Mahabharat Chapter 56 Krishna Showed His Vishwaroop But War is Inevtiable

Chapter 56 Krishna Showed His Vishwaroop But War is Inevitable

Govinda (Krishna) was escorted by Satyaki to Hastinapura. Krishna spoke with the Pandavas alone before beginning his journey. Surprisingly, even the powerful Bhima backed a fair compromise.

“Don’t let the race be wiped out. The preference should be for peace,” said he. Bhima is made to say this by the poet Vyasa to demonstrate that genuinely great warriors seek peace and that doing so is not a sign of fear.

Draupadi, however, was unable to forget her humiliation. Standing before Krishna while holding her hair in her hand, she spoke in a voice trembling with sorrow: “Madhusudana, take a look at my hair and carry out your duty to uphold honour. Honor cannot coexist in peace. Even if my father is old and opposed to fighting, my kids will accompany him even if Arjuna and Bhima there. My offspring will battle the Kauravas, led by Subhadra’s son Abhimanyu, even if my father is able to stay outside. For the past thirteen years, I have repressed my wrath in order to protect Dharmaputra. I’ve reached the end of my willpower.” She began to cry as she recalled the terrible atrocity.

Krishna, touched, remarked: “Do not cry. The sons of Dhritarashtra won’t heed my pleas for peace. Their bodies will tumble to the ground and become food for jackals and wild dogs. You will live to see us triumph, and the insult we gave you will be thoroughly and speedily repaid.” Draupadi was content.

Near Kucasthala, Madhava (Krishna) stopped for the night. The city was ecstatic to learn that Krishna would soon be visiting.
Dhritarashtra gave the go-ahead to decorate the city, and preparations for welcoming Janardana (Krishna) were well under way. Large tents were built at a number of locations outside the city, along the road that Krishna’s chariot was to traverse, per Dhritarashtra’s orders. Duhsasana’s palace, which is larger and more magnificent than Duryodhana’s, should be prepared and made available to Krishna and his company.

Vidura was consulted by Dhritarashtra. To him, he said: “Make plans to deliver chariots and elephants to Govinda. Other types of gifts should also be prepared.” Vidura countered, “Govinda cannot be purchased with gifts. Give him what he is travelling to the Kurus homeland to receive. He came here looking for a peaceful resolution, right? Make that a reality. Madhava cannot be appeased by other gifts.”

When Govinda arrived in Hastinapura, the populace had gathered in the festive streets in such great numbers that his chariot could only go very slowly. He started off at Dhritarashtra’s palace before moving on to Vidura’s home. He ran into Kuntidevi there.
She cried out in sorrow as she considered her boys’ suffering. After giving her some consolation, Krishna bid her farewell and headed towards Duryodhana’s palace.

Govinda was welcomed by Duryodhana and asked to supper, but Krishna replied with a smile: “Emissaries don’t eat until their task is over. When I’m done working here, you’re welcome to host a feast.”

He returned to Vidura’s residence where he rested after turning down Duryodhana’s invitation. Together, Vidura and Krishna sought advice. As long as Bhishma and Drona, whom he understood had a moral responsibility to support him, stuck by him, Duryodhana was confident that no one could beat him, according to Vidura. Govinda would make a mistake, according to Vidura, even if he entered the evil man’s court. Everyone who knew Duryodhana and his siblings predicted that they would plan an attack on Krishna’s life through deceit and trickery.

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“It is true what you say about Duryodhana. I didn’t come here hoping to bring about a peaceful resolution; rather, I did it so that the world wouldn’t hold me responsible. I won’t be afraid for my life,” Krishna stated.

Dhritarashtra was waiting for Krishna when Duryodhana and Sakuni visited him the following morning. Along with Vidura, Govinda went to court.

Vasudeva entered the palace, and the vast assembly of monarchs rose. Krishna took a seat after bowing to the seniors with his hands folded and greeting the others with a remark or a smile. After the introductions, Govinda got up from his seat and turned to Dhritarashtra to explain what he was there to do. The Pandavas’ desires were made known by him.

“Dhritarashtra, spare your people from disaster. You view as good what is awful and as bad what is healthy for you. It is your responsibility to control your boys. The Pandavas want peace but are ready for battle. They want to live happily under your rule. Treat them like your own sons and come up with a just solution, and the world will praise you.” Krishna replied.

Says Dhritarashtra “My buddies are aware that I’m not at fault. I want exactly what Madhava said, but I have no control over it. My sinful boys don’t pay attention to me. I beg you, Krishna, to give Duryodhana some advice.”

Krishna stated as he turned to face Duryodhana: “You come from a distinguished line of ancestors. Follow the dharma path. Your current thoughts are worthless and are only appropriate for lowly folks. This great statement is in risk of being lost because of you. The Pandavas themselves will appoint Dhritarashtra as king and you as the rightful heir apparent if you follow justice and reason. Give them half the kingdom to make peace with them.”

Additionally, Bhishma and Drona pressured Duryodhana to hear Govinda out. But Duryodhana’s heart was unbreakable.

Vidura remarked, “I grieve Dhritarashtra and Gandhari whom Duryodhana is consigning to loss and desolation by his sins.”

Dhritarashtra warned his son once more, “Our race will vanish if you do not heed Govinda’s counsel.”

Additionally, Drona and Bhishma made several attempts to convince Duryodhana to change his mind. Everyone’s pressure to accept a peaceful resolution in this situation infuriated Duryodhana. Upon rising, he said: “Madhusudana, you misunderstand me because you admire the Pandavas. Everyone here blames me, but I don’t believe I have the slightest responsibility for this. The Pandavas put their country on the line of their own free will, and when they lost, they rightfully forfeited it. How do I bear some of the blame? After losing the game, they were obligated to go to the woodlands. They now desire combat and want to kill us, but what fault of mine is that? Threats won’t compel me to relent. When I was a child, the elders did us a grave disservice by handing the Pandavas, for whatever reason, a portion of the kingdom to which they have no legal claim. I agreed at the time, but they argued while playing. I won’t give it back to them. I’m completely innocent. I won’t give the Pandavas even a tiny bit of land—not even a pinprick!”

Govinda chuckled when Duryodhana claimed that he had done nothing wrong and remarked: “You conspired with Sakuni to fraudulently stage the performance, and you afterwards humiliated Draupadi in front of a group of princes. However, you have the audacity to claim that you have done nothing wrong.” and made him think of the numerous wrongs he had done to the Pandavas.

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When Duhsasana observed Bhishma and others adopting Krishna’s accusation against Duryodhana, he said: “It appears that these individuals are planning to bind you with ropes and give you to the Pandavas. Let’s leave this place now.” and Duryodhana left the court while being followed by his brothers.

Govinda spoke before the court once more and said: “Now that Kamsa and Sisupala are no longer alive, the Yadavas and Vrishnis live contentedly. Sometimes it is essential to sacrifice one person in order to rescue a whole people. Is it not occasionally necessary to forsake a hamlet in order to rescue the nation? If you wish to rescue your race, I’m afraid you’ll have to sacrifice Duryodhana. The only option is that.”

To Vidura, Dhritarashtra said: “Bring Gandhari, the visionary, here. She has a chance of getting Duryodhana’s attention.”

Duryodhana was requested, and Gandhari was requested when she arrived at the court.

When Duryodhana returned, his eyes were blazing with rage, and Gandhari used every tactic at her disposal to try and reason with him. Duryodhana said, “No,” and left the room once again.

He had planned to kidnap Krishna with his pals. The court learned about this.

Govinda chuckled and acknowledged his divinity since he had foreseen everything.

By Krishna’s favour, Dhritarashtra briefly acquired his sight, enabling him to view Krishna in all of his Visvarupa forms.
“After seeing your Visvarupa, Pundarikaksha (Lotus-eyed Krishna), I have no desire to view anything else. I request that I go blind once again.” Dhritarashtra said, causing him to go blind once more.

“Our efforts have all been in vain. Duryodhana is unyielding.” Dhritarashtra addressed Govinda.

As Satyaki and Vidura stood on either side of him, Krishna stood up and exited the court. He immediately rushed to Kunti. She requested him to give her sons her blessings after hearing what had transpired and he informed her of it.

She declared, “The moment has arrived for that for which a kshatriya lady has boys. May you keep my sons safe!”

A kshatriya mother gives birth to children who would be killed during battle. In his chariot, Purushottamat (Krishna as the Supreme Being) rushed toward Upaplavya. War became inevitable.

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