Mahabharat Chapter 82 Jayadratha Want to Quit And Srutayudha Was Killed By Arjuna

Chapter 82 Jayadratha Want to Quit And Srutayudha Was Killed By Arjuna

The adversary learned of Arjuna’s promise. The spies told Duryodhana’s associates that Arjuna had pledged to assassinate the Sindhu king before sundown the following day after learning that Jayadratha was the reason for Abhimanyu’s demise.

The great king of the Sindhus, Vriddhakshatra, was gifted with a son, Jayadratha. A voice was heard saying, “This prince will gain great renown and he will attain the joyful regions above, slain in battle,” at the moment of the prince’s birth. One of the most legendary fighters throughout history will cut off his head from his body on the battlefield.

Even the wisest and most courageous among us rarely look forward to our inevitable demise.

When the voice announced the death of his kid, Vriddhakshatra was devastated. He said, “He, who shall cause my son’s head to drop down on the ground, shall have his skull shatter into fragments at that same instant,” in his disturbed state of mind.

When Jayadratha attained adulthood, Vriddhakshatra gave the prince control over the administration of the State. He went into hiding and spent the evenings of his days at an ashrama close to the plain, which later developed into the battleground of Kurukshetra.

When Jayadratha learned of Arjuna’s promise, he recalled the prophecy regarding his death and worried that his time was running out.

“I don’t want to continue fighting in this conflict. Let me return to my nation,” he pleaded with Duryodhana.

“Saindhava, have no fear,” Duryodhana said. “These veterans and warriors are gathered here to protect you from harm. You cannot be in danger because Karna, Chitrasena, Vivimsati, Bhurisravas, Salya, Vrishasena, Purumitra, Jaya, Bhoja, Kamboja, Sudakshina, Satyavrata, Vikarna, Durmukha, Duhsasana, Subahu, Kalinga, the Avanti kings, Drona, Drona’s illusory My entire army will only be tasked with one mission today, protecting you from Arjuna. You must not depart at this time.”

Jayadratha consented to stay. “Master, you educated me and Arjuna and you know us both well,” he remarked as he approached Drona. “What do you think about the two of us?”

“Son, I did my job as your teacher and treated you both fairly. You and Arjuna received the same teaching, but Arjuna performs better due to his superior self-discipline and practise. However, you shouldn’t let this demoralise you. You will be positioned behind a powerful force that Arjuna will find difficult to penetrate. Fight in the manner prescribed by your forebears. Both heroic and cowardly individuals will eventually meet their death. And the warrior who passes away in combat easily enters the joyful realms, but others can only do so after tremendous hardship. Put fear aside and fight.”

After giving Jayadratha this advice, Drona went on to organise the troops for the following day. Jayadratha and his detachment were positioned in a well fortified location 12 kilometres behind the main army.

With all of their armies, Bhurisravas, Karna, Aswatthama, Salya, Vrishasena, and Kripa were present. Dronacharya arranged the major Kaurava soldiers in a circular arrangement between them and the Pandava army. The army of Durmarshana was defeated. The Kaurava army dispersed like clouds in a wind and fled in all directions. Duhsasana became enraged when he noticed this. He encircled Arjuna while in command of an enormous elephant troop. Although Duhsasana was a very evil person, he was also brave. He engaged Arjuna in a furious battle, leaving a trail of dead people in his wake. He eventually surrendered, defeated, and returned to join Drona’s soldiers.

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Drona was passed by Savyasachi’s chariot as it moved forward quickly. “Honorable one, I have come to exact revenge on the Sindhu king because I am mourning the loss of my son. In order to fulfil my commitment, I beg your blessings, Arjuna pleaded to the acharya.”

“Arjuna, you must first battle and vanquish me before you can reach Jayadratha,” the acharya grinned. In response, Drona let loose a hail of arrows on Arjuna’s vehicle. Partha responded with his own arrows, which the acharya easily parried and sent flying in the direction of Krishna and Arjuna.

The Pandava then made the decision to break Drona’s bow and bent his Gandiva accordingly. Drona’s shaft arrived and severed the string even as he was tugging on his bowstring. The acharya shot a hail of arrows at Arjuna, his horses, and his chariot while still grinning. Arjuna battled back, but the acharya sent forth arrows that cast a shadow over him and his chariot.

When Krishna realised how poorly things were going, he exclaimed, “Partha, stop wasting time. Let’s go on. Fighting this brahmana, who doesn’t seem to recognise exhaustion, is useless.” Krishna then moved Arjuna’s chariot to the left of the acharya while continuing to speak.

“Stop, you can’t move forward without eliminating your adversary,” Drona stated.

“O acharya, you are not my enemy; you are my master. You can think of me as your son.”  They moved quickly past Drona when Arjuna declared, “There is no one in the whole broad globe who can defeat you.”

The Bhoja army was then pierced by Arjuna. The opponents of his passage, Kritavarma and Sudakshina, were vanquished.

Srutayudha also made an effort to halt Arjuna’s advancement. Srutayudha lost his horses in the hard combat and threw his mace at Krishna. Because of his mother’s sacrifice, this mace was acquired, but due to the condition of the boon, it returned and killed Srutayudha. This is the mace’s narrative. After performing penances that pleased Varuna, Parnasa received a blessing from the god ensuring that her son Srutayudha wouldn’t perish at the hands of any foe.

“I’ll give your son a supernatural weapon. Let him employ it in all of his conflicts. He won’t be killed or defeated by an adversary. However, he shouldn’t use the weapon on a non-combatant. He’ll be killed if he does since the firearm will recoil.” God Varuna threw a mace as he spoke this. When Srutayudha was battling Arjuna, he disregarded the command and threw the mace at Krishna, who was simply operating Arjuna’s chariot and not engaging in combat.

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After striking Janardana’s torso, the missile violently bounced back at Srutayudha. It killed Srutayudha and left him dead on the field like a large forest tree felled by a storm, much as a demon would when a magician mispronounces the spell of power that summons it.

The Kamboja ruler then led his army against Arjuna. He was spread out lifeless on the field after a bloody battle, looking like a huge flagstaff.

The Kaurava troop was very disoriented when they saw Srutayudha and the king of Kamboja, two powerful warriors, killed.

As Partha attempted to control the situation, Srutayu and his brother Asrutayu assaulted him from all sides and severely abused him. Arjuna was knocked out by his injuries at one point in this conflict and was leaning on the flagstaff.

Krishna, however, encouraged him, and Arjuna rallied and picked up the battle, killing the two brothers as well as their two sons who persisted in fighting. Arjuna continued to march and eventually reached Jayadratha after slaying several other warriors.

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