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Chapter 88 Satyaki Almost Died and Bhurisravas Killed

The charioteer Krishna exclaimed to Dhananjaya, “There comes the brave Satyaki.”

“Your shishya and mitra is approaching, triumphantly piercing the defences of the adversary.”

“Madhava, I don’t like it,” Arjuna retorted. “He shouldn’t have left Dharmaputra and came here to be with me. Drona is constantly looking for a chance to take Dharmaputra. Satyaki ought to have remained at his place to watch after him. He has instead arrived here. Satyaki has been intercepted by Old Bhurisravas. Yudhishthira made a big error by sending Satyaki away from this place.”

Satyaki and Bhurisravas were constant enemies because of a family rivalry. It had developed in this manner. Many kings vied for the hand of Devaki, who would become the favoured mother of Sri Krishna, when she was a virgin. Somadatta and Sini engaged in a fierce struggle for her hand.

Sini triumphed, putting Devaki in his chariot and removing her on behalf of Vasudeva. The Sini family and the Somadatta clan have been at odds ever since that occurrence. The grandson of Sini was Satyaki.

Somadatta’s son was called Bhurisravas. It was only inevitable that when they found themselves on opposing sides in the battle of Kurukshetra, Bhurisravas would challenge Satyaki to a duel the moment he set eyes on the young warrior.

“Oh Satyaki, I know you swagger around believing yourself to be a man of great power,” shouted Bhurisravas. “I now control you and will put an end to you. I’ve looked for this meetup for a while. Similar to how Indrajit grievously attacked Dasaratha’s son Lakshmana, you will pass away today and enter Yama’s abode, bringing joy to many a widow who has lost a child.”

Satyaki guffawed, “Have finished your boasting,” he cut in. “Fighting men are not scared by words since they are not actions. Show your courage by deed and abstain from dry thunder like autumn clouds.”

Following this verbal exchange, the fight started, and it resembled a duel between two ferocious lions. Both of their chariots were destroyed, along with their horses and bows. They were now battling while seated on the ground, using swords and shields until both of their weapons were destroyed. Then, without using any weapons, they were engulfed in a lethal embrace.

Together, they collapsed to the ground. They sprang up and landed on top of one another.

They fell again, and the battle continued for a considerable amount of time.

Partha missed this fight between Satyaki and the son of Somadatta since his attention was at the moment on Jayadratha’s actions.

Krishna, however, the driver of his chariot, was quite worried about Satyaki. Krishna was aware of their interfamily conflict.

“Satyaki is worn out, Krishna said to Dhananjaya. Bhurisravas will immediately execute him.”

Still, Arjuna was merely observing what Jayadratha was doing.

Krishna repeated, “Satyaki, who arrived after a tough struggle with the Kaurava soldiers, has been compelled to accept Bhurisravas’ challenge. This conflict is really unfair. Beloved Yuyudhana would be killed if we don’t intervene for him.”

Yuyudhana is dead! All the warriors in the Kaurava army around him cried out as Bhurisravas picked Satyaki up and sent him crashing to the ground while Krishna was saying this.

Once more, Krishna pleaded: “The best member of the Vrishni clan, Satyaki, is lying practically lifeless on the field. Before your eyes, someone who came to aid you is being slain. You are passively observing this.”

Satyaki was pulled on the ground like an elephant by a lion when Bhurisravas grabbed hold of him while he was on his knees.

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Arjuna was experiencing intense mental anguish. “I have not challenged Bhurisravas to a combat, nor has he summoned me to war. How can I attack Bhurisravas when he is talking to someone else? Even if a buddy who came to rescue me is being killed in front of my eyes, my mind shudders at such an act.”

As soon as Arjuna completed speaking to Krishna, Jayadratha’s arrow cloud began to cover the sky. With a hail of arrows, Arjuna responded, but he kept turning in agony to Satyaki, who was being held captive by Bhurisravas.

Krishna urged Arjuna to take Satyaki’s situation into account once more. “O Partha, Satyaki has no more weapons and is now powerless under Bhurisravas’ control.”

When Arjuna turned, he found Bhurisravas standing over Satyaki’s lifeless body with his sword lifted in preparation to kill him.
Before Bhurisravas could strike the deadly blow, Arjuna fired an arrow that flew like lightning, and the elevated arm dropped to the ground with the sword still in it the very next second. All in awe, Bhurisravas turned to look at the perpetrator.

“Son of Kunti, I did not anticipate this from you, he cried. This kind of behind-the-back shooting is not appropriate for a fighter. You assaulted me without warning when I was fighting someone else. Indeed, as your unchivalrous behaviour demonstrates, no man is able to withstand the negative effects of the company he maintains. What account would you tell your brother Dharmaputra of this brave act, Dhananjaya, when you return home? Ah! Who, Arjuna, taught you this crude trick? Did your father Indra or your instructors Drona and Kripa teach you this? What was the code of behaviour that allowed you to shoot your arrow at a man who was fighting another and was unable to even look your way? You have dishonourably tarnished your reputation by acting in a lowly man’s manner. You must have been provoked into it by Vasudeva’s son. You weren’t naturally inclined to do it. A person with noble blood in his veins would never consider such a heinous act. I am aware that you were inspired to do it by the despicable Krishna.”

In the Kurukshetra battlefield, Bhurisravas, who had his right arm amputated, vehemently denounced Krishna and Arjuna.

Partha stated: “Bhurisravas, you appear to have lost your judgement as a result of becoming older. You falsely accuse me and Hrishikesa. How could I stand by and do nothing while you killed my friend—a man who came and risked his life in combat for me—who was like a right hand to me—and whom you were about to stab when he was lying defenceless on the ground? If I hadn’t stepped in, I would have earned my place in hell. You claim that by hanging out with Madhava, I am destroyed. Who in the world would want to be so destroyed? You talked from a place of unclear comprehension. You challenged Satyaki to a fight despite the fact that he was unprepared and worn out when he arrived here. You defeated him. He lay on the ground, defeated and helpless. What rule of honour allowed you to raise your sword and slaughter the fallen warrior by driving it into his body? Do you not recall how you applauded the person who killed my son Abhimanyu as he stood dazed, worn out, without a weapon, and with his coat of armour ripped off? ”

When Bhurisravas heard this, he did not respond but instead created a seat for meditation by spreading his arrows out on the ground with his left hand. All of the Kaurava troops were profoundly touched by the sight of the ancient warrior practising yoga. They praised Bhurisravas while criticising Arjuna and Krishna.

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As Arjuna said: “Brave soldiers, I swear to keep every ally within bowshot of me safe; I will not let an adversary to put him to death. It is my solemn promise. You blame me, but why? It is improper to criticise someone without giving it any thought.”

He turned to Bhurisravas after saying this to the field warriors who had reprimanded him: “O best of valiant men, you have guarded many who have sought your assistance. You are aware that your mistake is to blame for what transpired. The act of accusing me is unjust. If you want, let’s all place the blame on the violence that permeates kshatriya culture.”

When Bhurisravas heard this, he bowed his head in respect.

Satyaki stood up after regaining consciousness. He grabbed a sword out of the fervour of his passion and moved toward Bhurisravas, who was seated in meditation on his seat of arrows and who was shouting in terror. Before Krishna and Arjuna, who had arrived on the scene, could stop him, he struck off the old warrior’s head, which was rolling down, while the body was still in the position of meditation.

From above the battleground, the gods and siddhas bestowed blessings to Bhurisravas. The entire field denounced Satyaki’s behaviour.

Satyaki said he was correct, asserting: “My family’s opponent stepped on my still body after I collapsed and made an effort to murder me. In whichever position he chooses, I may kill him.” But nobody endorsed his behaviour.

One of the many morally complex circumstances woven throughout the Mahabharata’s history is the killing of the Bhurisravas, the decline of righteousness started with the killing of Abhimanyu then it followed with multiple warriors attacking Bhima without warning. This killing of Bhurisravas also serves an example how standards of honour and dharma should not be applied to Adharmis as it will be ineffective in quelling resentment and rage once they have arisen. Adharmis deserve non-righteous treatment.

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