Mahabharat Chapter 79 Abhimanyu's Destructive Bravery and Quick Penetration in Enemy Army

Chapter 79 Abhimanyu’s Destructive Bravery and Quick Penetration in Enemy Army

Early the next morning, an enraged and resentful Duryodhana went to Dronacharya. In front of a large group of generals, he addressed him after the traditional greeting as follows: ” “Distinguished brahmana, Yudhishthira was fully within your grasp yesterday, and no one could have stopped you if you had truly wanted to seize him. But you left him behind, and I can’t figure out how yesterday’s events happened. I don’t know why it’s so difficult for you to keep your word to me. Indeed, wonderful persons are beyond comprehension.”

This offensive implication really upset Dronacharya.

“I am throwing forth on your be half all the strength and ability I possess, Duryodhana,” he declared. You have thoughts that are unfit for a king. We are unable to capture Yudhishthira as long as Arjuna is present and standing by him. I’ve already told you that. We can only expect to execute this strategy as you have specified if we can find a way to remove Arjuna from the fray. And I’m thinking of strategies to accomplish this goal.”

Drona bravely overcame his justified rage in this way and sought to ease Duryodhana’s suffering.

The samsaptakas once more challenged Arjuna to a duel on the thirteenth day, and he responded by going to attack them where they were positioned to the south of the main battlefront. The conflict between Arjuna and the Samsaptakas was the fiercest that anybody had ever seen or heard of up until that point.

Drona reorganised his army into a lotus formation and launched a strong attack on Yudhishthira after Dhananjaya left the main front to meet the samsaptakas.

Numerous people resisted him, including Bhima, Satyaki, Chekitana, Dhrishtadyumna, Kuntibhoja, Drupada, Ghatotkacha, Yudhamanyu, Sikhandin, Uttamaujas, Virata, the Kekayas, and the Srinjayas. But the brutality of Drona’s assault seems to have paralysed their fight.

Although still a young man, Arjuna and Subhadra’s son Abhimanyu had already established himself as a formidable opponent who could hold his father and uncle’s level in combat. Calling Abhimanyu, Yudhishthira addressed him and said:

“Kind son, Our army is under heavy assault from Dronacharya. Arjuna is not with us, and if we should lose without him, he would be devastated. None of us have been able to defeat Drona’s defences. Only you and nobody else can doubt your ability. I want you to take on this assignment.”

“I can do it,” Abhimanyu said. “My father taught me how to go through this formation, so I can do it with no problem. But if, after forcing my way in, I must regrettably exit, I will be at a lost for what to do because I have not yet received instruction in the art of extrication.”

“Break this impenetrable formation, brave man, and let us through. We’ll all collapse behind you. There will be no doubt that you must emerge because we will be at your side to face any threat.”

Bhimasena agreed with Yudhishthira’s suggestion: “When you succeed in disrupting the enemy’s formation, I will be just behind you and will enter. Satyaki, the Panchalas, the Kekayas, Dhrishtadyumna, and the army of Matsyadesa. Only you and you alone can break the formation. We’ll finish the job and destroy the Kaurava army.”

Abhimanyu pictured Krishna and his father. He undertook the quest, inspired by what Bhimasena and Yudhishthira had stated and driven by his own valiant spirit.

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He added excitedly, “I will delight my wonderful father and uncle. Let my bravery depend on this.”

Yudhishthira wished the boy well and remarked, “May your prowess increase.”

“Sumitra, look at the Drona flag there! Drive directly there while moving quickly,” Abhimanyu addressed his charioteer.

They were moving quickly when Abhimanyu shouted, “Faster, faster!”

The charioteer wished for the protection of the Bhagwans. “Your youthful shoulders have been given a very heavy weight by Yudhishthira. Before you enter through Drona’s array, stop and think. Although you are equal to him in bravery, the acharya has superior ability and expertise that you lack.”

Abhimanyu responded with a smile: “Friend, I’m your cousin and the son of Arjuna, right? Who else has that benefit? Fear will not come near me! These adversaries do not possess even a sixteenth of my might. Approach Drona’s division quickly. Don’t think twice.”

Charioteer followed orders.

The troops in the Kaurava army yelled as the golden chariot with the gorgeous young horses yoked approached: “Abhimanyu is in trouble! He’s arrived!” Abhimanyu was closely followed by the Pandavas.

As Abhimanyu’s chariot sped up toward them, the Kaurava soldiers were alarmed.

They thought, “Here is one more valiant than Arjuna,” and their spirits started to dwindle.

Abhimanyu charged forward like a lion cub on an elephant herd. The lines of the Kaurava shook, then bent under his relentless assault.

The formation was shattered and Abhimanyu entered right before Drona’s eyes as the bend quickly turned into a break. But before the other Pandava troops could push their way in as planned, the gap closed under the inspiration of Jayadratha, ruler of the Sindhus, leaving Abhimanyu all by himself.

Warriors from the Kaurava tribe attempted to stop him, but one by one, they perished like moths in a flame. The shafts of Abhimanyu probed his adversaries’ weak spots in their defences.

And on the altar of sacrifice, soldiers’ bodies were scattered across the ground like Kusa grass.

The battlefield was covered in bows, arrows, swords, shields, javelins, harness, chariot canopies, axes, maces, spears, whips, conchs, and the severed heads and limbs of fallen soldiers.

Duryodhana was furious at witnessing the damage caused by Abhimanyu and hurried personally to confront the young warrior. Drona felt concerned after learning that the king was fighting Abhimanyu personally and ordered soldiers to defend Duryodhana.

With considerable effort, they were able to deliver the monarch from the boy-hero, who was furious at the soldiers who had come to save him and sent them fleeing in all directions after Duryodhana’s escape.

The hero then found himself alone and encircled by foes on all sides as a big group of seasoned warriors launched a coordinated attack on him, abandoning all sense of honour and chivalry in the process. But Arjuna’s kid resisted this coordinated assault, just as a rock does when the sea’s flood rises on all sides.

The youthful hero was attacked by Drona, Aswatthama, Kripa, Karna, Sakuni, Salya, and many more powerful warriors riding in their chariots and armed to the teeth. However, they were driven back, perplexed, and broken.

Asmaka raced past Abhimanyu’s chariot in his own. Abhimanyu sent his shafts while grinning, quickly dispatching him. Karna’s defences were broken.

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Salya, who was severely hurt, remained immobile as he sat in his chariot. Salya’s brother arrived in a rage to avenge his brother’s humiliation, but he stumbled and his chariot was destroyed.

In this way, Abhimanyu faced off against a large group of seasoned warriors and displayed the proficiency with weapons he had learned from his legendary father and his uncle Vasudeva. The poet claims that Dronacharya wept tears of passionate appreciation upon witnessing this.

In the presence of a furious Duryodhana, Drona said to Kripa, “Was there ever a combatant to match this youngster Abhimanyu?”

The acharya is prevented from executing Abhimanyu because of his favouritism to Arjuna.

Replied Duryodhana, “And rather than confronting him, he shouts his praises. In fact, the acharya wouldn’t have to wait long to get rid of Abhimanyu if he were so inclined!”

Duryodhana suspected Bhishma and Drona often and voiced his complaints in this way. He was frequently compelled to say things like these since he was engaged in an adharma war and didn’t want to offend the acharyas who supported him despite his wickedness.

This stubborn young man shall now perish, Duhsasana shouted in fury.

attacked Abhimanyu by driving his chariot ahead. The conflict lasted for a long time as the chariots of Abhimanyu and Duhsasana manoeuvred beautifully against one another.

Duhsasana was knocked down cold in his chariot, but his charioteer narrowly escaped death by driving off the battlefield. Karna severely tormented Abhimanyu and assaulted him with his shafts.

Karna’s bow was nevertheless knocked down by one of Abhimanyu’s arrows, and the youthful warrior pursued this advantage with such energy that he drove Karna and his allies off the battlefield. When the Kaurava soldiers witnessed this, they were utterly despondent.

Men fled in all directions as the army became disorganised, disregarding Drona’s protestations. And Abhimanyu destroyed those that were still standing, just like fire might in a dry summer forest.

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