Mahabharat Chapter 84 Satyaki Left Yudhishthira to Pursue Arjuna

Chapter 84 Satyaki Left Yudhishthira to Pursue Arjuna

When the Pandavas noticed Duryodhana moving in Arjuna’s direction, they launched a fierce attack on the Kaurava army to capture Drona and keep him from rescuing Jayadratha. As a result, Drona was constantly attacked by Dhrishtadyumna’s armies. Due to all of this, the Kaurava army was severely depleted and had to battle on three fronts.

Drona was viciously assaulted by Dhrishtadyumna as he drove his chariot directly into his. The Panchala’s dove-colored horses and Drona’s chestnut horses were intertwined with one another, creating a beautiful scene reminiscent of the setting sun’s clouds.

Dhrishtadyumna put away his bow and charged Drona’s chariot while brandishing a sword and shield. He assaulted Drona bewilderingly while shifting positions on the vehicle’s shafts, the horses, and the yoke, all the while appearing to sear him with his baleful, bloodshot eyes.

This struggle lasted a very long time. In a fit of rage, Drona drew his bow and launched a shaft that, but for the unexpected assistance of Satyaki, who sent an arrow and deflected the acharya’s shaft, would have taken the Panchala’s life.

After that, Drona assaulted Satyaki, allowing the Panchala soldiers to capture Dhrishtadyumna. Satyaki, one of the top warriors on the Pandava side, moved forward to accept the challenge when he saw Drona approaching, hissing like a black cobra and his eyes crimson with rage.

Satyaki replied to his charioteer, “Here is the man who, leaving up his job as a brahmana, has taken up the profession of fighting and is distressing the Pandavas.” “The main reason for Duryodhana’s conceit is this man. This man is constantly brimming with vanity and thinks of himself as a very outstanding soldier. I had to make him pay for it. Fasten the chariot to the chariot.”

In response, Satyaki’s charioteer whipped the silver-white horses and accelerated toward the vehicle. The light was briefly obscured by Satyaki and Drona’s rapid-fire arrows, leaving the battlefield in pitch-blackness. The steel shafts swung and shimmered, looking like snakes that had just lost their skin.
Both sides’ flagstaffs and chariot hoods had been severely damaged. Both Satyaki and Drona were haemorrhaging heavily. The warriors on either side did not raise their war cries, blast conchs, or let out lion roars as they remained still and silently observed the combat.

From above, the Devas, Vidyadharas, Gandharvas, and Yakshas saw the crucial conflict. The son of Bharadwaja had to take another bow when Satyaki’s well-aimed shaft from Drona destroyed it, and even as he was stringing it, Satyaki shot it down once again. Drona attempted another bow, but that one was also destroyed.

And so it continued until Drona had lost 101 bows and was unable to fire an arrow. The great acharya was pleased to face a foe who was equal to him and said to himself, “This man Satyaki is a fighter of the class of Sri Rama, Kartavirya, Dhananjaya, and Bhishma.”

It was a craftsman’s professional delight in seeing his talent expressed in the art he cherished. Drona fired out special-charged shafts, but Satyaki was prepared with an equal-quality response at the ready. This fair fight went on for quite some time. After deciding to murder Satyaki, Drona, an archer of unmatched talent, blasted the fire into space. However, Satyaki immediately dispatched the Varuna astra to combat it after noticing this.

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The Kaurava soldiers rejoiced and screamed in pleasure when Satyaki’s power started to wane at this point. When Yudhishthira noticed Satyaki was struggling, he ordered people in the area to go to Satyaki’s aid. “Drona is defeating our great and noble warrior Yuyudhana (Satyaki). You should immediately travel there,” To Dhrishtadyumna, he said.

“Otherwise, Satyaki would be killed by the brahmana in a short while. Why are you unsure? Go right away. Like a cat and a bird, Drona is playing with Satyaki. Satyaki is in fact in the Destroyer’s hands.” Yudhishthira gave the soldiers the command to launch a fierce assault on Drona. Satyaki was just just barely saved. Krishna’s conch could be heard from the area where Arjuna was engaged in combat at that very moment.

Yudhishthira exclaimed, “O Satyaki, I hear Panchajanya, but the twang of Arjuna’s bow does not accompany it. I worry that Arjuna is in danger since he is encircled by Jayadratha’s friends. Forces are against Arjuna from both his front and his behind. Even though the majority of the day has passed, he penetrated the Kaurava ranks in the morning and hasn’t returned yet. How come only Krishna’s conch is audible? I believe Dhananjaya has died, and as a result, Krishna has enlisted in the military. There is nothing you cannot do, Satyaki. Arjuna, the man who trained you, is in imminent danger. Arjuna has frequently praised my outstanding competence and prowess in his conversations with me.”

Yudhishthira further said, “When we were in the wilderness, he told me, there is no other soldier like Satyaki. Oh, there it is! On that side, the dust is rising. Arjuna has undoubtedly been encircled. There are numerous enemy warriors who have vowed to die in defence of Jayadratha, who is a strong fighter. Get moving, Satyaki.” Dharmaputra expressed this in considerable apprehension.

After his encounter with Drona, Satyaki, who was exhausted, retorted: “As the perfect man, I will carry out your instructions. What wouldn’t I do to help Dhananjaya? In my opinion, my existence is a little inconvenience. I am prepared to battle the gods themselves if you give the command. However, permit me to present to you what the sage Vasudeva and Arjuna advised me before they went. You must remain at Yudhishthira’s side until we return after killing Jayadratha. Be watchful in ensuring his safety. We give you our trust in this and go. We only have dread for Drona, one fighter in the Kaurava army. You are aware of his sworn purpose. We go, entrusting Dharmaputra’s security to our care. When they left, Vasudeva and Arjuna remarked to me, “So.”
Arjuna put his faith in me because he thought I was qualified for it. How am I supposed to ignore his order? Do not worry about Arjuna’s security. Nobody can overcome him. The sixteenth portion of Arjuna is too much for the Sindhu king and the rest to handle. Dharmaputra, if I must leave, to whom should I commit the care of your safety? If Drona arrives to capture you, I don’t see anyone in this room who can resist him. Never ask me to go. Before you tell me to go, think it over carefully.”

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“Satyaki, I’ve given it some thought,” Yudhishthira retorted. I’ve considered the risk and the necessity, and I’ve come to the conclusion that you must leave. You have my complete consent to go from me. Here is the strong Bhima to watch out for my security. Dhrishtadyumna is another, among a large number of others. You don’t need to be concerned about me.”

After stating this, Yudhishthira despatched Satyaki with praise for him while loading a box full of arrows and other weapons into his chariot and getting new horses tacked to it.
“Yudhishthira is under your hands, Bhimasena. Be cautious,” Satyaki said, then followed Dhananjaya.

As Satyaki sped through the Kaurava soldiers, he encountered fierce opposition. But he pushed through, overcoming every obstacles. But the opposition was fierce, and he made little headway.

Drona attacked the Pandava formation without stopping or pausing when he saw Satyaki separate from Yudhishthira, and eventually it broke and started to retreat. Yudhishthira was quite upset.

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You can read complete Mahabharat by following Chapter links given below. You can check Glossary of Mahabharat here.

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