact epitome of gentleness, fighting so vehemently.

Long periods of even fighting followed before Yudhishthira flung his spear directly at Salya, striking him. Salya’s body lay motionless and covered in blood on the field, similar to the large flagstaff after the conclusion of a joyous event.

The Kaurava army had no hope left after Salya, the last of the great generals, died. But the remaining sons of Dhritarashtra banded together and surrounded Bhima. He killed all of them. Since Draupadi was humiliated in the Hall of Assembly, thirteen years prior, the son of Vayu had been feeding his raging rage. Now, grimly grinning, he thought to himself, “I have not lived in vain, but Duryodhana still lives.”

Attacking Sahadeva’s division was spearheaded by Sakuni. After some time, Sahadeva released a sword-arrow with a jagged edge, calling out, “Fool, here is the recompense for your enormous transgression.” It made a sword-like incision into Sakuni’s neck as it travelled straight. The head, which was the source of all the Kauravas’ evil acts, then rolled to the ground.

Without a leader, the shattered force dispersed and fled in all directions before being chased and wiped out by the triumphant losers ”

Only Duryodhana could be seen on that battlefield, fainting and severely wounded, out of the thousands of monarchs who championed thy cause in their pride and power.

“Thus entirely was annihilated thine army of eleven Akshauhinis, O! Bharata.” Sanjaya described the disaster to the king, who was blind.

Duryodhana tried all in his power to rally his beaten army, but in vain. Almost all by himself, he picked up his mace and headed towards a body of water. Water drew him in because his entire body was burning like fire. As he dove in, he thought to himself, “The wise Vidura knew what would happen and he informed us. What use is wisdom that is acquired too late? The consequences of what has been done must be endured. The law is that. In obstinate pursuit of their formidable foe, Yudhishthira and his brothers came there.”

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Yudhishthira screamed, “Duryodhana! After destroying family and clan, would you spare yourself death by hiding in this pond? What happened to your pride? Do you not feel shame? Come on up and battle. Are you afraid of conflict and death, a kshatriya by birth? ”

After being shocked by these statements, Duryodhana politely responded: “Dharmaputra, I did not come here fleeing for my life. I didn’t come here out of fear. I entered the water to put out the fire burning inside of me. I have neither a desire nor a fear of dying, so why should I fight? I no longer have anything left to fight for on earth! All those who supported me have died. I no longer seek the kingdom. I give you the entire planet without a competitor. Enjoy it in absolute authority ”

In response, Yudhishthira “That is really kind of you, especially considering that you previously swore you wouldn’t give us even a needle-point of land. You rejected our request when we begged for peace and urged you to give us a share. Now you say we could take everything. We do not battle for a kingdom or a piece of territory. Do I need to list all of your sins? You can only atone for the wrongs you inflicted to us and the cruelty you showed to Draupadi by giving your life ”

“When your son Duryodhana heard these harsh and brutal remarks made by Dharmaputra, he immediately rose from the water with a mace in his hand,” Sanjaya, who told the events to the blind old monarch, stated.

The unlucky Duryodhana stepped out of the water and said: “All of you, come one by one, as I am alone. You five won’t conspire to attack me since I’m defenceless, without armour, exhausted, and damaged all over ”

Yudhishthira retorted venomously: “Please explain to us how Abhimanyu was assaulted and slain if, in fact, it is wrong for many people to band together and attack one individual. Did you not approve of the throng uniting and assaulting the youngster who was by himself in your company? Yes, men do learn from their adversity and spread dharma and chivalry to others. Put on your helmet and armour. Select any of us and engage in combat. Win and become king, or die and go to swarga.”

As a result, Bhima and Duryodhana started fighting. When their maces collided, flames flew. Due to the same power and skill of Duryodhana and Bhima, the conflict lingered in question as the combat continued for a long time. Those who were standing by and watching were arguing who would win.

Bhima will fulfil the vow he made in the Hall of Assembly and break Duryodhana’s thighs, Krishna told Arjuna. When Bhima heard this, the recollection of the enormous indignation suddenly flashed clearly across his mind. He jumped like a lion and landed with his mace on Duryodhana’s thighs, breaking them, causing Duryodhana to fall heavily to the ground and eventually fall down from his injuries.

Bhima sprang onto his adversary’s prone body, stomped his huge foot on his skull, and performed a horrific dance.

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Bhima, stop! yelled Dharmaraja. “You’ve settled the revenge. A prince and a cousin, Duryodhana. Putting your foot on his head is improper.”

Krishna said: “The evil man’s spirit will soon leave his body. Pandu’s sons, Duryodhana, and his companions have all been killed. Why stay here? To your chariots, please ”

When Krishna uttered this, the prostrate Duryodhana’s face lit up with rage and fury like a burning fire. As he turned to face Krishna, he said: ” “By using crude methods, you engineered the demise of soldiers who heroically fought in accordance with the rules of battle. You could never have imagined beating Karna, Bhishma, or Drona in a fair battle. Do you still have any remnants of shame?”

Duryodhana had no remorse for whatever he had done, not even when he was dying.

“Duryodhana, you falsely blame people,” replied Krishna. “You committed countless evil actions motivated by greed and power-related ego, and now you are reaping what you sowed.”

Duryodhana said, “Wretch!” “When I was alive, I was a magnificent prince, a kind friend, and a deadly foe. I have experienced all human delights, including those that even Gods do not reject but which monarchs seek for in vain. The proper capstone to such a life is the death of a warrior. As I’m approaching death, I victoriously travel to Swarga to join my brothers and friends who have already arrived and are waiting to greet me. You continue to stay down here, having failed to achieve your goals and earning the scorn of all kshatriyas. I don’t mind Bhima placing his foot on my head when I’m lying on the ground, unable to move since my legs are shattered. What do I care? Will crow and vulture feet not land on my head in a few minutes more?”

Flowers began to fall from the skies as soon as Duryodhana stated this. Extreme desire led Duryodhana down the incorrect road, which was followed by rage and other dharmic transgressions. However, no one dared to doubt the unbreakable character of Dhritarashtra’s son.

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